Is marijuana OK from a spiritual point of view?

No, it’s not the magical doorway to cosmic consciousness that many hope for.

Now it’s possible that you didn’t want to hear that brief and definite answer. However, this negative response is not a vague bias. There are specific adverse effects that marijuana has on your aura and on your soul, and this affects your spiritual development. You won’t generally hear about these insights, because the people speaking about this topic, whether in favor or against, generally lack the subtle energy sensitivity to describe what happens to your energy field when you put marijuana in your body.

Of course, it is possible that you agree with these conclusions about the inadvisability of smoking this substance, but it’s important to clarify exactly why marijuana is a problem, because otherwise, the argument about it can get sidetracked. For example…

One of the superficial reasons often given for avoiding marijuana is the argument that because it is illegal in many locales — at least at the time of this writing — it “must” therefore be a bad substance. However, there are actually other historical reasons for marijuana’s illegality, having mostly to do with the economics of hemp.

As is well known, hemp is an inexpensive replacement for paper, for oil, and for many other products. In other words, legal hemp would be an economic competitor in various industries. It is for that reason that various large industries seek to demonize marijuana, so that public opinion will continue to believe that marijuana and hemp must be kept illegal.

Yet another reason claimed by those who hold negative views about marijuana is that it is not as safe as alcohol. The spiritual problems with alcohol can be detected through subtle energy sensing, and there are unfortunate similarities between alcohol and marijuana, especially in how they both adversely affect the aura and the soul. In spite of the obvious differences in how people drinking and smoking behave, the basic issue remains the same…

Marijuana and alcohol interfere with the connection between the body and the soul, and both substances, in their own way, create a dissociated condition that interferes with spiritual growth and well-being.

There are various arguments that marijuana proponents make to support their choice, and they are all based upon beliefs that seem, at first, to be acceptable. However, the essential problem with marijuana is that it creates a split between the body and the soul. This is something that can be detected with subtle sensing, and so those who have not developed this sensing ability will probably entertain doubt about these assertions. I am not the only energy-sensitive person who detects these issues, and so I am going to describe them as I sense them, and you can reach your own conclusions.

Marijuana proponents say that smokers tend to be peaceful, in contrast to alcohol drinkers. Though this can be observed easily enough, it still doesn’t validate the use of a substance that creates an energetically fragmented condition in the aura. I observe that the fragmented aura condition of marijuana smokers keeps them seemingly peaceful, but at a price. The fuzzy aura condition of smokers keeps them from fully feeling their emotions, and when you understand this, it reveals a different, and somewhat less happy explanation regarding their preferred emotional suppression method.

When people have emotions or thoughts that are troubling, they tend to want to leave their body so that they won’t have to feel their discomforts. People wanting to not feel their feelings have some popular choices: They can drink alcohol, they can eat devitalized junk food, they can space out in front of the television — which is known to induce a quasi-meditative alpha state — or they can smoke marijuana. All of these choices can create a fragmented energy field, in which the clarity of the aura is compromised. But the spiritual problems from marijuana use seem to last longer than the side effects from the other methods.

The alleged peacefulness of smokers is their convenient excuse. They may feel more peaceful than they would if they weren’t smoking, but unfortunately, they are not transcending their pain in any useful way. Their escape from emotional discomfort is temporary. This means that they can’t really address the pain, and that leads to a problem. If you can’t address something, because you don’t feel it anymore, then you have to keep pushing the denied emotions down, so that they are out of your conscious awareness.

This may explain the notion that marijuana is not physically addictive, but is psychologically addictive. After all, if you need to keep smoking in order to not feel what you don’t want to feel, then that may well be a psychological addiction.

The popular expression with marijuana smokers that smoking helps them “take the edge off” is a euphemism that hides the emotional pain they seek to avoid. And to be fair, it is reasonable to acknowledge that emotional pain can be frightening, and that confronting it takes a great deal of courage and determination. However, smoking isn’t going to build courage and determination.

This is because the focus required for determination is associated with a strongly linked soul and personality within a coherent aura — and marijuana interferes with that.

Ideally, the body, the emotions, the mind, and the soul are all united in a coherent energy field — your healthy aura. Uniting these aspects within yourself is key to being aligned with your true self, so that you can do the things that you came to this lifetime to do. Anything that muddies the clarity of your aura is slowing your progress on all levels. It is better to be clear in your perception– even if this involves challenging realizations — so that you can confront your emerging feelings and thoughts, rather than hide in a fragmented, diffused understanding of yourself.

You could imagine your soul as the eternal divine essence of your being. Your soul carries the spark of the creator, and so your soul is your connection to higher spiritual awareness. Ideally, your body, heart, mind, personality, and soul link as one, with the soul being your cosmic cohering energy presence — the divine glue that holds you together.

When your divine soul is integrated with your body, you become more conscious about how you treat your body. When your soul is able to shine into your emotions and mind, you can achieve a unified level of consciousness that lets you confront issues. You can move in a positive direction in your life. Marijuana disrupts this unity, and creates a muddy aura that short-circuits your spiritual empowerment.

Another concern with this substance is that it mimics spiritual experiences, but actually interferes with spiritual realization. To understand how that happens, imagine the spectrum of consciousness as a range of vibrations. At the lowest part of the awareness scale, there is low, unaware consciousness. At the highest level of the awareness scale, there is cosmic consciousness, or divine consciousness.

Now suppose that a person is stuck in a narrow, exclusively earth-bound level of perception. Such a person might find that marijuana helps them feel and see beyond their narrow material range of perceptions. And that seems impressive, at first. It even seems to suggest that marijuana might be a consciousness expanding substance.

The problem, however, is that marijuana can, in a limited way, seem to help those who are stuck in a narrow materialistic perspective. It seems, at first, to give them a more expanded view of the universe. However, this benefit is limited by marijuana’s intrinsically lesser quality of vibration. When a substance keeps you at an intermediate level of consciousness, then try as you might, you will be chemically limited from attaining higher states of spiritual realization.

The so-called consciousness-expanding benefits of marijuana are only somewhat broader than the narrow materialistic worldview of the uptight, tense person. This means that when a person who feels rigid or stuck smokes, they get a temporarily expanded sense of things, and this impresses them. They believe they have a found a solution that frees them from limitation.

Unfortunately, marijuana has only raised their consciousness somewhat. Especially troubling is that the marijuana, though seeming to raise the consciousness a bit, keeps the smoker at a level of awareness that is only somewhat expanded beyond the lower materialistic range. To understand this, imagine that there is a range of consciousness between one and ten. One represents limited, stuck consciousness. Ten represents cosmic consciousness.

A person stuck at level one or two could go to level three or four with the help of marijuana. They might be impressed by this shift. As they would argue, their consciousness has been expanded, they feel more creative, and they have a broader sense of reality.

It seems like a convincing validation, until you realize that the marijuana is keeping them from going above level four. And this is the problem with marijuana that smokers would rather not consider.

In addition, the marijuana inhibits their ability to heal their own problems — their level one and two problems, so to speak. These are the energy blocks that they were trying to escape. However, unaddressed problems stay stuck. Your ability to honestly sense your own energy blocks is a vital element in your self healing.

You are a spiritual being. Your soul is made from the eternal cosmic essence of the creator.

You incarnated to bring your eternal soul into the experience of this lifetime. To receive the light of your soul, you need to create a fit physical vehicle that can be in harmony with your soul. In spite of the claims of marijuana proponents, marijuana cannot provide you with assistance if you want to progress spiritually.

The popular claim that marijuana generates peacefulness is based on a limited definition of what peace is — peace is not merely the absence of strife or violence. This limited definition of peace leads people to pay a spiritual price that isn’t worth the alleged benefits — your soul alignment is worth more than any temporary peace. And when you realize that this so-called peace is just a dissociated condition that ultimately inhibits your well-being, you may be empowered to re-examine this topic with a deeper understanding

If there were no other options for attaining inner peace, or for dealing with your emotions, then the beliefs of marijuana proponents might be convincing, but there are, in fact, many options:

– Learning to feel your feelings is a powerful teaching that builds strength in many levels of your being. It’s not always easy, and often not fun, but when you gently breathe through your feelings you discover that you are stronger than your fears.

– Learning to question your automatic self-talk lets you get out of the mental and emotional loops that can trap you in negativity. Learning to talk to yourself in an empowering way puts you, metaphorically, in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than in the back seat with your subconscious patterns in control of the steering wheel.

– Learning to move and exercise, by whatever means you choose, gives you an option to raise your vibration every day, so that your feelings and thoughts don’t sink down to the lowest levels of your problems.

– Learning to meditate, visualize, concentrate, and create a coherent aura helps you discover your true spiritual identity as a multidimensional being. Spiritual practices empower you to live in alignment with your true divine identity, so that you are less affected by the negative influences from the media, from other people, and from the world in general. You observe the world with a deeper wisdom that expresses your true self.

One spiritual concern with marijuana use is that it causes users to get stuck in an intermediate spiritual dimension known as the astral plane. These intermediate dimensions of consciousness, though not bad in themselves, are the levels of illusion. Ideally, the astral dimension is a state of consciousness in which you can invent and create. However, the astral dimension is only safe for you if you are also aligned with higher levels of divine consciousness, and safely grounded within your own physical body. Without this higher divine alignment, and without your grounded physical presence, the astral plane is merely the plane of illusion and fantasy, taking you further from your true center.

This is important to you if spiritual awareness is your goal. I don’t pretend that this article will change the minds of those who are committed to using marijuana, although I do hope that any user will consider the options to using a spiritually negative substance.

But what if you are undecided about this topic, and spiritual awakening is important to you? Have you let yourself be impressed with the glamorous images presented in the media, in which creative people or celebrities are associated with marijuana use? It is to you that this article is specifically written, because glamorous images are only superficial descriptions of a false reality — that is, they are not real.

False images are reflections of the astral plane — the dimension of illusion. And when millions of people hold false images, the effect can be powerful. Fortunately, even powerful false images can be seen for what they are — fake realities that only interfere with spiritual awareness. When you have real spiritual experiences that integrate you, uniting your body, heart, mind, and soul with your spiritual potential, then you build clarity in your consciousness. You learn to recognize fake realities as superficial images with no spiritual core.

Spiritual realization is something that you develop over time. It is not something you can put on like a coat, or take like a pill, and for this reason, you want to develop your spiritual awareness as a daily practice. In the same way that you can build physical muscles through exercise, you can build spiritual strength through cultivating your awareness. One of the benefits of a regular spiritual practice is that your alignment with your soul wisdom grows. And this lets you see illusions as the deceptions that they really are.

When you don’t have a spiritual means of connecting with your soul, you can be easily influenced by the powerful distorted energy fields of millions of people who are trapped in fake illusions. And marijuana doesn’t help you grow or evolve beyond that, because it gives the illusion of expanded consciousness, while trapping you at a merely intermediate level of consciousness. It claims to take you beyond the average state of human consciousness, and then leaves you at a muddy, intermediate level.

And the energy at that intermediate level, I notice, is sticky. That might sound a bit strange, but the aura quality of marijuana smokers is sticky, fuzzy, and open to entities. That is the opposite of the brightness and clarity associated with those who are in alignment with their divine soul.

But no matter where you are in your spiritual development, whether you are smoking or not, you can always make the choice to move in a healthier direction each day. In the same way that the public is moving towards the realization that healthy food is better than junk food, and in the same way that the public is moving towards the understanding that exercise makes you feel more alive, so too are people becoming aware that anything that interferes with their soul development is to be avoided.

If you’re already moving in the direction of seeking healthy food choices and exploring exercise, then you are able to appreciate how negative substances can interfere with your vibration. When you consider how a seemingly popular substance, marijuana, can lower your spiritual vibration, it invites you to make some new healthy choices. Anything that disrupts your body-soul unity is worth avoiding. It’s time to tune in to your true divine essence, and make some healthy decisions for yourself.

Your essence is made of divine substance. If you want to feel your aliveness, then realize that your emotions, your thoughts, and your body all need to be aligned with your soul — so that you can be truly alive on all levels. And that may mean, at times, that you will feel emotions or thoughts that you don’t enjoy. However, you can learn to breathe through your challenges. You can learn to stabilize and integrate your mind-body-spirit energy. You can learn to bring the divine light of your soul — and the cosmic intelligence of the universe — into your life.

And when you align in this way, you get a sense of what it means to be in tune with the cosmos. You can feel in alignment with the eternal vibration of the creator, humming within you. You are in alignment with the truth of your being, which is a spiritual vibration that is alive in the deepest sense of the word. It is the higher consciousness that is capable of knowing its true infinite nature.

And you want to be aligned with that infinite universal consciousness, because it is who you are — you are one with the source of all reality. Breathe it into your being. It is the true elixir that you can partake of every day. Let every breath unite you with the aliveness that wants to vibrate joyously within your every cell. Welcome to this moment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – transformational home-study mp3’s, and private consultations


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Resource: This site looks useful – their approach seems to be similar to the 12 Step programs:


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410 Responses to Is marijuana OK from a spiritual point of view?

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  3. Maia White says:

    Wow… I was completely captivated by this article. I simply cannot scroll by without leaving a comment first.

    I, like many, started smoking marijuana very young. I was in an abusive relationship, 15 years old, highly impressionable, and depressed. I was looking for something that would make me feel something. So of course, I attracted the painful relationship I was in and weed would be the common ground for us, the glue that solidified our enmeshment.

    At first, when I started smoking it was fun. I laughed like I never laughed before. I thought I was building strong love connections with the people around me, and for the first time I felt something so magical and wondrous, almost outterwordly. I’ve always been sensitive to energy, and had a hard time finding where I belonged or fit into this world, probably why I was so depressed I wasn’t given the proper tools to ground and protect myself. Then when you add the pressures of teenage hood, your vision and perception of realty is susceptible to being warped.

    Eventually, as I grew into adulthood and started learning more about my own spirituality, the allure of weed started ware off. My body began to reject it. I betrayed myself by ignoring my body’s needs as I continued to use it, often. I began to experience anxiety, I began to actually SEE the dark entities that were attached to me. My heart closed, and I began to isolate myself from pretty much everything.

    I went deeper into my spiritual practice, left my toxic relationship after 5 years. Started yoga teachers training at the very same time I ended my relationship (divine timing). Yoga training required me to stop smoking (I signed a contract and everything so I was very committed to quitting at this point). I was guided to do this, and never look back. I always felt that I was doing damage to myself, not just physically but spiritually as well. It felt dangerous to my existence.

    Now that I’m committed to my own healing and expansion I can see quite clearly how I was being torn away from source and my higher self. Thank you for this article, it not only validated something I’ve felt very deeply, but it also expressed in words something I couldn’t find within myself to vocalize.

  4. Mayur Singh says:

    Hi Joel,

    Peace and Blessings be to you. Thank you for such a beautiful and well written article. You truly have some wise words and wisdom. I really like this article and the content, its truly a different and unique perspective to the new age norm for those that promote the substance.

    I myself have struggled with the Ganja for many many years, and its become my normal day to day living. In fact it has been 5 days since i have stopped and i have been smoking for a very long time.

    The best part about not smoking is that you can sleep and dream, I have had amazing dreams in the last two days, dreams i can remember in great detail. The weed definitely can disconnect you from the spirit,

    Im not to sure if you have ever heard the spiritual teachings audio of a man named “Jonathan Adampants” called ‘The Healing begins now’, and Phase 3 on the teachings of ‘the creative spirit’, If you have not heard about him, please check it out because i think you would appreciate his teachings, it was a very long audio 2007 approx, Jonathan had completed the audios then disappeared completely from the internet, He did mention he was going to leave the net and never return. I thought id share the information for you in return for reading such a well written article, You and Jonathan are both one and the same when it comes to the principles you have discussed.

    May the Creator and the great spirit always have your back brother, take care, much love and blessings on your journey, see you on the other side one day, much Love.

  5. Georg Lommelun says:

    I would just add that, from my personal experience, marijuana has helped me tremendously on my spiritual path. It helped me to even take the path, it opened me up to the fact that there is more to life. After the initial realisation and exploration of the marijuana induced state of consciousness, I clearly see what you describe here: that the drug will hinder further spiritual progress. But my point here is, that for some people that are so low in vibration so to speak, marijuana can be a really good door opener, a presenter of a greater world. One must remember though, that this is just one of many tools for the very first few steps on one’s spiritual path.

    • Georg,

      Thank you for this insight. You’ve clarified that everyone is at a different level of awareness on their spiritual journey, and in varying degrees of readiness for true spiritual empowerment and sovereignty.

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  7. Dean says:

    Hi Joel,
    It seems you’ve written this 6 years ago, but I hope this comment finds you. This article has truly resonated with me. I too have been feeling the stickiness of marijuana, and a few days ago finally quit. It makes me very happy to see somebody put words to the way I feel the substance and what it does to our bodies, as most don’t seem to have a problem with it or recognize the shifts within their energy and mind. Thank you for writing this and bringing confidence to my observations about the drug. I wish you good luck on your journey.
    : )

    • Dean,

      Many thanks!

      If the article were to be re-written, I would distinguish between THC, the psychoactive component that seems to be the problem, versus CBD, the non-psychoactive component that is effective for anti-inflammatory health benefits.

      Since THC can stay in the body for 30 days, you might wish to take cleansing herbs for the next few months to really clean the body. Chlorella, spirulina, milk thistle, and turmeric can help cleanse and nourish the bloodstream and the liver.

  8. Chloe says:

    I agree with everything in this article, so insightful and not talked about enough! I am 19 years old and have already recognized I am not a weed smoker. I would do it in highschool with friends and sometimes alone but I noticed everytime I got “high” my heart would start beating really fast and I began to feel very anxious and would over think everything. I consider myself to have a naturally high vibration and I try to remain mindful and work on spirituality daily like a muscle as you mentioned. Without it I am very chill and am not an anxious person. The first two times I smoked weed in 9th grade were so fun, like an amusement park, and I would chase that everytime after but never really felt it without the paranoia or not being able to think straight.

    I came up with my own little “theory” if you will. I noticed that whenever I smoke weed, very 3rd Dimensional sides of me come out, animalistic/survival things like 1.Wanting food 2.Wanting Sleep 3.Being extra aware of surroundings. I feel I have transgressed this state of being so these traits come out when I am high. I feel like drugs like shrooms or LSD are able to activate the higher chakras which for many create a feeling of oneness or it unravels your reality depending where you are on your journey. I guess the point is, it’s always best to be careful what substances you use and not to abuse anything because consciousness is so pure and great on it’s own! (in my opinion).

    • Chloe,

      I appreciate your observations and your spiritual insights about the purity of our consciousness.

      Regarding psychedelics opening the higher chakras, this is true, but with a warning. It’s not enough to just open the higher chakras. You have to be able to close them back to normal as well. Otherwise, you can become fragmented, and open to “higher entities” – though they may not be entities divinely aligned with the highest Source consciousness.

      I’d recommend safer ways to open the higher chakras, where a chemical is not required to do the work. That way, you can maintain unity between your earthly body, your mind, and your soul. When you use your intention consciously, and you maintain alignment with your body and with present time, you can gently open your higher chakras wider, and gently bring them back to normal, all safely under your own conscious control.

      This slower approach takes more time, and is not as flashy, but your spiritual growth is more important than “wow” experiences. You deserve to make your discoveries in a grounded, centered, safe way that helps you evolve in stability and harmony.

  9. mahasathi says:

    2 years ago some old unfulfilled desire came back to me and tempted me to grow psychoactive mushrooms for the fun of it, i gave in to it.
    I had been free of any drug whatsoever for 6 years, not even a drop of beer, and meditate everyday and also run almost daily so i am fairly sensitive in general.
    When i go for runs or walks in nature i enjoy the sweet exchange between me and the surrounding vegetation, i really feel connected to nature ; so 2 years ago I remembered old experiences under the influence of psychedelics that gave me a great sense of connectedness with nature that i had never experienced at that time.
    I decided to try eating a very low dose of those mushrooms I had just grown, also called “micro-dosing”, to see if that would uplift or deepen my consciousness. I took about a tenth of a gram.
    The result was that it actually put a veil on me, it made things glow, sharpened and widened my visual focus but it was all like putting up a blanket of colors around me. When I went for a run I realised that the natural feeling of deep conectedness with nature was gone, this thing just covered me with a layer of illusory sensations.
    I learned my lesson and understood why my master advises not to use any drug legal or not.

    There is so much to do to make this world a more peaceful and more harmonious place. Psychedelics can be an eye opener at first but quickly becomes a waste of time, an illusion of understanding that traps you.

    The quicker you realise your unhappiness, accept it and develop the sincere desire to change it, the sooner the right path to true happiness will show up and knock at your heart’s door.

    • Mahasathi,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. When you have awakened to cosmic energies, and you have begun to integrate these universal energies into your body, there is a delicate balance between body and soul that can be upset by drugs. This includes even so-called “spiritual” drugs.

  10. Chris says:

    Marijuana wasn’t meant to be abused though, if you’re wanting positive effects. Marijuana is a life saving medicine and hemp is also extremely valuable to this planet.
    It is habit forming if you abuse it so that is not going to produce anything good, physical or mental or spiritual in the long term. However if you are having extreme nausea, vomiting and to the point of choking on your vomit, then marijuana can be a life saver. As holding down pills is not possible when you’re throwing up constantly. And besides drugs and pills have serious side effects and aren’t natural at all. So, marijuana, smoked, in this situation actually saved my life one night. So I am grateful for that, however I do totally agree that marijuana is a lot worse for people(regular smokers) than they think. I know first hand I feel much healthier when I don’t smoke it. I think the chemicals they grow it with harm the liver. I can feel the toxins building up in my body because my liver is already damaged from a drug overdose I had as a teen.

    • Chris says:

      I also get serious withdrawl like effects when I stop smoking marijuana. I get explosive diarrhea, which appears to be the giadara parasite. This is obviously not the fault of the weed, as this only started happening after my drug overdose. But just to point out, even before the overdose I got extreme migrane headaches and nausea, severe insomnia, and even vomiting when I didn’t have the weed. I couldn’t even hold down water, I’d throw it up. One night I almost died from the “withdrawls” I was throwing up all night (I drank 3 gallons of water that night to try and stay hydrated, although I think I over did it and my muscles were still so insanely tense and painful from the dehydration) I threw up 3 small garbage cans full, and eventually started to choke (Not sure what I still had left in my stomach to choke on….)and was unable to breath and started seeing colors. There was no end to the nausea in sight. By Miracle I managed to get some weed at 4 am, right as I lie on my death bed, fighting my body from passing out (As I knew I would never wake up if I let myself pass out) and the weed saved my life. It stopped me from puking and slowly I regained my breathing to where I could get enough oxygen in my body and from there I started the rehydration process. I managed to get another ounce of weed that lasted me through the dry spell and I never did run out of weed again for years and years as I was sure if I did- That I would die from the withdrawls. It was that serious. But eventually after so many years I finally didn’t have it one day and I noticed I did not get any nausea. I DID get the explosive diarrhea though. Now it’s random, I can get either. I try not to smoke it anymore because of how addictive it is for me and I know also it’s not good spiritually. It’s main use is to save people’s lives when they are vomiting uncontrollably or from cancer or chemo.

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  12. Maria says:

    Thank you Joel, for a great article! I consider myself an awakened human, and someone who has gone through the dark night of the soul, as they refer to it. A time of going deep and of allowing my eternal self, and my soul self to integrate with my body, and my mind. And this process, this integration of light, naturally triggers resistance, old, stuck emotions, and the shadow side.

    And it requires, as you know, a total acceptance of our shadow, of our human self and all of its limitations. It’s a painful process that very few are ready to undergo. But the rewards are as you say, a clarity and alignment with our true selves.

    I noticed it requires being present in our body, not trying to get out of our body. And it requires allowing our soul’s natural sensuality to move through us. When I am in this natural state of consciousness, I am not totally rid of all the emotions of a lower vibration. They are still there, but I don’t respond to them. They are background noise.

    A master is one who learns to allow all of him or herself to be, to allow all of the so called negative aspects, and also invites in spirit. Those times I am connected are not induced by any substance outside myself. And I am truly feeling the sensual joy of being here, engaging all my human and Expanded senses. And, as you say, it’s not a foggy experience. I am able to focus, to drive, to go shopping or just relax.

    It’s being fully present. And you are so right, there are no shortcuts. It requires a diving deep into our body and our emotions, and recognizing those emotions of fear, sadness, anxiety etc. are not who we are. As I allow and accept them, they seem to lose their compelling nature.

    Again, thanks for your insights and wisdom.

    • Maria,

      Many thanks for expressing the secret to spiritual empowerment so eloquently and clearly. When you are present with the infinite levels of the self, to experience them interacting together as one unified Self, then the recognition that you are pure consciousness crystallized into this time-space becomes evident.

  13. Thomas H says:

    Joel such an amazing article, thank you for taking the time to write this. I heard recently that marijuana creates “irreversible and permanent” damage to the aura. Is that true? I sincerely look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    • Thomas,

      When people want to make a point, they will sometimes convey dire warnings of a dramatic nature. This is unfortunate, because there are, in fact, many ways to cleanse yourself physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

      So don’t indulge in the “irreversible and permanent damage” hypothesis. Instead, explore how to cleanse toxins, how to sweep your energy and your aura, and how to re-connect with your higher self.

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  15. Dan says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom.

  16. Jackie says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this amazing article. Your words have truly given me the understanding i have been searching for when it comes to the affects of smoking marijuana. I have been using pot for the past 10 years. Although deep down inside i know its not good for me, another part of me loves the taste and buzz it gives me. Over the years i have tried to quit, i would stop for months than go back to smoking again. I agree that many people have habits like smoking pot, to sort of escape from negative emotions, treat stress, etc.

    About 5 years ago i began to practice spirituality. Although i have succeeded on attaining mind elevation, stronger connection to source within, and accomplishing many of my goals; i still feel a disconnect. When smoking pot i feel a connection that resemlbes the feeling of being connected to higher source. But than short after my mind fills up with negative thoughts. Its very scary to know that this temporary connection is more an illusion but it makes perfect sense to why i feel what i feel when using pot.

    The good thing about the herb is that its not as bad as other “drugs” that one can end up addicted to. Its not as harmful. In fact, it helps many people treat many different things. It is safer than most medications and very few side affects. If I smoke to have fun with my friends, i know its safer than getting drunk or doing hard drugs.

    I think the issue with marijuana is that is addictive. Smoking it often is not good for our health and that is because smoking anything period is not good for our health. I have realized that when it comes to our health, connection to love and true self, and allowing ourself to be the best we can be so we can truly be abundant in life; smoking pot can and will limit us.

    • Jackie,

      THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can stay in the body for 30 days, so this creates an interference that limits your connection to your higher self, and your alignment with infinite divine source.

      The feeling of “connection” that marijuana seems to provide is on the astral plane level, and this plane does not connect you with your infinite self – in fact, it creates what I call the “fuzzy aura” condition.

      Although marijuana may be safer than hard drugs, that is not a good rationalization for using it.

      Find ways to address your emotional challenges. Explore nutrition. Utilize safe nutrients and herbs, like Tulsi and Passion Flower, that do not interfere with your soul connection.

      • Jacmary Sanchez says:

        I agree . Thank you so much, your knowledge has been very helpful and I will definitely give those a try

  17. 47 says:

    Thanks Mr Joel..i appreciate your genuine concern…God bless you

  18. Lucky says:

    I resonate with your explanation of marijuana and it’s detrimental effects on spiritual development. I smoked it only occasionally as a teenager, gave up along with regular tobacco 10 years ago, then gave up alcohol (was only an occasional drinker also) 4 years ago.

    I have been on a path of processing and releasing emotional trauma/blockages and unconscious fears and conflicts for the past 10/11 years, and found doing anything to deliberately dim my consciousness started to feel ‘spiritually uncomfortable’ (although also gave up alcohol for several other reasons including physical health.) I really enjoy being sober and fully present to all my experiences.

    I also experience altered consciousness effects (expansiveness, euphoria etc) from music and dance forms that I love, which I think are alternative safe and healthy ways to raise your vibration. Plus the desire to drink to relax / de-stress has faded out to almost nothing over time of getting used to sobriety in social/nightclubbing/partner dancing situations.

    Is there any way you could do a post on the effects of alcohol and what you have observed re energy effects? From a superficial perspective it seems to induce less serious changes in the motivation level/capacity to participate purposefully in life and mental health of a person than a weed habit, but perhaps that is incorrect. . .?
    Many thanks

    • Lucky,

      Glad to hear you’ve discovered safe ways to naturally access deeper states of consciousness.

      Regarding your question about alcohol, it seems to affect the aura less adversely than marijuana does. However, having said that, the alcohol vibration can invite entities into the aura. Though some doctors write about the health benefits of alcohol, they don’t understand the energetic effects.

      The safest way to participate with alcohol is to take just one drink with a meal. However, the effect of several drinks, in an environment where many people are drinking, is more likely to invite entities into the aura.

      Especially problematic is the long time drinker, taking many drinks daily. Their aura and brain become open to entities, who encourage them to drink more, leading to a dangerous cycle.

      For energetically sensitive people who value their clarity and alignment, alcohol is best avoided. If you want to be a connoisseur of fine fermented products, be a cheese snob; you’ll get protein without the entity bother.

  19. 47 says:

    Just to add to the above. My car stereo hasn’t worked after that day, and stopped working as I got home, and I turned around just in front of my gate to go get the herb, if I got home, I wouldn’t have heard the commercial on the concert. I did cause I stayed longer on the car. So u see why I ask if there’s a connection. Thank you

    • 47,

      The cosmic consciousness of the universe would have helped you discover what you needed to discover in another way. The universe is infinite and creative, so never assume that things happen only through one avenue.

  20. 47 says:

    Great article, and I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to this article. You explained it just the way I’ve always seen it, and haven’t gotten this explanation anywhere else, so I say thank you.

    I’ve been searching for the truth about this plant for years, but haven’t searched as deep as I did this year. I’ve smoked the plant for 18 yrs, and I’ve had breaks from time to time. I’ve been convicted to quit since the early years I started it, but found it difficult even though I could take short breaks. I’ve had good memories with it, and bad ones as well. It’s been a good companion, but I’ve always had the conviction to let it go, and have actually seen and felt the benefits of quitting, but one thing will lead to the other, and I’d find myself back to it.

    I’ve given my life to the Almighty God, and have stopped the use of alcohol, and the herb…although something happened recently. I have a passion for music, and with my recent conversion I want to do gospel, and inspirational music. Some days ago I left church and it was heavy on my mind to smoke the herb, I fudged it till evening, I finally drove won’t to use atm, and my car radio, that had stopped working for over a month came on. I used the atm, and the urge to smoke came strongly on me so I decided to turn around, and go get some to see where it was leading me I thought. On my way to buy it I heard of a gospel concert over the radio, and after I smoked the herb I got an inspiration to do a song for a gospel artist who recently passed on, and was dear to me which I never thought about till then, and the song came straight to me that moment, the lyrics and all. Went for the gospel concert the next day and it was all I needed to see, and where I needed to be to affirm my new drive, and the desired response.

    I made a decision to smoke the herb once a month, as this won’t get me so disconnected I thought, cause I know of the disconnection. I still wasn’t satisfied with that decision, cause I know the Holy Spirit is enough for me, and I need all the clarity I can get to be whole, complete, and in sync with my true nature, and my Creator in other to fulfill my true purpose without any distortion. So I started my search again, and finally met this lovely piece. I know who I am, and of not disturbed by media, or any sort, I know what I’m permitted to do, and not.

    I just want your view on whether it was right for me to smoke it that day? If it was a wrong voice, cause I feel I got a benefit or two from it, and dint understand why my car radio would finally work when I dint expect it to and I’d hear about the concert that helped me a lot,and affirmed my decision to do gospel, cause I had never been to a gospel music concert, plus the inspiration to do the song for the dead friend.

    Do u think there’s a connection? And what do u think about the once a month decision? Sorry this was too long. Sorry guys..thanks

    • 47,

      Your intentions are good, and you’re seeking deeper alignment with the Divine.

      There is a problem, though… if you’re smoking every 30 days, and if the molecular presence of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, remains in the body about 30 days, then you’re somewhat clogged all the time.

      The infinite Divine is ultimately more easily accessible when you’re in healthy clear alignment.

      The following supplements have been used by people to clear themselves, and stabilize themselves safely and naturally. This is especially important because marijuana temporarily reduces your endorphin production – your own happy brain chemicals.

      These natural herbs are reported to be calming, but not toxic to the aura:
      – tulsi, also called holy basil
      – passion flower
      – chamomile
      – scullcap

      These nutrients are calming and stabilizing for nerves and brain:
      – magnesium
      – lecithin (get non-GMO)
      – gelatin (don’t get Jello; get a good brand like Great Lakes Gelatin)
      – organic butter and coconut oil help rebuild the nerves

  21. Lars Anderson says:

    Dear Joel Bruce
    Thank you for a life-changing article, literary speaking!
    I found it by searching the web for information shedding some light on, specifically, the emotional, mental and spiritual effects of cannabis, after having thoroughly studied (with increasing impatience over its limitations) the conclusions of medical science on this matter.

    What convinces me of the truth in your statements, since I don’t possess subtle vision gifts, is my personal experience of actually becoming precisely “fragmented” and “foggy” when using the substance. I am a highly sensitive person, having been on a sincere spiritual quest since the 1980’s. Cannabis has been a way of coping with the world, albeit in minimal and occasional doses and never before the age of 28. However, even this moderate use seems to have been stunting my growth in mysteriously elusive ways, that it has taken me until recently to clearly comprehend.

    Deliberately clean since last fall equinox, just six months, I would easily fall for the temptation of its seemingly invigorating effects soon again, and then again, weren’t it for the reinforced realization and conviction conveyed by your testimony on the matter, which I actively searched for and found just a couple of months ago. I am indeed certain that whatever I look for in the drug, and “gain” from it, can be found within myself, only more authentic, more lasting, and without the negative side effects.

    I am now ready to swear off, permanently and ultimately, all use of the substance that has accompanied me for so many years. A decision I have hitherto hesitated committing to, though due to your valuable contribution it will now finally happen. Joyfully letting go of what no longer serves a meaningful purpose, for the sake of instead entering new levels of freedom and new challenges. I have also, simply by my example (and your article!), gently and effortlessly inspired a valued and spiritual-minded friend who has for some time had a fear-mixed desire to release her incessant habitual ganja-smoking.

    “Thank you” simply isn’t enough, but for lack of better words: thank you so very, very much for being who you are and for doing what you do!
    Heartfelt blessings,

    • Lars,

      Thank you for sharing your renewed inspiration to find the cosmic divine within.

      May your insights gently remind us all that the infinite soul potential that shines within us is accessed most easily when our body, mind, and soul are healthfully united, and unhindered by “quick acting” but deceptive substances.

  22. Kris says:

    how can you even say that you have 0 ZERO relevant data to back this up. your literally just ranting about your perspective. This kind of stuff is hilarious to me. When new studies actually have revealed that cannabis promotes neurogenesis and the OPENING OF PATHWAYS. it is all about intention, something you didn’t mention. This entire argument is just a personal opinion rant.

    I will give you a first hand experience, I had a bad accident had major surgery two time they moved 4 nerves in my arms. terrible experience, I was on opiates for the pain during and before hand, flexeril, lyrica highest dose 4x a day and .5 mg clonazepam 3x a day and drinking alcohol with cocaine.

