How To Cleanse Your Own Soul

Your soul is supposed to be perfect and divine. So why would you need to cleanse anything made from divine substance? Isn’t your perfect essence beyond the need for fixing or cleaning?

Well, it depends how you define Perfection.

Consider how your soul essence has experience after experience, lifetime after lifetime. Every experience leaves its imprint, like a muddy shoe print on your doormat. For example, that situation where you fell off a cliff in one lifetime left a bruise in your soul; the impact is still there, at a subtle level. And then, there was that situation where you were chased by the townspeople because you were a member of the wrong class, or religion, or tribe — that imprint is still there.

If you were in perfect, one hundred percent alignment with your original essence, you’d automatically re-align with your true self with ease, even after difficult events. But there’s a reason why automatic re-alignment doesn’t happen instantly. When you understand this, you can have compassion for your own self, because you will stop judging your natural reactions to events.

When you experience the difficulties of life, your emotional reactions are only human, and are nothing to blame your self about. You may be frightened, angry, sad, or confused by what is happening — likely a combination of these. You’re generating thoughts of every description as well, and these muddled thoughts get mingled into your emotions. Strongly experienced emotions and thoughts can create a pattern that makes an imprint in your aura, like a muddy footprint that makes its mark on the carpet.

Your soul expresses itself through your aura, and the brightest presence in your aura is your soul essence. Think of your aura as an energy field that expresses all that you are. Your aura reflects your divine essence, your hopes and dreams, your potential, and more. And your aura contains the patterns of all your accumulated emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These patterns can affect the clarity of your soul light, as a dirty window blocks the sunlight.

Is it enough to simply know that you are made of divine substance?

Some mystics say that your essence is divine, and that this is all you need to know. Certainly, it is very helpful to be able to confront all the troubling patterns you’ve acquired, and to contrast those patterns with your divine essence. This helps you remember your essential cosmic nature, and helps you disentangle yourself from the thousands of difficult experiences.

However, it is often not enough to simply remember your soul essence. This is because of a phenomenon called fragmentation. When you experienced all those thousands of difficult experiences in all your lifetimes — including this current lifetime — you protected yourself.

This is an automatic response mechanism that keeps you from becoming so scared or overwhelmed that your nervous system would become dangerously overcharged. The protective mechanism divides the difficult thoughts and emotions into separate fragments within your body and aura, so that their collective intensity doesn’t destroy you.

While this protective mechanism is well-intended, it creates the problem that you are dissociated from the trapped emotional energy that you need to release for optimum well-being. Also, the trapped energy thinks the problem is still happening, even though that event is now in the past — and in some cases, in a past lifetime.

When you understand that you have dispersed fragments of thoughts and emotions jumbled in your body and aura, then you start to understand how you can cleanse your soul. Recognizing your emotions and thoughts as energy is one key to liberating yourself from patterns. When you can examine a feeling or thought as a living energy presence, then you can talk to it. You can massage it, heal it, and shift it. The pattern is no longer mysterious; it is something that you can shift in healthy, creative ways.

Are you really allowed to do this? What gives you the right to shift your patterns? If an event has already happened, isn’t it locked into time and space as a permanent event? Well, it has happened, and there’s no denying that, but you don’t have to be eternally referenced to it. You can develop a neutral perspective to that event.

Remember, you are an eternal soul, and you have spiritual rights. Although your experiences really did happen, realize that these many experiences don’t have to define you. Yes, the experiences have influenced you, and you may still be carrying the patterns of those experiences. But you’re likely doing that out of habit, and not out of need. Remember that your eternal soul existed long before those experiences, and will exist long after.

Another empowering key is to recognize that events and patterns are temporary

Compared to the eternal nature of your soul, every event is a little blip in time. Tune into that the next time you find yourself responding dramatically to something or someone. Even if it feels that you’re imagining the idea of eternity, let yourself get a sense of what eternity feels like. It’s an actual spacious sense that opens up, and it helps you transcend the fears and judgments that you get stuck in so easily.

Realize that you have the right to shift your mind, and to change how you choose to interact with the items in your memory. This is not denial, but is a choice to experience life in a more empowered and centered way. As a soul, you can make these empowered choices. You can benefit your body, mind, and soul, by changing how you perceive and interact with a particular situation.

This awareness shift makes it easier for you to bring your reference point back to your essential soul energy — the timeless energy of your essence.

