How can I empower myself after 2012?

The day after 2012, it will be the first day of 2013. What do you suppose the first day of 2013 will be like? Well, naturally, it will be very much like the last day of 2012.

In spite of all the media attention around the spiritual shifts of 2012, this cosmic shift is actually happening gradually. That means that the vibrational changes described by spiritual teachers cannot be conveniently assigned to one particular year.

Have you noticed all the attention around this idea of 2012 being spiritually unusual? You are supposed to believe that there is a big external shift in the universe that will somehow change everything automatically. Although the spiritual evolution of the planet is truly happening in this modern era, the spiritual shifts that are happening now cannot force you into a higher state of consciousness. You can only shift your vibration to the extent that you are willing to.

This means that in the coming years, you will continually evolve from where you are now. It also means that each person will also evolve gradually from where they are now. However, everyone is on their spiritual path at their own rate — everyone is at a different level of consciousness. This means that the idealized notion that we will all become enlightened together in 2012 is well-intentioned, but somewhat naive.

And the belief that this spiritual change is happening specifically in 2012 is not a literal truth, but instead reflects a general trend of consciousness expansion that has been happening for decades — and will continue for decades to come. So when you put all your attention on one magic calendar date, you are withdrawing your attention from the entire remainder of your life, and limiting your attention to one supposedly magical year. That is not empowering — it is actually a passive way of giving your power away.

Here is a visualization to help you take your spiritual power back, so that you can thrive in the years beyond 2012:

– Imagine your radiant self ten years in the future — twenty years ahead — and more.

– Sense that you are becoming more aware, more centered, and more empowered in every way. Let yourself imagine your radiance in the future.

– See and feel that the planet is becoming more conscious … It’s OK to imagine the love and light of humanity shining brightly — dissolving layers of limitation. This opens a vibrational doorway that helps hold the space for that brighter future.

– Breathe in that future energy — into your body in this present moment. Let the bright energy flow into you, and own the energy as a living vibration that becomes part of you right now.

– Blend the future energies with your actual reality in present time, whatever it might be. Honor the truth of what is actually happening now, and link the now moment with that bright future. Let the energies of present and future mingle together.

– Deeply feel that whatever is happening on the material plane, you always have the choice to envision and align with your intended reality. This is not denial — it is choice.

Do realize, though, that everyone is at a different level of consciousness, and though the planet is becoming generally more aware, this does not mean that everyone is becoming enlightened immediately. Nor does it mean that everyone is becoming enlightened in the same way, because each individual has their own unique path.

This includes the possibility that people shall, in varying degrees, awaken to their higher spiritual potential. Of course, given that free will allows everyone to choose, it also suggests that some people may, in varying degrees, choose to resist, deny, or otherwise suppress the emergence of higher spiritual consciousness. But don’t get stuck in struggling to resist their resistance. Align with your path, and move in the direction you choose.

So on the first day of 2013, what will you discover? You will find that your life is going in accord with how you have been living it each day — making your inner choices, and aligning your actions with your inner divine truth.

The same principle will be true in 2014, 2015, and beyond. So do not wait for any particular year when the opportunities will supposedly be excellent, because the time to align with your highest truth is now — and each day forward.

Cultivate your inner divine alignment each day. Let your inner spiritual radiance stimulate your daily positive actions that move you towards your chosen future. These are the foundation principles to practice daily, in your own way, every day of every year in the coming years.

These spiritual principles will remain — they will not change in the coming years. That’s good to know — that the principles of consciousness will always be there for you throughout your future. Choose to develop and deeply sense your spiritually aligned self. Feel your resonance with the universe each day. Let your inner cosmic spark shine its light, confidently igniting your healthy future each day, decades beyond 2012.

This is how you empower yourself, and it is the deeper meaning of 2012. The key is that you — the cosmic eternal being that you truly are — are the one that you have been waiting for. Thank you for showing up; your consciousness is the key, and your co-creation of this worldly reality is important to everyone.

Know that within the deep infinite ocean of all higher selves, your unique soul presence is a rare contribution to reality that is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living — personal consultations and home-study mp3’s

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