How to balance your energy after receiving this experimental substance

Joel Bruce Wallach

Could the energetic distortions from this new type of “wonder med”  limit your well-being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

The radiant aura expresses the soul's physically embodied light.

Your aura – radiant energy fields that connect your physical body with the world of your emotions, your mind, your soul, and the infinite divine consciousness of the universe

Through energy sensing, I’ve detected that the new “wonder meds” that you are being pressured to take can create energetic imbalances that may affect your body and aura on many levels. For example, you may take for granted that your brain is energetically connected with your body. But what if this connection became impaired? What if you somehow felt less real, less centered, or less aligned?

When I sensed the consistent energy distortions in people who had received these experimental substances, I realized that these unnatural substances seem to create more than the usual reactions.

You take for granted that your body is connected with your soul, and connected with the divine consciousness of the universe. But what if something suddenly made these connections become difficult to feel? What if you felt cut off from the world, from nature, and from the universe itself?

You need spiritual self-healing techniques to immediately transmute unnatural energy patterns that these experimental substances may have installed in your cells. In this article you’ll discover step-by-step spiritual awareness techniques that help you restore your energy to its proper divinely-aligned vibration.

Your energy body – your aura – is the blueprint for your physical body. That is the benefit of knowing self-healing techniques that help you balance your energy body. You can participate in your own spiritual healing, to restore your body, mind, and aura to a state of optimal balance – at the energy level.

I invite you to discover how you can shift negative patterns, release energy blocks, and reconnect with your body’s natural energy. If your body, mind, and aura feel out of sorts after taking these experimental meds, know that with energy awareness techniques you can take useful steps to restore your harmony with the universe.

The techniques are explained in a step-by-step format so that you can follow along easily. You may find that some of the techniques are more effective for you than others, because each individual is affected by these experimental “wonder meds” differently. And you may be curious about why so many of these self-healing techniques relate to the brain. That’s the area that I noticed was most deeply affected by the energetic distortions.


Let’s explore a few basic principles that you can use for all the healing techniques in this article:

Healing hands sending divine light to heart

Do your spiritual healing on a small imagined image of yourself

How to use your Healing Hands to shift patterns

Your healing hands are the bridge between your physical body, your thoughts, and the universe. Your hands actually hold the vibration of universal energy. You don’t have to force the healing energy to be there. The energy is already there, because you are already a living element within the cosmic universe – relax and let yourself become aware of this. Realize that the energy in your hands is much more than your personal energy; it is the essential energy of the infinite universe.

When you use your healing hands – with or without energy disks, crystals, and other hand-held energy tools – imagine that you’re literally sweeping your hands through an image of your body that you’ve placed just in front of you. This lets you work with calm, unworried neutrality. You’re “helping a friend” who just happens to look like you.

When you focus on healing a specific part of the body, such as a cell, the heart, or the brain, imagine that body part floating just in front of you. Anatomical details aren’t important; you’re just smoothing and harmonizing the energy.

Visualize that your healing hands are actually sweeping through the center of your head or directly through the heart or the cell. You’re not actually working on the physical body. With energy self-healing you’re working on the non-physical level of the body. That’s why in this self-healing work you can actually reach within, for example, the energy vibrations that are within the cell.

With each gentle sweep of your hands, notice the subtle gradual shifts, even if they seem very slight. This builds your ability to recognize and appreciate the gradual improvements as you become more balanced.

You can move your hands in a slow, deliberate sweeping motion to cleanse stuck or toxic energy out of your body and aura. Or, you can slowly move your hands in a circular or swirling massaging motion to massage and soothe the area you’re healing. You can use your hands to connect the life energy within that part of the body with the living consciousness of the universe. Imagine it, and weave the energies together. At the energy level, it’s possible.

But what is this universal energy? You may know this cosmic healing energy that sparkles within everything in the universe as: Universal Intelligence – Divine Intelligence – The Creator – Cosmic Consciousness – God – The Divine – Lord – Deity – Higher Power – The Tao – Holy Spirit – Highest Vibration – or any other name that is meaningful to you.

Your healing work will be easier if you recognize that there is a spark of divine intelligence within every part of your body: every gland – every organ – the nerves, bones, and muscles – and every cell – the divine spark is always there. It may not be obvious at first, because toxic or foggy energy might be covering it. But the divine spark is always within. You may find that this realization empowers and uplifts you.

