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    1. Lee says:

      Namaste Dear Joel,

      Out of all sites I’ve visited, yours was the only one that confirmed the reservations about marijuana usage from an energetic POV that a number of individuals I respect have shared with me.

      I come to you with a slightly different question, and please forgive me if this has been answered prior.

      Tackling the question from a purely physical POV, CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant has been suggested in the scientific literature to induce benefit from the standpoint of disease and pain management. In addition, it seems as though there are no psychoactive qualities i.e. those same ones that you have astutely identified to create a divide between the soul and its body, which is a logically negative spiritually.

      But what about the energetic, or spiritual dimension of CBD oil? If there is a potential for negativity in the sense that a person may be viewed from escaping their pain (albeit certain types of pain, for which people would take CBD, strike me as unmanageable from a conventional sense)? And if this is the case, how would CBD differ from something like an over-the-counter pain killer which produces a similar result?

      Thank you kindly for your response. God bless and protect you. I greatly appreciate the work you do on this website.


      • Lee,

        Perhaps I should have titled the article “Spiritual Dangers Of THC.” That would have distinguished THC from the other safe elements made from hemp.

        I believe that CBD is in a safe category that is different from psychoactive THC. CBD does not create the body/emotion/soul split described in the article.

        In addition to CBD, you can calm the nerves with these herbs: catnip, passion flower, jujube, hops, scullcap, and wild lettuce. While anything can be used for escape, these safer substances allow you to smooth and soothe the nerves, while exploring the emotional – mental – physical – spiritual causes of your difficulties, so that you can address them in a grounded way.

        These herbs are different than over the counter pain killers because meds are unnatural, and they are generally created from petrochemicals. The calming effects of scullcap herb, by contrast, a natural plant, are different from something synthesized in a laboratory.

        • Lee says:

          Thank you so much for your response Joel. If you may, would you please comment about your experience with individuals that have used recreational drugs such as adderall, and how that may impact their spiritual dimension?

          In theory, it strikes me that the drug reinforces the connection of the soul to the body, but that probably acts as a sort of vibratory descent, which comes at the detriment of our connection to our soul/spirit.

          Thank you kindly Joel!

          • Lee,

            Though I don’t have experience with adderall, I can tune into its vibration. It overdrives the system, and though it may seem to increase focus, it does so in a harsh way that interferes with a healthy harmonious body-mind-soul connection.

        • Lee says:

          Thank you so much Joel. That makes a lot of sense.

          What is your experience with the people that recreationally use adderall? From my understanding, the effect would be the opposite of THC – a lowering of the vibratory state, and thus a reinforcement of a person’s identification with the body at the detriment of the soul-connection.

          • Lee,

            A well stated conclusion. Whether used recreationally or therapeutically, artificial compounds such as adderall, and meds in general, introduce harsh elements into the body, and this challenges the liver, the brain, and the body with a toxic burden. Such artificial methods ultimately interfere with health, harmony, and integration, and can lead to other disorders affecting physical and emotional wellbeing.

    2. Fatima Arceo says:

      Hello my Dearest and Beloved friend Joel: This is Fatima sending you
      Divine pure white light in the most endearing embrace , with Love and
      Light you are always in my heart! Many Blessings to you. Love Fatima

    3. Lee-Shé says:

      I just want to thank you for your obedience in this shift. After reading about vibrations and energy and the ego and all the extra little things one could find to gain ‘spiritual insight’, your article about marijuana in the spiritual walk freed me from 6 years of daily smoking! No conference, no pastor, no leader, no book, no professional has ever brought me to the point of peace that this article did.

      You did not change my life, you’ve reminded me that I am life. Thank you!

      • Lee-She,

        Thank you for writing about your inner recognition of your true infinite nature. Your higher divine self can now flow more completely within your body and mind.

        You can help your body and brain process and transmute the toxins by taking the supplement NAC daily.

        You can help your mind rebuild with the supplement PS (phosphatidyl-serine).

        You can help your body heal with super green supplements like wheat grass powder, alfalfa powder, spirulina, and chlorella.

