Soul Transparency – Key To Universal Understanding

You hear much about transparency, or authenticity these days. What if there was a cosmic level of transparency, where people could understand each other instantly? If this were possible, it would take place at the soul level.

You could call this instant understanding Soul Transparency. It is real, as you will discover, and it offers intriguingly wonderful possibilities for understanding yourself, and for sharing your gifts with the world.

When you realize that your soul is radiating its divine essence all the time, you realize that it is doing this in spite of your personality limitations. Your personality, with all its limits, beliefs, and habits, may not be an accurate reflection of your soul. Could you be too referenced to your personality?

Let’s explore the potential that lives within the infinite world of the soul. You may discover a reality that transcends the ordinary limits of this earth plane, including the constrictions of the personality. And you may find the gifts of inner peace and fulfillment that you can bring into your life.

The world of your cosmic essence

Your transparent soul exists in a cosmic condition that is very different from the world that your personality exists in. For example, your personality is associated with your body, which means that it exists in space and time. Your soul, at its deepest essence level, experiences a different way of being — it lives in a timeless, limitless world. How could this be?

Your soul is an individual expression of the universe itself. That thought might seem to be too much to digest at first, so just take a breath and and relax as you consider the possibility. Your soul is the universe, expressed in your own individual form. And every other person is also the universe, expressed in their own individual form. This tells you something about all these souls:

They are all unique expressions of the same vast universe. And so they must all exist in the very same space that we call The Universe, or the All, or God, or Cosmic Consciousness — any name you use is fine. Let yourself gently breathe, so you can be with this idea and stay comfortably centered.

Your soul — a multidimensional phenomenon

The idea that you exist in the same space as another person sounds rather weird at first. After all, you know that you aren’t physically standing where another person is standing, are you? Of course you aren’t — not on the physical plane, at least. Your soul, though, is different. Although your soul is shining through your body, and each person’s soul is shining through their body, what is it that is shining exactly?

Your soul essence, and their soul essence, together share the same universal light, or consciousness. And that divine light exists throughout the universe — it is omnipresent pure awareness. It is too vast to be limited to one space, or one moment in time.

Your soul is transparent because everyone already knows your essence. Your essence, and theirs, is expressing the same deep universal intelligence. That means that your soul is more deeply understood and appreciated than you may realize. This idea might take a while for your personality to comprehend, because your personality has many reasons for supposing that your life is limited and imperfect, or that you are misunderstood.

Look at how your personality is defining reality. According to your personality, when you can have the proper weight or height, or the correct smooth personal manner, or the newest set of fashionable skills, or whatever the issue or story is supposed to be, then people will finally accept you, or will come to appreciate your soul.

What is it that makes your personality think that it has to jump through hoops so that it can eventually be perfect? What if you could save some time by helping your personality with the divine insights of your deep soul awareness?

Soul and personality — two understandings of reality

Your personality is stuck in its perception that you exist in space and time. In a way, that seems to be so, because your soul is, in fact, expressing itself into this moment of space-time. The key difference is that your soul is expressing here, but it doesn’t get its references mainly from this space-time world. Notice the difference with your personality — it is getting most of its information from this world, and that is why it gets stuck in its limited earthly perceptions.

But does that mean that if you begin to refer to your transcendental soul, then you’ll somehow disappear into space, or become disconnected with the earth? That won’t happen, because you can choose how you place your attention. You can be as integrated as you choose to be.

This might explain, though,  why some people get too spacey when they meditate. They temporarily lose their usual earth-plane references. They open up to the vaster world of universal consciousness — the timeless realm of the soul. However, they forget to include their body and personality in their meditation, with the grounded space-time focus that body and personality naturally have.

It’s fairly easy for you to include your personality, along with soul awareness, grounded in your physical body. When you do this, you find the world of infinite possibilities joining with the world of grounded, linear time. That is an empowering place to be.

You are infinite, and living in a time-space world. You are uniquely you, and also one with all. So what is a useful way to use your soul transparency? And why is it helpful to know that everyone, at their soul essence level, already knows your soul, and you already know their soul essence?

Everything you are, everything you do, and everything you create carries the essence of your infinite soul. Your personality might not be aware of this, and so you need to make the conscious choice to become aware of these cosmic essentials. If you wrote a poem, for example, everyone has access to the divine essence meaning of that poem. And if you created a product or a service, everyone already understands it, at their own deep soul level.

Your world, as your personality and soul see it

Your personality may have some doubts and limited understandings about these soul realizations. Notice how the personality can only see evidence on the material plane, and can’t yet sense the holistic soul perspective.

Personality concern 1: Many people don’t yet know about your product, your service, or your insights.