If you find yourself becoming tired or drained as you do this self-healing work, you’re probably trying to do the work with your own personal energy, which is limited. Avoid using your personal energy. That’s because you aren’t doing the healing with your personal energy. Rather, you are just helping clear energy blocks so that spontaneous balancing takes place. And you are activating the innate divine spark within every part of the body.

This means that when you’re connecting one part of the body with another part, you don’t need to use your personal energy to do that. Here’s what you’re really doing:

You’re helping the divine energy in each part of the body to energetically connect with the other parts of the body, and with the divine harmony of the universe. This creates a unified harmonious flow within the body, and this allows your body-mind-aura-soul to balance itself.


The secrets that help you achieve the most benefits from these self-healing methods: your focus and your imagination:

Healing hands activating body and aura wellness

Transmute energy distortions & activate your divine vibration

How to get the best results when you’re clearing distortion patterns from your body and your aura

When you do self-healing to clear out the effects of “wonder meds”, focus on correcting each item in this article one by one. Don’t try to change everything at once, as that is overwhelming. Focus your attention and adjust each item. Take your time.

Notice the subtle shifts with each repetition of a technique. This helps you detect real changes. Gradual healing is key – don’t expect everything to feel completely different instantly.

Patience helps you get deeper results with spiritual self-healing. Stay calm and breathe slowly. Repeat the techniques as needed, because each repetition deepens the benefits. It is as if you are peeling off layers of toxicity and layers of energetic distortions. Underneath the distortions is the true, radiant, healthy self. The true self was never removed, because it was always there. You’re just clearing the blockages and removing the distortions to reveal the essential radiant self.

Repeat the techniques the following day. And the next. You deserve balance and radiance. It is OK to make gradual daily improvements. Each time you do self-healing, you’re working on a deeper layer, for deeper results. And you’re honoring that you deserve to be in a better state, and that this could require working gradually.

As you do your self-balancing healing, you’ll be using your imagination. This is how you connect with the world of energy. If it seems that you’re “just making it up”, that’s true – you are. But though you’re “only imagining it”, you’re connecting with your living essence – your energy. Your inner awareness helps shift your body’s energy into balance, and as your energy balances, it helps your physical body feel more stability, clarity, and present-moment awareness.


In this first technique, you’ll reconnect your body and aura with the earth and the universe. This brings you back into alignment with the real world:

Central Channel runs through the body vertically, connecting you with the earth and with the cosmos

Your vertical central energy channel connects with the earth below and the cosmos above

Re-unite your body with earth and cosmos

Your vertical central energy channel connects with the earth below and the cosmos above

You’re starting with this technique because it reconnects you with the real world: the earth below, and the cosmos above.

If you’ve not explored your central channel before, relax and use your imagination. As you practice this exercise, use the “as if” technique: Behave “as if” you are familiar with the beam of energy that runs vertically up and down throughout your body. As you massage your central channel, let yourself discover the subtle energy flow in your body. This may feel very subtle at first.

Tune in to your earth connection (below your feet) and your cosmic connection (above your head), and make sure the up/down energy flow is even and bright. Use your healing hands to slowly sweep up and down. Imagine that you’re sweeping up and down directly into your vertical central channel. Remember, it’s made of energy, so you can sweep your healing hands directly into your central channel.

Sweep through the upper spine, through the head, and directly upwards into the cosmic energy above the head. Just imagine it – you can sense it as divine light, as higher consciousness, or perhaps as a shining star above your head.

Sweep down the legs and through the feet, directly into the healing life energy in the earth’s center. Use your imagination, and don’t get stuck in the details. Just sense that below your feet there is and earth’s living energy. You can use whatever name or concept for this that you choose, such as “the living essence within the earth’s center”.

Then use your healing hands to slowly sweep your entire central channel, from above your head, all the way down into the earth. And on the upward sweep, from below your feet, all the way up the central channel to the area above your head. Make several slow, mindful, up and down sweeps. This reconnects you with the present moment in a powerful unifying way.

Affirmations to your central channel:

“Central channel, you are empowering my body with radiant divine consciousness”.

“Central channel, you are in harmonious balance with the center of the earth, here and now, in Present Time”.

“Central channel, you are in harmonious balance with divine cosmic consciousness, here and now, in Present Time”.

