How do I transform emotions without suppressing them?

Everything is energy, and that includes your thoughts and emotions.

When you learn to sense your emotions as waves of energy, you have actually changed your consciousness in a wonderfully empowering way. This is because energy is in a constant state of change. When you recognize this fact, it opens a doorway of new possibilities for you.

If emotional energy is ever-shifting, that means that you, yourself, are more capable of change than you may have realized.

Here is a secret: Even an emotion that feels hard or tight is actually energetically shifting from moment to moment. But, when you label the emotion as sad, angry, or fearful, the emotion might harden into the label that you have given it.

How could describing the emotion lead to a hardening of the emotional condition? There is an inner conflict created between your mind and your feelings when you believe your own stories about your emotions. Here is how that happens:

1. The emotions want to express themselves.

2. Your mind resists the emotions, and judges the unpleasant feelings — and gives it a name — sad, angry, or fearful.

3. Because the emotions feel limited in their freedom to flow as energy, the upset emotions fearfully resist your attempts to change or suppress them.

4. The mind seeks even more strongly to change, suppress, or even deny the emotions.

5. So your mind and your emotions become locked in a struggle.

What can bring about a change in this conflict?

When you recognize that the emotions are constantly changing, this offers you an empowering new way to be with your emotions, more comfortably and non-judgmentally.

What if you don’t actually name the emotion, but it just feels uncomfortable, tight, or just plain bad? Well, you haven’t named the emotion, but you still don’t like it, and you want to deny it. What is the option to judging and denying emotional energy?

You allow yourself to feel the pure sensation of the feeling — as a dynamically flowing energy. This sounds weird until you try it, but you discover that any feeling really can be experienced as shifting energy in your body.

Let yourself explore the emotions that you have labeled as bad. Now you can re-examine them in a new, empowering way. Sense your emotions as a field of vibrations. This lets you notice how your emotions are actually living energies that are always shifting.

It is mysterious, but true, that when you practice tracking the subtle shifts in your emotional energy textures, from moment to moment, it helps you become free from fearing or resisting your emotional energy. This is because when you experience your emotions as changing energy, it helps the emotions flow into new and more interesting forms and textures.

This experience transforms your interactions with your emotions into a beautiful unity of mind, feelings, and flowing energy. It is amazing to discover that your challenging emotions could be the catalyst for your spiritual growth, and could help you settle into your center more easily.

So each day, you can practice learning to be present with your emotions — as energy vibrations. This gentle way of being with your dynamic emotional energy brings you into balance, so that your body, emotions, and thoughts can align with your soul. It helps you gain control of your emotions that had seemed to be running away with themselves.

When you let go of trying to suppress your emotions, or trying to deny them, you experience emotions as gently flowing, ever-shifting energy waves. And this lets you feel more stable in your body, more contented in your heart, and with more access to your intuitive mind.

As you explore the shifting energies, this way of letting go of over-control gives you a new kind of healthy control that is gentle, yet profoundly stable. Let yourself imagine being in a stabilized flow of living energy that fascinates you with its subtle shifts, and enlivens you as it flows through your body in each moment.

This is the natural way to transform your emotions with energy awareness.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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