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How Do You Contact Your Soul?

There is a reason why you yearn to contact your soul. To understand why, you need to explore what happened when you were born. When you incarnated in this lifetime at birth, your soul stepped into your body. At least, … Continue reading

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If you are made of universal consciousness, then how could you have a unique identity?

Spiritual teachings emphasize that your essence is made from divine substance — universal consciousness. And this divine substance is the energy found within everything, everywhere. But how do you explain that everything seems to have its own unique identity? You … Continue reading

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If You Are Guided By Your Higher Self, Then Why Are There So Many Difficulties?

You do have a higher self, and its purpose is to provide a healing, yet instructive cosmic perspective, provided that you are ready and willing to receive it. And you do have many aspects of self that could definitely benefit … Continue reading

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How can you have a real spiritual experience?

And why do some mystics claim that everything is spiritual, …and others claim that nothing is real? You would like to have a real spiritual experience, and you have a sense of what this would be, having read accounts of … Continue reading

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Why are you still affected by your old emotions…

…if the planet is entering an era of higher spiritual awareness? The emerging higher consciousness on the planet is supposed to be freeing you from lower consciousness, isn’t it? You’re supposed to be feeling free of the stuck old emotions, … Continue reading

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How can you find your true center…

…and what will you discover there? Where is your true center located? It seems like a simple question, except that different cultures locate your center in various places in the body. For Taoists, it is in the navel or lower … Continue reading

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