As you say (or think) these statements, use all your senses: Say it, imagine it, see it, hear it, feel it, and sense it intuitively. And if you’d prefer to use other statements, that’s fine – you know what is true for you.


Now you’ll sweep energy distortions out of your aura. This creates a balanced environment for your body and mind:

Aura radiance limited by negative distortions

Aura radiance limited by negative distortions

Use your healing hands to sweep confusion and distortions out of the aura. Imagine a representation of yourself in front of you. Slowly scan with your hands over the aura. Let yourself intuit where the distortions are. These distortions, or energy blockages, may feel buzzy, nervous, tight, heavy, unconscious, vacant, toxic, stuck, or just plain wrong.

When you find something that doesn’t seem to belong in the aura, zap it with divine energy to deactivate it. Then lift it out of your aura with your healing hands, and release it out of the aura. Imagine that it is releasing far away from the aura, and dissolving into the universe.

When your aura becomes clearer and more radiant, massage the aura with your healing hands. Help the aura become even more smooth, balanced, and comfortable. As you massage, discover deeper levels of balance and harmony.

Then use your healing hands to reconnect the aura with the physical body. Sweep slowly and mindfully with your healing hands between your body and your aura. Imagine that you are weaving your aura and your body together with living energy. This helps you feel more safe, grounded, centered, and more vitally alive.

Affirmations to your aura:

” Aura, you are 100% your name’s aura.”

“Aura, you are completely present, here and now, in Present Time.”

“Aura, anything that is not me, your name, easily releases from my aura.”

You might be asking how the “wonder meds” could be affecting the aura, since these substances are injected into the physical body. Whatever the reason, something in the ingredients does seem to put the aura out of balance. Fortunately, these techniques can help you bring your aura back to its harmonious radiance.


Next you’ll clear brain fog so that you can utilize your mind with deeper clarity, logic, and intuition: 

Your radiant brain's inner divine spark

A divine spark within your brain radiates cosmic mental energy

Reconnect your brain with its divine essence

Next you’ll bring clarity to the brain. This is a major area of disharmony that the experimental substances seem to affect.

Mind is the mental, non-physical expression of your ability to think and intuit. Your non-physical mind works through your physical brain. That’s why it’s important to help your physical brain connect with its divine inner spark in the brain’s center. This unified energy awakens your physical brain so it can function more effectively with your infinite mind.

Your harmonized brain helps you think more clearly, so that you can be attentive to everything that you need to be aware of. It helps you utilize your creative capacity, and helps you cultivate your natural intuitive ability.

To start, use your healing hands to lift any tension layers off of the brain. Imagine that any stress, pressure, or other constricting energies are lifted off of the brain, layer by layer, so that your brain can freely pulse and breathe with its own naturally healthy rhythms.

Tune in to the center of your brain and use your healing hands to clear away any confused energy. Trust your intuition. Sweep the unbalanced energy out. Keep sweeping out layers of confused energy until you sense that the brain feels more focused and balanced.

Tune in to the divine spark in the center of the brain. Imagine its radiance. Use your healing hands to reach directly into your brain and expand the radiance. Sense that the radiant light activates your brain cells. Imagine that the radiance extends beyond your head to light up your body and to light up the room. If you notice any blocks to the radiance, slowly and gently sweep through those areas until it feels more free and clear.

Use your healing hands to connect with brain with the rest of the body. Slowly sweep and massage the brain-body connection. Notice where the connection seems blocked. Carefully sweep out the blocks and keep re-establishing deeper levels of your brain-body unity.

Affirmations to your brain:

“Brain, the divine spark of cosmic intelligence shines bright within you.”

“Brain, you are fully here now, in Present Time.”

“Brain, you connect easily with every part of the body.”


Now it’s time to balance your brain so you can recover your centered, stable poise and awareness: 

Your left & right brain united by the corpus callosum nerves

Unify your left and right brains by sweeping the corpus callosum nerves

Re-balance your left brain with your right brain

Get a general sense of the energy in the left brain. Then get a general sense of the energy in the right brain. Here is how you will connect and balance your left and right brain:

Notice the nerve bundle, the corpus callosum, that connects the left brain with the right brain. Your healing hands sweep from the left brain directly through the nerve bundle to the right brain. Then you sweep from the right brain, through the connecting nerve bundle, to the left brain.