Soul perspective about 1: Actually, all people can resonate with your creations at the soul level now.

Personality concern 2: Many people might not understand your product, service, or insights.

Soul perspective about 2: Actually, all people are able to deeply understand your creations within their soul level now.

Personality concern 3: Many people aren’t yet ready for your product, service, or insights.

Soul perspective about 3: Actually, no matter what level of personality awareness people may have, their soul is ready for your creations now.


The liberating key for you is that you aren’t limited to your personality’s awareness.

What benefit is there in knowing about your transparent soul, and the transparent divine world in which it lives? Understanding that your creations, and you yourself, are already understood by the group soul is important — you can use that realization to create a healthy bridge between your personality and your soul. And the best part is that you can use the positive resonance that already exists on the group soul level, and stabilize it into this earthly reality — the real world, time-space dimension that you live in.

To do this, let’s explore some easy meditations that help you go beyond your personality limitations, so that you can gently help your personality open to the possibilities that exist in the expanded world of the soul.

Meditation to recognize your divine oneness

Let yourself imagine…

1. Tune into your body, and notice your breathing.

2. Imagine your soul as a divine presence or light. You might imagine it either within you, or shining all around you. Just make it up — if it seems that you’re pretending that your light exists, that’s ok.

3. Imagine that all the souls on the planet — all the sparks of divine light — are all sparks coming from the same place — the infinite universe, itself. Take a moment to let this realization settle in your mind, so that the essential oneness shared by all souls begins to make sense to you. And do keep breathing, maintaining a gentle awareness of your body.

4. Realize that no matter what the condition of your life, your appearance, your weight and height, your status, or anything else may be, the oneness of all the souls already exists — you don’t have to make it happen. Notice it as a reality that is already so, and has always been so.

5. This is a subtle, but important discovery — notice the gentle feeling of resonance shared by all the souls, at the deep level of their essence. Notice how they are shining forth with the same divine light as you, and yet each in their own unique way.

6. Notice how your individual identity remains strong and bright, even as you recognize your universal unity. Keep breathing, and notice that you are still totally You.

7. Let any thoughts or feelings about these discoveries emerge in your heart and mind.


The liberating key for you is that the feelings, sensations, and thoughts that emerge for you in this meditation create deeper understandings that broaden and heal your personality.

Your personality begins to see itself as already united with the deeper world of united soul wisdom, at a level that transcends misunderstandings.

This experience frees you to have a deep realization that you can feel in your body, and bring to your personality. That is important, because many people have an intellectual understanding of their soul, but only because they have read about it or heard about it. For these understandings to be truly useful to you, the realization needs to be experienced in your body, because this helps the personality include these cosmic recognitions in its awareness of the earth plane.

If you haven’t integrated the realizations within yourself, then you only have faith. Perhaps faith was enough in the past, but your spiritual evolution requires integrating these deeper understandings, so that they are real expressions of your own deep inner being.

When you realize that your soul essence is already transparent to everyone else, and that their soul essence is already transparent to you, then you begin to consider some fascinating possibilities. But first, there is a question that always comes up around these topics.

The personality wants to know something about these infinite souls that all people have: If people don’t have conscious awareness of their soul, then won’t their personality just block anything that happens within their soul level?

Actually, it’s not so simple, because the personality doesn’t entirely filter out the higher soul wisdom. Imagine a variable filter — some people are only letting in 5 percent of their soul guidance, and others are letting in 15 percent, 30 percent, or 50 percent. These are made-up numbers, but you get the idea that everyone is having a different response to their soul insights. And it’s not your job to insist that they should let a certain amount of soul wisdom in — just let them be where they are in their awareness.

What can you do, then? If you aren’t trying to make people be or do anything, then what are your options on the soul level? You can access the natural soul transparency that already exists between all souls, and this helps you establish a positive harmony between your soul and the soul of humanity. Here is a meditation to explore this:

Meditation to share your gifts — your special creations — on the soul level

Let yourself imagine…

1. Your inner light is your individual expression of the divine light that shines through all.

2. Everyone recognizes your soul — at their soul level of awareness. They don’t need to speak your language, understand your personality, or agree with you on anything at all.

3. Everyone can appreciate your product, service, idea, or unique contribution. Their soul resonates with the divine essence of your product, service, or special contributions.

4. Imagine the divine light within your product, service, or idea. Sense the easy resonance between the group soul, and your creation.

5. Notice how the unique light of your creation lights up the group soul.

6. Sense how the unique light of your creation is automatically understood at the deep group soul level.

7. Let yourself feel how comfortable and easy that is. Relax into the smooth feeling that your creation is already in pleasant resonance with the group soul.

