Aura Healing Charts

Aura Healing Chart – helps you focus your awareness so that you can access deeper energy patterns with more awareness and clarity.

Aura Healing Chart


• Aura layers, to find locations of stuck energies –

• Chakras, to scan for blockage & extra unneeded energies –

• Frequency scale, to raise or slow energies –

• Timeline to scan events & lifetimes –

• Family tree, to scan for ancestor patterns & problems –

• Central channel, to scan for energy blocks –

• DNA, to scan for limiting patterns –

• Cells, molecules, & atoms, to tune in to these microscopic aspects of yourself.


4 Responses to Aura Healing Charts

  1. Paritosh, this chart is a guide for your awareness.

    As you imagine your own aura, you look at the chart. The chart represents your energy. As you look at the chart, your imagination helps you sense various things happening in your aura.

    If you sense blocks, you can choose to release them.

    If you want to shift your energy, you can do so by placing your finger on the frequency scale, and gently moving your finger. More frequency scale information is available in this mp3 series:

    Explore slowly and gradually, as you build your subtle energy sensing skill with ease and grace.

  2. Paritosh says:

    Please tell me how this works…!!

  3. Thank you, Abhishek

    May you bring higher consciousness to everyone on the planet.

    Many Blessings,


  4. Abhishek says:

    Hi, very good website. Gr8 content. I like the images, they are very descriptive & useful. I’m sharing on image on our Facebook Page with a link to your website. So our followers & fans can see your site’s fabulous content. 🙂

    Chandrakshi Creation

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