Are the solar flares boosting your cosmic awareness?

Or, are the solar flares just bringing your old stuff to the surface?

An ordinary explosion creates a sheer energetic force of chaotic power. The shock wave from an explosion can overwhelm the senses because the body and aura become temporarily disoriented. We now have explosively shocking phenomena in our solar system, called solar flares, and they seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity lately.

The media says that the flares can affect satellites and other electrical systems. True, but what about the effect upon the living bio-electricity of your own body? In what ways are you like a satellite? And could the solar flares affect your mind, or even your soul?

Our sun’s flares are activated by intensity originating from the center of our galaxy, at the galactic core. It’s not something you think about generally, what with all the details of daily life, but we’re becoming galactic citizens whether we realize it or not. Though our sun and our little solar system is at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, our sun is receiving activation from the galactic core. And when you understand what is happening to our world, and know how to flow along with it, you will understand what is happening to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When I tune into the consciousness of the sun, I sense that it is a vast, living being. It has a soul, and like all living beings, it gets its primary energy from the universe itself, and especially from the galactic core. And you can learn something from this, because the sun is teaching you how to connect directly with the universe, as if you were  plugging into an electrical socket. But if you were just receiving fresh life energy from these solar flares, that would be easy. There is much more to these cosmic events, however…

The solar flares are transmitting a vibrantly activating higher consciousness directly from the galactic core, in the form of living plasma energy. Plasma is mysterious stuff, and it has been called the fourth state of matter — the first three being solid, liquid, and gas. So plasma is not solid, liquid, or gas, and yet it may appear to mimic these at times. Now this plasma is fascinating because when you tune into it, it communicates with you on many levels, as if it were alive. Which it evidently is, as there is consciousness within everything in the universe — but the intelligence of plasma is a higher level of consciousness, with special qualities…

Plasma is super-alive, or perhaps super-conscious, I’ll call it, because it is capable of activating your consciousness in ways that may transcend the benefits that the solid, liquid, and gas elements can offer you. If you’ve spent any time with quartz crystals, and if you experienced their amazing abilities to activate your cosmic awareness, you know that crystals are definitely conscious. So multiply that, and you get a sense of how plasma can awaken your inner spiritual capacities. The sun is activated by the deep plasma life intelligence at the galactic core, and so the sun is releasing vast amounts of spiritually activating plasma into this solar system, which is having a catalyzing effect upon you.

The plasma being activated by our sun is awakening your own plasma within you, and this is changing consciousness whether people are ready for it or not. This is because plasma is one of the essential forms that your living soul has within your body. When you let yourself feel into it, you can sense how plasma may well be the life-energy body of your soul. Plasma is a flowing, vibrating, living substance, and the stronger recent solar flares are vibrating your soul body into a new level of presence and functioning. And this can feel overwhelming, because you have been acclimated to a lower level of spiritual aliveness.

The emerging super-capacities in humanity will come from their activated plasma soul-bodies. And if it were that simple, then we would all turn into super beings, and that would be that. However the challenge is that at every level of your being, your ego has hardened itself into rigid patterns, and these patterns may not ready for your emerging spiritual power. In fact, unless you understand what is happening, you might assume that your body and mind are going backwards in their development, and that’s not the case at all…

When your spiritual plasma bodies activate, the vibrations shake the old patterns to the surface, and that can mean that toxins come to the surface. It can also mean that old disease patterns can surface, and this can be uncomfortable. Your practical response to surfacing toxins is to clear them out. This is important even if your lifestyle is seemingly healthy. The solar energy activations are bringing up patterns that could come from childhood diseases, family patterns, and past life patterns. So clearing toxins, releasing patterns, and embracing your spiritual awakening are keys to flowing with the changes as pleasantly as possible.

Your emotional body is also being activated by the solar flares, and as with the physical body, emotional patterns are surfacing. Many people are finding old patterns that they thought they had already released making their moody presence known. If you judge it or deny it, that won’t make the old patterns go away, no matter how much you wish it would. As your plasma bodies activate, they shake the old patterns loose, just like a dog shaking water off its fur. But typically, the old patterns don’t fling out of your reality quite so easily. So you’ll be spending time experiencing these old emotions, and you’ll have a choice to make…

Do you judge and deny the surfacing emotions, or do you befriend them, so that you can help them? Befriending them doesn’t mean submitting to them or agreeing with them. You listen to them, so that the surfacing emotions know that you accept them. This makes it easier to educate them, and to gently release them. When you learn to do this layer-by-layer, you can heal your patterns more easily, because the layer-by-layer approach lets you move through the patterns gently, yet deliberately.

Your awakening soul energy is igniting the living cosmic plasma in your mental body, and this is bringing provoking thoughts to the surface. Old limiting perceptions and beliefs are up for review, and they have a characteristic tight and limiting quality to them. This distinguishes the old thoughts from the new, expansive and liberating thoughts that are attempting to emerge within your mental body. The contrast is stronger than ever, and it can be rather crazy-making to feel simultaneously that anything is possible, while also experiencing limiting childlike fears that seem to hold the ancient resonance of humanity’s accumulated fears.

