Finding Your Own Spiritual Aura

Your aura, or energy field, reflects your state of consciousness from moment to moment, because it is always dynamically shifting in wonderfully subtle ways. Your aura is also an expression of all your experiences throughout your lifetimes. The qualities of your aura are formed from these countless experiences, and these patterns give your energy its distinctive character. But how can you find your own spiritual aura amidst the innumerable layers that have accumulated within your own energy field?

You may be concerned that your past-life experiences, many of them being rather less than positive, could obscure your spiritual nature. Fortunately, your deepest spiritual essence remains undamaged throughout all your experiences. In fact, you are learning from your experiences, and so your continual process of spiritual learning through your lifetimes actually builds new radiance into your aura.

It is a good thing that your aura is changing in each moment, and this can give you hope, because your aura is not frozen. Your dynamic living aura can change — it can heal and brighten, to reveal its true radiant light. And because your aura is reflecting your state of consciousness in each moment, that means that each moment is an opportunity for you to utilize your consciousness in more effective ways. You could even say that you are learning how to be conscious about your consciousness.

Where is your spiritual essence located? Is it hidden underneath the other experiences? In a way, it is hiding in plain sight. The stresses and challenges are layers of surface experiences, and they draw your attention at first, so that it seems that your spiritual aura is obscured.

However, your thoughts, emotions, and experiences are not your essence. But, your thoughts and emotions do form layers in your aura, and they can affect your awareness, just as sunglasses affect how much light you can see. How can you transcend these limitations to discover your spiritual essence?

You have the power of consciousness — you can choose where you place your attention. Simple though that may sound, it reveals why you have the power to sense underneath the surface patterns, so that you can find the deeper spiritual essence within.

Here is a little awareness experience that will get you started in making the distinction between surface characteristics, and deeper essence.

Guided meditation to distinguish between the material world and the subtle energy of things:

1. Notice an object in the room around you.

2. Notice its surface features — color, shape, size, and texture.

3. Imagine that you are looking into the tiny molecules of that object — just pretend that you are doing this.

4. Let your gaze sense the molecules, and just relax and breathe as you do this.

5. Gaze first at the molecules, then at the surface of the object.

6. Repeat number 5, going back and forth between gazing at the molecules, and then gazing at the surface of the object. Each repetition helps you sense reality in a deeper way — it is both material and non-material.

7. To complete the meditation, sense your body as a safe and stable vehicle for your consciousness, focus your attention in the present moment, and choose to continue your day with centered awareness.

This simple exercise frees you from the narrow understanding about the material world that ordinarily limits your consciousness.

You can apply this way of sensing to your own aura, and it will free you from seeing yourself superficially. In this material world, there is a tendency to reference everything, and even yourself, as a material being. This is one reason why the goal of knowing your spiritual aura can seem distant — until you know how to shift your consciousness.

When you release from defining yourself as a collection of physical characteristics, you empower yourself to experience the cosmic energy being that you truly are. There are more benefits to this than merely having an interesting spiritual experience. This is because your aura is gradually healed every time you utilize your consciousness effectively.

The idea that you can build the light of your spiritual aura by learning to sense in a multidimensional way can motivate you to seek daily opportunities to work with your consciousness. Here is another awareness experience that will help you know your spiritual essence.

Guided visualization for experiencing your spiritual essence:

1. Notice your body, and notice your breathing.

2. Imagine the space within your body — don’t try to analyze it — just notice it.

3. Gently sweep your attention through the space within your body.

4. Notice your breathing as you do this.

5. If you notice tensions, gently sweep through them, but do not react to them.

6. Become aware of the overall presence within you — the consistent quality that seems to exist as subtle energy throughout your body.

7. Gently sweep your attention through this subtle quality of energy that exists within you.

8. Notice your breathing as you sweep your subtle energy with your attention.

9. Complete this experience by looking around the room — notice your physical body, and realize that you are a focused, physical being, grounded in a safe, stable reality.

You have made a subtle, but important shift in your awareness. Recognize that you now have the ability, when you choose, to shift your attention to include your subtle energy essence. This frees you from defining yourself from only the material perspective. Now you can explore your essential nature. Why is this subtle way of sensing so spiritually important?

Compare how your essence seems to be a mirror of the universe itself:

Spirit, or consciousness is vast and infinite.

Your soul is vast and infinite.

The universe contains its wisdom within each part of itself.

You, being made of universal energy, contain your cosmic soul consciousness within every part of you.

The universe contains all creative possibilities.

You, from your essence, can discover all creative possibilities.

The universe contains the divine spark within every particle of itself.

You, in your essence, contain that same divine spark in every particle of yourself.

Before we go any further with this discovery, realize that there are some people who will warn you that to compare yourself with the universe is not appropriately humble, or is somehow un-spiritual. They make these statements because they haven’t yet recognized their own essential spiritual nature. They call themselves spiritual, but they actually define themselves as primarily material — and limited.

Realize that your deeper spiritual experiences do not boost your ego — it is a humble recognition to know that you have the same spiritual spark within you as that of a tree or a rock. Of course, your soul is much more advanced in certain ways than a tree, but that is simply because your soul has evolved in its individual consciousness over many lifetimes. However, the basic spiritual essence between you and the tree is the same essence.

