How To Clear Your Energy Blocks

Clear it, transmute it, and be free of stuck energy…

Persistent energy blocks could be subtle — or perhaps obvious sensations that you feel in your body, or may seem to be in your immediate surrounding space — your aura — as a pressure, tightness, or heaviness around you, as if you had a heavy aura. It may feel like slow or unpleasant emotions or thoughts, and in fact energy blocks often originate as stuck feelings or thoughts that are unresolved.

Whatever the cause may be, now you can learn to lighten, transmute, and release the blocked energy. You can use your imagination to do each of the simple steps. Just pretend. You don’t have to visualize perfectly, or at all. Just imagine that you’re participating with each easy step…

This process may be easier to do if you imagine that you are working on an image of yourself. Imagine that someone who looks like you is sitting in front of you. You are going to assist this person now, so breathe gently into your own body, ground yourself in your feet, and feel the light of your soul shining within you…

Imagine that the palms of your hands can sense energy. You begin to notice flowing energy, stuck energy, warm energy, cool energy. It’s OK if you think you’re just imagining it. Imagination is an effective tool that you can benefit from, because it unites you with the deeper world where everything is energy and consciousness.

Use your sensing palms like radar. Let yourself find the energy blocks in your body. You may notice a shift in various places in your body. Don’t analyze it– just notice the blocked or stuck areas. Your perceptions may be quite subtle at first, and this is OK.

Clear it:

Just pretend– gently, yet mindfully, lift the energy block out of your body. It’s OK to pretend. You’re sane. You’re safe. Lift the energy blocks out of your body, and place them far away from your body. Just look at it, or sense the block. No judgment– just be aware of it.

This non-judgmental awareness lets you shift your attitude about the energy, so that your response is not reactive or dramatic. Now you can become neutral about the energy, and this makes it easier for you to see the energy as being changeable. And that means that you can transmute and release it easily.

Transmute it:

Imagine that you are slowly and confidently reaching towards the energy block. Rotate the block, and notice how this lightens the energy block. Keep rotating it, and notice how it dissolves and crumbles away. Turn it this way and that, as it gradually melts into nothingness. To really lighten it, make it spin, so that it loses its form and becomes tiny particles of energy.

To make this effect even stronger, affirm as you do this: This energy is dissolving now.

Release it:

Affirm: I return this energy to the universe, as you spread the melted energy all over the universe. Imagine it. This step is easier when you relax, focus, and work gradually and deliberately. The energy becomes lighter, and you easily spread the last remaining particles all around the universe.

Integrate yourself:

Give the area where you cleared the block an energy massage, and affirm: You are safe, you are well, you feel good – as if you are talking directly to that part of your body.

Your “energy hands” – which are actually your physical hands – are moving just as if they are massaging that part of your body where you were clearing the block. You’re moving your actual physical hands as you do this, and you’re imagining that your hands radiate healing energy. Your hands are massaging directly into the area that you are focusing upon, even though your physical hands can’t literally reach into your physical body. This lightens the stuck energy. Be patient with the process, and repeat as needed.

Though it seems that you are just imagining this, it’s all really happening, because you gently focused your massaging energy hands upon the area of the body and aura needing integration. The shift took place within the realm of energy — and energy is the underlying reality of everything that we consider as real – including the physical world.

Smooth it:

Now use your massaging hands to smooth your entire body and aura. You are not touching your body, because you are working at a distance from your body. Your hands are moving in smooth massaging motions. You are using your palms to smooth your entire body and aura. Affirm: I am safe, balanced, and focused.

Notice the subtle shifts in body and mind, and repeat the process if needed. Be patient — sometimes you feel lighter and clearer immediately, and sometimes it takes several repetitions to make a difference. Remember that any slight improvement is good. Please be patient with yourself, and give yourself credit whenever you sense any improvement, however subtle it may be.

The technique, simplified:

Clear – find the blocks and lift them out. Be patient, and lift them out bit by bit.

Transmute and release – disperse the blocks and return the energy to the universe.

Integrate and smooth – energy massage the area where the blocks were to stabilize and integrate. Then smooth your entire aura.

Repeat as needed – Notice the subtle improvements with each repetition. The changes are gradual, yet real.

When you are able to transform a situation, even if you only make small, yet gradual improvements, your confidence grows. Congratulate yourself. You have taken these simple, yet important steps in self-empowerment and soul wellness. Now you know that stuck energy is temporary and changeable, and you realize that you can be proactive with your energy, because you have deeper abilities than you had realized.

