Aura Healing And Activation – Bundled mp3 Set – Vitalize And Empower Your Energy Body

Get ready to accelerate and enliven your living aura…

Discover how you can use your body-mind-soul connection to raise your vibration, awaken your life energy, and activate your higher spiritual potential. The ever-increasing planetary shifts can wear sensitive people down, so you need a natural means of recuperating. When you build your aura up, you are better able to thrive in the accelerated energies.  When you realize that you could use a massage — an aura massage — then you’re ready for Aura Healing & Activation. 

Having developed innovative spiritual methods for 30 years, mystic spiritual catalyst Joel Bruce Wallach shares the wisdom in a way that you can easily absorb. The skills become a natural part of you, available whenever you choose. You will understand the principles, practice the steps, and become empowered at a deep level.

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Aura Healing & Activation – bundled mp3 set

1. Massage Your Light Body

Your aura, or light body, is the energy field that influences every aspect of your life. In this frenetic world, how can you can smooth your ruffled edges? Discover your deep abilities to:

  1. Cleanse your energy blocks, so that you can feel lighter and freer. 
  2. Release deep psychic tensions, so that you can experience psychic cleanliness.
  3. Awaken your spiritual potential, so that you can experience your living soul in your body.  
  4. Regain your cosmic connection, so you can come back to center more easily.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 58 minutes.


Aura Healing & Activation – bundled mp3 set

2. Aura Pulse

Does your aura have a living pulse, just as your heart does?  This simple form of aura massage uses very subtle movements that are easy to do, yet deeply peaceful and transformational. This technique helps you:

  1. Generate your own self-healing.
  2. Experience a deep level of spiritual stress release.
  3. Cultivate a deep sense of body-mind-soul integration.
  4. Bring your aura into alignment with itself, and with your body and mind.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 60 minutes.


Aura Healing & Activation – bundled mp3 set

3. Circulate Your Kundalini

Can your own life-energy enlighten you? Your kundalini energy is your inner cosmic vitality. Joel helps you place your attention, step-by-step, so that you can enliven yourself, and easily: 

  1. Release tension between your body and your soul.
  2. Experience your living inner temple of dynamic, flowing, life energy.
  3. Embody the principles of mystical truth within your own body.
  4. Experience the delicious sensation of your living soul circulating within your body.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 60 minutes.


Aura Healing & Activation – bundled mp3 set

4. Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your VibrationWouldn’t it be great to raise your vibration whenever you choose? Discover how, with the Cosmic Aura Healing Chart — download it from Session Resources at You can easily:

  1. Transmute negative, stuck, or limited energies.
  2. Activate balance and healing within yourself.
  3. Access higher spiritual awareness and positive vibrations.
  4. Align yourself with positive vibrations.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 57 minutes.


Aura Healing & Activation – bundled mp3 set

5. Awaken Your Soul Chakra

Could your eighth chakra be your divine gateway? Why do paintings of saints show a glow shining just above their heads? Discover how to work with your own cosmic connection — the upper chakras that medieval painters interpreted as a halo. You can:

  1. Develop the ability to access and work with your higher chakra energy.
  2. Use your higher chakra energy for spiritual cleansing.
  3. Activate inner divine peace and protection.
  4. Cultivate deeper faith in self essence, and in universal wisdom.
  5. Safely cultivate inner divine qualities generally associated with advanced teachers, saints, and higher cosmic dimensions.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 59 minutes.


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Aura Healing & Activation - mp3 bundled set - Vitalize & Empower Your Energy Body
Aura Healing & Activation - mp3 bundled set - Vitalize & Empower Your Energy Body
These five empowering awareness trainings are all included in the Aura Healing & Activation mp3 Bundle:

1. Massage Your Light Body – 58 minutes, $35 value
2. Aura Pulse – 60 minutes, $35 value
3. Circulate Your Kundalini – 60 minutes, $35 value
4. Raise Your Vibration – 57 minutes, $35 value
5. Awaken Your Soul Chakra - 59 minutes, $35 value

Total value of all five trainings: $175

Your special bundle price is only:
Price: $79.95

The Aura Healing & Activation Bundle, listed above, is included in the Super-Bundle — Get the Soul-Healer Super-Bundle to accelerate your soul healing skills. Features five mp3 bundles, consisting of 24 empowering audio trainings:

Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
These five mp3 bundles are all combined into the Soul-Healing Super-Bundle, giving you a total of 24 audio trainings:

Embodiment bundle - truly live in your sacred temple
Contains four mp3 sessions, valued at $140.00

Aura Healing & Activation bundle - vitalize & empower your energy body
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Your Sacred Center bundle - renew from your inner wellspring
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Inner Oneness bundle - unite your fragments to discover your empowered self
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Emotional Well-Being bundle - spiritual healing for your feelings
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Total value of all 24 trainings, if purchased individually at $35 each: $840

Total value of the five bundles, if purchased as five special bundles: $389.75

Your amazing Super-Bundle price with 24 powerful healing audio trainings is now only:
Price: $299.95

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