How to release the world’s collective fear from your body & mind

You are an individual – your positive presence makes a difference in each moment.

Even when you discover how to deactivate germs with your consciousness, there is another contagion that you are probably susceptible to. You could take all your favorite immune boosting supplements, and yet you could be affected by people’s fear vibrations when you are shopping or out in public. The world’s collective fear is a huge nervous-making energy field. You can’t see it, but you can sense it in your body.

Although the world’s fear doesn’t belong to you, you’re probably open to it because it resonates with the fear that’s already within you. There is a way out of this downward emotional spiral – fear that leads to more fear. We’ll explore step-by-step techniques that will help you regain your emotional balance and sanity.

Let’s look at what the collective really is: Your family – your town – your country – the planet’s population: all these groups are all made of individuals. And that includes you. When you think of a group, remember that it’s a group of individuals who have something in common – same family, same town, same company, same religion, or same shared interests. You may love the group, and you may seek to help them. But if you absorb their emotional problems it won’t help them at all – though it will definitely lower your immunity and depress your mood.

But what is your true identity if not as a group member? You are an Individual – that’s your true identity.  You are not a Group. You may be associated with a group – a group you care about very much – but you continue to be an Individual. This is the critical distinction. If you forget that you are You – not a group – you may find yourself unintentionally absorbing the feelings and thoughts of any group that you’re associated with. You may unconsciously take on the group’s collective energies, such as fear.

Key Concept: You are You – but you are Not the group.

When you’re shopping at the market and people project their fear at each other, the fear contagion effects magnify. These are the collective fear energies that you can sense when you’re shopping. You’ve unintentionally become part of that group’s fear energy field, unless you understand what is happening and you know that you have options.

Key Concept: You are allowed to release people’s group fear from your body and mind. You may be surprised to discover that only some of what you feel is your own personal fear – most of it is absorbed collective fear.

Collective fear release technique – basic level:

  1. Recognize that you are not the group – you are an Individual – take some moments to deeply sense this.
  2. Recognize that the group fear is not personally yours – boldly look at it – it doesn’t belong in your personal space.
  3. Recognize that you have the right to release something that isn’t yours from your personal space – this is your divine right as a sovereign soul.
  4. Imagine that you’re breathing the energy of your true self  – your soul – directly into your body. Sense your own personal presence returning to your physical body with every breath you take.
  5. Exhale anything that isn’t yours out of your body and mind. You don’t have to examine the specific thoughts and feelings. Trust your intuition – let other people’s stuff go.

This technique awakens your body and mind to an essential truth. It permits you to regain ownership of your personal space. Breathing your consciousness into your body with gentle mindful attention unites your body and mind. This helps you to heal and empower yourself.

Collective fear release technique – intermediate level:

  1. Imagine that your hands are your hands of light. When you use your hands to clear energy, you are actually reaching into your body to remove stagnant, negative, or stuck energy. It’s OK if it seems that you’re just pretending as you do this. Don’t let your rational mind get in the way.
  2. Reach into your body with your hands of light – imagine this & actually move your physical hands at the same time.
  3. Release the negative energies from wherever you sense them in your body – release layer-by-layer – be patient – and let yourself use your imagination.
  4. Notice the subtle shifts each time you do this technique. It doesn’t generally release everything at once. If it feels like you’re trying too hard, just relax and slow down. Explore your self-healing mindfully, slowly, and deliberately.
  5. Now massage throughout your body with your hands of light. As your physical hands are moving you are imagining that you are truly massaging within your body. Smooth and comfort the energy within your body with your hands.
  6. Breathe gently and mindfully into your body. Let yourself take in new healing energy with every breath.
  7. Exhale any stagnant energy. You have a right to do this. You can release whatever is not yours. Be patient. Release the stagnant energy layer by layer.

You’re progressing – you’re regaining ownership of your personal space. Well done! Now you realize that you can confront situations with deeper wisdom. You know that you can make a difference and shift your energy to empower yourself. Each time you explore these techniques you’ll make new liberating discoveries.

Collective fear release technique – advanced intermediate level:

  1. Imagine a magic dial that lets you adjust energy. Yes, you’re making it up – but the benefits are still real. If you’d rather call it a spiritual dial, or a healing dial, that’s fine.
  2. Notice the texture or vibe of the collective fear energy in your personal space. Trust your own perceptions. Don’t worry about whether you’re sensing it correctly.
  3. Imagine that the magic dial can adjust the Intensity Level of the fear energy. Dial down the fear intensity until it feels lighter and smoother.
  4. Use the magic dial to adjust the Speed of the fear. Discover: Does it feel better when you slow it down, or when you speed it up? You’re an individual – find out what works for you. And be gentle with yourself; don’t expect giant shifts immediately.
  5. Use the magic dial to adjust the Density Level of the fear. Discover what happens when heavy fear energy is lightened so it can waft away like mist. Try different adjustments – you’re allowed to experiment. It’s your experience – discover what is effective for you.
  6. When everything feels smoother and more comfortable, use your magic dial to turn up your own personal soul energy. Slowly turn up the dial so that you can sense your personal soul energy sparkling and flowing more strongly within your body.