Continue slowly and gently sweeping back and forth. Notice the subtle shifts with each sweeping movement. This helps your brain become more centered in present time, more focused, and more aware. If you notice any stuck or dull places, gently sweep through those areas until it feels more smooth and clear.

Synchronize the brain lobes: Use your imagination to sense the pulse in the left brain and the pulse in the right brain. Imagine that the pulses are gradually aligning so they synchronize with the same steady pulse.

Now you can check in with how the center of your head feels. Balanced brain lobes help you feel a sense of inner peace, which helps you feel balanced throughout your body. This uplifts your mood, balances emotions and thoughts, and gives you a deeper sense of harmony.

Affirmations to your brain:

“Brain, you are harmoniously aligned here and now, in Present Time.”

“Brain, it’s safe for you to relax and release any fear or panic – you are becoming strong, balanced, and centered.”

“Brain, it’s safe for you to relax and release any confusion – you are becoming strong, focused, centered, and bright.”

Optional brain balance technique: Balance the front of your brain with the back of your brain. Use your healing hands to gently sweep from the front of the brain to the back of the brain. Sweep back and forth, front to back, and back to front. Sweep slowly and mindfully. Then synchronize the pulses of the front and back of the brain. Sense that the pulses are gradually aligning and synchronizing.


You’re ready to unite your brain with your core to access deeper stability, wisdom, and awareness: 

Brain's divine spark reconnects with central channel

Align your brain radiance with your central channel

Reconnect your brain with your central energy channel

Your core, also called the central channel, unites everything in your body. That means that every part of your body is connected to your core.

Tune in to your brain. Imagine how your brain is connected with your central channel, the divine vertical beam that runs through your entire body. Use your intuition: Imagine it and let yourself work with it, using your healing hands.

Use your healing hands to reconnect the brain with the central channel. Imagine that you are gently sweeping the light within your brain into your central channel. And sweep the light of the central channel through your brain. Weave the connections together.

Gently sweep up and down between your brain and your central channel. Notice the subtle energy shifts as you weave the brain and the central channel together in harmony. As you sweep, if you notice any stuck places, sweep carefully through those areas to generate a smoother, more comfortable flow.

Affirmations to your brain:

“Brain, you are aligned in harmony with the central energy channel.”

“Brain, you feel stable, you feel bright, you are united with every part of the body.”


Next you’ll unite your heart’s love and wisdom with your core:

Aura with heart radiance aligned with central channel

Align with your heart radiance with your central channel

Reconnect your heart with your central channel

Your heart connects with every part of your body through your central channel.

Tune in to your heart. Use your healing hands to reconnect your heart with all the other parts of your body. Imagine that you are gently reconnecting your heart’s essence – its divine spark – with the energy of your central channel. Gently sweep up and down through the central channel, to unite your heart’s energy with the central channel. Notice the subtle energy shifts as you weave the energies together.

If you notice stuck places or energy blocks as you sweep, slow down and carefully sweep directly through those blocked places. Be patient and mindful, and you’ll notice the area becoming more smooth and flowing.

Your heart’s divine essence is non-physical, but it works through your physical heart. That’s why it’s important to activate the divine essence of your heart as radiant energy. This helps your physical heart, and it helps your heart hold the positive resonance of divine love, harmony, and wisdom.

Affirmations to your heart:

“Heart, your energy is bright, balanced, and calm.”

“Heart, your pulse is balanced, and you are in alignment with the universe.”

“Heart, you are in harmony with the body, and you are fully present here and now.”

“Heart, the spark of divine love shines bright within you.”


Now you’ll explore the unified harmony of love and wisdom, to restore your deepest sense of what makes you truly you:

Heart & brain reconnecting

Heart & brain reconnecting

Re-unite your heart with your brain

Imagine the divine spark within your brain. Then imagine the divine spark within your heart. Use your awareness and your healing hands to gently flow energy up and down between your brain essence and your heart essence. Let the awareness flow slowly and gently.

Use your healing hands to help the energies flow up and down. If you notice any energy blocks, gently sweep through them. Notice the subtle shifts as your energy becomes more smooth. Be patient as you gently bring yourself into deeper harmony. If old patterns or stuck feelings surface, lovingly help these layers of stale energies surface and release with your healing hands.

