How do I access my own truth?

… Amidst all the choices available to me?

In the modern world, you are confronted with an ever greater number of choices each day. You will use your mind to try to determine what is best for you. But what do you do when you are offered two or more contrary choices?

And how do you decide amongst choices that all seem equally valid? Or perhaps, there are so many choices available to you that you simply feel overloaded by the all the promised possibilities.

If only you could discover where your own truth is, then you would be at peace with all the possibilities that life offers you.

The real truth that lives deep within you is in alignment with your own highest good, because your inner truth is in alignment with the universe itself. This means that your own truth is not in conflict with the universe. So when you are confronted with contradictory choices, you learn to go deep within yourself to find a special quiet place — the realm of your inner voice. But how will you recognize it?

Your own truth is also known as the small, still voice within. It may actually be a quiet voice that you hear within your heart or mind, and it may also be a gentle feeling, a light, or just a knowing. You notice it precisely because it is not loud, it is not pushy, and it does not demand. It gently offers. This is its subtle way of sharing with you.

When you learn to trust your essential truth, you can let other people and groups have their own understanding of situations. You do not judge or invalidate them for their viewpoints. You confidently trust that you are on your own valid road, and you can feel the appropriateness of your choices as you walk your own path.

You feel that truth deep within yourself as an authentic felt sense. When you access the universal truth in this way, it helps you acknowledge that your unique way of being has meaning and purpose. You are as you are for a reason, and you begin to recognize that your personal way of being is a valid contribution to the universe.

This helps you honor the reciprocal relationship between you and the universe. The universe wants you to be the unique being that you are — you could say that the universe is cheering for you to be yourself.

And, you need the divine presence of the universe as well. It is wonderfully curious to discover the treasures that you find within your essence. The deeper you go within yourself, you find yourself, of course — and you also find the infinite universal presence.

So when you look for yourself within your core, you find the universe — and when you look for the universe within your core, you find yourself.

When you practice tuning into your inner insights every day, you become more comfortable with confidently following your deepest truth within. This protects you from being mentally pulled in all directions by the many contrary claims that people insist are true.

And over time, you find that you come to know yourself, and you come to know the cosmic presence of the universe. You begin to feel as if the universe were a part of you — which, delightfully enough, it truly is.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction via home-study mp3’s

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