Live Teleclasses F.A.Q.

Q. How can Joel speak to a group in a way that applies to all participants?

A. Joel is tuning into the group dynamic energy, and this group energy includes the totality of all participants, while also including their individual aspects. There is a universal perfection about groups, in which the participants are aligned at a higher cosmic level because they have been guided to participate in this specific event. There is an appropriateness and resonance in the shared event that allows for the highest good for all participants.

Q. How can I apply what I learned today to my personal situation?

A. Here is how you can give yourself assistance… Imagine yourself sitting in front of yourself. Let yourself pretend. You do not need to imagine all the details. Just have a generalized sense that you are sitting in front of yourself. This helps your ego be less invested in the outcome, so that you can calmly help the nice person — your self — sitting in front of you.

Q. How will I be able to feel benefits from a live teleclass when I am not present in person?

A. The teleclass takes place, via telephone, in the virtual space that includes your self, the presenter, and the other attendees. It is a space that is not limited by distance. This space is held together for the hour by the intention of all attendees. Joel’s voice, presence, and intention are the catalysts that help you access your own skills. The event is a conscious, high vibration, co-created sacred space in which your smooth transformation can happen.

Q. How could a random group of people help each other if they cannot see each other, and if they are not all talking together in the same room?

A. This is not a random group of people, because this is a group of conscious people who have chosen to participate in a specific positively-oriented event. The shared intention is focused and unifying, and the higher selves of all participants co-create balance and sacred space. Though it is a virtual space, recognize that virtual sacred space is quite tangible and real.

Q. Can I be anonymous on the call?

A. Yes, you need not speak, and you can quietly listen and practice via your own telephone in the privacy of your own environment.

Q. Do I have to share anything with anyone else?

A. You need not share anything.

Q. What if I have a question, or need clarification during the call?

A. We will take time for some questions during the hour. When possible, I will answer questions in a way that would apply to all attendees, often with a brief guided awareness technique.

Q. What if I still feel the need for a personal practitioner?

A. The world is filled with excellent practitioners. If you want to benefit from a private practitioner, you can easily do so while also participating in the live teleclasses. And, you can always obtain the mp3’s of the previous teleclasses for your own private practice and transformation.

Q. What if I cannot participate with the live teleclass at the appointed time?

A. You can participate in the teleclass and receive its benefits via the recorded mp3.

Q. How could I receive benefit from a teleclass that was previously recorded?

A. The living intelligence and spiritual consciousness of the recorded teleclass is as alive as when it was recorded. In listening to the recording, you are energetically participating in a real, living event. This understanding comes from the new physics, and from the ancient understanding that all things are part of the One, and so these ideas can not be explained using conventional materialistic understandings of traditional science.

Q. Is Cosmic Living a religion, or is it based on a religion?

A. Cosmic Living emphasizes that your essence is the individuated essence of the universal divine source. This is an understanding that you can use to guide, inform, transform, and inspire yourself, but it is not a religion or a dogma. Any similarities between these principles and any religions can be easily explained, when you realize that all religions are based on cosmic concepts, and that these cosmic concepts are essentially referring to the same divine universal essence. If you choose, however, to believe that you are separate from the universe, and if you choose to believe that you do not have a divine essence, that is entirely your choice.

Q. Can I benefit from Cosmic Living and still participate in my religion, my beliefs, and all other teachings that are meaningful to me?

A. Yes, you can. Cosmic Living teachings are created to assist you in developing yourself in your own optimal way, so that you can cultivate your highest potential, and share that highest potential in any manner that you choose with your family, and with any community with which you are associated.

Q. What if I want to utilize the teachings in a unique way that was not described during the teleclass?

A. The teleclasses are a doorway to your own self-directed development. I hope that you take your experiences further, and I expect that you will develop in your own way. The forum helps you with ideas along these lines, as participants co-create deeper understandings and practices based on the sessions, and share these ideas if they choose.

Q. Is the information shared  from a divine source, or just from Joel’s understandings of reality?

A. Both. The longer answer is that Joel’s beliefs come from his divine alignment. Although Joel is speaking from his highest understanding via resonance with divine source, you still, as always, need to utilize your own personal highest discernment. That rule of always using your highest discernment always applies to anything you learn from anyone, no matter how highly they are regarded, and no matter what their spiritual reputation may be.

Q. Has Joel been properly educated and trained to provide this service?

A. If you are asking about university degrees and such, the answer is no. If you are asking about Joel being associated with a religious or spiritual group, the answer is no. If you are asking about a lifetime of cosmic alignment, deep experiential study, and decades of teaching and practitioner experience, then he is properly educated and trained.

Q. This all seems too overwhelming. How do I know if this is suitable for me?

A. If the idea of Cosmic Living teleclasses seems overwhelming, and you are asking this question, then it is probably not suitable for you. Relax, and choose to find those situations in which you feel safe and centered.

Q. This all seems too irrational, and unprovable. It is too fluffy and not real enough for me. Should I try it anyway?

A. Find something that seems real to you, and release this for now.

Q. How do I know which of the teleclasses are best for me, and where do I start?

A. Which teleclasses fascinate you? Which teleclasses make you wonder about the possibilities? You will be drawn to the right ones. Your rational mind, which has its place in many aspects of your life, may not be the best guide for determining which teleclasses you would like to participate with. You can analyze it all day, without any distinct answer. Look at it this way — you will be able to utilize the teleclasses you attend, whether live or via mp3, and you will be able to bring these methods to your personal situation, if you put some energy into it, and let yourself apply what you have learned.

Q. Why have so many different teleclasses? Why not have just a few core practices that are repeated every week?

A. Every teleclass emphasizes a unique aspect of spiritual development, and you come to realize that all the different aspects or facets of what you learn are all connected.

Q. How many teleclasses do I need? 

A. Each teleclass provides benefit. As to the number of teleclasses to participate with, this is entirely based on which one you are drawn to attend. Whether you attend one, or one hundred, you will receive unique benefits that you can use to bring yourself into deeper alignment with your potential.

Q. When do we graduate?

There is no graduation, because the learning process is continuous. These transformational experiences are a series of opportunities to access your potential, rather than a school with a fixed curriculum. Joel is a cosmic catalyst who helps you to be your own teacher in your own life. You are a conscious being who seeks to become even more conscious, and you are beyond needing to define yourself as a student.

In Cosmic Living, you are definitely learning, you are evolving, you are moving forward, and you are becoming more comfortable with your authentic self. You are discovering how to enjoyably express your higher potential, in a balanced way, in each sacred moment. Welcome to Cosmic Living!

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Listen to 5 minute samples of the teleclasses here.


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