    I got offf ALL OF THESE DRUGS at the same time by connecting with my consciousness. Something rehab couldn’t do. Marijuana is not healthy if you are in a bad state, mental emotional or spiritual. It does open up these pathways especially if you put that intention to it before using the plant.

    If you are in a good headspace so to say, you will open up that pathway for higher vibrating entities or interdimensional beings or even just your own consciousness. Likewise if you are in a bad space you can invite more negative vibrations into your life. If you feel guilty about smoking its bad, if you feel like its a celebration of your sprit then it can be hugely beneficial and deeply life changing, or at least that is what happened to me.

    I am 25 1991 a millennial that has been spiritually suppressed through different environmental and social factors that effect us all.

    • Kris,

      Thank you for sharing your story. The opening of pathways can, at first, open people to transcendental experiences that are healing.

      In time, however, continued use creates the problems described in the article. These perceptions about marijuana use that healers have are the result of their research — healers sense auras, and many healers see these problems that the users don’t see themselves. These perceptions are not opinions, but come from deeper spiritual experience and insight.

      Good headspace or not, the aura problems that result from continued use are a serious issue that becomes worse over time.

  23. Scooty says:

    Hey man good stuff here, just wanted to leave a little bit, maybe it will help others, and I know it will help myself just to write it down. So I used to be in the army and I was deployed to Iraq, now I was thinking upon my arrival “this is going to be one hell of a spiritual journey!”. I felt that way because I was going to the cradle of life you know. Well I had to be really up on my physical activity as part of meeting my requirements as a soldier, and in my own time I would meditate. Now my meditation over there was unlike any I have had since or before but I think it is mainly because of the high level of physical activity mixed with the sober clear I had at the time.

    I would say for myself before meditating “I want to have a vision,” and I would. It happened twice and I actually saw the one time an event that played out 2 years later and was no mere coincidence because it wasn’t a vision about one thing it was a vision about the entire process of me getting discharged from the army in a punitive way. At that time I was a very devoted soldier, I had soared through the ranks and was one of the most reliable guys in my platoon and the whole company saw great things in me. Now before I get ahead any more, a really cool cliff note is that after I had that vision I want outside my hut and had a cigarette and then a buddy come walking by, just got back from the gym. He have me a firm pat on the shoulders as he walked by and I see he leg almost give out as he touched me and he then says, “Damn man I just got very dizzy touching you,”.

    We talked a little then he went to leave and have me another pat on the shoulder and says “Damn it did it again, I’m dizzy,”. I felt the energy permeating off of me and I felt like I was powered up ready to shoot Ki blasts or something. Anyway that was the and of the enlightening moments through spiritual meditation because I then got home from Iraq and abused alcohol and any drug that was in front of me.

    I have done away with most everything by now but I will have an occasional drink, but I smoke pot everyday. Now I’ve tried to get to that level of meditation and feel that energy again but I can only slightly feel the energy. Like right now I can breath and imagine that there is a river of spiritual energy in me and then I can feel the tingling, but it only goes so far – I can’t get it back to where it was, and I know it must be the pot.

    I do need to step up my exercise game, too. I’d say food matters heavily like most people do, but the time I spent in Iraq I would drink soda and monster energy drinks, and supplements for working out and also I couldn’t be picky about my meals so I often ate like fried food and deli sandwiches, just because it’s all that there really was. Now I’m also looking for some insight on the energy field in us, and that tingling feeling I get when I “power up” my energy. Any insight would be much appreciated, and thank you so much for reading this.

    • Scooty,

      To get the feeling of being connected to divine spirit, and to feel that energy throughout your body, tune into the tingling energy. Gently breathe into it. Feel that inner energy tingle flowing through your body.

      Imagine the light of your divine soul flowing through your body, healing your cells.

      For best results, stop smoking pot, and drinking alcohol and “energy drinks”. This will let you feel your real energies more fully. Eat clean natural food, too.

      Reduce use of cell phones, and switch to land line phones. Cell phones zap your cells and weaken them.

      Replace your computer wifi transmitter. Use only ethernet cables to connect your computer with the internet, because wifi transmitters zap and deaden your body cells.

      • Scooty says:

        Really that’s killer, man. Anyway, about my buddy touching me and feeling dizzy, what would you say was happening at that moment?

        • Scooty,

          You were pumped up with life energy, but the energy was not yet integrated into your body. When energy is too strong in the aura, and not grounded into the body, it is like an electrical surge that overcharges a machine.

          You can release excess energy from your feet into the earth.

          Also, breathe gently into the body, and visualize your aura integrating with your physical body in a balanced way.

  24. Vera says:

    Dear Joel,

    I don’t know if you still follow the comments on this post, but I want to say that I am very very grateful for this.
    My boyfriend truly loves to smoke weed or hashish. Years ago I liked to smoke and occasionally use some other drugs in parties, but since I am on a spiritual path I have a growing distaste for drugs. My boyfriend really likes to smoke weed and hashish, but I always have revulsion about it, that this substances are not good and useful. I could not phrase what was my problem about it, I only felt that something is not good with this so called meditation smokers. Reading your article everything fell into place. That is what I felt when i smoked weed: I get relaxed, but at the same time absolutely detached from my feelings or from my true self.
    It was also so good to see how easily and calmly you answered all the comments here, even the troll ones 🙂
    I tried to have a conversation with my boyfriend about this smoking issue, I wasn’t offensive, but he told that he loves to smoke and that’s it. He just loves the feeling and he doesn’t care about any opinions about pot, because he loves the feeling. It is obvious for me that he tries to escape from his tension and problematic feelings.
    I know I have no right to chip in his life, but we live together on a small sailboat so I am really influenced by everything he does. I don’t know what could be the right solution… Do you have any idea about that?
    Thank you for this amazing post and everything, helped a lot!

    • Vera,

      An interesting challenge… Yes, people do have the right to smoke. Therefore, your energies can be focused on how you, yourself, can detox your own body and mind. As you continue to raise your vibration, your boyfriend will either follow along in that direction, or not. At least you’ll be moving forward spiritually.

      Because you’re in the presence of foggy astral energies, learn to work with your own energy, so that you can clean yourself out every day. There are articles on this site that will help with this.

      When, and if, your boyfriend is ready to go beyond the false crutch of smoking, learn how to detox, how to rebuild the brain, and how to generate endorphins naturally, so that you can provide this information. There is much information about all of these topics on google.

      • Vera says:

        Thank you very much for your answer Joel!
        I focus on my development and try not to get frustrated about my boyfriend’s smoking… not easy, but it’s not a coincidence I have this thing now in my life, I’m gonna work with it.
        I found your aura flexing, that is amazing, I haven’t heard of it yet!
        I’m grateful for your help and for your articles. I think you are a true helper, answering so carefully all the comments and share so much information for free.
        God bless you! 🙂

  25. Danielle says:

    These opinions and comments about “evil” entities and “negative” affects on the soul are deeply rooted in fear and separation. Marijuana should only be considered a drug to a person who is struggling with functioning without it, and that is a personal lesson for said person to learn. Love is the spiritual path, and fear is a real obstacle on that path. Everything and everyone is a part of the One Creator, even the “evil” entities some of you mention.

    There comes a point in which you have attained such a high vibration, that marijuana then does the opposite, and you learn that you feel much better without it. But you most certainly can reach Nirvana while using Marijuana. The key is in your beliefs surrounding it.

    If smoking up helps you to move through and process what’s going on around you, and keeps you from getting sucked into the fears and dramas of this illusory world, then do what you’ve gotta do.

    Love and Light ((()))

    • Danielle,

      Thank you for writing. Since you don’t (yet) sense subtle energy, your responses are based on beliefs about reality and spirituality, rather than actual clairvoyant observations. Those healers who sense energies have recognized that:

      – Entities are not “evil,” but they are disruptive to your soul and aura.

      – Negative effects are real, and the disruption between body and soul creates fog that stays in the aura for a longer period of time than people recognize.

      – Smoking doesn’t “help people move through and process what’s going on around you,” because smoking interferes with your ability to do just that; smoking slows down your ability to really integrate your body, your emotions, and your soul, and substitutes a pleasurable disconnect that gets in the way of progress, no matter how relaxing the experience seems to be in the moment.

      I wish positive beliefs were all that were needed to progress in life and in spirit, but a clear understanding of the negative effects suggests that these effects are real, and positive thinking and wishing won’t make them go away.

  26. Zara Robinson says:

    Please read this. It’s all about your intention. I smoke cannabis couple times a year with a dry herb vaporizer. I sit and meditate with it. I always have an out of body experience. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Ganesha Shiva dragons and elementals I have thanks to cannabis for opening me up. Eating meat and dairy have a bigger impact on you spiritually than something mother nature has given you. Eating meat you are firstly lowering your vibration as you are ingesting fear and negativity and you are causing pain and suffering to living souls. Think you need to check your sources before off loading a very biased opinion to some minds that can’t alway find the correct answers from within.

    • Zara,

      Healers who see negative effects are not unloading biased opinions, because they see the damage to the aura. Learn from this, so that you don’t weaken your aura.

      The spiritually elevated feeling of meeting the elementals is an amazing experience, yet you can have that experience without marijuana. When you do so without weakening your aura, you can continue to have truly higher experiences that connect you with the cosmos. The highest cosmic experiences are difficult to achieve when marijuana is in your aura.

      Intentions are important in your life, but they can not override toxic effects, and that warning is what this article is about.

  27. Your Mother says:

    An aura is a foreign god that you worship and are misleading others into worshiping. You still believe in cause and effect and not the miracle, and then you give people advice to lead them in the “right direction” – a direction entirely informed by your own biases – a direction that may lead them to worship their aura, your ideas, and all of the nuances and relatively false notions you may have gained from focusing as if there were another cause except the one cause. And, frankly, even in colloquial terms you don’t know any of us well enough to say jack shit about what is and is not good for us. Period. And thinking that you do, you’re already lost. The hubris is extreme. The blind leading the blind here.

    You are one of the many false teachers trying to earn (a living, attention, dialogue…whatever) off of what they know instead of going to the haven they don’t, which won’t be a guarantor (physically, emotionally, or mentally), and which is above reason and the cause-and-effect slave mill that you promote in spite of yourself – it has no form nor is non-form and does not need to bow down and become powerless-to-change before any of the idols you view in your cause and effect universe – not your aura, not our marijuana.

    You are misleading everyone here to go on another trip – now they get to spend their time investigating their auras and questioning their drug habits instead of focusing their entire heart, mind and body investigating one thing and one thing only – their private relationship to their universe (which may include auras and drug use, but is not subject to them nor powerless against them and their effects).

    There’s always a new perspective to be peddling, in every generation there is an expansion and a new awareness that leads people to believe that there is something new that will get them where only they alone can go. In 100 years when everyone is seeing auras there may be people like you selling themselves as the new aura doctors – yet another false god to go to for healing because people are not in touch with the god that heals without the conditions (the conditional love) you place upon people here like a yoke.

    There are no conditions – there is no condition of your aura, no condition of your marijuana smoking habits, no condition of your body – that the “god” that drives this world is subject to, and none which can prevent healing from that “god” if it is actually communicated with. However, no one communicates because they communicate with false teachers like you to get answers, and that distracts them from reaching their own point of contact. And then they get on the new fad – this time auras, co-creation, and whatever else – and feel they don’t need to get in touch with god now because there is something new which can excuse them from needing to do it. And it’s fearsome so they can’t be blamed. Neither can you. But occasionally I need to call out the bullshittery.

    You are adding value in form, and acted kind in turn even though I’m acting a bit blustery – I’ll give you that. But the value is questionable and buried beneath your hubris. But this is not spirituality, this is only a less coarse level of physicality. We all get excited when the system raises and we our attention is directed away from the Reality.

    The false teachers are really starting to come out of the woodwork now, people. Be ready. They all have an experience and a set of ideas they think will bring you where you want to go. They all think they’re right, or are at least willing to peddle it as such, and are even willing to say they are no more or less right than another to really ensnare you. But they don’t know you, and that’s the ultimate red flag. Only “two” know you – you and the “god” that has been dormant within you during the entirety of your incarnation. Only the two of you (one) have actually been with you through ALL of your experiences, so why would you think that some jack writing on has an answer for you that works? Because he sees auras? Because he knows their mechanisms?

    Well, his aura is just another form of marijuana – just another thing to get drugged up on in the experience-mill until you’re ready to go Home – where people like this and their judgments upon you are ancient history and you no longer need to listen to others telling you what is good and bad for you (tree of the knowledge of good and evil). Yes, this fellow took a big bite of the fruit and is now peddling a taste to all of you.

    Go to the One that knows All or be a slave to one that knows nothing.

  28. Your Mother says:

    Hi Asswipe,

    Your “No” is meaningless to anyone who has experienced it, and yes, on Marijuana. In fact, your “No” is an offense to every free being who can choose whatever path they wish to choose to approach the divine.

    No – you are not God, and no – you don’t get to tell his children what they may and may not use for what reasons. You are just an asswipe with a blog shooting off their opinions. You can speak from your own experience, but not for others, and any “guidance” you give you will also suffer in turn.

    Stop playing God – you don’t make the law. I doubt very much if you even know an ounce of it.

    All pathways are false that come from the mouth of man that divert you from your inner wisdom. Don’t listen to any of these muggles and false teachers – seek it out for yourself at the source and get the real answers – not the ones given by false teachers and charlatans.

    • Your Mother,

      Thank you for bringing your impassioned feelings to the discussion.

      The challenge that energetically aware healers have when they tell people about the dangers of microwave ovens, of wifi transmitters, of GMO food, and of marijuana use, is that most people don’t perceive the aura with the clarity that healers have access to.

      It’s tempting for marijuana users to perceive that they’re having a deep experience. As the article clarifies, that is what happens, at first. The users get a new sense of reality.

      However, the aura fogging effect creates what many healers and spiritual teachers have called “holes in the aura,” and this condition is ultimately not good for anyone’s spiritual development.

  29. John says:

    It would be very ignorant to say that cannabis has a similar effect on everyone.
    The effect it has largely depends on you and your state of mind and categorizing a herb as a ‘drug’ is quite unnecessary.

    It’s all about your state of mind, that’s how the connection between body and mind works. A certain substance may or may not hinder your enlightenment. With a lot of personal experience, i can assure you that the change you’ll feel within yourself after doing anything depends primarily on your mind, your ability to grasp what’s around you and your way of perceiving it.

    Something like cannabis should not be over glorified but it certainly does not affect you in a negative way and if it does, then probably your mind’s capability is not enough to grasp it’s vividness. It does unlock things for you which you might be able to achieve without using anything as well. Also, something that is found naturally can’t possibly expand your aura unnaturally.

    The kind of effect ‘cannabis’ or anything else for that matter would have on anyone’s spirituality is largely based on their perception and the thoughts they have pre established. It is as simple as that.
    That’s how the human brain works.

    • John,

      Thank you for presenting your thoughts so clearly. You’ve had spiritual and mind expanding benefits, and that’s great.

      When healers see that marijuana users are getting energetically clogged, they are warning about a side effect that is good to know about. The expanding benefits are impressive, until you become more refined in your energy awareness. Then, you may recognize, as many have, that the side effects offset the benefits.

  30. Jerome says:

    Hi Joel,
    That’s great. Thank you for the advice. I will keep at it.

    I had an idea recently though… I am wondering about microdosing.

    I am curious if eating very small amounts of say psychedelic mushrooms. Like .1 or .2 grams every week or so. So that you never hallucinate you just feel a mild sensation.

    I am wondering if this will be beneficial in the same way that a routine of taking Rhodiola or another herb can be beneficial to some for depression. My instincts tell me that this homeopathic type of dosage could only be beneficial because it is a mushroom and mushrooms are powerful healers.

    I would love to hear your opinion on this Joel.
    Thanks again!

    • Jerome,

      The challenge with chemically opening up your aura, with psychedelic mushrooms or with anything else, is that it’s happening beyond your conscious control.

      Ultimately, for spiritual empowerment, you want to be able to generate your own states of consciousness. This let’s you expand awareness while being in command of your body-mind-soul unity.

      Rhodiola, by contrast, doesn’t artificially expand the aura, and so it is safe and appropriate to take.

  31. Jerome says:

    You the man. I skipped through most other reader’s comments to read every single one of yours. My intuition tells me you are the truth and I really respect and appreciate how you respond to everyone’s questions, even though they are redundant.

    I have recently decided to quit weed after about 10 years of continued use. I imagine I have done quite a bit of damage huh? How long does it take typically to do real damage? Does damage incur linearly, exponentially Or plateaus? Tough question I am sure. I quit initially because of marijuana’s reducing effects on REM sleep, dreaming and circadian rhythm.

    After reading this article and your comments I have new, more important motivation to quit weed and that is to heal my chakras and soul and all that..
    It has been very enlightening to read this article because there are so many articles on the internet suggesting that hallucinagens that are from plants or fungi are “beneficial”. And we know they are fun right, so why wouldn’t we do them.

    I really wanted to believe these statements, but after feeling really foggy lately from continued marijuana use and realizing a lot of people who are in love with weed are just bozos, I knew something was amiss with weed and that its really not great for continued use.

    Also, I knew you were the truth when you preached the benefits of nourishing fats and protein. I’ve been a WAPF fan since I was 21 (28 now) and know from experience the beneficial grounding effect these substances provide. Trying veganism for a bit, I got really lightheaded and just hard to not feel weak with that diet.
    Shout out to butter, coconut oil and animal proteins! and vegetable proteins!

    Lastly, I love how you don’t respond to these trolls spewing potentialy hurtful, weak and nervous attacks.
    You are a huge source of wisdom and a guide for me that I will refer back to.
    Much much blessings or however that works.. haha.. hopefully I will soon learn the real meaning of this cosmic blessings, divine light.. it’s a foreign language to me

    • Jerome,

      Congrats on stepping up to the empowered state of living clean and free of aura-numbing toxins. That you’re already utilizing healthy nutrients is an excellent start.

      Because marijuana temporarily reduces your endorphin production – the happy brain chemicals – you’ll need to rebuild your ability to deal with life, and to be happy naturally. Here are some herbs that are calming, but not toxic to the aura:
      – tulsi, also called holy basil
      – passion flower
      – chamomile
      – scullcap

      These nutrients are calming and stabilizing for nerves and brain:
      – magnesium
      – lecithin (get non-GMO)
      – gelatin (don’t get Jello; get a good brand like Great Lakes Gelatin)

      – Epsom salt baths help clear the icky vibes from your energy body.

      May peace be yours as you evolve each day.

  32. Kirsty says:

    Hey Joel, interesting article, thanks. I was wondering if prescribed medication has a similar affect? For example anti depressants (citalopram) and anti psychotics (quetiapine) ? K 🙂

    • Kirsty,

      Medications in general work differently than marijuana. Medications generally create limits — for example, a psych med keeps you in a narrow band of consciousness, so that you don’t get too sad, or too excited. This means that your response to life will be somewhat flattened. For some people, this helps them normalize, so that they can learn new patterns.

      However, long term med use has been reported to create a toxic load on the body. This is why holistic practitioners are so interested in detoxing via supplements and natural foods.

      There is also a question that some holistic practitioners have regarding whether these psych meds might be limiting access to the broader range of thoughts and emotions, and whether there are other holistic approaches to address life challenges. You’d have to explore these matters with a holistic doctor.

      One fascinating resource on youtube regarding natural approaches to wellness is the clinic of Dr. John Bergman:

  33. Kayla says:

    Can you speak a bit about psilocybin mushrooms? Effects? Downfalls? I have smoked marijuana for three years pretty regularly and just noticing now it’s time to move on. I am thankful for what it has taught me but I find no more benefit and only mild high with anxiety- guessing it’s my inner self trying to tell me to move on. Why I am curious about mushrooms though is that my most profound experience I have had was under the influence of mushrooms. I have heard of people micro dosing with success, speak of this please as well.

    Thank you.

    • Kayla,

      It’s true that you’re ready to move on — to learning how to integrate your soul with your body. Your soul contains the wisdom of the universe, and when you unite that infinite potential with your body, you can genuinely access more profound levels of safe, integrated consciousness awareness.

      Psilocybin opens the higher chakras, as people have noted. However, it forces them open, and this means that they aren’t under your conscious, safe control. Psilocybin also forces your subtle bodies to become more porous. This may temporarily give you access to subtle planes of existence. However, it also opens you to entities that get stuck in your space. And it leaves you with a weaker aura structure.

      These temporary mind expanding benefits don’t ultimately help you. The key to spiritual empowerment is to realize that all these artificial methods force you to access a state that you can actually attain yourself, without drugs, via conscious intention, and learning to be present in your body and soul, in present time — right now.

      Detox the marijuana out of your body. You want to be as clear and integrated as possible. Lecithin helps cleanse and rebuild the brain. Hawaiian spirulina helps detox the bloodstream.

      Practice yoga, tai chi, chi gong, and meditation. Dance, exercise, bike, and discover the wonders of being mindfully present in your body. Get daily exercise to build your alignment with your physical body.

      Higher consciousness is a noble goal, but taking marijuana or psilocybin to get there produces more side effects than benefits.

  34. DecisionI sbalgiati Nel passato says:


  35. Jessica says:

    Hi Joel, What do you make of this site? I’ve quit marijuana, didn’t think it was doing me any favours, I found this site and thought, yep, I’ve definitely made the right choice. Then found this site where she’s saying the opposite. Is there any truth to what she’s saying? I don’t see how having your chakras expand from a drug could be good for you. I think it’s pretty irresponsible she’s writing articles like this, if it’s false. Would love your thoughts. This is a great site too. Cheers, Jess

    • Jessica,

      You’re correct; marijuana was hindering your well-being, and you were wise to recognize this.

      It’s reasonable to question anyone who says that by “opening their chakras” they’re automatically having a spiritual experience. In fact, the technique for opening chakras safely is to do so consciously, mindfully, and gradually. And then, and this is key, you close the chakras; not completely, but you need to close them down to a reasonable degree for your safety and security.

      When the chakras are blown open, and forced open by marijuana or other substances, they are not under conscious control. They are too open, rather like the windows of a house that are left open during a storm, which would result in the house being filled with water and debris.

      Unfortunately, marijuana interferes with your ability to work with your chakras consciously, because it disconnects the subtle bodies from the physical. Not to mention that it opens your aura to entities, which definitely gets in the way of your spiritual progress.

      Of course, the people having “spiritual” experiences with marijuana are having an experience, it’s just that their experience is a heightened experience, but not a grounded, centered, and sober one. So their definition of “spiritual experience” is that heightened expanded feeling.

      My definition is obviously a different one, being less focused on “feeling high and expanded” and more focused on being grounded, centered, aligned with your personal identity, in control, and not “blending with everyone.”

      I don’t suppose that you will change the minds of those who believe that marijuana is magically positive and automatically spiritual, so you’ll just have to use your common sense and recognize that there are many beliefs flying about, some being more safe and appropriate than others.

  36. Paddy says:

    Hi Joel,

    An interesting article and even more so are all the comments and responses that took me about a week to read. It has inspired me to make a change that I knew was needed. I knew there was something wrong with smoking marijuana but could not quite put my finger on it. Allow me to share my experience. I have been smoking it for about 9 years (I’m 29) in a group or with one other on a daily basis as most people I know smoke it. I only started smoking by myself last year and was able to do my own thing and learn what I want to learn in my own space. I began on a path of personal development. I began running in January 2015, started the gym in March and started reading a lot. I discovered Yoga in September soon after joined a class. In January 2016 I stopped tobacco knowing it was bad and only smoked marijuana through a vaporiser and started a strictly healthy diet. I found out about the healing plant medicine Ayahuasca and I went to Peru in May to try it. The shamans recommended that I stopped marijuana at least a month before coming to Peru as it “creates a block” and interferes with the medicine. I never thought anything bad of marijuana before this, but I complied. I believe the Ayahuasca truly opened my heart and my mind.
    Coming back from Peru I stopped in Amsterdam and had my first joint in 2 months. It was the most profound experience I had on marijuana in a very long time. Walking down the streets I felt the joy of others like an extreme euphoria, I remember it like floating in a dreamlike state. I could “feel” others around me without looking at them. After walking a short while I started having bad feelings like doubts and worries, then up ahead I noticed 2 people arguing. The feelings got stronger the closer I got and just as I was walking past them I felt extreme fear, very intense and it stuck with me the rest of that night. It was so intense and I was really paranoid also it lasted the rest of the night until I went to sleep, I never wanted to feel like that again.
    I have been smoking a few times a week since that and it has brought me back to a state from before Peru. After reading this, a lot of it resonates with me and I know I have to give it up for good to progress further. It’s difficult with everyone around me smoking it and friends who will hang out just to smoke.

    Thanks for the article, thanks for replying to the comments and helping so many others and thanks to everyone that reads this, I hope it makes sense and helps someone.

    • Paddy,

      Your true friends want to know the real you. Unfortunately, the fake friends want to know the filtered you; the self that is fragmented and disconnected. Do all you can to access your real self – the unique soul that you are. You’ll find real friends who appreciate your true self.

      Detox yourself to get the toxins out of your body with powders of wheatgrass, alfalfa, spirulina, and chlorella. That will make it easier to feel the resonance of your true essence.

  37. Kat says:

    HI there, that was a very interesting read and resonated with me very much. The astral vibration…that really opened my eyes to why I am stuck. I am creative, free thinking, used to be motivated, used to not have any fear,…etc…it opens me up, expands my thinking, but I stay stuck. I do get the point of the other comments that are disagreeing, however I do believe that cannabis used ever so lightly can be ok, but most people start small and end up smoking all the time. In all honesty, if I could smoke once a week, I would, but because I have turned into a full blown weed addict smoking every day, it stunted my growth on all levels, made me paranoid, and when I thought I was looking deep, I was really just over thinking. When I have used it on occasion, it was the spiritual panacaa that everyone seeks, but now I understand that there are definately spiritual limitations when it comes to what cannabis can do for you. And..there is more harm I do agree with leaving you ungrounded. Also, the proof is in the pudding. Read all over the internet forums about people who are spiraling out of control on weed. Its strong these days too. Well thats all I have to say, thanks for the interesting read.

    • Kat,

      Many thanks!

      There are herbs that help you relax without the spacey side effects. Here are a few that you can get at the health food store:

      – tulsi, also called holy basil
      – passion flower
      – chamomile
      – scullcap
      – kava

  38. Shenna says:

    There is definitely a lot to know about this topic.
    I like all the points you made.

  39. NCB says:

    Thank you for sharing this. You are intelligent and wise.

    I have witnessed the wonders of cannabis CBD extracts in its treatment of cancer patients and other cases, but that is pretty much where the benefits stay. I’m not including the fact that it makes an excellent textile, concrete, foodstuff, et cetera.

    Cannabis is a trap. It has no spiritual benefit at all, except that some people may have had their minds forcibly opened by it. Seriously, things like meditation and tapping create a high and sense of awareness unlike any other thing.

    Lately, I’ve been recovering from an extreme case of depersonalization and suicidal depression. It is some seriously terrifying stuff, miles beyond a simple case of “the blues”. I was dead spiritually, mentally, and almost physically. I can’t even think about any sort of mind-altering substances without becoming unnerved. The effects of too much alcohol, among other indulgences, it seems. I mean, what’s the point? To achieve a temporary high that tells you lies and clouds the mind? To bury your troubles and not actually deal with them? To “help” one socialize with others?

    I was informed by one of my spiritual teachers that cannabis puts mucous on the frontal lobe of the brain. Apparently it takes years to remove. I can see this being interpreted as brain damage. Further, regular, heavy use (such as the habits of many stoners) can cause semi-permanent damage to the light body. It is said that this cannot be repaired in just one lifetime.

    Maybe sitting for so long in a state of not knowing what to think of existence itself has taken its toll. Maybe it’s the after-effects of recently cleaning an aura totally encrusted by negative energy, so much so that it turned my skin grey and eyes black. Maybe it’s the fact that I see visions every day, since I was a child. Maybe it was my appempts to starve myself to death. I don’t know, but what I do know is that mind-altering substances are probably not worth it for most people, and that past circumstances can ruin plenty of experiences.

    Why take “shortcuts” to something that don’t even lead to the same end result that meditation does?

    All the best to you.

    • NCB,

      You can rebuild yourself on every level. Essentially, you’ll be removing the toxins, and rebuilding the true healthy self. Take it day by day.

      Please see the response to Ben above, regarding nutritional suggestions for rebuilding the body. These also help rebuild the brain and strengthen the nerves.

      The following supplements are regarded as brain rebuilders:
      – Phosphatidylserine
      – Ginkgo
      – Gotu kola

      Toxins are removed from the liver with the herbs:
      – curcumin
      – chanca piedra

      Greens, such as spirulina, chlorella, and wheat grass powder all cleanse the blood, remove toxins, and provide needed nutrients.

      With daily protein and healthy fats, the body will develop its own sense of reality and stability, and this is grounding for you.

      You can rebuild yourself, on every level, day by day.

  40. Ben K. says:

    Hello Joel, thanks for writing this great article; this is going to be very long but my question is towards the end. You say that cannabis keeps you from connecting with your emotions? The problem is my emotions are troubles as they are and I have no idea why. I suffer from panic attacks whenever I go out in public and this has been happening ever since I was a child. I don’t know what my problem are, some have told me it could be a form of slight autism, and I was on anti-deppresents for a decade to deal with my anxiety and OCD ticks but thankfully I am on nothing now. Now what am I looking for, I am looking for a high CBD low THC cannabis strain that won’t get me stoned to the bone but will take the edge off and help me focus on myself. I can’t focus on my real emotions or concentrate on anything because I am so anxious in public; and it’s weird because I had no traumatic events in my life, I’m not trying to black out anything as I accept everything. I really do believe your spiritually is effected by how powerful the strain is, and I’d rather be slightly high on a mild cannabis strain over being on medication. When it get’s so bad where I can’t look people in the eye without doing a nervous tick, can’t speak in public as I feel too afraid to speak; something from nature is always preferable. I have tried chamomile and it just made me groggy, tried smoking and breathing in frankincense and it did nothing but gave me a sick stomach, tried smoking organic liquid nicotine and it made my anxiety worse; so now cannabis I feel is really the only plant that is strong enough to deal with what I have. Of course there is exercise, and it all could be from a lack of exercise. I take a whole food multivitamin often, and I cut all of the synthetic junk out of my diet years ago; water is really all that I drink now. From what I understand, cannabis is a stimulant like Caffeine as we have cannabinoid like receptors in our brain that are stimulated when you smoke the plant. Yes you grow a tolerance to it, but there is a cut out point where full tolerance has been reached so it’s not as if you’ll have to keep upping your dose forever. Do I want to live in fear, sheltering myself from public? I am at a loss and if cannabis can do that for me then maybe cannabis is worth a try. I am connected with the universe and my chord, I do speak to mother and father God of the heavens to fill me with sacred light, I do intend that I am infinite love and infinite awareness; however my panic attacks still plague me every day and I have been trying to deal with them for decades. Now the few times in my past I did experiment I can say the plant changed me as a person and made me realize how much I was missing by not living in the moment. Yes, I have had these panic attacks way before I smoked the plant; it’s been a few years since I’d touched the stuff. My honest opinion is that cannabis will effect different people in different ways, for instance; there are those who don’t smoke cannabis and have no connection with themselves or the Universe around them. I’m sure there are those who smoke cannabis who force themselves to stay connected with the Universe and themselves, and of course how strongly it effects you depends on the strength of the strain. Also there are many other substances in your daily diet that can have an effect on your spirituality, also the number of hours of sleep you get each night has an effect on you. I truly believe that for me maybe the good outweighs the bad and I’m not just making excuses, also there are many others who use cannabis to treat their cancer and much more. I appreciate what you have to say and I understand what you are saying, but I am suffering right now and I have tried everything. Now here comes the question, is it possible to maintain a healthy aura while on the substance? Possibly if you make the hard effort to not let the drug consume your soul, maybe it takes more of an effort but still possible? That would have to do with the strength of the strain as well I can imagine, I get the feeling that it isn’t a black or white scenario as it effects everyone differently. I don’t doubt that the plant can have a negative effect on your spirituality, but if you make the extra effort couldn’t you overcome it’s negative effects and if it’s a mild strain maybe it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to begin with? Much Love!

    • Ben K. says:

      P.S. Ignore the typos, my last response was filled with them! I’ve been checking out your emotional well being bundle; specifically where you say one must separate from the objects around you to protect your individual aura. That’s exactly it, I’ve always made an effort to be at one with the Universe but in return I have completely opened myself up to the bad and the good. I felt that was the only way to make a connection with the life around me, and in doing so I carry the weight of everyone’s pain that piles on until I burst. I have made great progress in dumping my bottled emotions out in a positive way, this is exactly what is happening though. I don’t protect my aura, I let everything around me abuse it and use it; and that is where the fear lies. So what I really need to work on is building a barrier so as to focus on my wellbeing, I only worry that I will become less connected with the world. The best way I can describe my fear is that it is an addiction, when it’s the only thing you have you don’t want to give it up. You feel it’s your only sense of security, and without the fear there is nothing to hold on to. That is the exact problem, I need to stop holding onto the past because I open myself up to bad energy. Thanks again!

      • “So what I really need to work on is building a barrier so as to focus on my wellbeing, I only worry that I will become less connected with the world.”


        You need an appropriate barrier that gives you a stable sense of self and a way of choosing what you let into your body and your aura.

        Being one with the universe doesn’t mean that you vibe with everything. Oneness is a conscious choice to remain yourself, safely in your own space, and to recognize that you are an important element in the universe.

        When you lose your sense of being a unique self, you aren’t “one with the universe.” You are, rather, just part of a universal blob.

        Your uniqueness is necessary to the functioning of the universe. This is why you must not lose your unique identity sovereignty, because that uniqueness helps the universe to be what it is.

    • Ben,

      Look for low THC, so that your body can be calmer, without the aura fogging side-effects described in the article.

      Explore mindfulness techniques that help you be in balance with your body, your emotions, and your thoughts.

      Explore safe supplements that calm the nerves, such as magnesium, passion flower, and phosphatidylserine.

      Although we are all part of the universe, we do not want our nervous system to be overly psychic all the time, so it’s necessary to practice keeping yourself centered, in your own personal space, so that you aren’t overloaded with universal signals.

      • Ben K. says:

        Wow, thanks for the fast response! That was always my misconception, I was interacting with both low and high vibrations. Everywhere I’d go it really was overwhelming by letting in every vibration around me, i become a consumer of all energy rather then a producer of a unique vibration. I lost my sense of self worth, as I felt it was something you had to give up in order to become the Universe. That is what was confusing me, believing that we were the Universe as one in an unbroken chain of faith you can’t escape from; which is why I never made an effort, because I felt it was out of my control. So I guess you could said I was letting everything and anything into my soul to destroy my personality which in turn made me a sociopath. It brought a sense of comfort and security, because then you didn’t have to make the effort. I guess it started as laziness and then became an addiction; just floating around free from responsibility. I’m sure the anxiety has always been with me for some reason, but I’ve been using that as an excuse not to try; because as a child when all of the doctors would say you have a problem and need medication you believed it and gave up. I was on my host of mediation for a decade until I finally cut it all off cold turkey. It’s been a big transition to learn how to control yourself again, and to figure out what and who you are; your purpose. I’ll definitely see what strains are out there that doesn’t fog the mind because I’ve heard of them; something new that came about with legalization. Thanks!

