Cosmic Awareness and Your Unique Life Path

When you are in tune with cosmic awareness, you are guided by a higher source of truth. But does this mean that an external voice is telling you what to do? Not at all…

Your cosmic essence is in alignment with the universal divine source, however your essence is its own unique inner expression of universal truth. It is as if you are contacting the spark of the creator that lives within you — as the inner truth of you.

There is no other being with your special soul energy in the universe. Although your deepest truth is aligned with the universe, you live your unique truth, and you express it in your own distinctive way. And this is important, because many people and groups will try to influence you to follow this or that  life path, or way of living, based on their assumed spiritual belief or rule that everyone must follow truth in one particular way.

So how can there be any spiritual rules at all, if you follow them in your own distinct way? Isn’t this a contradiction?

There are, of course, some rules that leave little room for personal interpretation: Wouldn’t it be silly, for example, if you chose to drive your car on the sidewalk, or light a fire in a crowded theater?

Yes, of course such things would be foolish, but many of the other beliefs that people encourage you to follow are not so neatly defined — especially regarding your spiritual path, your lifestyle choices, and what you regard as important in life.

This is why the cosmic essence within you, which is your inner voice and sense of truth, can help and guide you on your life path. Your inner essence can help you with great and small decisions.

For example, there are many beliefs about diet, and if you try to follow all the suggestions people have, you find that they are all contradictory. Your inner self knows, and this knowing is based on your being a unique soul in a unique body. This is why each of the diet books can only apply to some people.

Without your inner truth detector, all the information is a sea of contradictory data. That is why a life based upon cosmic awareness principles doesn’t look a particular way in every case — if it did, it would not be based on your own unique true knowing.

Your way of cosmic living is not a stereotype — you are not living out someone else’s pattern. It may, or may not, look like someone else’s reality in any particular way. It is important for you to recognize that, on occasion, you will appear to be doing the same as others, and at other times, you will appear to be following a different life path than others.

Your inner truth is the distinctive feature here, because it is guiding you based on your true individual path. And this path has no name, although you could say of it, “This is my path.” Other than that, you need not give your inner truth a description, unless you choose to do so. Your unique path is as simple, and as vast, as it needs to be.

So is there a particular activity that defines cosmic awareness?

For example, would a particular practice, such as yoga, define it? Not necessarily, because you might not resonate with that activity. And even if someone is practicing yoga, they may not be resonating with their cosmic essence — they may simply be going through the motions of the yoga postures in an automatic way.

Perhaps a vegetarian diet, which many traditions insist upon, would define cosmic awareness. However, the vegetarian diet is only suitable for some people, as is clearly explained in the book, The Metabolic Typing Diet, by Wolcott and Fahey. As they point out, your unique metabolic type requires a unique diet, and no one can impose it upon you — only some people are suited to vegetarianism.

In fact, even your mind can not impose a diet upon you, no matter whether you believe in vegetarian or in non-vegetarian diets. This is because your inner self — deeper than your mind — knows the truth about your body, no matter what your mental beliefs may be. When you make decisions based on your own deepest inner truth vibration, that is a good enough explanation of living in alignment with your cosmic awareness.

Would cosmic awareness be easily observed in people employed in a particular job or profession? No, because being in a particular job doesn’t automatically make you one who is necessarily living a cosmic life. Being referenced to your inner cosmic center, being aligned with that timeless knowing, while still being centered in the moment, is cosmic living — wherever you may be.

It is a lofty goal, which no one can achieve completely, and so the process of awareness and integration is forever evolving in your life. Anyone following this path of truth alignment, by whatever means, is practicing cosmic living.

There are lifestyle decisions that you make based upon your inner truth essence. These decisions may, or may not, align with anyone else’s preferred styles, so do not compare yourself with others.

Your personal decisions about the cosmic life do have certain qualities in in common, however you choose to express them:

– Your inner cosmic self definitely chooses health, although your path to health may or may not look like any other path.

– Your inner cosmic self seeks higher spiritual alignment, and as with health practices, your spiritual alignment methods may or may not look similar to any other path.

You follow the path of those essential principles in the way that resonates with your deepest understanding of those principles — whether people understand your path or not.

That means that you choose to avoid some lifestyle choices, in accord with your deeper understanding of truth. Understand why: If a lifestyle choice is unhealthy or unbalanced for you, or if it disconnects your body and soul, it is avoided for these reasons. To be clear, you are not avoiding lifestyle decisions because they are considered to be un-spiritual, or bad — but based upon the deeper sensing of your inner cosmic truth.

Can you see principles of cosmic awareness within people around you? Perhaps you can’t exactly see the principles on the surface — but you can feel deeper awareness as a vibration, or presence — and you can sense this within others as well. When you align your body, heart, mind, and soul with your universal truth, you are practicing the wisdom.

Be less concerned about what it looks like to others, and practice knowing your cosmic truth, for this is the pathless path, the action-less action, and the true way that has no name. For the moment, you can call it cosmic awareness. Let yourself find other appropriate descriptions of your path, as you align yourself with deeper truth, with each sacred breath you take.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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  1. Qween E says:

    This brought clarity to my question, what is comic living. Thank you! I am living cosmically.

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