As your plasma energy bodies awaken, they want to express their infinite nature. And they are trying to vibrate at the higher radiant level, but it might not feel wonderful to you just yet, because the hardened patterns in your personality and ego are still resisting. And when you are only noticing the old patterns uncomfortably surfacing, you find yourself wondering when the challenges will end, and when the smoother good times will finally arrive. Here are some essential realizations that will serve you well during your spiritual awakening…

You don’t have to wait until all your limiting patterns are released in order to feel the good aspects of your spiritual awakening. Just knowing that you can tap into the good vibrations now gives you the hint that you can access some enlivening spiritual realities in any given moment. If it is that simple, what exactly can you do to touch that potential? Since you are exploring the sun at the moment, just let yourself imagine this: Tune into the sun, and in your mind, go beneath the surface, and tune into its center point. Sense the sun as a living energy that you can talk with and share energy with.

Are you ready to acknowledge that whatever that vast cosmic energy within the sun is, you yourself have something very much like it within your own self? It’s simple to do, but challenging for some to consider, because it helps you move beyond centuries of limited concepts. Not that recognizing your galactic essence is bad or scary — quite the opposite — it is a joyous recognition of your divine nature. But to the extent that your little ego feels unready, this cosmic recognition could be overwhelming for some people.

And so, recognizing your cosmic nature is up to you. And if you sense that you’re probably ready, then you probably are. And if it seems like it would be too much, then relax and wait until you feel ready.

What will you find within the sun? First of all, you have been educated to perceive the sun as a ball of fiery gas. Whatever scientists will eventually prove the sun to be remains to be seen.

So be clear in your understanding that the essence you are tuning into right now is the energetic quality, or the soul of the sun. And when you tune into that divine solar essence, you discover an energy — a living plasma energy of pure universal spirit. And, if you allow yourself to, you can start to notice a similar energy within yourself.

The solar flares are jump-starting your own internal cosmic engine, so that you can truly sense your cosmic nature. When you recognize the connection, as a real, felt sense within you, you will no longer think of yourself as a material being with an external soul. You will come to know that all your bodies, from the physical body to the soul body, are all expressions of your one integrated self, and that they express the living spark that is your divine, or higher self.

And when you let the sun, and ultimately the galactic core, energetically inform your own self of your essential cosmic nature, you will be learning from the living teacher that is within you, and that lives all around you — your solar system, your galaxy, and ultimately the universe itself.

This frees you from the idea that this physical universe is separate from the world of spirit, or consciousness. That division was promoted for years by particular branches of science, organized religion, and the mass media, and it served their purpose of dividing and conquering humanity. When you define yourself as being a divided person, in a divided universe, you are easily manipulated.

By contrast, when you acknowledge the spiritual activation taking place with the help of the solar flares, and you own your unified living consciousness, you accept that you are one unified being, integrated with one unified universe. This lets you know yourself and your universe with a new level of empowerment, as exemplified by the film, Thrive, which presents the possibilities that life on the planet can be much more empowering and enlivening than many had supposed was possible.

The emerging energy within you is dynamically alive. It is not a static pretty picture, like a Hallmark card of spiritual niceness. It is much more amazing than that, because, being dynamic, it is a thinking, breathing, vibrating reality that is ever creating — it is your multidimensional self. And so, the idea that you would just quietly become enlightened and float away in a cloud of bliss is unrealistic.

Your dynamic emerging consciousness doesn’t want to deny the world, although as you become more conscious, your thoughts may seek to move beyond limiting energies and away from unhealthy situations. But this doesn’t mean that you are denying the world — very much the opposite — you are releasing from limited patterns so that you can bring your creative powers to the world in even more effective ways.

This is very much what happened to me when I shifted from doing private sessions. There was a new level of possibilities to shift into, and though my ego had resisted such a shift for years, my higher self reveled in the exciting possibilities of sharing an entire lifetime’s worth of cosmic teachings with a broader audience. The awakenings are not always easy, and for most they present challenges. But understanding what is happening is key to navigating through the challenges as they surface, because the deeper meaning of all these changes is that you are looking for a deeper truth, and it is emerging within you and your life.

The good news is that the spiritual activation you’ve been awaiting for centuries is being brought directly to you, through the catalyzing influence of the solar flares, so that you can experience the shifts within the living landscape of your own body and soul.

From now on, when you hear about solar flares, you will have the understanding to picture it in a new empowering way. You will be able to feel into what the sun, and the solar flares are sharing with your body and soul. The emerging feelings and thoughts will be seen for what they are — shifting energies amidst a transformational process. You may have to confront some heavy old patterns, and you may feel at times that you have lost your way. But the activated energies in your emerging plasma bodies hold the wondrous potential that you have been seeking, if you let yourself learn from them.

What you had wanted from spiritual masters, from experts and authorities, and from the universe itself — those spiritual gifts that you had hoped for — are now emerging within you. Breathe into your awakening vibrations within, and feel the dynamism. This is really happening, and you can choose to benefit from it. You are really being awakened at every level.

Feel into this vibrant truth that is living within the sun, within the galactic core, and within your own self. Let yourself smile as you look back with understanding at your long history of spiritual studies through the centuries. Feel into the depth of your cosmic consciousness within, and recognize that you, in this moment, are the multidimensional being that you have been waiting for — that splendid divine being who is here to bring your unique gifts into your own life, and into the lives of humanity.

Many Blessings, 

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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