Cleanse Your Home and Office with Sky Aura Clearing

The energy, or aura above your home or business affects your thoughts and feelings, for better or worse.

The sun and the stars shine their life sustaining light to everyone in the universe. The energy centers above your head are particularly receptive to these energies, much as a plant responds to the sun’s light.

Your upper centers, or chakras, require these energies for creativity, spiritual awareness, and a positive emotional outlook. In the same way, blocked or negative energy above the building disrupts this universal connection, and inhibits everyone’s thoughts and feelings within the building.

When you clear the energy atmosphere above your building, you can think more clearly, and  feel more peaceful and happy. You can release negative vibrations above the building that may be  caused by:

– Negative thoughts from city dwellers… thousands, or even millions of toxic vibrations, created by people’s fears, worries, irritations, and negative expectations. These collect above a city like a thick cloud. When you clear the atmosphere above your building, you are helping cleanse the energy affecting the city, and this may help many other people, as well.

– Toxins in the atmosphere… Smog, smoke, exhaust, environmental poisons, toxins from jet contrails, and transmissions from cell phone towers and radio towers all accumulate in the atmosphere. These energies create a dense aura blockage above the building that makes the inhabitants feel separate from the universe, and trapped in their own little world. When you clear this disturbed energy vibration above your building, you outlook becomes more expansive and positive.

Your focused intention can utilize step-by-step energy clearing methods to cleanse and enhance your building’s energy connection with the universe.

Your imagination is your link with the world of healing, of energy awareness, of spiritual truth, and with life itself. Everything in the universe is an expression of divine consciousness. Your imagination is that personal aspect of consciousness that lets you access a deeper reality and generate transformation for yourself and others.

You can accomplish sky aura clearing from within your building, or from another location. You utilize focused attention, and you trust your imagination. You can do it. Let’s explore this step-by-step. . .

The Technique Of Clearing The Energy Above Your House Or Office:

– First, imagine that you are looking at your building from a distance.

– Imagine that it is small, like a toy, so that you can feel at ease and in control as you work.

– Imagine a healing universal energy flowing in your hands. Use your imagination, because the intention is more important than any particular color or texture for the energy.

– Now let your hands reach above the building, and sweep any stuck energies away. You may feel that you are pretending this, and that is fine. You are pretending, and that is how your imagination accesses the world of energy. The wonderful thing about this pretending is that you can actually cleanse stuck energies above the building.

– Work calmly and mindfully. Do not try to cleanse the energy all at once. Sweep a layer of energy blockage away. Then sweep another layer. Let yourself notice the gradual shifts. That is the secret to addressing all energy situations.

Now step back from the process, and take a moment to notice now how you feel. And notice how the building feels. The shifts may be gradual, rather than dramatic. And that is fine.

If you like, continue sweeping stuck energies away from the region above the building. And periodically notice how you feel, and notice how the building feels.

Here is a technique to stabilize the building, by helping it integrate with earth and sky:

– With your hands, gently sweep upwards from the earth, through the building, and up into the sky.

– Then, sweep downwards from the sky, through the building, and into the ground.

– Sweep up and down, slowly and mindfully, for a while. Now, notice how you feel, and how the building feels.

Here is a technique to create smooth, refined energy in the building:

– Use your hands to make very slow smoothing motions. Imagine that your hands are massaging the energy within the building. You are dissolving blocks, and helping the building feel smooth and peaceful. It helps to imagine that the energy texture of the building is becoming even and balanced.

– You can also imagine that you are a giant, standing outside of the building, and smoothing the aura of the building. This is why you had imagined the building as being as small as a toy.

– As you massage within and outside of the building, gently hold the intention that the building is peaceful, happy, centered, and divinely protected.

Here is how to complete this healing meditation — or any healing meditation:

– Imagine that any energies that are not your own are comfortably releasing from you, and spiraling away from you as they easily dissolve into the universe. Breathe consciously into your body. Feel your body, mind, and soul uniting with a strong, focused, and vital feeling.

– Thank the building for participating, and thank the divine universe, with whatever name you use for the cosmic creator of the universe, and enjoy your experience in your newly balanced environment.

Now you have the means to create a healthier aura in your home or office environment. Let yourself explore these methods creatively. You can make changes in the techniques, as needed, because you will discover your own best way to practice these methods.

It’s OK if you clear the energy gradually — don’t try to entirely change your reality all at once. Work gradually, be patient, and you will notice subtle shifts that please you — and that create pleasant and harmonious energy for everyone in your environment.

When you work with balancing your home or office, you are taking responsibility for your environment. The change you create for your home or office space contributes to the good energy of the planet. Thank you for co-creating heaven on earth.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – transformational tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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