How can you stabilize yourself, when everything seems to be speeding up?

As your consciousness evolves, your sensitivity expands as well. Your awareness includes more levels of perception than you had ever been conscious of before.

At first, this can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you gradually realize that you are rational and sane. And yet, you recognize that something unusual is happening, and you wonder how you can stabilize yourself amidst such expansions of consciousness.

The reason that everything seems to be sped up is that now you are sensing many levels of awareness that you were not open to before. This can be overwhelming to your senses, to your feelings, and to your mind. In this modern age of spiritual expansion, you are feeling, thinking, and intuitively knowing more than when you were younger. This expanded range of perceptions may feel disorienting, and you may wonder why spiritual evolution must be that way.

Though you may yearn for a simpler time, that simplicity of the past, delightful as it seems in the golden glow of your nostalgic memory, would actually feel dull to you now. You would experience such naively simple perceptions as a less conscious, limited state of awareness.

But your past wasn’t entirely limited. There was a special clarity, and a present-moment vividness to your younger self — at least at certain times. And so your childhood did have some moments of profound depth, mixed with other limited ways of perceiving that were naive and childish.

But regarding those profound moments — could that clarity be brought into the present time to help you?

Consider this possibility for your expanding spiritual awareness… Your modern, ever-expanding multifaceted consciousness — combined with your childlike present-moment awareness. Might this combination be the key to enjoying your expanding consciousness, in a centered spirit of enjoyment and inner peace?

You can begin to notice that you do have choices in your moment-to-moment awareness that you may have forgotten about:

– You can be aware of your body existing in time and space,

– You can notice your breathing as it rises and falls,

– You can notice your heartbeat, and the space between your heartbeats,

– You can gently notice the little details of the objects in the room around you,

– And you can let yourself be present with them, without judging them.

These seemingly simple methods of being present can help unite and stabilize your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Your centered awareness is the antidote to the fragmented, over-stimulated reactions you may have to our ever-changing, seemingly sped-up modern world. You discover that your spiritual evolution can be a centered and meaningful experience for you, rather than a jumbled sensory overload. And you can recover the childlike wonder that you had lost, while letting go of the childish limitations of youth.

Cultivate daily awareness practices that build your stability within all levels of self. Spend some time every day integrating your awareness with your deep center. This frees you to move through the planetary shifts that are awakening everyone — with as much ease and grace as possible.

The expanding spiritual consciousness on the planet is awakening your perceptions on every level. This planetary shift is not without challenges, but you can learn to stabilize yourself without becoming ungrounded or overcharged. And that is true liberation, because you are not denying reality — you are perceiving it from a deeper empowered place of centered awareness.

For the moment, let yourself take a gentle breath in and out, and remember that there is a vast presence within you — your infinite divine self. Let yourself know, and deeply feel, the reality of your vast inner soul, and let your attention settle into your deep presence. This lets you feel a renewed sense of inspiration, confidence and delight — because your soul is an individualized expression of the divine universe itself.

There is no escape from the present moment, and there is nowhere to mystically ascend to. There is only this infinite moment.

Your choice is to align with your body, and to align with your deep soul presence. Practicing this way of empowerment is your way to stabilize yourself in the loving embrace of a deeper spiritual reality, amidst this ever shifting world. May your deeper awareness serve you well, with every breath you take.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction via tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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