Why are you still affected by your old emotions…

…if the planet is entering an era of higher spiritual awareness?

The emerging higher consciousness on the planet is supposed to be freeing you from lower consciousness, isn’t it? You’re supposed to be feeling free of the stuck old emotions, more attuned to your higher self, and comfortably aligned with the deeper love and wisdom of your heart and soul. As an advocate of spiritual awareness, this is supposed to be your time to shine in your own divine light, so that you can enjoy a smooth, creative, loving and fulfilling flow, and so that you can inspire and uplift others. At least, that is the happy picture that many have been led to expect.

When you explore the claims of new age beliefs, you can see that they are often sincere expressions of the highest goals, while actually being naïve about life and how it functions. But how could higher consciousness be so unaware? Here is the confusion — higher consciousness is the practice of awareness. And awareness can only exist when it is allowed to be aware. So your emerging emotions and thoughts, challenging though they can be at times, may really have a higher purpose, after all…

If you claim that you are not interested in your stuck old emotions, and that you have risen above them, that is just another case of sweeping the dust under a rug to hide it. But isn’t the awakening consciousness on the planet supposed to help you rise above the old emotions? Yes, it certainly is, but not by your avoiding your deeper emotions and thoughts. In fact, when you understand how consciousness awakens within you, then you see how the rosy metaphysical pictures of automatic easy enlightenment are overly simplified.

The notion that we are in a new age, where everyone magically opens to higher consciousness, is an overly simplified belief. It is a fantasy-based belief that deeper awareness just magically happens, with no effort on your part. These happy pictures do not reflect how higher consciousness works. Higher consciousness, as the name implies, involves being conscious. And so the new age of higher consciousness means that you are invited to be more aware. And your awareness can help you address the old emotions surfacing, if you understand how the healing process of consciousness really works.

But first, do you wonder why the emotions are surfacing? After all, the old emotions are not going to disappear on their own. Your soul is wise, and in its wisdom it seeks to bring the parts of you that need healing and balance to your attention. So this means that as the planet awakens spiritually, you become more aware — a good thing. Your awakening consciousness is not a stereotypical floating-on-a-cloud pseudo-spiritual awareness. Your awakening is real. This means that you feel more, you sense more, and you become capable of knowing more than you have ever known before.

And here is the paradox — the old emotions will release, but only when you bring them into contact with the spiritually elevating presence of the higher consciousness in your soul. And if you had assumed that higher consciousness was a floating mystical cloud, then you might be missing the splendid clarity and depth that consciousness really is. It is not a pretty picture, but it is not an ugly one, either.

Consciousness is a beautiful richness of experience that is much more vivid and multi-faceted than any simple picture could express. And so you practice being with the depth of your emerging consciousness. You learn to navigate its swirling waters, so that you can find the peace within.

But why not just experience the peace, and let the stuck emotions go? That would be simpler, wouldn’t it? It’s time to explore another paradox… Yes, you can let the stuck old emotions release, but if you are too resistant to them, then your efforts to release them will only embroil you in judgment and fear about your inner patterns.

The challenge here is that if you wish, too strongly, to release what you do not like, then you will have difficulty releasing it. And your consciousness wants to help you, by helping you to become more aware of these patterns. So this emerging spiritual awareness on the planet is a special kind of awareness, distinct from the ordinary kind of divided consciousness.

Your emerging spiritual awareness helps you look and feel deeply within yourself, without denying what you find. And yet, whatever you discover there, you learn to look and feel under the surface with kindness, because you learn not to judge what you find within yourself. And that might sound contradictory — after all, how can you look within yourself with kindness, while at the same time you notice heavy old emotions that you don’t care for?

It’s not a contradiction for you when you learn to work with your higher consciousness, because your awareness can learn to notice old emotions without getting stuck in them. Your consciousness is pure awareness, and it is so pure that it can examine the heaviest inner troubles, without judging them. This is the real emergence of higher consciousness on the planet.

When you realize that you have levels of self that hold old stuck emotional patterns, and other levels of self that are capable of deep non-judgmental loving perception, you realize the multi-dimensional nature of your self. And you realize how simplistic notions of the “good spiritual person,” or the “bad un-spiritual person,” are limiting stereotypes that prevent your being truly conscious.