You can be assured that knowing your essential spiritual nature does not elevate you above anyone else, nor does it diminish anyone. To recognize that you are made of divine substance is to also know that everyone else is made of that same divine substance. This brings up another issue that some people will warn you about.

When you cultivate an awareness of your spiritual aura, and come to know its divine nature, there are those well-meaning people who will express a concern about you. They worry that you probably have the illusion that you are God.

They may have this strange fear about cosmic awareness because they see themselves as separate from the divine. Here is the important distinction that lets you know that you are having valid spiritual experiences, but you are not egotistically assuming that you are God:

1. The divine, supreme, creative force that created the universe created you.

2. The divine creative force created you out of its own divine substance.

3. Therefore, you are made of divine substance, but you are not the creator of the universe — you are not God.

This should be simple to understand. After all, you are not your parents. They helped create your body, and you have some of their characteristics, but you do not confuse your own identity with theirs.

When you discover your essential divine nature within, you can do so with the knowledge that you are tracing your essence back to its divine source. This is a wonderful discovery that is spiritually liberating, and everyone has the freedom to make this empowering discovery for themselves — but only if they choose to.

What can you do to cultivate your spiritual aura daily? Several times a day, when you have a moment, do a quick check-in with your spiritual essence. It only takes a brief shift of awareness to notice your breathing, sweep your attention through the space in your body, and notice your subtle energy essence. This gradually builds your deeper recognition that you are not only a material being.

Why does making a shift in your consciousness shift your aura? Your aura is always reflecting your consciousness. If you see yourself as only material, that constricts your aura, and lowers your consciousness. But does that mean that you should avoid seeing yourself as material?

You do have a material aspect of yourself — your body. And you are living on this material planet — or are you? Yes, you are living within this planetary influence, but this planet is only one small point of awareness amidst this entire universe. And knowing this helps you use your consciousness to recognize your spiritual nature more easily.

Though you are living on this planet, you can see the deeper truth with your imagination. Your imagination is able to sense that which is beyond your ordinary material senses. With your imagination, you can sense the subtle reality that you are a spiritual being of divine energy, and you are living within the infinite divine universe itself.

You can recognize this without denying that you are in a body. You can recognize your divine essence without denying this planet. You are just broadening your perspective to include the vast multidimensional reality.

Guided meditation to broaden your spiritual perspective of reality:

1. Notice your physical body.

2. Breathe, and gently sweep your awareness through your body.

3. Relax, and notice the room around you.

4. Breathe, and gently sweep your attention through the space of the room around you.

5. Sense beyond the walls of the room — use your imagination — and sense how there is no limit to the space that extends beyond the room.

6. Let your gaze gently sweep that space that extends to infinity.

7. Notice that you are breathing comfortably in your physical body, but your consciousness extends to recognize the universe.

8. Notice that you are in the same room as before, but now you realize that it is a small point amidst the greater infinite universe.

9. To complete this exploration, notice your breathing in your body. Sense that your body is stable and focused, and calmly continue with your day.

Each time you explore this broader perspective, you build your awareness of the deeper reality that you actually live within. You appreciate that you really do live in an infinite divine universe, of which the earth is a relatively small, but important part.

You can bring this broader perspective into each moment of your life, so that you recognize that your spiritually mystical experiences are natural and ordinary, rather than rare or strange occurrences.

Your deeper recognition of reality goes beyond theory. It is a deeply personal experience, and it helps you transcend ideas and books. Such books can be useful catalysts that inspire you, but only if you use the books as springboards for your own spiritual discoveries. At a certain point, you need to practice using your consciousness. Reading spiritual books gives you a collection of thoughts, but spiritual awareness is much more than that.

This is why you need to recognize, as you grow spiritually, that the books are only partially correct in what they say — they can’t really express deeper truths in mere words. This is because your spiritual truth is only really validated through your own experiences with your consciousness. You may express your spiritual truth somewhat differently than the books, and that is why the books are not entirely true. This is not to judge them, but just to recognize that your own spiritual experience is the real teaching.

Don’t wait until you’ve read yet more books — start exploring your consciousness today. These personally meaningful explorations are the ones that touch your heart, mind, and soul.

So do study, and do listen, but not in the uncritical way that many naive students do. Don’t be impressed with any teaching merely because it sounds impressive, complex, or lofty. Let yourself have your own spiritual experience, and discover what you can learn from your experiences when you tune into the universe directly.

Imagine that the divine consciousness of the universe itself is inviting you to study it. In so doing, you are studying about your own essential nature, and learning for your own self just why spiritual awareness is so meaningful. Whether anyone else understands why you are doing this is irrelevant. You are exploring your spiritual aura because it is the mirror that reveals the deeper nature of reality, the face of God, the secrets of the cosmos, and the meaning of life. And any other fascinating reasons that are meaningful to you.

May each breath bring you into the cosmic realization that you are a uniquely living and breathing expression of the divine. Look about you, and let yourself see that universal spark shimmering within everyone, and within everything.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living — spiritual instruction tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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