Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools

The Powerforms subtle energy tools are hand-held meditation tools that help smooth and balance your body’s energy. Each of the Powerforms is made of hundreds of specially-tuned copper geometric shapes specially designed by the inventor, Joel Bruce Wallach.

Woman with radiant sparkling aura.Each Powerform is tuned to a special vibration that interacts with your energy. For example the Body-Mind-Soul Disk helps you access the universal acupuncture points, called the Universal Grid. This helps you feel at one with the universe.And the Neutral-Space Plate helps you experience a slow, steady, grounded energy within yourself, so that you can discover the calmness that exists within you..

As you work with the Powerforms, and your energy becomes smoother, you’ll discover a deeper connection with your divine essence and with the universe.  If you’ve wanted to access that delicious unity feeling between your body, heart, mind, and soul, the Powerforms subtle energy tools can help you have the spiritual experiences and the inner peace that you’ve been seeking.


Powerforms: Body-Mind-Soul DiskBody-Mind-Soul Disk

The Body-Mind-Soul Disk helps you integrate your full spectrum self with the Universal Grid. This helps free you from the earth plane delusion of separation so that you experience your oneness and your unity with the universe in a grounded way.


Powerforms: Soul Balance Disk Soul Balance Disk:

The Soul Balance Disk helps you feel the blessings of your soul’s energy field. This helps you release old stuck patterns in your soul so you can experience inner peace, love, and bliss as embodied energies within you. Blends well with with the Body-Mind-Soul Disk.


Powerforms: Activator DiskActivator Disk

The pocket-sized Activator Disk helps you align with your life energy, with your chakras, and with the energies of activation and present moment awareness. This helps you lift your mood to a higher frequency. When you hold it in your hands you can sense your meridians, the energy pathways in your body, more easily. This helps you feel the connection between your body and your life energy.


Powerforms: Neutral Space Plate for grounding and stabilizing

Neutral Space Plate

The Neutral Space Plate is the most grounded and stabilizing of the Powerforms energy tools. Hold it in your hands to interact with its multi-layers of perfectly tuned copper circuits. Helps you smooth your energy and embody the vibration of inner peace, even in these chaotic times.


Powerforms – SuperCell Plate

Super-Cell Plate

The Super-Cell Plate is tuned to the higher frequencies of your cells. When you interact with the Super-Cell it gently aligns your cells to their optimal vibration. This helps you get a sense of your divine essence coming into alignment with your body.



Powerforms – Portal Plate

Portal Plate

The Portal Plate is a filter that helps you screen out the noise of the earth plane. This helps you meditate more easily. You may find that you can sense your Higher Self and feel aligned with the highest divine energies of the universe with less effort.




Powerforms – Earth Element Disk

Earth Element Disk– from the Divine Essence Set







Powerforms – Water Element Disk

Water Element Disk – from the Divine Essence Set






Powerforms – Fire Element Disk

Fire Element Disk – from the Divine Essence Set







Powerforms – Air Element Disk

Air Element Disk – from the Divine Essence Set







Divine Essence Disk Set

includes all four Divine Element Disk Set disks:

Earth Disk – Water Disk – Fire Disk – Air Disk

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