    4. Rohit Choudhary says:

      Hi Joel
      I have read your article about how to release energy blocks from the body.I have tried it and it’s really helpful.Few things I would like to clarify from you from this article is should I use my palms to remove the blocks from my own body or from the body of my image sitting in front of me?Is there any particular guided video or audio of you to remove blockages from the body.
      Thank you

    5. Yuichi Nakajimade

      Mr. Joel, Hello.

      It is Yuichi Nakajima.

      I had a workshop in Japan
      From December 1995 to March 1999,
      Almost all in your class,
      I was present.

      After that, I am practicing listening to the recording at that time.

      Recently found this site,
      I am interested in “audio—training mp3s”.

      Because I am not fluent in English,
      Through Google translation
      I am planning to learn “audio—training mp3s”.

      Because translation takes time and effort,
      From the technique developed after March 1999,
      I want to learn with priority.

      Techniques developed since March 1999,
      Of your “audio training mp 3” bundles 1 to 5,
      Which bundle is included?

      Yuichi Nakajima

      • Yuichi San,

        It is good to hear from you.

        I will be making these mp3 recordings available for free on youtube soon. I will have them transcribed in English, and you can put these English files into a translator to read the information in Japanese.

        I always enjoyed your bright presence in the Tokyo workshops. I wish you much success in every way.

        Many blessings,

          • Yuichi Nakajima says:

            Dear Joel,

            I am surprised to have a wonderful gift from you.
            I remembered your quiet kindness and compassion
            in Japan 18 years ago.
            Thank you very much.

            “I am firmly in my body”

            Among the fundamental concepts,
            there are many new techniques.

            I am deeply impressed that you’ve been evolving.

            “From core to limbs
            Spiritual smooth fluid flows”
            I like this phrase.

            Your kindness became a great encouragement
            to continue practicing what I’ve been learning from you.

            Thank you very much again.

            Yuichi Nakajima

    6. Tatjana says:

      Dear Sir/Madam
      How many percentages, you have success in your way of healing people ?

      Did You do measurement of the energy field of the person Before and After your treatment ?

      Which capacity you have for accepting new Clients daily, weekly and monthly ?

      How many treatments are averagely needed for improving person’s condition and how much one treatment cost ?

      I’m interested for cooperation with you and that’s why I’m looking for Your Answers.

      With full respect
      Your Well – wishing
      Tatjana P.S.

      • Hello Tatjana,

        I have the feeling from reading your questions that you are looking for a more traditional type of treatment. For example, I do not “measure the energy field” of a client, because the shifts are subjective shifts in awareness that they experience within themselves.

        When people read the information about Soul Healing on the private consultations page, they have an intuitive sense of whether they would like to make the shifts that this kind of work offers. Please see the page here:

        Many Blessings,

    7. Linda Martinez says:

      Hey Joel, I’m a divergent. I don’t belong in this world and I don’t know why I was put here. I mean I know I’m here to touch thousands even millions of lives but I’m stuck in a spirtual realm. I had the worst childhood. I’ve loved and lost so much. I’ve learned the seasons I’ve felt the earth shifts, I even know the pain of a baby cry emotionally. My memories of the past and my dreams of the future are vivid as if I’m holding it in the palm of my hand yet why can’t I find true peace within myself. I’m aware of the potential and others and sometimes it makes me nausea at how powerful I am. Help me break free, my Ying needs its Yang and is it a a coquience that I’m a Pisces and like hot long showers.

      • Linda,

        You write poetically, so you have the gift of expression. When you express yourself via writing, you will find healing, and you may inspire people as well.

        You are describing being ungrounded and fragmented. Find practices to unite mind/body/spirit, such as tai chi, yoga, chi-gong, and exercise.

        Do not avoid food groups; eat enough protein, fat, and carbs every day. Veganism is particularly ungrounding for many people.

        Avoid all fragmenting influences, such as marijuana, junk food, cell phones, wifi transmitters.

        Practice mindfulness, so that you can cultivate being present in your body, in present time, throughout the day.

        The mp3’s will help you with different levels of healing:

    8. Anu Supreme says:

      Hi Joel!