By the way, did you wonder why you were working on the image of yourself sitting in front of you, and yet now you feel the shifts within yourself? This is because the image in front of you is, in fact, your own self, and your own self already knows this.

So, when you were working on the image, your actual self knew what was happening. What an amazing world we live in…

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – consultations, subtle-energy healing tools

75 Responses to How To Clear Your Energy Blocks

  1. Fahmida Rahim says:

    Hello Joel,

    I’m totally blown away with all of this. I’m new into this. A new journey of discovery that I am eventually trying to inculcate. Before I never really had been moved by this energy healing. Sounded too intricate.

    What I want to know, is why preachers and students of religion don’t talk about this. They are not off track though as they advise to trust your words when you pray to the creator of this fast cosmos. They also advise to blow into your hands after saying words of healing and then place over the part of body in discomfort. But before healing words are declared, they absolutely say that you first have to give praise and gratitude to the infinite creator of the universes.

    So can healing and manifestations according to you be achieved even if one does not believe in the infinite creator of all of this and think that the universe just popped up on its own decree just like the way other parallel universes did? In my understanding, stars have come to their end in the universe or multiverse. So everything in the cosmos can come to its end accept the power behind it of course, the Alpha and Omega so to say. Some higher force effected the so called ‘big bang’.

    • Fahmida,

      If you link all your healing work with the Infinite Creator the healing will be more effective. However, not everyone has such beliefs, and yet their healing work can be effective as well.

      This is because secular worldly people, whatever they may believe about the Divine, are still part of the Divine creation. Their mind, whether they know it or not, is still part of the Cosmic Mind.

      And so, when they do healing work with the highest intent, they are intuitively utilizing Cosmic Consciousness to achieve the healing benefits, whether they consciously acknowledge the Divine or not.

  2. Jeff Aringo says:

    just want to know more about the Chakras and try to use the relevant stones ans see how life will go.

  3. Jessica says:

    That was incredible thank you.

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  5. Bhasweti Gewhas says:

    Hi Joel
    I am practicing this process on my own body but it was not so effective but then I followed your suggestion and did the same energy clearing work on my image sitting in front of me. Then the energy shift was very significant. Why it happens like this?
    Thank you for your good work and sharing.

    • Bhasweti,

      A fascinating question – many people have fears and judgments about their own physical body. So at first, it can be easier to work with a symbol of the body – a picture – than working directly on the physical body itself. Continue working with the picture. You will get real results. Eventually, as the blocks clear, you will find it easier to work directly with your physical body.

  6. Eric Ford says:

    Joel thank you. Stepping over the fear threshold of ‘gosh is it really ok to heal myself?’ Has been an issue for me. Re-affirming the simple technique and coaching you teach here puts back into perspective the importance of perceiving and experiencing the change in energy every time. Opening flow. My body feels like the stone that imprisons Excalibur often. And I feel that our lifetimes on Earth right here right now represent the end of violence . I will keep clearing energy. Keep alive simple truths!

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  8. Wilma says:

    Thank you for this article. I am a Reiki II Practitioner and in the process of learning Animal Reiki.

  9. Rohit Choudhary says:

    Hi Joel
    Thank you very much for your insightful and inspirational messages and ofcourse the article is motivational.I have been experiencing lot of issues including depression,anxiery,anger,digestive disorders and body imbalances.And I can feel the energy blockages in my lower spine and lower back area which is stuck like an adhesive which is controlling all the aspects of my life and the stuck energy doesn’t move.Please explain what should I do as I have been doing everything to get rid of it although I am feeling little bit better compared to previous months.Please elaborate a bit. Is it all past negative traumas and emotions, and if I clear all my past traumas is it gonna make 100 percent improvement ?Is the stuck energy all about past negative traumas and emotions and why doesn’t move?Please help

    • Rohit,

      Is everything from the past? No, it’s never that simple.

      As you clear blocks, you gradually can have better flow. However, there is no such thing as the technique that produces 100% improvement. Everything is done bit by bit, and layer by layer. And patience is always useful.

      When you do healing, clear a layer, or a percentage, each time. Be patient, and work layer by layer.

      Notice the subtle shifts. This is key to any healing.

      Notice subtle shifts, and utilize a combination of healing modalities, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, massage, and ayurveda.

  10. Rohit Choudhary says:

    Hi Joel
    Your article on releasing energy blocks is insightful nd greatly helpful.Is there any particular guided free video or audio available in YouTube.While imagining should the palms also move and should the energy block be lifted out of the image or from my own body.I fell I hv a blockage in my spine in the lower back and abdominal area.Any suggestion from you will be of great help.

