Embodiment – Bundled mp3 Set – Truly Live In Your Sacred Temple

Get ready to embody your sacred temple – your own miraculous body…

Discover how you can use your body-mind-soul connection to really thrive in the sacred space of your own dynamically alive self. The modern world could be affecting your well-being, and with the accelerated shifts, you need easy-to-use ways of keeping your body and mind in alignment. If stresses keep you buzzing in your brain, and out of your body, you have options. Bring yourself into deep Embodiment, so that you can Truly Live In Your Sacred Temple with ease and grace. 

Having developed innovative spiritual methods for 30 years, mystic spiritual catalyst Joel Bruce Wallach shares the wisdom in a way that you can easily absorb. The skills become a natural part of you, available whenever you choose. You will understand the principles, practice the steps, and become empowered at a deep level.

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Embodiment – bundled mp3 set

1. Re-Animate Your Body

Are you really in your body, or just floating outside of it? You can feel more stable, real, and alive when you discover how easy it is to:

  1. Inhabit your body more profoundly, so that your divine presence can radiantly manifest through your bones, muscles, nerves, and tissue.
  2. Embody your true spiritual self into your daily life.
  3. Define your reality according to your higher divine principles, rather than lesser influences of group mind, ancestors, family, and media.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 63 minutes.


Embodiment – bundled mp3 set

2. Cellular Memory Re-Patterning

Do your cells hold negative, unconscious patterns and beliefs that you would like to change? Discover easy to use techniques that help you:

  1. Live in your body more comfortably, and strengthen your body-mind link. 
  2. Cleanse negative imprints from the cellular memory, including childhood imprints and challenging life experiences.
  3. Re-write negative self-talk that has been held in the cells.
  4. Live in your body more comfortably.
  5. Find ways to strengthen your body-mind link, so that you are more in alignment with your higher self.

(Uses the Cosmic Healing Chart – please download chart from Session Resources in menu at ajc.e08.myftpupload.com).

  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 60 minutes.


Embodiment – bundled mp3 set

3. Cosmic Bloodstream Cleansing

How do you raise the vibration of your bloodstream, and what is the connection to your physical and spiritual well-being? Discover how you can:

  1. Feel more alive and vital with a radiant bloodstream, cleansed with your own multi-dimensional consciousness.
  2. Explore techniques that sweep away clogged toxic energy, so that your soul can joyously live in the liquid crystal splendor of your physical body with ease and grace.
  3. Take charge of your wellness in an enjoyable and fascinating way.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 57 minutes.


Embodiment – bundled mp3 set

4. Body-Mind Spinal Balance

Where is your deep physical and emotional tension stored, and how can you shift it into comfort? This easy to use method helps you:

  1. Balance the living energy within your own spinal column.
  2. Cultivate peace of mind, smooth your emotions, and bring deeper peace to your body.
  3. Discover how to use your own intention, and your own energy presence.
  4. Discover an energy-based healing method that is similar to what cranial-sacral practitioners do.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 57 minutes.


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Embodiment mp3 Bundle - Truly Live In Your Sacred Temple
Embodiment mp3 Bundle - Truly Live In Your Sacred Temple
These four empowering awareness trainings are all included in the Embodiment mp3 Bundle:

1. Re-Animate Your Body – 63 minutes, $35 value
2. Cellular Memory Re-Patterning – 60 minutes, $35 value
3. Cosmic Bloodstream Cleansing – 57 minutes, $35 value
4. Body-Mind Spinal Balance – 57 minutes, $35 value

Total value of all four trainings: $140

Your special bundle price is only:
Price: $69.95

The Embodiment mp3 Bundle, listed above, is included in the Super-Bundle — Get the Soul-Healer Super-Bundle to accelerate your soul healing skills. Features five mp3 bundles, consisting of 24 empowering audio trainings:

Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
These five mp3 bundles are all combined into the Soul-Healing Super-Bundle, giving you a total of 24 audio trainings:

Embodiment bundle - truly live in your sacred temple
Contains four mp3 sessions, valued at $140.00

Aura Healing & Activation bundle - vitalize & empower your energy body
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Your Sacred Center bundle - renew from your inner wellspring
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Inner Oneness bundle - unite your fragments to discover your empowered self
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Emotional Well-Being bundle - spiritual healing for your feelings
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Total value of all 24 trainings, if purchased individually at $35 each: $840

Total value of the five bundles, if purchased as five special bundles: $389.75

Your amazing Super-Bundle price with 24 powerful healing audio trainings is now only:
Price: $299.95

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