Spiritual Healing Technique: How to deactivate germs with your consciousness

Golden Field Mountains - Joel Bruce Wallach
You are an energy being within a universe of cosmic energy.

This focused step-by-step healing method helps you use your awareness to deactivate germs such as viruses and bacteria using your awareness.

I tuned in to viruses to discover how they could be weakened and deactivated with focused attention – and made some intriguing discoveries. Germs are clever, but not invincible. This method requires your imagination and your focused positive intent, so that you can be even more clever than the germs.

With this technique, you will be using your actual hands, and you will imagine as you work that your hands can easily move through your body. You don’t have to be able to ‘visualize’ – just imagine and focus. Let yourself work mindfully, patiently, and deliberately.

Step-by-step healing technique

1. Sense the location in your body where the virus seems to be located. If you’re not sure of the location, just follow the steps below to work on your entire body.

2. Tune in to the virus. You will imagine it as a sphere with spikes or extensions extending from it. Trust that you can do this. It’s OK if it seems that you’re ‘just imagining it.’ You don’t have to work on all the germs at once. In fact, it’s easier to visualize just one germ – it will represent all the germs.

3. Use your ‘hands of light’ (optional: along with quartz crystals or Powerforms subtle energy tools) to ‘melt’ and pull the spikes or extensions off of the virus’s spherical shape. It’s OK to use your imagination for this. Take your time to pull the little extensions off.

4. Then send a powerful explosion of ‘divine love light’ directly into the center of the virus’s sphere shape. What does divine love light look like? It’s up to you – this is your imagination. Imagine the light in your own personal way as you work mindfully and deliberately. If you’re wondering why love light would be effective here, it’s because divine love is a very high cosmic vibration. High divine vibrations help dissolve low vibrations (such as a germ).

5. As needed, you can repeat steps 1 – 4 for deeper results. Take your time, and you’ll likely sense a lightening or clearing within yourself. This technique helps to destroy the virus’s ability to maintain its shape — it will look weak and faded when you tune in to it.

6. In the area of the body where you did the technique, activate your healthy energy. Imagine that the cells in that part of your body radiate divine light. Imagine it — you may imagine divine light as bright radiance, or as a warm feeling of strength and happiness, or as a soothing inspiring tone or sound. It’s OK to feel that you’re just pretending, because you are – you are using the world of your imagination. You are ‘installing’ these healing vibrations directly into your cells.

How to get the best results

Hint 1: When you sweep your body or aura with your ‘hands of light’ you are using your actual physical hands. They are ‘hands of light’ because you imagine your physical hands radiating the healing cosmic light of your higher self (your radiant soul).

As you are moving your hands, you can use your conscious intent to visualize that you’re moving directly through your body. This healing work combines actual physical motion with your imagination to help you access and transmit cosmic healing energy.

Hint 2: When you sweep at a micro level, such as when you dissolve germs, your ‘energy hands’ and any healing tools you’re using (such as quartz crystals or Powerforms subtle energy tools) become “microscopic”– through your conscious intent.

Hint 3: For best results, combine deeper awareness techniques with natural anti-viral remedies such as high-dose vitamin C, vitamin D, Oil of oregano, Quercetin, Zinc, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Lugol’s Solution (Iodoral). These supplements work to support the physical body while your healing visualization works at the subtle-energy level of reality.

The physical world is an aspect of the deeper cosmic world

Some people may believe that because germs are physical the only way to transform them is by physical means, such as drugs and supplements. A deeper spiritual view reveals that this physical world is an extension of the deeper fabric of the universe, which is energy. Whether you describe the energy world as vibrations, frequencies, or spiritual energy, the energy world is the underlying reality of everything in the universe.

The energy level of reality is where your healing intentions work because you are re-shaping reality’s fabric. You are using your awareness to weaken the germ’s connection to it’s own negative reality — and you are reconnecting the germ with the infinite divine universe. If you’ve thought of spiritual healing as something that is always gentle and loving, this way of working may seem to be more assertive and controlling than you’re used to. You are discovering that you can re-define the germ’s reality through your conscious intent.

Spiritual empowerment and embodiment

Know that you have rights – you have permission to weaken germs. You have the right to help your body heal. Your physical body is the vehicle for your soul, and so you have the right to have a healthy vehicle.

Please share this empowering method with friends, colleagues, and family who may be ready to explore self-healing in this way. But what do you do when people tell you that this is all imaginary? In a way, they’re correct. This is a technique that uses your imagination.

Many people do not yet understand that the imagination is how you connect with the world of energy – the fabric of the universe. And if they aren’t ready for that, that’s OK. Do this technique for yourself. If some people don’t understand what you’re doing, that’s fine. Just love yourself enough to take care of yourself with All the methods that are available to you.

May you radiantly embody the highest divine truth – at every level of your being. The time is Now – seize the day and re-define the elements of your reality. It’s your right, and it may be one of the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself.

What did you discover when you explored these self-healing techniques? Let everyone know what you experienced in the comments below!

Infinite divine blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

About Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art: www.joelbrucewallach.com, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools: https://tinyurl.com/y7x2d3jv
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10 Responses to Spiritual Healing Technique: How to deactivate germs with your consciousness

  1. maria berrio says:

    absolutely in love with the information you share, I resonate with your techniques. thank you for sharing. I am listening.

  2. Brenda Fishbaugh says:

    Awesome, Joel! Printing this for the common cold and such! It would work for a stomach bug, etc.? BTW, I received 2 newsletters and unsubscribed from my “old” email address. Just didn’t want you to see the “unsubscribe” and think I didn’t think you were the amazing energy field that you are!

  3. Heather says:

    Joel, I have been thinking about you recently (I moved in October and found old healing recordings from you. I had no idea at the time how much you knew that I didn’t know. I know that sounds confusing but trust me, your healing was spot on! Thank you for that and thank you for this! I’ll be contacting you again hopefully soon!

  4. Nancy Costa says:

    A welcome blast from the past have always appreciated your insight and wisdom. I absolutely agree, going even further I have found COVID 19 stress lines coming into the house. The constant reporting and fear has created actual stress lines, who knew?

    Anyway I just created a new company just the timing to launch as been a bit interesting to say the least. I still have and use your Powerforms after all these years!
    Really appreciate the guidance Joel …. Nancy

    • Delighted to hear from you, Nancy.

      It makes sense that the earth grid meridians surrounding the earth would be distorted with collective emotional stuff. Clearing these energy lines where they cross your house and neighborhood is a great empowering idea!


  5. Kamila Schertel says:

    Hi Joel! As I was reading this on my friend’s Roy Gibbon sent email I was going “yes, yes, yes” and when I came at the end of the article and saw your name, big smile! Of course!
    Well, great article, and definitely will put it into practice. The funny thing is that I had started working on this on my own. this is definitely a good reinforcement 🙂

    • Joel says:


      Good to hear from you! We all have the inner cosmic power to make a healing difference for ourselves and others. It’s common sense to make use of physical remedies such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs. And it’s just as sensible to use our consciousness. Yay for consciousness!


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