But why do you hold on to patterns if you aren’t benefiting from them? You have been influenced by strong, unpleasant experiences, and you temporarily forgot that your divine soul doesn’t need to keep holding on to those patterns. Of course, you experience everything to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hold on to the hurt or the fear forever. If it has become pointless to hold the problem in your body, mind, or aura, then you can explore letting the pattern go.

Releasing patterns without denying the events

Of course, it’s easier said than done to let these old patterns go — but why is this such a challenge? Remember, layers of difficult situations made you temporarily forget your divine nature. And your soul, in its effort to help you, conveniently divided the pain, fear, sadness, and anger into tiny compartmentalized sections in your body and aura. And at a subconscious level, you promised yourself that you’d keep protecting yourself with fragmentation, and not remember your original, complete self.

This is one explanation of why you hold on to problems, but there is yet another reason. You have become identified with the problem. You might not realize it, and maybe it does seem a bit absurd to suppose that you are identifying with a problem that happened in a past lifetime, or an issue that happened in your childhood. When you forget your divine nature, you still need an identity — you identify with a lesser identity, and that lesser identity becomes part of your definition of who you are.

Until you re-write your definition, you’ll keep getting your sense of identity from your lesser, problem-oriented self. It would be easy if you could just reconfigure yourself today, and be forevermore enlightened, but more realistically, you’ll want to re-align with your soul identity daily. This is because these issues exist in many layers, and you gradually transform the layers over time.

You may wonder why your soul, supposedly eternal and wise, would not automatically help you with these essential understandings about your cosmic identity. However, your soul exists at many levels, and some are much more aware than others. At its essence, your soul is truly aligned with universal love and wisdom. However, your lifetimes are for learning, and the younger aspects of your soul have had many challenging learning experiences. This raises another question:

Why do you need to learn in each lifetime, if your divine essence already knows everything?

When your soul was created, it was made from universal substance — a divine spark made from the substance of the cosmic creative intelligence of the universe. This spark — you — was given a unique identity, unlike any other soul in the universe. And this individual spark was given Free Will.

Understanding this helps you know why you co-created all the learning experiences over many lifetimes. And, it helps you understand why your soul essence doesn’t automatically fix the problems in your younger soul aspects. If it did that, then the younger aspects wouldn’t grow and mature. Just as a child learns school lessons by doing the homework — if the parent does the homework for the child, then the child doesn’t learn.

Though you’re made of universal substance, your individual spark needs to learn for itself — free-will means that you are learning to make choices in each moment. You wouldn’t really learn if you were just following external orders. Divine learning emerges from your inner wisdom, in each moment, because you are discovering the universal truths for your self. In order to do this, you need to discover how everything works, and this includes finding out how your emotions and thoughts function.

When you have all the thousands of experiences that you have, each situation gives you an opportunity to be centered — or not. Will you reactively blame yourself or others — or quietly stay centered, to access your deeper understanding? So don’t blame yourself for having natural upset reactions to things — it’s not a bad thing. However, though automatic reactions aren’t exactly bad, your reactive responses do create more difficulties. This is why you are gradually discovering healthy options to your automatic reactions.

One important key to cleansing your soul is to look at a situation, and experience that situation in a fresh, new way. This is the technique that you are going to explore now. It helps your soul release the patterns that are clogging your aura with stale memories of troubling feelings and thoughts. You don’t have to know all the details of the situation that you’re healing. Even a general idea of a difficult situation is enough to practice these soul-healing techniques.

Meditation to liberate you from stuck ways of seeing a past problem:

1. Look at a situation that affected you in your childhood.

2. Imagine seeing the situation from a completely different angle — for example, imagine that you could experience that situation from a bird’s eye view, or even from outer space.

3. Notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body, as you relax and experience the scene from these very different vantage points.

4. Now see it from yet other vantage points — from the side — from the rear view — and from various angles that are different from your original viewpoint in the scene.

5. As you play with these different vantage points, notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body as you experience each vantage point.

6. Now you can shift the sound within that scene. Replace the sound with different voices; add an amusing soundtrack; lower the volume on abrupt noises or shouting, so that it becomes very quiet, as if you were using a volume control for the scene.

7. Notice how you breathe, and how you feel in your body as you experience the scene with these entirely different sounds. Look at any detail in the scene, and notice how that aspect begins to feel somewhat different when the scene is accompanied with a different set of sounds, or a quieter set of sounds.

8. Next, shift your size in the scene, so that you are a giant towering over the scene. See the people in the scene as if they were tiny dolls.