        • Ben K. says:

          Also as I get from your explanation; it’s not that you have to close yourself off to be at one with yourself, you just don’t have to expose yourself 100% to any and all energy; learn to filter out the bad to keep your sanity. I always viewed the world as black or white, you either turned it on 100% or turned it off; and it doesn’t have to be that way.

          • Ben,

            That’s right; make your aura an intelligent filter.

            Keeping your body healthy makes the filtering process easier:

            – all organic, if possible,
            – no junk food,
            – no artificial food,
            – switch from sodas to veggie juice,

            – give your nerves good nerve-building fats, such as coconut oil, organic butter, olive oil.

            – avoid cell weakening fats, the dangerous polyunsaturated oils: canola, safflower, sunflower, corn; these modern oils lower the body’s vibration.

  41. Darko says:

    Amazing article!
    I would like to add to this, the quote from Iyanla Vanzant when she tried to help rapper DMX with his serious drug addiction which was ruining his life, and he agreed that coke and crack were bad, but he asked her why should he stop smoking weed and she told him “So you can be a clean vessel for the voice of God”.

    God bless

  42. Diego Aliaga says:


    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Everytime I meditate I practice pranayama tecniques and about 5 minutes my body starts to vibrate as go up de 7 chakras.

    What is this happen? Is it good or bad?

    Thank you.

    • Diego,

      Energizing the chakras is neither good nor bad.

      Notice the energy, be mindful and present with the energy, and notice what amount of pranayama feels right, or when it’s too much. Find the balanced feeling.

  43. Diego Aliaga says:

    Dear Joel,

    I thank you for this article because it really opens my mind big time because I’ve been smoking cannabis since I was 20 years old, and I think cannabis was really a catalist to look within myself and consequently, to the spiritual world.

    Every time I smoked I felt like I had a more profound experience with everything such as people, plants and the eviroment in general. Not to mention my creativity increased a hundred percent and even more when I meditate practicing breathing tecniques.

    Now I’m about to turn 23 and I smoke once in a while but I feel like body is rejecting it beceause I feel a non pleasant pressure on top of my head everything I smoke.

    I been reading that psychedelic subtances such as Ayahuasca, psylocibin and LSD erradicates bad habits like alcohol, tobacco and other deadly drugs and they give the explorer one of the most profound and amazing experiences of their life, which in many cases leads to major breakthroughs and great ideas in any field.

    What I wanted to ask you is, based on your perspective that this psychedelics fragments the person and it is unhealty, the following questions:

    Does the person reach enlightment when they take it?
    How can the aura be affected if the this experience is possitive?
    How can healing plants like Ayahuasca and shrooms be unhealthy?
    Does healing meditation tecniques help restore the aura?

    You answer will be highly considered and appreciated.

    Much love and blessing from Peru!

    Thank you.

    • Diego,

      What I wanted to ask you is, based on your perspective that this psychedelics fragments the person and it is unhealthy, the following questions:

      Does the person reach enlightenment when they take it?
      No, because enlightenment isn’t something you “reach.” Enlightenment is a gradual, conscious, integrated experience. It is a process, not a thing. And being a process, it takes place minute by minute, day by day. It requires clear, aware, integrated consciousness. You can’t force it. And those forced experiences aren’t “enlightenment.” The forced heightened experiences are “peak experiences.”

      How can the aura be affected if the this experience is positive?
      A person stuck in negativity can be blasted out of the negativity by a peak experience. However, there can be lasting negative consequences from the side effects of peak experiences. These include fragmented aura, holes in the aura, and becoming more open to entity attachments.

      How can healing plants like Ayahuasca and shrooms be unhealthy?
      For the reasons mentioned above, from the side effects of peak experiences.

      Does healing meditation techniques help restore the aura?
      Yes, becoming aware of your aura, doing practices to seal and heal the aura, and utilizing meditation to consciously integrate body, emotions, mind, and soul all help restore the aura.

      In general, all the benefits that people want to get from chemically induced peak experiences can safely be attained with drug-free, non-peak experiences – gradual, integrated, gentle spiritual awakenings that gradually awaken the chakras and the awareness – all this without danger, without fragmentation, without holes in the aura or opening to entities.

  44. Marlon says:

    Thanks Joel for your great article, It so much help me to understand while my thoughts were fragmented and feel disconnected from my self after marijuana intake. Any time time i smoke marijuana, it will first of all raise my energy level and make me feel good, but after sometime my energy will drop down very low and my anxiety will heighten, it will look as if I am dead inside of me. It also cause me confusion.

    I tried to stop marijuana for so many times, but I still find myself going back to it any time my mood flunctuate. I was so addicted to it even though it was detrimental to me physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. It slows down my reaction time and affected by short term memory. It decrease my motivation and zest for life.

    Some months ago, i suffer a huge financial loss, then I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol heavily to forget about. by sorrow. So, as I was
    meditating one day, I discovered that my huge financial loss was due to my slow reaction time and fragmented thoughts cause by marijuana use because of my inability to think faster and ahead when making financial decision. As a result of that incidence, I was forced to to stop using marijuana and drinking alcohol, so to enable me regain my mental alertness and think fast in any situation.

    I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol incessantly since 1997 due to depression I suffered as a result of coming from a dysfunctional polygamy family where there so many negative people around. Ever since then, I have been addicted.

    I pray GOD never to let me go back to such destructive and unhealthy habit. It has cause me so much loss, both financially and relationship.

    Thanks for your good work. GOD bless you!

    • Marlon,

      Congratulations – you’re moving in a positive direction, because you’re recognizing that clarity is more useful than fogginess.

      There are some things you can do to help yourself find your divine inner center:

      Take tulsi tea to calm your nerves.

      Take magnesium to calm the body and balance many body systems.

      Use liver cleansing herbs, such as Chanca Piedra, to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body.

      You can cleanse your blood with green supplements, such as Spirulina, Wheat grass, and Alfalfa. You can get these in tablets.

      When you notice that you’re feeling emotions that you want to avoid, relax, don’t judge the emotions, and gently breathe through them. You’ll find that you don’t need to smoke to avoid the emotions, and you’ll become more integrated.
      Some safe herbs that help calm the emotions are:
      passion flower; st. john’s wort; lobelia.

      Bach flower remedies can help with calmer thoughts and emotions:
      Rescue Remedy for stress, White Chestnut for worry, and Mimulus for fear.

  45. Om Shankar says:

    You keep on describing a change in the aura and the energy around the soul. And that there is an effect on them. But in your article, you never explain why and how. And most importantly, how that change is a bad one. You just seem to be taking it for granted.

    Yes, there is a change. And per your argument, those who can sense the subtle things can confirm. But is that change a negative one? Not really.

    Canabis only changes your levels. And shifts some degrees of your thought process.
    If you are a person with a better thought process, deeper insight on things, and spiritually inclined with less material bonding – you feel more happy and enlightened. Some amazing details of how things work in this system, are revealed.

    This can’t be sensed by even highly intelligent people, who are but materially engrossed all the time.

    • Om,

      Thank you for writing. The article specifically describes the sticky aura, also known as “holes in the aura,” that marijuana creates.

      The problems referred to in the article will affect users, even if they have the improved mental outlook you refer to. This improved awareness, though it is enticing, tends to prevent users from being able to access their deeper problems, though users seem to prefer this disconnection, imagining it to be a more enlightened state.

      The “feeling” of being more enlightened, in other words, is not the same as truly accessing a deeper unity between all levels of the self, and marijuana interferes with this unity. This is why those healers who perceive auras, and those spiritual teachers who perceive the soul will have similar warnings about marijuana use.

  46. Guillermo says:

    I smoked weed about a week ago, my clairsentient ability started decreasing little by little I can’t still feel clearly but it’s not as loud. I can’t help but feel like I lost a part of me, but lessened learned hahah no more motta, any advice?

    • Guillermo,

      You can clear the foggy energy by giving yourself an energy balancing treatment:
      – Imagine that your hands have healing ability.
      – Use your hands to sweep the fog out of your head, and out of your aura.
      – Trust your intuition, and find the foggy places, and clear them away.
      – Then use your hands to smooth the energy of your head and your aura.

      You will discover that you haven’t lost anything; everything is present, and your light is still bright.

  47. Jamie says:

    I really appreciated this article, i have always felt my energy and understood my level of vibrations. But also haven’t mastered how to overcome distractions especially when life gets stressful. I find that consciousness can get interrupted and although I know to get back to this divine clarity I sometimes become overwhelmed and I do smoke it but rarely only to take me out of my distraction, I usually only smoke a little maybe once a year until I feel it has done what’s needed to remind me where I should be, and to see my anxiety for what it is: a distraction. I feel the peace but also the darkness there you learn to control that though by thoughts and relaxing those emotions, but once I am reminded I then stop. I look forward to when I am strong enough to do this without it.

    • Jamie,

      You’re moving forward, and becoming more adept at being in balance in healthy ways.

      A technique: Everything is energy, and you can notice the worries and tensions within you as energy patterns. Locate them in your body. Imagine that you’re reaching into your body, and lifting the tensions out. See them releasing and dissolving. You can do this daily, and you’ll realize that you’re more in control than you had supposed.

      Nutritionally, you can safely balance yourself with chamomile tea, tulsi tea, and with supplements of magnesium and vitamin B complex.

  48. Tripping Balls says:

    “It becomes evident…” You know what that is? You’re putting up barriers, Joel. You know what it hasn’t become evident in decades that I need to put up a wall between myself and weed. That must mean I’m just not there yet, right? Somehow cut off from the rest of the universe, too impure and unclean to embrace its beauty? Well that’s fine by me, I don’t need to hide in the robes of flase prophecy. Casting up walls and defining things the way you want to see them defined, whenever someone has a different opinion you try to convert them. This enables you to feel self-gratified at being more spiritually aware than others, which is simply not the case. We are all ONE and it seems that, Joel, you are preaching all this bullshit but you cannot even move past the barrier of language.

  49. Tripping Balls says:

    Wow, it’s like you developed a new language (auras, subtle energies)… But that would be giving you too much credit right?

    Look buddy, I hate to break it to you but you’re still viewing reality through the eyes of delusion.

    You are so attached to certain mental constructs it’s ridiculous. ‘Weed’ and ‘drug use’ are illusionary, therefore one should cast no judgement towards them. What if I told you that auras were bullshit? How would you feel? Joe. I’d bet you’d have quite the ego response.

    You’re a false prophet and my guru is mary jane.

    • NCB says:

      You have a very long way to go, especially with that sort of mindset.

      You do no good for this world in insulting this man, among other things.

  50. mike says:

    Reading the article, I have to disagree… about 10 years ago I used to take a lot of ecstasy The drug was abused by me this is what woke me when I was a child I was always able to see energy in the air that was about all after 3 years use of ecstasy one day I noticed that it started to feel people and kind of know what they are Thinking I thought I was going crazy about a week goes by and this man walks up to me and looks at me and goes I know what you’re going through your mind it is normal with your hearing my visuals of the spirit world were stronger more clear then was my childhood I’ve learn to adjust myself and gain more control when I get sense what people are thinking. my use of the drug has stopped but once in awhile I do smoke marijuana and when I do it increases my sensitivity

  51. Dave K says:

    Marijuana is neither good or bad for spiritual growth… it is a tool, and a decision if one chooses to use on his or her own path / journey. Regardless of what tools, if the types of information that you receive are not there for you to learn, the correct knowledge, it doesn’t matter what drug(s) you partake in, you will not achieve a higher level of understanding or consciousness without the TRUTH.

    • Dave,

      When you read the entire article, it becomes evident that marijuana has limits, and to transcend these limits and reach higher awareness, you have to stop using marijuana.

      • Dan P. says:

        An interesting post Joel, thank you, and for the most part, and for most people, it is correct. However ultimately I have to agree with Dave K.
        Smoking cannabis is just a way of taking in power. How that power acts on you depends on your condition/conditioning. It is analogous to eating. People who are serious athletes can consume very many more calories than those who are couch potatos and still stay healthy. The power of calories will effect different individuals according to their condition.
        Certainly cannabis is not for everyone, and indeed perhaps it’s not for the majority of people. The evidence for this is fairly clear.
        However, for those with the right conditioning, it can be a most excellent thing.

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  53. Aaron says:

    Great article. I came to the same realization recently. I was a daily smoker for almost 6 years. I recently quit smoking and started a meditation practice. I saw immediate results from meditation. The fog from smoking was cleared up pretty fast and I accidentally had an awakening experience almost a month into meditating.

    Since then, I was curious if I could still enjoy weed from time to time. I gave it a shot and smoked on the beach. I had a great experience for a couple hours in a very blissful/centered state. But then the next day I realized I felt how I did pre meditation. I felt a little anxious and my mind was way more active than normal. It seemed to have brought me back down to a way lower vibrational level. I continued my meditation and I feel like I’m back on track now.

    Anyone who doesn’t meditate is going to think this article is silly, but from first hand experience, I have to agree that staying clean and meditating will take you to levels far beyond what weed can offer.

  54. MidKnight says:

    Also of importance:

    From Radiance of Being by Allan Combs:

    “Along related lines, it is the general consensus among transpersonal
    psychologists that a healthy ego is an important prerequisite for
    beginning the spiritual work. Despite the fact that most traditions
    emphasize the ultimate transcendence of the ego in some form or
    other, the psychological stresses that are almost certain to occur
    during the early and middle stages of the work necessitate that the
    individual be well organized in order to overcome them.

    It is, likewise, a mistake to throw oneself into spiritual disciplines
    as a way to solve personal problems or as a substitute for
    psychotherapy. Such disciplines are not an answer to problems
    of immaturity, poor ego development, or poor adjustment in general.
    Indeed, engaging in them often makes one’s problems actually
    become worse. Ken Wilber once commented in an interview:

    ‘ If you’re doing meditation correctly, you’re in for some very rough
    and frightening times. Meditation as a “relaxation response” is a
    joke. Genuine meditation involves a whole series of deaths and
    rebirths; extraordinary conflicts and stresses come into play. All
    of this is just barely balanced by an equal growth in equanimity,
    compassion, understanding, awareness, and sensitivity, which
    makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.’

    Practices such as meditation can, for instance, bring up repressed
    anger and hostility that have previously been keep under wraps.
    We have to deal with these. Otherwise we may, on the one hand, be
    overwhelmed by them, or on the other, find our lives degraded by
    subtle anger and depression of which we are largely in denial.
    This is not something to be taken lightly.

    For example, after years of intensive spiritual work, the writer,
    teacher, activist, and translator of Eastern thought, Ram Dass,
    found himself face to face with episodes of serious emotional
    turbulence for which psychotherapy was quite helpful.
    I personally believe it helpful for most students of wisdom
    traditions toengage in at least intermittent psycho therapy
    or analysis, say, of the Jungian variety, while continuing
    their spiritual work.”

    • Good points, MidKnight.

      We all need to be as clear and aware as possible when we integrate our hidden shadow personalities.

      It seems that many people think they can avoid their shadow, and just skate merrily above the surface of reality, but that is the false illusion that marijuana presents.

  55. MidKnight says:

    To be more precise: * Some people can tolerate it better than others, depending on their strength and resilience, NOT only strength of the etheric field but also the inherent balance of the astral and mental layers in the personality

    • MidKnight,

      True, up to a point. The challenge is that no matter how profound one’s inherent emotional and mental balance may be, marijuana still puts holes in the aura, and eventually leads to difficulties.

  56. MidKnight says:

    * Cannabis might be a doorway, a preliminary inspiration to higher development, but one can get stuck in overuse and abuse

    * Some people can tolerate it better than others, depending on their strength and resilience of the etheric field – still, getting stuck in it throughout many years is a potential pitfall

    * Moderation and long breaks are good if you can’t let go

    * Some people with medical conditions get benefits from cannabis, and medical cannabis cures cancer

    * Ultimately you will have to give it up one day on the spiritual path – all highs that rely on an exogenous external source must be dropped one day, cause the mind-body-spirit endogenous source eventually renders it obsolete.

    * The Aura never lies – the astral aura is the external energetic manifestation of who you are on the personal level. One cannot hide from clairvoyant observation. The holes in the etheric field can be weakened and open up to lower astral influences – the intersubjective consensus among psychics and seers validate this general notion.
    The pupil of C.W. Leadbeater (clairvoyant and the one who first discovered J. Krishnamurti), world class clairvoyant, Dora Van Gelder Kunz, has written about the effects of substances on the aura in “The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields” (by Shafica Karagulla MD and Dora van Gelder Kunz)

    * Wrongly applied meditation can warp your aura also in the same way as LSD according to a Scandinavian clairvoyant.

    * Golden rule: An Ayahuasca ceremony has to be supervised by a good, honest, wise, tested and experienced shaman.

    An avid researcher’s 2 Cents

    Be well

    • MidKnight,

      Thank you for sharing your insights. It’s true that to reach deeper states of cosmic unity, the artificial assistance has to be released. This is hard for those to understand who regard marijuana as “natural” and therefore “without side effects.”

  57. Charles says:

    Hello I read your article because I was curious of the effects weed would have to my spiritual side. I have smoked in the past and recently, now I have noticed and felt myself fleeting from my spiritual side. Are there any ways that can really help me to cleanse myself and get me back to where I was?

    • Charles,

      Good question, with relatively simple answers.

      First, stop using, because then you can let your body, emotions, mind, and soul naturally reconnect.

      Next, detox yourself. Take tulsi tea to calm your nerves.

      Use liver cleansing herbs, such as Chanca Piedra, to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body.

      You can cleanse your blood with green supplements, such as Spirulina, Wheat grass, and Alfalfa. You can get these in tablets.

      When you notice that you’re feeling emotions that you want to avoid, relax, don’t judge the emotions, and gently breathe through them. You’ll find that you don’t need to smoke to avoid the emotions, and you’ll become more integrated.

      Bach flower remedies can help with this, such as Rescue Remedy for stress, White Chestnut for worry, and Mimulus for fear.

  58. Christopher A. Tripp says:


    I love an opinion rendered on auras, and which seeks to undermine the truth. Hemp and Marijuana have been used in ritual and ceremonial practices for thousands of years by those living close to the land. I respectfully disagree with your view, as a Biologist and Chemist, as a Spiritual Practitioner, as a person involved in the discovery of drugs derrived from Hemp and Marijuana providing ground breaking progress in the areas of health and wellness.

    The drugs people are taking from the pharmaceutical companies, the drugs that are killing people slowly in a managed sickness not health and wellness industry, these also cause holes and distortions in the aura, as do also thoughts. I suggest you take your expertise to the next level, and view the world from above and not looking down from your nose. Spiritual pride is what I sense in you, and perhaps a bit of lack of comprehensive knowledge, but as we say “to each their own” :).

    You have registered your experience and also your opinion, however what would you say to the 30% of school children in the US (Indigo’s and Crystals most likely), who are being forced to use amphetimine like substances as Diagnosed with disorders ADD ADH (Aderol and Riddyln). These children and this “disease state” which emerged from out of nowhere as the Indigo children started populating the small fragile world we are on.

    I ran youth spiritual retreats regionally over 11 year period with hundred of teens and preteens facing this challenge in western US and have seen the face of the problem with “less than enough information being provided for a proper view (the context of your response on question). What is your position on that, are these drugs not placing disturbances in their auras.

    I can tell you it is, seeing auras is only one stage of development, the one you are yet to experience is a view from above and to where things are leading, a great divide, and you have chosen to broaden the gulf between truth and will, but choices can be changed for any enlightened mind that seeks truth over position, and wisdom over knowledge. Marijuana was purged from the racial memory over 70 years ago when up to that point was commonly available in apothecary preparations, and a minimum 3500 year history of use for textile, ointments, paper, and yes medicines.

    I am concerned, but not dismayed that any one with a “title” of spiritual achievement would render such a view in the larger context of things in this world which concern us, as one who knows enough to be dangerous, but not yet ready to see benevolence as taking over the reigns, as two worlds are being created, and where I go we will miss you and where you go is the perfection of spirit because I believe your intent is good not malicious, even though it be seriously flawed, and absent the other factual bases, from whence the view above say, it is done unto you as you have believed. Namaste

    • Christopher,

      Thank you for writing.

      The noxious medically approved narcotics given to young people, and to people in general, are indeed toxic, and definitely have a consciousness lowering effect. They are damaging the indigo children, and all other children as well. They lower the frequency of the body, the mind, the aura, and the soul.

      As to the usage of marijuana for thousands of years, and its association with spiritual awareness, that’s what many believe and experience. Marijuana opens doorways, and it is tempting to regard it as a resource that will continue to work throughout one’s spiritual journey.

      The limitation with marijuana, as described in the article, is that it does indeed open up awareness at levels beyond this material world. It opens up astral levels, but then keeps the user there. This keeps people from having a clear unity between their body, their emotions, and their higher self. And the result of that disconnection is that spiritual progress becomes limited.

      This information comes not merely from “seeing auras,” but from sensing, on many levels, the subtle interaction between the body, emotions, mind, and soul.

      If you experience differently, that’s great. It remains that I, and many other practitioners, have detected the limitations of this substance, and are concerned about the effects.

  59. Mark says:

    Hey there,
    I have realized some things, and will give you some constructive criticism.
    You said, ‘it creates a split between the body and the soul.’

    This may seem true, however many use cannabis (and others) to help disconnect the body from the soul, and many would find that a relieving spiritual experience.

    You said, ‘keeps them from fully feeling their emotions’

    I would have to disagree, as it in fact can do the opposite (if used in moderation)

    You said, ‘they are not transcending their pain in any useful way. Their escape from emotional discomfort is temporary.’

    Many use cannabis to give themselves temporary relief, and many gain great insights and relief from emotional pain permanently through cannabis. It’s all about how you use it.

    You said, ‘is psychologically addictive’

    A more accurate term would be habit forming.. since nobody said biting your fingernails or TV is ‘psychologically addictive’ even tho it is. (just 10% of daily cannabis users feel they are psychologically dependent on it) (like picking your nails or TV watchers)

    You said, ‘However, smoking isn’t going to build courage and determination.’

    I disagree. THC and CBD (CBD not even being habit forming and is actually an anti-psychotic) treatment has been used effectively against treating depression and anxiety. (non toxic and non addictive) Habit forming yes.

    You said, ‘so that you can confront your emerging feelings and thoughts, rather than hide in a fragmented, diffused understanding of yourself.’

    Like I said, it is all about HOW you use it. Used with the pensive mind set, in moderation and with breaks; many can learn many things about themselves emotionally, physically, end spiritually without developing a dependance to it.

    Cannabis comes from God, and if used in moderation and in the pensive mind set, can be a truly beneficial and harmless experience.

    • Mark,

      Thank you for your clearly expressed insights. I wish it was so simple that cautious use was safe. As healers have seen in the aura, marijuana ultimately isn’t safe, because the holes in the aura interfere with your optimum development. This suggests that marijuana is not the gift from God that users wish it to be.

      Marijuana does seem to elevate consciousness at first, and that is the trap. If you can find safer ways to expand consciousness without compromising the aura, that’s best for your spiritual development.

      The people temporarily using certain marijuana formulas, such as CBD for serious conditions, are getting some genuine benefits, as are those using certain concentrated formulas for healing serious physical conditions. Those medicines are used temporarily.

      This article, however, is cautioning about the side effects of marijuana, especially the component THC on the human aura, especially regarding long term use.

  60. fleckolight says:

    Hi Joel
    I used to smoke a lot of pot on a daily basis and yes I was seeking escape from my day to day existence and avoiding looking at where my life was heading and the pain I was in. And yes pot completely fragmented me and it was a long journey to put myself back together. From that, I have done a lot of work on myself with different therapies. From time to time marijuana would cross my path and tempt me – I would smoke and feel relief from tension inside I didn’t even realise was there. It would draw me deeply into looking within and I would gain clarity and connection about the issues that I was working with in everyday life, but the trick was in resisting the temptation to go back there the next day and do the same thing. If I could treat pot as a treat She would become an invaluable source of insight and healing for me.

    After a week of smoking casually with friends on holidays I started having experiences of extreme paranoia but not too far gone to realise that this was the pot having an effect on me. As I returned home someone else gave me more pot and I was determined not to smoke it knowing what effect it was having on me. However the pull was too great and I smoked and sure enough the same thoughts of people turning on me returned. It was going to be a long night and what was I to do? To music I began moving and in moving directed the attention into my body, stopped the thoughts, and experienced a divine and sublime experience of heightened sensitivity in my body and free expression of movement.

    I would partake in pot smoking then on about once every one or two months. I would only need a small amount and the effects of the pot would last all night. It made me feel powerful, magical, ecstatic, I thought this is the true me deeply embodied. During an experience one night I realised that it was not me who was the magical one but it was the substance – that I was imbibing a being, a devic entity and upon me recognising this She, Sweet Mary became my teacher and healer. I never once brought pot, but at regular one or two monthly intervals, She would come to me. When I had the time to spend a night after smoking the smallest amount of marijuana, Sweet Mary would work with me, not avoiding my pain, my issues but looking deeply at them and releasing them. We would work with the chakras moving up or down one chakra in a session. I would express deeply held emotion, confront fears, be shown my shadow. I would untangle and be shown patterns of repetition I was living, She would move me, shake me, breathe me, release blockages and I allowed myself to healed by Her. It certainly not was peaceful, most often painful but also deeply beautiful. I recognise Her as medicine now. I feel that marijuana can be a means of clearing a path to greater understanding – the trick is then to walk the path again on your own without Her help guiding the way.

    I must admit I now smoke pot recreationally, but only on special occasions – She hasn’t taken over my life. I have felt guilty about smoking this way after believing how I was taking Her before was a scared act. But I realise that what is happening for me when I smoke pot now, is the opportunity to tell my stories, to speak my truth and have someone hear me. The throat chakra was the chakra we were up to in the healing sessions, and also this was the chakra that was shut down when I was smoking pot on a daily basis.

    I realise that I could become unbalanced on pot again and I have to be careful smoking in social situations. I recognise I need to let Her go again, and that I need to work other ways to unblock my throat chakra, but with any medication you hope that you’re not on it for the rest of your life don’t you? I am eternally grateful for the teaching She has given me and the opportunity for healing that has been presented to me, even when She knocked me completely out of balance, I was given the opportunity to heal and grow. That is something that not everyone gets the opportunity to do – so I am lucky and I will never be convinced otherwise from my experiences that She, marijuana is indeed medicine.

  61. Dan says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I’ve smoked for many years and stopped about 6 months ago because I had an epiphany. I used Cannabis to escape from the world and it definitely didn’t solve anything. It just confused and slowed me down. Smoking would put me in a decent mood at first but I was definitely not a happy smoker after a while. Moody would be a moderate way to put it but I was a bit of dick. Always snapping at stupid things and just lagging in life. My dreams have always been very vivid but when I smoked heavily, I could barely remember them. A vital energy seemed to be lacking to remember or most importantly, experience them consciously. That’s when I started thinking about the energy I lose when I smoke. Why does it cost so much energy? Why do I get so tired? Why does my body crave crazy amounts of food? The right questions were asked and I had to take action. Not everyone has the same reaction though. Like you said, some are a 3 and go to 5 and others are 8’s and go down to a 7. We all have different reactions according to our path in life. I’m not saying cannabis is bad and to stay away from it. It helps many that have cancer or have seizures(CBD). Hemp for food, clothes, fuels and so much more. It’s an amazing plant that gives so much. I’m just tired of being at a 6. I’m tired of being stuck and I’ve made the decision to move forward and experience something more vivid. Once again, thank you for the article. I read it many times to motivate me. You da man Joel!

    • Dan,

      Many thanks. Glad you’re moving forward.

      It’s not that a substance is bad, but that the substance keeps you at a middle level of consciousness. Life offers you so much more when you’re healthfully integrated, body mind and spirit.

  62. NoneOfYourBussiness says:

    I would like to begin this by stating that you have the right to your opinion, and with this said I would like to add that I have the right to think that your opinion is fucking stupid. It’s really easy to spew your opinion from behind a computer screen and think you’re making the world better with your energy nonsense.
    Energy is very real and very important, and weed is a method to become more intune with your energy. Keeping the soul intact with the body can happen while under the effects of weed.
    I doubt you’ve ever even tried it and yet you seem to think that you know everything. The use of marijuana can be for reasons aside from just hiding and ignoring emotions. Trying so hard to keep your body pure is a waste. You’re going to die anyway might as well have a good fucking time. Loosen the fuck up and be open to more ideas rather than being a pretentious douche. Put your ideas to good use instead of focusing so much negative energy on weed.
    Fuck you, get a life, and try thinking about weed in a positive way, like how it helps cancer patients etc. Oh and did I mention FUCK YOU!

  63. lennard says:

    before i don’t smoke marijuana alone. then one time i realized the differences of other people and me. it’s like i don’t connect with them, that my consciousness is higher than them. i don’t mean that i’m smarter than them. i mean it’s like every time we have parties i always feel like observing people. observing each and one of them. and comparing them to myself. so i started smoking marijuana alone. then after of doing it for almost a month now (not everyday), my conscience got more curious. it’s like going so deep through my consciousness.

    then i searched for this. this article (while high), i started reading it and it got my consciousness more deeper it’s like the meaning of life is almost at my grasp. i got overwhelmed so i stop reading, thinking that i should continue reading this when i’m sober. and i just did right now. continuing with this comment.

    i actually believe everything that you have written here. it opened something in me. that belief that there are really levels of consciousness and how it’s made by our soul, mind and body. and the great part of it is i don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

    i would love to know what you think about what i just said. by the why i’m only 24. i don’t know if that’s an early realization or late already.

    • Lennard,

      You’re spiritually waking up — better now at age 24, than later when your body and mind would have been even more adversely affected by substances.

      You can have the deepest realizations when you’re sober, because then your body, your emotions, your mind, and your soul are in deeper alignment. This gives you access to spiritual truth, unblocked by any spacey or deluded perceptions.

      • lennard says:

        i love how this article is years old already and you still do reply on each comments.

        it’s really weird that this topic/article is one of those things you can’t just explain or describe to the people close to you unless they have spiritually waking/woken up already too.

        i’m happy about this article. i don’t usually read long articles. can’t even finish a book. but this got me interested. and i think this will change my life a little bit for good.

        it’s like that verse in the bible “i was blind but now i see”

        now it got me thinking if i should read the bible.

  64. Barda says:


    Thank you very much for the real answer on this! I have heard soooo many mixed answers on this from sooo many different spiritual circles (reiki healers, shamans, druids, etc.) and this is the answer that resonates very loudly and clearly to me without doubt in my mind and soul 🙂 This has now been fully laid to rest for me , so thank you again soooo much 🙂

    The folks trying to rebut you are stuck in the very phase you are pointing out (it’s a bit ironic really) and don’t want to realize it (even if it’s unconsciously) and put in the work to move forward (not yet at least..they will when the time is right for them). Yes it can be scary progressing off of true inner willpower, but as Joel said, this is REALLY how you advance your spiritual journey here on Earth. Earth is one of the hardest spiritual school planets/dimensions around. The brightest people I have ever met throughout my life are completely sober, and I have come to now fully realize the link between their brightness and their sobriety/clarity. There is no other way. Im talking from experience here and definitely being a hypocrite, considering I was a massive pothead for many years along with taking anything from LSD to DMT. During that time, I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my spirituality, just to find it was another layer of the illusion and another test to work through.

    Stop making excuses for yourselves guys n gals. Im not trying to be mean, but simply being loving by giving the cold hard truth. The truth hurts, but then you can learn to truly heal yourself for good so it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s so hard to find real cosmic answers these days, especially on this topic 😉 I have a bunch of friends still working through this phase of spiritual development in which you are referring, through those early stages of 1 through 4 and beyond.

    Ever since I started getting various reiki attunements and started getting a lot more sensitive to energy, I can now easily feel and see what you are talking about on an energetic level. The last time I did smoke, it opened weird channels in my aura and made me feel fragmented and hollow, and I never wanted to feel like that again. I have been staying sober from all substances and I can truly feel the clarity you are talking about, and it is growing stronger and stronger each day within me. I am feeling more “on point” with no energetic murkiness clouding my vision. Yes i’ll admit its very challenging to grow without wanting to cave in to substances, but infinitely more rewarding once you muster your true inner strength to overcome the obstacles in your life. There is a lot of disinfo on this subject, and I thank you again so much for bringing this into the light with all biases aside. Real cosmic energy workers (such as yourself) will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear :]

    P.S.: Things on this planet are getting energetically intense and slowly coming to an end. I know you can feel it. Things are shifting faster and harder than ever. The days of darkness are coming to an end. Earth is transforming at a rate humanity has never seen, and the light is becoming more victorious every day. The truth can no longer be suppressed. Its like we are traveling through different and new dimensions every single hour of every single day. No one said Earth was gonna be easy when we came here, but we will ALL (humanity) be seen as cosmic heroes once this planet is ascended for good and the darkness is completely gone. Keep up the good work Joel, we need more folks like you on this planet right now during these final transformative times 🙂

    • Barda,

      Thank you for sharing the discoveries that have emerged as you faced personal and global challenges.

      You can address the difficulties of life, and meet the daily challenges most easily, when you access your deepest soul clarity. The ability to know, and to act, requires honesty and clarity – a unity between body, heart, mind, and soul. Anything that interferes with this unity is a false method, and eventually spiritual perception reveals that marijuana is a tempting, but false path.

      And relax — things are not coming to an end, but rather are evolving in amazing ways, so we all need to participate in these evolutions, so that the transformations can occur with ease and grace.

  65. Biajia says:

    Not all marijuana users do it to not deal with their problems.if anything It helps me address my problems and find ways to deal with them instead of circulating negative energy and worrying. I may be new to my spiritual journey but I’ve always been a spiritual person and the times I’ve used marijuana I’ve never felt disconnected. If anything I feel more open to my experiences.

    • Biajia,

      Yes, it often appears, at first, that consciousness expansion through marijuana use helps with addressing problems. However, as the article explains, the side effects aren’t evident to the user for a while, because the sticky aura problems that gradually weaken the aura and attract entities may not be noticed by the user.

      Your intentions may be good, but the aura problems eventually interfere with the results you’re intending to get.

  66. Jose says:

    Thank you very much for this information brother. I had a tickle in my soul that my days with the green goddess were at an end. The tickle led me to your words. Much was learned and I will forever be grateful for what she helped me see. She gave me comfort through my darkest nights. A beautiful journey. She has been my greatest teacher. Now it seems it is time to leave her warm embrace to shine my own light. Much love.

    • Jose,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. The green goddess may seem to have a comforting embrace, but it leaves you with a sticky aura, commonly known as holes in the aura. You are wise to release yourself from this embrace. Shining your own light is the path of true spiritual empowerment.

  67. Ciprian says:

    Your article is very well written and I partly agree with it.
    I too started smoking cannabis mainly for spiritual purposes. And it was mindblowing. My first experiences, a dozen of them, were awesome. I felt like I understood time, spirits, the universe, everything was pointing to unity, to a universal God, although not the one present in a certain religion.

    Ok, so I was very happy with my experience and I became a supporter of cannabis use. BUT, as you mentioned in the article, at some point, quite fast in fact – after only a few months of usage, I hit a plateau. No more insight, no more spiritual clarity. It’s still good, I still like it, I often focus better when being stoned. Sometimes I get some insight related to myself, my spiritual or psychological problems, but nothing like the first experiences.