You realize how the new age stereotype of completely living on a higher spiritual plane is limited. This stereotype is based upon denial and fantasy. That is, it lacks the awareness to recognize, to accept, and to heal the inner stuck patterns.

When you examine your spiritually awakened aspects, and you let yourself also examine your less conscious aspects, you realize that they seem to be in two separate universes. Until you unite them, the healthy aspects cannot help the limited aspects. And this is why the stuck aspects are surfacing as the planet awakens spiritually. The old emotions are surfacing so that they can be integrated. But why would you want to include a collection of old emotional patterns in your consciousness?

Actually, when you integrate your inner emotional pains with your inner enlightened parts, you create a new healthy unity. It looks nothing like what you might have expected. Did you suppose that combining them would produce a patch-work quilt of various parts, all sewn together? It is something altogether different than that…

Actually, your inner unity is a balanced, integrated, higher state of consciousness. This is because when the old emotions meet and share consciousness with your enlightened essence, a change happens. And it is rather like a fairy tale of magical transformations, because the old emotional patterns are not what they seem.

Old emotional energy has been stuck, it is true, but that is not its original state. It got stuck because in particular challenging situations, the energy became disconnected with the divine flow of life. It lost contact with the connection to your essence, and with the universe, and it became wrapped up in its own little world of fear and woe.

You could think of such fragmented energy as hypnotized by fear, and stuck in a bad trance. It has forgotten its essential divine nature, and is endlessly living out its limited little pattern that it has become stuck in.

It is time to shift the energies that have become stuck, but to do this requires noticing them, and that is why your expanding consciousness is helping you to feel your old emotions. There are thousands of layers of emotions and thoughts within you, and your spiritual awakening requires your being aware. And as the awareness grows and expands on the planet, you are feeling the surfacing old patterns more and more. And you can begin to help those energies integrate with your soul, so that the old patterns can release from their ancient trance of fear.

You start the integration and self-healing by realizing that the stuck energy patterns within you are locked in a tight little world of limited perception. You connect this tight stuck place with the divine flow. This means that you connect the tight place with the energy flow of your own body, mind, and soul. This is the simple, yet profound place to start. The natural living intelligence of your body, mind, and soul is the higher reality that the stuck emotional patterns can connect with, and be healed by. But wouldn’t uniting your inner fear parts just make you feel bad?

Actually, when you let the energies of the old stuck patterns integrate with your body, mind, and soul, the old energies lighten. And the restorative powers of your consciousness go to work, smoothing the roughness, soothing the hurt places, and letting the trapped energies become free to live and flow as the higher consciousness energies that they actually are. But there is a challenge in doing this…

When you feel the energies of fear and tension integrating with the light of your soul, you will definitely feel the energies and sensations shifting within. So doing this with grace means learning to relax into the shifting feelings. It doesn’t feel like floating on a cloud. It doesn’t feel like anything other than what it is. Awareness only becomes comfortable when you embrace the shifting sensations within you as your parts surface and integrate. And when you are present and accepting of that experience, it can become delightful, or at least interesting, as you feel the changes.

But if you start judging your process, or if you demand that all the sensations should just go away, then you create a problem. And this tendency is common, because you have developed some patterns of denial over your many lifetimes, and so it is easy for the ego to complain when you feel your patterns shifting. This is because your ego will insist that it wants the uncomfortable feelings to immediately go away. And it will attempt to convince you that denial is better, or that being fragmented or dissociated is easier. Your ego wants you to believe that the actual feeling of your energies integrating is too scary or overwhelming for you to handle.

Your task, as a cosmic being awakening to your higher potential, is to recognize that you are capable of being conscious. And when you recognize that being conscious feels richer and more vivid than you might have imagined, then you are able to experience the real spiritual awakening. It is not a floaty stereotype, and it is not whatever false happiness your ego would like to imagine. It is the truth of your body, mind, and soul as they meet each other, recognize their oneness, and join in the co-creation of your spiritual evolution.

When you experience your aliveness in this way, you sense your unity with the universal aliveness, and you touch the grace of cosmic consciousness. You know, deep within yourself, that the divinity of the universe lives within you, within everyone, and within every experience. May your every breath bring you into this sacred truth of your wondrous, infinite, and uniquely universal self.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teleclasses and mp3’s

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