How do I practice self healing techniques at home? – F.A.Q.

Q. How can I work with energies and patterns that are inside of my body?

A. Make it easier for yourself: Imagine that you are sitting in front of yourself, so that you can help that nice person who is sitting before you. You reach inside of your body with your energy hands. You direct your energy hands with your physical hands. You are making the actual movements with your hands, and you intend that these movements are taking place within your body, in the specific place where you are intending to work. Your energy hands are capable of reaching within any aspect of your physical body. Your energy hands can be as large or small as you like. For example, you can work within a tiny cell of the body, or your hands can be large enough to work with entire muscle groups. All this is accomplished by imagining and intending. It is not necessary to see the details, and it is ok for you to trust your intuition.

Q. How can I work with energies and patterns that are in the aura outside of my body?

A. Imagine that you are sitting in front of yourself. This lets you work with the aura of the nice person sitting before you more easily. You reach outside of your body with your energy hands. You direct your energy hands with your physical hands. You are making the actual movements with your hands, and you intend that these movements are taking place outside your body, in the specific place where you are intending to work. Your energy hands are capable of reaching far outside of your body. For example, if you are working in your outer aura, you may be 10-20 feet, or 4-7 meters, outside of your body. Your energy hands easily reach that distance, because you imagine and intend it. As needed, your energy hands are as small or as large as you require, via imagination and intention.

Q. What if I cannot visualize the details of my body?

A. That is ok. All processes work by imagination, intention and presence, which is a much broader realm than mere visualization. Some people are able to visualize easily, and others are not. You can get good results whether or not you can visualize. What is important is your willingness to intend something, and to proceed with the healing process you are working with. Everybody can imagine. When you were a child you called it playing or pretending. This is the same, except that now you can call the process Intention, and you can utilize your imagination to integrate the world of spiritual energy with the world of material energy.

Q. Do I have to sense all the details of my aura?

A. You do not need to sense all the details within any process that you work with. You do, however, need to be present and mindful as you work. Mindful presence, working gradually, is the key.

Q. What if I am not completely certain about my intuitive sensing?

A. Even accomplished experts are never 100 percent certain. The key is to sense as much as you can, and to proceed step-by-step. Stay centered, and do your work mindfully and gradually. When you do this, and remain trusting of the process, you find that more information gradually comes to you. However, if your mind demands much information, that insistence will slow the process and limit results.

Q. How much time to I spend on this process?

A. There are no rules about time, except this one: When you feel that you are pushing, or getting tired, or getting overwhelmed, or becoming frustrated, you have been trying too hard, and are no longer working mindfully. This indicates that shorter self-healing times would be better for you.

Q. What if I feel silly doing this?

A. Feeling silly results from your mind sharing its negative chatter with you. With practice, you realize that there is a difference between the mind chatter and your true self. At first, they seem to be the same, and this requires your noticing the negative chatter, thanking it for sharing, and continuing with your work. Where does your chatter come from? From group-mind ignorance, from past-life limited thinking, from the mass-media that wants you to be limited, and from your own childhood in which you did not understand your potential.

Q. What if my mind chatters too much while I am doing self healing work?

A. Just notice this, thank it for sharing, and continue with your work. The often-expressed concern that the chatter is somehow preventing the work is not true. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether the chatter is there or not. It can be a relief to realize that the chatter is not stopping you. Even the self-judgment about having inner chatter is itself a form of chatter. Think of chatter as the sound of rain on the roof. Whether it rains or not, your self-healing work continues.

Q. Is it safe for me to touch negative energies with my energy hands?

A. Have the intention that your energy hands are not porous. Imagine your energy hands as being made of a powerful divine substance that repels negative energy. Recognize that so-called negative energy is not bad in and of itself. Rather, it is chaotic, and as you disperse it, it becomes smoother. Also, realize that what is often called negative is simply an excess of chaotic energy. When this excess energy is dispersed, the area becomes lighter and smoother.

Q. What if the negative condition is supposed to be there… should I avoid trying to change anything that is supposed to be there for a higher purpose?

A. Don’t be passive about your transformation. What if the condition is there to awaken you to the possibility that you could help yourself… What if the condition is there so that you can bring your attention to that part of your body, your mind, or your aura in a new way… What if bringing your awareness there, with a positive healing intention, is part of your spiritual evolution, and part of the divine plan?

The perception that you must silently accept negative conditions is based on the false idea that the universe is punishing you for a past mistake. Since the universe is not punishing you, consider that you have acquired stuck energy patterns through your own unconscious thoughts and choices, and your own unconscious actions. The practice of self-healing is a conscious and mindful activity that unites body, mind, and soul, and these are the opposite qualities compared to stuck and unconscious energy. Self-healing practices are part of your spiritual development.

Q. Why do I sometimes become tense as I work?

A. You are trying too hard. This is caused by making high demands on yourself. Tension is also caused by your insistence upon instant and dramatic results. Actually, self-healing is slow, gentle, gradual, and mindful. You may also be getting stuck in your mental chatter. Bring your attention to your body, breathe slowly and gently, and let yourself work mindfully. Mindful action has a positive intention, but does not make demands on the outcome of the work.

Q. What if my mind demands to know whether the process is working or not?

A. When you work slowly and mindfully, you are able to detect subtle shifts. These occur gradually, in increments that may not be obvious at first. Slow mindful work gives you more room, more time, and more consciousness to notice the shifts, and expands your consciousness to include the little details that may be useful for your work. Know that the slightest shift has made a difference in your reality. This gives you the realization that you can bring about positive change in your life.

Q. Why does my friend describe transformational or spiritual processes that are different than the ones I am using, and why does my friend say that my processes are done incorrectly?

A. Although your friend means well, your friend does not understand that there are many approaches to transformation. People learning a particular practice are often unfamiliar with other practices. And so, according to the understanding of one school of thought, a different approach may be considered as wrong. Do not judge your friend, and do not judge their information source. Accept that there are different approaches. As you continue to explore your transformational work, always working gently and mindfully, you become more confident in your discoveries, and you allow that others may, or may not, understand what you do.

Q. Because I have learned so much from so many teachers, and have so much to remember when I do self-healing, how can I possibly include all the processes, affirmations, and visualizations I have learned when I work?

A. You cannot include everything when you work, and there is no need to do so. This over-concern is based on the mind believing that it must include everything. It is a mental conceit, originating in the ego, and designed to make you a slave to the ego levels of mind. The universe is smarter than your mind, and your soul is smarter than your mind. When you work slowly and mindfully, you can simplify. You recognize that in working mindfully, you have what you need in each moment. This frees you to utilize what needs to be utilized, without having a huge mental backpack that loads you down with needless preoccupations.

Q. What if I need the group energy, or a practitioner, to guide me through this process, and what if I can not do it by myself?

A. This is a good opportunity to discover that you can learn to center yourself enough to practice the step-by-step techniques for yourself. You may find that it helps your focus if you write down the technique steps. With practice, you will find that you can guide yourself through your own step-by-step self-improvement sessions. When the mental chatter expresses its fears and concerns, just relax and thank it for sharing. Continue doing your mindful work.

Q. How do I know which technique to use? What if I need a practitioner to tell me which technique to use?

A. Pick one technique. It’s ok to choose one. And now choose one issue to work with. Prove to yourself that you can apply that one technique to that one situation. You can do it. Practice it for about five minutes. Let your improvement be subtle and incremental. The key is to realize that you can use practically any technique for practically any situation. When you realize this, you will have discovered one of the secrets to accessing the world of higher consciousness, divine healing, and spiritual alignment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach 

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