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What is Soul Healing? Your soul is your eternal energy essence. It co-exists in the same location as your physical body. Many of the blocked energies that affect you are actually old patterns stuck within your deep soul memory. These blocks can come from the many challenging experiences that overwhelmed you, whether in this lifetime, or from past lifetimes – or even from your ancestors’ difficult or traumatic experiences.

Blocked or stuck energy generally comes from personal and group traumas, such as: fearful episodes, dangerous situations, disease, injuries, loss of status, difficult changes, and even from difficult birth and death experiences. Fortunately, there are ways to transform these ancient patterns.

The key is that you can become an activate participant in your own soul healing. You can change these patterns when you discover how to use your focused awareness to shift the old limiting vibrations that clog your aura. You’ll be using customized step-by-step techniques in Soul Healing sessions that clear your path and help you embody your best self.

Deep within your soul is your eternal essence. Your deep essence remembers your highest potential, in spite of all the challenging events that your soul has experienced. At its core, your eternal soul essence is radiant and undamaged. We call this work Soul Healing because blocked energy layers in your soul are gradually released, and the higher potential in your soul essence is integrated into your body and mind for you to use in your daily life.

For over 30 years I’ve helped clients like you shift stuck patterns, release hidden blocks, activate deeper potential, and bring your soul potential where it belongs – safely integrated into your heart, mind, and body.

Your true, eternal essence is centered, creative, and confident. You may know this deeper aspect as the Soul or the Higher Self. You know that your potential is within you, but how do you access it? You need integration between your body, mind, and soul so that you can take your power back and embody your deeper potential. Soul Healing private consultations help you consciously re-connect with your best aspects and express those empowered qualities in your daily life.

Your Emotions: At times, your emotions may be fragmented, suppressed, and overwhelmed from various situations in this lifetime, plus the emotional influences from other lifetimes. You may be tempted to simply suppress these feelings, but there are skillful ways to shift the stuck energies.

What if you could use your mindful presence to help transmute those blocked emotional patterns that are stored in your body and aura? This could help you connect with your healthy wellspring of vital comfortably flowing emotional energy. Your goal is a deep connection with the natural joy and centered serenity in your body and soul, so that your soul’s emotional power can ignite and uplift all aspects of your life.

Your Thoughts: Your thoughts may be running in less than useful directions. You’d prefer to access your inspired insightful mind, and to gently transmute the energy of lesser thoughts. This means more than just positive thinking, however. Although negative thought imprints can exist within your body and your aura, you can learn to be present with them in an empowered way so that you can mindfully shift them.

This is why positive thinking, by itself, doesn’t shift the deeper negative imprints. When you rely only on positive thinking it can create a division between your higher and lower mind where you develop a fear of negative thoughts. This might fragment you rather than uniting you.

Find out how you can make empowering shifts to really utilize your mind’s deeper potential. You can talk directly with your patterns in a special transforming way that cultivates your mental clarity, creativity, focus, and intuition.

Your Karmic experiences: Your soul’s ancient memory holds patterns from challenging incidents, and  these destabilizing energies affect your thoughts and feelings. Though you want to express the divine creative power of your soul, at times you may find yourself stuck in your head, overwhelmed in your heart, tight in your solar plexus, or with fragmented or confused feelings.

When you transform these hidden negative blocks, you get access to your higher potential that lives deep within you. This helps you receive and utilize the gifts of your eternal soul essence. When you bring the love and wisdom of your soul into your body, your emotions, and your thoughts, you can regain your balance and move forward in life with greater ease and effectiveness. 

Customized consultations: In each session, I safely guide you through customized awareness techniques that help you transform yourself. Step-by-step guided methods, for your particular situation, help you to empower yourself at all levels. I will send you the notes of your special awareness exercises at the end of the session so that you can deepen the benefits.

Soul Healing is a co-creative process. Throughout the session as you experience your special techniques, I’ll monitor the energy shifts to share feedback. This helps you have a sense of what is happening so that you can do the self-healing work most effectively after the session. 


