Modern Issues

Have you been wanting insights and answers about the modern issues that are coming up during this era of rapidly shifting consciousness? Click on a question to explore the answer… 

Aura outline w central channel

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How do I access my own truth?

How can I empower myself after 2012?

How can I stay centered?

Why does everything feel as if it is speeding up?

Is it best to address past influences, or just focus in the present?

How can I be on a spiritual path in this material world?

Where is my inner wisdom within me?

How do I transform my emotions without suppressing them?

How can I know which spiritual path to choose?

Is my critical thinking actually judgment?

How can I balance myself when I am affected by everything? Part 1

How can I balance myself when I am affected by everything? Part 2

Is it better to use my common sense, or my intuition?

Is everything falling apart?

What are the emerging spiritual energies I feel lately?

How can I handle the symptoms of spiritual transformation?

How do I quiet my mental chatter?

3 Responses to Modern Issues

  1. Jordan Winsor says:

    Hi Joel, do you have any tips for dealing with terrifying, horrible nightmares?
    I’m writing this at 4am because I’m scared to go back to sleep. Thanks

    • Jordan,

      – Make sure you don’t have a live cell phone anywhere near you during sleep.
      – Keep the TV out of the bedroom.
      – Turn off the wifi transmitter if at all possible.

      I’ve heard good reports from people making use of these nutrients before bed:
      – magnesium, such as the Natural Calm brand, which calms the nerves.
      – gelatin, such as the Great Lakes Hydrolysate, which provides missing amino acids, and is associated with ability to enter deeper sleep.

      • Jordan Winsor says:

        Thanks so much I never thought twice about having the phone next to me as I slept. Obviously nightmares are just a manifestation of our subconscious fears and I need to do a lot of work on myself to overcome these fears. I know love and acceptance are the only ways to accomplish this but it is very hard for me to do that unfortunately. Thanks again, Jordan

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