    So my own conclusion is this: cannabis is a great tool to use if you’re the one being in control. Take it, see if it works for you, and when it doesn’t work anymore, when it doesn’t take you where you’d expect you can cut your smoking and find other tools to work on yourself.

    I wouldn’t ban or discourage cannabis usage, there are people that need it both physically and psychologically, but everything must be used within reason. Abuse is not a viable option for cannabis, as it isn’t for alcohol, tobacco or any other substance. Sugar is also dangerous and addictive, but it’s cool to eat a chocolate from time to time. If you develop an eating disorder, that’s a whole new thing.

    • Ciprian,

      You make some interesting points about becoming conscious about one’s process.

      It may not be fair to compare smoking to sugar use, however, because sugar usage, though it may be associated with some problems, doesn’t open people up to entities, and doesn’t muddy the aura the way smoking does.

      The plateau that many users reach, however, may be more serious than you assume. This plateau is more than just a leveling out of experiences. It accompanies a weakening of the aura, and becoming open to entities. These are serious concerns, even beyond the issue reaching a plateau.

      After the initial spiritual openings, the wise person quits using. This is because the aura problems won’t be cleaned up if there is continued occasional usage. The side-effects will be cleaned up with quitting.

      As for the issue of cultivating deeper focus, that’s a splendid invitation to practice becoming more genuinely focused, without chemical assistance. There are many good methods available for becoming more mindful, focused, and centered. That’s an authentic spiritual state that utilizes your deeper spiritual capacities.

      • Ciprian says:

        Thanks a lot for the advice!

        In the next few weeks I’ll attend an ayahuasca ceremony and I heard that this teacher-plant might be able to provide some insight on one’s cannabis usage. Some said they had to quit for good after such an experience, so I’m really looking forward to it.

        I don’t feel like something’s wrong with me, but I started smoking only ~6 months ago and my usage is around one joint each 2 days or so. I’m really glad I found your article now, since I have more information and will probably drastically reduce my usage in the next period.

        One thing that caught my attention was the intense media frenzy around cannabis. Things don’t get THAT much attention unless there’s someone behind who’s pushing the cannabis legalization agenda. And, from my past experience, I know that government agencies don’t care for the good of their people, but only for the safety of their inhumane system. Maybe your article is the answer to that, or maybe not – but it certainly provides a nice, new perspective on things.

        I’d like to know more about how cannabis affects the aura – do you have any good article or book you might want to recommend?

        • Ciprian,

          The article above describes the aura effects as I see them, and the end result of usage is not spiritually helpful over time.

          Although the healers I’ve met always notice the sticky aura situation with marijuana users, they don’t generally write articles about it. I did find this useful article from a healer I’ve not met, but who seems quite trustworthy:

          Regarding the push for legalization, on one level it’s good, because then innocent people won’t be jailed for a non-violent personal activity.

          However, the often-observed tendency for users to become less motivated is something that those who want to control humanity may prefer, because then they have a seemingly happier, complacent population.

          • Ciprian says:

            Thank you very much for your advice – I highly appreciate it and I’ll be back on your blog for more interesting articles. Keep up the good work!

  68. arun says:

    Thanks a lot sir for your valuable advice:-).

  69. arun says:

    Dear sir,good day.
    Many thnks for the insights.U have very well explained all the odds of marijuana.I would like to share my experience on this.I follow hinduism and buddhisam.Since my childhhod i practised yoga and meditation.I dont know why but i practised .May be beacause of my family enviounrment.I was a very religious person and following hinduism sincerely.But when i entered college some how i got a chance to taste marijuana.I felt synchoronized with my earlier spiritual experiences and that conveyed me wrong impression in my subconscious mind.Slowly slowly i started feeling that something is worng either with this substance or in my earlier spiritual experiences.

    After all this i joined sea ,i’m a merchant navy officer.At sea many time i indulged myself in deep thinking as enviourment was very peacefull.In the ocean when everywhere u see just blue water and in night sky full of stars thn it helps u to thought deep.

    Anyway why i m writing this comment is bcoz i again started doing meditation on ship and quited alochal and marijuana.Now i m feeling much better but another thing is now i m not happy with this life of sea.I want to change the profession bcoz here i think i m not able to put my 100%.So i hav decided to become a teacher.

    I just want to ask u one thing.Will it be okay to become a teacher with all these kind of experinces.But i do feel that i will be able to put my 100% in teaching.Only fear is wheather i will be able to teach with all this kimd of experineces.I dont know how real this fear is bcoz i think teachers must be sober all through thr life.I dont abt any good teacher who felt same experiences.I hope i m asking right thing at right platform.Advice anything if possible.Also plz bear my english and spelling mistake bcoz of all the chatting behaviour.

    • Arun,

      You seek to be an excellent teacher, and that is important. Everything each teacher has experienced gives them special skills to help their students. Every teacher brings their uniquely different skills to the profession. Everything you have ever experienced will somehow lead you to help students. Be strong, wise, and sober, and know that you are making a positive difference in the lives of your students.

  70. Natalie says:

    Hi! I’ve been smoking regularly for the past 4 months, whether it be daily, biweekly, or weekly depending on what’s going on in my life. Now, maybe I did do it to escape my emotions, but what I found is that it forced me to face and acknowledge and slightly obsess over my insecurities and emotions until it made ‘sense’ or until I came to a rational perspective on them, whether they were insecurities I had hidden in the back of my mind for years or recently developed emotions. And it helped a lot, to be honest. Although I did find that it was easy to get caught up in my emotions and look at things irrationally and come out of my high feeling a lot worse if I was not careful or just didn’t go into it with a good mindset. But I’m definitely at a better place than I was before I smoked, as far as my mentality and behavior goes.

    I try to deal with my problems sober first. And once I feel better, then I toke and gain a little more “insight”. It’s definitely made me less lazy and more motivated when I use it in a timely fashion. Motivated to make more art, be more meticulous about said art, be healthier, make an effort to better myself, and help out others. It’s also made me feel terrible and self conscious in certain circumstances, even around people I consider my friends. I’ve definitely had my doubts about continuing smoking, especially while high, but I also don’t think I’m quite done with this plant yet.

    Of course, I can’t take this plant too seriously, it’s merely altering my brain. I do practice the options you gave for dealing with emotions, except for meditation. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get to, I have the book Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana, but I’ve just been unmotivated and distracted by other hobbies and socially. Which is contradictory to what I said earlier, but there’s just so many other things I’ve been meaning to do, you know? Which sounds terrible because spirituality sounds like it should be a priority.

    Anyways I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I’ll still smoke, but I also will not rely merely marijuana to advance spiritually (if you can call it spiritually, perhaps just mentally), and I’ll take my high “insights” with a grain of salt. Although it is fun looking back at these insights while sober and either developing them further or dismissing them. Nonetheless I enjoyed reading this post a lot, it’s fun hearing what other people have to say about this plant.

    Anyways hopefully 2015 will be a year of spiritual growth for me, I’ll try to meditate more thanks to this post. 🙂 Sober, of course, because I have no inclination to do so high, it just doesn’t sound effective if under the influence. Anyways, happy new year!!

    • Natalie,

      You’ll generate the most powerful art when your body, emotions, mind, and soul are united. Getting “insights” sounds great, but such insights need to be experienced through the all-important Divine Self — your united physical-emotional-mental-spiritual being.

      And if you have any interfering blocks in your body and aura that diffuse that unity, then your art ultimately suffers. It’s not enough to have a feeling that you have an insight. Your feelings and thoughts themselves, living within you, need to be processed and experienced by You – the conscious self.

      Let your art come from the real depths of you, and not from the seemingly brilliant insights of temporary high experiences. The inner depths of your being are the foundation for genuine spiritual experiences, and are the best resource for deeply meaningful art that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

  71. neverquitter says:

    Great article , that i just.found yesterday… Congrats man. I ve been smoking marihuana more constantly these last 2 months and i did notice there is a difference in casual using and regular using. My high times in casual times used to be much better , there was no sense of doing this a habit. I think thats the whole difference, the vibrattion of marihuana are very like ” dont take it so seriously…” what actually is something very nice when you are worried, but it also leads you to not producing any results whatsoever in your free time….

    i am not gonna lie also, marihuana took me from great depression 3 months ago, i was sad and fat and didnt have any energy, it rescued me good and im forever greatefull for the plant and this path in my life. And i will say even more ifi have to.choose, regular or casual use, marihuana or alcoholl, dont do alcohol. You become enraged and althought entities cannot get into your thoughts like the plant, i feel they have a blast stealing energy and trying to make people fight, not to.mention the greater degradation of your whole body to never be the same….

    as someone said before marihuana has this entities of prankster kinda vibe, and thing is you will have a good laugh even after yourself desperation lol i mean thats the plant phylosofie, to not take things this seriously. And i do believe thats the more apropriated phylosophie of life itself, after all we all going to.die. But in life there is a time to laugh hard, and work hard.

    Take thing seriously, battle for improvement of your skills, yout spiritual evolution and you dont want to have a laugh about that. And truth is the things yu are worried they never sleep, you can have a.laugh at their.face, but if they still exist, they will demand more and more to forget them, and as it demands more and more the bigger it gets and can lead to depression, a somehow laughable once in a while depression with all the prankster entities and friends around.

  72. Peter says:

    Hello and greetings from Germany. I wanted to thank you for this excellent article! It just gave me the right information what I had to know. I smoked regulary at the weekends lately and it is definetly the time to stop now. I dont want to interrupt my spiritual growing because that little high at the weekends. Whats about magic mushrooms? Do they have also a negative effect?

    Best regards


    • Hello mein freund,

      As you may know, the THC in marijuana stays in the body for about 30 days. So when you smoke on the weekends, that is only 7 days between smoking. The THC is in the body all the time, and this creates a problem, because it interferes with body-soul unity. Congratulations for recognizing the problem.

      Magic mushrooms are generally used differently than marijuana. Mushroom users generally use them only occasionally. The effect of mushrooms is more focused on the crown chakra, which is how hallucinogens generally work. This can open a doorway for some psychic and spiritual experiences.

      However, the side-effect of forcing chakras open is that you aren’t fully participating in the spiritual activation at a conscious level. That means that it isn’t a fully mindful experience. Although you might learn something spiritually, there is the possibility that you would create some minor fragmentation in the aura.

      Ideally, you would gently open your chakras through gradual, mindful, spiritual exercises. This lets you monitor the results as they happen, and it helps you to make any adjustments necessary, in real time. This would be the safer way, because you can open — and close — your chakras when You choose to. It may seem to be a slower path, but it lets you be more centered and protected.

  73. D says:

    Hi there Joel, the amount of time you spend replying to people on here is brilliant, and I’m sure that you’re helping many people work this specific issue out.

    I have been smoking regularly since I was about 15-16. I am 19. Before this time I was very egotistical, domineering and judgemental. Frankly, I was a bully. However, as I started to smoke cannabis it made me question a number of things around me, such as the way people live only to consume and the interconnectedness of all life. I completely understand what you mean in terms of raising you up a level. My awareness was definitely expanded by cannabis use. Other than a few, small, negative experiences, it was all good and over time became a much nicer, loving, person.

    However, over the course of the last year, I started to experience negative effects after I became aware of different levels of reality and conciousness. You talk about attack from outside entities and this is what I believe it may have been. For example, I was at a friends flat (apartment) where there was a lot of negative energy, drinking and harder drug use. I had experienced panic attacks before through the consumption of caffeine (I was hoping you’d have some insights on the effect of caffeine too, hopefully?). I was sitting talking to people and all of a sudden, literally out of no where, my heart started to race, mind wouldn’t stop over-thinking and I became visibly anxious and fidgety. There had been no trigger that I was aware of physically which opens me up to metaphysical explanations.

    Since then, this has been a regular occurrence when I smoke. Not all the time, but usually when I’m around others that aren’t exactly positive, as if I’m picking up on negative energy that they are harbouring, triggering it within me. I can control it better than I could at the start, however, the worst it got was around this time last year when I smoked alone in my house. I had the worst “panic attack” that I’ve ever had and begged God to help me and make it stop. At this time I wasn’t very spiritual at all, so this was me at the end of my tether. These attacks had been happening for a while, always when I smoked, but I tried to convince myself that it was all in my head and that I could control it whilst continuing to smoke. The reason this all scared me so badly was because I kept getting this feeling that my soul was being ripped from my body when I smoked. And very very rarely when I was sober. This could be connected to me believing at the time, due to things on the internet, that we were about to ascend. Could this feeling I was experiencing possibly be the disconnection that you talk about in the article, instead of false ascension I’d fooled myself into?

    Feeling it when I was sober scared me more than usual, because now instead of only happening when I was high, it was starting to effect my ‘normal’ life. I started writing a journal and meditating to try and alleviate the problem. A year on, I barely smoke anymore, write in my journal most days and meditate almost every day. I think this article has been enough to bring me to the conclusion that I’ve surpassed the beneficial effects of cannabis, and that I have to take my own spiritual growth into my own hands. I am starting to fully believe that I’ve simply been walking in denial and that it is the weed doing something to me after all. When you say that it’s to do with the aura being weakened and disconnecting your soul from your body, it resonates with me.

    I do, however, believe that for people very lost and following no spiritual path, like I was, that cannabis could be implemented as a very useful tool to “waking them up” without them shutting down everything as “religious” lies. Just as long as they do not use it in the same way people use alcohol. I feel that people need to see it as a learning experience rather than a means of getting “messed up at the weekend”, as this is nothing other than denial of dissatisfaction with their current situation.

    Thanks Joel,
    I hope you find the time to get back to me and hopefully you can offer a little more insight on my situation. I’m going travelling next year which I think will be very beneficial for me and my path.


    • D,

      Congrats on wanting to move forward spiritually. And congrats on recognizing that a temporary fix isn’t a permanent solution.

      Weed only gets you to a somewhat more elevated level of consciousness. If you fool yourself into thinking that that you’ve spiritually arrived, rather than simply raised yourself up a bit, then you’re stuck in a loop.

      This is true even if, compared to your previous state, you now seem to be more aware. If the awareness doesn’t deepen over time, which requires that your body-mind-soul are connected and grounded, then you’re not truly moving forward; you’re just going in a circle.

      Moving forward requires clarity, and that requires giving up limited paths that fog your aura. At a certain point, your soul asserts its need to be clear-minded, centered, and rigorously attuned to truth , rather than being bedazzled by fake higher awareness, vague hopes, or trippy delusions of mellow-hood.

      Working with your emotions, such as this writing technique, can help you address the blocked emotions, so that you can transcend whatever you’ve been avoiding or denying:

      • D says:

        Thanks for the speedy reply Joel, I’m going to read that link you posted now! I was wondering, does caffeine have the same sort of effect, do you know?

        • D, caffeine does Not cause a fuzzy aura.

          Although there is some mild controversy about caffeine’s benefits, or lack thereof, caffeine does not:
          attract negative entities, lower motivation, or create a split between body and soul.

  74. laura says:

    Thanks for you quick reply Joel, I will take a look at those courses now!

  75. laura says:

    Oh I am so glad I found this article. I will try keep this brief. I have been using marijuana for the past year. I started out an alcohol drinking, meat eating, non interest in the environment, woman who loved shopping. I have always been a carer for people working with the poor, the homeless and later becoming an alcohol counsellor. Never the less my free time include watching tv, shopping, drinking socially and raising my child in front of a tv and eating terrible processed food. I decided to move country’s for an outdoor lifestyle for a better life for my child and quit my job.

    I started using marijuana last year, at first recreationally and I began an education of awareness becoming interested in documentaries on the planet, the political situation global warming, the food industry. I would use it a couple of times a week. About 4 puffs on a joint twice a week.
    I now use marijuana to meditate and just lately (the past month) I have been experiencing some things that I can’t tell if they are real and as much as I would like them to be I would rather know one way or the other if they are.

    In the past 6 months up to this point I have basically been using marijuana to access my memory of my childhood and heal traumas and relationships with other people. Issues I have with other people I heal in my mind by looking into the reason behind that issue. I can now do this without using marijuana so my meditation has progressed to the point where I feel like I have spoke to my dead aunty and that she is my spirit guide and I had the feeling I have spoke with my higher self and I ask questions. And while I was doing the working on healing myself work and looking at my insecurities and beliefs I felt sometimes when I was writing that it was coming from someone else. And I would have things repeated and drilled into my head like 4 words over and over. The same sentence. Can you tell me if these experiences could be real? I wouldn’t mind going back to the part where I do the healing but when my breathing takes me to that point where it is sooooo slow and deep i end up having thoughts about my aunty giving each other emotional thoughts (if that makes sense). The meditation I did last week it was like we had a conversation full on and I saw visual pictures.

    I have never been a spiritual person but in this past year I have been doing all I can to repair my pineal gland. My diet, I take supplements, Im a vegetarien, I use a water filter I use non florinated (however you spell it) tooth paste. I have also read spiritual books on past life regression and I started Yoga 4 months ago.
    So I have been through some massive changes this past year. And coming from a psychology background at school and university I know the mind is a powerful thing. So I think that I have made up these meditation experiences with my fantastic imagination that is fueled by the marijuana. I know the next step for me is to try and do this without marijuana and see if it is really true but it is such hard work to try and achieve it sober. I meditate twice a day normally and smoke marijuana and meditate onces or twice a week depending on if I feel totally non belief in spirituality again.

    So my question again is do you think these experiences could be real or is it my imagination? I know for sure that the work I have done on myself using marijuana has been a fantastic help it has improved my life by 10 thousand percent I am so grateful of my life and have faith that life will be an amazing journey. I do not need marijuana but I suppose I am using it as a contact until I can try get my sober meditation up to scratch to prove whats happening is true. In the meantime though I love the feelings and thoughts I experience whilst meditating on it. I would stop if I found out it was fake. But either way my next step is some sort of psychic/ spiritual development course because even if it is fake i want to experience the real. Because the real is going to be a million times better than the fake.

    I really hope you reply I am sorry it is so long I am desperate for some answers either way.


    • Laura,

      You’ve moved forward with sincerity and dedication. Although you’ve opened some energetic doorways, and although this evidently has helped you make real changes, it is time to become more centered and grounded.

      The challenge with opening doorways via marijuana is that the doorways stay open, and this leads to your body and aura becoming too yin, which is to say that you can become too open, like an open window that lets everything into the house. While your experiences talking with deceased ancestors may well be real, you are likely becoming too psychically open, and this creates spiritual problems. For that reason, the greatest spiritual need for many people on the path is to become focused, centered, and grounded into the reality of their physical body on the earth plane. This gives you a grounded stable place to experience the infinite wisdom of your soul.

      While many attempt to move forward spiritually on a vegetarian diet, this method can become too expansive, or yin, and is not suited to most people. So it is not necessary to avoid animal protein, but do utilize organic sources when possible.

      There are spiritual and psychic development courses available on this site, always emphasizing being centered, and avoiding overly expansive states. May they serve you in developing your spiritual depth in a safe and meaningful way:

  76. Mike says:

    I’m not sure that I entirely agree with this article. I honestly believe we are not using the drug properly with the appropriate intention (I won’t get into abuse). Dolores Cannon who is a famous Hypno-Therapist specializing in past life regressions and recovering lost knowledge has given us somewhat a vague answer (she just passed, RIP). In one of her client’s trances the answer was revealed that the plant is a benefit to us. Here’s an excerpt from her book…keep reading for a couple pages validating the plant she saw.

    While I’m not arguing that abuse can be detrimental, I believe with the appropriate intention and meditative techniques that it will heighten you. Intention is key.

  77. Rachel says:

    Dear Joel,

    Thank you for your article. It was a very interesting read.

    I am a 46 year old female, I was diagnosed 8 years ago with major depression and massive anxiety. It seems that it has now become chronic as I tried to wean off my antidepressants a few times and each time within a matter of days and sometimes before being completely weaned off, I start spiralling into that dark hole again. And God knows I never want to relive that hell. I went undiagnosed and untreated for about 6 months not knowing what the heck happened to me.

    Long story short, I used to have a bit of marijuana with my then husband before but not very often. Now I smoke it every day. It’s just like an ‘extra kick’ to the ‘calming’ effect of my pills I guess. My antidepressants are already putting me in an altered state obviously, so my question would be, would kicking the habit be not that big of a difference in my case as my aura is probably already scrambled up, and I guess as a piggyback question, what does all this say about my aura?

    Am I doomed to have a fragmented, dissociated being all my life? Because I am told it looks like I will be on my meds probably for the rest of my life.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Rachel,

      Take things one day at a time. Look for the holistic practitioners who help people utilize nutrition and natural supplements to wean off of meds. Don’t force anything, and explore the options.

      For example, holistic nutritionists often recommend brewer’s yeast as a natural way to provide the missing nutrients, especially the calming B vitamins. And they also are known to suggest lecithin to clear the toxins from the brain, and calm the nerves.

      Your goal is to gently unscramble yourself. Don’t judge yourself; just discover your options. You’re never doomed, and you can gently and gradually make shifts.

      Use what works at the moment, with the intention to create more health and well-being for yourself each day. May you discover new pathways that serve you.

  78. In stillness says:

    In a word, most of this is nonsense.
    I’m sure you are well meaning, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    I shared many of these typical new age biases against marijuana. I smoked it in college some and quite typically good experiences turned bad after awhile and I stopped. I spent many years living and studying with indigenous healers and peoples, and have now practiced yoga and Zen Buddhism for nearly 30 years. I have lived in monasteries and ashrams for years at a time.
    Cannabis can be an invaluable aid in healing from deep seated trauma. It can help clarify many subtle aspects of karma, heart and mind. If honored and treated as such, it can reveal itself as a profound ally in the true work of integrating the psyche, healing physical/somatic blocks, and revealing the truth in a thousand ancient teachings and practices. It is not a panacea. It demands respect.
    But this new age perspective is simply not true in all or perhaps in most cases. It is just another form of fundamentalism. Cannabis is yogi medicine. It is a powerful sacrament if treated as such. Om namah shivaya. It is gods own breath and food, if taken in that spirit. It is a taskmaster too – you have to be prepared to SEE to HEAR and to FEEL. Most people aren’t. And THAT is where the problem lies – not in this miraculous ancient friend of humanity. I praise cannabis in the name of Amida, in the name of Jah, in the name of the Mother, in the name of the Name.
    Om mani padme hum. Om shanti shanti shanti.

  79. Nicholas says:

    Hey Joel,
    I wonder if you have ever worked with someone who has tried 5-MeO-DMT? If the theme of your other posts continues, than maybe you would see weakened auras from using this medicine as well, but I am curious, because in my experience and research 5-MeO-DMT seems to be a very different medicine than anything else, one that takes you straight to mystical union with the energy of the Divine, rather than opening you up to higher astral realms…which I assume is related somehow to the aura fragmenting you see with other medicines and drugs.

    • Nicholas,

      People imagine that something that opens up their aura or provides a peak experience is the same thing as having a spiritual experience. In some ways, this substance does seem to mimic spiritual experiences. However, what isn’t understood is that spiritual experiences aren’t simply experiences that expand the consciousness. Spiritual awareness needs to be an integrated experience, and that requires presence, clarity, in a centered body, in present time, with your consciousness integrated in an undistorted state.

      The after-effects look to be somewhat different than marijuana. Whereas marijuana leaves a foggy condition in the aura, this substance seems to leave little spirals or crystalline forms in the aura. They might appear to be pretty, but they seem to have a fragmenting affect that interferes with centering.

      If you want to experience the divine essence of anything, or if you want to go deeper into the sub-atomic particles of reality, you can do that with your focused consciousness. The method is different than taking drugs, however, Whereas drugs expand you into the experience, pushing you into the experience, the practice of pure consciousness is different:

      With consciousness, you focus more deeply into the realm you want to access. So you resonate with the cosmic inner dimension via focused clarity. You continually, gently, and deliberately go deeper into the awareness of that divine essence. You remain completely present in present-time, stably present in your body. This is safer in every way. It may seem to be slower, but it is a grounded approach that maintains your integration.

  80. becca popernak says:

    hi everyone, thank you so much for taking your time to write this amazing enlightening article. couldn’t put my thoughts/feelings Into words until I came across this specifically. I am only 19 and have been an avid marijuana smoker for +6 years and couldn’t help but feel It was inhibiting my spiritual growth and development. but the thing Is you dont realize this until you quit and how badly It disorts your perception. I’ve always been a pretty smart and self aware person so I’m very happy I quit and came to this sudden realization. now I can start back on my spiritual path once again. (: – namaste

  81. Ras Yaga says:

    It would be simpler and more effective to offer this simple piece of wisdom:

    “Everything in Moderation”

    Of course, abusing anything will hinder spiritual growth.
    This plant isn’t for everybody. You will know if it’s not for you, but there is no need to try and imagine different ways that it blocks our energy fields or emotions and claim that this is valid universal truth for everyone.

    It is temporary heightened awareness which can be useful for many things. Creativity, is one example.

    You’re probably now thinking “so you need cannabis to be creative then”….No.
    Just like people don’t need salt and pepper to eat their meal. Just don’t abuse these things and you are fine, like anything in life.

  82. Hhh says:

    I am 15 and have been smoking since I was 12/13… I started little by little then it progressed into multiple times a day. Although I am young I’m aware of spirituality and God and I am unsure if I should not smoke anymore. If I got a vaporizer would that benefit me besides being a healthier alternative to smoking?

    I will quit because I want to grow spiritually and not be stuck in the born/die cycle…

    Thank you for reading this, much love.


    • Hhh,

      It’s great that you’re developing awareness of spirituality and of God.

      Your brain is still growing, so it’s important that you create healthy unity between your soul and your body. When you stop smoking, you’ll be able to feel the presence of God more easily and genuinely. This is because the floating feeling from weed is not as deep a spiritual experience as when you can really feel your feelings.

      Even the so-called negative feelings are part of your life experience. Do not deny negative feelings. Breathe into them, and discover how the negative feelings change and gradually release on their own. This is an important spiritual discovery that will empower you.

      The vaporizers are still putting weed in your body, and still keeping you from feeling your own un-blocked feelings, so they are not the true spiritual solution.

  83. Au says:

    Sorry but am i spreading love or is it a misunderstanding

  84. Au says:

    I know i have a spiritual smokers personality just because of the way i talk its like my real smoking cousins and uncles, and when i say real i mean concious. But i think non smoking concious humans have a higher and more powerful energy beeming off of them that of god… idk if im fucked up or what. I legitamentally think im spreading love to all the kids at my school because when i answer a question they all laugh or when someone asks me something everyone turns to me to see what i say. And the humans ralking to me are so annoying they make me want to cry sometimes. I know theyre brainwashed but damn. How does my life look? Thanks

    Ive also had sleep paralysis alot where i wake up to a lightheaded feeling of me dying and in a dark room where i have to force myself to wake up. If i stop smoking do you think ill be able to become one with the creator or did weed fuck me up forever.
    Sorry, but if im not spreading love to all the kids at my school then i think i look dumb as hell stonebagging it like my real friend says he thinks i do and what he says i do a lot.
    One more thing when i talk to girls i feel like im spreading love to them. If im nkt they think im a creep or something. Please help me

  85. Au says:

    In grade 7 a brainwashed devil kid influenced me showing me weed for my first time besides the plant i seen in a pot when i was around 7, i decided to smoke my first joit with my real friend and i felt high i coulsnt stop laughing, after that i’d smoke around a joint every two days or so until highschool this demon influencing kid introduced me to the posers that think theyre cool smoking and fighting and stealing. I never felt safe around them knowig they were insane but i kept chilling with them thinking i’d be cool but one day one of them choked the kid that had a bad influence on me and almost killed both of us so i never hungout with them after that because it scarred me pretty bad for that time.

    I am constantly thinking rather i should stop smoking weed because i cant handle not moving and getting lost in my mind. I think im really fucked up because i keep thinking that god is talking to me through televisions or my own thoughts wanting me to stop smoking or something. I like smoking weed because it opens your mind like if you play a video game or watch a movie high its 100 times more interesting because you think it differently. I just wanna know if im fucked up and if i should stop smoking or whats going on you sound like a very knowledgable guy. Thanks man

  86. The problems you mention seem to all stem from the user’s attitude of using weed as a crutch, rather than an inherent quality of the weed itself.

    If one does not treat it as something to depend on, but rather just to crack open the door a little, then most or all of your objections do not apply.

    • Donald,

      You make some good points… that some people hope to gently expand their awareness, and others are stuck in using the substance as a crutch.

      The problem with THC, however, is that it creates a subtle separation between the soul and the body. It is this separation that opens up the aura into the astral plane, and this is why users feel light and expansive – that floaty feeling is one of the characteristics of the astral plane.

      At first, this astral aura expansion represents, for many users, what seems to be an expansion of consciousness.

      Unfortunately, unless people stop using, their aura continues to open to the astral plane, and this auric fog subtly interferes with the healthy integration between their body and soul.

      THC can remain in the body for 30 days, and this is one reason why even those who consider themselves occasional users may be creating more difficulty for themselves than they realize. They believe they are cracking open the perceptual door just a little, but the resulting auric fog eventually limits their spiritual clarity.

  87. Mantas says:

    Thx again 🙂 u helpedd not only me 🙂

  88. Mantas says:

    Okey thanks, one time i heard really beautiful and really harmonic melody, which no one else did, maybe u know smth about that ? 🙂 also when i was little one time i writed test in class everyone was quite,but i heard nioze like everyone was talking, i yelled shu5 up and then one of my class mate adked me what happened to me why i yelled cuz everyone was quite , , maybe u know smth about that? If not no problem and really thanks for helping me 🙂

  89. Mantas says:

    Also i started to see all kind of bubbles, splats, they are bright most of the time blue or violet or yellow or white, but at the corners of my vision when i try to look at them directly they disapier, also sometimes i see those things like tv shows them after programs gives white noise and shows those i dont know how they called, people say that its smth vith psychic vision, if so maybe u could give me any advice how to enchance it that i could see auras and more, also i heard that there is some kind meditation that helps u to better feel with energys work with them, i feel em but i really would like to enchance this ability, sorry to ask so out of context, but maybe u know anything about this things and could give me any advice? I would really appreciate it.

    • Mantas,

      When you start seeing the energetic bubbles and sparkles of the etheric and astral planes, you need to stay centered at the core of your body. Breathe into the core of your body, feel your aura weaving together, and focus your attention on your core so that you can hear the voice of your deeper essence and experience its wisdom. This helps you discover the subtle energy, without getting ungrounded.

      The more you open up to subtle energy, the more you need to go deep into your center, otherwise, the subtle perception spins you outward and fragments you. This is one reason why marijuana is a problem; it expands people into their astral body, while keeping them from accessing and integrating with their deepest levels of inner core in the body.

  90. Mantas says:

    Thanks for advice 🙂 and yes i got allot of negative energy attached to me cuz i live in a place with allot negative energy its hard even to be here, but crystals and meditation helps me to clear my aura, make it stronger, tighter, and close those holes:) again thx for advice

  91. Mantas says:

    Yeah i totally agree with u dude about everything. I felt those holes in my aura, when i stoned i would always pick up something from other people, but its possible to pick up not only lower vibe entities who feast on energy, its also possible to pick up higher vibes entities, and higher vibe energy, and which one will be picked up depends with whom and where u smoke and get stoned.

    But yeah helps in time but u just got to realise when to stop using to develope your to higher states of conscious.

    But i used cannabis to see better those little invisible problems i have and i fix em when i see em, so i tryed more not to escape but to find problems of my. Also it helped at energy levels, as i said when u got holes its easier to sense energies, but of course at some time cannabis just has to pass away if u wanna reach higher vibes.

    Also i tryed to harmonise my chakras with earth and cosmos, it pretty much helped but of course only in the begining. Also when i smoked i always understanded, saw, learned something new, but of course i had to paid it with my health, also thats is why it has to be stopped all smoking at some time, also it helps to concentrate so thats really good for meditation, aura seeing, telekinesis. I probably forgot to mentioned something else but nevermind :).
    Btw really nice work u did, enjoyed to read it, also sorry for my english grammar.

    Oh yeah weed helped me to clear my blocks, thats what i saw most or tryed to seek when i smoke cannabis. And it help to reach harmony with some of my bodys, but of course not all cuz weed makes those holes and separates some bodys from other ones, and maybe then other get closer to other ones, maybe thats why i was able to connect be trueful with myself and harmonise some of my bodys.

    Also when was high and saw my aura it was bright blue, but i looked only at my hand. Well i mean not like light blue, just normal , beautiful blue with maybe a little bit of white in it in the end, it wasnt like dark blue just bright u know pretty hard to describe it 🙂 in foreign language… Bright clear blue 😛

    • Mantas,

      It’s true that people want to access higher energies, and sometimes they do, but unfortunately the sticky aura energy that marijuana creates tends to attract lower entities, also.

      You can harmonize your chakras with earth and cosmos most easily when your consciousness is clear, with healthy unity between body and soul.

      Practice breathing into your body, and into your deep emotions.

      Imagine the light of your divine soul flowing into every part of your being.

      This will gradually harmonize your body with your aura and soul, so that you are unified and strong.

  92. Breeze says:

    Hello everyone !
    So many people have shared their experiences and reading them has helped me understand a lot more. The article is very good because it uses simple, easy language and nice reasoning to explain a perplexing question (at least to me). I always believe that the path of spirtuality is also very logical, much like gyan yoga. Everything that happens has a reason. I generally find the answers to this question on the internet to be undigestable. They don’t have proper reasoning and are rather based on fancy words and religion.

    I too wish to share my experience. Just feel like. A bit long.
    I have started seriously on the path of spirituality since my bout with cancer. It brought me face to face with most prevalent truth in this universe that nobody can disagree with, that we are bound to die. After that, nothing in life proved more important than the quest for the answers of our reality. I had been a good kid all my life. Gentle and kind in general and I would also agree to having a good character. Not perfect, but good. Didnt do any kind of substance ever. But still got cancer. Never blamed anyone. Felt quite low in life. My proactiveness and energetic spirit didnt stay after the sickness. Physically and mentally, I’m generally tired. (But I still performed in life. Completed my education and got into a very good Institute for higher education).

    I went through a lot of pain during my treatment, way more than average. Went through all side-effects without painkillers. And finally after getting alright, I got into marijuana(Should have been available before). I think I paid some heavy karma.

    But, marijuana has been the only one which could give me ‘actual’ relaxation (except the love I feel for my girl, which I believe is much much more powerful and satisfying).
    I havent abused it much. Lately I have abused it more. I always knew that actual spirtuality doesnt need dependance on anything external. Hence I’ve been constantly trying to leave it. Have been successful also but it comes back. Sometimes I feel its right and sometimes I don’t. Heavy doses of chemicals and rays have been passed through my body and it certainly leaves scars and I feel that marijuana helps me to heal those scars.

    Now I’m trying to actually leave it by trying to become whole. I do physical yoga, meditation based , fitness regime and slowly reading more and getting more involved with life. Its like a new birth, a blank book now. And I am to write my own story. And that life is meant to be balanced. That everything I should do is with love. And actualy feel the love. That is how I will become whole. Marijuana is helping me come back. On marijuana, many time I’ve had access to greater higher knowledge. Overall I feel that I do needed it and need it a bit more. But I also realize that now is the time to start leaving it also. Its not easy to suddenly stop a habit. I feel like I should leave gradually and at the same time inculcate growth on all levels of my life.

