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What is cosmic living, anyway? The cosmos is an infinite field of divine energy. It’s the fabric of reality, and you’re a vital part of it. Your inner essence – your divine soul consciousness – is actually part of this vast universal energy field. Cosmic living is your moment-to-moment awareness that you are an integral part of the universe. You can experience this while being safely present in your physical body. There is no need for altered states, and there’s no need to avoid the physical plane.

Did you think that the universe was something out there beyond the stars? It’s everywhere. That means that it’s out there, it’s within you, and there is no separation between you and the universe. It’s a simple realization with profound consequences. Your reference point now includes your deeper harmony with the universe – your own soul wisdom combined with universal consciousness. This unity is your deeper guidance, and it’s something you can sense within yourself – it’s available to you when you choose to recognize your essential universal alignment.

Cosmic living brings you to a fascinating paradox: You are within the universe, and the universe is within you. This realization is beyond ordinary logic, but you can access the cosmic unity through your five senses – combined with your inner spiritual senses. You look out of your eyes and you see the universe all around you. Then you go within and you find the farthest reaches of the universe shining within you.

This deeply meaningful experiential discovery helps you transcend the split that affects so many people. Your cosmic experience reveals that you are an essential element in the vast universe – that paradoxically also exists within you. You solve the paradox when you unite your inner experience with your outer experience – you’ve discovered cosmic living.

Joel Bruce Wallach

Consultations with Joel Bruce Wallach

Are you looking for ways to align your spiritual essence with your daily life in a grounded, empowered way? 

Discover how to unite your deepest divine essence with your body, heart, and mind. The transformation occurs here and now, on this earth plane. It’s a non-dogmatic approach. You discover how to bring your empowered awareness to your own personal path, whether your own path is traditional, or non-traditional, or eclectic. I warmly invite you to explore common-sense spiritual empowerment.

True empowerment uses the real power of your consciousness, with a do-able, step-by-step approach. Experience practical customized methods to release your limiting patterns from mind and body. Discover how to transmute the stuck energies of your difficult thoughts and feelings. It’s a relief to realize that you can unite the healing powers of your soul with yourself on every level. This integrated, step-by-step approach lets you support your highest good in a safe sensible way.

Private soul-healing consultations:

For over 30 years, Joel has helped clients shift stuck patterns, release hidden blocks, activate deeper potential, and safely integrate their soul with their heart, mind, and body.

Let’s explore how you can use your focused awareness to transform limited patterns and cultivate your excellence. We explore making smooth and elegant shifts in consciousness, via customized private consultations, in a centered, step-by-step, atmosphere that is a safe space for integrated transformation.

Super Bundle - 5 bundles - 24 trainings - ThumbnailSelf-guided mp3’s: In my 30 years of providing soul-healing consultations, I discovered many essential principles to share with you that can help you shift patterns, and give you the deeper spiritual awareness that is your birthright. This emerging age of higher consciousness calls on all of us to spiritually awaken. I want to show you how easy this can be, by making these empowering step-by-step methods and insights available to you. You can develop practical cosmic awareness, and experience your higher potential with ease and grace. I’ve put this collection of 24 essential mp3’s together for you.

Each Cosmic Living mp3 is a real-time discovery experience. You can expect to do gentle, yet effective transformation work, by developing your spiritual awareness in a centered, grounded, step-by-step approach. You use the methods we explore to work with your own issues, and you will be guided through the step-by-step methods that activate your deeper divine essence in a practical way. Listen to samples here.

Empowering articles: You’re feeling the changes on the planet, and you want to know how to stay centered and in alignment with your true self. You need honest, inspired step-by-step info that cuts through the metaphysical fluff, and gives you real suggestions for activating your highest potential in the modern world.

Transformation Tips: Including such titles as, How To Cleanse Your Own Soul, When Is Positive Thinking Actually Negative, Three Ways To Improve Your Karma, and many more.

Practical Metaphysics Articles: Including such titles as, How To Clear Your Energy Blocks, How To Give Yourself A Centered Radiant Aura, Spiritual Healing For Disasters, and many more.

Life Issue Insights: Including such titles as, How Can I Stay Centered, How Do I Access My Own Truth, How Do I Transform My Emotions Without Suppressing Them, Is It Better To Use My Common Sense Or My Intuition, and many more.

new Neutral Space Plate - perspective viewAre you looking for Joel’s spiritual healing tools, the Powerforms? You can find them at this site.



8170_SandstoneRiver_AutumnRiverVista_smallfileAre you looking for Joel’s transformational fine art? You can find it at this site.

Are you looking for Joel’s new-age healing music to license for your production? You can find it here.

I am honored to assist you in your spiritual evolution, so that you can safely integrate your highest soul presence with your body, heart, and mind, here and now!

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

P.S How can you enhance your own self-healing work with mp3’s? click here

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