How to release the world’s collective fear from your body

You are an individual – your positive presence makes a difference in each moment.

Even when you discover how to deactivate germs with your consciousness, there is another contagion that you are probably susceptible to. You could take all your favorite immune boosting supplements, and yet you could be affected by people’s fear vibrations when you are shopping or out in public. The world’s collective fear is a huge nervous-making energy field. You can’t see it, but you can sense it in your body.

Although the world’s fear doesn’t belong to you, you’re probably open to it because it resonates with the fear that’s already within you. There is a way out of this downward emotional spiral – fear that leads to more fear. We’ll explore step-by-step techniques that will help you regain your emotional balance and sanity.

Let’s look at what the collective really is: Your family – your town – your country – the planet’s population: all these groups are all made of individuals. And that includes you. When you think of a group, remember that it’s a group of individuals who have something in common – same family, same town, same company, same religion, or same shared interests. You may love the group, and you may seek to help them. But if you absorb their emotional problems it won’t help them at all – though it will definitely lower your immunity and depress your mood.

But what is your true identity if not as a group member? You are an Individual – that’s your true identity.  You are not a Group. You may be associated with a group – a group you care about very much – but you continue to be an Individual. This is the critical distinction. If you forget that you are You – not a group – you may find yourself unintentionally absorbing the feelings and thoughts of any group that you’re associated with. You may unconsciously take on the group’s collective energies, such as fear.

Key Concept: You are You – but you are Not the group.

When you’re shopping at the market and people project their fear at each other, the fear contagion effects magnify. These are the collective fear energies that you can sense when you’re shopping. You’ve unintentionally become part of that group’s fear energy field, unless you understand what is happening and you know that you have options.

Key Concept: You are allowed to release people’s group fear from your body and mind. You may be surprised to discover that only some of what you feel is your own personal fear – most of it is absorbed collective fear.

Collective fear release technique – basic level:

  1. Recognize that you are not the group – you are an Individual – take some moments to deeply sense this.
  2. Recognize that the group fear is not personally yours – boldly look at it – it doesn’t belong in your personal space.
  3. Recognize that you have the right to release something that isn’t yours from your personal space – this is your divine right as a sovereign soul.
  4. Imagine that you’re breathing the energy of your true self  – your soul – directly into your body. Sense your own personal presence returning to your physical body with every breath you take.
  5. Exhale anything that isn’t yours out of your body and mind. You don’t have to examine the specific thoughts and feelings. Trust your intuition – let other people’s stuff go.

This technique awakens your body and mind to an essential truth. It permits you to regain ownership of your personal space. Breathing your consciousness into your body with gentle mindful attention unites your body and mind. This helps you to heal and empower yourself.

Collective fear release technique – intermediate level:

  1. Imagine that your hands are your hands of light. When you use your hands to clear energy, you are actually reaching into your body to remove stagnant, negative, or stuck energy. It’s OK if it seems that you’re just pretending as you do this. Don’t let your rational mind get in the way.
  2. Reach into your body with your hands of light – imagine this & actually move your physical hands at the same time.
  3. Release the negative energies from wherever you sense them in your body – release layer-by-layer – be patient – and let yourself use your imagination.
  4. Notice the subtle shifts each time you do this technique. It doesn’t generally release everything at once. If it feels like you’re trying too hard, just relax and slow down. Explore your self-healing mindfully, slowly, and deliberately.
  5. Now massage throughout your body with your hands of light. As your physical hands are moving you are imagining that you are truly massaging within your body. Smooth and comfort the energy within your body with your hands.
  6. Breathe gently and mindfully into your body. Let yourself take in new healing energy with every breath.
  7. Exhale any stagnant energy. You have a right to do this. You can release whatever is not yours. Be patient. Release the stagnant energy layer by layer.

You’re progressing – you’re regaining ownership of your personal space. Well done! Now you realize that you can confront situations with deeper wisdom. You know that you can make a difference and shift your energy to empower yourself. Each time you explore these techniques you’ll make new liberating discoveries.

Collective fear release technique – advanced intermediate level:

  1. Imagine a magic dial that lets you adjust energy. Yes, you’re making it up – but the benefits are still real. If you’d rather call it a spiritual dial, or a healing dial, that’s fine.
  2. Notice the texture or vibe of the collective fear energy in your personal space. Trust your own perceptions. Don’t worry about whether you’re sensing it correctly.
  3. Imagine that the magic dial can adjust the Intensity Level of the fear energy. Dial down the fear intensity until it feels lighter and smoother.
  4. Use the magic dial to adjust the Speed of the fear. Discover: Does it feel better when you slow it down, or when you speed it up? You’re an individual – find out what works for you. And be gentle with yourself; don’t expect giant shifts immediately.
  5. Use the magic dial to adjust the Density Level of the fear. Discover what happens when heavy fear energy is lightened so it can waft away like mist. Try different adjustments – you’re allowed to experiment. It’s your experience – discover what is effective for you.
  6. When everything feels smoother and more comfortable, use your magic dial to turn up your own personal soul energy. Slowly turn up the dial so that you can sense your personal soul energy sparkling and flowing more strongly within your body.

You are restoring your energy. Yay! You are taking back your personal identity and your personal space. And yet, questions may surface in your mind. Even if you are feeling better, what about the millions of people who are still challenged? Let’s explore how you can be a good person – and feel good yourself – even when many people are experiencing difficulties. And how you can align with the positive energy that does ultimately help the people you care most about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I release humanity’s suffering and fear from my personal space? Isn’t that impolite, unkind, selfish, unloving, unspiritual, or arrogant?

A. When you lose yourself in humanity’s fear, you contribute nothing to their well-being. Your lower vibration just adds to the collective unhappiness. When you release the group negativity from your personal space, however, you can represent what is possible – personal empowerment. You become a shining light that adds the energy of uplift and hope to humanity’s total energy. And at least you’re not contributing to the general fear and confusion.

Q. If people are fearful, upset, or hopeless, and they sense that I am not holding those heavy feelings myself, then they may think that I’m rude – they may even judge me.

A. If your true goal is to make a positive difference for people, then you won’t accomplish that by lowering your vibration. Yes, some people will try to draw you into their drama or hopelessness. However, you can choose to contribute to the global collective energy by holding a strong hopeful vibration that uplifts people. Or, you can give up and descend to the depths of hopelessness. It all depends on the choices you make, based on what your ultimate goal truly is.

Key concept: Your choice to help release the collective fear from your body is one of the most effective things you can do to contribute to humanity’s well-being.

Q. What if global challenges are a test by a higher power? What if I’m supposed to be suffering?

A. If you’re supposed to feel perpetually bad, then what kind of a test is that? You can confront challenging situations from an empowered perspective. The real test is if you can find useful solutions and remember your true soul self. As an empowered person, you’ll find solutions more easily. You may help people discover natural holistic solutions, or you might share ideas with people to help them empower themselves materially and spiritually.

Q. What if I’m being punished by bad karma – wouldn’t it be better to just suffer?

A. Karma refers to old repeated negative patterns that come to the surface so that you can examine them. Karma is not punishment, and it is not an excuse to be passive. If there are old patterns of disease, for example, the karmic lesson is to discover ways to be healthier. There are many ways to do this, and no one healing method is correct.

If you sense people descending into fear, you don’t have to join them in that negative state, even if they think they are supposed to feel that way. When you shift your energy vibration, you are shifting your own old negative patterns. And this helps shift the group vibration, because you are contributing a healthier empowered vibration. This higher energy becomes a positive reference signal that actually uplifts the world in subtle ways.

Q. What if I do these techniques and I feel better today, but tomorrow I descend into the collective fear state again?

A. Well, what if you do? The power of your consciousness is that you can notice situations, and you can make changes. You can make new choices. What if you have to do this often? Then do the empowerment techniques described here as needed. If you have to repeat the techniques, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. Each day is a new day, and you may have to patiently repeat the steps to empowerment. It’s worth doing that – after all, as you raise your vibrations your soul shines a light that reflects your best nature – and helps activate humanity’s best nature.

Q. What if it’s not other people’s fear at all? What if it’s all my own fear, and I’m just projecting my negative feelings on other people?

A. Does it matter? The techniques work whether you’ve picked up other people’s feelings, or whether you’re suffering from your own fearful beliefs and emotional reactions.

Q. What if I truly want to help people – don’t I have to feel their pain?

A. Of course you want to help people. You can help people in material ways and in spiritual ways. But taking on their fear and their heavy emotions isn’t one of those ways. If you want to send blessings, do it the safe way: Don’t send energy directly from yourself. Instead, imagine that the person or group is bathed in harmonious divine healing light – the light comes from a higher universal source and not from you. If you want to take action, do so from a centered perspective – you don’t need to absorb their fear to be of assistance.

This is your moment of power: In each moment, you have the opportunity to choose your reactions. So now, in this moment, what will you choose? Maybe you’ve made some unconscious choices at times. No matter. This is a fresh new moment – it’s time to make a new empowering choice. You’ve nothing to lose, and much to gain when you choose personal empowerment – the higher vibration path. It’s good for you and good for the world’s collective consciousness.

What did you discover when you explored these techniques? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Cosmic blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach,

Soul Energy ConsultationsPowerforms Subtle Energy Tools




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Spiritual Healing Technique: How to deactivate germs with your consciousness

Golden Field Mountains - Joel Bruce Wallach
You are an energy being within a universe of cosmic energy.

This focused step-by-step healing method helps you use your awareness to deactivate germs such as viruses and bacteria using your awareness.

I tuned in to viruses to discover how they could be weakened and deactivated with focused attention – and made some intriguing discoveries. Germs are clever, but not invincible. This method requires your imagination and your focused positive intent, so that you can be even more clever than the germs.

With this technique, you will be using your actual hands, and you will imagine as you work that your hands can easily move through your body. You don’t have to be able to ‘visualize’ – just imagine and focus. Let yourself work mindfully, patiently, and deliberately.

Step-by-step healing technique

1. Sense the location in your body where the virus seems to be located. If you’re not sure of the location, just follow the steps below to work on your entire body.

2. Tune in to the virus. You will imagine it as a sphere with spikes or extensions extending from it. Trust that you can do this. It’s OK if it seems that you’re ‘just imagining it.’ You don’t have to work on all the germs at once. In fact, it’s easier to visualize just one germ – it will represent all the germs.

3. Use your ‘hands of light’ (optional: along with quartz crystals or Powerforms subtle energy tools) to ‘melt’ and pull the spikes or extensions off of the virus’s spherical shape. It’s OK to use your imagination for this. Take your time to pull the little extensions off.

4. Then send a powerful explosion of ‘divine love light’ directly into the center of the virus’s sphere shape. What does divine love light look like? It’s up to you – this is your imagination. Imagine the light in your own personal way as you work mindfully and deliberately. If you’re wondering why love light would be effective here, it’s because divine love is a very high cosmic vibration. High divine vibrations help dissolve low vibrations (such as a germ).

5. As needed, you can repeat steps 1 – 4 for deeper results. Take your time, and you’ll likely sense a lightening or clearing within yourself. This technique helps to destroy the virus’s ability to maintain its shape — it will look weak and faded when you tune in to it.

6. In the area of the body where you did the technique, activate your healthy energy. Imagine that the cells in that part of your body radiate divine light. Imagine it — you may imagine divine light as bright radiance, or as a warm feeling of strength and happiness, or as a soothing inspiring tone or sound. It’s OK to feel that you’re just pretending, because you are – you are using the world of your imagination. You are ‘installing’ these healing vibrations directly into your cells.

How to get the best results

Hint 1: When you sweep your body or aura with your ‘hands of light’ you are using your actual physical hands. They are ‘hands of light’ because you imagine your physical hands radiating the healing cosmic light of your higher self (your radiant soul).

As you are moving your hands, you can use your conscious intent to visualize that you’re moving directly through your body. This healing work combines actual physical motion with your imagination to help you access and transmit cosmic healing energy.

Hint 2: When you sweep at a micro level, such as when you dissolve germs, your ‘energy hands’ and any healing tools you’re using (such as quartz crystals or Powerforms subtle energy tools) become “microscopic”– through your conscious intent.

Hint 3: For best results, combine deeper awareness techniques with natural anti-viral remedies such as high-dose vitamin C, vitamin D, Oil of oregano, Quercetin, Zinc, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Lugol’s Solution (Iodoral). These supplements work to support the physical body while your healing visualization works at the subtle-energy level of reality.