      My name is Anu and I have been aware of your work for over a year now but after losing my bookmark of your site (especially after learning the practice of subtle focus on an object and sensing inner energy field/presence) I tried to find but did not and some googling has brought me back lol

      Now I usually do not comment on sites but my intuition tells me that your intentions are righteous and you know what you’re teaching about. But my question is about your perception on marijuana

      I know that it’s a crutch and that I’ll have to give it up soon because whatever you intake you Balance with and I’m not a chronic abuser or anything lol but every now and then I like the spacey feeling and it helps with my anxiety especially in social situations or when I’m out meeting women’

      I’m aware on the dissonance it creates so I sometimes take breaks and realized there is nothing like the feeling of being connected to your body. I guess what I’m trying to say is, is there away for me to handle these anxieties?
      Marijuana doesn’t have the same effect it has on my friends as me maybe because I am an empath but I become more social open expressive around certain people because I usually have to protect my energy from vamps.
      With friends it makes them less responsive, like zombies I’ve noticed’ and I like to stay away from anything the media makes popular. I’ve really liked the practice of conscious Breathing for the past couple of years but I feel like I need other options as well to stay connected to my being as I enjoy and realized Breathing through my emotions help but this California air quality keeps my nose stuffed up.

      Also how can I stay connected while on the go? In action etc.

      Thanks in advance brother!

      • Anu,

        …I like the spacey feeling and it helps with my anxiety especially in social situations or when I’m out meeting women…
        The “spacey feeling” is the disconnect between body, emotions, mind, and soul. It may feel temporarily freeing, but it ultimately interferes with your going to the next empowered level, which is this: Being consciously integrated with your emotions, so that you can transmute them into a useful energy.

        Women would find your integrated presence and honest authenticity more appealing than the superficially cool, but actually disconnected persona of the smoker. People tell me often that when their partner is a user, that partner imagines themselves as being ok, but they’re actually less available and present for their loved ones – so that suggests that the partners are seeing something in the users that the users don’t recognize themselves.

        When marijuana users seem to be doing ok with their usage, they’ve become comfortable with the disconnected feeling, but that doesn’t mean that they’re doing well with it; they’ve just developed an “I’m cool and ok” persona that masquerades as their authentic self.

        With conscious breathing, remember that you don’t want to over-breathe; conscious breathing is gentle and very slow, so you don’t hyperventilate.

        Also, replace your wifi with ethernet cables, because the wifi frequencies make the heart and brain overcharged and anxious. Likewise, keep your cell phone in a radiation protection sleeve.

        You can utilize the mp3 bundles available on this site to address many personal issues, and you can explore the techniques available in the articles here as well.

    9. Daniel says:

      Mr Joel Bruce Wallach

      Also, I want to ask one more question,the my powerform is Scratched, will the energy be affected?

    10. Daniel says:

      Dear Mr Joel Bruce Wallach

      I brought the powerforms, but sometime I need to work in a high radiation(like x ray and others high radiation), can I bring the powerforms to work, I afraid the radiation will affect them?

      • Daniel,

        When you work in these environments, you may want to wear one of the powerforms, so that your own energy is more stable.

        I do not believe that the products themselves will be affected by these environments.

        However, just in case the products have absorbed any chaotic energy from any person or environment, you can always clean them by holding the products under cool running water for 30-60 seconds. Then, towel dry.

    11. Daniel says:

      Dear Mr Joel Bruce Wallach

      Is the pyramid shown in the link is created by you?
      I want to buy this pyramid . But i also want to buy the powerform, which one you prefer i buy?

    12. Unni says:

      I have been listening to som of your workshops, its really great. I am in a great upgrading, my outer world and activities is at a standstil, but my inner world is very active. I like to ask you what you think about the higher self is about to integrate in the physical body and that will change the reptil brain to a new connection to the source. It might have a connection to the frontal lobe, and the black part in our eyes.. what do you think about that. Is it a misleading or what is really going on?
      I will love to have a session with you, but I do not have the money for it right now..

      • Unni,

        The higher self doesn’t automatically unite with the brain and body. You have to consciously co-create this.

