Cosmic Invitation — an evocative guided meditation

Sit and breathe. Be with the rhymes and resonances, and let your spiritual spark activate gently. The inner shift happens naturally, with grace. Your mind, body, and soul ease into blissful harmony. Let it happen, and open your divine heart to the Cosmic Invitation.


When tree beckons,

sit against my trunk;

And flower invites,

inhale my fragrance;

The canyon whispers,

hear my echoes,

from mystic tribes of ancient race;

Then sky spreads starry arms, proclaims

Please roam amidst my open space.


This universal offering,

grants now your soul a kiss.

For when you breathe,

this moment’s miracles,

each ruby gem revealed,

as the heart of the lotus,


Harvest time presents

a cosmic invitation:

Gently breathe,

and please receive,

your gifts — bright karmic creations.


Claim now rewards that you’ve accrued,

no longer led astray,

this bank account of blessings yours,

this day,

is evermore renewed.


Amidst this loving tree so vast,

is the grandmother who held you,

in timeless past.

Embraced by her earthly branches,

to you this tree will say,

Take off your blinders, and

set yourself free to be,

your cosmic self,

at long last.


The flower sharing beauteous scent,

elevates body and soul, revealing

a perfect world unbent.

Sunlight ever charms,

your potential yet born,

feeling unity so warm,

divine harmony embodied,

in material form.


Sky opens doors to infinity, and

a mystic vista frees you,

that your limitations may unbind,

within sky’s revealed mirror,

see true,

the presence of your heart and mind.


For the sky is elder brother,

showing soul what it shall be,

as you become your true wise self,

but no other, with

clear knowing in your open gaze,

that understands life’s mystery.


The canyon with its ancient drumming,

humming through bloodstream,

this magic breeze,

that shows you now, and why and how,

a wind of truth through mountain trees,

deep memory revealing mysteries.


No invitation to this moment’s grace,

appears without a way to face,

this deeper truth of soul and self,

left long alone on mind’s deep shelf.


Within this grace,

life’s invitation, for when

you respond with forward step, and then

awakened to your deeper breath, you hear

the bell of self, eternal chime,

that promise,

in each lifetime kept,

to follow inner lantern lit,

remembering your soul’s true rhyme.


For these are gifts from You,

to you,

through countless worlds,

of timeless time,

when universe and you are one,

forever sharing truth sublime.



Ways to explore this meditation: 

When you let the spiritual keys within the Cosmic Invitation resonate within you, you unbind and unlock your limitations, and you more easily experience the felt sense of your true divine multi-dimensional nature.

Explore the phrases that you are drawn to. Gently and compassionately recite the words to your inner self. This integrates and activates your deeper cosmic potential within your body, heart, mind, and soul. 



Amazing real life story – the transforming power of a poem:

Discover how Nancy Nicholas, an intuitive life coach, activated her deeper potential during her vision quest in the mystical vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.

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Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teachings, mp3’s, and private consultations

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