The physical world is an aspect of the deeper cosmic world

Some people may believe that because germs are physical the only way to transform them is by physical means, such as drugs and supplements. A deeper spiritual view reveals that this physical world is an extension of the deeper fabric of the universe, which is energy. Whether you describe the energy world as vibrations, frequencies, or spiritual energy, the energy world is the underlying reality of everything in the universe.

The energy level of reality is where your healing intentions work because you are re-shaping reality’s fabric. You are using your awareness to weaken the germ’s connection to it’s own negative reality — and you are reconnecting the germ with the infinite divine universe. If you’ve thought of spiritual healing as something that is always gentle and loving, this way of working may seem to be more assertive and controlling than you’re used to. You are discovering that you can re-define the germ’s reality through your conscious intent.

Spiritual empowerment and embodiment

Know that you have rights – you have permission to weaken germs. You have the right to help your body heal. Your physical body is the vehicle for your soul, and so you have the right to have a healthy vehicle.

Please share this empowering method with friends, colleagues, and family who may be ready to explore self-healing in this way. But what do you do when people tell you that this is all imaginary? In a way, they’re correct. This is a technique that uses your imagination.

Many people do not yet understand that the imagination is how you connect with the world of energy – the fabric of the universe. And if they aren’t ready for that, that’s OK. Do this technique for yourself. If some people don’t understand what you’re doing, that’s fine. Just love yourself enough to take care of yourself with All the methods that are available to you.

May you radiantly embody the highest divine truth – at every level of your being. The time is Now – seize the day and re-define the elements of your reality. It’s your right, and it may be one of the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself.

What did you discover when you explored these self-healing techniques? Let everyone know what you experienced in the comments below!

Infinite divine blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

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This Way Of Being — evocative guided meditations

Sit and breathe. Take each of these mini-meditations on its own. Breathe with each one. To really receive the inner teachings, gently read each mini-meditation several times. Let the rhymes and resonances activate your spiritual spark. The inner shift happens naturally. Your mind, body, and soul ease into blissful harmony. Let it happen, and discover your profound fulfillment with these Ways Of Being. 

This way of being:

The vast expanse,

between moment past,

and moment now — at last,

shows you Time,

the great weaver,

who marks all by Space, 

beyond measure.

Boundless eons united, 

beyond unreal death,

show time’s own treasure:

the Creator’s Breath…

makes millennia of time, 

for your soul’s sweet leisure.


This way of wishing:

Your silent dream,

made newly known,

through your quiet gasp,

when you alone,

in that pure moment,

released your grasp;

your essence shone.


This way of feeling:

Heart dances with your warm pulse,

life essence glistens, shimmering.

You touch the memory wave, and

your soul unfolds, remembering:

As tiger, you moved over bush and sand,

a subtle forest movement code,

you were the wave the salmon rode,

upstream to its mystic soul abode:

the ancient path that nature planned.


This way of knowing:

Your timeless soul’s space,

its twinkling stars alight,

and shining forth from brightened face

your heartlight, radiantly glowing

like stars, and all is made aright.

For here, you are surprised to find,

your vastness bridges galaxies:

worlds spinning through your mind.


This way of dreaming:

Fields of possibilities growing,

as mind spark reveals storied thoughts:

your storehouse of fresh ideas,

lithe slippery notions — still uncaught.

Their mental lacework, pell-mell flowing,

while widening smile is ever showing,

your winds of wisdom freely blowing,

as soul shares now its oft dreamt knowing.


This way of sensing:

Touch fountain deep within to find,

mind’s richly flowered magic scent.

Love drenches fragile thoughts unkempt,

to freely and with ease unbind,

rose opens now its spacious net,

sweet flowing free abandonment.


This way of tasting:

Deep mind’s pungent flavor,

easily quenches lesser thought,

in the mystic bath,

of intuitive favor,

rewards flow now unsought.


This way of breathing:

Inhale the divine,

as ocean sprayed foam,

that holds all soul potential known.

Such sensing brings

your timeless wisdom,

flowing towards you, windblown.

Heart and mind inhaling,

what you may yet be,

from brain to bone,

from soul to heart,

your truth within rings free.


This way of perceiving:

The source of all thought,

fills easily the void,

where not a millimeter,

in divine measure,

has ever been destroyed.


This way of pondering:

Still valley, blue mountain,

where nature flows,

with fish and bird,

life’s sacred elixir fountain.

Divine moment, mystic word,

the clock tick yet remains;

its motor running, inviting next,

a pulsing heartbeat real:

life’s whispered sacred text,

when vision quest revealed,

grants life path — now unsealed.


This way of being:

As gleam in eye unveils,

your wizened self,

now setting sail, 

to live — this way of being.

Revelations — known as true,

when inner vision opens, seeing

your soul so vast,

rich sky of blue,

and dreams, whether they be old or new,

show cosmic soul, expressing You,

a timeless Self, yet born anew,

this path is yours,

yet known to few,

this way of being: You.


How to explore these guided meditations for your spiritual empowerment: 

When you let the spiritual keys within This Way Of Being resonate within you, you unbind and unlock your limitations, and you more easily experience the felt sense of your true divine multi-dimensional nature.

Explore the phrases that you are drawn to. Gently and compassionately recite the words to your inner self. The mystical rhymes and resonances of each guided meditation integrate and activate your deeper cosmic potential within your body, heart, mind, and soul. 


Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teachings, mp3′s, and private consultations

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Cosmic Invitation — an evocative guided meditation

Sit and breathe. Be with the rhymes and resonances, and let your spiritual spark activate gently. The inner shift happens naturally, with grace. Your mind, body, and soul ease into blissful harmony. Let it happen, and open your divine heart to the Cosmic Invitation.


When tree beckons,

sit against my trunk;

And flower invites,

inhale my fragrance;

The canyon whispers,

hear my echoes,

from mystic tribes of ancient race;

Then sky spreads starry arms, proclaims

Please roam amidst my open space.


This universal offering,

grants now your soul a kiss.

For when you breathe,

this moment’s miracles,

each ruby gem revealed,

as the heart of the lotus,


Harvest time presents

a cosmic invitation:

Gently breathe,

and please receive,

your gifts — bright karmic creations.


Claim now rewards that you’ve accrued,

no longer led astray,

this bank account of blessings yours,

this day,

is evermore renewed.


Amidst this loving tree so vast,

is the grandmother who held you,

in timeless past.

Embraced by her earthly branches,

to you this tree will say,

Take off your blinders, and

set yourself free to be,

your cosmic self,

at long last.


The flower sharing beauteous scent,

elevates body and soul, revealing

a perfect world unbent.

Sunlight ever charms,

your potential yet born,

feeling unity so warm,

divine harmony embodied,

in material form.


Sky opens doors to infinity, and

a mystic vista frees you,

that your limitations may unbind,

within sky’s revealed mirror,

see true,

the presence of your heart and mind.


For the sky is elder brother,

showing soul what it shall be,

as you become your true wise self,

but no other, with

clear knowing in your open gaze,

that understands life’s mystery.


The canyon with its ancient drumming,

humming through bloodstream,

this magic breeze,

that shows you now, and why and how,

a wind of truth through mountain trees,

deep memory revealing mysteries.


No invitation to this moment’s grace,

appears without a way to face,

this deeper truth of soul and self,

left long alone on mind’s deep shelf.


Within this grace,

life’s invitation, for when

you respond with forward step, and then

awakened to your deeper breath, you hear

the bell of self, eternal chime,

that promise,

in each lifetime kept,

to follow inner lantern lit,

remembering your soul’s true rhyme.


For these are gifts from You,

to you,

through countless worlds,

of timeless time,

when universe and you are one,

forever sharing truth sublime.



Ways to explore this meditation: 

When you let the spiritual keys within the Cosmic Invitation resonate within you, you unbind and unlock your limitations, and you more easily experience the felt sense of your true divine multi-dimensional nature.

Explore the phrases that you are drawn to. Gently and compassionately recite the words to your inner self. This integrates and activates your deeper cosmic potential within your body, heart, mind, and soul. 



Amazing real life story – the transforming power of a poem:

Discover how Nancy Nicholas, an intuitive life coach, activated her deeper potential during her vision quest in the mystical vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.

Click here to share her experience.   _________________________________________________

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teachings, mp3’s, and private consultations

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Where Is Your Heart, and Where Is Your Mind?

That sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? The easy answer is that your heart is in your chest, and your mind is in your head. After all, when you feel deep alignment with something, you often sense it in your chest, because that’s where you’re experiencing that deeper feeling. And when you are thinking, you probably sense your consciousness in your head, because that area seems to be the source of your thoughts.

Heart in chest, and mind in head, and that’s that. These seemingly obvious facts would be all you need to know about this topic, but reality has some deeper surprises for you. This is because heart and mind are actually energies, and that opens a fascinating doorway of possibilities.

Here’s something intriguing about energies — they don’t have to have a specific location — energies could exist anywhere. Could this mean that you can access the energies of heart and mind anywhere and everywhere?

What is the nature of energy?

Let’s explore this idea of energies, or qualities, as compared to things. An energy or quality is something that you can sense anywhere — it is a condition or characteristic, rather than the thing itself. For example, a specific apple is red, but the color red could exist anywhere. Red is the quality, but an apple is in one location — it is a thing. But what does this have to do with you?

Your physical heart exists in one place, just as your physical brain exists in one place. But the energetic qualities of heart and mind are vibrations — not objects. You know that energy qualities are not limited to one location. Could it be that the qualities of heart and mind live within every cell of your body? Could each atom of your aura carry the inner resonance of love and wisdom?

You can find the answers to these questions only through your own inner spiritual experiences. I can tell you about it, but you can only really prove it to yourself through your own personal experience. But that’s how it is with spiritual reality — no matter how many people insist that something is true, you can only verify it through your inner realizations.

Beyond thinking and feeling

Heart and mind are more than just feeling and thinking. They have deep mysterious essences that exist within you, as living consciousness vibrating within you. Your own body is a sacred temple for your soul, and your soul is made of divine substance. Your divine soul contains the energies of cosmic love and cosmic wisdom, in every particle of itself.

When you recognize that the energies or qualities of love and wisdom can be felt or sensed in every part of your body, you understand the famous statement that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Your body is a living tuning fork that is sensitive to divine truth. This is the reason for the ancient advice to find the truth within you. Your inner tuning fork is tuning into the deepest essence of your soul; what many people call their higher self.

Multidimensional heart: cosmic truth — or merely emotional

Your universal heart — the essential qualities you associate with Divine Heart — exist within every part of you; it is not just your heart that feels the truth of something, but a heart-like knowing that can be felt within every part of you.

Heart, in its deepest essence, knows the highest truth of everything it encounters. The deeper heart — that quality of divine heart that exists throughout your being — knows this without analyzing, and without thinking. However, this is only true for the deeper essence of heart.

The superficial aspects of heart can be fooled by an appeal to the emotions. Only the deeper essence of heart can’t be fooled. This is why politicians know how to repeat simple slogans that touch the emotions of the surface heart. They generate vague pictures of hopeful fantasy, rather than offering actual policy plans grounded in reality. Advertising and media often generate deceptive fantasies as well.

Multidimensional mind: cosmic truth — or merely logical

Your universal mind — the qualities that you associate with Divine Mind — exist within every part of you; it is not just your brain that is capable of knowing. It is the cosmic intuition — the deeper recognition of truth — that can be known within every part of your being.

Mind, in its deepest essence, resonates with the highest truth of whatever it encounters. The deeper mind knows this without analyzing, and without thinking. It does this by accessing oneness with the universal spark within whatever it encounters. However, this is only true for the deeper essence of mind.

The superficial aspects of mind can be fooled by data that seems to be logical in its conclusions, but is based on false or misleading information. Advertising and media often provide questionable details that seem to prove their point, so that the lesser aspects of mind can be guided to the seemingly logical conclusion, and have desire for the product, or to agree with a particular belief.

Two sides of the same coin

Have you noticed the curious similarity between deep heart and deep mind? It is this:

– The deep heart knowing can detect truth by deeply feeling into the essence of things.

– The deep mind knowing can detect truth by deeply knowing into the essence of things.

Well, that almost sounds the same — and this gives you a hint that at the deepest level, heart and mind are both two aspects of one deeper reality — your capacity to know reality directly.

This surprising recognition about heart and mind frees you to seek the deeper levels of heart and mind that live deep in the core of your being, far below the surface levels that can be easily manipulated. Knowing this frees you to release limited stereotypes about heart and mind.

The stereotypes that keep you from knowing the truth

You’ve noticed that many spiritual teachings advise you to feel the truth in your heart, but suggest that you avoid accessing truth through your head. This may seem to be harmless new age tendency, but it can create problems for those who take the advice literally, without seeking deeper understanding.

