The Soul Healing mp3 Collection – Super Bundle with 24 trainings

Are you ready for the consciousness shifts happening on the planet? The Soul-Healing Super-Bundle combines five regular bundles, to bring you 24 trainings on mp3.

Download now, and start making positive shifts today. The Soul-Healing Super-Bundle includes all of these:

  • Embodiment bundle – truly live in your sacred temple
  • 1. Re-Animate Your Body
  • 2. Cellular Memory Re-Patterning
  • 3. Cosmic Bloodstream Cleansing
  • 4. Body-Mind Spinal Balance
  • Aura Healing & Activation bundle – vitalize & empower your energy body
  • 1. Massage Your Light-Body
  • 2. Aura Pulse
  • 3. Circulate Your Kundalini
  • 4. Raise Your Vibration
  • 5. Awaken Your Soul Chakra
  • Your Sacred Center bundlerenew from your inner wellspring
  • 1. Return To Your Center
  • 2. Breathing Peace
  • 3. Breath Visualizations
  • 4. Your Cosmic Essence Power
  • 5. The Power Of Slow
  • Inner Oneness bundleunite your fragments to discover your empowered self
  • 1. Pull Yourself Together
  • 2. Releasing Over-Control
  • 3. Inner Sound Healing
  • 4. Activate Your Truth Shield
  • 5. Ghost Busting – Entity Clearing 101
  • Emotional Well-Being bundlespiritual healing for your feelings
  • 1. Inner Child Re-Parenting
  • 2. Heal Your Past Upsets
  • 3. From Heart-ache To Heart-peace
  • 4. Fear Re-Patterning
  • 5. Grief & Sadness Re-Patterning

I believe that soul awareness is a natural gift that is already within you. That’s why I share this information in a friendly, clear, centered, and step-by-step style — you get enough explanation to understand each topic, presented simply enough that you can grasp it easily. I take you through guided techniques and visualizations in real time, so that you can follow along, and build the skills for yourself.

And if you’re wondering if you have to have some kind of special ability, or super visualization abilities, you can relax about that — I always encourage you to use your imagination; just pretend. Remember, it’s easier than you supposed.

You’ll discover that you really can make a positive difference for yourself. When you cultivate these soul-healing skills, you can help your friends, family, and clients — if you choose. Of course, you may just be exploring these methods for your own well-being, and that’s fine.

Soul Healing is available to you now — no more mysteries. It’s easy when you understand the basic concepts, and when you know how to use your awareness.

About the founder of For over 30 years, mystic spiritual catalyst Joel Bruce Wallach has developed innovative spiritual methods: He believes that you can attain higher cosmic awareness, shift stuck energy, and align your divine essence with your earthly body in a safe and centered way. Joel has distilled his original techniques from his private soul-healing practice, and shares the wisdom with you in a way that you can easily absorb. The skills become a natural part of you, available whenever you choose. You will understand the principles, practice the steps, and become deeply empowered and integrated in all levels of your being — your body, heart, mind, and soul.

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Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
These five mp3 bundles are all combined into the Soul-Healing Super-Bundle, giving you a total of 24 audio trainings:

Embodiment bundle - truly live in your sacred temple
Contains four mp3 sessions, valued at $140.00

Aura Healing & Activation bundle - vitalize & empower your energy body
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Your Sacred Center bundle - renew from your inner wellspring
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Inner Oneness bundle - unite your fragments to discover your empowered self
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Emotional Well-Being bundle - spiritual healing for your feelings
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Total value of all 24 trainings, if purchased individually at $35 each: $840

Total value of the five bundles, if purchased as five special bundles: $389.75

Your amazing Super-Bundle price with 24 powerful healing audio trainings is now only:
Price: $299.95

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