Are some people truly evil? Part 2

In part 1 of this article, you learned how everyone is evolving spiritually over the course of many lifetimes, and how the younger soul is still learning the basics of free will, though sometimes in a crude way. 

There is another question that comes up around the topic of badly behaving people. It is the almost universal recognition that many people have had when they looked into the eyes of a person categorized as truly evil. There is a strange quality that the person isn’t there.

Either there is a curiously vacant quality, as if the original tenant of the house isn’t home, or you might have the frightening feeling that you are detecting someone else — a strange tenant — living in the house, and looking out of the person’s eyes.

This question about who is at home in the case of so-called evil people is worth examining, because the answer explains much about the behavior and motivations of souls who are learning some very difficult lessons. There are several reasons why badly behaving people may seem to be not at home, or may have a strange presence around them.

Take the example of the person who does evil things, and whose gaze seems perpetually angry or fearful. This person has experienced trauma, and so they are in a fragmented or shocked state that has become part of their daily way of being. You are seeing in their eyes only certain frightened or angry aspects of that person, as if they have become limited to only that narrow aspect of themselves. They have become disconnected from the full range of their soul.

Sometimes you will see the vacant or blank look in people who have committed atrocities, and they seem to be vacated from their personal home, so to speak. This is the way that some souls protect themselves from trauma — by staying partially disengaged from their body, as if their consciousness is dispersed and permanently unfocused. In the case of a soul who does evil things, that dissociated state becomes a way for one part of the soul to do something that the other parts are unaware of.

What exactly are you seeing when you look into the eyes of a disturbed person, and someone else seems to be looking out at you? This is the strange gaze that you see, and the heightened, unreal, or chaotic feeling that you sense when you are in the presence of a person who is influenced, or as it is called, possessed, by another lost soul. How and why does possession happen?

A traumatized soul is too fragmented to maintain their soul vibration integrity. This can open them to entity possession, where their soul is under the influence of another troubled spirit, or lost soul.

There is an important connection between trauma fragmentation, as recognized by psychologists — and entity possession, as recognized by metaphysicians. Trauma fragmentation and entity possession are generally regarded as two different things, but they are often connected. Understanding these problems can free you from seeing challenged souls as intrinsically evil.

To be clear about this, not all traumatized people are possessed. But, you could say that when someone is possessed, it is likely that they were traumatized first, and that left them psychically open to external control.

Another thing to be clear about is that traumatized souls are generally good people who just need understanding assistance to release the layers of trauma, and to weave their parts together. There are trauma specialists who can help with this. The percentage of possessed people who do bad things is comparatively small. But now you have a better sense of why beings who are capable of evil actions seem to be not entirely themselves.

Yet another category of possessed souls involves those who are what the psychologists call the psychopathic personality. They are the ones who, on the surface, appear as high functioning people in society. However, they are the power-crazed beings who can can coldly destroy people, businesses, and even nations, because they seem to enjoy harming and shaming others, and wielding power over them. They are capable of mesmerizing gullible people, and can appear to be powerful, capable leaders — at least until you observe and sense their energy more closely.

Unless you sense the fragmentation in their aura, or the possessing entities mingled in with their soul, they may be able to mask their negativity from you, because they are experts at creating a smooth exterior image. This group, supposedly no more than about four percent of the population, are sometimes described, after their evil acts are discovered, as evil beings. They are not intrinsically evil souls, however, though they are deeply lost, and disconnected from the divine source.

Though such beings are capable of hiding their unbalanced soul patterns from the general public, who innocently see their surface persona, they cannot hide from your deeper sensing if you scan their energy field at the soul level. When you start scanning soul energy, sensing beneath the surface of reality, you find that you are less readily fooled by the projected image — the illusory appearance.

Still, the question comes up as to whether these destructive beings are truly evil. No, they are stuck in some very negative patterns — what some metaphysicians would call heavy karmic patterns. They are following a difficult path of soul growth — trying to maintain a separation between their willful personality and their higher self. You could say that they are still learning the baby soul lessons about how to use free will with love and wisdom.

Now what about the fragmented soul? Why is the fragmented soul seemingly unable to help itself? Is it not true that the divine soul is within the core of all people?