There is a vast difference between deep heart essence wisdom, compared to emotionally influenced heart enthusiasm. If you don’t know the difference, you are being asked to perceive everything in a childlike and naive way, without using your deeper discernment.

It’s appropriate to wonder whether this simplistic notion of always following your heart serves certain teachers and organizations, because then the students sheepishly follow along with the program, without asking questions. And if you ask questions, or if your intuition guides you differently than the teachers, then you are told that you lack faith, or it is implied that you are less spiritual.

That brings us back to the understanding that deep heart — and deep mind — both access truth in their own special ways. And it brings up the possibility that you can find deep truth in your heart and mind — assuming you’re going deep enough to transcend the surface illusions of heart and mind.

Going deep within

What about deep mind? How do you open the door to its secrets? And anyway, isn’t mind supposed to be the perpetual problem — the realm for spiritual seekers to avoid? Well, did the creator give you a mind just so you could avoid it? Or is mind, like heart, a realm that offers you infinite positive potential, assuming you learn to work with it?

Deep mind, like deep heart, lives in a world beyond words. And deep mind, like deep heart, experiences a kind of oneness or resonance with that which it encounters; it knows the essential nature of things. Here is the clue to knowing the difference between deep knowing, compared to superficial knowing:

Deeper truth resonance gives you a sense of peace, rather than excitement.

This is because excitement exists on the surface of life, where the lesser aspects of heart and mind dwell. This surface excitement is an emotional reaction to situations that seem to give the ego what it wants, or seem to provide magical simplistic answers. The ego reaction creates a kind of nervous friction that is often mistaken for truth. When something is truly in higher alignment, there is no friction, and that is why you’ve heard of the still small voice of truth. Otherwise, it would be the excitable, noisy voice of supposed truth.

A sense of gentle discovery

Your subtle recognition of deeper realities happens more easily when you approach your spiritual explorations with a sense of gentle discovery. That way, your wishes, expectations, and enthusiasms don’t interfere with your deepest discoveries. And the profound delights that result from your quiet discoveries transcend the mere excitements of the usual enthusiasm-based spiritual experiences.

Superficial enthusiasm, easily generated, can seem to the surface heart aspect to be a kind of truth. However, excitement and enthusiasm can mask the deeper ability within the heart to discern deepest truth.

The mind is affected by excitements as well. Superficial chains of logical thought, so appealing to the mind, seem to point to truth. However, these seemingly logical thoughts can be manipulated, and can obscure the deeper mind’s ability to discern the real essence of a situation. This is why seemingly intelligent people can miss subtle cues; they were so caught up in the story woven by the chain of logic that they missed, as the saying goes, the forest for the trees.

However, deep essence doesn’t get excited, because it is beyond emotional reactions, and is comfortable knowing what it knows. In fact, it doesn’t need excitement, because it just resonates with the truth of things, and that is pleasing for deep heart and deep mind. It feels a joyous unity with truth, and is content. At the core level of reality, heart and mind are one, because of these two curious qualities of heart and mind:

1. Within the love essence of the heart is divine wisdom.

2. Within the wisdom essence of the mind is divine love.

Beyond emotion and logic

If you wish to contact your essential heart and mind, choose to make personal mystical inner contact with your own deep heart and mind. Just reading about it isn’t enough. Nor can you receive the real experience if you merely hear a spiritual teacher, however inspiring, tell you about it. Such inner realizations can’t be taught through appeals to either emotion or logic, as useful as these ways of learning may be in other areas of life.

Logic and emotion cannot touch the deepest essence of heart and mind. This is because logic and emotion lead you in the general direction of a solution, but don’t directly resonate with the highest quality solutions. Essential heart and mind use resonance, and resonance exists at a refined level beyond the earthly worlds of logic and emotion.

You’ve seen resonance demonstrated, because you know that if you place a vibrating tuning fork near another tuning fork of the same size, the first vibrating fork causes the second fork to vibrate. The first fork doesn’t have to prove anything to the second fork. The first fork doesn’t have to make the second fork inspired. The resonance happens because of their similar capacities to resonate together.

Degrees of truth

The essential knowing in your heart and mind resonates with truth in much the same way that the two tuning forks do. But you may be more familiar with the earthier forms of resonance — basic emotional energy, or basic logical claims — and you might mistake this for deeper heart or mind knowing. This is because the superficial resonance fools you with its noisy excitement, emotionality, and enthusiastic beliefs.

For example, emotional reactions are a much-used lower quality resonance utilized in the media. This is how movies, for example, make you cry, even though you know it’s just a story. You are immersed in the story, you identify with the scenario, the music and lighting amplifies everything, and you have the automatic emotional response. This is not necessarily deep truth resonance. But, it does show you how heart can be easily moved.

At the center of heart and mind, there is a clear, sacred space, and it is beyond logic and emotions. You could say that it is a sacred space that just is. In that space, you find a paradox — mind is heart, and heart is mind — they are recognized as aspects of each other. Your goal is to access these deep places within your being, so that you can know your essential nature, and so that you have a means of discerning truth from falsehood in the world.

A mysterious contradiction in spiritual teachings

1. Those who favor heart-focused spirituality tend to emphasize emotionalism and blind faith — they downplay thinking and questioning.

2. Those who favor mind-focused spirituality tend to emphasize logic and mental control — they downplay feeling and subtlety.

3. These contradictions lead you to favor one imbalance over the other. Often, when two seemingly opposite paths are presented, you get swept into the confusion, and you believe that you have to choose only one path. But what if both paths presented to you are imbalanced?

The healthier third alternative that gives you deep understanding and compassion

When you experience the essence of a person or a situation with your deep heart, and when you intuitively know the deeper meaning of what is happening with your deep mind, you experience compassion. This is different than feeling sympathy, pity, or concern. And it is different than trying to immediately fix the problem. It is deep recognition and understanding, and that kind of compassionate wisdom leads to empowering solutions, rather than quick-fix reactions.

Here are ways for your heart and mind to have higher love and higher knowing regarding someone or something:

How to access your compassionate loving mind:

Deep mind wisdom is a deep love for the essential nature of what you are contemplating. This is different from simply having affection for someone. You access mind love by gently finding that sacred space in your head that transcends ordinary thinking. Use your imagination to do this…

1.  Go deep to the center of your head.

2.  Go deeper, and find the level beyond logical thought.

3.  Go deeper, and find the level that just is.

4.  At that level, you can resonate with the pure divine essence within a person or situation.

How to access your compassionate wise heart:

The essence of heart love is a deep wisdom about what you are contemplating. You access heart wisdom by gently finding that sacred space in your heart that transcends ordinary emotions. Use your imagination to do this…

1.  Go deep to the center of your heart.

2.  Go deeper, and find the level beyond emotional love.

3.  Go deeper, and find the level that just is.

4.  At that level, you can resonate with the pure essence of a person or situation.

How to go deep within your soul for profound compassionate knowing:

1. Bring your attention quietly within, as if you are stepping into your inner light — just imagine this.

2. Imagine that you are stepping even deeper into this inner light.

3. Remember – your inner light is located throughout your body — every part of you has the light of your divine soul.

4. Relax into the light, gently breathe, and let the light circulate comfortably throughout your body.

5. Let yourself do this without judging your self, or judging the process, or having expectations about how it is supposed to be.

6. And each time you think you’ve arrived at something meaningful within yourself, just quietly go deeper, because deep heart and deep mind are infinite.

The gentle path to inner peace, compassion, and knowing

You might still be wondering whether you should choose to go deeper within your heart, or deeper within your head, because the argument about heart versus head is an old pattern. As you are now realizing, there are infinitely deep levels of truth within your heart and within your head. You have the means to access them.

Deep truth discovery has little to do with excitement, enthusiasm, positive thinking, or drama and intensity. It is, rather, a quiet deliberate choice to gradually move your attention inwards, so that you can access the sublime infinite levels of cosmic self. Realize that excitement and enthusiasm can be enjoyable, but their noise obscures your search for deeper truth, so be aware of this limitation.

Inspiring mystical poetry has been written about these transcendental states of love and wisdom, but as moving and beautiful as it is, you need to access these inner places yourself.

The divine Creator that created you exists deep within all of its creations.

Being infinite, divine essence has no definite form or fixed nature. So to simplistically say that heart is love is a limited understanding. In the same way, to say that mind is wisdom is a limited understanding. Beyond wisdom, there is wisdom-love, and beyond love, there is love-wisdom. Love and wisdom are not in conflict. And when they seem to be, then you haven’t yet accessed your deeper levels of perception for the particular situation where the conflict seems to exist.

And beyond these labels of love, compassion, and wisdom, there is the quiet space where you just know that you know. The simple truth, beyond words, beyond logic, and beyond emotions, is always deep within you. But it’s not what you expect, and not as spiritually grand or exciting as you would suppose. But as you may have realized, it’s quietly sublime, rather than dramatically grand; it is balanced cosmic simplicity.

May your explorations into deep heart and deep mind bring you serene inner delight. As you gently explore the deeper truths, you resonate with the divine center of the cosmos, and the universal radiance shines forth within your infinite heart and mind. Beyond love, beyond logic, and beyond poetry — your deep center is the cosmic source of love and wisdom.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach 

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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How To Cleanse Your Own Soul

Your soul is supposed to be perfect and divine. So why would you need to cleanse anything made from divine substance? Isn’t your perfect essence beyond the need for fixing or cleaning?

Well, it depends how you define Perfection.

Consider how your soul essence has experience after experience, lifetime after lifetime. Every experience leaves its imprint, like a muddy shoe print on your doormat. For example, that situation where you fell off a cliff in one lifetime left a bruise in your soul; the impact is still there, at a subtle level. And then, there was that situation where you were chased by the townspeople because you were a member of the wrong class, or religion, or tribe — that imprint is still there.

If you were in perfect, one hundred percent alignment with your original essence, you’d automatically re-align with your true self with ease, even after difficult events. But there’s a reason why automatic re-alignment doesn’t happen instantly. When you understand this, you can have compassion for your own self, because you will stop judging your natural reactions to events.

When you experience the difficulties of life, your emotional reactions are only human, and are nothing to blame your self about. You may be frightened, angry, sad, or confused by what is happening — likely a combination of these. You’re generating thoughts of every description as well, and these muddled thoughts get mingled into your emotions. Strongly experienced emotions and thoughts can create a pattern that makes an imprint in your aura, like a muddy footprint that makes its mark on the carpet.

Your soul expresses itself through your aura, and the brightest presence in your aura is your soul essence. Think of your aura as an energy field that expresses all that you are. Your aura reflects your divine essence, your hopes and dreams, your potential, and more. And your aura contains the patterns of all your accumulated emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These patterns can affect the clarity of your soul light, as a dirty window blocks the sunlight.

Is it enough to simply know that you are made of divine substance?

Some mystics say that your essence is divine, and that this is all you need to know. Certainly, it is very helpful to be able to confront all the troubling patterns you’ve acquired, and to contrast those patterns with your divine essence. This helps you remember your essential cosmic nature, and helps you disentangle yourself from the thousands of difficult experiences.

However, it is often not enough to simply remember your soul essence. This is because of a phenomenon called fragmentation. When you experienced all those thousands of difficult experiences in all your lifetimes — including this current lifetime — you protected yourself.

This is an automatic response mechanism that keeps you from becoming so scared or overwhelmed that your nervous system would become dangerously overcharged. The protective mechanism divides the difficult thoughts and emotions into separate fragments within your body and aura, so that their collective intensity doesn’t destroy you.

While this protective mechanism is well-intended, it creates the problem that you are dissociated from the trapped emotional energy that you need to release for optimum well-being. Also, the trapped energy thinks the problem is still happening, even though that event is now in the past — and in some cases, in a past lifetime.

When you understand that you have dispersed fragments of thoughts and emotions jumbled in your body and aura, then you start to understand how you can cleanse your soul. Recognizing your emotions and thoughts as energy is one key to liberating yourself from patterns. When you can examine a feeling or thought as a living energy presence, then you can talk to it. You can massage it, heal it, and shift it. The pattern is no longer mysterious; it is something that you can shift in healthy, creative ways.

Are you really allowed to do this? What gives you the right to shift your patterns? If an event has already happened, isn’t it locked into time and space as a permanent event? Well, it has happened, and there’s no denying that, but you don’t have to be eternally referenced to it. You can develop a neutral perspective to that event.

Remember, you are an eternal soul, and you have spiritual rights. Although your experiences really did happen, realize that these many experiences don’t have to define you. Yes, the experiences have influenced you, and you may still be carrying the patterns of those experiences. But you’re likely doing that out of habit, and not out of need. Remember that your eternal soul existed long before those experiences, and will exist long after.

