Inner Oneness – mp3 bundled set – Unite Your Fragments

Get ready to feel empowered, protected, and unified…

What do all your parts have in common? You! There is an essential You, but it has become fragmented. Have you given your power away, or are you trying too hard, or are you listening to every voice but your own? Are you affected by negative or deceptive energies? Get your power back. Get back to your natural empowered state — your Inner Oneness.

Having developed innovative spiritual methods for 30 years, mystic spiritual catalyst Joel Bruce Wallach shares the wisdom in a way that you can easily absorb. The skills become a natural part of you, available whenever you choose. You will understand the principles, practice the steps, and become empowered at a deep level.

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Inner Oneness – bundled mp3 set

1. Pull Yourself Together

How do you unite and heal your fragmented aspects? What do you do when your attention gets fixated on something or on someone, either from fear or from fantasy? You can pull yourself together when you:

  1. Recover your power to make conscious choices regarding your aura.
  2. Access the wisdom of your real essence to help you to be aligned and protected.
  3. Develop a deeper level of spiritual control that integrates your body with your soul.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 63 minutes.


Inner Oneness – bundled mp3 set

2. Releasing Over-Control

Are you upset when things don’t go your way? Discover how your internal self-talk makes demands on how you think others should behave. This is not about letting go of goals or denying common sense. You can:

  1. Explore powerful energy balancing methods that bring your brain and aura into the peaceful present moment.
  2. Shift your internal self-talk to experience a gentle flow with your self and with others.
  3. Release your overly strenuous insistence that you and the world must be a certain way, so that you can be in emotional balance.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 58 minutes.


Inner Oneness – bundled mp3 set

3. Inner Sound Healing

How does the healing power of inner sound energy brighten your aura? With Joel’s easy, step-by-step approach, you create dynamically positive healing and intention energies, using a special form of seemingly silent sound, so you can: 

  1. Support your wellness on all levels.
  2. Strengthen, focus, and align your mind.
  3. Cleanse and integrate your energy field.
  4. Use the transformational power of focused silence as a healing principle.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 60 minutes.


Inner Oneness – bundled mp3 set

4. Activate Your Truth Shield

Have you ever been influenced by group opinion, even against your better judgment? You can build your deeper, true self-knowing. You can feel more relaxed and confident with your own inner truth and wisdom, so that you:

  1. Access your authentic responses to reality.
  2. Discern your inner truth more clearly when you are influenced by media, and by the group-mind.
  3. Develop the skill to confidently align with the truth vibration of your deeper divine knowing.
  4. Feel the inner peace, self-confidence, and self-trust that your alignment brings you.
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 54 minutes.


Inner Oneness – bundled mp3 set

5. Entity Clearing 101 – “Ghost Busting”

You have the power to clear negative entities out of your personal space. Discover self-empowering practices and decisive attitudes that help you maintain your spiritual integrity. Explore how you can:

  1. Whether you call them discarnate entities, ghosts, lost souls, troublemakers, or demonic influences, find out how to release these negative influences.
  2. Exercise your spiritual rights — learn to use them to empower yourself.
  3. Learn how to decisively shift bad energy so that you can be clear and centered.
  • For best results, use the aura chart – download from Session Resources at
  • This live mp3 recording has been edited to 59 minutes.


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Inner Oneness - mp3 bundle - Unite Your Fragments
Inner Oneness - mp3 bundle - Unite Your Fragments
These five empowering awareness trainings are all included in the Inner Oneness mp3 Bundle:

1. Pull Yourself Together – 63 minutes, $35 value
2. Releasing Over-Control – 58 minutes, $35 value
3. Inner Sound Healing – 60 minutes, $35 value
4. Activate Your Truth Shield – 54 minutes, $35 value
5. Entity Clearing 101 - "ghost busting" - 59 minutes, $35 value

Total value of all five trainings: $175

Your special bundle price is only:
Price: $79.95

The Inner Oneness Bundle, listed above, is included in the Super-Bundle — Get the Soul-Healer Super-Bundle to accelerate your soul healing skills. Features five mp3 bundles, consisting of 24 empowering audio trainings:

Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
Soul-Healing Super-Bundle - 24 audio trainings in all
These five mp3 bundles are all combined into the Soul-Healing Super-Bundle, giving you a total of 24 audio trainings:

Embodiment bundle - truly live in your sacred temple
Contains four mp3 sessions, valued at $140.00

Aura Healing & Activation bundle - vitalize & empower your energy body
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Your Sacred Center bundle - renew from your inner wellspring
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Inner Oneness bundle - unite your fragments to discover your empowered self
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Emotional Well-Being bundle - spiritual healing for your feelings
Contains five mp3 sessions, valued at $175

Total value of all 24 trainings, if purchased individually at $35 each: $840

Total value of the five bundles, if purchased as five special bundles: $389.75

Your amazing Super-Bundle price with 24 powerful healing audio trainings is now only:
Price: $299.95

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2 Responses to Inner Oneness – mp3 bundled set – Unite Your Fragments

  1. kelly says:

    Thank you for creating this content and for the samples.

    Regarding GhostBusting.. can your techniques also be used for clearing energy from entities that DO have bodies? Such as past relationships, sexual partners.. I feel the energy of current and prior relationships and I’d like to return it and reclaim my energy back. Thoughts? Techniques?

    • Kelly,

      Good question, and the answer explains an important concept in understanding how consciousness works.

      Energy is energy, and any living consciousness is an entity. So the techniques do apply to people from your past, and also apply to non-physical entities.

      Developing your boundary and releasing inappropriate energies are skills that will help you move forward in your life with ease and grace. Many of the techniques in the mp3 material can help you to become more aligned with your true self.

      You will also find some information on this site that can apply to your question regarding releasing – for example:

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