  11. Sandie says:


    Thank you. Actually, I am under healing Therapy process, where the article helps me to concentrate & supports me well.

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  14. Anthony Gregory Nkosi says:

    Thank you Joel, I came across this article today. Very helpful will definitely take it upon myself to clear myself totally. Much appreciated.
    Gregory Nkosi :
    South Africa.

  15. Cheri Goff says:

    Joel, A lady came into my job and said she had healing hands.. She told me that she did a healing on me. I immediately felt strange and my body felt very hot. I felt very disoriented.. About 20 minutes after this had happened I started to feel some pains and extreme tightness in my back. I felt perfectly fine before this. Ever since this day I have had pain, tightness, and burning in my upper back area.. All I can describe is it as something is stuck.. Any information on this will be greatly appreciated.. Thank you… Cheri

    • Cheri,

      The healer likely released some stuck energy, but some of the energy didn’t release from the body. You can complete the process:

      – Use your hands to sense where the energy is still stuck.
      – Slowly lift the stuck energy out of your body.
      – Or move the stuck energy down the body, and out of your hands, and out of your feet.
      – Be patient, and let the energy move out bit by bit.
      – It will gradually get lighter, and you’ll feel more free and alive.

  16. geraldine ross says:

    I want to know what can i do to get rid of this bad energy block. Someone had did that to me and i don’t know what to do about it.

  17. Vee says:

    This article on a clearing energy blocks is certainly one of the best methods I have seen and used. Thank you for your insite into working with our own personal energy blocks. I pick up so much pollution in my auric field while working with many pushy negative energies who tend to “jump” me even when I consider myself protected. I have been a physical psychic medium all my life. I have suffered tiredness, depression and physical ailments all my years because of the spiritual activity involved in what I do and being just who I am everyday. Clearing is essential for me.

    So I tried your method. It’s like having a Reiki master on call 24/7. With practice I can even begin to be able to tell which blocks are my own and what blocks I have simply picked up like a magnet. The forgiven blocks are easier to disperse once removed and the release is like a breeze. My own…well a bit heavier and have more differences in color. Takes a little more deep breathing to release as well.
    Feels great, and very very interesting to work with.

    • Vee,

      Great comment — Reiki master on call 24/7!

      Make sure you’re getting enough protein each day, as that is stabilizing. And keep away from pot and alcohol, as these substances destabilize the aura.

  18. SHALOM says:

    Thank you Joel!

  19. SHALOM says:

    Greetings Joel,

    I have been meditating for many years. Learned from many and ended up formatting my own.

    In the last few month I realised that I can improve on my visualising Technic, of flowing energy through body points blocking free flow by moving my presence and attention to the energies stuck outside my body, in the vicinity to the pain or even at just the lightest points of pressure.

    As I was wondering if anyone else had some similar realisations, I found your wisdom on the matter which exhilarated me greatly. The only difference I evolved with is that I go to the point in case, look at it in my mind’s eye [imagination ? ], move there and cause the blocked energy to blow up and totally dissipate and vanish. The result is amazingly effective, now I’m starting to try and apply it also to any of my negative emotions.

    Thank you Joel for your affirmation and wisdom.

    Carpe Diem


    • Shalom,

      You’ve proved that consciousness can be directed anywhere in the body or in the subtle bodies. Yes, directed intention can dissolve blocks in the physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies.

      Some people can do this transmutation process quickly, as you’ve learned to do. However, many people need a slower, step-by-step technique, as described in the article.

      Keep exploring, as you bring deeper awareness to yourself, and to the world.

  20. Gale VanDerWall says:

    I’ve been trying to unblock my Chakra for quite some time now I think the energy in my body is might be blocked this could be my problem I think.

    • Gale,

      There is a simple way to clear blocked body energy. Use your hands to sweep the energy through your body. Imagine that your hands are made of light, and that between your two hands is a cleansing beam of light. You can sweep this light through your body to work the stuck energy out of the body.

      Sweep from the shoulders, down the arms, and out the hands.

      Sweep from the hips, down the legs, and out the feet.

      And then sweep from above the head, down the spine, and out the feet.

  21. Sari says:

    Thank you so much for this! I wonder, why so many “healers” claim, that you can´t clean your energy blocks yourself, but it is necessary to have someone to assist you. I have nothing against people earning a lot of money, but many of these healers have very high fees, and also…. need an awful lot of healing themselves!