Another empowering key is to recognize that events and patterns are temporary

Compared to the eternal nature of your soul, every event is a little blip in time. Tune into that the next time you find yourself responding dramatically to something or someone. Even if it feels that you’re imagining the idea of eternity, let yourself get a sense of what eternity feels like. It’s an actual spacious sense that opens up, and it helps you transcend the fears and judgments that you get stuck in so easily.

Realize that you have the right to shift your mind, and to change how you choose to interact with the items in your memory. This is not denial, but is a choice to experience life in a more empowered and centered way. As a soul, you can make these empowered choices. You can benefit your body, mind, and soul, by changing how you perceive and interact with a particular situation.

This awareness shift makes it easier for you to bring your reference point back to your essential soul energy — the timeless energy of your essence.

But why do you hold on to patterns if you aren’t benefiting from them? You have been influenced by strong, unpleasant experiences, and you temporarily forgot that your divine soul doesn’t need to keep holding on to those patterns. Of course, you experience everything to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hold on to the hurt or the fear forever. If it has become pointless to hold the problem in your body, mind, or aura, then you can explore letting the pattern go.

Releasing patterns without denying the events

Of course, it’s easier said than done to let these old patterns go — but why is this such a challenge? Remember, layers of difficult situations made you temporarily forget your divine nature. And your soul, in its effort to help you, conveniently divided the pain, fear, sadness, and anger into tiny compartmentalized sections in your body and aura. And at a subconscious level, you promised yourself that you’d keep protecting yourself with fragmentation, and not remember your original, complete self.

This is one explanation of why you hold on to problems, but there is yet another reason. You have become identified with the problem. You might not realize it, and maybe it does seem a bit absurd to suppose that you are identifying with a problem that happened in a past lifetime, or an issue that happened in your childhood. When you forget your divine nature, you still need an identity — you identify with a lesser identity, and that lesser identity becomes part of your definition of who you are.

Until you re-write your definition, you’ll keep getting your sense of identity from your lesser, problem-oriented self. It would be easy if you could just reconfigure yourself today, and be forevermore enlightened, but more realistically, you’ll want to re-align with your soul identity daily. This is because these issues exist in many layers, and you gradually transform the layers over time.

You may wonder why your soul, supposedly eternal and wise, would not automatically help you with these essential understandings about your cosmic identity. However, your soul exists at many levels, and some are much more aware than others. At its essence, your soul is truly aligned with universal love and wisdom. However, your lifetimes are for learning, and the younger aspects of your soul have had many challenging learning experiences. This raises another question:

Why do you need to learn in each lifetime, if your divine essence already knows everything?

When your soul was created, it was made from universal substance — a divine spark made from the substance of the cosmic creative intelligence of the universe. This spark — you — was given a unique identity, unlike any other soul in the universe. And this individual spark was given Free Will.

Understanding this helps you know why you co-created all the learning experiences over many lifetimes. And, it helps you understand why your soul essence doesn’t automatically fix the problems in your younger soul aspects. If it did that, then the younger aspects wouldn’t grow and mature. Just as a child learns school lessons by doing the homework — if the parent does the homework for the child, then the child doesn’t learn.

Though you’re made of universal substance, your individual spark needs to learn for itself — free-will means that you are learning to make choices in each moment. You wouldn’t really learn if you were just following external orders. Divine learning emerges from your inner wisdom, in each moment, because you are discovering the universal truths for your self. In order to do this, you need to discover how everything works, and this includes finding out how your emotions and thoughts function.

When you have all the thousands of experiences that you have, each situation gives you an opportunity to be centered — or not. Will you reactively blame yourself or others — or quietly stay centered, to access your deeper understanding? So don’t blame yourself for having natural upset reactions to things — it’s not a bad thing. However, though automatic reactions aren’t exactly bad, your reactive responses do create more difficulties. This is why you are gradually discovering healthy options to your automatic reactions.

One important key to cleansing your soul is to look at a situation, and experience that situation in a fresh, new way. This is the technique that you are going to explore now. It helps your soul release the patterns that are clogging your aura with stale memories of troubling feelings and thoughts. You don’t have to know all the details of the situation that you’re healing. Even a general idea of a difficult situation is enough to practice these soul-healing techniques.

Meditation to liberate you from stuck ways of seeing a past problem:

1. Look at a situation that affected you in your childhood.

2. Imagine seeing the situation from a completely different angle — for example, imagine that you could experience that situation from a bird’s eye view, or even from outer space.

3. Notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body, as you relax and experience the scene from these very different vantage points.

4. Now see it from yet other vantage points — from the side — from the rear view — and from various angles that are different from your original viewpoint in the scene.

5. As you play with these different vantage points, notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body as you experience each vantage point.

6. Now you can shift the sound within that scene. Replace the sound with different voices; add an amusing soundtrack; lower the volume on abrupt noises or shouting, so that it becomes very quiet, as if you were using a volume control for the scene.

7. Notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body as you experience the scene with these entirely different sounds. Look at any detail in the scene, and notice how that aspect begins to feel somewhat different when the scene is accompanied with a different set of sounds, or a quieter set of sounds.

8. Next, shift your size in the scene, so that you are a giant towering over the scene. See the people in the scene as if they were tiny dolls.

9. Breathe, and notice what you feel in your body when you are a giant looking down on the scene.

10. To integrate, breathe gently, breathe into your body, and notice that you are safe in the here-and-now. You are not stuck where you were; you can see and feel that situation in a new way now. You will continue to notice the fascinating shifts in your body and mind.


Does this meditation produce a complete shift? Probably not entirely — but do notice the subtle shifts in your awareness. Is it easier to breath, and more comfortable in your body when you think of that past scene? Play with this meditation again, and each time you do it, the scene may feel lighter and easier to you.

There’s no judgment here. Your way of escaping by fragmenting is what we all do, so you’re not better or worse than anyone else. Everyone divides himself or herself in order to escape from overwhelm. At the same time, everyone has the means of using their consciousness to awaken to their potential. That means that you can bring consciousness to all your parts. You can bring your divine essence to the parts of you that need that blessing.

Meditation to bring your soul essence to your parts:

1. Imagine your soul essence as the vast, cosmic being that it truly is. Use your imagination — pretend, if you like.

2. Imagine seeing and feeling life as your soul would see and feel reality — pretend that you are actually seeing and feeling from the experience of your soul essence.

3. From that soul perspective look down on a scene from your childhood.

4. Reach down into that scene, with your mighty cosmic soul arms, and lift your younger self up and out of that scene.

5. Hold your younger self in your celestial arms, and let your cosmic love and light shine sweetly from your divine heart and mind into that younger self.

6. Say the encouraging things that you are inspired to say to your younger self.

7. Continue to re-assess the scene, making any adjustments you’d like, from the perspective of your vast soul essence.

8. Let your body and soul face each other — the body and soul are really recognizing that they are both aspects of each other.

9. Explore the shift between your soul essence perspective, and your in-the-body, here-now experience. Gently shift back and forth between your soul perspective and your here-now perspective.

10. As you move back and forth between body and soul awareness, the two begin to meld together. Don’t force it. Just gently be with the shift as your body and soul recognize their essential oneness.

11. To integrate, be in present time. Breathe into your body, and gently sweep your awareness through your body, so you can notice how you are more present, and more at peace.

12. Let yourself notice the interesting details in the room around you, and become aware of the subtle enjoyable details that you are able to appreciate more easily in the present moment.


As you explore this shifting between soul and body awareness, you start to recognize that your soul is always available to you. You realize that your soul’s love and wisdom belongs to you. Your soul has its own empowering cosmic perspective, and that perspective is available to you whenever you choose to access it.

There is a fascinating moment when you really recognize that your soul is your true essence. And, this body is a living, breathing expression of that true essence, in the unique opportunity called This Lifetime. You can use the cosmic perspective of your soul to help shift stuck feelings and thoughts. The shift can help you look at situations that always seemed stuck or hopelessly difficult.

This earthly lifetime offers an amazing lesson in focus and alignment

By the way, what value does your body bring to your soul, if your soul is already so wise? Your body helps to ground and focus the vast and universal soul perspective. Embodiment has its own extraordinary rewards. Remember this the next time a well-intentioned spiritual expert tells you that nothing is real on this earth. It’s all relative — your body is getting a deeper divine understanding from your soul, while your soul becomes more polished and focused when it grounds itself into the slower presence of your body within this earth plane.

But, as some will tell you, you’re already clean — you don’t need to be cleaned. This well-intentioned advice comes from those who have correctly perceived that your essence is perfect. However, what they may have forgotten is that the human tendency to fragment means that you have to do a bit of inner healing work. You integrate your fragments, release the excess tension, and re-align with your divine essence. Simply knowing that your soul essence is perfect doesn’t automatically heal those fragments and make them magically unite together.

If all of this means that you now have an easier way to cleanse your soul, that’s a beautiful thing. Remember, the knowledge that your soul essence is perfect is true. And, the realization that it takes some work to cleanse your soul is also true. As you now know, that’s because your soul exists at many levels. Let yourself learn from the deeper essential soul truths that your essence shares with you. And let yourself help the less-aware aspects that got stuck.

These meditations liberate you to shift the patterns that you thought you were stuck in. They’re fascinating, and even enjoyable at times. At the very least, you’ll get a chance to play with some deeper self-healing abilities, and discover how you’re more empowered than you had thought possible.

Please share your experiences with these meditations in the comments section below. Your experiences and discoveries help the next person, and make it easier for that reader to give himself or herself permission to transform. May your body, mind, and soul unite with ease and grace.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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How To Enjoy This Moment

What comes to mind when you imagine the idea of enjoying this present moment? Most likely, the pictures that surface in your mind are images of what you think enjoyment or happiness is supposed to be. These are the typical images that your mind gives to you, based on how your mind has been influenced by media, by people, and by this modern world. These notions of idealized bliss are made-up — these bright and shiny faux images are merely symbols for happiness, but they are not real.

The person jumping up and down, shouting hooray, is not necessarily enjoying the moment. Rather, he or she is responding to something that seems to bring relief — the person just got a job they wanted, for example, or just received a much anticipated phone call. Well, those events are wonderful, but then what do you do in the ordinary circumstances that are more typical of daily life?

Are you supposed to behave as some positive-thinking trainings teach you to behave — as if you were a buoyantly happy cheerleader at a football game, yelling that you are having a wonderful time? That might generate a jolly spark or two for a moment, but it’s not real enjoyment. Unfortunately, such pumped-up efforts can only try to mimic happiness, and they may actually take you farther from true enjoyment. The simple reason for this is that deeper enjoyment is connected to awareness, and awareness is a subtle experience.

Awareness requires that you be present to what is actually happening in the moment, and this is why you can’t make yourself feel enjoyment. When you demand to feel good, you are making your emotions jump through a hoop like a trained seal. However, your emotions want to be charmed into enjoyment, and not forced into it. This is why the artificially happy behaviors of people who want to prove that they’re having a good time don’t generate real happiness.

Real situations

But what if your immediate situation seems boring, unpleasant, or difficult? Wouldn’t you need to be hearing good news, or surrounded by symbols of success in order to enjoy the moment?

Actually, feeling good in the present moment requires your awareness of the world around you — as it is. When you are able to sense the world around you, then you can combine that outer awareness, of whatever you find there, with your inner awareness — and that combination can bring you to some delightful feelings.

The world around you, that you can see and hear, is the world that you experience with your five senses — sight, hearing, feeling, smell, and taste.

The world within you is the realm of your emotions, your thoughts, and of your subtle inner spiritual awareness. You might call it your imagination, or your inner sacred space; it is the realm of your divine soul.

With the power of your awareness, you can comfortably combine your sensing of the outer world with your inner feelings and thoughts. This combination doesn’t produce instant delight, however, because real enjoyment only takes place over time — it evolves. That means that if you demand to be happy or relaxed right now, you’re only creating tension. But why is it so important for you to be aware over a period of time?

The key is that each moment becomes magical when you are aware of how each moment evolves from the previous moment, and evolves again into the next moment.

This is the mysterious secret of consciousness — that the subtle shifting that happens from this moment to the next is only fascinating if you are actually present to experience it as it shifts and evolves — your consciousness is required. You can’t replace that moment-to-moment awareness with anything else. You can’t buy it, and you can’t force it. You just have to be present so that you can notice the subtle shifts as they happen.

But you are already experiencing each moment, aren’t you? After all, you’re there, in that moment, so why question whether you’re really experiencing it? Actually, when you’re trying to be happy, or trying not to be unhappy, then you aren’t really experiencing the subtle energy shifts — the fascinating ones — that are taking place now, moment by moment.