9. Breathe, and notice what you feel in your body when you are a giant looking down on the scene.

10. To integrate, breathe gently, breathe into your body, and notice that you are safe in the here-and-now. You are not stuck where you were; you can see and feel that situation in a new way now. You will continue to notice the fascinating shifts in your body and mind.


Does this meditation produce a complete shift? Probably not entirely — but do notice the subtle shifts in your awareness. Is it easier to breath, and more comfortable in your body when you think of that past scene? Play with this meditation again, and each time you do it, the scene may feel lighter and easier to you.

There’s no judgment here. Your way of escaping by fragmenting is what we all do, so you’re not better or worse than anyone else. Everyone divides himself or herself in order to escape from overwhelm. At the same time, everyone has the means of using their consciousness to awaken to their potential. That means that you can bring consciousness to all your parts. You can bring your divine essence to the parts of you that need that blessing.

Meditation to bring your soul essence to your parts:

1. Imagine your soul essence as the vast, cosmic being that it truly is. Use your imagination — pretend, if you like.

2. Imagine seeing and feeling life as your soul would see and feel reality — pretend that you are actually seeing and feeling from the experience of your soul essence.

3. From that soul perspective look down on a scene from your childhood.

4. Reach down into that scene, with your mighty cosmic soul arms, and lift your younger self up and out of that scene.

5. Hold your younger self in your celestial arms, and let your cosmic love and light shine sweetly from your divine heart and mind into that younger self.

6. Say the encouraging things that you are inspired to say to your younger self.

7. Continue to re-assess the scene, making any adjustments you’d like, from the perspective of your vast soul essence.

8. Let your body and soul face each other — the body and soul are really recognizing that they are both aspects of each other.

9. Explore the shift between your soul essence perspective, and your in-the-body, here-now experience. Gently shift back and forth between your soul perspective and your here-now perspective.

10. As you move back and forth between body and soul awareness, the two begin to meld together. Don’t force it. Just gently be with the shift as your body and soul recognize their essential oneness.

11. To integrate, be in present time. Breathe into your body, and gently sweep your awareness through your body, so you can notice how you are more present, and more at peace.

12. Let yourself notice the interesting details in the room around you, and become aware of the subtle enjoyable details that you are able to appreciate more easily in the present moment.


As you explore this shifting between soul and body awareness, you start to recognize that your soul is always available to you. You realize that your soul’s love and wisdom belongs to you. Your soul has its own empowering cosmic perspective, and that perspective is available to you whenever you choose to access it.

There is a fascinating moment when you really recognize that your soul is your true essence. And, this body is a living, breathing expression of that true essence, in the unique opportunity called This Lifetime. You can use the cosmic perspective of your soul to help shift stuck feelings and thoughts. The shift can help you look at situations that always seemed stuck or hopelessly difficult.

This earthly lifetime offers an amazing lesson in focus and alignment

By the way, what value does your body bring to your soul, if your soul is already so wise? Your body helps to ground and focus the vast and universal soul perspective. Embodiment has its own extraordinary rewards. Remember this the next time a well-intentioned spiritual expert tells you that nothing is real on this earth. It’s all relative — your body is getting a deeper divine understanding from your soul, while your soul becomes more polished and focused when it grounds itself into the slower presence of your body within this earth plane.

But, as some will tell you, you’re already clean — you don’t need to be cleaned. This well-intentioned advice comes from those who have correctly perceived that your essence is perfect. However, what they may have forgotten is that the human tendency to fragment means that you have to do a bit of inner healing work. You integrate your fragments, release the excess tension, and re-align with your divine essence. Simply knowing that your soul essence is perfect doesn’t automatically heal those fragments and make them magically unite together.

If all of this means that you now have an easier way to cleanse your soul, that’s a beautiful thing. Remember, the knowledge that your soul essence is perfect is true. And, the realization that it takes some work to cleanse your soul is also true. As you now know, that’s because your soul exists at many levels. Let yourself learn from the deeper essential soul truths that your essence shares with you. And let yourself help the less-aware aspects that got stuck.

These meditations liberate you to shift the patterns that you thought you were stuck in. They’re fascinating, and even enjoyable at times. At the very least, you’ll get a chance to play with some deeper self-healing abilities, and discover how you’re more empowered than you had thought possible.

Please share your experiences with these meditations in the comments section below. Your experiences and discoveries help the next person, and make it easier for that reader to give himself or herself permission to transform. May your body, mind, and soul unite with ease and grace.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living for spiritual empowerment, tele-classes and self-paced mp3’s

About Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art:, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools:
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28 Responses to How To Cleanse Your Own Soul

  1. Ema Nor says:

    Thank you for sharing your revelations and realisations so open-heartedly and friendily!!!