This practice unifies your mind and your emotions. It helps you remember your true self identity – your essence – so that you can move forward in life with centered grace.

Affirmations for your heart and brain:

“My heart and brain unite in deep healing harmony.”

“My emotions and my mind help each other with ease and grace.”

” My heart and brain align here and now in Present Time.”


Now you’ll unify all the parts of your body, so that you will feel more grounded, centered, and integrated:

Healing hands sweeping through the physical body to integrate all the parts of the body.

Healing hands sweeping through the physical body to integrate all the parts of the body

Visualize an image of yourself in front of you

Every part of your body is alive, and every part of your body is connected with all the other parts of your body. These new experimental substances can create an energetic disconnection, and now you have the power to correct this.

Use your healing hands to energetically reconnect all the parts of your body. Trust your intuition as you sense the areas that need to be connected. Imagine that you are sweeping directly through your body, to activate the body’s energetic intelligence. Here are your body integration goals:

  • Connect your head’s energy with your body’s energy.
  • Connect the body’s left side energy with the body’s right side energy.
  • Connect the back of the body’s energy with the front of the body’s energy.
  • Connect the energy of the arms and legs with the body’s energy.
  • Sweep through the nervous system to dissolve any energy blocks and to create smooth energy flow through the nerves.

Affirmations for your body:

“All the parts of my body integrate together with ease and comfort.

Every part of my body is focused here and now in Present Time.”


Now you’re ready to balance your immune cells, so that your immune system can function with appropriate action guided by wisdom:

Cell with radiant aura

Imagine your cell’s divine radiant aura

Cleanse and empower your immune cells

Tune in to your immune cells. Imagine them as points of light in your body, and don’t worry about the details when you visualize it. Feel into their presence with your intuition.

To really focus, just tune in to one immune cell – it represents all your immune cells. Use your intuitive imagination for this technique: Delete any installed immune programs that feel artificial or unbalanced. Use your imagination to identify anything that doesn’t look or feel right.

Imagine that your healing hands can reach directly into the immune cell. If anything looks or feels somehow “artificial”, gently pull it out of the cell, and visualize that the artificial thingy dissolves and releases. You may need to clear several layers. Be patient as you explore your cell.

Then activate the happy, radiant, powerful divine spark that exists within the immune cell. Imagine the cell becoming brighter and brighter. Sense the cell’s radiant aura, shining with healthy vitality. As the immune cell that you’re healing becomes brighter, know that all your cells are becoming brighter.

Now you can use your healing hands to reconnect your immune cells with divine cosmic consciousness. Here’s how you can imagine this: Imagine divine consciousness filling the universe and shining all around you, uniting with your healthy radiant immune cells. You don’t have to see all the details. It’s more of an intuitive feeling; a subtle sense of connection. Let yourself explore this process in a peaceful, intuitive way.

Use your healing hands to gently activate divine universal energy within your immune cells. You will have your own personal way of doing sensing this. You are cultivating your intuitive imagination, which is the key to working with energy. You may sense the universal energy as a spark, a color, a tone, or just a general sense of inner sacred presence within the immune cell. Explore the subtle shifts and the subtle sensations. You are discovering your own way of interacting with the non-physical world of vibrations, in a balanced, centered, mindful way.

Affirmations to your immune cells:

“Immune cells, you function in a balanced and wise way that is safe for the body.”

“Immune cells, you are guided by the divine wisdom that shines within you.”


Happy cells are healthy cells – it’s time to give your brain cells a cleansing and uplifting energy boost:

Cell's nucleus radiating joyous feelings

Cell’s nucleus radiating joyous feelings

Boost your brain cell’s mood

Tune in to your brain cells, to remove anything that vibes as toxic or unneeded. Tune in to one cell. It will represent all your cells. Use your healing hands to smooth the cells surface. Help the cell feel calm.

Use your imagination to tune in to the cell’s center, its nucleus. Massage the nucleus to help it feel balanced and peaceful.

Imagine the cell’s energy field. Everything that is alive has an aura. Use your hands to sweep any fogginess out of the cell’s aura.

Imagine the divine sacred spark in the center of the cell. Use your hands to expand the cell’s divine spark, so that the radiance lights up the cell, and lights up all the surrounding cells.

Affirmations to your cells:

“Cells, you are aligned with your ideal healthy vibration”.

“Cells, you are aligned with your divine essence”.