And when you aren’t experiencing the subtle shifts, then everything feels coarse and somewhat unpleasant. Or perhaps it seems somewhat unreal or flat. This begins to explain why so many people think they must find a special reason to be happy. This is why they have come to believe that happiness looks like jumping in the air while shouting hooray. They missed their deeper connection to enjoyment, and they thought they could substitute an emotional fireworks display.

Since real enjoyment looks nothing like what you expect it to be, this hints that enjoyment is a subtle art, to be discovered anew each day. This art, though it takes a bit of skill, is easy to experience, especially when you discover that you have the ingredients you need already within you. But will you use them?

Let’s explore how your awareness of the outer world combines with your awareness of your inner world. To start, here is a little meditation to discover the subtle elements of the world around you. This will help you get a sense of the vital power of your conscious moment-by-moment awareness.

Meditation to awaken your senses to the world around you:

Deeper seeing:

– Notice the shapes of the objects around you. For example, the rectangular picture frame, the round clock, the cylindrical pencil, and so on, throughout the room. Do not judge them; just notice their shapes.

– Gently trace these shapes with your gaze, so that you really become aware of the designs within your environment. Don’t stare — just let yourself experience gentle focus as you explore the shapes.

– As you gently trace the shapes around you, gently breathe, so that you are aware of your body.

Deeper hearing:

– First, notice the obvious sounds, such as a car horn, a telephone ringing, or a voice nearby. Next, notice the subtle sounds around you, such as a clock quietly ticking, the breeze flowing through a tree nearby, the quiet hissing of a heater or radiator, and quiet voices in another room.

– As you notice each sound, experience it as a sound vibration — without judging it. Imagine that you are cataloging the sounds in your environment, and experiencing them as rare examples of sound.

– As you experience the sounds, breathe gently into your body, and notice that you are experiencing the sounds — but you are not the sounds; you are still centered within yourself.

Deeper feeling or sensing:

– Notice the temperature of the room, and experience how the air feels on your skin.

– Discover how each object in the room, and each person present, has an aura, or vibe. It’s OK if it seems that you’re imagining this — let your imagination give you permission to sense the subtle realities that are present in your world.

– Let yourself notice your reactions to each aura in the room. Without judging yourself or anything in the room, discover if you can experience each vibe or aura as a phenomena of energy, rather than as a label or judgment.

– Notice the feel of the neighborhood. Each locale has its own feel, or specific quality of presence. You don’t have to put this in words — just experience it, and let yourself recognize the felt sense of that place.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling — integrating your senses:

– Gently notice what you see in the shapes, colors, and textures around you.

– As you look around you, include the sounds in your environment in your awareness.

– As you look and listen, gently include your felt sense, as if you are sensing the vibe or aura around you.

– Quietly shift from seeing, to hearing, to sensing. There is no one way to do this. Explore your senses one at a time, and also combined, in any creative way that you choose.

– Breathe gently and easily as you shift your sensory awareness from looking, to hearing, to sensing. Stay centered in your body, and keep breathing.


During this meditation, do you find that even though you are generally focusing on one sense or the other, your senses seem to combine into one large multi-sensory experience? You may find that your senses are working together, all helping you experience your environment with the deep realism of a close-up photograph — combined with a high quality audio recording — combined with the multifaceted sensory experience of a vividly rich environment, such as the forest or the ocean.

Your consciousness is the key

Now you have a deeper respect for your consciousness. You recognize that your awareness, from moment to moment, is aware of so many subtle things that transcend ordinary descriptions and judgments. The shape of the clock, when you experience it in the pure realm of shapes and colors, is expressing something to you. Not something specific like a poem, but something meaningful in a different way — it is the subtle-energy world of the clock, expressing itself. And this sharing process takes place, whether or not you personally enjoy the design or the sound of the clock.

Why is this little meditation so important to your discovery of how to enjoy this moment?

If enjoyment required the perfect situation, then you might have to wait forever. And if you could produce instant enjoyment by shouting that you are having a great day, then you would generate the superficial kind of enjoyment that only lives on the surface of reality. This meditation helps you open the door to a refined inner experience of genuine enjoyment.

Enjoyment is not something that has any particular appearance, so it isn’t obvious. It is not something that sounds a particular way. And it is not a dramatic expression that promotes its own happiness. This is the beautiful paradox — that your real enjoyment becomes stronger when you aren’t trying to feel good.

Enjoyment is your willingness to experience your world in a subtle way that lets you engage with your self and the world around you — with sensitivity, intelligence, and awareness, moment by moment.

But does this mean that you are to just passively notice the subtle details of the world around you, and that you will get delight from that only? The experience of this sensory meditation was just to help you clear your mind, and engage with your senses on a deeper level. There is more to this process, because now you are going to explore another meditation that brings your inner voice to this experience.

Although your inner voice is often the part of you that automatically comments on everything, you have other options when you use your inner voice consciously. When you do this, then your inner voice becomes part of a healthy feedback loop that unites body, mind, and environment, in support of your well-being.

Meditation for using your conscious voice to cultivate enjoyment in this moment:

1. Look at any object in your immediate environment.

2. Notice the shape — the color — the texture — and the general vibe or aura.

3. Experience this object without labeling or judging what you are looking at.

4. As you feel the presence of that object, sense or imagine its inner light or presence.

5. Now notice your own inner light or presence — imagine it if you like.

6. Notice or imagine a healthy resonance between your inner light, and the inner light of that object.

7. As you sense this subtle resonance, say:

I support this object’s right to exist, and this object supports my right to exist.

I find something fascinating in this object, and this object finds something fascinating in me.

I enjoy this object, and this object enjoys my presence.

I bless this object, and this object blesses me.

8. As you say each statement, really sense or imagine the harmony between your inner self, and the inner intelligence within that object. This is possible whether the object seems to be an ordinary chair, a computer printer, or a clock. Or perhaps you are experiencing an exotic rare goldfish in a tank, or a fragrant Hawaiian flower. No matter; they are all living expressions of the universe.

9. Quietly notice the subtle characteristics of other objects in the room.

10. As you notice these qualities, let your inner rapport with those objects resonate. Don’t try to make it happen; rather, you let it happen.

11. Discover how easily you can make those blessing statements with the other objects in the room. The inner light within you is sharing and communicating, at a level beyond words, with the inner light of those objects.


Many pathways

Are these methods the one way to enjoy the moment? Actually there is no one particular way. There are many ways of learning to be present, but they have something in common. Any hope you have of bringing enjoyment to the present moment requires your relaxed, yet focused attention.

Talking with objects in your home or office might seem a little silly, but you are discovering the basic principle here. Enjoyment is engagement with the moment. It is participation between your conscious mind and your subtle senses. When you bridge the inner and outer self with your environment, you create an intelligent, living flow that has depth and meaning.

Does this mean that you can’t have critical thoughts? Not at all — your critical thoughts can lead to helpful solutions.

Does this mean that you have to be in a special mood or special place to practice this? At first, you may well want to explore these meditations in your own quiet environment. But consider the fascinating options available to you — the potential for subtle and enjoyable experiences exists even where you least expect to find it.

When you discover how to place your attention, and how to extend blessings to even the most mundane things in the world, then you enter the charmed world that you have been waiting for. It is the place where you can be with the world as it is, and help co-create a spiritualized world at the same time. This is not a fantasy, because consciousness is the essence of everything in the universe.

Being in this world

There is a sense that many modern people have — that they are separate from reality, or not in their real spiritual home. These feelings and thoughts may come from their lack of engagement with their environment. Honestly, many environments are challenged, and so these meditations are more easily done in some places than in others. But that doesn’t mean that the meditation can only be accomplished in a special place. In fact, maybe these meditations can do the most good in those challenged environments that are really calling for healing and harmony.

Is it possible that the lack of engagement with the world around you could relate to how you have been treating yourself? What may seem, at first, to be an irrelevant activity — tuning into the subtle energy of your environment — is actually a profound exploration in tuning into the essential nature of reality. And when you choose to bless or appreciate that subtle world around you, you are creating a deep harmony experience that uplifts you, your environment, and everyone it your world.

Every time you tune into the subtle energy of your world, it helps heal you within, because that subtle engagement with reality automatically extends to you, too. You benefit from your deeper awareness experiences, because you are learning how to bless yourself, as well.

The true location of harmony

Perhaps you had supposed that enjoyment had to be a stereotype. Maybe you’re surprised that what started as an exploration of enjoying the moment turned into a spiritual discovery session about the nature of reality. But it does make sense, because your life is an expression of a divine creative force that created your soul, and that manifested this universe. These subtle explorations reunite you with the universal consciousness that you are made of, and that everything, whether grand or mundane, is also made of.

The eternal harmony that you can discover within yourself, and within your world, is always there for you. But, being a subtle expression of universal consciousness, it speaks the language of subtlety, and not the dramatic language of fake happiness. Any amount of ceremony, noise, drunken antics, or loud demonstrations of happiness are all taking place on the surface. Deep within, enjoyment awaits you.

You can enjoy this moment when you are no longer trying to do so. It happens when your subtle senses are engaged, and you discover the resonance that harmoniously exists at a deeper level. Let yourself sense it, in your own way. This is your personally meaningful experience. It is the fulfillment and happiness that doesn’t look like what people expect fulfillment and happiness to look like.

So have your fascinating experiences, without waiting for approval and understanding. Just experience, sense the gentle smile appearing within you, and breathe this emerging delight into your being.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment — tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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Soul Transparency – Key To Universal Understanding

You hear much about transparency, or authenticity these days. What if there was a cosmic level of transparency, where people could understand each other instantly? If this were possible, it would take place at the soul level.

You could call this instant understanding Soul Transparency. It is real, as you will discover, and it offers intriguingly wonderful possibilities for understanding yourself, and for sharing your gifts with the world.

When you realize that your soul is radiating its divine essence all the time, you realize that it is doing this in spite of your personality limitations. Your personality, with all its limits, beliefs, and habits, may not be an accurate reflection of your soul. Could you be too referenced to your personality?

Let’s explore the potential that lives within the infinite world of the soul. You may discover a reality that transcends the ordinary limits of this earth plane, including the constrictions of the personality. And you may find the gifts of inner peace and fulfillment that you can bring into your life.

The world of your cosmic essence

Your transparent soul exists in a cosmic condition that is very different from the world that your personality exists in. For example, your personality is associated with your body, which means that it exists in space and time. Your soul, at its deepest essence level, experiences a different way of being — it lives in a timeless, limitless world. How could this be?

Your soul is an individual expression of the universe itself. That thought might seem to be too much to digest at first, so just take a breath and and relax as you consider the possibility. Your soul is the universe, expressed in your own individual form. And every other person is also the universe, expressed in their own individual form. This tells you something about all these souls:

They are all unique expressions of the same vast universe. And so they must all exist in the very same space that we call The Universe, or the All, or God, or Cosmic Consciousness — any name you use is fine. Let yourself gently breathe, so you can be with this idea and stay comfortably centered.

Your soul — a multidimensional phenomenon

The idea that you exist in the same space as another person sounds rather weird at first. After all, you know that you aren’t physically standing where another person is standing, are you? Of course you aren’t — not on the physical plane, at least. Your soul, though, is different. Although your soul is shining through your body, and each person’s soul is shining through their body, what is it that is shining exactly?

Your soul essence, and their soul essence, together share the same universal light, or consciousness. And that divine light exists throughout the universe — it is omnipresent pure awareness. It is too vast to be limited to one space, or one moment in time.

Your soul is transparent because everyone already knows your essence. Your essence, and theirs, is expressing the same deep universal intelligence. That means that your soul is more deeply understood and appreciated than you may realize. This idea might take a while for your personality to comprehend, because your personality has many reasons for supposing that your life is limited and imperfect, or that you are misunderstood.

Look at how your personality is defining reality. According to your personality, when you can have the proper weight or height, or the correct smooth personal manner, or the newest set of fashionable skills, or whatever the issue or story is supposed to be, then people will finally accept you, or will come to appreciate your soul.

What is it that makes your personality think that it has to jump through hoops so that it can eventually be perfect? What if you could save some time by helping your personality with the divine insights of your deep soul awareness?

Soul and personality — two understandings of reality

Your personality is stuck in its perception that you exist in space and time. In a way, that seems to be so, because your soul is, in fact, expressing itself into this moment of space-time. The key difference is that your soul is expressing here, but it doesn’t get its references mainly from this space-time world. Notice the difference with your personality — it is getting most of its information from this world, and that is why it gets stuck in its limited earthly perceptions.