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  3. shae says:

    I agree with certain aspects of what you’ve written but not with most of it. I believe that every human being is whole soul-wise and our human journeys are about re-uniting our ego (or who we think we are) with our essence. The soul is already whole: it cannot be added or taken away so therefore it does not need cleansing or healing.My soul is the watcher part of me, or pure light or awareness to imply that that needs healing or cleansing it is ludicrous.However it was interesting to read your perspective, but I would like to point that most of us struggle to embrace our humanity. We push away painful feelings, and we construct opinions about ourselves that are quite often not true to our essence. Clearly this is what needs healing. And yes I have experienced fragmentation due to PTSD and I literally felt like there were parts of me missing. But this I discovered is the rather intelligent way of me being able to put aside my old sense of identity and discover who I really am at a soul level. It’s a stripping away process that is exceptionally uncomfortable because most of us are so invested in keeping intact the idea of who we think we are that when it comes uncovering what is real and never changing, the process can be testing to say the least. It’s be been hard but the outcome has left me in awe over and over again.

    And I know that my soul is whole because it has been my guiding light in my darkest hour calling me to come home to it. It comforts me in my loneliest hour when no one is there to do that and I am usually gobsmacked when I am inspire to do something that might not make sense at first glance but then works out perfectly for me. Surely a soul that needs cleansing could not possibly offer all this and still need to be in need of alteration?

    • Shae,

      Thank you for expressing these points so beautifully. We do seem to agree on these matters, curiously enough. The soul is certainly complete, and it has, as the same time, accumulated aspects of itself, through its many lifetimes, that are still needing healing. These are not contradictory understandings, for they reflect the difference between the infinite divine essence, and the layers of pain and distortions that have accumulated in the soul as well.

      The soul is so multifaceted that it cannot be limited to one of its aspects. It is infinite, and it is non-infinite. When you explore all these aspects, you’ll find that the infinite aspects can bring healing to the challenged aspects. It is a wonderful and empowering discovery.

  4. Norayda says:

    I’ve always been a positive thinker since I was a child. I dream big and really want to have a better life than what my parents had given us. I got what I dreamt of, house, career (although not totally their yet), great husband and family. 2 years ago, my son had pneumonia and was very ill. Thankfully, he recovered well and is now healthy. 1 week after my son recovered my mum nearly died and went for an emergency brain operation which she recovered well but not back to who she was before.

    Since that time I feel low most of the time and can’t think straight or clear. I sometimes struggle at work to focus and even a small criticism I feel worst. I tried to look for answers, read self help books, try to go counseling, etc. I feel better sometimes but revert back to feeling down. I’m on denial that I’m happy but truly I’m struggling inside. Please help

    • Norayda,

      You’re trying to be positive, and ordinarily this would be a good thing. However, you’re trying too hard, and may be denying the sad or unpleasant feelings. Here’s what you can do:

      – Acknowledge the sad or heavy feelings. Don’t judge them. Just feel them.

      – Don’t judge the feelings. Bless them, and know that they can release.

      – Feel the heavy energies lifting out of you. Peel them off of you, layer by layer.

      – Release some of the energies each day. Don’t demand that they all release at once. When you find heavy energies still present, bless them, feel them, and gently release them.

      – Gently let yourself access uplifting thoughts and feelings. Don’t push it, and don’t insist that you have to feel entirely happy. Let this process be gentle and gradual, with no self judgment.

  5. Larson says:


    I’ve recently done some things I’m not proud of and I’ve been feeling more and more that they’ve thrown my karma and soul out of whack. I was wondering if you could offer a soul cleanse or a way to get back into alignment. Thank you, I really wnjoy your writings.

    • Larson,

      Bring yourself back into positive alignment by doing something helpful and positive each day. It’s a gradual thing. You don’t reverse everything instantly.

      Forgive yourself, forgive others, and do what you can to improve yourself and help people daily. The positives gradually offset the negatives.

  6. Andrea says:

    Do you think I am imagining this ludicrous situation I am living in? I have never wanted to be anywhere near my mother, yet today I am struggling to make a living. Has my mother really come to the earth to put her own daughter through such misery or I am creating the whole situation myself?

    • Andrea,

      The soul creates opportunities for spiritual growth. You’re dealing with a difficult person so that you can learn the spiritual lessons of patience and compassion — for yourself, and for your mother.