        Visualize the light of your higher self uniting with your body, and with your brain. Feel your body accepting the light of your higher self.

        Bring your higher self into any part of your body that needs balance.

        Bring your higher self into any part of your life that needs blessing. Then you can take appropriate actions on the earth plane, knowing that you have blessed the situation.

    13. nikole says:

      hello, is it possible to use your chart in a pamphlet I’m creating for aroma therapy spray? I would like to use the frequency chart. please let me know thank u or how much to purchase use right

    14. Daniel Mensah says:

      I will be grateful if you could help me practice hand healing.

      • Daniel,

        To heal with the hands, visualize and feel divine light flowing through your hands.

        Imagine that your radiant hands are moving through the area that needs healing.

        Imagine that your radiant hands are dissolving anything that is stuck, and smoothing anything that needs to be smoothed.

        Do this slowly, deliberately, yet in a relaxed and smooth way.

        Take your time, and do some of this work each day, so that the area can become healthier.

        • Daksha says:

          Hi Joel
          I can feel your words
          I can feel the presence in them
          I need some help sir. How can I access these states of consciousness without drugs ?
          I was astounded by your energetic viewpoints of how pot affects the being, so thank you sir.
          Is breath awareness a technique to access these states?
          I mean I don’t want to sound too greedy but can you give me a simple way which I can practise to reach these higher states?

          I’m doing breath awareness but it’s very hard. I can hardly feel my breath, it’s very shallow. And how can I give the attention to the breath and the activity at the same time ?
          If I watching the breath how can I function in the world ?
          My attention can only be one thing.
          I mean I can do it while sitting down or lying down but while doing another activity how can I watch the breath also?
          I need to think for my activities, and if I’m watching the breath I can’t think essentially . I mean whenever I try it I get lost in the breath or in the activity. I have no idea if I’m doing it right ?

          My awakened master told me to do this throughout the day as much as possible. For 3 days. But even that was too hard. I mean I didn’t understand how to do it as I was saying
          Pls help

          • Daksha,

            I think you’re trying a bit too hard. Breath awareness doesn’t require that you breathe in a noisy or difficult way. Breath awareness is just being gently aware of your body as you breathe. You notice the subtle movements of the muscles as you breathe. You notice what it’s like to be aware in the various parts of the body.

            There are many awareness techniques in all the articles on this site, so please explore. Also in the mp3 lessons there are many techniques to give you the natural positive state you seek.

            Be patient, be kind to yourself, and let yourself discover that it’s easier than you might have imagined. You don’t have to follow the breath every second of the day. Just gently bring your attention there periodically.

    15. nick says:

      Hello, sir. I read over you pot and spirituality article, and found it insightful. It also begged me to ask a few questions if you don’t mind?

      I smoked pot for about a year straight a while back. I then quit around January and kept clean until July. It wasn’t even that difficult either, expect the initially first week or so. I had wanted to quit for a while, mainly because I knew it was already affecting my spiritual development, something I’d been invested in for years beforehand.

      When I foolishly tried it again, I convinced myself that I could just get high for my birthday and then easily quit. Well, I’ve been on the stuff since then and it’s even harder this time around to quit. It’s different this time too, because that ‘hazy feeling’ or ‘lack of emotions’ is definitely more noticeable this time around. It was even noticeable last time, and even persisted during my sober period.

      I still feel, but my emotions feel blunted and lack any kind of real vigor, and I know it’s because of the pot. I try to tell my friends this, but they don’t seem to understand why I want to quit so much. The haze this time is far worse and it almost feels like I can’t control this, like it’s taking a life of its own. I’ll get pumped to quit, stay off it all day, then get a wild hair up my ass to do it again, saying something like, ‘Oh, I’ll just quit later,’ or some other procrastinating BS. I know it’s bad, I know it stunts my spiritual growth, but its pull is so much stronger this time.

      I was just wondering if you have any advice, or helpful ways of quitting. I’m sick of using this stuff. I want my life back, I want my emotions back. If you could help, thanks, if not, that’s okay. Either way, have a nice day.

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