“Cells, you are loved, you are happy, you are radiantly healthy”.

“Cells, you are at peace within my body, and you are in harmony within the universe.”

Creative application: You can also apply this cell enhancement technique to the cells in any other part of your body, such as heart cells, blood cells, glandular cells, nerve cells, or any other specialized cells.


Now you’ll cleanse and balance the cell’s essence, the DNA, to enhance and embody your best, harmonious self:

DNA strands winding around beam of divine light

Your DNA strands are winding around a beam of divine light

Cleanse your DNA & empower its true divine alignment

Many people assume that their cellular DNA only holds patterns affecting the physical body. However, when the DNA is energetically disrupted, it can affect your ability to be connected to your soul.

Tune in to your DNA strands. Imagine that the coiled strands are wrapped around a beam of light. This light is the DNA’s divine essence.

Sweep any thick or cloudy energy out of the beam of light. Massage along the beam of light to help align your DNA into alignment with its divine essence.

Examine the DNA strands. Sweep out anything that seems to be artificial or just doesn’t look or feel right.

Imagine that you are sweeping a “healing filter” through your DNA strands. The filter sweeps out any artificial programs, energies, or intentions that do not belong in your DNA. Sweep slowly and mindfully. Notice the subtle shifts as you do this.

Then massage divine light through your DNA strands.

If you’re wondering why you’ve not seen the DNA light beam in textbooks, it’s because the beam exists on an energy dimension. Through the power of your imagination, you can explore the beam, interact with it, and embody your divine essence more deeply and harmoniously.

Affirmations to your DNA:

“DNA, my divine soul is fully embodied within you.”

“DNA, divine wisdom shines within you, and easily dissolves any negative programs that have been installed in you.”


If you’ve been concerned about any artificial alterations to your cells, now you can use your consciousness to transmute the false patterns:

Cell with negative programs needing to be removed

Deactivate, dissolve, and release negative imprints or programs installed in your cells

Remove negative cellular imprints and programs

Take back your power to align your cells: The makers of these new “wonder meds” refer to their product “being like an operating system” that is put into your cells. They are speaking metaphorically, but all the same, you may not wish to have these programmed effects altering your cell’s natural functions.

Use your imagination to sense if there are any distorted patterns in the nucleus (the center area of the cell) that don’t belong there. Gently reach into the nucleus, and smoothly release and dissolve anything that doesn’t belong there.

Tune in to your body and imagine that you’re looking through a magic microscope. Use your imagination to scan for anything that looks artificial within your cells. Direct a divine laser light into anything that doesn’t look or feel appropriate. Adjust the divine laser to be stronger than what you find there, so that the negative programs are erased and dissolved.

Then imagine that you have a ‘spiritual dial’ that lets you turn up the divine radiance shining within your cells. Let yourself imagine this. Use your intuition. Sense the vibration of your cells. When you tune in to your cells, imagine what  the number would be on the dial. This is just a technique to let you link your imagination with your cells’ vibration. Turn up the dial just a bit from where it’s set. Notice how you feel, and notice if your cells seem to be brighter. It’s better to turn the dial up very slowly. Do not force it too high, because your goal is harmony and well being.

Affirmations to the cells: 

“I love you, I appreciate you, and I support your wellbeing.”

“I see the radiant light of your inner divine spark.”

“You remember your true divine pattern, and it shines radiantly within you.”

“Your true divine pattern is ten times stronger than any negative program.”


Where do you go from here?

Now that you’ve explored the self healing techniques, you may still be wondering how often you should practice them. It’s up to you. How much more balanced do you feel now? What’s better, and what still feels as if it needs more work?

After you’ve explored the self-healing techniques, are you still feeling a little foggy or disconnected in any way? Repeat the techniques that seem most useful to your situation. Think of it this way: Each time you repeat a technique, you’re peeling away a deeper distortion layer. This is why noticing the subtle shifts is so powerful. You are making improvements, but they may be incremental.

Do you need to do all the techniques each day? Probably not. You’re unique, and you’ll notice that you received more benefits from some of the exercises than from others. That’s OK – your body and aura are different from anybody else. Use what works for you.