      You are creating an opportunity to become more self-reliant. This requires daily patience with yourself, daily creativity to find effective solutions, and it helps you build will-power.

      Be kind to yourself, so that you can honor your positive steps forward, and be kind to your mother, so you can move forward and discover more enjoyable lessons.

  7. Dorie LaRue says:

    Thank you. Your website is extremely helpful. This is exactly what I need. I found it trying to obtain info on how to understand my extremely fragmented adult son. He is in drug rehab at present.

    I experience that feeling of his being possessed, or vacant. He is dangerous to me. I feel his father, an alcoholic, simply poured his own trauma into my son. His father was fragmented, I recognize now, and before my pregnancy he threw up obstacles up within our relationship, but each time I suggested a dissolution to it he quickly reassured me, however this assurance was always temporary. It was the proverbial roller coaster. After I became pregnant he became very apparently psychologically abusive, and after my son’s birth even more so. He was jealous of my son. He assumed I/we were trapped but I managed to escape, however not before he affected my child at two years of age. He threw an alcoholic fit and frightened my child. We had to run for our lives. And our continued contact with him (he had joint custody) after the divorce allowed him to continue his ill will.

    For example, my son had battles of depression when he became older. So my ex-husband made a gift of a hunting rifle to him. Once he put my son in extreme physical danger on an interstate when he had car trouble. His father, my ex-husband, is dead now but his legacy lives on. My son has become meaner and meaner and sees me as a person to eliminate in order to get my property and his inheritance. I have always been emotionally and financially supportive of him through college and graduate school and after to some extent. He has been close to unable to ever support himself. He says, I am tired of waiting for people to die so that I can have my money.

    My question is what should be my relationship to my son? He is dangerous to me. We are close to estranged. I do not have hope in his rehab. I have recognized my lower self, furious with his abuse towards me, as well as my higher self that feels sympathy for him and sorrowfully cognizant that his father deliberately tried to dump his own trauma into my son’s soul. How should I live? And I the one fragmented as well? At times, I feel extremely happy with my life.

    I am a teacher nearing retirement and an athlete. There is so much I love about life. Then I remember my son and what he is capable of.

    • Dorie,

      You’ve been through so much that it’s easy to feel swamped. The two meditations listed above in this article will take you through the steps to gently let go of the stuck feelings, and bring your energy back to your center. Practice the meditations each day – you’ll feel the shift gradually, but surely.

      Sit quietly and go through each step. This is real self-love, and will help you see the events without feeling stuck in them. It is true kindness that you are extending to yourself.

      When people are very challenged, you love them from a safe distance. See their soul as a divine light, even if their actual behavior seems rather different. Let your heart be brightened by their soul light, and invoke the highest good for them and for yourself. Remember their best, loving moments. Easier said than done, but this will help you move forward in a positive way, without denying the need to stay safe at a distance.

      For anyone wanting to detox, physically and mentally, I’ve seen great results with food-grade diatomaceous earth. It’s worth exploring for anyone wanting to raise their vibration at all levels:

  8. Mark says:

    Joel, my girlfriend of four years broke up with me recently and I feel lost. I don’t feel happy with myself anymore and my self confidence is at lows that I’ve never felt before. Every day I evaluate my personality, soul and general being in disgust, knowing that I am just not good enough. Besides my failed relationship, emotional stress from seeing, knowing and experiencing things that I just shouldn’t have is building up. My close friend recently exposed to me that he was sexually assaulted as a child. It hurts me so much and I can’t help but hate myself further for not doing enough to help him. I can’t cope with this, I want to be content with myself again. Help me please

    • Mark,

      You are going to become your own best friend, by listening to your inner self, and expressing a caring response:

      Whenever you hear your inner self saying something negative, tell that self that you care, and that you do not judge these feelings. Imagine that you are actually speaking these words to your inner self.

      Help the inner self release the feelings, as if a heavy cloud was wafting away from you and dissolving – imagine this.

      Be the patient, ever-loving friend to your inner self. Each time you express compassion, your inner self learns that someone cares, and realizes that the emotional upset is gradually releasing.

      You might also like to explore this mp3 bundle – it’s a good resource for helping you re-discover your purpose again:

  9. Steve Andreou says:

    My soul is scarred to the max and I need help from you to cleanse it. I am shouting to the universe and cosmos for help. I need to open my heart and open my soul to the people who love me and to myself. Guide me please back to my old self. I am lost and I need a compass. I am draining the energy out of everyone and I dont have any for myself. Heal my pain

    • Steve,

      You’re ready to make a shift, and this is it: You are your own guide and healer. You sit, breathe, and listen to your inner dialog. Notice the inner words running in your brain, but don’t respond to them. Just breathe and notice.

