How do I apply spiritual techniques to my own personal situation? – F.A.Q.

Q. How does a spiritual technique relating to the aura, or to chakras, or to my soul apply to me in my daily life?

A. All thoughts and feelings that are resisted, denied, or hidden in the unconscious can result in blocked energy in your chakras, your aura, and your body, and this certainly does affect you. When you free these energy blocks, it actually allows your thought and feeling energy to flow in a smoother way, and flow is the condition of being connected to all the positive aspects of the living universe. It is a good place to be. The soul is your essence, and anything affecting your soul is affecting you now. You want as much access to your essential soul energies as possible.

Q. A process about the timeline seems to be about past lives or childhood, but my situation is happening to me now, so what is the relevance to me?

A. When you develop skills in working with the timeline, you find that clearing timeline energy blocks helps you be more effective and integrated in present time. And, you can definitely use timeline skills to bring higher consciousness to your present situations. Many of the skills involve being able to shift your attention through time, and this skill helps you get unstuck from any situation, so that you can have a fresh point of view that frees you from stuck thoughts and emotions.

Q. How do spiritual techniques help me with my real world problems?

A. Any spiritual process involves your learning how to be conscious and present in new effective ways. When you have access to the deeper spiritual resources within, you are able to release stress more easily, so that you start the next day fresh, rather than frazzled. When you are present and aware in a positive, deep, integrated way, you are able to bring clarity, wisdom, confidence, peace, and compassion into worldly situations.

Q. How do I address a pattern at my workplace? How could any spiritual technique make a difference for me in that environment?

A. Everything is energy. You are energy. The people at work are energy. You are learning how to shift your energy into higher alignment. This helps your emotions and thoughts become more balanced, which helps you feel more confident, smooth, and aligned with a deeper spiritual reality. You may then be perceived as being more capable, confident, positive, and wise. And you truly are, because you are able to use your potential more completely. This also helps you release stress associated with work, because you are not stuck in the loop of work tension, and instead you are referencing a deeper universal field that helps your wisdom function more effectively.

Q. How do I address a pattern at home? My family is always going to see me in the same way, and they are slow to change.

A. If you have become stuck in a limited perception loop with your family, it is time for you to change how you see yourself. As you practice spiritual energy awareness techniques, you learn how to stop taking on your family’s perceptions about you. You learn to create your own definition of yourself. Whether the shift within you affects your family slowly or quickly, you will feel better, because you have learned how to be referenced to your own deeper truth. Even if your family never changes, you have developed your own internal compass that brings you inner peace and aligns you with your inner truth.

Q. How do spiritual or energy processes apply to my physical body wellness?

A. Everything, including your body, is energy. You bring your attention to the location in your body where you would like to apply the spiritual or energetic technique. Do not assume that the body location is solid– assume that it is made of energy, and use your imagination to work with that body location utilizing any spiritual technique that you choose to work with. While spiritual processes can be helpful, they are not a substitute for care from skilled practitioners, nor are they a replacement for nutritious foods and appropriate supplements.

Q. What if I do not know where my problem is located?

A. Where do you feel that your energy is stuck, or sluggish, or vacant, or pent up? Explore this to realize that you actually can find your stuck places fairly easily. Then you can apply any method you practice in the group sessions to that part of your body or aura.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

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