But does that mean that if you begin to refer to your transcendental soul, then you’ll somehow disappear into space, or become disconnected with the earth? That won’t happen, because you can choose how you place your attention. You can be as integrated as you choose to be.

This might explain, though,  why some people get too spacey when they meditate. They temporarily lose their usual earth-plane references. They open up to the vaster world of universal consciousness — the timeless realm of the soul. However, they forget to include their body and personality in their meditation, with the grounded space-time focus that body and personality naturally have.

It’s fairly easy for you to include your personality, along with soul awareness, grounded in your physical body. When you do this, you find the world of infinite possibilities joining with the world of grounded, linear time. That is an empowering place to be.

You are infinite, and living in a time-space world. You are uniquely you, and also one with all. So what is a useful way to use your soul transparency? And why is it helpful to know that everyone, at their soul essence level, already knows your soul, and you already know their soul essence?

Everything you are, everything you do, and everything you create carries the essence of your infinite soul. Your personality might not be aware of this, and so you need to make the conscious choice to become aware of these cosmic essentials. If you wrote a poem, for example, everyone has access to the divine essence meaning of that poem. And if you created a product or a service, everyone already understands it, at their own deep soul level.

Your world, as your personality and soul see it

Your personality may have some doubts and limited understandings about these soul realizations. Notice how the personality can only see evidence on the material plane, and can’t yet sense the holistic soul perspective.

Personality concern 1: Many people don’t yet know about your product, your service, or your insights.

Soul perspective about 1: Actually, all people can resonate with your creations at the soul level now.

Personality concern 2: Many people might not understand your product, service, or insights.

Soul perspective about 2: Actually, all people are able to deeply understand your creations within their soul level now.

Personality concern 3: Many people aren’t yet ready for your product, service, or insights.

Soul perspective about 3: Actually, no matter what level of personality awareness people may have, their soul is ready for your creations now.


The liberating key for you is that you aren’t limited to your personality’s awareness.

What benefit is there in knowing about your transparent soul, and the transparent divine world in which it lives? Understanding that your creations, and you yourself, are already understood by the group soul is important — you can use that realization to create a healthy bridge between your personality and your soul. And the best part is that you can use the positive resonance that already exists on the group soul level, and stabilize it into this earthly reality — the real world, time-space dimension that you live in.

To do this, let’s explore some easy meditations that help you go beyond your personality limitations, so that you can gently help your personality open to the possibilities that exist in the expanded world of the soul.

Meditation to recognize your divine oneness

Let yourself imagine…

1. Tune into your body, and notice your breathing.

2. Imagine your soul as a divine presence or light. You might imagine it either within you, or shining all around you. Just make it up — if it seems that you’re pretending that your light exists, that’s ok.

3. Imagine that all the souls on the planet — all the sparks of divine light — are all sparks coming from the same place — the infinite universe, itself. Take a moment to let this realization settle in your mind, so that the essential oneness shared by all souls begins to make sense to you. And do keep breathing, maintaining a gentle awareness of your body.

4. Realize that no matter what the condition of your life, your appearance, your weight and height, your status, or anything else may be, the oneness of all the souls already exists — you don’t have to make it happen. Notice it as a reality that is already so, and has always been so.

5. This is a subtle, but important discovery — notice the gentle feeling of resonance shared by all the souls, at the deep level of their essence. Notice how they are shining forth with the same divine light as you, and yet each in their own unique way.

6. Notice how your individual identity remains strong and bright, even as you recognize your universal unity. Keep breathing, and notice that you are still totally You.

7. Let any thoughts or feelings about these discoveries emerge in your heart and mind.


The liberating key for you is that the feelings, sensations, and thoughts that emerge for you in this meditation create deeper understandings that broaden and heal your personality.

Your personality begins to see itself as already united with the deeper world of united soul wisdom, at a level that transcends misunderstandings.

This experience frees you to have a deep realization that you can feel in your body, and bring to your personality. That is important, because many people have an intellectual understanding of their soul, but only because they have read about it or heard about it. For these understandings to be truly useful to you, the realization needs to be experienced in your body, because this helps the personality include these cosmic recognitions in its awareness of the earth plane.

If you haven’t integrated the realizations within yourself, then you only have faith. Perhaps faith was enough in the past, but your spiritual evolution requires integrating these deeper understandings, so that they are real expressions of your own deep inner being.

When you realize that your soul essence is already transparent to everyone else, and that their soul essence is already transparent to you, then you begin to consider some fascinating possibilities. But first, there is a question that always comes up around these topics.

The personality wants to know something about these infinite souls that all people have: If people don’t have conscious awareness of their soul, then won’t their personality just block anything that happens within their soul level?

Actually, it’s not so simple, because the personality doesn’t entirely filter out the higher soul wisdom. Imagine a variable filter — some people are only letting in 5 percent of their soul guidance, and others are letting in 15 percent, 30 percent, or 50 percent. These are made-up numbers, but you get the idea that everyone is having a different response to their soul insights. And it’s not your job to insist that they should let a certain amount of soul wisdom in — just let them be where they are in their awareness.

What can you do, then? If you aren’t trying to make people be or do anything, then what are your options on the soul level? You can access the natural soul transparency that already exists between all souls, and this helps you establish a positive harmony between your soul and the soul of humanity. Here is a meditation to explore this:

Meditation to share your gifts — your special creations — on the soul level

Let yourself imagine…

1. Your inner light is your individual expression of the divine light that shines through all.

2. Everyone recognizes your soul — at their soul level of awareness. They don’t need to speak your language, understand your personality, or agree with you on anything at all.

3. Everyone can appreciate your product, service, idea, or unique contribution. Their soul resonates with the divine essence of your product, service, or special contributions.

4. Imagine the divine light within your product, service, or idea. Sense the easy resonance between the group soul, and your creation.

5. Notice how the unique light of your creation lights up the group soul.

6. Sense how the unique light of your creation is automatically understood at the deep group soul level.

7. Let yourself feel how comfortable and easy that is. Relax into the smooth feeling that your creation is already in pleasant resonance with the group soul.

8. Breathe this realization into yourself. Feel the ease and grace.

9. Realize that each soul also has its own individual identity, and so each soul has its own individual pleasing resonance with your creation. Release control of how you think each soul is supposed to respond to your creations and contributions.

10. Notice how your personality is able to release a layer of its limited awareness each time you explore these new levels of resonance and divine understanding.


This meditation may raise many questions for your personality, because it has only known the measurable world of this physical plane. But don’t get too stuck in questions from the personality. These meditations are a deep transformational experience for your personality, and provide an expanded knowing into the ways of the universe..

Of course, the meditations might not explain concepts that the personality can entirely understand — but the personality will slowly get the general picture of the broader soul dimension. Fortunately, these experiences help your personality discover that there is something beyond this material world — a soul oneness that can be experienced, even if it is not entirely understood by the logical mind.

Does oneness mean sameness? Of course not, because oneness means that all the different souls share unity within their common divine essence. You may be united with everyone at the deepest soul level, but you are certainly not the same as anyone else.

And yet, that deep oneness level is an amazing place where profound understanding can happen. That is what you are able to access now. With that universal awareness, you can help the group soul access even deeper levels of consciousness. This is the power of sensing the harmony of your individual creations and contributions within the group soul energy field.

The power of your emerging cosmic awareness

But the personality still wants to know, what specifically will happen as a result of these meditations? The answer is easiest to discover when you notice what happens to your own awareness when you practice these simple steps:

You discover a feeling of ease that wasn’t there before.

You see yourself as already unified with the whole.

You sense that people have a deep understanding of each other, at a foundation level of awareness that you are becoming more aware of each day.

This frees you from seeing yourself as too unique, or seeing others as too different. Of course, every being has their own unique soul identity, but at the deepest universal soul level, you are as transparent and understandable as can be. And that soul transparency is shared by all at the deep essence level.

And what will come of your meditations — on the physical plane — where you live? Let yourself find out what subtle and fascinating realities result from your discoveries and experiences.

In the world of harmonious resonance, when you feel more at peace with yourself and with everyone, good emerges that benefits everyone. And wonderful possibilities, not yet known to your conscious mind, can flow in your life. Breathe them in now, for they are already happening, in response to your positive resonance that you so easily and transparently share, between your bright soul and the soul of humanity.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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The Felt Sense — Your Spiritual Guidepost

How do you know what you know about spiritual truth? Is it just because spiritual experts have assured you that certain things are so? Or perhaps it is that you grew up in a community where certain understandings were commonly believed, and you came to accept these understandings, too. And then there are the current trends that have become popular — but should you accept these merely because many people do?

Where is your Felt Sense amidst all of this?

These ways of innocent acceptance were OK as your soul was growing, but now you are entering your spiritual adulthood, and you are beginning to wonder about the deeper truth — what is the source of it, and how do you find your spiritual guidepost so that you can access it yourself?

The freedom to access deeper knowing — your spiritual birthright

Something remarkable awakens within you when you have your own sense of inner knowing. You discover a deeper level of your self — a cosmic presence within you that wants you to have access to your own truth. And you begin to realize that your own essence is somehow connected with the deeper cosmic truth in the universe. So this matter of sensing your truth is an important element in your spiritual evolution.

This may bring up a question in your mind, however. How can everyone have his or her own truth, in a universe where everyone is made of the same essential divine substance? Shouldn’t there be one reality that everyone can agree upon? To understand the answer to this, let’s explore your own personal path to your deeper truth.

What happens within you when you feel that you have experienced a spiritual shift in consciousness? Your own unique body-mind-spirit has its own special experience. No one else can have this exact experience, because their personal body-mind-spirit energy, called the soul signature, is only able to have its own distinctive experiences.

You can’t have their experience, and they can’t have your experience

And so, you are back to the original question — how do you know about spiritual truth, and how do you validate your understanding of things? Actually, there is a shift that happens, and it is generally subtle. It’s important to acknowledge this, because if you are waiting for huge obvious shifts, then you’ll miss most of the experiences that you are actually having. And there is a reason for this, having to do with the typical communication style of your soul.

Your soul trusts itself, and it doesn’t feel the need to shout to your personality. Your soul is generally sharing its wisdom in a gentle style, often called the small, still voice within. You may have noticed this voice before, and you probably noticed it when you were inwardly quiet enough to be aware of it. Your subtle inner truth is less available when your mind fills itself with noise and busyness.

Why are quiet moments of prayer, meditation, and contemplation so often recommended for those on a spiritual path?

It’s not that these practices are somehow good, or noble, or spiritual in themselves. It is that these practices create the conditions for you to have deeper experiences of unity with your inner essence, and with the cosmic universe itself.

But just what is supposed to happen in those quiet moments? Well, since it is different for each person, let’s explore some experiences that you might have. And let’s discover how you might cultivate these deeper understandings and discoveries more easily.

The subtle awareness that lives quietly within each moment of your life

Have you ever had the experience that you were reading a book, or listening to a speaker, and the words said something that touched a deeper part of you? It seemed to ring true. And something may have lit up within you.

The deeper something that you sensed within you was caused by Resonance. It is like a humming tuning fork that naturally causes another tuning fork nearby to start humming too. The truth that you read or heard started resonating within you, because that truth already existed within you, in its own unique way.

How did you sense your recognition of truth? This is important for your self-understanding, because if you become familiar with your way of discovering truth, you can use that awareness more often. That would really help you, because that deeper awareness helps you discover your inner spiritual truth detector.

The subtle awareness that you are exploring here is actually a shifting of awareness. With experience, you notice it more and more easily. You come to realize that it is not dramatic at all, but instead it is quite subtle. And you come to appreciate this. But how can you define something that is so mild that it creates no dramatic attention to itself?

You are looking for a subtle shift that happens within you. It is what happens when you become more aligned. And alignment is the opposite of drama or friction. This is because alignment means that you are in harmony with yourself. And, you are in harmony with the universe.

The inner power that measures its value by how quiet it is

Why is harmony still? Why is it peaceful? To understand this, imagine a squeaky wheel. You grease the squeaky wheel, and it becomes quieter. When your body, mind, and soul are in harmony, they harmonize together peacefully. This feels smooth and relaxed. It takes place within you, but at first you won’t notice it.

You are probably looking for the big effect — the dramatic evidence for something. But you might not find it, because truth generally shares its refined secrets quietly. More likely, you will gradually become aware of the subtle inner shift, the Felt Sense. And when you do, you will discover that it was within you all along, awaiting your recognition.

The Felt Sense is your recognition that you have made a shift in consciousness. Did you assume that a shift in consciousness had to be dramatic? Sometimes, it is. But generally, it is subtle. In fact, the gentle shifts are happening in each moment.