      Thank your inner self for sharing its feelings. Gradually, as you breathe, re-write your dialog, using neutral language.

      For example, shift this dramatic wording:

      “I’m out of control.”

      …to this neutral wording:

      “I’m feeling feelings, and I let them flow through my body as waves of energy.”

      Each time you center yourself, breathe, and shift your words, you re-discover your center and your true power returns.

  10. Sherrie says:

    I got mugged almost a year ago. I’ve been feeling scared all the time, whenever I walk outside. I fear that someone is going to repeat the same thing. I can’t shake this fear. It’s destroying my life. I feel depressed because I barely go outside anymore. I don’t know what to do. I want to be my happy self again, without living in fear!!!

  11. Kelly says:

    Hello Joel,

    I believe in Buddhism not only because I am one but meditation always bought peace.I have done meditaion(Vipasana) and past life regression.But my life seems to be in a constant chaos personal,family and marital.There is no peace at all things have gone for bad-worse-miserable and now impossible.I believe that every thing happens for a reason but recently I feel its happening to break me down completely.I am medical doctor and I feel helpless which is pathetic feeling.My marriage is taking all life out of me because my husband is liar and cheater.

    Please suggest me soul cleansing method or to have positive aura around me and my parents.

    • Kelly,

      Buddhism focuses on compassion. I’d like to use a somewhat different word for compassion – Forgiveness. This will help you bring loving-kindness to yourself, and to your family members. It takes time and patience, because it works gently and gradually.

      Please re-read the techniques in the above article, and follow the steps so that you can begin to shift your energy. In addition, there is another gentle solution to this challenging situation, originating in ancient Hawaii.

      There is a Hawaiian method of compassion / forgiveness known as Hoʻoponopono. The steps are easy to learn. May it bring you and your family peace and positive energy.

    • LAVONE says:

      The comments you gave are over a year old, so not sure if you will read my post.
      you mentioned re you husband,s betraying character, but what is so
      tragic is that your life is spiraling out of control.
      Kelly, what you don’t know is why. As I read your post I had an immediate
      gut feeling as to what you are going thru. Your husband is most likely a Narcissistic personality / sociopath . Believe me, this is why you feel
      like you are having a breakdown.
      I am a RN and lived with a narc/sociop for 20 years and was losing my mind and –that was over 20 years ago and i am still struggling to regain my health.
      It was revealed to me about 2 years ago that the problem was this disorder.
      There is alot of info online . If you read this and would like to get in touch
      with me i am available. Just post a note and we’ll go from there.
      It is so important to get the right support as the medical field has basically no
      help for people in this situation.

  12. Thank you, K, for co-creating personal and global empowerment!

    Please explore the techniques, and post about your results if you like, so that your insights and experiences can help people own their personal space even more effectively.

  13. K says:

    I feel much better after reading this. I have been working on aura and soul cleansing for a long time. My auras get stuck sometimes and I’m always looking for ways to improve it. I liked your idea about “flexing” your auras and the meditation to bring your soul essence to its parts. I’m excited to try these as they are new to anything I have read before. You seem very intelligent, thank you for your posts and ideas.

  14. Jon, if you can see the darkness, that’s good — it means that the light within your divine essence is able to distinguish darkness from light.

    Do some of the exercises each day. And…

    Let go of sugar, alcohol, marijuana, and any unhealthy vibrations.

    Gently bring light to darkness, without judging or fearing the shadows. Just gradually transform them into the light that they truly are.

  15. jon says:

    Many thanks Joel..There was a darkness encrouching on my life that clouded that was/has been clouding my perception of life for some time. This I hope might help me bring a little more balance back into my life,

  16. Supra-Celestial beings are mirrors for your own divine consciousness.

    When you meditate, go within, and discover your own inner cosmic light — your infinite self.

    This helps you realize that all higher beings exist to show you your own higher potential that is your essential inner nature.

    Discover the many methods and meditations to help you make these inner discoveries on the site.

    Many Blessings,

  17. Nambikkai Maharaj says:

    Dear Mr.Joel Bruce,

    I am searching for past life, soul awareness, and cleansing my soul thanks for providing this information I request you to provide information about Supra-Celestial Beings

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