    I feel like marijuana is like a higher medicine (that works through the mind), but should be used only by the sick (Physical, mental,spiritual). Use it, heal yourself, and then leave it. Don’t stick. You’ll know yourself when you ought to leave. And the article has certainly given me a reason to.
    Subconsciously I always feel that smoke harms the body too. I hope I havent harmed it much.
    I may be wrong but that is how I woud explain it.
    Thanks for reading ! 🙂

    • Breeze,

      Thank you for sharing your insights.

      Do take the time to rebuild yourself physically and spiritually. The goal is to be fully integrated between body, emotions, mind, soul, and divine universe. That ultimately requires honestly bringing your presence into each aspect of yourself, and releasing anything that blocks or fogs your consciousness.

  93. Brennan Peck says:

    Well played!

  94. Ryan says:

    I just wanted to share my experience briefly. I have been using marijuana since I was 12 years old and I am currently 20. In this period of time was a lot of emotional and mental trauma and is also accompanied by a spiritual family. Being Empathic from a very young age I subconsciously use drugs and marijuana to medicate the pains of others without realizing that was not My pain. This indeed did cause major Auric damage Adding To The Problem and I am working on rebuilding it.

    It is strange though being like half of me is highly developed spiritually and the other half is just an addict, still craving the comfort blanket of all these years. It has always been easier for me to connect to the higher realms as opposed to the physical realms, and the use of marijuana and other substances accelerated this idea to the fact of me being so spiritual that I was unable to function properly on this plane, and quite frankly I’m still having difficulties doing so.

    I’ve created a kind of astral hell for myself and I’m working on disempowering it everyday. Those who are already extremely sensitive are best to avoid this substance. Sometimes I feel that it is unfair, unable to enjoy the things that my peers are able, but in due course it appears that I have been much more expanded reality than them so I should be grateful for this.

    I am open to suggestions and I hope that this helps someone along with their way, ty

  95. Josh Austin says:

    Why are there chemical receptors in our brains that serve no apparent purpose at all, but coincidentally, these receptors are perfectly designed to receive and bind thc molecules?

    • Good question, Josh.

      Our brain has receptors to receive the blissful brain chemicals that we can generate through our own meditative and contemplative practices. Though THC mimics these brain chemicals, our own self-generated chemicals do not have the side-effects of THC. Recent research shows that scientists are discovering more about our brain receptors. Note that they have named the brain neurotransmitter “Anandamide” from the Sanskrit word for bliss, Ananda:

      “U.S. and Brazilian scientists have discovered that the brain manufactures proteins that act like marijuana at specific receptors in the brain itself.”

      Anandamide, The Brain’s Own Marijuana

      “Anandamide is a member of a family of fatty acid ethanolamides that may represent a novel class of naturally occurring lipid neurotransmitters. Anandamide shares most but not all of the pharmacologic properties of THC. For instance, anandamide’s actions at CB1 receptors are mimicked not only by THC, but also by a recently discovered synthetic agonist, CP55-940,15.”

  96. bob says:

    completely opinionated and uneducated article. millions of people use cannabis for millions of different reasons. the spiritual spectrum you describe and the ‘levels’ are simply one in a million different viewpoints on spirituality, and imho any idea of a spiritual spectrum is actually LIMITING.

    my opinion on the matter is that non-duality trumps all ‘levels’ of spirituality. it integrates level 1 with the highest possible level, revealing them both as the same thing (NON duality).

    at this level, there is no more possible distinction between right and wrong, good and bad, life and death, drugs and meditation, happiness and depression.

    all these things co-exist and are infinitely changing, while the changeless background of awareness is infinitely the same.

    you condemn marijuana users for separating their body and soul, but this is exactly what you yourself are doing with this article. you say marijuana users are UNCONSCIOUSLY avoiding pain by smoking.

    if it is possible to unconsciously do something, even though you yourself do not think this is true, then how can you say you did not write this article UNCONSCIOUSLY to avoid pain? what is the pain? the pain of not understanding, of confusion, of conflicting beliefs. everything you have been led to believe tells you that drugs must be bad, the true ‘spirituality’ or ‘god’ or ‘enlightenment’ cannot have anything to do with ‘drugs’. so you create the idea that ‘drugs’ can only take you to ‘level 4’, while true spirituality/meditation can get you to the highest level.

    it is your attachment and identification with the physical body that tells you that drugs must be bad. actually, every molecule of the universe is of the same source, and is all part of the one universal body. therefore, an atom of cannabis or an atom of your lung or an atom of the air you breathe during meditation is all the same thing ultimately. the effects of cannabis on the mind are temporary and unrelated to the absolute, AS IS the relaxing feeling of good meditation.

    any possible argument you have against cannabis is an opinion, a position on life. when operating from the highest level of spirituality, there is no more possibility of any position on life.

    • Bob,

      Thank you for your insights about the non-duality level of consciousness. At the non-dual level, all is truly one, because everything is relative to everything else, and thus united in One reality.

      For humans living in bodies on this earth plane, however, safe integration between body and soul requires clarity, and marijuana interferes with that clarity. It creates a false impression of non-duality where everything is apparently smooth.

      However, everything in the body is not relative. People have real feelings, and marijuana blocks their heavier feelings. Ultimately, this slows down their growth, because it impairs their ability to confront and truly transform their blocks.

      • bob says:

        joel, you initially talk about a non duality ‘level of consciousness’, and everything being one reality.

        then you immediately go on to separate humans from this truth:
        “For humans living in bodies on this earth plane, however, safe integration between body and soul requires clarity, and marijuana interferes with that clarity. It creates a false impression of non-duality where everything is apparently smooth.”

        there is no point verbally accepting non duality as ultimate truth, accepting a ‘non duality consciousness’ (your concept, not mine), but then concluding that we as humans cannot access that, and must revert back to duality.

        your idea that as a limited human, one must integrate the body and soul, and marijuana stops this by creating a ‘fake non duality’, is again a very naive idea. i assume it is probably the result of having tried it very few times, being intimidated or afraid of the effects, and being much more drawn to the idea of spirituality/enlightenment being ‘achievable’ without such drastic ‘mind-altering substances’.

        unfortunately, all this is nonsense from a true non dual perspective. marijuana DOES NOT create any false non duality, it allows the human nervous system to experience all aspects of itself in a deeper way. you are correct that anandamide is an endogenously synthesised THC analogue, but again, only a dualistic opinionated mind reasons that something created inside the body is ‘better’ than something from outside. actually, the entire universe is one ‘body’, and the very act of humans eating food every day ensures there is constant mixing between what is outside and inside human bodies.

        while it may be possible to produce anandamide through meditation (unverified), it is equally possible and arguably easier to take some THC with zero negative side effects. (you mentioned negative side effects of THC, but there are none, only smoking risks usually associated with mixing tobacco. THC can be vaporised or eaten, eliminating all risks.)

        you also said:
        “However, everything in the body is not relative. People have real feelings, and marijuana blocks their heavier feelings. Ultimately, this slows down their growth, because it impairs their ability to confront and truly transform their blocks.”

        everything is the body is CERTAINLY relative. the real feelings you think you have are CERTAINLY relative, dualistic impressions created involuntarily in response to your circumstances. again, your idea that cannabis blocks heavier emotional problems is almost certainly a sign that you have never used or really experienced the effects of cannabis.

        cannabis can just as easily substantially increase anxiety, emotional problems, depression, suffering, psychiatric illness. there are plenty of people who are convinced that it causes mental illness. but there are just as many millions who use it daily and enjoy perfect health and livelihood.

        again, blaming cannabis for ‘slowing down people’s emotional growth’ is just a blanket generalisation, coming from your own insecurities over ‘drug use’. yes people do experience ‘real emotions’, but they are always a result of circumstances, not drugs. changing circumstances can happen with or without drugs. emotional healing can happen with or without drugs.

        do you object to people using other psychiatric drugs like anti depressants, anti anxiety, antipsychotics. all these drugs are more powerful neurological drugs, and have infinitely more negative side effects. cannabis achieves all their effects, plus more physical health benefits, with zero negative side effects.

        • Bob,

          The psychiatric drugs have definite side-effects, and they tend to bind the problem deeper into the person. Except in life-threatening cases, such toxic substances are best avoided.

          The energetic scanning I and other healers do allows us to make assessments about how marijuana works in the aura. Although many marijuana users may seem to be functioning normally, the energetic imprint of marijuana creates an interference between body and soul that slows ultimate spiritual growth.

          The internal analogs of drugs, such as endorphins, are definitely different in this aspect: They do not create the astral fog and openness to astral entities that so many healers perceive in marijuana users. Healers are sensing this fog as an aura condition, and not simply, as some may suppose, simply expressing their vague dislike for drugs.

          Actually, it is the perception of the astral fog around users that convinces many healers that the high from marijuana just isn’t worth the side-effects.

          • bob says:

            haha, so your evidence that marijuana is bad is an ‘astral fog’ which only you and other healers can perceive.

            unfortunately, the very idea of needing astral stimulation, aura healing, spiritual enlightenment, soul cleansing, union of body and soul, all these are dualistic ideas, entertained only by the foolish who are too superficial to see the actual non dual truth behind all these concepts.

            every single idea about fixing oneself necessarily comes from an idea that you are not perfect and need to fix something.

            you say marijuana users need to fix their bad habit in order to grow spiritually. but only somebody caught up in the spiritual journey, still believing in being a seeker and then finding ‘enlightenment’, still believes that there are ‘things to be done’ to achieve it.

            you only believe that some things are bad (drugs), and some things are good (spirituality), because in your experience, you are still heading towards ‘goodness, positivity, happiness’ etc. all this is part of the illusion, the dualities of existence, in which one constantly appears to be going for happiness and avoiding pain.

            you think you have developed a way of measuring spiritual growth with ‘energetic scanning’, but any such measurement simply demonstrates an absolute misunderstanding of what spirituality is.

            being a ‘spiritual seeker’ lasts only as long as your own foolishness lasts.

            being enlightened has always been, will always be, and can never not be the truth.

            any time you advise others with anything which you think is taking away from their chances at ‘spirituality’ or ‘enlightenment’, you are committing the most heinous sin capable by man – contributing to the overall human idea that we are all NOT enlightened, and we need to change this and that in order to become enlightened.

            it is this foolish idea which has created all problems for humankind. when people like you stop spreading propaganda on ‘how to be spiritual’, the world may actually become spiritual again.

          • Rod says:

            It appears to me that Bob is on to something. If marijuana works so well for so many people spiritually, then of course it would be in your best interest to be against it because you and other so-called healers wouldn’t be needed.

  97. Tony says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. I’m one of the people you wrote this article for. My spiritual Master always said drugs and marijuana are detrimental to spiritual progress, but your article explains why exactly.

    I was contemplating using MJ, thinking about the success of celebrities, hoping it could help me in some way, but your article addressed that!

    I’ll have to focus my efforts on daily meditation and hope for the best.

    I hope God blesses you immensely for your efforts 🙂

    • Thank you, Tony

      May your spiritual path be courageously grounded in divine truth, clear perceptions, and inspired creativity that delights everyone while also uplifting them.

      And remember, celebrities succeed in spite of marijuana use, not because of it.

  98. Theodore says:

    This is a wonderful article shedding light on the “blockage” and “fog” issue MJ causes. I have more resolve to quit now. I have had my greatest “integration” by spending hours reading passage meditation books such as; God Makes the Rivers to Flow, by Eknath Easwarn , a Berkley Univeristy professor. Also, I read that THC was a defensive toxin or poison to protect the plant from being eaten by animals. If so, why take a toxin or poison and enter some kind of “nearer” to death sleepy state.

    • Thank you, Theodore

      You can richly experience the flowing rivers of your own consciousness with clarity and deeper meaning when your consciousness is strong, with healthy integration between your body, emotions, mind, and soul.

  99. Brandon says:

    I think you make a good point about spiritually and marijuana. From my own experiences and extensive research your perception is valid but everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

    I was into the supernatural and wanted to find out if the ouija board was real. I found out by creating it out of cardboard on the internet. At the time I was experimenting and no clue how the spirit world worked. Let’s just say I opened a gateway to hell. I had numerous demons trying to communicate with me through the board, but I had no clue who I really was really communicating with. Basically I believe all communication I had was with Satan and his demons. I was looking for answers in all the wrong places. I didn’t know who I was. I felt like I had no identity.

    Once I started reading the Bible and opening up my spirit and soul I realized at the age of 16 or 17 I was clueless and how the real world worked. I studied spiritually a lot. I went to church, bible study, and I prayed a lot. Basically I got influenced by the powers of darkness and I felt like I was in a horror movie. It felt like everybody was out to get me. It got so bad I almost got possessed by a demon. The demons were trying to control me, specifically mind control. And of course they wanted my soul, but that’s how demons are they are very subtle in there approach. But once demons realize you can’t be manipulated or controlled they will more or less try to avoid you since they can’t influence you to do there bidding.

    There’s a movie called Witchboard I watched and the guy said if you want a high level of spiritual contact you can’t be a smoker or someone who drinks alcohol. I’m starting to find this statement has some truth to it. I wind up going to jail on some dumb shit. While I was locked up I had no access to weed and I was smoking regularly and I never was much of a drinker, but while I was locked up my spiritual senses were at an all time high. At this point I gave in to the fact or entertained the thought of being my own God and living in my own world, but when you realize there can only be one God and he won’t allow any God’s after him then that thought is vanished. I later realized that’s another trick of the demons they give you illusions that you can be this and that and not suffer any consequences. Or they give you an illusion of giving you some sort of supernatural power when all actuality there just draining you of all your positive energy and taking a part of your soul.

    Satan and his demons don’t give up something for nothing. The point is your statement has some truth to it I think it’s just results may vary for each person. There’s people that do all types of drugs and are on a whole another spiritual level and supernatural things happen to them all the time whether that be good or bad, but mostly bad. I have seen supernatural things that can’t be explained. It’s a mystery.

    I don’t intend to smoke weed forever but for now I think it’s just a phase I’m going through. That spiritual experience was about a decade ago. I haven’t developed my highest spiritual peak yet for now it’s hanging in the balance. I feel like a drifter for now, but I know my spiritual level and potential will skyrocket in the near future.

    • Brandon,

      It’s definitely a temporary phase. Smoking can only take you so far, and if you want your spiritual potential to skyrocket, you need to let the weed go. Then you’ll be able to connect your body, emotions, mind, and soul together. And that will let you bring divine consciousness into your life more easily.

      • Brandon says:

        You’re right I’ve been contemplating for a while and I will stop today! Let the healing process begin for several months and then go from there. When I achieve my full spiritual peak then I can definitely tell a lot of people about my experience by just saying let it go and your full spiritual peak can begin! Positive energy outweighs negative energy!

  100. Louis F. says:

    The timing of your article could not have been better. I’ve been a long time user of cannabis; at first it helped me through very difficult times –not like binge drinking, but more like a relaxing thing, and eventually it became just like you said: “to take the edge off”. Slowly it crept from something I would do during the weekend (like a Friday-to-Sunday thing) to something I did every day after work, to something I would do even sometimes before work.

    And within the posts I read after the article, I read some things that crossed my mind as well -like the arguements for it’s usage, however, I am finding myself less and less convinced that it is something that is beneficial to me, my spiritual health, and that of my family.

    I believe that there are some medicinal merits to marijuana, but in the same sense that there are merits to ASA (which was also derived from a plant, I believe). However, if you take Aspirin every day, and you don’t really need it, it can be harmful. If you increase your dose you can disrupt your blood pH, damage your stomach and be on a path to damaging your body, let alone your aura. Marijuana beyond moderation can also do similar damage to your lungs (if you smoke it), your receptors (flooding your system with THC will tell your brain to decrease receptors for it, and tell your brain to decrease its natural endorphin output), and the effects you spell out make sense.

    I had a belief that it was a spiritual sacrament, which people had mentioned in their responses above -and I say “had” because I don’t think it is a sacrament for everyone, and no longer is it one for me. I think it has to have a set & setting, but also that those that use it (like certain Hindu & Buddhist Monks & Yogis) do so under instruction from a guide (aka their Guru, or Spiritual Instructor). Furthermore, many who do smoke chillum in this manner have renounced the world (prior to smoking, one can assume) -so they already have a different mind set. Not all such paths encourage the use of mind altering drugs, and those that do have their purpose and teacher. This is not unlike having a shaman guide when using other ethnogenic substances. In fact, one really needs this guide to avoid the many pratfalls and illusions that may be encountered as this path can be perilous. It’s like going through Dante’s Inferno (the segment from The Divine Comedy) without Virgil to guide through the nine circles. Even the scientists that were promoting the use of LSD advocated using it in a controlled setting whereby there was someone there as a guide (I’m not talking about mkultra or the brainwashing, but more what Hoffman envisioned and what Leary and Alpert were intending to accomplish). I’m going off a tangent here, but the point is that I was using this aimlessly with no “guide”, and at a time when I should have weaned this from my life I simply did the opposite. As for “bhang”, I think that’s typically consumed during holidays or on the occasion. It takes too long to make, and for Hindus, it like having a few drinks at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

    Now what struck me about your article is the timing and that my wife and I had a conversation just the day before where she was feeling that continued use would lead me to a spiritual death. I scoffed at that, but what struck me was that she also told me that it would leave me vulnerable to other entities (her exact words were “demonic” entities, which I initially dismissed but it got me thinking). Now there have been times when I smoked and I felt as if someone was right there sitting beside me, or walking beside me. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of someone beside me through the corner of my eye, but would be gone when I turned to look. This didn’t always happen when I smoked, but there would be cycles of it. There would also be times when I felt as if I could feel every nerve in my body. And it’s not a painful feeling, but it’s not a nice feeling either. It was like they were all turned on. Almost like a super coffee buzz. In addition, my short term memory got shot, and dreams & reality got blurred (not to the point of surrealism, but enough to screw with memory). On top of that I have become a massive procrastinator (with many brilliant creative ideas but neither the drive or focus to see one to fruition). To make matters worse, I found myself getting silent with my loved ones. First it was with my friends, then with my immediate family, and recently it has been with my wife. I just haven’t talked about the things that were on my mind, and then I would sometimes lash out or erupt in emotion. I look back and see that in more recent years this may have done more damage to my relations than good.. My perspective in the past 24 hours has changed. Even as allegory I think there is some kind of malefic entity now in my life. If I was unmarried, and my wife was my girlfriend, I would probably ride the storm and move on, however, I have two small children and I worry about whether such an entity could harm my wife or toddlers. I actually did notice my 3 year old son’s behaviour change whenever I smoked (I noticed this type of change from when he was 1). Maybe he smelled my clothing and was put off by it, but he would get really put off and start acting strange.

    I want a change in my life, and need to know what are the steps I should take. Is there anything I should eat, or drink or something I should do to strengthen my resolve to quit? Should I detox? Where should I start with exercising? What suppliments can I take? Like another responder, I too am struggling with the feeling that I still like it, just like I enjoy beer, or the occasional scotch (I wish I could enjoy marijuana at the same “once-in-a-while” level like I do liquor). Yet at the same time, I want to develop spiritually, and have a healthy relationship as well as the best for my family.

    I apologize for the rambling of my post here. In a sense I really needed to get these thoughts onto the screen here. I appreciate your article and hope to find other similar works to lead me to a better life.

    • Louis,

      Congratulations – your wife is a wise woman who sees your greater potential.

      People say they “just like it,” but there is something else happening with marijuana. People feel temporarily comforted when they can create some separation between their troubling emotions and their conscious mind. In the long term, this leads to less authenticity, and less empowerment.

      To strengthen your resolve, learn to feel your feelings, rather than blocking them. Learn to breathe into your feelings. This mp3 set can help you access deep inner peace – getting high naturally:

      This mp3 set can help you deal with challenging emotions:

      Nutritionally, chlorophyll helps you cleanse your blood, so that you can get the THC out of your body, and so that you can feel more alive; it’s a kind of natural blood transfusion. You can get tablets of spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, and wheatgrass – take them with each meal.

      Go for a good vigorous walk daily.

      And if you need more support, find a local therapist who is skilled at clinical hypnosis so that you can learn to use your mind more efficiently.

  101. James says:

    Hi Joel,
    I’ve just read the above article, and many of the posts responding to it. I have used cannabis daily for 20 years now, and began to wake up spiritually maybe 5 years ago, I feel I have a clearer understanding of the way the world works and feel generally “happy” with who I am. I have begun to delve a bit deeper into my consciousness and as I have never had any religious faith and no belief in this area before it came as a bit of a shock, when after using some basic meditation things began to happen. I became so much more aware of myself and the things around me . I seem to have become sort of stuck at a certain level and can’t get any further.
    After finding your article, I feel like I’ve had a moment of clarity. So many things make perfect sense.I’ve never really questioned my use of cannabis, I don’t drink and am trying to improve my diet and have always assumed that it was ok spiritually. After some deep thought about this I can now see that it does mask some emotions and kind of numbs certain senses. Your description of the aura as foggy, sticky etc is exactly how I feel. I have always been an advocate of cannabis, especially over using alcohol.
    I would like you to know that your article hit me like a ton of bricks and I am going to stop today. I know that stopping doing something that you’ve done every day for 20 years is not going to be a walk in the park but I know it is the right time for me to do this. Many thanks Joel, in a couple of months I will post to let you know how I have got on.

    • James, take it one day at a time.

      You’ll need to find natural ways to re-ignite your own endorphins. Be patient and you can do it.

      Do not judge emotions and thoughts that surface. Bless them, and let them go.

      It may help if you keep your bloodstream clean – both to clean the toxins out, and to regenerate your bloodstream so you can feel more alive. You can get tablets of any of these chlorophyll supplements: wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina, and alfalfa. Chlorophyll is similar to blood, so it’s a kind of blood transfusion. Take them with each meal, and it makes your healing process easier.

  102. Nicholas says:

    I’m 24 years old and I’ve been doing marijuana on and off for about 5 and a half years now. I have a few questions in regards to it: can I use it once in a while without it negatively affecting me? If I decide to quit completely, how exactly should I go about that – cold turkey or gradually?

    • Nicholas,

      THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can stay in the body for 30 days. So it is affecting your aura for a long time.

      Whether you choose to quit quickly or slowly is fine either way.

      Learn to do chakra breathing – look it up, and find a method that works for you. You’ll discover that you can learn to feel energized and relaxed without using marijuana. And you’ll discover that you feel more authentic, and more alive.

      This mp3 series will help you enter deeper states naturally:

      • Nicholas says:

        Thank you so much for the prompt reply, much appreciated! I have a couple more questions I was hoping you could answer:

        1) Is it okay to use marijuana once in a while for celebratory reasons for example or will doing this still cause disruptions in my vibrations/energy channels even from one time?

        2) If I happen to be around people who are smoking weed in front of me indoors, would the exposure to the marijuana smoke affect me in anyway? Because I’ve heard of “contact high” where people can get high just from the smoke in the air. Is this true?

        • 1.) Even one usage leaves THC in your body for up to 30 days. If you’re wanting to be more integrated, then this influence is not helpful.

          2.) If you’re around people who are smoking, you won’t get enough smoke in your lungs to affect you. However, you’ll be present with people who have foggy auras. This can be a problem if you’re psychically sensitive or empathic, since it opens your aura to their imbalanced patterns.

          • Nicholas says:

            Thank you for the response Joel. I think I speak for everybody reading this when I say THANK YOU for posting this article. It has really given me a clarity I’ve been looking for for quite sometime. Take care =)

          • Jorge says:

            “2.) If you’re around people who are smoking, you won’t get enough smoke in your lungs to affect you. However, you’ll be present with people who have foggy auras. This can be a problem if you’re psychically sensitive or empathic, since it opens your aura to their imbalanced patterns.”

            Some points you have made in this article are kind of hard to understand completely and without attachment, at least in my case. This one is really deep, and at the same time complicated to assimilate since I ve been surrounded by a lot of friends(and a brother) who smoke.

            There were times with friends where it was so easy to get sucked into that for a while ,I decided to stop smoking, and focus instead in other things.. I stopped seeing some of them for a while because I wanted to find other healthier alternatives that could help me focus and be happier. Hanging out with most of them would end from time to time to a smoke session. Thats sad because my feelings for them didnt change over time. I was doing that because I thought that would be better for me and others around me. Some didnt like it and assumed that I was being unfriendly for no reason and being less autenthic.

            It is a great article. Very kind of you for answering these questions in such a pleasant way and patient way.

          • Jorge,

            You’re not judging the person; some of the nicest people still smoke.

            You’re making a decision to not be present with people when they are compromising their auras. As you explore the difference, you’ll become more attuned to the clouded-aura phenomenon.

  103. Patricia says:

    More questions than answers here.

    I want to trust my inner being because when I am there I am in love with myself.
    I love everything about me, my thoughts and my being seem to be rare and special indeed when in harmony.

    The issue is nobody believes except me.

    If I take onboard all that I read it should take me to a place of inner peace but when I get there peace is the last thing I encounter. It more like I want to bring a message to all, that the future of mankind is all but doomed because of our inept abilities as human beings.
    We can all seek out individual inner peace but for me it’s seems to be far different.

    I chose the mind as a frontier many many years ago and it seems that I am no further down the road that when I started even though that is not exactly the truth.

    This mind frontier turned into a spirit and eventually a soul. So I guess if there is any challenge it’s bringing them all into the same place at the same time.

    I understand the messages that come but that’s where it ends they are just perceived by others as worthless messages.

    • Patricia,

      Don’t worry about trying to change people. Let them discover deeper realities in their own way and their own time.

      Start with becoming integrated yourself. Do not judge yourself. Explore this meditation to become integrated:

      – Gently breathe into your body, and notice the emotions and thoughts there.

      – Bless your emotions and thoughts, and let the heavier emotions and thoughts release. Let them release like little clouds.

      – Let your breath awareness in your body help you become centered and stable. You will discover that peace is alive and dynamic. Peace is not what anyone else says it is. You will discover your own peaceful relationship with your body and soul gently and gradually.

  104. Jorge says:

    First of all, thank you very much for this article Joel. Its a matter that has been really important to me and quite confusing also. I appreciate it.

    I ve never been a day to day consumer of marihuana but for the last 5-6 years it has always surrounded me through social circles,and my brother has had a great influence on me I like it or not, where it become at points a nice easy way out to ask him and “relax”. He has been smoking for more than 10 years on a daily basis..Real hard. I would smoke it from time to time, and with periods of quite enough consumption.

    I ve always been a sports guy in the gym,outside,nature etc.Reader of spiritual,self development books,motivation,etc… Last year I started doing meditation and went totally clean for about 7 months til december 2013, where I had a period of some use(5-7times).Yes, I had emotions of every kind(during these clean months) but I managed to face them and my progress over the year was much more than the predecent years,more evident(in all areas:finishing my degree,health(no alcohol,good food),relationships,friends,personal path,etc)..

    I like the feeling of drawing state from within no matter what and the use of it has made me more reactive,anxious and instant gratification focused, not just while using it in the moment, but during the week/period I was using it. It would relax me a bit sometimes(while playing videogames, or having fun with friends,short term) but it also would open some doors for paranoia,compulsive behaviour,self destruction,etc where I would lose the sense of what I was or who I was.. it would introduce me in a loop of confusion,”relax”,emotional instability,negativity,and bad habits,then “have fun”,wake up as if nothing happened,rationalize,repeat.. something like that hehehe… I kind of feel that when I am in those periods I just lose the general context of my life and have a hard time pushing through day to day easy tasks and challenges..

    Then when I used it again last december, I put a lot of pressure on myself for doing it and felt guilty..but then I thought, let use this time to realize exactly why I should stop it,what exact effects has on me, but again those effects I put above kind of arised stronger,prevailing, and persuading(little by little) helping me rationalize why I should do it again,why is not that bad, and did it some more(snowball effect). Again at the same point..but I think I saw it more clearly here that if I continued down that road, I would lose context,perspective again. Scary.. and at the same time appealing(video games and weed is always alluring). Psychologically dangerous I might say like you described(it can create really negative mental patterns or strenthen them?)

    Maybe it is just me. I ve met great guys who smoke and know how to handle it better than me while still acomplish something and feel content in their overall purpose and have normal emotions not destructive ones,compulsive etc……Sadly, not the case of my older brother…It is in him where I can see many negative effects..He has become much more anxious than before over the years, getting disturbed by any small thing, he is stuck in a routine where he just doesnt strive for anything better but he critize lack of opportunities much more and gets angry easily. Not fun. Crazy loop and kind of impossible to take him out of it.

    In my case I highly doubt I can have progress while smoking and be fine with it,like “happy yeaah, life is good enjoy have some of it and that and that, and dont overthink stuff,haha life is too short,just smile…”.Plenty of examples around of people who live by that standards… What I know for sure is that I see that conflict in me. And I have to make a decision, I dont wanna be in the middle of nowhere anymore.

    I want to walk towards what I want(and now where I am in life I need determination,responsibility,acceptance of what is as it comes, embrace challenges and give a little bit more everyday, not rest on my laurels waiting for insights to come or opportunities to appear, just feel content by myself and have clarity of mind).Yep, I want truth, inner and outer, and that on many levels is challenging. I might need to be awake to experience life for what really is right?

    Well… I finally wrote a lot, and a little bit all over the place, sorry for that… I just wanted to take it out, express myself and ask you for your honest help,opinions,comments,etc. I sometimes feel like I need something like “yes, it is going to be hard but you are doing it right, just keep on going boy” silly huh? hahaha 😉

    Thanks a lot for this. Hugs


    • Jorge,

      Some people seem to handle drugs more easily because their soul is not ready for authentic integration of body, emotions, and soul. Do not compare yourself with them.

      See these books to understand your unique self:

      Quiet, by Susan Cain

      The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine Aron

      The Cultural Creatives, by Paul Ray

      • Jorge says:

        Can you relate something to what I’ve said from your subtle energy sensing point of view ? Could it enhance negativity overtime and compulsive/unconscious behaviour?
        How can I be able to recognize clearly that I am better without it? Even though I see it clearly sometimes that it doesn’t do me any good I struggle with that notion.


        • Jorge, the weed is creating fragmentation. This interferes with the ability to integrate and move forward authentically. Smoking blocks authenticity, and creates a phony mellow persona.

          See this resource to understand how to be authentic without denying your natural sensitive perceptions and feelings:

          • Jorge says:

            Thx Again.
            I checked that out but I seriously doubt I am HSP. I am just quite sensitive but the opposite to most of the qualities they mention. While high is different(more sensitive and introvert) while normal quite extrovert.just felt that sometimes those qualities stick.

  105. fad says:

    My question is this: The vegetable called marijuana is a plant created by Almighty Father, Our Creator. If the purpose was not for man to consume it….what other purpose was it meant for? Nothing in Creation is there just for the purpose of being there! Everything has multiple function. A plant planted by the Creator has a use…only the abuse of its use can create an issue.

    • Fad,

      Hemp has many industrial uses.

      Cannabis oil has medical uses.

      Marijuana use may seem, at first, to create spiritual openings. Ultimately, however, the typical user creates spiritual fog in their aura. This interferes with the healthy connection between their body, their emotions, and their soul.

      Alternate history department:
      Ancient off-planet beings have genetically manipulated the human and plant kingdom on our planet. I would not assume that the Creator is entirely responsible for all the biological realities found on this planet. Rather, many realities have been created by these non-earth entities to control and limit humanity.

  106. Justin says:

    Everything you described about what you can accomplish without marijuana seems to be what I have found with marijuana, that is how I came to this page. I was searching how to further explore this. I feel like on my normal conscious level I think about my problems all day long but the solutions are never clear. I find that when I smoke I can step outside of myself and analyze these problems and answers come rushing at me.

    For about 8 months I did it just to escape my problems, I was having a really bad year and it seemed to help. At some point, and I don’t know how it got out of control but it was the first time I experienced this. To everyone around me I went crazy. I was just trying to understand these feelings and those around me did not seem to understand what I was going through. In all the chaos I felt like I was on to something it really felt like a spiritual transformation and I learned a lot about myself.

    Anyway I quit smoking for a month and decided to seek therapy incase it was the marijuana that influenced me. I went for a while but it I didn’t like where it was going so after a few visits (maybe not enough) I quit going. He kept suggesting I look find religion and get on meds. I did not want meds because I felt like that would just postpone the problem just like typical drugs or alcohol. As soon as I quit going I tried smoking again. And then it happened, once again everything was clear and I realized what the doctors suggestions could do for me I could accomplish on my own especially since in the end it would be up to me to get there anyway.

    I feel like I kinda went crazy to those around me because I was scared of what was happening and I was confused about these new emotions. All that was about 10 months ago and Ive smoked here and there since then and still occasionally experience it. But now when I’m in that state I’m no longer scared I embrace and accept it and I think I do a better job of keeping the emotions to myself. I just don’t get to as often as I’d like because my wife still gets the impression that I’m trying to escape, I cant explain in words what it does for me.

    This whole experience has led me to study spiritual enlightenment. I’ve looked online for groups in my area or meditation classes cant seem to find anything so this is still my best solution. Also I’ve read that people with active minds are usually the ones who get paranoid or think even more than usual. I believe this is why I got to where I did but I feel like with practice I can control it and not let it overwhelm me. I’m still trying to find others who have experienced what I have because it is so hard to explain.

    I want to add that when I was going through all the craziness I was a wreck while off but felt complete mental clarity while on. I just couldn’t seem to explain it to anyone in a way that made sense and that made it even worse.

    Would you say that I possibly got halfway to that conscious level or am I just playing with fire?

    • Justin,

      The “clarity” you may feel while smoking results from marijuana creating a buffer between your soul and your emotions. This distance seems to provide clarity at first, because you can seemingly examine your situation from a fresh perspective.

      Unfortunately, it is, as you suggest, playing with fire. This is because marijuana ultimately makes it harder to integrate your body, emotions, mind, and soul. The clarity only takes you halfway, and it comes with a price. The marijuana creates a fogged aura that eventually makes it harder to work through your feelings and thoughts, while also being grounded in your body.

      There are many methods you can explore that help you deepen your consciousness, while remaining safely conscious and integrated in your body, such as this series:

      Be kind and patient with yourself, without trying to escape. It has been said that “the only way out is through.” Meaning, through being present with your feelings, thoughts, and body awareness, you can transcend the unpleasant feelings that many people are stuck in.

  107. B says:

    thank you kindly for this article Joel. I have been a habitual cannabis user for 15 years. i turn 30 this year and am starting on a spiritual process with a teacher of mine. he has asked that i remain sober for the process because of very similar reason you discuss. i am more than willing and very much looking forward to the clarity, the depth of experience etc. ect. i have known in my heart for a long time that using cannabis is affecting me in negative ways although i have greatly struggled to let go of it. i would definitely consider myself addicted.

    reading this article has really helped bring inspiration, clarity, new found purpose and excitement into my reality. many people struggle to see what you speak of, especially those who are stuck in their cannabis fog…it can be very detrimental to the human aura field and energy bodies and our ability to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy way.

    i would like to add this; i have seen cannabis do some incredible things for those who truly need it for medical purposes. i know multiple cancer patients that use daily with tremendous results and natural, non toxic relief from their pain. my own father COMPLETELY HEALED his melanoma skin cancer on his face with the application of a cannabis extract for 90 days. i could go on and on. however, in my years of this plant being heavily involved in my daily life and NOT truly needing it for its medicinal benefits, it has caused me great harm and stunted my growth on different levels. i have seen this more often than not with the majority of cannabis users i have ever met.

    i pray for proper education and continued research to be done with this wonderful plant. I eat hemp food every day (hemp seed and cold pressed oil) and believe it to be one of the healthiest and most abundant foods known to man. It has a perfectly balanced ratio of omega fatty acids for the human body, more so than ANY other oil known and the seed has a complete amino acid profile and is one of the most easily digestible forms of plant protein(edestien) known to man.