It’s time to shift your patterns, take your power back, release stuck energy, and awaken your deeper potential:

Please describe what you would like to balance, heal, release, shift, or activate for yourself in the private consultation. You can share your issues and goals with me at the start of the session, or send it ahead of time.  Click here to send me a message.

I look forward to helping you access your deeper multi-dimensional potential with ease and grace. 

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach


Fees and details for Soul-Healing private consultations:

  • 60 minutes $150, by phone or Skype, or in person in North Boulder County, Colorado.
  • Payment options: PayPal or Zelle.
  • 90 minutes $225, by phone or Skype, or in person in North Boulder County, Colorado.
  • Payment options:  Paypal (order a 60 minute plus 30 minute consult) or Zelle.
  • 30 minutes $75, phone or Skype only.
  • Payment options: Paypal or Zelle.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to change your session day or time, please let me know at least 12 hours before the session. Otherwise, the cancellation fee is 1/2 the session fee. 

• During the consultation: We will explore step-by-step techniques that are customized for you so that you can transform the particular issues you’re working with. I will energetically monitor this process in real time, so we can fine-tune the results. And, I will make suggestions about what you can practice at home, based on what I sense in your energy patterns.

• Safest way to use a cell phone during the session: If possible, avoid using a cell phone near your head. Either use speaker mode or a wired headset if you must use a cell phone, or ideally use a wired land-line.


Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 1 hour
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 1 hour
Price: $150.00
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 30 minutes
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 30 minutes
Price: $75.00

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More about energy patterns and your awareness

Soul-Healing addresses all phenomena as energy patterns in your body, aura, and soul. When you discover how to use your awareness in more effective ways you can be an active participant in your own life – you can shift your own patterns. All patterns held in your body, your emotions, your thoughts, and your soul are expressions of your consciousness – whether at a conscious or subconscious level.

When your unconscious patterns are stuck or limited, they become disconnected from your conscious awareness, and from your soul – your divine essence. Fortunately, this situation is temporary, because your conscious awareness can intervene and make useful shifts for your highest good.

Soul-Healing consultations help you activate your deeper soul skills. I guide you to direct your attention in very specific ways, customized for the situations you’re working with. You learn to attain the useful states that let you make effective shifts. You discover how to release and let go of inappropriate energies and patterns. You come into resonance with your divine potential, and you integrate your deeper divine self with your body and mind.

These shifts take place as safely, smoothly, and elegantly as possible, because you make the subtle awareness shifts with precision and grace. We use customized step-by-step techniques to do this.

When you shift patterns, you may notice old thoughts and emotions coming to the surface. This doesn’t mean that the patterns are returning. More likely, you have successfully released surface patterns, and deeper patterns that are ready for transformation are surfacing.

If deeper patterns surface you will be able to address them, because you will have your customized step-by-step techniques available. It is an important step in your empowerment when you discover that you can confront surfacing patterns with skill, rather than letting yourself respond in fearful or reactive ways.

More about Soul-Healing methods and benefits

How do you actually focus your awareness to transform negative patterns? I’ve decoded what I was doing as an Energy Balance Practitioner for many years to help people transform. Now I’ve found it more effective for me to guide you in customized step-by-step methods that help you to use your own natural skills to shift stuck patterns and manifest your potential.

Soul Healing work can help shift patterns of current issues or long-standing patterns that affect you. These patterns might originate in childhood or in the womb, they may be from past lifetimes, or be influenced by your ancestors. Whatever the origins, your point of power is now, because you can make awareness adjustments that help you decisively shift your energy patterns, wherever in your timeline they may have originated.

We can address stuck energies in the body, limited emotional and thought patterns, subtle influences from people or entities, and many kinds of influences from past and present. If a pattern or situation exists, it can generally be addressed, because everything is energy, and energy can shift.

The work also helps with clearing and balancing your chakras, or energy centers. We work with the subtle energy of your aura bodies. The goal is healthy integration between your earthly physical body and your subtle energy bodies.

