Aura Healing Charts

Aura Healing Chart 2018

Aura Healing Chart

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  1. Dinah says:

    Love this!! I have been looking for explanations on aura healing and the breakdown of the layers and their meaning. It’s amazing how the energies and the timelines all work together forming who we are from past to present and beyond. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks, Dinah!

      It’s easy to use. When you’re scanning your aura (or a friend’s aura), just imagine that the chart is labeled with the name of whomever you’re scanning. Then sense for fluctuations (blocked or distorted energy) in any part of the chart. You’ll be able to detect areas of the aura, chakras, cells, etc. that are off balance. Then scan on the timeline to detect the origin of the problem. Make adjustments on the energy field, at the point in time where the problem originates. Then re-scan on the chart to detect changes.

  2. Mega says:

    Interesting, can you explain this

    • Mega,

      This chart invites you to use your intuition when you’re tuning in to yourself, or tuning in to another person. Tune in to the person, and pick one part of the chart to focus on. Let your intuition help you use the chart to sense any blocks within the person. This helps you know where to apply any healings / blessings.

      – Aura layers, to find locations of stuck energies
      – Chakras, to scan for blockage & extra unneeded energies
      – Frequency scale, to raise or slow energies
      – Timeline to scan events & lifetimes
      – Family tree, to scan for ancestor patterns & problems
      – Central channel, to scan for energy blocks
      – DNA, to scan for limiting patterns
      – Cells, molecules, & atoms, to tune in to these microscopic aspects of yourself.

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