    THANK YOU again for your work, you are a wonderful soul spreading light into this world. Many Blessings to you and to all beings-

    • Thank you, B

      It’s certainly true that hemp protein and hemp oil are nutritious, healthy foods, and that hemp fibers and oil can be utilized for hundreds of industrial uses.

      And it’s also true that in several non-THC forms of marijuana, there is much healing potential, as your examples prove.

      Unfortunately, the THC component of marijuana creates a gradual split between the body, the emotions, and the higher self. Until people are ready to confront their hidden emotions, thoughts, and spiritual potential, they’ll continue to hide from their inner pain, and from their inner divine radiance.

  108. Sky says:

    As someone who has smoked marijuana, I believe there is truth to what you claim. However, I don’t believe it’s consistent enough to be stated as fact. Marijuana affects people in different was. I, for one, have experienced increased unity between my soul and body. It never dulled my emotions, in fact, it heightened them. Before I had experienced the drug, I suppressed my emotions subconsciously. My use of marijuana brought them to my eyes and forced me to confront them. I don’t know how intact my aura is. I believe it all depends on the individual.

    • Sky,

      At first, the body-soul unity you describe seems to happen. And it does seem to heighten emotional awareness at first, as well. For some people, it brings issues to the surface for review.

      However, over time, the sticky auric quality from marijuana negates the benefits, and opens you to astral entities. And over time, the marijuana effect gradually blocks access to the heavier emotions. The challenge is that it becomes harder to recognize this blockage process, because it happens gradually.

      It becomes easy for users to believe that the benefits are still continuing, while not recognizing the gradually growing side-effects. This is the position that many people are in, where they believe they are becoming more aware, while actually slowly blocking their optimal unity between their soul and their body.

      • Jon says:

        If people are not able to see any negative side effects in themselves, are they supposed to just accept on faith that they are there? Perhaps it isn’t the same for everyone as the previous person stated?

        • Jon, you don’t have to accept anything on faith.

          However, the idea that marijuana creates a disconnect between body and soul is something that energy healers have noticed. You don’t have to believe their perception about this, but their insights are worth considering.

  109. Nick says:

    Is it okay to use marijuana for spiritual reasons?

    • Nick,

      Good question… It’s “OK,” but there are side-effects.

      At first, marijuana opens your chakras. You start to have spiritual experiences.

      But the side-effect is that your chakras and aura get muddy and sticky. That attracts negative spirits, and makes it harder for you to really feel your feelings. And if you can’t feel your own deep feelings, then you can’t heal them.

      So how about learning how to generate deep spiritual experiences, without the side-effects of marijuana? Instead of a muddy aura, you can learn how to use your consciousness, and become truly integrated between your body, your emotions, your mind, and your soul.

      This mp3 set of practice-at-home meditations helps you achieve deep integrated states of consciousness – safely and naturally:

      I’m confident that with some focused effort you’ll find ways to naturally access your spiritual potential.

  110. Matt,

    You’ll get your divine spark back – in fact, it never really left; it’s just temporarily obscured.

    First, forgive yourself for learning your lessons in this dramatic way. Self-judgment is unnecessary.

    Second, do little things each day to bring yourself back to your body, such as breathing into your body, getting gentle exercise, and detoxing.

    You definitely want to get the toxins out of your body. Many people cleanse with internal clays, wheatgrass juice or tablets, alfalfa tablets, chlorella / spirulina tablets, etc. Make sure you’re taking enough protein to be grounded in your physical body.

    This mp3 set indicates for you:

    Do practice these self-healing exercises:

  111. Matt says:

    Interesting article thankyou for your insight.

    I have been extremely foolish and wonder if you could offer me some advice. I was a vibrant, positive, energetic, athletic 21 year old man (often called a radiator/engine). Naturally high on life however my soul mate died in the Summer and I got very depressed and did something I regret beyond belief.

    I missed several signs from my conscious warning me to take step back in life and ended up taking a concoction of drugs at a festival – ecstasy, ketamine and valium – before waking up to loud roar whilst the rain was pouring down on my tent that lasted almost 30 seconds. The damage I have done to my soul and my body is immense, I am now weak, cold and it feels like my throat is being throttled. Two months on my body has been through the accession process and I am having nightmares, my eyes are half open and I am extremely depressed.

    I am trying my best to heal and to forgive myself, but I am so angry at what a fool I have been and my wonderful life that I have thrown away. I am exercising and eating healthily however my energy levels are very low. I am willing to try anything possible to help recover from this and would appreciate any advice that anyone would be able to give me.

  112. JJ says:

    If one could understand the mind’s need for identity and identification with external concepts then none of this would be relevant. There is only now, and to argue polarities of what is ultimately one is to argue with the story of a past, its already gone. No thing in and of itself can be negative in this universe, only attachment to a story of the past can cause what one may term ‘negative’, whether physical non physical. Ultimately, even this is not true.

    Spiritual Enlightenment as some would term it, is merely another concept to aspire to in a future that never comes. The only negativity is the identification of such. Focus is the point of attraction, the universe doesn’t care if you call it good bad yellow brown or green, focus on it and it will manifest, whether you “thought” you were clear on what you wanted or did not.

    Find out what is true for you before you help others find out what is true for them.

    • JJ,

      Thank you for your insights about the non-polarized nature of higher consciousness. It is true that waiting for a theoretical future enlightenment is unnecessary.

      Though everything may be relative on the highest levels of consciousness, we do live on the earth plane, where our decisions and actions have relevance.

      When people smoke on the earth plane, this affects their body, and its ability to integrate with their emotions and their soul. The muddy aura associated with smoking interferes with being able to access deeper feelings. It keeps everything on a pseudo-spiritual level where everything seems mellow.

  113. Mark says:

    Every experience happens for a reason. Weed has been my crutch for a few years now, I believe i asked for it into my life when i was younger. I remember asking for proof of god and spirituality and i feel like my drug experience has been my proof. Be careful what you wish for! 😀 Weed opened me up to all different types of energies, negative and positive. It has been a wonderful experience learning to deal with negative energies of people and entities. I think i have opened myself due to other psychedelics than weed alone.

    I would like to thank you for this message! I have noticed areas of my body that are not connected anymore, its strange that i can feel these areas physically, but i cannot feel them with my mind. Like you said how the mind and body are no longer connected, that is so true! Abusing intoxicants comes at a steep price, one that will take years to heal. Thank you for all this new information to process. I now have a better understanding what weed has been doing to my aura and energy, thank you!

    as a side note: I have read comments that people view negative entities and energies negatively. Don’t fear these encounters for they are needed to help us grow stronger with the light. They can even be viewed as positive encounters, one to test our ability to send love in the darkest of times. This can be very scary, but we have been given the tools to fight all evil. When we love a negative energy or entities we also show love to the negative energies within our self, slowly breaking its hold within you.

    • Mark,

      Congrats on moving forward spiritually. As your body and mind integrate, your insights will become deeper and will feel even more real.

      You can use healing greens, such as wheatgrass tablets, alfalfa tablets, and chlorella tablets to detox your blood, and rebuild your strength.

      About the entities, they do seem to cause confusion. Nothing to be afraid of, just as you say, but it’s definitely a good thing to release the entities to the light, and get them out of your personal space.

  114. H. says:

    I’m no stranger to the effects of marijuana, and have even stopped after having those fragmented experiences. I’m proud to say that I’m going to be moving on finally. The fragmentation and realization of what was going on through the smokescreen has been on my mind for quite some time, but recent revelations, such as the realization that many do not progress while trapped in the haze, and my reading of this article, have provided me that final “push” to take control of my life. Thank you for the brilliant insight you’ve provided. Safe travels. 🙂

  115. Thank you so much for this post, I appreciate the amazing work you have done. May the God above bless you.

  116. George says:

    Great article!
    I have been a daily marijuana user for the last 2 years and I definitely felt more than a couple of the effects it has on my aura. Although I wouldn’t say I am an adept in spirituality and various auric concepts I do believe that I can feel subtle energies ESPECIALLY when high on marijuana. I have so far stopped using marijuana do to my own perception that it is no longer helping me spiritually but has started to become a stopping block. I’d like to add that from my experiences with some types of cannabis I would feel an immense amount of energy vibrating from my hands and sometimes if I am in a tight enclosure like the shower I can literally feel warm energy expanding and if I hold out my hands to control it it would stay in place but continue to vibrate even faster until I can’t hold it no longer and the warm energy bubble pops so to speak.

    Although I do agree with the majority of what you say I don’t think its as cut and dry as you put it. An old master I have contact with frequently tells me that as far as he’s concerned Marijuana is an anesthetic and doesn’t really help people like us who are trying to attain oneness. However… I really feel like Marijuana is really a “gateway” drug per say. During high your auric fields get insanely powerful and during those times you are very much in touch with the other dimensions and sometimes can even foretell events. Some stuff I do not say for the universes secrets can not be revealed and true spirituality is about asking questions yourself and figuring it all yourself. But with marijuana you experience something I call synchronicities where you are in sync with the universe and all souls around you. But once the Marijuana dies down in your body your vibration level and energy automatically decrease. I don’t think that decrease is permanent though.

    But I do know that after using marijuana your body and soul sort of are temporarily disabled from re-entering higher dimensions. For example, when you fall asleep to my beliefs your soul and spirit heal in the higher dimensions and re-connect with source. With marijuana use your neurons start firing slower and misfire from a physical standpoint but on a spiritual standpoint you are literally binding your soul to your body so it can not get the rest it needs. All in all I really think its about how you use marijuana. If you abuse it chronically for the sake of feeling high then its bad for your spirituality. (Sometimes I still abuse it but I still feel like its a much better alternative to alcohol) If you use it to partake in spiritual quests and do energy work then its a bit iffy. For example I have only been able to cleanse all of my chakras and keep them clean through meditation with cannabis.

    I learned the ability through marijuana and various spirit guides that are very open during the high of marijuana on how to efficiently clean your Chakras. Like all drugs, they are essentially chemical reactions with your body which may or may not affect spirituality. But do note that all chemicals combined together have a reaction. It is up to you to balance the “effects” (those you seek) and the “side effects”.

    One example I forget to mention is how I know your soul becomes sort of locked out of higher dimensions. After a period of marijuana use and you stop when you try to have an OBE which accends you to the astral plane one dimension higher in vibration than the physical plane you cant. You get stuck in sleep paralysis and you simply can’t reach an OBE state. Although there are some concepts about the mind split effect so that might also come into play.

    hahaha oops, I feel like a lot of my comment is just a repeat of what you’ve already said and commented on other people’s comments. Good thing to know i’m not alone in these perceptions! I sincerely thank you Mr. Wallach for giving advice to others and sharing your own experiences!

    Completely agree with you regarding Colin’s comment. Marijuana gets you through the door and helps you start feeling these energies and believing. But after a time you need to throw away your walking stick and take a giant leap of faith.
    Just my 2 cents 😀

    • Thank you, George

      Opening the spiritual doorway is an important step in your journey. Doubly important, though, is learning how to continue the journey using your own divine consciousness, while being stable and integrated in your body.

      Once you’re through the door, you are ready to put the pieces of your self together, and you need to be centered and clear-headed to do that. It’s a day-by-day thing, and not something to be forced. That’s why patience and non-judging of self and others is key to your gentle, gradual evolution.

      • George says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Instead of judging yourself you should be observing yourself and your actions. Think over your actions, understand why you did those actions and the different emotions you have resulting or during that action. An example, when you’re about to give a big speech and you feel nervous. Instead of becoming more nervous you should instead observe… “oh, that is interesting… I am nervous. I wonder why is that”.

  117. Thomas says:

    I just thought I would confirm what you already know; what you have said is the truth. I have discovered this on my path as well. Keep up the good work brother.

  118. colin says:

    what if I told you that at first I could see many things and feel energy even from space when I first started smoking what if I told you that, that is the only reason I belief in any of this

    what if I told you that smoking weed can actually give you visions and a clear picture of the soul and your aura clearly like you have never seen

    what if I told you that only the over smoking will speed up your visions until they are eventually going a little to fast and a little unclear not to bad… what then?

    and I forgot to mention control over your soul energy and the auras is extremely high in people with high sensitivity (low tolerance) at high dose

    if you smoke marijuana just for the physical pleasure and have never seen anything I would stop for about a week and try visualizing or any aura meditation or energy exorcise the next time you smoke
    and buy a vaporizer bro just type in buy volcano or silver surfer and your body thanks you 😀

    • Colin,

      When you open your awareness to the deeper realms of perception, that’s a wonderful thing. The subtle perceptions of the aura and soul are beautiful, indeed.

      Now that you’re visualizing and doing aura / energy meditations, that’s great. And now that you’re able to access the subtle realms, it’s time to stop smoking. The smoke got you in the door of deeper awareness, and now you’re ready to have even deeper experiences – without artificial assistance.

      You’re a discerning individual, so you’re ready to cleanse yourself, and continue with your spiritual explorations in a more direct way.

      To clear the residue, take 3 alfalfa tablets, 3 spirulina tablets, and 3 wheatgrass tablets after every meal. It helps your digestion, helps release the marijuana residue from your body, and helps you raise your vibration, free of artificial assistance.

  119. Dave says:

    It is if you want it to be, and it isn’t if you want to listen to someone else opinion about how they feel about it.

    Lets start of by saying what is right and what is wrong is opinion. So your article is just your opinion and doesn’t actually mean anything, but to you.

    “One of the reasons often given for avoiding marijuana is the argument that it is illegal, — at least at the time of this writing — and therefore, it must be a bad substance. ”

    This has to be the most ignorant thing ever, and you call yourself “spiritual” or “open minded” ?

    So because of selfish reasons of people that have “authority” over others and are able to pass rules for self interest like making certain substances illegal, they must be bad substances?

    You probably believe the government is also protecting you from the oogyboogy.

    • Dave,

      You’re right — the government’s reasoning for making marijuana illegal is ridiculous. You didn’t really understand the paragraph, possibly because you didn’t read it. Notice the line, just after the one you quoted — “There are historical reasons for marijuana’s illegality, having mostly to do with the economics of hemp.”

      In other words, the economics of hemp has everything to do with the illegality of marijuana, and the other issues have nothing to do with it at all.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

    • George says:

      Read the article. It was very nicely written. You can tell right away by the way the article is structured that it is meant to hold out a hand of friendship to marijuana users. We all know how arrogant some of us can get regarding drugs and specifically marijuana. Yes, I admit after reading that paragraph I immediately ridiculed the author in my head that he doesn’t understand why marijuana IS illegal. However the author did immediately counter with saying that he does INDEED believe that marijuana is illegal for a various amount of reasons. I’m also guessing the author once upon a time used marijuana.

      On a separate note, I still believe many drugs including marijuana should be controlled. I once tried a very minute amount of DMT not enough to throw me out the door to other dimensional worlds but an acquaintance of mine did take a full dose and more. From what I can tell when your body and soul is not ready to transcend physicality and take on the dimensional worlds stronger drugs such as the death molecule will take you too far and essentially strip you of all of your auric protection. He reported that demons images spiders lots of dark energy upon seeing him started attacking and entering his body. From my standpoint although not experiencing the attack I think that’s a clear indication that drugs that make you high are double edged swords and therefore should be controlled and restricted. Needless to say my once best friend who I was closely bonded with (we dream shared and shared the same goals in life) has now become my acquaintance which I have little to no contact with due to the change that triggered within him after using DMT. He was just never the same again and was filled with a lot of negativity and hate. In fact I do believe up until a year after using DMT he was possessed under the control of his own ego which was triggered by a negative entity that attached itself to him for that year. But that’s just my opinion based on my experiences.

      • George,

        Sorry to hear of your friend who had the difficult and unfortunate experience.

        The laws to regulate substances may have good intentions, but they lead to the historical problems demonstrated during the Prohibition era. See the amazing Ken Burns documentary on this period of history.

        When you grant people the right to make their own mistakes, they can use, or not use, according to their choice. In a free country, granting them that choice is ultimately more empowering for everyone.

        • George says:

          In the end I believe it’s going to have to take science to catch up to these higher vibrational energies for people to start believing and controlling their uses.

  120. Adan says:

    Thank you, Joel

  121. Adan says:

    Hi Joel,

    Great article just what I was looking for. I have a question for you I been smoking since I was 13 I would smoke everyday, I am 22 I still smoke once in a while but it doesn’t feel the same I feel like I’m just smoking weed for the fun of it. I am trying to stop now but when I don’t smoke I feel very nervous,anxious, and I can’t sleep. Is there anything that could help me these problems that I’m having? Also I met a lady that is a medium she said my aura was muddy green I looked it up to see what it meant an all the stuff it said was exactly how I am, since I found out I been trying to change my color to a positive one, now I’m trying to be more spiritual but I don’t know where to start can you help me?

    • Adan,

      You’re waking up to your spiritual potential. As you become more aware, you’ll feel the repressed feelings and thoughts – but that’s not a bad thing; it’s part of your spiritual awakening.

      Gently breathe into any unpleasant feelings or thoughts, witness them, and let them release.

      Do a search on “mindfulness” and “witness state” to explore this further.

      You don’t have to change your aura – as you shift your consciousness, the aura changes naturally.

      Support your physical health, so that you can sleep more easily, and flow with your emotions and thoughts more easily. One of the best supplements I’ve found to support smoother sleep is gelatin. Here’s an article about it:

      Here’s an article on utilizing healthy protein and fat for physical and emotional well-being:

  122. Matt,

    Thank you for sharing your understanding of the situation.

  123. matt9the9cat says:

    I promise I did not come here to belittle anyone ( a friend posted this article on facebook), but this article is full of empty arguments. Spiritual pseudoscience is empty to begin with, but if you are going to make a claim about how a chemical affects everyone then you should have some evidence to support that claim. Unfortunately those who “work” in this field of spiritual pseudoscience do not bother with evidence. Real science has discovered that chemicals can have widely different effects on different people as well as different effects on the same person at different times. The only evidence we have to understand how drugs affect the body deals with our scientific understanding of biology and psychology. As to whether or not there is even such a thing as a “spirit” or “aura” for any drug to have an effect on in the first place is not known.

    • Galileo says:

      I find it funny how people think they are clever and intelligent when they believe dogmatically in science 100%, as if it had a monopoly on truth.

      Do you really think the scientific method is the ONLY method to reach truth? Do you think all truths are material/empirical? That there are no other truths to be gained from thought, imagination, consciousness, perception? These are unarguably MUCH more real, and necessary components in the discovery of all truth, including scientific!

      Just because you can’t simply measure something with a device or it doesn’t have a current scientific explanation, doesn’t mean it isn’t real and influential. I’ll bet you haven’t ever meditated, you rationalize your dreams, consciousness and unexplainable experiences away as simple, uninteresting electro-chemical properties within your brain. You’re essentially an automaton that has been shackled by a single operating system, completely unaware and blind to anything which it doesn’t support. The perfect recipe for another comfortable slave. It is not coincidence that the current system supports and “rewards” the general population who adhere to your closed paradigm, while the folks at the top are well aware of deeply hidden truths and profit by the vast ignorance of the populous.

      From my perspective, you are just as ignorant as the Christian who says “Well, what this says isn’t represented in the Bible so, it’s nonsense to began with.” And then you go on to insult the writer (probably unknowingly, as ignorant buffoons often do) by calling what he does “work”. Subtlety hinting from atop your high horse that you don’t consider his service to be work at all.

      WAKE UP. The only way out of the nearly valueless (School>Corporate Work>Retire>Die) cycle you’ve very likely found yourself in is to CHOOSE to open your mind and investigate your own consciousness through well established and ancient methods (meditation, studying how to open your pineal gland=3rd eye, studying texts/concepts of ancient masters, vibration and resonance would be strong start). If you can bring yourself to expand your awareness without rationalizing it all away as hogwash, since it can’t be easily replicated and/or doesn’t have simple logical explanation which neatly fits into your current limited paradigm; then you’ll soon be astonished by how narrow a spectrum you had limited your vision of truth to.

      I truly wish you the best. You have the keys to your cell when you find the courage, (or perhaps the existential desperation) necessary to open it.

      • Galileo,

        Everybody’s waking up at their own pace, in their own time.

        Before a soul is ready to raise their consciousness, they have to be sufficiently focused. That’s what many of the so-called rationalists are doing. They’re not ready to open to the multidimensional nature of reality, so they build their case for a narrow and limited universe that their rational brain can understand.

        One of these lifetimes, their soul will be ready to recognize the deeper nature of this multiverse, but until then, they’ll be focused on understanding reality from their comfortably narrow perspective – and that’s perfect for such souls, for now.

      • Theodore says:

        G, I agree with you, the science reality model is a farce.

    • George says:

      Simply enough, science is spirituality. The scientific theory is spirituality. Without spirituality and belief there would never and will never be science.

  124. Michael,

    Congratulations for discovering that clarity is the key to empowerment. Your inner perception will keep improving as you detox, replenish your nutrients, and practice staying centered.

    Many people detox by taking cleansing foods daily, such as chlorella. People also cleanse with healing clay to pull the toxins out. Terramin is a good clay brand, and there are others as well.

    Forgive yourself for everything — we’re all doing our best in each moment.

    Sorry to hear of your mother’s passing – may she be blessed with the healing presence of the divine.

    Astral projection may interfere with your integration and centering.

    Instead, access the infinite within you. That way, you can access your mother’s soul light, while remaining safely in your own sacred temple – your body. Trust your imagination, and let the soul contact happen gently and easily.

  125. Michael Shell says:

    Hey there. I have recently quit weed as I found too that it was lowering my vibration. In addition to this it was affecting my short term memory and leaving me fuzzy. I had my third eye opened about 6 years ago and started to see auras. I used a technique of chanting “may” with a middle C note into my third eye and through my crown chakra. Unfortunately I tried to continue this spiritual growth through continued used of marijuana. This seriously stunted my spiritual progress and kept my second sight dim.

    I didn’t realize the profound consequences at the time but my mother passed away from colon cancer. I was able to only perceive her illness as if someone had thrown charcoal dust into her sunshine yellow and pink halo around her head. This experience left me daunted and I have only recently been able to stop smoking marijuana recently again. It has only been a couple of weeks and I have already started to notice my crown chakra starting to open again with shivery sensations all over my head so hopefully I can open again after this daunting and chilling experience.

    I’m sure that if I had not smoked marijuana in the first place that I wouldn’t have come to this horrible conclusion with my mother dying. I do hope that I can learn Astral Projection or see her in spirit however.

    I really appreciate your article as it has really been illuminating because I have felt a heavy blanket over me all this time as I had been hiding from my true feelings through drugs. Many blessings…

  126. Jah Sun, blessings on all levels as you re-discover your empowered essence.

    When you let go of spiritual crutches, you feel the suppressed feelings and thoughts, and that can be a challenge. You’ll need to breathe through them with compassion.

    These healing articles will help:

    This spiritual researcher has a good free program for self healing and empowerment:

  127. Jah Sun says:

    That is my goal of using the divine mint, completely removing the need for substances to gain spiritual insight, kinda hypocritical. It seems I just can’t meditate the same since giving up cannabis. And thanks for that list of traditional foods, I’m glad I have chickens that produce the best eggs ever!

  128. Jah Sun,

    Congratulations on pursuing your true spirituality!

    Your conscious usage of salvia, ideally temporarily, may help you get over the gap after being a long term cannabis user.

    In time, you’ll need to activate your own conscious capacity to see and feel the sub-atomic levels. Once you practice this and activate your subtle sensing, you’ll no longer regard substances as appropriate ways to know yourself as a cosmic being in a cosmic universe.

    To support your deeper path, rebuild your physical body as a divine temple while you develop your spirit. These traditional foods will help you rebuild yourself on many levels:

  129. Jah Sun says:

    Thank you for the reply, that’s the answer I was expecting. But I’ve read some scientific studies on salvia that say it helps people fight addictions. Being that I just gave up cannabis a few days ago, cold-turkey, to pursue my true spirituality. I am going to try a couple salvia experiences and call it good. And when I do use, I will bless the salvia beforehand, center myself, say a prayer to Jah for protection and hopefully meet the Divine Sage Goddess.

    Namaste. 🙂

  130. Interesting question, Jah Sun.

    Salvia Divinorum, in a way somewhat similar to Ayahuasca, blasts open the upper chakras, and weakens the boundary between the material and the sub-atomic worlds. This may seem at first to be helpful to spiritual awakening, but it has side effects. I observe that the aura is weakened, with a loss of healthy boundary.

    True spiritual awakening is grounded and centered. It takes place gradually, and you are able to integrate the experience, build a strong center, and cultivate a strong sense of divine self, within a healthy aura.

    When you use substances to make a spiritual experience happen, it forces the opening of your energy field, and this can produce a fragmented condition in the aura that is destabilizing. Though some may call these results spiritual, there are safer, non-substance ways to open your consciousness, without the side effects.

    Patience pays in all things, including in your spiritual development.

  131. Jah Sun says:

    I would like to hear about what you think of using Salvia Divinorum for spiritual work?

  132. Theo, it’s taking you somewhat out of your body. And as it’s in your body daily, the THC is always in you. That means you’re not able to integrate body-mind-spirit as effectively as you otherwise might.

    There are nutritional ways to relax – read about the magnesium supplement, Natural Calm, for example.

    To replicate the relaxing effects you desire, explore relaxing breathing techniques, such as this easy and effective method:

    1. Breathe in for four slow counts.

    2. Hold for four slow counts.

    3. Breathe out for four slow counts.

    4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for a few minutes, or as long as it feels comfortable, but do not force it.

    This simple technique balances your brainwaves, releases stress, calms your emotions, and helps you integrate into your body.

  133. Theo says:

    I just had one small puff of a joint, like I do nearly every night and now wondering if this state of mind is hindering my spiritual growth in any way.
    Do you think that one small puff after dinner, that only seems to last an hour or two affect me?
    I dont really have any problems in my life that I am trying to run away from. I just enjoy the feeling and relax.
    Sorry if this has already been answered, but it too much for me to read!

  134. Hare Krishna,

    You were created to help people – the Creator has a noble purpose in mind for each unique soul who the Creator has created. Each day, discover ways to improve yourself, and find ways to understand humanity, so you can be of service in ways great and small.

    Being conscious requires integrating body, emotions, mind, and soul. Anything that blocks this integration interferes with your path of helping people.

    Make your light strong and focused, so you can release entities and influences around you back to divine source.

    The primary spiritual contact for you is between your soul and the infinite divine source. This is why entities, drugs, and needlessly negative thoughts fragment and weaken you – they are all distortions that block your path of direct knowing.

  135. Hare Krishna,

    You’re a good person. Bless yourself, and extend kindness to yourself. Forgive yourself, and forgive the world, for anything and everything.

    Do what works for now.

    The deepest motivation will come from within you. You’ll get there, when you’re willing to breathe through the feelings within. Do it gently and gradually, and you’ll contact your deeper passion.

    Remove any wireless technology, and replace with wired ethernet cables. People don’t realize how zapped and anxious they are from wireless frequencies.

    Eat enough protein and fat to integrate your body and mind. It’s hard to be motivated if you’re feeling spacey. There are many resources about this topic; here’s one I trust:

    This site has some excellent, free, empowerment trainings worth exploring:

    • Hare Krishna says:

      Thank you for such a useful and meaningful reply.

      And thank you for the article, it showed me what I should keep in mind. As I grow stronger I will not choose to rely on cannabis for peace of mind and inspiration/awareness.

      I don’t know if it was purely imagination but, I decided that since I was going to use cannabis again (after reading this, at first, I vowed to quit, until my bout of depression), this time I’d try to spend most of the time aware of my thoughts/actions, meditating, mantra, etc.

      I was also able to sense one of these docile “entities” you speak of,… it/he seemed not to be evil, but maybe somewhat of a prankster. It was surprised to learn that I could hear and react to it. When I tried to find out if he was “on my team”, through a coin toss, he refused to participate for unknown reasons, and began to quiet/leave. I basically said to him, if he’s not going to be positive entity, he should leave me alone.

      When I extended my awareness beyond my home, I found a giant pink-light emanating statue meditating peacefully on my roof. No wonder it is so peaceful here.

      Another strange thing… there was an evil cloud like entity, spreading hateful thoughts and discord. Krishna came and attempted to engage it, it entered him and he momentarily became demonish… then returned to his normal form… however he now had some hateful thoughts as well. It took me to pull the demon out energetically and form a black hole for it to be dispersed. Perhaps some kind of personal lesson?

      In material reality, I just feel that I am not earning my right to exist here sometimes but, I know it is foolish to think that way.

      Thanks again for your help. I’ll use the resources you provided.

  136. Hare Krishna says:

    I’ve come to the point where… I have no life.

    No friends, no work, nothing I love to do, no inspiration, dwindling hope for improvement.

    For me, If I don’t vaporize cannabis after a few days… I feel that killing myself is the best choice.

    I care about spiritual development. I study many truths. But for whatever reason, I haven’t been blessed with inspiration towards any goal or path. This state of existence is hellish. A little Cannabis makes it bearable and even a bit enjoyable being alive as me… I can positively interact with family members (when sober), have a bit more motivation to get chores and such done, study esoteric ideas, make healthier dietary choices, and generally enjoy things more.

    So if the option is, drop cannabis, have a less “sticky”/disconnected aura, OR continue using moderately and feel a least some happiness and levity, with a dash of hope… I’ll pick the latter.

  137. Alexandra, both marijuana and alcohol create a foggy aura, but in somewhat different ways.

    Alcohol seems to affect the brain more adversely, and is associated with violence.

    Marijuana creates a somewhat sticky aura, which attracts entities. These entities are not violent, however they create a friendly, but foggily confused state.

    In general, extroverts are more attracted to alcohol, and introverts are more attracted to marijuana.

    In both cases, people are not able to integrate their deepest awareness between body, emotions, mind, and soul.

    Use your breath and your consciousness to deeply unite all the aspects of your true self – the cosmic presence of your body, your emotions, your mind, and your soul.

  138. Ale says:

    Hi thank you for the article. Does alcohol have similar effects on the aura? Thank you alexandra

  139. Congratulations, Dennis.

    Now that you’re awake, you can seek clarity and spiritual depth each day.

    How can you heal your soul and aura, after having compromised your aura, which is your sacred boundary?

    1. Breathe consciously into your core, so that you are unifying your breath, your body, and your energy.

    2. Feel your feelings within, and love them, rather than judging or avoiding them. Let your love of your feelings be like the love of unconditionally loving parents. Intend for the love to gently melt the heavy feelings, a little bit each day.

    3. Unite your core with your higher self, and with the cosmic consciousness of the universe. Sense your higher self and cosmic consciousness shining within your core; do not leave your body to access these energies.

    4. Do not compare yourself with anyone, or judge yourself.

    5. Avoid overly-yin substances, such as too much fruit and bread, any sugar, alcohol, or marijuana. The dispersed energetic condition these substances create is overly yin, so that you can not be healthfully focused and aligned in your body.
    – Stabilize and strengthen yourself with enough protein daily.
    – Include healthy fat in your diet, such as butter or coconut oil every day to strengthen your nerves.
    – Nourish yourself with vegetables, rice and beans.
    – Avoid low-fat or low-protein diets, as they are un-grounding and de-stabilizing.

    6. Use the resources on this site, including all the articles and posts, and the mp3 techniques offered here, so that you can regard yourself as an expression of universal consciousness, rather than a victim.

  140. Dennis says:

    Hi Joel,

    I very much loved this article, it resonated with me very well.

    About 2 months ago, I had my spiritual awakening. I am 22 years old, and I have been smoking marijuana since I was 17 or so. Before I had this awakening I had the mindset that it was not bad for me, or I refused to believe it was.

    Now that I know it did me no good, I am trying to heal my aura and my thoughts.

    I have been meditating for the past month now, and it helps me. I also went to a spiritual retreat last week called ShivYog. It was really excellent, and the host was Avdhoot Baba Shivanand. He is a ascended master which is reincarnated on Earth and it was a blessing to be able to see him. He was talking about how drugs and alcohol turns you into zombies and he can easily see it in peoples aura as energy leaks. I received alot of grace and healing from him and he is my guru. I never got the chance to ask him how I can heal myself completely.

    What are some ways that I can heal my soul/aura from the damage that the marijuana did?

    I appreciate the time you took to answer all of the questions. Thanks so much.

  141. Great insights.

    You’re getting your power back, one day at a time.

    Each time an entity appears, calmly but firmly enclose it in strong divine light, and lift it off the earth plane, and into the higher infinite dimension, so it can be released. It takes persistent work, especially on this interesting planet.

    One day at a time is the key to regaining your sovereignty. Tune into the divine light of your soul within you, and turn up the soul power each day, so you can shine with the true light of your cosmic self.

  142. Doesn't Matter says:

    Alright, I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I started useing pot (after getting out the army and not having used it my whole life) and loved it. Me and my buddies smoked A LOT of pot for a good 6 months (maybe 5, whatever.) Every damn day. Some times I would just laze around (as pot smokers are prone to do), some times I’d try to meditate and work on spiritual aspects while on it. The conclusion I came to was the exact same thing as you, sir. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of wonderful experiences with it, but as the months rolled on, along with the building of a physical tolerance toward it, things began to change.

    I’ve tried to lead a spiritual life for many years now, I work regularly with my Chakras and what have you. I take my spirituality very seriously. I began to feel depressed, alone, isolated and had a strong feeling of being on the ‘wrong path.’ I got angry at my friends for no reason, I began to think about killing myself and so on a so forth. Not to mention it became rather clear that pot was working as a doorway (for me) to let in various negative entities and manipulative dimensional creatures, which in turn generated those emotional ups and downs and strange desires that were clearly not my own. I’ve dealt with such manipulative SOBs for many years now, but after being psychologically addicted to pot for a good number of months, I foolishly swung the doors wide open for the bastards. I’d go into detail about what has been happening around my house in regards to these unseen predators and parasites, but I don’t want to take up too much time.

    Suffice to say, I’m preparing to deal with them. I’m at the point now where pot has served it’s purpose and my spirit is pulling me away from it. I’m at a cross roads now, either keep using it and continue making up justifications that please my ego and cravings, or push through the BS I generated and come out the other side. There’s no point in lying about it, that’s the way it is. Not to mention some of the more positive entities I’ve dealt with have said more or less the same thing as you.

    Now, I am not saying this change anyone’s mind on what they do with their bodies (both physical and non-physical), I am only relating my story and how things panned out in my own life. Your article as been very helpful, sir… thank you.

  143. Soma,

    There are some healing benefits from certain forms of marijuana, but the issues of aura fogging remain. If certain plants are medicines, that means that they should only be used in limited circumstances, for very specific medicinal purposes. This is not how people generally use marijuana.

    The illegality of marijuana serves various purposes:
    1. By linking marijuana to the hemp industry, it protects industries that are in competition with hemp products.

    2. It provides for a large prison industry, a large law enforcement industry, and a general climate of fear, which makes people more controllable.

    3. It provides various government and quasi-government departments with a means of raising their own funds, via their own drug-running enterprises.

    4. It moves people towards alcohol, which is a drug that lowers people’s consciousness in a specific way that serves certain interests.

    Marijuana diffuses consciousness, as healers have noted when they sense the auras of marijuana smokers. This is different than what alcohol does, but diffused auras do not lead towards clarity and integration of body, mind, and soul.

