How do I handle the symptoms of spiritual transformation?

As the planetary vibration accelerates, you become ever more conscious of your divine essence.

You may find that your desire for spiritual awareness becomes stronger each day. However, with the emergence of your spiritual transformation, you might feel a subtle fear surfacing —  a concern about what your spiritual growth may bring. This feeling is normal, because spiritual awakening is an expansion of your consciousness — you really are becoming more aware on many levels. And that may feel different from what you expected …

When you first imagined what evolving spiritual awareness might be like, you may have had somewhat naive expectations. Perhaps you had assumed that greater awareness would bring a sort of ever-pleasant equilibrium and happiness, and perhaps even some enlightenment.

However, the truth is that greater awareness often brings a broad range of feelings and thoughts to your attention:

– the pleasant, and the unpleasant …

– the exhilarating, and the boring …

– the clarifying, and the confusing …

– and of course, the wonders and mysteries of your own rapidly shifting self.

Being spiritually conscious means that you are more aware of your thoughts and feelings, and you sense the subtle energies within your body and aura — and within your environment.

Do you sometimes complain that as you become more aware, you feel oversensitive, overloaded, angry, sad, fearful, and confused? This is because spiritual transformation gives you a broader and deeper perception and sensitivity. Your newly enhanced awareness means that you are conscious of many thoughts, emotions, and cosmic realizations that were previously submerged at the subconscious level.

This is why your feelings may be heightened, and why you are perceiving more deeply into yourself, and sensing more about humanity than ever before.

There are stabilizing methods that help you handle your symptoms of spiritual transformation. You start by uniting your body and mind with your center, and building your grounding connection. These essential skills keep you safely integrated in your physical body. Think of it this way — every time your aura expands spiritually, you need to have a corresponding centering response that brings you deeply back to center.

That means that you practice bringing your attention to your core whenever you can.

What is your core? Well, you can imagine an apple core — the center core of the apple. Your spine is located where your core is located. However, your core is not physical, so don’t go looking for your core in an anatomy book.

You can imagine your core as a vertical column of energy, in the same place where your spine is. It also extends up above your head, and down below your feet. When you bring your attention to your core, it draws your focus from the overly sensitive outer aura inwards to the stability of your physical body. Breathe gently into your core, and notice how everything begins to feel quieter and more stable — now you’re becoming centered.

Grounding is the connection between your body and the earth, and it brings your body into balance with the planet.

To start grounding, tune into your breathing, or feel your heartbeat — this puts you in your body. Then, notice the planet beneath your feet — this method works even if you are in a high-rise building. Just allow a connection, or a resonance, between your feet and the earth — imagine it. Breathe. Now you are experiencing your grounding connection.

Your centering and grounding practice becomes even more effective when you learn to include conscious awareness of your breathing in your day to day life. 

Breath awareness, when it is gentle and unforced, helps you center, stabilize, and return to the comforting reality of your body. This is the recognition that you really are yourself, and that you are basically OK, and that you are truly here now. When you cultivate these essential practices, it helps you center yourself on those occasions when you are feeling too aware, too scattered, or too sensitive.

Integrating your body, mind, and soul, amidst the stepped-up energies of this spiritually accelerating world, also requires your willingness to listen to your authentic inner voice. This inner voice has also been called the small, still voice within. If you are picking up emotions and thoughts from your outer aura, which is typically getting its perceptions from the nervous energy of the world, then naturally you would tend to become more over-stimulated as your awareness expanded.

Your authentic inner voice is a centering influence. It helps you counter-balance overstimulated feelings and thoughts. Your true vibration helps you reference a deeply profound inner spiritual reality, no matter what is happening around you in the world. Your authentic inner voice helps you recognize the superficial nature of the nervous chattering voice.

Your soul vibration is your eternal, divine essence within you, and you could call it the real you.

The true voice of your soul never chatters, never insists, and has a deeper perspective. Because it is a quieter voice, you may, at first, be challenged to find your true soul voice. With practice, you will notice the obvious difference between the quiet inner wisdom of your authentic voice, compared to the nervous chattering voice.

An empowering discovery — recognize that you do have a choice about what you are referencing — what you are listening to. Take a moment to shift your attention within, so that you can become attentive to your quiet inner authentic voice. Let your mind and body gently connect with your inner truth.

This helps you realize that you can redirect your attention to your own pathway in life, moment by moment. With practice, you learn that this choice is always available. You recognize that what seemed to be an entrenched pattern of imbalance or tension was only a habit that you had never questioned.

What happens when you practice referencing your true internal voice each day? You gradually realize that the wisdom shared by spiritual teachers comes from that very same deep inner place of wisdom where you find your authentic voice.

And what will you discover when you practice realigning yourself with your deep centered core? You realize that you can receive equilibrium and healing — a gift from your vibrantly alive, inner true self — even in this rapidly transforming world.

Each day, you are experiencing and learning so much, in this amazing age of rapid spiritual transformation. And there are always fascinating challenges. But you will discover that even as your body, mind, and soul are spiritually awakening, you do have the means to experience equilibrium.

You now realize that the power to stay centered is available to you — with the loving assistance of your breath awareness, your authentic inner voice, and your living indwelling soul presence. Be grateful for your inner sacred space, and feel the vibration of your soul wisdom guiding and stabilizing you with its subtle teaching.

Let yourself breathe it in now, and feel the blessings of this moment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instructiontele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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