You are restoring your energy. Yay! You are taking back your personal identity and your personal space. And yet, questions may surface in your mind. Even if you are feeling better, what about the millions of people who are still challenged? Let’s explore how you can be a good person – and feel good yourself – even when many people are experiencing difficulties. And how you can align with the positive energy that does ultimately help the people you care most about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I release humanity’s suffering and fear from my personal space? Isn’t that impolite, unkind, selfish, unloving, unspiritual, or arrogant?

A. When you lose yourself in humanity’s fear, you contribute nothing to their well-being. Your lower vibration just adds to the collective unhappiness. When you release the group negativity from your personal space, however, you can represent what is possible – personal empowerment. You become a shining light that adds the energy of uplift and hope to humanity’s total energy. And at least you’re not contributing to the general fear and confusion.

Q. If people are fearful, upset, or hopeless, and they sense that I am not holding those heavy feelings myself, then they may think that I’m rude – they may even judge me.

A. If your true goal is to make a positive difference for people, then you won’t accomplish that by lowering your vibration. Yes, some people will try to draw you into their drama or hopelessness. However, you can choose to contribute to the global collective energy by holding a strong hopeful vibration that uplifts people. Or, you can give up and descend to the depths of hopelessness. It all depends on the choices you make, based on what your ultimate goal truly is.

Key concept: Your choice to help release the collective fear from your body is one of the most effective things you can do to contribute to humanity’s well-being.

Q. What if global challenges are a test by a higher power? What if I’m supposed to be suffering?

A. If you’re supposed to feel perpetually bad, then what kind of a test is that? You can confront challenging situations from an empowered perspective. The real test is if you can find useful solutions and remember your true soul self. As an empowered person, you’ll find solutions more easily. You may help people discover natural holistic solutions, or you might share ideas with people to help them empower themselves materially and spiritually.

Q. What if I’m being punished by bad karma – wouldn’t it be better to just suffer?

A. Karma refers to old repeated negative patterns that come to the surface so that you can examine them. Karma is not punishment, and it is not an excuse to be passive. If there are old patterns of disease, for example, the karmic lesson is to discover ways to be healthier. There are many ways to do this, and no one healing method is correct.

If you sense people descending into fear, you don’t have to join them in that negative state, even if they think they are supposed to feel that way. When you shift your energy vibration, you are shifting your own old negative patterns. And this helps shift the group vibration, because you are contributing a healthier empowered vibration. This higher energy becomes a positive reference signal that actually uplifts the world in subtle ways.

Q. What if I do these techniques and I feel better today, but tomorrow I descend into the collective fear state again?

A. Well, what if you do? The power of your consciousness is that you can notice situations, and you can make changes. You can make new choices. What if you have to do this often? Then do the empowerment techniques described here as needed. If you have to repeat the techniques, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. Each day is a new day, and you may have to patiently repeat the steps to empowerment. It’s worth doing that – after all, as you raise your vibrations your soul shines a light that reflects your best nature – and helps activate humanity’s best nature.

Q. What if it’s not other people’s fear at all? What if it’s all my own fear, and I’m just projecting my negative feelings on other people?

A. Does it matter? The techniques work whether you’ve picked up other people’s feelings, or whether you’re suffering from your own fearful beliefs and emotional reactions.

Q. What if I truly want to help people – don’t I have to feel their pain?

A. Of course you want to help people. You can help people in material ways and in spiritual ways. But taking on their fear and their heavy emotions isn’t one of those ways. If you want to send blessings, do it the safe way: Don’t send energy directly from yourself. Instead, imagine that the person or group is bathed in harmonious divine healing light – the light comes from a higher universal source and not from you. If you want to take action, do so from a centered perspective – you don’t need to absorb their fear to be of assistance.

This is your moment of power: In each moment, you have the opportunity to choose your reactions. So now, in this moment, what will you choose? Maybe you’ve made some unconscious choices at times. No matter. This is a fresh new moment – it’s time to make a new empowering choice. You’ve nothing to lose, and much to gain when you choose personal empowerment – the higher vibration path. It’s good for you and good for the world’s collective consciousness.

What did you discover when you explored these techniques? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Cosmic blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach,

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