    Regarding those types of sadhus in India who smoke, they are not seeking the clarity of real enlightenment. They seek an altered state, which is a very different thing. Altered states appeal to those who wish to avoid their emotional pain, and replace it with a diffused experience that temporarily helps them avoid their deeper issues.

    For insights about protecting yourself from the dangers of wireless, see this:

    To protectively grid your home from EMF, see this:

  144. Soma says:

    Joel, thank you for your superfast answer. Please let me add one or two more questions.

    Why are the benefits of cannabis so tremendous for the physically body? As a medecine, there is hardly any limit as a cure. Thanks god I didn’t experience any heavy illness. Still, taking cannabis on a regular basis (I quit using it for a half a year now) helped me not getting the flu or any cold for two years. Bevore, and these days, I have to struggle with this sort of discomforts.

    You wrote the illegality of cannabis is based on the interests of large (multi-national) companies. This is true for a part. But it doesn’t explane the US-crusade against this plant all over the world (they pay till this day an annual financial compensation to the kingdom of Nepal to let them keep hemp illegal – only one example). After a lot of research, I have the only clue that this demonization, which started in the 30s of the last centurie, took and takes place to keep mankind unconcious, in your words – to keep them on stage one – and make sure to have them as loyal and faithful worker for the system. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy-theorizer, but what else can it be? I can’t imagine that the System banned a plant for the sake of us all. A valued plant, which has served us at least for 4500 years, most likely for 6500(!) years. I don’t know if you have got made up your mind about this topic ore not. If yes, I’d appreciate to read about your thoughts on this.

    And last: You say, that Sadhus and some other spiritual masters achieved their high state of mind NOT DUE TO cannabis, they achieved it DESPITE of cannabis. However, I am now insecure: What is their motivation for somking weed? If it reduces their energy-field, is fogging their Aura and disorts their mind-body-soul-balance? I suppose there has to be a benefit, they are everyday heavy smokers, though.

    Sorry, one last thing, maybe even a new topic: all the microwaves from cellphone (4G heavy pulsing), wireless and so on is reducing the aura and it is not that easy to garding it against or keep it wide and clean. Isn’t that even more of an issue?

    Loads of questions, however you see I am really interested in understanding it.

    Thanks for the mp3-hints. I will check them pleasently

  145. Hello, Soma

    You want to dive into the divine source — that’s excellent. You’ve had some spiritual experiences, and that’s wonderful. Finding the divine within your body requires clarity.

    You’re not meditating as much as you would like to — so here’s the invitation to meditate more. Meditation helps you link your body, heart, mind, and soul, with the divine.

    When a person consciously deals with their negative feelings, that’s a good trend. The problem is that marijuana makes it harder to sense the deeper heavy feelings. So to do your emotional work more mindfully, you’d need to sense your feelings without any altered states interfering with your process.

    It’s true that alcohol is different than marijuana. You hear of drinkers getting into fights, but not smokers. However, there is a curious similarity, and that is that both these substances create a fog in the aura, and both these substances open the aura to negative entities. Of course, the alcohol entities are a bit more unpleasant, but the pot entities are gumming up the aura, just the same.

    When I scan the people using vaporizers, they seem to be getting a somewhat more clean and other-dimensional experience. However, it still takes them off center, and leaves their aura somewhat dispersed, rather than properly grounded and centered.

    Here’s my recommendation for anyone wanting deeper access to their own spiritual potential. This mp3 instruction guides you step-by-step so that you can stabilize, go deeply into your divine center, and navigate the waters of consciousness within your own self:

  146. Soma says:

    Dear Joel
    Thanks for this article. I red all the comments. As for me, the use of cannabis is absolutely not to escape from anything, it is to make connection and dive into the source. I am very sensitive and a deep seeker, however I do not meditate as much as I would like to. However, I am very attentive/regardful and try to follow my spiritual enhancement in all-day-situations as well (as well as dealing with all sorts of “negative” feelings). So the question I have: As long as I feel a great benefit in using the weed, can there be a responsible use AND a spiritual developement? Due to the fact, that I had my most impressive experiences with the ONE on ganja. And I wouldn’t say that I am on level one from 10…
    As second: You always bring marijuana up with alcohol and put it on the same stage. My experience is, that alcohole is NEVER a benefit neither for spirituality nor for the body. Alcohol has a poor vibration and bad energy. So please you should be more distinguish. Same for tobacco. I see the problem mixing and smoking the weed with tobacco. Tobacco has like Alcohole no benefits for spiritual growth. However, have you carefully examined the aura and energy of people vaporizing or intake by digesting? This makes a huge difference.
    Looking forward hearing from you

  147. Blessed By Jah,

    Excellent insights about the issues involving ungrounded meditation and visualizations.

    Anytime a person is too open to the lower astral planes, they need to do all they can to stay centered, including the excellent methods of exercising and creating positive environments that you mentioned.

    However, when people are overly open to such other-dimensional influences, it is unwise to utilize marijuana or alcohol, because these weaken the aura even more, and leave the user more open to negative influences.

  148. BlessedbyJah says:

    Oh and just a side thought….

    isn’t it funny how meditation / spiritual / yoga / wellness practitioners never mention about performing psychic protection and grounding techniques before embarking on meditation / hypnosis or other so spiritual development techniques as they do not want to scare people off buying their products / going to their classes / following their ‘guru’… they don’t want people to know that there may be negative side-affects / dangers of opening chakras and opening up to the spiritual realms as it is the murky astral realms where we go to when we first enter a meditative state… so just like your comment in your article about the various industries keeping marijuana illegal so that they can sell their products and so that hemp doesn’t kill off all their business… so to could be said about the huuuuuge wellness industry and many ‘healers’ claiming that things such as marijuana makes your aura foggy and unhealthy and claiming that it damages their sole and inhibits spiritual growth… when realistically their are many paths to higher consciousness and many ways to raise your spiritual vibrations (which doesn’t necessarily have to be visualising! which most meditation / hypnosis cds have you do).

    In my experience I have found that playing an instrument; singing; going for a bushwalk; gardening; giving love and gratitude to everything – water, food, plants, animals, mother Earth; being around positive people; hanging out with children; walking a dog to the beach; burying your feet in the sand; saying daily prayers of gratitude before going to sleep; breathing deeply the fresh air; eating healthy, consciously selected foods; daily reflection; positive affirmations… etc etc works wayyyyy better than any meditational / visualisations / hypnosis cds for cleansing aura (and I tried many in the past few years) (and therefore, the wellness industry is also using the ‘marijuana is bad’ / ‘meditation is good’ technique (without going into more scientific details about the positives and negatives of both? to sell more of their own products… to scare people into thinking marijuana is the bad guy and meditation is the good guy?

    to be honest marijuana has brought me more peace and harmony than any meditation… once when I was doing a chakra cleansing meditation cd I felt great then dropped into sleep (only to find a male being next to me who had clammy skin and no pupils in his eyes (only white eyes – and a bald shaven head… he said something to me, and I touched him on the heart gently asking ‘are you ok?’ then he stabbed me in the solar plexis and I woke up gasping for breath…. so anyway – I have gone off hypnosis / meditational cds now… oh but it just so happens that this website sells cds on meditation ‘aura cleansing’ and such… so perhaps my comment wont be published haha 🙂 so I will stop there…

    peace to all, and each to their own and there is no need to critocize(sp) another person’s journey as we all are one yet unique and having individual experiences, figuring things out on our own along the way, uniquely… xxx

  149. Hello Blessed By Jah,

    It is very empowering that you discovered the importance of centering yourself before sleep, and before meditation. Centering rituals build mindfulness, and integrate the body, mind, and soul. Thank you for sharing your experiences and discoveries.

    To further cleanse and empower yourself, please explore these articles:

  150. BlessedbyJah says:

    Hi there,

    Well I have smoked marijuana for many years (about 11-12 years ago I smoked it every day, however not so much these days (only once in a blue moon…)… I never had any problems with smoking it… then about 5 years ago I stopped smoking it coz I didn’t like the feelings that I was getting (anxiety type feelings) while stoned… I then started getting interested in spirituality and reading lots of books on spirituality and nutrition, eating very healthy and I started getting into yoga and meditation… I then stopped drinking also… I felt great – I felt more connected and loving towards everything…. then it suddenly took a turn…. I was psychically attacked by the yoga instructor and started experiencing all sorts of weird psychic phenomenon and telepathic communications that started off ok but then got pretty scary and full on (death threats and all that – and ordering me to shave my head and move to India to live in an ashram etc etc… I had issues sleeping and had all sorts of physical sensations (even something psychically raped me and there was even blood on the sheets… this has been going on and off for 3 years now (getting less now but still have moments of attacks mainly at night and also moments of sensing positive guides helping me etc…

    I have had to learn psychic self defense in order to protect myself as best I can (have had help from spiritual healers (some have helped temporarily – others say that they have but have felt no different…) and the negative entities that attack also had blocked or altered my ability to visualise clearly and sometimes not at all (every time I tried visualising surrounding myself with white golden light or protective symbols for instance – it (the entities) would change it to something else (the oposite) and get me frustrated… I had to then give up on trying to protect myself with visualisations (even though that’s what the majority of healers advise) and I had to learn to use feeling love sensations from my heart instead…. (anyway, I stopped smoking weed as I felt that it may make matters worse….

    By this stage it was only once in a blue moon and only a tiny puff which was a minimal affect) until one day someone offered me some marijuana that was high in CBD (Canibidiol) and low in THC (at first I was skeptical and very nervous as to what may happen but then thought what the heck as I have begun to also consciously reduce any fears or negative energies and increase positive thoughts and stimulating high ‘loving’ vibrations in relation to anything, (as I discovered that fear and negativity seems to be what was feeding these ‘entities’ and high positive vibrations is what dissipates any attacks)…. anyway, after trying the high CBD weed, I found that I could visualise again very clearly and easily (and I heard a positive guide say the word ‘camouflage’ so I then visualised surrounding myself in a camouflaged aura…) it was a super clear visualisation and it worked (and I hadn’t been able to visualise properly in the 3 years since the beginning of this psychic attack) – I had no ill effects at all (I was feeling great – positively uplifted and I didn’t get as high as I normally used to with the regular weed (that is predominantly high in THC and low in CBD…. I also had the best sleep that I had had in a very long time and woke up feeling great…

    I have since read many many many great things about CBD being the key ingredient for medicinal quality marijuana and positively affecting the pineal gland and helping the brain / spinal area to produce other chemicals that the body uses in healing many ailments… so perhaps the foggy and unhealthy aura of marijuana users that is seen by energy sensitives has only been tested on those who are smoking high THC strains?? As I have to say i’m now contemplating growing my own high CBD strain as it seems to be the thing that may help me get my visualisation skills back on board and hence my confidence levels back up to where they were before all this (i was really good at visualising before all this started)…

    I have also since read a lot about meditation and yoga and about the many dangers and common occurrences of negative psychic experiences (associated with psychic attacks by other practitioners who have developed psychic abilities and use and abuse them for negative purposes…) the problem with meditation and yoga instructors is they never teach you about having to psychically protect yourself and ground yourself fully before meditating etc and that is where all MY problems started…. (not with smoking weed…)… and I also have a Buddhist friend who meditates regularly and lives in India who also gets psychically attacked and he doesn’t smoke weed at all… so my point is:

    Meditation alone can be dangerous without proper precautions and conscious psychic protection and grounding… so it can also foggy the aura and be unhealthy and ungrounding (but of course spiritual advisors and healers don’t tell you THAT!) the same can be said of marijuana use… people need to consciously psychically protect themselves when they open themselves up on that level (I believe both (and many different paths) have the potential to open the chakras and the mind to higher consciousness experiences, but all paths are equally as dangerous if done carelessly as it also opens you up to the astral plane which has many dark beings which I now know….

    I do a psychic protection ritual every night before I go to sleep (and most nights it works – some nights I get attacked and it needs reinforcing and then it seems to dissipate…. I also do psychic protection rituals before I meditate or drink alcohol or any drugs….

  151. Intriguing insights, Pieter.

    Divine source creates each soul as unique, otherwise it would be pointless to create replicated identical souls. Divine source does this for its own consciousness expansion.

    Though each soul is unique, each soul also holds the entirety of the universe within itself. However, each soul contributes its unique point of view, and that is why each soul is important to the whole universe.

    Alan Watts is a great thinker, and I’m a fan of his. However, he may have a tendency to be clever just for the sake of it — he makes you look at things in a fresh way.

    When you go deep within yourself, you find both your universality, and your unique identity. Both co-exist.

    Alcohol and marijuana seemingly help people find the universality, but these mind-shifting substances obscure the uniqueness that can only be recognized when your body-emotions-mind-soul are clear and harmonized with each other. To find the deepest universal truth, you bring your clear awareness ever deeper within the cosmic truth of your inner being.

    Anything that keeps you from having a clear knowingness of your essential unique nature is slowing your spiritual progress.

    For deeper insights about individual / universal consciousness:

  152. Pieter says:

    Dear Joel

    Thank you for this interesting read. I’ve read with a lot of recognition, though i tend to look different to some of the issues you propose. But thats the good thing about life, all is well even though we may differ.

    I’ve got a question concerning what you see as a soul. I assume you live with the idea that there is one ground for all life, but correct me if i’m wrong. Ill get back to this.
    First before firing off the questions, let me say that i’ve had my time with marihuana. Have overused it in the past and when i quit, i returned to my body to feel the pain and neglected emotions i had from the past. I’m glad i had the opportunity and courage to quit smoking for 7,5 months.
    However, there are good reasons why people drink and/or smoke. I’m not saying its good or bad, but i know from my own personal experience i had my reasons to smoke. I just couldnt find a proper balance.
    But what i’ve found out, was that in the end it doesnt matter. It doesnt matter because in the end there is this one reality. And i am a part of this reality, and so is marihuana, alcohol, etc.

    This brings me to my question.
    How can there be an individual soul? Or what’s your stand on this?

    I’m involved with reading Alan Watts lately, and i must say that he has convinced me there is no need for an individual soul. How can there be something separate in this reality?
    I will be honest with you, last week after 7,5 months i smoked a bit again. The funny thing is i ended up losing myself. As Alan Watts names it ‘All in All’. But since then, i realize there is no such thing as an individual self, or an individual soul. There is no need for it.

    I’d love to hear from you, cause i do think its good to help people not to start smoking or abusing marihuana. And as an expert, i know it can be nasty..


  153. Good news, Gabriel.

    Meditation is subtle. Discover the subtle differences in your consciousness each day. Do not compare or judge your meditation from one day to the next.

    As you let go of marijuana and alcohol, you feel your feelings more. This may seem, at first, to be limiting your meditation. Actually, your meditation is becoming more real, because it includes your body, your emotions, and all the aspects of your self.

    Your spiritual goal is to be grounded and centered in this world. Discover how traditional nutrient-dense foods can help you do this:

    I have an article on the importance of good nutrition:

  154. Gabriel says:

    Hey Joel,
    I haven’t smoke for almost 2 weeks now and I really don’t miss it, I wasn’t addicted. But it was a bless to read your article and bring more clarity about this subject to my mind. I began to meditate again and I see that I’m not getting in such profound meditative states as I did before, I did some more time and practice for that.
    I would like to know if you have some more articles/opnions about the spiritual influence of eating meat and eating too much. I’m taking this spiritual path really serious and I want to growth and find my inner peace as soon as possible (with patience, of course :D).

    Thanks a lot, God bless you!

  155. Lauren, congratulations on recognizing your divine connection to Source!

    The three healthy personal resources you mentioned, 1. meditate, 2. pray, and 3. exercise, are excellent ways to get your personal power back.

    I’d also recommend number 4, which is nutrition. You need enough protein and healthy fats to feel strong and stable in body and mind. This resource will help you create grounded, nutrient-dense meals:

    And here is number 5:
    To further boost your divine alignment, please utilize these spiritual resources:

    And explore self-empowerment here:

  156. lauren says:

    God bless you for writing this article! I have been smoking for 14 years, with the last two years being very heavy- smoking pretty much every two hours, every day. I have been slowly growing spiritually. Lately I feel as if I’ve been catapulted forward in my spiritual journey. Something has been telling me to let the marijuana go. It has helped me in the past but now no longer serves me.
    Reading your article was a warm blanket, giving me comfort in my decision.
    I admit- I am afraid of what quitting is going to feel like mentally- but I know it’s the right decision for myself and my family. I asked myself, “Lauren, what are you going to do when you have a craving, are sad, mad, stressed, .etc?”…and the only 3 answers I could come up with are to 1. meditate 2. pray 3. exercise
    And that’s exactly what you said !
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this article, and for spending your time responding to all the comments given, good or bad 😀
    People need to realize that the only true source of comfort is the Divine.

    • Mike says:

      lauren, I would say do not discontinue your breathing exercise, if you’re smoking that much you’re performing breathe work, even if it is smoke. Just switch to air….I really think the breathing has a lot do to with becoming relaxed. It’s what you would be doing while meditating. slow study breathing. When I was trying to, I could take a whole minute to complete one breathe. I think if I continue I could take longer breathes….

  157. Well said, Kelvin!

    As your spiritual awareness evolves, you realize that anything distorting your clear divine perception is a disruption. And, strangely enough, you realize that drugs don’t take you higher, but instead lower your consciousness. That’s because you have evolved beyond the frequency where drugs exist, to a higher, or deeper, level of perception. And at that deeper level, you can drop the social brainwashing that it is normal to smoke, drink, and eat sugar.

  158. Joel,

    Thank you so much for this very interesting article. I have been contemplating this topic for a few years now and your article has finally helped me to determine a conclusion. Personally I have smoked fewer then 20 times within my life and I have always felt a distortion within myself once under the influence. I know now from introspection that the strong reason for why I smoked was the influence and at times pressure of others.

    There are many instances where I become very sensitive and receptive to the words and actions of others making me become easily persuaded to do something in order to be socially accepted. But upon healing isolated introspection I always regret these actions because I truly feel that I am not listening to my inner guidance and being my true self.

    There is a small voice inside that tells me every time that I do not need these substances and that I should reject them. Each time I would consume them in the past it was not enjoyable but frankly, I did it because others were doing it and invited me to join.

    Your article has helped to pinpoint the exact life lesson that I am struggling with and I agree with a lot of the points that you have made. Fortunately I am healing myself more and more through healthy choices and a denial of obviously detrimental substances but I still have problems with being around certain people who’s habits are not necessarily “bad” but at this point in my spiritual evolution would only serve to lead me astray.

    So I thank you again for this article, it has really helped me make a rule for myself to never again consume any alcohol or marijuana. It is now on the top of my list with fast food!

  159. Gabriel says:

    Another question.
    I used to meditate, but since I started to go to the university I didn’t feel the benefits of meditating anymore.
    Could the smoking have an influence on us trying to get in a meditative state? Because my head can’t stop when I’m high… but I mean, when I’m smoking weekly, but sobber, could it disturb my meditation?
    Or what could I do to clean my aura again?

    Thanks a lot!

  160. Gabriel says:

    Wow,, I was searching for this since a while! Very nice!
    I’m a very spiritual person, but I smoke 2-3 times a week and I think it may be holding me up from growing and expanding spiritual and consciously. I believe in the law of attraction, in God and in me, but yeah… I won’t tell all my problems here, it’s unnecessary 😀
    I would like to know in how many days or weeks I can feel some difference concerning spiritual and emotionally aspects. I’m not addicted, so it won’t be hard for me to stop smoking.
    And where can I get more informations about the influence of marijuana on mediumship?

    Thanks a lot!

    Greets from Brazil 🙂

    • Greetings, Gabriel

      Your spiritual development needs a clear connection between your body, heart, mind, and soul. Marijuana creates a blurry connection — not a clear connection. THC, the mind-altering component of marijuana, stays in the body for 30 days. If you smoke several times a week, your clarity is always impaired. After 30 days of clean living, you can start to experience your meditative experiences with more clarity.

      About mediumship — the only safe energy to channel is the real essence of your true self — your higher self. Do not ever channel entities, because they create a foggy condition in your aura, similar to marijuana and alcohol influences.

  161. Thank you, Leyla.

    Facing the reality of your divine self, so to speak! May your inner infinite soul bring you enlightenment with every breath you take.

    And may all your thoughts and emotions be blessed in the light of your true self.

  162. Leyla says:

    I love ur article, u just read my mind and put it here into my face … so that i can accept what i realised a while ago. Thank you !

  163. Thank you, Nothing But Everything

    The planet is waking up, and as people move towards higher consciousness, it’s important that they have the real experience, rather than a false pathway that promises much, but delivers little. Continued peace and enlightenment to you.

    • Ed benstein says:

      Delivers little? So you are saying it does deliver, but only a little. A little is better than nothing.

      • Here’s the situation, Ed.

        It delivers a little, yes. But, it has side-effects that fog your aura. The fog adds up, and produces a negative effect over time. So a little isn’t better than nothing.

        • Ed benstein says:

          You said you smoked weed 20 times. You are a very sensitive person. So did you notice any harm to yourself from it? I am not trying to argue here. I truly want to know if this is indeed harmful as I use it often and I don’t want to destroy my soul. As a user, I have not felt that it has changed me or made me less of a person in the least. Am I not seeing what it is doing to me?

          • Ed, no one has said they’ve smoked it 20 times.

            However, I’ve observed many years ago, in myself and others, the very harm being described here. This article is based on subtle-energy observation. And, this observation is validated by other energy-aware people. Thus, I would never use it again, as I have no wish to limit my awareness.

            To be specific about what’s happening with users, they aren’t destroying their soul. Rather, they are interfering with the connection between their body/ conscious mind and their soul.

            It is like having an intermittent electrical connection — some of the signal gets through, and some of the signal is blocked.

            Usage doesn’t make you less of a person. However, it does interfere with your development. So you may not be losing anything, but your development is slower, and you can not reach the deeper levels of soul perception requiring clarity. This clarity comes from a clear connection between body – emotions – thought – aura – soul. Any interference with the connection between these essential parts of you slows your development, and limits you in many ways.

  164. Nothing but everything says:

    I think this is good description/advice for spiritual growing people, thanks for your decription i think and hope it will help many others in harmony to balance emotions and thoughts, thanks.

  165. Nikki, these are good questions.

    As you read through the comments, you’ll notice that this article is about the spiritual issues resulting from marijuana use in the typical user.

    However, when people use marijuana to help heal serious physical conditions, that is another situation entirely. When people are healing life threatening situations, the issues of a cloudy aura are less important a matter of concern.

    It’s necessary to make the distinction between the casual user who is risking a foggy aura, versus the person in pain who needs deep physical healing. Ideally, the person who uses marijuana for physical pain relief and healing would choose to transcend marijuana use when their strength returns. They could then continue their healing process with other natural methods that would not have the side-effect of a cloudy aura.

  166. Nikki says:

    What about medical marijuana users who are diseased? I personally believe marijuana fights cancer, and I know it helps patients as far as their appetite goes. And if it is eaten, instead of smoked, is there any difference in your opinion from what you have stated above? 🙂 Just curious to hear your ideas on a different side of it. Very interesting article!

  167. Kuntal, thank you for bringing up these often-mentioned points about smoking marijuana.

    The alpha waves associated with meditation are also associated with hypnosis, but the THC in marijuana prevents you from having full control of the state, as in self-hypnosis. A person in alpha is very open — the same thing happens when you watch TV. You’re in alpha, feeling relaxed, yet too open to influences.

    It is the matter of being too open that is the issue described in the article. You become too open to astral beings, and they like smokers for this reason. These aren’t the worst beings, but they aren’t beings of highest consciousness either. This is one of the reasons smokers have somewhat cloudy auras.

    The peace that people experience with smoking happens when they go into alpha, and their body-mind-soul integration becomes clouded. This may make everything seem to be smoother and more peaceful, but it is a simulation of spiritual awareness. Generating this awareness by yourself, as in actual meditation, takes more work, but is more valuable and safe for you.

    The altered states attained by smokers may seem to be positive and desirable, but the side effects are not worth it. The muddy auras observed in smokers suggest that they are not attaining genuine spiritual clarity, but rather only a hazy sensation of clarity.

    I consistently see that when people attain genuine states of spiritual clarity, they look back at the pot smoking state as having been a lesser state of awareness. If pot shows you a hint of spiritual awareness, then learn to go beyond the smoking, and access the deeper states with your own consciousness.

  168. Kuntal Chatterjee says:

    Hello everyone…
    The article is really good. But here the point is spiritual use of marijuana had started a long way before (1500 BC). I tried marijuana and i consulted with several doctors, read books for its use.
    When someone smokes cannabis, its increases the ‘Alpha’ wave-counts in the brain, which generally found in time of meditation. So, marijuana helps to attain the higher state of consciousness, also induces an open mind to the smoker. THC molecules activates the Pleasure-cells in the brain, as a result, the feelings of Love, Peace are induces. often the marijuana-smokers tell that they feel their soul is being united with God’s soul after smoking. These kind of experience is solely due to the psycho-active agent (THC) present in marijuana.
    I searched for different religious books. Many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism etc have the spiritual use of cannabis. I tried meditation after smoking pot, frankly speaking, it clears your mind, abstain your soul from outer world and unite yourself with the Holy spirit.
    I am not saying Marijuana is for everyone, because it is a hallucinogen and psychoactive agent. But we should be open-minded while discussing the spiritual use of marijuana. Altered state of consciousness can easily be attained after smoking pot.
    Infact, Marijuana has favorable effect on your soul and aura.
    So, enjoy pot friends… PEACE

  169. Truthseeker,

    Sorry to hear of your spinal injury – that’s a challenging situation.

    This article doesn’t really apply to those who are truly hurting and needing relief. The information here is more directed to those who want deeper spiritual insight, but who have become lost in the haze of the pot high.

    I admire and agree with your choice to choose a natural path for pain relief over the medical approach. The natural way you’ve chosen is truly a blessing, and I wish for you divine health and healing at every level.

    By the way, many people, especially athletes, have explored the use of systemic enzymes to dissolve inflammation, reduce scar tissue, and reduce pain. Might be worth researching.

  170. Truthseeker says:

    Thank you for your article.
    Having a clear mind is very important to me and I am very protective with not just substances but also movies, reading material etc.
    Having received a spinal injury that pretty much disabled me with a lot of pain for the last couple of years had me look into alternative to deal with the severe pain.
    Refusing to take anti depressent (for nerve pain) and the regular over the counter stuff not touching it, I was looking into Cannabis (legally). A friend with much knowledge and trying to help my dilemma gave me a tincture made out of hemp. It is loaded with the substances that help pain (CBDs) without the THC.
    Very carefully I tried it out and I had the best night sleep in a couple of years. The pain would make nights challenging and this worked. Now I only take it when the pain become too much and as my condition improves I do need it less and less.
    However I do belief that Cannabis would still have been the better choice than what medicine had to offer for chronic pain. Having Hemp as the alternative it truly a great blessing.

  171. Good question, Maxim

    It seems that marijuana helped open a beginning spiritual door for you. That is good.

    However, to get to the next phase of your spiritual awareness, you have to do the spiritual work yourself, without the marijuana. Otherwise, the marijuana keeps you at an intermediate level of consciousness.

    This is why many people get stuck. They like the intermediate level, and do not realize that it is only a temporary phase in their spiritual development

  172. Maxim says:

    Hello Joel,
    I have read your article and very much respect all you have written.

    Many many people have no idea or they do not believe in our spiritual consciousness and they do not believe because there is not a material proofs to change their minds. So as you made a scale, from 1 to 10, for example, these people are in fase 1. My question is, and i believe in this, can the use of cannabis with moderation and knowledge get from “fase 1” to, for example, fase 3 as a spiritual LEARNING experience or introduction? Isn’t cannabis high a experience that can show us something and progressively quit the use and learn on our own?

    I start using it not for fun but for relaxation a year ago and suddently i get an enourmous interest about our spirituality and cosmic energy that surround us, please note that before the use of cannabis, these issues were never in my mind. I believe that for me, this is a learning fase and now it’s the time to slowly reduce the use of cannabis and someday quit to improve my own spiritual progress, and i believe this is something that i will learn by myself.

    What do think about my point of view and sorry about the bad english 🙂

    Much love

  173. Toni Tone,

    Good question – it’s a totally different issue.

    Hemp seeds and hemp protein are healthy natural veggie protein sources. They have no THC, the mind-affecting ingredient in marijuana.

  174. toni tone says:

    What about useing hemp seeds or hemp protein for food. Does it affect in any case on connection of body and soul??

    Best regards


  175. Blessings to you, Michael.

    You’ve got it right. Your God connection will grow stronger when your body is free from intoxicants.

  176. michael says:

    Thank you for this article! No wonder every time i use marijuana i always feel disconnected from God. I always felt like i wasn’t growing i always felt something was not right. thank you! God bless you

  177. Zac,

    It does seem that people who have already cultivated spiritual awareness often find that marijuana lowers their vibration. However, you can clear yourself of the negative influences.

    Visualize divine light spiraling up and down through your spine, and through your chakras. Imagine this divine light cleansing you, and removing any negative influences.

    For more resources to cleanse and unify your energy, these audio classes are available:

  178. zac says:

    I would like to share an experience, to help other people and spare them from the mistakes and experiments what I made with sharing the knowledge what I got from them.
    I hope that some people read comments and stumble upon this one.
    I have been meditating and growing spiritually about 3 years.
    So I decided to try weed from pure curiosity, I wanted to understand why people are so amazed from it, what is it so special about it.
    Like we all have been noticing half of the internet and Hollywood movies etc are full of it, making it so regular and harmless.
    So I was dissapointed under the influence, because it’s was boring, like alcohol but with few accessories.(yes, it was the first time but it worked fully)
    Everyone who have been meditating for some time will see the world more openly, they won’t enjoy alchohol, drugs, smoking and “regular” stuff like computer games, football (soccer) etc. That’s why I thought it was boring, I enjoy more serious things.
    While being high, I felt the more openness, but It was somehow limited, I felt bad energy around me few times while being high.
    (I have very much experience with bad entities, demons etc, but it’s another story, therefore I didn’t imagine it.)
    When the effect wore off, I felt more grounded, I thought that it’s mabye temporary.
    While I was sleeping, I didn’t saw any dreams, nothing, I was like switched off and turned back on in the morning, which is normal for weed.
    When I woke up, I felt more grounded, I didn’t feel the oneness with god as before, my intuition aka third eye was zero. I was feeling the same as I felt before starting my spiritual growth, like a “regular” person, I was feeling the limitations, I was like in a computer game, in that time I already forgot what it felt like to be non spiritual.
    I even couldn’t think as before, my head was like full of cotton, the next day in school I was like a zombie. Within the next week I couldn’t think complicated things like regulary, I needed some extra time before I anwsered to someone, because my brain didn’t function as before.
    (I doesn’t affect everyone as same as others and with meditating, persons brain functions better. When weed zeroed it down, the affect was bigger than for non spiritual people.)
    But the most intresting thing what couldn’t be a coincidence is that the same day I woke up, my friend who is meditating also, told me that, in the evening, he felt suddenly very sleepy. When he wen’t to sleep he saw a dream where a demon laughed hysterically, he described the laughter like the entity was laughing at someone, or someones misery.
    I asked him to specify the time and it was the exact same time when I started smoking.
    He didn’t knew about my activities.
    We have been attacked by same entities before, we have helped eachother with demons and have been astral traveling together, that’s the reason why the demon contacted him, because we are very connected, we are best friends.

    It affects me to this day, about 3 months have been passed, my brain is like reprogrammed, while meditating I feel very different than before weed, I haven’t achieved the same spiritual height as before.

    Sorry for the long text, but I think it’s worth the read
    and I apologize for the bad grammar, english is not my mother language.
    If someone has some questions, than he can email me:

    • Sammie says:

      Zac what you experienced is no different from mine but in my own case I didn’t have a friend like you ,I just knew deep down in me that I changed ,after smoking weed I thought I could pray, speak in other tongues ,worship god but the flow was not there and the truth is that every day I live to regret ever smoking weed….i wish I never did because now I smoke once in a while..thanks for sharing your story cos now I know am right cos I was thinking I was just being lazy but I know something was wrong and your story proved me true.

      Thanks again

  179. Don,

    There’s no scientific testing for aura awareness. It’s all subjective, based on a subtle awareness that some people have cultivated. There are no peer reviewed papers on this topic. Sensitive people sense the aura, and non-sensitive people don’t. Many sensitives can recognize the fogged auras in those who are drug and or alcohol users.

    You can wait for peer reviewed papers if you like, but it may be a long wait. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • Mike says:

      I would suggest the kirlian photography for measuring auras. Also there are scientific experiments and super sensitive cameras that have been developed that can sense the light coming off the body…. I wrote a college paper about it. It was all stuff I found in the library and internet about ten years ago. I think there is a lot of truth here (in this article), but I guess i just stray away from some ideas that use illogical falacies for validation. I would suggest that it would be wrong to ommit this helpful plant. There are MANY MANY other ways to use it, like creams and analgesic gels, and making it into butter or using it in teas. I have micro melia(stunted limbs missing digits, etc) That’s what I have been switing to. I also feel it’s disrespectful to the plant and the element of fire to “smoke pot.” We need to evolve on that one. That’s why vaporizers are there. The funny thing is I have used it for the last ten years, and It has greatly helped. But I’m done with inhaling plant material or oils and resins, yuk! The greatest thing That this article helped with was the note on vibrational change…. Also a lady in Shasta had a book, “The effects of recreational drugs on spirtual developement” prettty much said the same thing. It also went on to say that etheric parasites attach themselves to you and propagte in the negative experiences and chemical state. That made me go NO WAY also. Also, the dmt and ayahuasca stuff, there are spiritual shamans that have an entire culture and way of life centered around this, they take it seriously and you must graduate to the more intense levels. Just as in life there are no quick answers just places to exhibit your will and patience. A damaged field from those substances would probably be the signs of someone being careless, though I would be more interested in more opinions and readings of those peoples’ auras.

      • Mike, thank you for mentioning the other healthy non-THC uses for marijuana.

        The lady in Shasta who describes how recreational drugs invite etheric parasites is speaking about a real phenomenon, as many energy healers will verify.

        Regarding ayahuasca, I have observed that it erases personal boundaries in a way that is unhealthy and fragmenting, in most cases. Perhaps shamans from indigenous cultures are able to stay centered themselves, but people from outside their cultures are trying to force a spiritual experience.

        Let yourself create deeper awareness through a dedicated meditation practice – one that cultivates healthy boundaries and deep centering. This is safer, and ultimately more effective for most people.

        • Mike says:

          so i had another question. On the number thing from 1 through 10, what if you’re a 12 and the pot knocks you down to a comfortable 8 or 9… I thought of that cause I intuitively knew the pot lowered my vibration. cause without anything i’m bouncing off the walls…. I get soooo much energy that I start to get stressed, while i’m not on anything…. what do you think about that? also from the other end, what if you use it to get to 4 from 1 or 2, then stop, make your way up to a 5 or 6, does the pot knock you back down to 4 when you resume? could you use it like stepping stones? could you start stop over a period of time to raise your vibration? Also one more thing, what about the rastafarians? that is their holy sacrament. Maybe just thinking about that one answers my question.

          • Mike, the pot doesn’t “knock you down to a comfortable 8 or 9.” Rather, it introduces some aura fog – this disperses your soul, so you aren’t grounded into your body.

