Where is my inner wisdom within me?

… And how do I confront my chattering inner voice?

Your authentic voice expresses the wisdom of your deeper self — it is the voice of your soul.

Your authentic voice is subtle, quiet, and comes from deep within you. It offers wisdom, but does not insist. It knows that truth is timeless — it will be here today, and tomorrow as well.

When you access your authentic voice within, there is a characteristic feeling in your body that you learn to detect — you feel smoother, and the space seems to open up, as if it is easier to breathe. When you hear your authentic voice, your mind becomes more calm and clear. Your emotions become more peaceful, confident, and hopeful.

Notice, however, how you have quite a different reaction to your chattering voice.

Your chattering voice expresses the worried and limited understanding of your lower mind. This chattering voice is insistent, nervous, and frenetic. It is the voice of your little ego — the would-be boss who believes that it is always right. This chattering voice insists that you must listen to its dramatic interpretations of reality if you wish to survive.

When you try to shout down your chattering voice, it comes back stronger. When you try to ignore it, it pesters you even more. If you regard this nervous inner voice as a problem that prevents you from having peace of mind, then it proves to you that your fear is correct. So how do you fight back against a voice that only knows how to shout, nag, and pester you?

This question about the bothersome voice may explain the problems that surface with traditional positive thinking. The belief that you have to be positive may make you try to ignore or deny the chattering voice. Is it really possible to focus exclusively on positive messages — entirely shutting all negative messages out of your mind?

Denial of the chattering voice creates a problem, because it is like denying the whistle of a boiling tea kettle. Does it seem that you must either give in to the chattering voice, or that you must deny it completely so that you can have peace of mind? Fortunately, there is a balanced alternative — one that neither gives in to the chattering voice, and which doesn’t try to banish it, either.

The solution must be in finding your inner wisdom voice, and aligning with it — but in a relaxed way. But first, where do you find your inner wisdom? There are a number of places where you might discover it:

– Is it in your head — where you can hear the voice of your cosmic intuition if you go deep within and listen for it?

– Or is it in your heart — where you can feel deep alignment with inner truth when you go deeper into the core of your heart?

– Or is it a gut feeling — where you can sense the deep awareness in your body that is aligned with a deeper knowing?

Perhaps your inner wisdom is everywhere — a subtle soul vibration that you learn to recognize.

To find your wisdom, whether in your head, heart, or body, you go deeply within. And from that center place, you go even deeper within — let yourself imagine it. Perhaps you thought you couldn’t go any deeper, but now you recognize that you can — through your imagination.

Whether you contact your deep wisdom as an inner voice, a feeling within you, a light shining within your mind, or a subtle combination of all of these, know this — your soul wisdom is always available to you.

But what if the chattering voice pesters you? It definitely will, but this is not the problem. The insistent voice is not your truth. It has no real power. What to do?

Do not deny or fight your nervous chattering voice. And do not blame it. But never let yourself fall into the hypnotic web of the chattering voice. Remember that it is not your authentic self.

Talk to your chattering voice with loving kindness. Thank it for sharing its concerns. And then you will be free to experience the love and wisdom that your inner soul presence shares with you. Subtle though it may seem to be, this is the essential wisdom that you can trust.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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