This Way Of Being — evocative guided meditations

Sit and breathe. Take each of these mini-meditations on its own. Breathe with each one. To really receive the inner teachings, gently read each mini-meditation several times. Let the rhymes and resonances activate your spiritual spark. The inner shift happens naturally. Your mind, body, and soul ease into blissful harmony. Let it happen, and discover your profound fulfillment with these Ways Of Being. 

This way of being:

The vast expanse,

between moment past,

and moment now — at last,

shows you Time,

the great weaver,

who marks all by Space, 

beyond measure.

Boundless eons united, 

beyond unreal death,

show time’s own treasure:

the Creator’s Breath…

makes millennia of time, 

for your soul’s sweet leisure.


This way of wishing:

Your silent dream,

made newly known,

through your quiet gasp,

when you alone,

in that pure moment,

released your grasp;

your essence shone.


This way of feeling:

Heart dances with your warm pulse,

life essence glistens, shimmering.

You touch the memory wave, and

your soul unfolds, remembering:

As tiger, you moved over bush and sand,

a subtle forest movement code,

you were the wave the salmon rode,

upstream to its mystic soul abode:

the ancient path that nature planned.


This way of knowing:

Your timeless soul’s space,

its twinkling stars alight,

and shining forth from brightened face

your heartlight, radiantly glowing

like stars, and all is made aright.

For here, you are surprised to find,

your vastness bridges galaxies:

worlds spinning through your mind.


This way of dreaming:

Fields of possibilities growing,

as mind spark reveals storied thoughts:

your storehouse of fresh ideas,

lithe slippery notions — still uncaught.

Their mental lacework, pell-mell flowing,

while widening smile is ever showing,

your winds of wisdom freely blowing,

as soul shares now its oft dreamt knowing.


This way of sensing:

Touch fountain deep within to find,

mind’s richly flowered magic scent.

Love drenches fragile thoughts unkempt,

to freely and with ease unbind,

rose opens now its spacious net,

sweet flowing free abandonment.


This way of tasting:

Deep mind’s pungent flavor,

easily quenches lesser thought,

in the mystic bath,

of intuitive favor,

rewards flow now unsought.


This way of breathing:

Inhale the divine,

as ocean sprayed foam,

that holds all soul potential known.

Such sensing brings

your timeless wisdom,

flowing towards you, windblown.

Heart and mind inhaling,

what you may yet be,

from brain to bone,

from soul to heart,

your truth within rings free.


This way of perceiving:

The source of all thought,

fills easily the void,

where not a millimeter,

in divine measure,

has ever been destroyed.


This way of pondering:

Still valley, blue mountain,

where nature flows,

with fish and bird,

life’s sacred elixir fountain.

Divine moment, mystic word,

the clock tick yet remains;

its motor running, inviting next,

a pulsing heartbeat real:

life’s whispered sacred text,

when vision quest revealed,

grants life path — now unsealed.


This way of being:

As gleam in eye unveils,

your wizened self,

now setting sail, 

to live — this way of being.

Revelations — known as true,

when inner vision opens, seeing

your soul so vast,

rich sky of blue,

and dreams, whether they be old or new,

show cosmic soul, expressing You,

a timeless Self, yet born anew,

this path is yours,

yet known to few,

this way of being: You.


How to explore these guided meditations for your spiritual empowerment: 

When you let the spiritual keys within This Way Of Being resonate within you, you unbind and unlock your limitations, and you more easily experience the felt sense of your true divine multi-dimensional nature.

Explore the phrases that you are drawn to. Gently and compassionately recite the words to your inner self. The mystical rhymes and resonances of each guided meditation integrate and activate your deeper cosmic potential within your body, heart, mind, and soul. 


Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teachings, mp3′s, and private consultations

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  1. I really love these. So perfect in their creation. Thank you so, so much. 🙂

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