    • Sari,

      A good question! The responsible healers would reveal that you can heal yourself.

      Although it is true that a healer can sometimes see things that you can’t see yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give your power away to the healer.

      Basically, you heal as much as you can yourself, and then for the deeper issues, you can ask a healer to assist you.

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  23. Lauren says:

    I’ve been told that I have opened a door within myself and now have entities and energies, negative and positive, and need to be spiritually cleansed in order to move forward in my life. While I believe we do absorb the energies of those around us, I’m not sure if they live within us. That said, would this process help me clear those energies as well? How does one protect themselves from negative energies that do not originate within us?

    • Lauren,

      You can use this technique to release any energies, including the ones you’ve mentioned.

      To protect yourself from inappropriate energies, take some time each day to review your energies, within your body, and in your aura around you. Imagine anything that feels inappropriate, stuck, or heavy releasing and dissolving. Then imagine that your energy is filled with the light and presence of your own true soul, strongly radiating outwards.

  24. Ketter says:

    The Light is Strong with you. May you continue to shine. Love and Light to you always.

  25. Michael says:

    Joel, I have been doing energy work (Reiki; “Energy Follows Thought” work), for about 15 years now, I’ve always been able to help others with both physical and emotional problems to their satisfaction.

    I seem to be able to manifest energy quite well for others. Only recently have I begun to notice I may have stuck energy in my own Aura, This technique is almost too simple yet it is so very powerful. I want to thank you for your love and compassion, and the insight you brought into my life with this simple technique AND amazingly enough you gave it for free. I call it, “The Wallach Technique”…Thanks my friend.

  26. Mere says:

    Thank you Joel for your beautiful article, so much.. no wonder your article was the first to pop up on google when i needed help to clear my energy 🙂 it worked so perfectly, i managed to clear some energy by just reading it first pop and i can imagine how much better its going to be when i do it properly without reading it! To put a long story short ive come to a point in my life where I have made a really big mistake for the second time (unintentionally) and i figured, since the first time i ended up in a really bad place for a year and a half and it took me 3 years to forgive myself and having it happen a 2nd time should be overbearing and usually unforgivable (apparently) but in actual fact it is an indication from the universe telling i still didn’t quite get the message they wanted me to, but im nearly there and i can feel it. Im so fortunate to have better assistance this time and I just wanted to say im very very fortunate that i have found myself here to help me along my path and although it is very fresh, i need to transmute any energy blocks to consciously find that message and understand what it is I am here for. Blessings and love xx

  27. isa says:

    thank you..i am reading right now..Sacred Contract..and because i was fearing not to do the right thing.. i search some help and did i found you’re page. and it is something i resonate with.thank you. i also..find more easy to picture my self outside to rebalance and heal aspect. what i want to share today. is that to clear my blocs..i got an imput tip.. that 1 major bloc was pass over by my mother who had the issues i am dealing with. nothing i use in my visualisation seem to work,, i torch with violet flame etc ect. 1 thing did is laughing in it. when i laugh in my issue they dissolve. just sharing.please..try it out and let me know. if it work for you as well.

  28. Kerry Kendall says:

    Thank you Mr Wallach,
    Blessings to you. I feel so happy I found your teachings today. I know they are going to help me immensely. You are an answer to my prayer.
    Best wishes
    Kerry Kendall

  29. Ani Juliette Iza says:

    Because of numerous childhood trauma, It helps me to clear the energy blocks. I am clearing/cleaning/transmuting/integrating,smoothing.

  30. Leslee Cook says:

    Hi Joel,
    I saw you in person in the 90’s here in LA and still utilize your disks. I kept your card no matter where I’ve moved (and that’s lots of places). I recently unexpectantly lost two very important friends they were in their 60’s. This shock has hit me very hard and I can’t seem to pull myself out of it. Your card poped up and I decided to call you but discovered your number was disconnected. Thankfully I could easily find you on the web. I love your website. Thanks for teaching us how to help ourselves,I just followed your clear and simple method to release blocked energy and it works! I feel a little bit better. I will continue to explore your lovely website. I’m so grateful I could still find you and your just as helpful on your site as you were in person so many years ago.
    Leslee Cook

  31. Kate says:

    I am new to “energy healing”. I have taken a few courses and listened to Telesummits wherein healers are transmitting energy. I honestly follow them but only in my imagination. Is there a reason why I do not “feel” anything? Is there something wrong with me?

    • Kate,

      You’re fine; you sense energy in your own way. We are all unique in this respect.

