How can I integrate the spiritual energies that I am feeling?

As the planet awakens in consciousness, and as you become more aware, you may experience reactions to the emerging spiritual energies and higher vibrations. These reactions may include surfacing emotions, and unusual or chaotic thoughts. You might notice subtle energy sensations that flow, pulse, and shimmer within your body. And you may wonder if you simply imagining these curious sensations.

Your challenge with the emerging spiritual awareness on the planet is that you seek to expand your consciousness, and to fulfill your potential. And yet, you want to participate in the emerging higher consciousness while remaining grounded and centered. Otherwise, the increased awareness of subtle energies can feel bothersome, overwhelming, and disorienting.

How can you maintain balance and integration, amidst so many energies that seem to be surfacing?

Your first option is to gently bring your attention to your breathing. Gently breathe, and quietly notice how your ribcage and abdomen move as you breathe. This stabilizes and centers your mind and body with your breathing.

Gentle breath awareness helps you stay centered amidst all the accelerated planetary energies that you are encountering. It works best if you explore your breathing as a friendly, gentle experience in your body — relax into it, and don’t force it.

Another option, when you feel overwhelmed by the energies of emotions, thoughts, and sensations, is to bring your attention to your deep center. Let yourself imagine that there is a completely safe, centered space that exists within you, and let your attention gravitate there. Remember, you’re using your imagination — so just pretend that your center is there for you — and energetically, it is.

You find your deep center by tuning into the spiritual core that is located in your body. Your spiritual core is a subtle energetic reality. It may seem to exist in a deep dimension, miles within yourself, as if your core were even deeper within you than your physical body. You can discover your inner core energy with your intention and your imagination.

If you try to explain about your deep spiritual core to a so-called logical person, the concept will mystify them, because they will want proof that you really have a subtle energy core deep within you. So understand that your deep core is something that you experience, but not something that you can prove to those whose perception is limited to the material world.

In your deeper center, you discover your infinite presence — your soul. It is a curious but wonderful experience, because you discover that your soul is vaster than your body. When you experience this, it helps you develop a deep recognition that you, the soul, are bigger than your emotions and your thoughts.

The idea that your inner self is vaster than your body may confound your ego and your common sense, at first. This is why it may take some practice for you to become familiar with the experience of your deep center. Don’t try to make it happen. Just ease into it gradually.

All spiritual study that truly awakens you brings you into a relationship with your own body. When you gently breathe into your physical body, you become grounded into the stability of your physical self. This helps you experience your emerging spiritual energies within the grounded sanctuary of your body. You recognize that you have a deep resource within you to help you through every experience that you encounter in this life.

Let yourself check in with your deep inner essence each day — the inner space of your soul. And let your breath awareness unite and ground you with your physical body. You will find that the inner wisdom and cosmic love of your divine self is available to help you integrate whatever you are experiencing.

And you will discover that the universal presence within you shares the insight, the support, and the stable centering that you need. You really do have the inner resources to integrate these emerging spiritual energies that you have been feeling.

May your experiences with the planetary shifts proceed with ease and grace, so that your spiritual awakening is safe, centered, and enjoyable.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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