            If you are too stressed, that’s not from “too much energy.” It is from needing to integrate your emotions and thoughts with your body awareness. Pot creates a subtle dis-connection between body, emotions, and thoughts. This doesn’t ultimately address anything.

            Mindfulness practices of breath awareness, where you practice being gently present with your emotions and thoughts, helps you safely discharge your nervous energy, and create healthy integration.

            The Rastafarians have many beautiful beliefs about living in this universe. They do not need pot, and would be able to accomplish more in this world with their philosophy if they could let go of the pot.

    • Jeremy says:

      Joel i am curious about your opinion on the other compound in marijuana besides thc. i hope you have heard of if, the compound is called cbd and it does not get you high, the psychoactive effects of it are very very subtle much more than thc and it carries much more health benefeits than thc. i recently quit high thc marijuana because of the exact effect you described which was a disconnect and a depersonalization i theorize that cbd actually has the opposite effect as it makes you feel more alert and increases the feelings of things being real while also soothing anxiety in a much more positive way than thc i use cbd everyday for anxiety and i believe it actually nourishes my spirit, do you think that cbd can be used daily without any disconnection between body and spirit and maybe even do the opposite?

      • Jeremy,

        As you’ve mentioned, the article is primarily about the THC form of marijuana. Switching to CBD makes sense for THC users, as CBD is less psychoactive. CBD has a good record of helping with healing various serious conditions.

        As to your question of whether CBD would create more clarity, I sense its use is a transition technique. Because it is calming, it would help you, at least at first, to address anxiety.

        Over time, however, the calming — though somewhat slow vibration — of CBD is, I believe, something to eventually taper off of.

        There are milder natural herbs that have a less intensely slow vibration than CBD, such as Tulsi — also called Holy Basil.

  180. Don says:

    I first would like to know, how does one scientifically test the “Human Energy Field” or “Aura” ? I have been served this Aura talk by the kookiest of crazies in my life, and they are always the same people who believe in Psychic Abilities, Astral Projection, and swear most modern medicine is Bad. I’ve been on the internet trying to find the validity of this Aura aka Human Energy Field and have come to the conclusion that it is horseshit and quackery. There is no way scientifically to measure this “Energy Field”, at least that I know of, therefore I won’t believe it, until proven by science. I believe even the James Randi Education foundation has been offering a 1 Million dollar award to anyone that can prove it exists. So far no takers.. hmm. So before you go telling people that THC and CBD are going to mess up their frequency or vibration of their Aura, you have to explain how you know the “Human energy field” is real. Any peer review scientific papers, links would be appreciated.

  181. @Inspired

    Congratulations! You’ll be delighted with the deeper, richer perceptions, feelings, and sensations available to you in an unclouded state of consciousness. Clarity is like a deep pool that allows you to see and sense all the possibilities in the vast ocean of consciousness. It’s not always pretty, but it’s ultimately the path to deeper satisfaction.

  182. Inspired says:

    As a long time every day user of marijuana (who does not hear voices in my head from smoking) this is the first time I have ever felt there to be a reason to quit which I honestly never thought would happen. EVER. Thanks for the great motivating article. I am definately going to be more concious of my decisions in life that affect my well being to hopefully reach a state thats better than a temporary high.

  183. Dustin, the article was written for those people who need to know that marijuana has only limited benefits emotionally and spiritually.

    However, chronic pain is a different matter, and medical marijuana may be useful in those cases.

    However, when people are trying to relax, or trying to have a spiritual experience, there are safer ways to therapeutically achieve those goals. There are many methods for slow, deep breathing that will help you achieve your emotional and spiritual goals.
    See this resource:

    The problem with marijuana is that it seems to relax you, but it keeps you from finding the deepest inner peace.

    And marijuana only gives you a taste of spiritual reality, but interferes with reaching the deepest spiritual realizations.

    As a safer alternative, this teacher offers good free information for emotional and spiritual awareness:

  184. Dustin says:

    One last note is that I honestly feel that today my wife and I have reversed roles in some ways. My wife does a lot more for me now than i ever hoped or expected, and i have a hard time reciprocating it. i just dont feel energy, she is loving but at times is very cutting and mean towards me when i consistently seem to fail to meet her expectations, I on the other hand am aloof, lazy, and usually feeling tired and worn out from my pain and depression. I honestly think at times i wish i could just die. I know I should give her more, I want to be the man I was when we were dating but I just feel stuck in a state of fear and sadness. Afraid of the future, afraid of failing and having kids and then getting divorced like my parents did. I’m just a complete mental wreck to be honest. I wish my wife could be more understanding like I was for her, but in all honesty I really feel like this is my problem.

    Last time I used marijuana it helped me, it was a therapist for me. It helped get me on a right path I believe. Sorry this is my last post. I just am torn and dont know who to turn to for help. Thanks

  185. Dustin says:

    I also want to add that I feel marijuana may be able to get me out of this funk. Help me receive insight into why this is happening and how to solve it, then like before I can set on working to make it a reality without the drug.

    I also suffer from chronic pain in my neck and back, so I was very close to getting a medical license till I read this tonight. Thanks again, any thoughts are appreciated.

  186. Dustin says:

    Thank you for this article. About 6 years ago I first used marijuana. At that point I was a very materialistic person. My first time using it resulted in this fractured state of mind where I discovered many voices that seemed like subconscious decision makers all competing for the stage of my mind, and many of them seemed to be at odds with each other. I made very many bad decisions following about 2 months of use. After about a year of abstinence I began using it again. It was during this time that I began to really hear and give heed to the voices that seemed light. I began seeking and searching for truth. I began using marijuana less as a recreational drug and more as a spiritual tool. I experienced at times grand feeling of love. I felt what I can only presume to be the infinite love of God during a time of great distress. I became aware of spirit entities. I watched as many of my friends struggled with addictions and often wondered why I seemed to be growing while they seemed stuck in addiction.

    Finally I reached a point where I felt I had learned all I could about myself from this plant. I felt like my goal was now to achieve similar levels of enlightenment without drug use. I quit and found god and began a path of what I felt to be self improvement meditation and enlightenment. I was generally happy, and on a positive track for the first time in my life, becoming more consistent in my life, with times of very serious peace that seemed to meet or exceed my experiences with marijuana

    It was around this time that I met a girl. She had been through hard times and was in need of love. She had been lied too and had given up on ever being loved or married. I sought to help her, I wanted to save her, and I felt I loved her. She accepted my love but did not reciprocate it appropriately. I felt used, and my love began wane but each time I kept trying to love her into loving me. There was something about her compared to the other girls i dated that almost consumed me. I couldn’t let her go even though several times we broke up. i treated her like a princess in hoping that i could show her what she was worth. I slowly fell from my place of happiness. I felt miserable. She slowly began to give me more of the love i wanted. it was still a difficult relationship, but we both wanted the same things out of life and believed the same things spiritually and were equally devoted to god. Eventually I married her in spite of some very serious doubts and reservations because I felt like it was a matter of integrity. i felt like all of our issues and contentions were a symptom of a contentious evil spirits trying to thwart our decisions to start a family. The night before we got married I had a sudden rush and feeling of tremendous love and peace that my decision was right.

    Flash forward two years and our marriage has been a series of ups and downs. Passion, and and love and commitment followed by anger and fighting. I have grown more and more depressed and find it harder and harder to show and feel the love I once felt. There is often a lot of resentment and hopelessness and regret that consume me. I have lost my love for god and for man in general and have slowly gotten to a point where I just want to go back to marijuana because I just want to feel that peace when I need it. Then I found this article.

    Is there another way? Where do I start? How do I get back to where I was before this relationship started. I don’t want to end my marriage. I take my marriage vows very seriously.


  187. I can only guess about kratom, but its profile is probably similar to marijuana.

    I’m assuming it takes you out of your body a bit, and in ordinary circumstances that wouldn’t be ideal. But in this case, just let it smooth your energy while you move forward in life.

    There’s a controversial supplement known as MMS, and many people have seen it work for tough cases. I’m not recommending it; just mentioning that it’s an intriguing substance that people have written about.

    Mercola has alternative approaches to Lyme as well.

  188. B says:

    that’s great to hear. I have tried many alternative treatments and continue to even to this day. I think the problem is that I went 4 or 5 years with the infection before being diagnosed. This allowed it to get to the latest stages of the disease and now I believe it is going to take many years to get rid of but I am not giving up. I hate to cloud my spiritual path with cannabis but I feel it is a necessary tool at this point in my life.

    Have you heard of an herb called kratom? I sometimes use that (perhaps once a week) as well instead of cannabis. I’m sure it’s no different than any other intoxicating substance but I figure I should at least ask.

    I’m a member at and Thanks for those two other sites; I will check them out.

    Thanks again for all your help and I enjoyed reading your article.

  189. Hello, B

    That’s a great question, and I’m sorry to hear of your suffering.

    I’d definitely make an exception here, because cannabis is certainly a higher vibration than pharmaceuticals.

    By the way, are you familiar with all the alternative approaches to dealing with Lyme? I’ve seen a number of alternative approaches mentioned at Another great source of natural info is

    Best of luck with your holistic search, and many blessings to you.

  190. B says:

    what about people suffering from chronic illnesses and pain? I have been struggling with lyme disease for the past 5 years and all sorts of horrible food intolerances and chemical sensitivities. I like to use cannabis sometimes when the pain becomes unbearable. I feel this is a better choice than pharmaceutical opiates. What are your thoughts in regards to this matter?

    • Ruslan says:

      Start the cleansing process and clean up the karma, find your calling and it should dissipate. All physical illnesses are the reflections of spiritual shortages.

  191. Glad you find the insights helpful, Mandy.

    Infinite blessings to you.

    • Brian jacobson says:

      Thank you for this article. I’m 24 been smoking ten years and although it helped me think outside the box, i feel like class is over and im still just hanging around. this article cleared up a lot of concepts I’ve been struggling with and just at the right time too. I’ve experienced a lot of growth these past few days and this was the cherry on top. Thank you again. Are you experienced with George kavassilas work. If not I think you’d like him. Much love

      • Brian,

        You’re ready to graduate to your true clarity. Congratulations.

        You’ll want to detox from the years of usage, so you might check into super greens like chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, and alfalfa. If you don’t like the taste, you can get these in tablets. Greens also strengthen and cleanse your bloodstream, which is important when you’ve been using a substance.

        You can also cleanse out toxins with taking special kinds of clay internally — just look it up.

        Just looked at George Kavassilas’s page, and he looks to be sharing empowering insights about the deeper reality.

  192. Mandy says:

    Hi Joel
    Thanks for an awesome article, just what I was looking for…
    Blessings – Mandy

  193. Yes, Sanchari, the experiences may have a positive aspect at first.

    As you progress spiritually, you intuitively discover that you begin to feel worse when you smoke. This is hard for many people to believe, because they are still in the phase where they think they are receiving benefits.

    It is good when you recognize that this substance creates a problem, because then you can seek cleaner, natural ways to unite your body and soul, and you can seek natural ways to connect to nature, to the universe, and to the Divine.

    All problems are reversible, fortunately. Unite with the cosmic presence of the divine, and seek answers from that, and not from marijuana.

    Explore ways to detox your body, and this will help the process, also.

  194. Sanchari Bhattacharya says:

    I have been a cannabis user and have had good experiences with the substance to begin with. but a lapse occured when i let strong negative emotions of jealousy, hatred and fear get into me. I smoked up some when feeling guilty about it and i think that made the situations worse. now i do not feel like i used to. maybe there has been a separation because i feel disconnected from the nature i love. i used to high and alive without the substance, but now its like being stuck in a limbo, energy deprived. i do not blame the substance because at some level i am in love with it. on another altered level, i feel like i have sold my soul to fear and greed. i cannot use the substance anymore because it makes me feel evil, cold and heavy. are the changes reversible? i am afraid i have not been evolving spiritually, atleast not in the direction i hoped to.

  195. When you feel fragmented, bring your attention back to the basics:

    Do slow deep gentle breathing.

    Breathe into your navel…
    – Breathe in peace.
    – Breathe out fear.

    When the thoughts become unbalanced, don’t judge them.
    – Just bring yourself back to center.
    – Let the thoughts gently release.

    Feel your heartbeat in your body, and know that you are alive, well, and blessed by the divine.


  196. Harsh says:

    Hi Joel
    Its Like a Universal Coincidence that i found your Article which Answered few of my Questions.
    I used Cannabis a week Ago, I went to State of Consciousness too far to imagine. Hours Become Days. I was Stuck in my Own mind with Spirits of All Kinds. Good, Neutral, Evil all Telling me Different Truths about Universe and My role in It. Even a Devil Tried to Sell me Genius in Return of My soul. I was not in Control, Spirits were trying to make me Speak and Act Normal in Front of my Mother who Knew Nothing, And i was there Telling Myself to Come Back but Couldn’t. It was a Really Intriguing Experience which made me Question my Own Sanity. I now fear of Becoming a Schizophrenic living with Same Levels of Anxiety I Had while the Incident. I don’t know what to Believe Anymore. I’ve Always Seen myself as Buddha and I was a Lot Calmer and Tuned with Cosmos, now i have depression. I am a 3D Artits, Singer, Pianist, Producer, Director, Writer, Designer and a Lot of Things but Since that Incident I feel as If i was Fragmented into Many Pieces. I am Better Now but Still Not the Same. Spirits at That Place Told me This is Not the First Time i Entered and This will Not be The Last Time i will Come. Some of Them Wanted me to Be there For Eternity. Good Spirits were Extremely Judgmental of My Action. It was the First Time i Smoke Cannabis and I went in The Same State While i Was a Child Almost Every Night While Dream Walking and Having Same Panic/Anxiety Attacks. Am i Insane? Is there Any Connection Between my Past Mental Health which After Many Tests Doctors Declared Normal or Is it All Just Work of My Brain? All the Spirits n Demons and Lessons they Taught Me?
    I am Very Spiritual and Almost Read all The Good Books on It But after This Incident I feel Its all a Lie. All work of Our Brilliant Brain. I feel This Urge to Go back Again and Be done With It, To End This Game. Deeply See all The things Again but I Feel its All the Chemicals in My Brain which Did That, Like there is Really No such Dimensions and Places and Spirits, Just Our Brain Secreting Hormones. Altering our Perception, Making us Go Mad.
    My Reality is Questioned, My Sanity is Questioned.
    I don’t Fear Death but I fear Getting Lost there Again Soon Enough and Ending up in some Mental Facility. I Love my Parents and I have Huge Dream of Changing The world and Helping Orphan Children.
    But Now all I have is Fear of Going Insane.
    I am Lost, Please Help Me Get Over It. I want Truth. I want To be Me Again.
    Thanks n Take Care

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. What I get from you is that you get to focus on being grounded to the earth. Spend lots of time in nature, walk barefoot on the grass and take naps out side. Positive Spiritual development increases when you remain grounded to the earth.

  197. Well said, Himanshu

    The destination requires your clear un-muddied attention.

    Your own precious consciousness is the highest way to reach Consciousness.

  198. Himanshu Rawat says:

    Hello Sir,

    This article is exactly something i was looking for. A lot of my doubts are settled , thank you for this.

    Cannabis intake did take me a level or two higher, but that’s it.
    Reaching the destination would take much more than smoking a plant.



  199. Indeed, Santana, and this is a serious problem with drug use.

    Drugs open people psychically, in ways that they cannot control, and they become open to negative forces.

  200. Santana Savalas says:

    Use of dmt can have very negative consequences if you are not experienced with evil entities

  201. newbornspirit says:

    maybe my newness to the spiritual path came through there! Am I completely naive in thinking that? I have seen many articles online and by readers/mediums etc who say that you can clear out your aura with meditation?

    Have you read DMT; the spirit molecule? I cannot disregard it as a source of spiritual enlightenment because that book blew my mind with the things people experienced. Psychological healing, travel to other dimensions etc and since DMT is produced by the brain, specifically – the pineal gland/third eye, then couldn’t we also say that it isn’t a drug if it’s produced by our bodies, and in fact every other living creature and plant?

    • Good question, NewBornSpirit

      There are different levels of enlightenment.

      It is true that something like DMT can open you up, but we’re looking for something deeper than such revelations. Although drugs can seemingly open the door in a way, they can’t keep it open. Rather, when you go through the door too quickly, the experience isn’t grounded in as safe a way as it ought to be.

      This is why drugs have traditionally been seen as a fast, but unsure path. While they open you up, they also fragment you in various ways, and putting the fragments together creates its own challenges.

      When you can choose, without drugs helping you, to tune into the center of an atom, for example, you will have an experience that is more genuine. When you can choose, by your own conscious volition, to access cosmic reality, while being grounded in your body, without chemical assistance, you have achieved something more authentic and meaningful to your soul.

      As to the teachers who say you can do it all through meditation, this is simplistic as well. It takes practiced conscious intent, along with your choice to access subtle realms, while being centered in your body in present time. Merely being in a meditative state isn’t enough to achieve this, though meditation definitely has benefits that you would do well to utilize daily.

    • Through serious disciplines meditation or yoga one can release their own reserve of dmt. It takes much more time, discipline and courage than taking ayahuasca or smoking dmt but it is much more rewarding.

  202. newbornspirit says:

    This is an interesting article but I found there to be quite a few assumptions regarding marijuana and psychedelics. Assuming that anybody who smokes marijauna is consciously trying to avoid feelings of pain or grief etc, I find to be grossly incorrect. From my own experiences and that of friends who use marijuana, it has nothing to do with avoidance and everything to do with relaxation. Also, drugs which induce altered states of awareness such as DMT, have already been shown to be quite profound by the research of Rick Strassman. I don’t think it’s logically possible to categorise someone who uses psychedelics as somebody with a ‘drug problem.’ This is because psychedelics aren’t addictive and there are no known records of major abuse of psychedelics. Psychedelics are used primarily to achieve a higher sense of awareness, which they do, often and easily. I am not saying this article is invalid however. I would question the need for any spiritual marijuana-lover to stop smoking it though. Surely the cleansing meditations would be okay to do after they had used it and this would be sufficient to clear out ones aura if they felt it necessary?

    • Thank you for bringing this issue up.

      The users of drugs are not consciously trying to avoid pain. This avoidance is taking place at the unconscious level.

      (Those people trying to avoid their world consciously would more likely use opiates or pills.)

      The relaxation you refer to is from the soul shifting from the physical level to the subtle realms of the aura. While this is not bad in itself, it creates a subtle disconnect between the body and the soul. This is interpreted as relaxing, and it is, but it also comes with a problem — it fragments the person.

      This is described in the article, as a re-read will reveal. It will describe why continued drug use seemingly continues to open the doors of perception, but unfortunately keeps the users in a somewhat fragmented state. They are the last ones to notice this, because the disconnect between their higher and lower bodies is maintained by the continued drug use. When their soul is tired of the disconnect, they will seek more natural non-drug methods.

      When the smokers are ready to find ways to remain integrated, without marijuana, they can examine non-drug ways to relax, and this will include learning to breathe consciously, learning to breathe through their thoughts and feelings, and learning how to improve their nutrition and lifestyle so that they can access the states they need without chemical assistance.

      • Swich says:

        Although this is true it is still Implying that ANYONE who uses cannabis is unconsciously seeking some sort of fulfillment. For many this is not the case. And it is NOT “chemical” assistance as it is not man made…..
        You cannot SAY that this is how it is and no other perspective is correct…that is limiting…for some cannabis may be the greatest spiritual teacher there is…You are already identifying yourself with an idea….
        We each know, in our heart of hearts, whether what we are doing is true to our path or not. The answer differs from person to person.

        • True, Swich, marijuana is from the earth, and in that sense is natural.

          I can say that I observe marijuana creating a subtle separation between soul and body, even in those who believe it is helping them, as that is my perception of what happens energetically.
          This is not a mere idea, but is a subtle energy perception, also shared by many healers I have spoken with.

          • Markku says:

            I agree. Having tried marijuana a couple of times previously I am now doing energy healing and I’ve gained more clarity as my own aura and ether bodies have healed. I have too heard from other healers that all drugs make holes especially in ether body, which takes time to repair. For some it may be part of their spiritual path to explore these things such as shamans. Talking about frequency, nature, is not highest in frequency, but still limited. And shamans are stuck in their level of knowledge. Eventually the path of no substance will lead to even higher frequencies.

          • Calvin says:

            Interesting Joel. I might have Asperger syndrome and I’ve found cannabis to have a different effect on my aura than what you explained. I can back up what you said when it comes to my friends they seem to have a separation, but it takes me out of the confusion of my mind and makes anything possible. Scoring 100s in all of my college classes, becoming social and good at communicating when I’d usually be awkward in conversation, making art and learning 20+ step martial arts forms in ten minutes before being able to graduate to the next form. I also love that cannabis helps me express my love towards my family, my Mother has BPD and usually it’s a bit hard to show her affection. Do you think it’s different for a person with Asperger syndrome?

            thanks, -Calvin jc

          • A unique point of view, Calvin.

            It does seem that you are getting some special benefits for your individual situation. And you’ve noticed that for non-asperberger friends, there is a sense of separation, and this is what energy sensitives have observed about cannabis use.

            So that brings up the question: Over time, as you normalize, how will you retain the benefits? Presumably, you’ll need to taper off the cannabis so that you can internalize the positive qualities. I’m wondering if hypnosis may be valuable for doing that, as it helps with establishing new patterns. And possibly cranial-sacral balancing, to stabilize the electrical flow in the body, as well.

          • James Holley says:

            I think this religious nonsense of yours is keeping cannabis illegal. Why dont you just go down to the doctor and get treated for your schizophrenia? thats what all this “spiritual” stuff is.

          • James Holley says:

            Science > superstition

          • The Real Jofess says:

            Yeahs, marijuana does come from mother Earth and it does have beneficial qualities with it. Smoking it can be fun and fell good at times. The truth is, getting intoxicated causes the spook (soul) to come out of the body, and when the spook comes out of the body the arua will stretch to maintain that the spook does not fly out too far. when the aura stretches it tears, making holes and negative energy enters through holes, thus lowering the spiritual vibration.

            I was a pot smoker and i loved it, I am also a spiritual cultivator, once i found this out i had to make the choice… marijuana or my spiritual progress, so i chose my spiritual progress. The reason why one feels burnt the day after smoking dope is becuz the vibration lowered and the spook was away while some other entity or energy was inside , therefore the body n emotions feel groggy, becuz the spook just came back in the human vehicle after all these negatives where already there.

            so yes i strongly agree with u about the pot issue with u joel. certainly!

          • The Real Jofess says:

            Hey Joel, i am a spiritual cultivater, ive been on and off the path for the last 18 years battling my demons. i just recently kicked an alcohol and opiate addiction. the doc prescribed me suboxane to get off the opiates. she prescribed me 16 milligrams of suboxane per day. Now that i am off the junk and off the beer-

            I am back into deep spiritual cultivation as i do Buddhism and Native American Shamanism. Ive already activated my pineal gland light beams it took 14 days.

            My spiritual practices are removing my negative karma and hindrances, meditations include merkaba activation, kundalini activation and chakra cleaning. I have cut down the suboxane big time, i dose 4mgs, sometimes i will do 8mgs, and also 1 milligram of clonazepam. i do this maybe 4 or 5 days our 7.

            I am wondering what you opinion is about this; if the use of these small doses of suboxane and clonazapam where too have an effect on my spiritual progress and development. whats your opinion Joel?

          • Jofess,

            From a spiritual viewpoint, getting off the meds can help with aura and soul clarity. However, please work with a medical doctor to help with reducing dosages and getting off of meds safely.

            Find safe ways to stay centered:
            – positive self talk.
            – learning to breathe into all feelings to help heal and transform them.
            – safe non-narcotic herbals, such as tulsi tea, scullcap, passion flower, chamomile.
            – cleanse the blood with spirulina, wheatgrass powder, alfalfa powder.
            – nerve strengthening nutrients: non-GMO lecithin, magnesium, and healthy fats such as coconut oil and organic butter.

        • When I read your comment I’m feeling a lot of denial. If you use marijuana to relax you are avoiding the feeling of being tense. It’s as simple as that. Thank you.

      • Santino C says:

        HEY EVERYONE! My name is santino and i started smoking marijuana at 17. i learned of my first metaphysical enlightening info at 18. Now, there are no coincidences so of course needless to say yes, my being was lining up higher truths that i had sought all my life. Well, long story short, two years down the road from hearing of real concepts instead of ignorant USA concepts, i can now hear the voice of God, my higher self or soul, angels, ghosts, which i call beings on this level and are kinda lingering, but are as helpful as posssible and observant. What i am getting at is that i developed to a fine degree even though i was smoking marijuana very very regularly.

        but like this writer says, at some point you realize that it gave you that push outside your box, among other drugs, but it will not permanently keep you there, so what does that tell you? There is something inherently wrong with relying on an outside substance to maintain a level of being i guess. But I also wanna point out that the MAIN thing i learned to do first and foremost WAS to sense my energy . And no one taught me this. i mean no one really taught me too much at all, but im just saying you should reconsider your conclusion that a energetically sensitive person wouldnt smoke marijuana bc starting out i considered mary jane as my training wheels that i can use fear to live with, but if i observe fear for what it is, i would take of the wheels.

        But ive experienced very much and have used marijuana the whole time. I am NOW coming to the conclusion that i must halt my REGULAR use , but as long as i am not dominately in the marijuanic state, meaning i use it sparingly and sacredly, it would boost, not hinder It IS given to us. But mostly for the sick, not the healthy. It is here to heal. Like we are here to heal 🙂 Also, i would focus my energy without marijuana, then smoke, and the stronger the instrument i smoked out of, the stronger my energy sensation was. It was one of the things that proved to me that metaphysical things were tangible.

        • Santino,

          Now that you’re aware of the subtle energy realms, you’re ready to go deeper. But what does it really mean to have deeper awareness?

          Depth is not what many people imagine – they suppose that it is an altered mysterious state of consciousness. However, real spiritual depth is actually a state of clarity. This clarity comes from being able to know what is happening, without any interference from an altered state.

          As you become more aware of subtle energy, you need to be ever-more discerning, because you are accessing realms that can become overwhelming or confusing. Marijuana opens people up to energy, but it also opens the doorway to astral entities who create spiritual confusion, masquerading as a spacey feeling of happiness or mellow vibes.

          When you let go of smoking, you develop your ability to discover deeper truth, unblocked from astral delusions.

      • Indigo says:

        If it has everything to do with relaxation, then wouldn’t you be smoking in order to escape daily stress?

        Thank you for the article Joel!

      • Hannya says:

        Everything Joel wrote is so on point. I speak from personal experience. I will never go back to using marijuana. It is total shit. Once I got far enough away from it, I realized how deep and expansive mind truly is. Using the metaphor of crossing one shore to another, marijuana usage would be like attempting to paddle that boat with a spaghetti noodle. There may be some movement in the water. You’re actually going nowhere.

        I say tho, that I wouldn’t try to convince anyone to quit. Like Suzuki Roshi said, the best way to control your cow is to give it a large pasture. It may seem like there are no boundaries. Just because they’re really far away doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I practiced this way for years, only to eventually realize how wrong I was. I don’t regret anything I’ve done. Were I to do things over again, I would not look twice at that shit, let alone bring it into my body.

        The thing I find particularly curious about those who imbibe and insist on marijuana’s redeeming value is they very seldom admit they could be totally wrong. Instead, they exhaust much energy touting its necessity. You see the same with alcoholics, caffeine fiends and dope addicts of all kinds. It’s best to admit that marijuana, along with many other substances are toxic to the human body. These substances do not contain DMT, rather they induce a near death-like state when used, thereby causing a release of DMT in the brain, which you only have so much of and will certainly need come time to actually die and leave the body.

        Rebuilding that DMT supply is heinously difficult and a lengthy process (search Mantak Chia and his darkroom work). I could go on and on about this. Quit if you want. Keep at it if you want. Just remember, the force requesting that you keep smoking may not actually be you. I can testify to that also. Bottom line, don’t believe everything you think.

        • Hannya,

          I appreciate your insights. It’s possible that those who don’t notice the negatives are so affected by marijuana’s fragmenting side-effects that they simply can’t see the problems.

          Your insight about “the force requesting that you keep smoking” is spot on. These “forces” are entities that want to vampire energy out of your aura. They want you to smoke and drink and eat junk food because it lowers your vibration and opens holes in your aura. This makes it easier for them to come into your space and steal energy.

    • Swich says:

      I agree and felt the same way… your are making many assumptions that someone using “cannabis”( The correct Term) are doing so as a way of avoidance or escape. This is not the case for many. As I….I use cannabis but am not happier when I have it or more at peace…It may be easier to be at peace or happier but I do not use it as a crutch either. I can achieve the same state of being and stillness if I were not smoking. The truth is cannabis is here for our use. It is here for our growth and can be a insightful herb if used correctly.

      • Insightful, yes. Temporarily, that is true for many people.

        In time, you gradually recognize the subtle body-soul separation created by THC, and you choose to not introduce that substance into your body. It’s definitely a more conscious substance than alcohol, but for most people, the higher path eventually evolves to non-use of marijuana. You awaken to the promptings of your highest self, and even the insights associated with marijuana are no longer enough to satisfy your soul.

        • TubaTuba says:

          So, then, Joel, can’t we conclude that cannabis can enhance the raising of vibration to a certain extent and if correctly used can be helpful as a facilitator in early spiritual development but the user for this purpose must be aware that the herb has limitations as to the effectiveness in spiritual development. Therefore, it cannot be used perpetually in one’s life but must be dropped immediately after it has served its purpose.

          • Tuba,

            In a perfect universe, your theory would be true. Unfortunately, the side effects of cannabis create holes in the aura. This does not lead to higher consciousness. Even if a user hopes to use marijuana to expand their consciousness, and even if they stop, they will still have negative effects in their aura for some time.

            The negative effects include the disconnect between soul and body, and the likelihood of attracting entities into the aura.

            In the 1960s and 1970s, there was less awareness of spiritual techniques for accessing spiritual and psychic awareness naturally. Marijuana seemed to be a reasonable way to discover higher spiritual consciousness. However, many years later, anyone who wants to explore the spiritual possibilities of their soul, their aura, and their chakras has access to many safe awareness techniques to do so. The idea that a substance that has side effects is needed for accessing spiritual awareness is no longer a reasonable method.

  203. Samir,

    Glad the article was helpful!

    Here is the situation with spiritual teachers. Many of them are very accomplished in their wisdom and experience. However, those who indulge in unhealthy mind-altering substances are able to function in spite of their drug problem, and not because of it. Never assume that wisdom or genius requires drugs.

    In the 50’s, the famous saxophonist, Charley Parker, was a heroin user. Other musicians assumed that if they used that drug, it would help their music. It didn’t. Charley was a genius, and would have been a healthier, longer-lived genius if he wasn’t using drugs.

    Regarding ayahuasca, when you scan people who have used it, they lose their healthy aura boundary. Whatever spiritual awareness they develop is at the expense of their healthy aura. If they wanted to be more spiritually aware, there are much healthier ways to do that, without injuring the aura boundary.

    • Bogdan says:

      Dear Joel,
      I’m writing you this comment, hoping you can clarify something for me. About a couple of days ago, I was smoking marijuana with a friend of mine. We smoked about a gram of weed, mixed with a little bit of tobacco. After 15 minutes I’ve started to experience lots of horrible symptoms like dizziness, hyperventilation(heart rate being around 200 beats/minute), loss of perception and time( everything felt incredibly wrong and surreal like I wasn’t on that realm anymore, but I could interact with it) and the loss of my coordination. I was basically fighting hard for my life. My friend told me that I should get some sleep, but I was too afraid to die in sleep.

      Another weird experience was when I looked in the mirror. It was like I was there, but wasn’t actually there, something like seeing a picture but not my true self in the mirror. That experience was similar like when you are between the state of consciousness and dreaming ( or sleeping). I remember that I was praying a lot to God to escape from this nightmare. After an hour it was getting better, although I felt my head being really heavy, literally. Previously I’ve smoked only a couple of time, but never experienced symptoms like this.

      After browsing the Internet, I found out that a cause of my symptoms can be a low vibration or possibly negative thoughts, or just some subconscious fears.

      Sorry for my bad english, but I’m not a native speaker.

      • Bogdan,

        Combining marijuana with tobacco could be a confusing combination:
        Marijuana is very yin, and tobacco is very yang.

        Marijuana creates a subtle disconnect between body and soul. Some people find that floating feeling to be relaxing, but the disconnect creates unfortunate side-effects – openings in the aura that can lead to you being open to astral entities. You evidently experienced this problem in a somewhat dramatic way.

        Visualize any negative energies releasing away from you, and imagine your aura as radiant protective light.

        Your English is excellent, by the way.

    • Chris Arnett says:

      Funny you mention Charley Parker. I was an extra in the movie that Clint Eastwood did on his life story.

    • M says:

      Hello, Mr. Wallach:

      How does ayahuasca cause the injury or loss of one’s aura boundary?

      And what can one do for protection before taking this medicine?

      Thank you.

      • M,
        Ayahuasca opens the aura so that you energetically blend with the subtle worlds around you. This can seem to be consciousness expanding, but it can leave you with an overly open aura.

        I don’t know how to protect against these problems when taking it.

        However, afterwards, you might want to get balancing treatments with a practitioner of acupuncture. They’ll help you get integrated into your body.

    • Matt says:

      Hey Joel.. Is there a way to contact you privately? Its not that I’m gonna go into deep detail its just i don’t want others tuning in and sussing me out? Its paranoia of course but it stems from deep guilt that i feel with it even though I’m not going into it fully..

  204. Samir says:

    Hi there Joel,
    Amazing article, been looking for this sort of clarity! I just have a question. What about shamans, particularly in the americas,where they sometimes use ayahuasca as part of their spiritual process? And also the use of cannabis(bhang) in hinduism, and different schools of yoga? I share your view on the matter, but I’m a bit confused because im sure many of theses ‘ganja’ yogis and shamans in my mind, are very spiritually developed (for lack of a better word).

    much love

    • Brian says:

      I’ve worked for lengths with Ayahuasca and I must say you come to this realization about marijuana quite early in your practice. I find it fascinating how many people drop smoking seeing that they start to understand the connection to high vibration.

      • totem says:

        i was growing weed. i was stoner siting in one place at my life i reach awakening with heavy joint since then i was using weed just for meditation like shamans, then i realise i don’t need this anymore because when you reach higher vibes after weed stops working you’re back in a same level or lower.

        also i was suggested should i use it to get relaxed from ruff visions dark reality… and i have answer from spirits it’s clear scary NO! overall, weed did some positive to me i quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking….

    • Mimi says:

      Hi, Smoking marijuana also creates holes in the Auric field. I’ve had several entity attachments from smoking. Every crystal I used did nothing. Smoking also causes gradual energy loss/depletion. It can take months to repair the aura. Really doesn’t work for sensitive types I guess. Thanks.

      • Mimi,

        Than you for mentioning this problem — the auric holes leave you open to entities. When you use a crystal to protect yourself, you need to do more than simply hold the crystal. Here are the active steps you can take to clear the entities:

        – Hold the crystal, charge it with the light of your higher self, and actively direct energy out the tip of the crystal.
        – Sweep the light through your body, with the intention that you are strongly sweeping entities out of your body.
        – Sweep through the body, so that you sweep toxic energies out the hands, and out the feet.
        – Sweep the entities up into heavenly planes, so that they can be released from you and released from the earth plane. This lets them move on in their own journey.

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