      Some of us sense by feeling, others by imaging, and yet others experience words or ideas. And some experience a combination of these.

      Give it time, and let your perceptions be subtle at first. It may even seem that you’re just making it up. Be patient, and discover your subtle awareness gradually. Don’t force it, and don’t compare yourself to others.

  32. DIESEL PHOENIX says:

    Many people are lost souls and dont want to find their self, but who can blame them being that when you grow up on the public side of education it is made for you to be lost, but its up to you to seek the truth and see pass the bed of lies tought to you so you will never understand the universe.

    Understand this is what the public or masses call evil but really its the true way of living life, and if you ever look for the definition of masses you will find that it relates to the common people and or common knowleage. So therefore, it states that “hey this is for the low level and or common people, which is why the truth does not get accepted here, and when it does it is to be used to throw these common people off track.”
    All in all the message to this is dont be fooled by mainstream information.
    Joel B. Wallach you are TRUTH.

  33. Holly says:

    Yes, this is me, my energy levels are blocked, yet I feel to residents to sunbathe remove the blockages. I can feel my mind not been able to fully take this seriously, but part of it feels too true not to notice.

    I spent years holding in bad feelings of hurt and pain, 25 years to say the least. Only now Iam I learning to be authentic.

    Because I’m taking more notice of myself as a person, I noticed recently that my energy levels feel really heavy and it’s draining. It’s draining and feels like lifting a heavy weight as put footsteps on the ground.

    It seems to gravitate all within my tummy area and it feels blocked with resistance.

    I keep feeling tired in the day and now I know why.

    • Holly,

      Take it one step at a time. Release the old energies layer by layer. Be kind to yourself, and let some of the old blocks dissolve each day.

      Breathe into the feelings, and let them go. You will gradually rediscover your aliveness and feel lighter.

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  36. Susan says:

    Thank you Joel. I’m new to this way of living. The universe led me to this post. I’m already feeling lighter. I have already asked the universe for reminders to help cleanse this energy I’ve been carrying around. I will seek more of your suggestions.

    Love and light

  37. S Marie says:

    Thank you Joel Bruce Wallach. I appreciate that information very much.

  38. Robin says:

    Coming across this article now now seems to be divine intervention. I’ve been struggling with stress-induced cardiomyopathy – which is rare, and if it happens at all, generally happens to elderly woman. I’m still in my 40’s, but this is the 4th occurrence – so apparently I have some energy issues I need to learn to address. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this helpful and simple approach. I’m going to try it daily for the next month in the hope that I can ultimately be healed of this affliction.

    • Robin, may you empower yourself with skillful grace!

      By the way, some researchers believe these symptoms may be associated with reactions to wireless technology. It’s worth reading about. For myself, I won’t allow wireless technology in my house, and many other sensitive people are having these same realizations.

      For more information about the problems associated with wireless:

      • Marianne says:

        Hi Joel, Ive just read ur article it’s very interesting thank u. My question is if u r not using wireless technology in ur house how do u manage to post to the Internet. My understanding with the Internet is u have the main point in ur house, then like most of us we use wifi to use multiply computers. So that being said what are the harmful energy of wifi doing to us, and if this is the case then how do I remove the bad wifi energy from my house and still be able to reach people? Thank you

        • Marianne,

          We are wifi free, and we only connect our computers with ethernet cables at our house. Your wifi box can be turned off (you may need to call the cable company to have them turn the wifi function off at their end).

          Run ethernet cables from the modem or wifi box to your computers, and you’ll be way healthier and much more relaxed. It might seem like a bother to string ethernet cables, but it’s even more of a bother to have your soul energy shut down by wifi.

          Wifi is a very intense frequency that overloads your cells. Most of the studies have been made in Europe, and aren’t widely known in the USA. Wifi affects cells, which affects health, especially brain health and heart health.

          This researcher explains it all:

    • Whitney says:

      Hi Robin
      I am a cardiothoracic surgery nurse and have noticed this trend with my female patients in particular who are diagnosed with stress induced cardiomyopathy or “takotsubo’s cardiomyopathy.” I think about this energetic connection frequently and try and advise my patients (without getting all new-agey on them) to “be good to their heart, feel their feelings, spend time in nature and with animals, to feel love and love freely.”
      I it seems like it has been several years since this comment was published and I am wondering if you have experienced improvement with energy work? I would love to hear about your experiences.

  39. Thank you, Ken. May you assist many people with your good work.

  40. Ken Haberman says:

    Thank you, Joel, for this very interesting and helpful article.

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