When you explore the simplest awareness methods, such as noticing your breathing, your body-mind-spirit makes immediate shifts. These are not big shifts, and that is their power. The shifts are very subtle and gentle shifts that are taking place with each breath, yet they share profound gifts with you.

Why is it so important that you notice these small inner changes?

It’s very simple:

Your conscious recognition of a small change unites your conscious mind with the deeper parts of you, and this is a co-creative key to your spiritual evolution.

These deeper parts include your deeper intuitive mind; the heartfelt knowing within your heart; the deep knowing of your body, and the divine awareness within your soul. All that deep knowing, on so many levels of your self, awaits your conscious awareness, so that it can become available to you. This seems almost too amazing to realize, at first.

When you consciously notice the small shifts, something shifts in your mind. The recognized small shifts help your mind re-orient itself in a healthy way. Before you noticed the inner shift, your mind was mostly sensing the surface of things. With the awareness of the small shifts, your mind is tracking your subtle inner world of deeper knowing.

It is the inner world of the still, small voice. And it is the inner place where your truth is known in a language that isn’t really a language at all — the language of non-verbal intuitive feelings and understandings. When this deeper non-verbal level unites with the verbal awareness of the conscious mind, you have united your logical left brain with your intuitive right brain. You have united the polarities of yin and yang; of conscious and subconscious; of yin and yang; of human and divine.

As you track these subtle shifts, you realize that each little moment of shift awareness supports you and integrates you. It carries you forward, like a sturdy flat pathway of stones across a wide lake. If you don’t keep your attention on the stone pathway, you would have nothing solid to support you. But if you worry about it, you lose your balance.

So what is the secret to calmly keeping your attention on the Felt Sense, as you walk on the stones of deeper awareness across the lake of your daily experiences?

Meditation to bring your attention to the small meaningful experiences of this moment

Let yourself use your awareness and imagination…

1. Sweep your awareness slowly through your body.

2. Notice a place in the body that seems somewhat tight or stuck.

3. Slowly, without judgment, sweep your attention through that area.

4. A gentle shift occurs — not dramatic. Let yourself notice this, however small a shift it may be.

5. Sweep slowly some more through your body.

6. Notice slight shifts in your breathing. Acknowledge it, without making it important.

7. Now you can notice these shifts as they happen — subtle shifts in the body, and gentle shifts in your breathing.

8. Each time you notice the smallest shift, quietly notice it — without making it important.

What is it about these subtle inner shifts that is so important to your spiritual path? Each time you consciously notice a subtle change, your awareness becomes a participant in a spiritual energy conversation within you. This special kind of inner conversation is between the different parts of your self, and they are acquainting themselves with each other. When they communicate together, you can experience deeper unity with your higher potential.

But why is it so important that you do this consciously? Couldn’t you just sit in the presence of a spiritual person, and receive their blessings? That would be much easier, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, though that might feel uplifting, it doesn’t build your conscious connection with your deeper potential. The way to build that connection is through practicing conscious awareness.

Your deeper truth

Although you may be inspired when you sit in a spiritual atmosphere in a saintly place, or with saintly people, your spiritual growth requires that you develop the skill to discern your own deeper truth. You can discover your inner truth when you are able to track your own subtle Felt Shifts. That subtle shift within you, seemingly so quiet and mild, becomes more obvious to you with practice, and you find that you use it more and more often. It is like a language that you become ever more familiar with.

The subtle shifts take place from moment to moment, and they require your attention. But this is not frenetic attention, because that would be trying too hard — and forced attention produces only tension. And this is why the Felt Shift is so meaningful. It is a quiet recognition that something has changed within. And it communicates to you when you recognize a slight shift in your body, or a shift in your breathing, or a slight expansion within, as if a space is opening up.

Of course, this space opening up, significant though it is, is not dramatic at all. It is, rather, the subtlest whiff of expansion. It is a quiet recognition that something that was tense is beginning to let go. This change within, subtle though it is, signifies that you are making a deeper connection. It hints that you are becoming aligned. And that is why you alone, through your conscious attention, can accomplish your Felt Shifts. It is you, the conscious self, who needs to participate for this to work.

The language that contains no words

When you let yourself track your inner Felt Shifts, an inner knowing becomes available to you. It grants you access to your inner wellspring of profound possibilities. It is a conversation, often beyond words, between your conscious mind and your super-conscious divine essence.

But is this a true meditation? You’ve probably heard that real meditation takes place with no thought. And tracking your subtle Felt Shifts would seem to involve your attentiveness, and it may well be a form of higher thought. However, when you track your inner shifts, you are attentive — but you are not thinking in the usual way. It is a deeper form of consciousness that is quietly attentive, but beyond your usual logical mind. If you want to call it contemplation rather than meditation, that is fine.

What happens when your tracking of the subtle changes within deepens your awareness? You discover that you know more, as if a deeper dimension of reality becomes available. This knowing includes many levels of self. And that occurs because your body-mind-soul alignment lets you resonate with your deeper truth, and with universal truth. And the knowing comes to you, especially if you don’t grasp for it. This is the secret of tracking the shifts.

Tracking inner subtle changes brings you to deeper knowing, until you start to get excited about your discoveries. Once your logical mind becomes too involved, you make the shifts important. And that is a problem for you. Not that it’s bad, but just that your intense interest takes you out of the subtle state of being able to track subtle shifts. So what to do?

You’ll discover that tracking the shifts is a game. It’s a serious game, and not frivolous, yet not serious or tense, either. It is, in fact, a waking meditation that flows from moment to moment. It is a contemplative way of discovering yourself, finding your truth, and linking with your universal divine source, all at once.

Your truth emerges, moment by moment

When you discover that your path to deeper knowing is so subtle, then you become wise in your way of being. You find that where you would have previously jumped into a vigorous pursuit of trying to understand something in the usual way, you now step back from the drama of that path, and track your subtle inner changes, instead. And in so doing, you discover a deeper understanding that had previously evaded your awareness.

This frees you to know your own truth, so that the dramas and excitements of the world inflame you less, and the quiet desire to know the deeper truth invites you into a subtle inner path of discovery. It is a centered path, because it involves your being present to your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul. This way of being evolves gradually, because it can’t be forced. It involves your conscious attention, and can’t be forced upon you by another, nor can you force it with your own headstrong attention.

Let your inner knowing delight you with its subtle clarity. And let your quiet, integrated presence be a force for good — a haven of kindness, clarity, and wisdom. You can be the center of the cyclone.

This non-dramatic presence may be the secret for shifting the world, without even trying to force a change. Perhaps there is no dramatic change to make — rather, the beginnings of change may start with your own deep integrations. These inner alignments with your divine intelligence ignite a tiny, yet powerful spark of cosmic potential. This happens through the universal resonance of your integrated body-mind-soul presence.

Your integrated presence generates an exquisitely subtle momentum, like the waves that emerge from a pebble dropped into a pond. Your divinely smooth actions upon this earth plane help set the stage for manifesting heaven on earth — in ways great and small. Your subtle awareness is noticing an inner shift within you as you consider this possibility. Who knows what wondrous thoughts, actions, and realities will emerge from your subtle inner knowing in this moment?

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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Liberate Yourself — How A Dangerous Word Limits Your Mind

What is the dangerous word? Did you think that it was No? That word isn’t a problem, because when someone says No, you can always choose Yes, or Maybe, if you like.

Or perhaps the problem words are these: can’t, or won’t, or isn’t. No, it is not those. And not words like impossible, or difficult, or challenging. You can confront these words, because you are aware of them.

Or did you think that the dangerous word was something hateful or negative? It’s not that, either. When you hear those words, you recognize them, and you can address them.

This dangerous word is different, because it seems to be quite innocent. It is a short, almost invisible word — only two letters. This word fools you, because it makes your mind reconstruct the world in a limited way. This is a form of mind magic, where your mind is led to see something that isn’t there.

This mischievous word fools your mind: is. For example: he is sad; she is bad.

The simple word, Is, often makes a bold, un-provable claim. It pretends that a person, place, or thing has a basic quality that entirely defines that person, place, or thing. For example:

He is troublesome. But you really mean, sometimes he expresses himself in a way that you find challenging. Unfortunately, now you’ve named him as being intrinsically troublesome, and this could affect how you speak to him, and that will naturally affect how he speaks to you, too.

She is petty. Well, not all the time. In fact, she may express that quality only occasionally. But the problem here is that you have named her as petty, as if that were part of her nature. And having named her as that, you’ll tend to see her as perpetually petty.

They are argumentative. Well, evidently they feel whatever they’re speaking about fairly strongly. But once you name them as essentially argumentative, then you lose sight of their motives and underlying beliefs, because you think you know all about them — they’re intrinsically argumentative, according to your label.

How does the word, Is, and its cousins Are and Am, perform this deceptive magic?

The word Is makes it seem that something is permanently true. For example, this country Is the land of the free. Or, this country Is going to the dogs. In both cases, this country, which is a multi-faceted place, is being labeled. Once you label it, your thinking becomes fixated in a particular way. This narrows your thinking, as if the country has the permanent quality that the word Is led you to be fixated by.

What is the problem with saying that the country is great, or that the country isn’t great? What you really mean is that there are certain things about the country that you admire, or certain things that you are concerned about. It’s easier to address specific issues when you name them as particular issues or qualities.

However, when the country Is this quality or Isn’t that quality, then you are behaving as if the country is intrinsically good or bad. And it isn’t, because nothing is intrinsically any particular way.

Why does the word Is barely attract your attention?

This word, Is, isn’t the main part of any statement, so you don’t notice it. It seems to be just a connecting word that strings some ideas together. Almost like a friendly, helpful word — but it may be something else entirely. It weaves a magical spell over your mind that you barely notice.

Suppose you make a statement about your friend — John is happy. You could take the word Is out of the statement, and you would still understand the sentence — you would get the general idea that someone named John is generally happy, or at least is happy now.

Well, that doesn’t seem so bad, but that is why Is creates such a difficulty for your mind. You don’t notice what it’s doing to your perception. Let’s explore how Is, and Are, and Am perform their magic manipulations upon your mind, because these words may become potentially dangerous for your mental and emotional well-being.

Suppose you are talking about yourself. Perhaps you are saying something like this:

I am happy — or I am sad — or I am mad…

You say that you Are happy — but that statement is already creating a problem for you. The statement, because of the pesky word Are, suggests that you are exclusively happy. But is that always so? No, you are a multifaceted being, capable of expressing many emotions in various circumstances. Under the surface, even when you appear to be happy, there are other emotions. And when you appear to be sad, that too is only one layer of your actual experience.

You, the multidimensional being

Why is it dangerous to label yourself? Who cares if you say that you Are this or that? The instant you make a label about what you are, your subconscious recognizes that many other descriptions are also true. That makes you feel inauthentic, because you are saying that you Are this or that, and your subconscious knows that isn’t quite so.

But isn’t it better to say that you Are something good, rather than saying that you Are something bad? Maybe somewhat better, but barely so, because both of these limiting descriptions label you, and this creates problems. Saying that you Are bad, or that your life Is bad, is like being stuck in a bad movie. And you don’t want to be programmed that way.

You might have the clever idea just now, that since you don’t want to be programmed with the discouraging idea that you Are a bad person, that you’ll say, instead, that you Are a good person. That creates problems too, because, in fact, you are beyond good and bad. You are a multidimensional being, made of divine substance, and divine substance is beyond all labels.

Once you say that you Are good, you’re creating the possibility that your subconscious will try to prove otherwise.

But if you don’t want to say that you Are good, or that you Are bad, what are you to do? Well, why let yourself be labeled as good or bad? Consider this option: Why couldn’t you aim yourself in a good direction? That might sound like the same thing, but there is a world of difference there.

When you are aiming in a good direction, then you aren’t labeling yourself. This means you aren’t creating resistance, tempting fate, creating a wall between yourself and others, or otherwise getting into emotional or mental mischief.

What happens when you label another person with the magic Is word?

For example, when you define your friend Mary in a certain way:

She is successful. But, 100 percent? And what defines success, anyway?

She is happy. All the time? Is that possible?

She is beautiful. Does that imply that you are not?

What’s wrong with saying these complimentary descriptions about Mary? Maybe she is seemingly just what your words positive words describe. The problem with saying that someone Is something is that the instant you define these labels, your subconscious makes comparisons. It looks for ways that you are less than Mary, or ways that you are equal to, or more than Mary.

