How can I make a difference, when everything seems to be falling apart?

Your bossy ego insists that you respond to everything that you see in the world. Your ego, also called the little self, makes you think that you must fix everything, or at least worry about it. When you feel that you must hurry in every direction to fix everything, that is when you most benefit from bringing your attention back to your deep center.

People will often insist that you bring your attention to their concerns of the moment. They want you to care about their situation, or to agree with them. And they pull on your energy, demanding that you either fix their situation, or that you pity them, or that you grant them whatever attention they believe will bring them relief.

So how would bringing your attention back to your center help to make a difference? Isn’t that denial or avoidance? No, it is not. Actually, when you match the chaotic energy of a person, group, or situation, you are not helping. Your nervous activity and worry is like adding gasoline to a fire.

If you truly wish to help, recognize that the healthy choices and decisions that emerge when you are in your center are more sensible and wise. The reference point from your center lets you determine whether action is appropriate, and what that action might be should you choose it.

Notice the difference between a thoughtfully balanced, proactive response from your center — compared to the automatic, ego-driven reactive response.

You want to make a difference, and you might think that this requires immediate action. But wait —

There is an even more profound form of action, but it is so outwardly subtle that it may seem to be action-less action. This is the action of consciousness — the state of grace. It is the empowering quality that gently activates when you access your infinite universal center, and align your intention with the highest good.

Your ego might interpret your centering response as fruitless, because your center is calm and unworried. And yet, this mysterious action-less action makes a definite shift in your universe. Working from your center frees you to re-orient yourself regarding a situation, so that you can cultivate a fresh, more effective state of consciousness. And that sets positive currents of energy into motion.

Working from your center, via inner alignment, is not a substitute for worldly action. Rather, it can accompany balanced worldly action. There is wisdom in your deep center that helps you access subtle intuition about your path, moment by moment.

You may not be certain of what your exact path will be tomorrow. However, tomorrow you will be able to access your center once again, and at that time you will be making a positive difference in the world, just as surely as you are today.

The practice of taking action from your deep center helps you discover your own way, so that your truth leads to right associations of all kinds. This brings you confidence in your own unique path.

As you practice this centering alignment in your daily life, you realize that your inner cosmic self is guiding you to function from your place of essential inner knowing. And you recognize that you truly do make a difference for the planet, every time you make centered, conscious choices from your sacred space — the centered sanctuary within you.

So when you suppose that everything is falling apart, realize that this is your ego mind’s dramatic interpretation of events. And when you find yourself reacting in that automatically frantic way, you now know that you can step back from your reactions. You can quietly settle into your center, breathe, and reassess the situation from a fresh centered perspective. And that sets the stage for making a difference.

Your balanced response may look subtle, because it is rather different than the busily dramatic response of the ego. And yet, your centered response is your position of true spiritual power, and the place from which you can make the subtle, yet real shifts that help create heaven on earth.

Thank you for making a difference in this world, from your deep cosmic center.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living- spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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