8. Breathe this realization into yourself. Feel the ease and grace.

9. Realize that each soul also has its own individual identity, and so each soul has its own individual pleasing resonance with your creation. Release control of how you think each soul is supposed to respond to your creations and contributions.

10. Notice how your personality is able to release a layer of its limited awareness each time you explore these new levels of resonance and divine understanding.


This meditation may raise many questions for your personality, because it has only known the measurable world of this physical plane. But don’t get too stuck in questions from the personality. These meditations are a deep transformational experience for your personality, and provide an expanded knowing into the ways of the universe..

Of course, the meditations might not explain concepts that the personality can entirely understand — but the personality will slowly get the general picture of the broader soul dimension. Fortunately, these experiences help your personality discover that there is something beyond this material world — a soul oneness that can be experienced, even if it is not entirely understood by the logical mind.

Does oneness mean sameness? Of course not, because oneness means that all the different souls share unity within their common divine essence. You may be united with everyone at the deepest soul level, but you are certainly not the same as anyone else.

And yet, that deep oneness level is an amazing place where profound understanding can happen. That is what you are able to access now. With that universal awareness, you can help the group soul access even deeper levels of consciousness. This is the power of sensing the harmony of your individual creations and contributions within the group soul energy field.

The power of your emerging cosmic awareness

But the personality still wants to know, what specifically will happen as a result of these meditations? The answer is easiest to discover when you notice what happens to your own awareness when you practice these simple steps:

You discover a feeling of ease that wasn’t there before.

You see yourself as already unified with the whole.

You sense that people have a deep understanding of each other, at a foundation level of awareness that you are becoming more aware of each day.

This frees you from seeing yourself as too unique, or seeing others as too different. Of course, every being has their own unique soul identity, but at the deepest universal soul level, you are as transparent and understandable as can be. And that soul transparency is shared by all at the deep essence level.

And what will come of your meditations — on the physical plane — where you live? Let yourself find out what subtle and fascinating realities result from your discoveries and experiences.

In the world of harmonious resonance, when you feel more at peace with yourself and with everyone, good emerges that benefits everyone. And wonderful possibilities, not yet known to your conscious mind, can flow in your life. Breathe them in now, for they are already happening, in response to your positive resonance that you so easily and transparently share, between your bright soul and the soul of humanity.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

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9 Responses to Soul Transparency – Key To Universal Understanding

  1. michael says:

    I´ve always previously intuitively reacted with some degree of internal withdrawal when the concept of “levels” have been brought up in connection with the relationship between one’s soul and it’s surroundings, and this is the first time that I become aware of a narrative that actually makes sense of it all when it comes to understanding what the different “levels” are all about…

    • Michael,

      Discussion of ‘levels’ is about subtle differences; nuances that give more understanding. As you’ve discovered, it’s not a judgment and it’s not a mental game; levels are something to explore with the sensitivity of one’s being.

  2. Rayene El-fadil says:

    Hi, I’m having an issue I can’t explain.
    Unconsciously, I read people’s feelings and thoughts.. Or actually, I feel what they feel in the same moment.. I don’t know if that’s an issue of soul transparency or not.. But it’s annoying sometimes.. Can you please explain what it is? And if I can control it or not? I don’t know much about cosmics.. But please help..

    • Rayene,

      Please read my response to Bhagyashree above. These techniques for being centered and grounded will apply to your situation. You can learn to be more centered in your body, and less affected by everything around you.

  3. £lizabeth says:

    Just a thought¿ are there studies on how many are out there that are aware of their golden egg¿ Ïf so I would love to surround myself with •them•

  4. £lizabeth says:

    I’m 31years whole life I knew I was different. I had about 2 psychics tell me so.. but never caught myself repeating yes! Yes..yeaa. I want to thank you for this life changing moment! Cheers!!

  5. Bhagyashree says:

    Dear sir, I’m Bhagyashree having soul transparency, unknowingly it happens with me. My thoughts,feelings,whatever i’m doing it is transparent for some people, they can see (remote viewing). They can access,control my mind, because of this i suffering a lot.
    I trying to get out of this situation, I do meditation regularly, I used all the techniques found on the net. I’m totally crashed. Please help,guide me to get out of this problem.
    Definitely your guidance will save my life.

    • Bhagyashree,

      Here’s the key: Feel your center, and breathe into it. Stay centered in your body. When your mind roams elsewhere, gently bring your attention back to your body.

      Say: I am the owner of my body, my mind, and my soul.

      And what about the people who can sense your thoughts? Just let them. Do not worry about it.

      When you stay in your center, your core, you build a stronger sense of self. You become the owner of your self. When you notice someone in your personal space, push them out of your personal space. You are the owner of your own space. Only you. Take charge. Push the energy of anyone else out of your personal space.

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