How do you know that you’re making any useful shifts in your well being? This is where your ability to notice the subtle shifts, moment by moment, really helps you. If you feel a subtle positive shift, that’s a good sign. Explore the technique with several more repetitions. With each repetition, notice the subtle shifts. If you notice gradual improvement, then you’re “peeling away the layers” of imbalanced energies, and bringing yourself into deeper alignment with your higher potential.

What if you’re concerned about any other negative influences in your life? Could you use these techniques for other situations? Of course you can – be creative. You can adjust these techniques for many situations. If anything affects you adversely, it’s probably affecting your cells, your brain, your heart, your body, your emotions, your mind, your aura, and your soul.

I haven’t mentioned chakras here, because I want the techniques to be suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners. If you’re familiar with chakras, you can use all of these techniques to work with your chakras, or energy centers, as well.

Now you have the means to bring yourself into balance. These self healing practices are an exploration into the world of energy self-healing. They are a way to bring yourself into balance. They are a way to release energies and influences that do not serve you. And they allow you to embody your higher nature, your higher potential, and to move forward in life with deeper confidence in your ability to do good for yourself, so that you can more easily help bring heaven to earth in this world.

May you be blessed and divinely protected on all levels, in every aspect of your life.


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  1. Shereece Davison says:

    Dear Joel,

    I love this article. It is packed with doable techniques that can be integrated into any practice. Thank you so much for generosity in sharing these insights. I found these techniques extremely helpful for any type of clearing.

    Much love, Shereece

    • Shereece, I appreciate your mention of how these techniques can be applied to other situations. Any germ, or even any energetic influence, can all be self-healed when you are able to practice energetic balancing techniques.

  2. Amy says:

    Dearest Joel,

    You are always so incredibly generous with your time, attention and knowledge. Thank you so much for all you do and this very valuable thorough information.

    Much love as ever – Amy

    • Amy, as a multi-dimensional healing practitioner, you can easily integrate these energy-based techniques with cranial-sacral balancing, trauma therapy, or any other modality you’re helping people with.

      As we all evolve, the deeper cosmic dimensions of this earthly life are becoming more prominent. Healers are holding the space for this deeper knowingness, to help create a safe space so the public catch up.

  3. teresa peters says:

    This is amazing and so incredibly generous of you to share. I’m sending it to everyone I know, especially the people who have felt like they needed to have the v—— even though they usually wouldn’t have. I really love and appreciate the way you have made it this straightforward and easy to try. Thank you!!!

    • Teresa, let’s envision that everyone who needs these techniques now has access to them.
      And even if you don’t take the v—–, you still need these techniques to protect your energy from those who did take it, because the planet is now filled with people radiating energy distortions.

  4. Wonderful Joel! I haven’t had the vaccine but have felt many of these symptoms! It felt wonderful to do the exercises. I shared with my Spirit Earth Coaching Facebook group. Thank you for sharing this wisdom and powerful techniques. Much love and gratitude to you!

    • Nancy, people have told me that they’re noticing this.

      If you’re sensitive, it’s likely that you’re picking up other people’s disharmony. And with millions of people receiving these experimental substances, the collective energy is becoming even more unbalanced.

      Each of us needs to be responsible for clearing ourselves and reconnecting with our soul and with the cosmos.

  5. Heather says:

    This is a great resource during these times and much appreciated. Thank you Joel!

  6. Cristina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this techniques. I recently heard of the effects on our connection after the V… and wasn’t sure, if it’s true. Now I know better…

    Great that people can heal themselves with this great techniques.

    Love and blessings to you, Joel!

  7. Kamila Schertel says:

    Hi Joel! Very wonderful techniques! I stared practicing them as I was reading and they are very doable. So happy to hear about them. Very necessary to have tools now and always, really 🙂
    Appreciate this email and even though is kind of late I kept on reading and practicing.
    Now I wish to share my appreciation, and saying that you did a great job in articulating in depth all these healing techniques!
    Thank you and gracias Joel!! Until next time!

    • Kamila, if you know people who are ready to empower themselves, please send them the article. It’s time for all of us to awaken to our potential! Your students and clients may be ready to discover these techniques, and you can easily weave the concepts into sessions and classes.

  8. SimranKaur says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these valuable healing processes with us.
    These are so needed at this time when, unfortunately, people are forced into taking the V… even when they don’t want to and know that it is harmful.
    Now… they have tools to help them with a recovery that is much needed to bring them back to their healthy body, mind, and soul.

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