Intuition or Common Sense — Heart or Mind — Which Do I Choose?

First, one teacher tells you to access the intuitive truth in your heart …

Have you been told to distrust your mind, and to find truth in your heart? This seems to work, until you discover that although the heart has the capacity to know deep truth, the heart can also be deceived. When the heart becomes influenced by emotionalism and fantasies, it can make interpretations of reality that are unbalanced.

Then, another teacher tells you to get real, and use your hard-headed common sense …

Have you been told to distrust your heart, and to find truth in your mind? This seems to work, until you discover that although the mind has the capacity for wisdom, the mind can also be deceived. When the mind becomes overly fascinated with information and concepts, it can make unbalanced decisions.

Some people fear the mind, and some people fear the heart. Both groups have something curiously in common — they both seem unaware that the mind and the heart have higher and lower functions. This means that the mind and the heart can access higher wisdom. And, it also means that the mind and the heart can be deceived.

Why to you have to choose between intuition or common sense?

But why should you have to choose between the heart or the mind, as if you had to decide which one was good, and which one was bad? There is a solution. Release the idea that there is a conflict between heart and mind.

Now you can make a new distinction. You can recognize that both heart and mind have deep wisdom — and heart and mind can be deceived. So the issue is truth versus falsehood.

– You can learn to recognize the difference between the lower and higher heart — emotionalism versus deep truth resonance.

– And you can learn the difference between the lower and higher mind — petty details versus deep intuitive knowing.

To make these distinctions requires that you learn to be present in your body. And yet, the idea that you can unite your heart, mind, and soul, through your physical body, is not always understood or appreciated. You may find that:

– There are teachings that seem to fear the body and its instincts… Such teachings promote the idea that the body is suspect, and that the true reality is beyond the body.

– There are other teachings that seem to resist the heart and its emotions… Such teachings regard the heart as unbalanced, and tend to trust the lofty realms of the mind or spirit.

– And there are yet other teachings that seem to reject the mind and its concepts… Such teachings tend to trust the emotional realm of the heart.

These fears promoted by various teachings about the body, the heart, and the mind create a division that doesn’t need to exist. Such fears make people avoid unifying the vital elements of their complete self, as if there was a conflict between the body, the heart, and the mind. How can you respond to these teachings?

You have a higher choice. Recognize that you can choose the deeper truth frequency, or vibration, when you access your body, your heart, and your mind. You can access the deeper truth within your body, heart, and mind. This lets you unite your common sense, your intuition, your emotions, and your soul in healthy unity.

When you breathe into your integrated self — your body-heart-mind-soul — you discover the deep love and wisdom that lives in every part of you.

This frees you from the groundless fears about the heart, the mind, and the body promoted by many teachings. You regain your faith in yourself, because you access the indwelling capacities for love and wisdom that are natural to you. You always utilize your entire self, so that you are using both intuition and common sense.

What is common sense? Common sense is an essential function of your logical mind. It utilizes the lower mind and the conscience, both of which are helpful in dealing with basic tasks and situations on the earth plane.

The recognition, for example, that a stop sign is ahead of you on the road, is common sense information that you want to be aware of. So you always want to include common sense in your understanding of the world around you. However, the mind is sometimes deceived by false facts that appear to be true. Advertising is one example of this.

How can you utilize your common sense, without being deceived?

Your common sense needs to be double-checked with your heart awareness, and with your deeper psychic intuitive mind. This is the key that liberates you to use your full capabilities. Double check and compare.

What about insights from your intuitive mind? You compare your sensing with your different levels of self. Always compare, so that you get a more complete sense of reality.

It is the same with a feeling that you have in your heart. Check it. Compare it with different aspects of yourself. Get a full, multifaceted sense of reality. Never use only one mode of checking.

There are many situations in your life that are not as obvious as whether you should stop at a stop sign. Whenever you want to know the deeper truth about a situation, use a blend of common sense with deeper intuition — basic logic, with deeper heart, with deeper mind.

You come to recognize that there is profound knowingness within you — multi-mode awareness. And so it is that you learn to utilize your grounded common sense, and your deep intuition, together in harmony, with every breath you take.

Intuition or common sense? Yes!

Heart or mind? Yes!

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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    My brother sent me this information and really helped me. Will you put me on your e-mail!

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