Soul Healing work is focused on your multi-dimensional empowerment. This work assumes that you are ready to responsibly address your patterns.

The work is not based on blaming others or on victim oriented thinking. The goal is for you to address your patterns directly, so that you can move beyond denial and drama. Soul healing work especially helps you make shifts by utilizing your centered, conscious awareness. You become more adept as you practice alignment with your true spiritual essence, rather than with distorted and limited reference points.


What Soul-Healing Consultations are Not

This is not a treatment or healing that you passively receive, because Soul Healing is transformational work that involves your conscious participation. You are deeply engaged with your own self-healing transformation process. This work empowers you to create your own genuine, profound shifts, because it liberates your skills, and boosts your spiritual empowerment at a deeper level.

This work is not a psychic reading. I do, however, use my energy sensitivity to help guide you with customized techniques, so that you can place your attention effectively, which lets you transform yourself with skill.

This work does not support ungrounded fantasy beliefs. For example, the work is not for attempting to bring a long lost love back to you. In this case, your attention would be redirected to healthy alignment with your true essence self, so that your thoughts and feelings are referenced in present time to your highest good.

This work does not attempt to change other people. If you are having a response to a person or group, this is an invitation to learn how to become more empowered and centered yourself. You can learn to relate to that person or group in an empowered, grounded way that is less reactive and more centered and proactive.


Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 1 hour
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 1 hour
Price: $150.00
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 30 minutes
Soul-Healing Private Consultation – 30 minutes
Price: $75.00

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11 Responses to Soul-Healing Private Consultations

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  2. Micheal says:

    Is marijuana OK from a spiritual point of view?

    I read your article and it resonated with me very much. I find everything you said to be valid, you simply stated facts without attempting to sway anyone to a particular position.

    I’ve been depressed know for over year but i’m in a sense glad I had to go through this because it has eventually, led me to a better understanding of myself. If I had read this article a year ago I would have probably thought it was just some spiritual energy bullshit. I know understand that most of the guilt, shame, anger, loneliness etc. that I felt was really meaningless and unnecessary. Not to mention time-wasting, I can honestly say to a certain extent I wasted a whole year of my life. Like you said smoking was crippling me. Since I do not lie to myself I am better able to accept facts even if I don’t necessarily support it myself as I like smoking very much.

    My only problem know is that I have developed a compulsive habit of negative thoughts and a lack of self-control. Mentally I feel at peace and clear but the negative cycle of my habits and desires is keeping me ‘stuck’. It feels like I am addicted to negative thoughts/depression.

    I have decided to stop smoking for 2months starting today after having read your article. I’d like to thank you personally for taking your time to write this. I’m sure this has helped others as well. I am sure this will have a big positive impact. As a result of my depression I have messed up my financial situation. I intend to purchase your consultation when I get my finances situated. Until then however, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to break away from this negative cycle consistently.

    • Micheal,

      Congrats on taking back control of your mind and soul.

      Everything is energy, so don’t judge it; just notice it.
      Feel the feelings as energy.
      Breathe into the feelings, sense their energy, and gently exhale the negative energies out of your body.
      Take it a step at a time.
      Release a layer of the old energies each time you do this.

      Clear toxins from the body with chlorophyll, such as wheatgrass powder and alfalfa powder.

      Rebuild and cleanse the brain with non-GMO lecithin.

      Rebuild the brain’s capacity to deal with situations with Phosphatidylserine. People generally take 300 mg daily for several months, and reduce the amount when they are feeling more stable. You can find all these supplements at the health food store.

      It can take several weeks for the brain to produce its own endorphins after being stimulated artificially by weed for so long, so patience is called for.

  3. yanni says:

    My mom is currently suffering from stage four cancer, is there any healing you could provide..on the soul dimension? Thanks

  4. Diane,

    I look forward to helping you with healing, activation, integration, and releasing.

    Please contact me at:
    phone: 720-600-5806


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