And especially, your descriptions limit your ability to perceive Mary as she really is — a multidimensional being. Your labels of her limit your ability to learn from her. Labels filter how you perceive Mary, so that you don’t recognize her multifaceted nature. For example, if you name her as successful, then you might not notice that her apparent success is the result of decades of hard, focused work.

Labeling her as successful makes it seem that this is her essential nature. It isn’t, though, because she acquired what some people label as Success by following practices, strategies, and ways of living — and these ingredients to success are hidden when you label her as naturally successful.

To be fair to Mary, she is a unique individual, and is not what you have labeled her to be, even if your labels seem positive. But if you aren’t going to use positive labels, does that mean that she is unsuccessful, unhappy, and unattractive? No — those unfortunate descriptions don’t fit her either. In fact, your saying that she Is happy or Is unhappy creates a limited way of understanding her, and these limiting descriptions may affect you as well.

Why is your description of her going to affect your own mind? Is it possible that these troublesome words actually put you in an altered state of consciousness that limits you?

How labels trap your consciousness in limitation — how to liberate yourself

The instant you say that Mary Is this or Is that, your perception limits itself by seeing Mary through the limiting words you have just used to describe her. But what if you really do see aspects of Mary that are successful, for example? Let’s go back to the examples listed above, and explore options so that your descriptions don’t limit yourself, or limit Mary either.

– She is successful.

Use this opportunity to notice her behavior, her strategies, and anything that gives you insight about how she functions. This helps you discover something useful about Mary, the person whom you have labeled successful. However, when you let go of the label, you discover that Mary practices certain behaviors, specific actions and helpful habits, and useful strategies that lead to what you have labeled as success.

When you understand those habits and strategies, you learn something that might inspire you and give you valuable insights. You now have recognized potentially useful strategies. However, the successful versus unsuccessful label interferes with your clear understanding of the situation.

She is happy.

Use this opportunity to notice the actions and strategies that she is using. You may be able to learn something here about creating happiness. One thing you learn is that there is no such thing as a so-called happy person, because that implies that some people are naturally that way, and that some people are not. You may discover that so-called happy people utilize effective strategies and take useful actions. That’s important information for you — the happy versus unhappy label is not helpful, however.

She is beautiful.

The advertisers and the media love to control you with this one. When they convince you that a certain body type, or height, or weight, or manner of dress or behavior is beautiful, you are so surrounded by those messages that it is difficult to confront them.

Shifting this way of perceiving takes a bit of work. It involves making the shift back and forth between general and specific thinking. Learning how to do this helps you get your power back from the labels that limit your understanding.

The power of general and specific awareness, and how to use it

Suppose you have labeled someone — she is beautiful. The media programming would tell you that the right bone structure, right proportion, and right manner and dress are why someone is beautiful. But there is something more profound to learn here…

When you look at different people, let yourself ask this empowering question:

What unique qualities of beauty are found within this specific person?

Now you can discover different aspects of beauty that you didn’t see a moment ago. For example, you notice that beauty can express itself in many subtle ways: as quiet elegance; as a peaceful quality; as a gentle quality; as a dynamic quality; as a focused quality; and in an infinite number of other ways.

The benefit of freeing yourself from saying something overly simplistic — she is beautiful — is that you can more easily discover the many varieties of beauty within each person you meet, and within yourself. You have made the shift from a vague, general definition of beauty that limits you. You have shifted to the specific discovery about unique, real qualities of beauty that you can discover with each person, and each situation.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t practice the kind of affirmation where you label yourself in positive ways? The idea that you should question a seemingly positive practice, such as affirmations, may seem a bit surprising at first. Consider this, though. Many people find that when they do affirmations, they experience resistance — a backlash that emerges within their mind. There is a good reason for this.

The instant that you say that you Are this or Are that, your mind notices that you are making a claim that it doesn’t recognize as entirely true.

How to generate healthy affirmations

But how can you make effective use of affirmations, then? Notice the difference in each of the following affirmation groups. In each case, the first so-called positive affirmation creates limitations by using the problematic Is. Then, the options show you how to bypass resistance that the problematic Is, Are, and Am words label and limit you with:

Creates limitation: I am happy.

Allows options: I let happiness flow through me.

Allows options: I access the happiness potential within me.


Creates limitation: I am strong.

Allows options: I breathe in strength.

Allows options: I access the strength within me.


Creates limitation: I am a good person.

Allows options: I breathe in goodness.

Allows options: I access the goodness within me.


Do you see the trend here? When you name yourself as something that you Are, you create resistance. When you let yourself access a quality within you, or you breathe that quality into yourself, you aren’t boxing yourself in with a claustrophobic label. You are simply letting yourself be open to something.

This is freedom. When you have access to something that you are interested in, then you don’t have to yearn for it. Now that you have a way to resonate with the energy you prefer, you don’t feel separate from it. You aren’t comparing yourself to anyone else, either. The qualities you would like more of are there for you, without striving, and without resistance. This makes the process easier and more enjoyable.

Making the shift from labeling yourself is fairly easy to do — at least, the technique is easy. But the challenge with implementing this is that the old programming is deep.

No matter what you do to find your inner multidimensional self, there will always be the ever-helpful media to imply that such-and-such a celebrity Is happier and more splendid than you are. Or, that if you would purchase a particular product, you will then be happy and fulfilled. Just like magic — deceptive magic that is ungrounded in reality, but that weaves its spell to entrance you in its magic promise of the perfect lifestyle that you supposedly desire.

Why deceptive words are negative magical spells — what you can do about it

It’s easy to say that you Are this, or that he or she Is that. Actually, it’s too easy. You do it all the time, and you think you’re being rational, but you’re not. You’re indulging in dangerous word magic, and manipulating yourself to believe in limiting nonsense that alters your perception.

If it’s deceptive nonsense to say that you Are this or that, then it’s equally ridiculous to say that he Is this or that. Or that they Are such and such. But how can you talk about reality if you don’t make those observations? After all, if a gentleman speaks to you in a rude way, what’s wrong with saying that he Is a rude character?

This might sound like a silly distinction, but consider that he is not rude. He did, of course, speak rudely to you. It sounds like a subtle distinction to say this, but making this shift could save your sanity. Here’s why:

If you insist that he Is rude, then you’re claiming that that’s what he intrinsically is. And there’s no hope for any other options to exist — after all, you’ve stated, essentially, that rudeness Is his core nature. So once you label him by saying that he Is a rude person, then you will tend to recreate that situation. It is as if you have chosen to tune into him at a certain frequency, like choosing a radio station that features rudeness programming.

But isn’t it contradictory or delusional to notice his rude statement, and then to proclaim that he isn’t rude? No — there is an important difference here: His statement may be rude, but he isn’t essentially rude. Like you, he is a multifaceted being. It’s much easier for you to address his statement, than to be confronting a person who Is intrinsically rude.

A special case

By the way, if you are wondering if this distinction also applies to sociopaths and psychopaths, consider that such persons may require special handling. However, your ability to make these subtle distinctions in labeling people still holds true. Making these awareness shifts by being aware of your use of language keeps you from being trapped in a limited universe. Basically, use the techniques to the best of your ability, but don’t get stuck in these, or any other techniques. In other words, if someone is consistently behaving crazily, keep your distance.

A challenging situation

Now what do you do with the fellow who behaved rudely? Here is a place to start: What do you have in common with someone who made a rude statement to you? Probably many things, but to start, recognize that you do have some things in common. List them, and shift from labeling the person as rude, to seeing some of his statements or behaviors as rude.

And from there, you can re-label the statements and behaviors as strong, impassioned, or emotional. Gradually you free yourself from labeling him as intrinsically rude, and he becomes a multifaceted person who has some behaviors that you don’t always agree with.

To help you access these awareness shifts, here are some visualizations to free you from some of the labels that you’ve created. You can use these awareness shifts to address your responses to people you admire, people you judge or fear, and people you don’t understand.

Six visualizations to transcend the false labels that limit your awareness:

1. Imagine people whom you label as successful

Awareness shift: Notice their posture, behavior, and any useful patterns that come to your attention.

Healthy action: Imagine these qualities as energies, and let yourself breathe in these energies. Breathe in only as much of these energies as you feel comfortable with.

Healthy action: Determine which of those empowering behaviors are within your capability, and explore utilizing them for yourself.


2. Imagine people who have emotional qualities that you admire

Awareness shift: Pretend that those people have let themselves breathe in the energies of those positive qualities.

Healthy action: Now imagine that those positive energies are available for you, too. Breathe them in.


3. Notice people who have patterns that you don’t care for

Awareness shift: Sense, perhaps for the first time, that such people are made of divine substance.

Awareness shift: Take a moment to notice how they are part of the fabric of universal energy.

Healthy action: Now notice how you feel about these people, now that you recognize that, though different from you, they are participating in the same universal fabric that everything in the universe consists of.


4. Sense the qualities within you that you would like to change

Awareness shift: Notice how freeing it is to know that those are not your intrinsic qualities.

Awareness shift: They are energies or patterns that you have somehow become associated with.

Awareness shift: Notice how these energies and patterns are not you.

Healthy action: Sense yourself as part of the universal fabric of divine energy.

Healthy action: Notice how you can release some of these energies more easily now, because you know that those qualities are temporary, and they are not intrinsically you.


5. See all of these people the ones you admire, the ones you don’t, and your own self all breathing in universal energy

Awareness shift: Notice how you aren’t a label, and no one else is a label, either.

Healthy action: Breathe in that new possibility — freedom from labels — and experience how freeing this is.


6. See the mischievous words — he Is this; she Is that; they Are such and such; I Am such and so; etc. —

Awareness shift: See these false labels for what they are — words that claim that something is so.

Awareness shift: Recognize that everything is so vast and multifaceted that it couldn’t be any particular label.

Healthy action: Breathe in the universal energy, and see these labels as the silly game that they really are.

Healthy action: Feel the universal presence within you without giving it words — just be with it as a wordless knowing.


It would be nice if freedom from labels could be achieved with no effort. However, freedom of thought requires some attention, because you are surrounded by the phenomena — people are always labeling. People are quite willing to say that he Is that, or she Is that. And, out of habit, you may still find yourself indulging in this limiting tendency. So don’t blame yourself, and don’t blame people.

Just let yourself notice these fascinating patterns. You’ll be amazed at how you can gently free yourself from the magic words of deception when you quietly notice them every day.

It’s somewhat like noticing the sugar added to so many processed foods. Read the ingredients, notice them, but don’t judge the situation. You can quietly make your own healthy choices without drama and judgment.

Letting go of limiting language needs to be done with the same gentle skill. If you get too emotional about it, then you’re likely to become trapped. You know you’re getting trapped in the syndrome when you’re upset because of all the labels. When you’re too upset by the labels, then you’re stuck in a trap — you’re labeling the labels. Learn to be amused by the silliness of it all.

And if you get paranoid about it, then you become unbalanced. Remember that the words themselves are not bad. They are not cursed or toxic in themselves. You can even use the words Is, Are, and Am in safe ways. But be mindful that they are commonly used in ways that generate limited perceptions that ensnare you.

How will you respond when you hear Is statements? If not with fear, then how can you respond in healthy ways?

Healthy responses to limiting statements

Notice how the following limiting statements generate polarities. When you create polarized situations, you might generate the opposite of what you really want. Notice how the unlimited statements include a broader range of possibilities. Observe, too, how the word Is shifts from troublesome to helpful, depending how it is used:

1. Limiting, polarizing: God is love.

Notice how this sets up the opposite — What about flash floods where everyone drowns?

1. Unlimited expression: God is all things, including love.


2. Limiting, polarizing: I am OK.

Notice how this sets up the question — What about those flaws and imperfections?

2. Unlimited expression: I bless my many aspects.


3. Limiting, polarizing: This is a sacred space.

Notice how this sets up the fear — What if something in the space is holding bad energy?

3. Unlimited expression: Sacred presence flows in this space.


4. Limiting, polarizing: I am a good person.

Notice how this sets up the opposite — What if something in me is not good?

4. Unlimited expression: I let the goodness within me flow.


But really, are you a good person?

If you let yourself be fooled by that question, it is because the word Are makes it seem that you are exclusively good, and that creates immediate opposition. Actually, you’re beyond good. Your essential cosmic nature transcends all these pesky labels. You’re made of divine, unlimited energy, and any label that you Are this or Are that tends to limit you.

What to do? Breathe in some universal energy, and discover the deeper consciousness that you can feel in this present moment. Let yourself recognize your infinite nature — the universal quality that is too vast to ever be labeled. Maybe you can’t put it in words — but you don’t have to. Just sense it, and discover the deeper truth that has no name.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Soul Healing Energy Work, Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools

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