People become open to possession when they are not integrated between their body and soul. There is a sacred unity that ideally exists between body and soul, where they are united together in harmonious partnership. Trauma, war, drugs, alcohol, psychologically overwhelming experiences, and even the distorting effects of modern media can disrupt this harmony, and leave people open to negative influences.

In most cases, these challenging influences are not evil as such, but are simply mildly bothersome influences that keep the person from fulfilling their highest potential. However, when there is a mixture of very challenged soul patterns, combined with traumatic experiences, combined with entity possession, then that combination can add up to a person who does evil.

Sooner or later, the soul will recognize what they have done, and will deeply regret what has happened. The soul will take steps to transcend the pattern, and to shift into a higher quality of functioning in the world. They will recognize that although they have done a truly evil thing, they themselves are not truly evil, and they will slowly be ready to forgive themselves. However, this path to recognizing the patterns, and choosing to change them, can take lifetimes in some cases.

And so the fragmented soul has temporarily forgotten its true divine nature. This is the mirror that you can learn from, because to some extent, everyone is recovering their soul fragments that they have given away. All souls are learning to be complete. Regrettably, this idea is too confronting for some people, and that is why it is easier for them to simplistically categorize the world as consisting of truly good people, versus truly bad people.

When you realize what is happening on a deeper spiritual level, your understanding makes the world seem less mysterious. You can see things in the context of soul evolution, and this lets you learn about yourself from the mirror that these challenging events present you with. Knowing that souls are going through their spiritual lessons helps you rise above blame and judgment.

When you see the slow progress of humanity, you are seeing a mirror for your own long process of spiritual evolution. The troubled souls have a long way to go, but then, we all do, too.

Everyone is on the scale of consciousness, and everyone is evolving. That doesn’t mean that everything you do is necessarily wise, however. This is why observing people as a mirror can help you on your spiritual path. The obviously negative behaviors that you observe are showing you something about yourself. Not literally, of course, but metaphorically.

You can ask yourself, when you see people at war, how are you at war with yourself? Or, you might ask, how are you at odds with people, even if it only takes place at the level of petty conflicts or judgmental thoughts?

It is humbling to realize that you could very well be going through the same lessons that you observe being acted out in the world — but on a much more subtle and refined level. And that is why your recognition that everyone is learning is important. You can let go of the category of intrinsically evil people, and see them for what they really are — souls who are in the midst of some very difficult lessons.

You are letting go of judgment about others, and when you do that you are also letting go of self-judgment. Some people suppose that humanity is truly evil. No, humanity is learning, perhaps more slowly than you would like. Although some some people seem to have forgotten their inner divine spark, that doesn’t mean that the spark is gone. It is always there, awaiting recognition of its eternal light.

The people you name as hopelessly evil are your mirrors. They aren’t hopeless. They are learning. And so are you. Evil behavior is not going to go away any time soon, though, because there are always younger souls who are learning their baby-step lessons. By all means, do what you can to create a positive world — your contribution is important. But do it with an honest recognition that this universe is always evolving, and isn’t as perfect as your ego would like it to be.

At the very least, it may give you hope to know that the people you think of as evil will evolve over time. This evolution process may well take place over a very long span of time. When you recognize this more expanded range of time, you can see everything in the context of time from a universal point of view. And that is comforting, and even healing, because it diffuses and lightens the drama that you may feel about this modern era.

The eternal scale of time gives you a spacious perspective to see yourself in. It helps you recognize that humanity is slowly but surely moving forward. Perhaps not as quickly as you would prefer, but moving towards higher spiritual consciousness, nonetheless.

It is empowering to recognize that everyone is somewhere on the scale of consciousness. Everybody is on the scale, at their current vibration, and everybody is a soul who is learning, and evolving at their own pace.

Learn what you can from people, and let their mirror teach you what you need to know about yourself. When you let go of the evil category, you can recognize that you are observing evil actions, performed by souls who are younger and learning, or lost and fragmented, or possessed — most likely, a combination of these.

No matter how lost the soul seems to be, their divine spark is still there. It may be faint, and the soul may not recover itself significantly for many lifetimes, but understand what is happening. The soul you judge today is expressing a similar situation that you may have forgotten from your own vast spiritual history. It is the spiritual situation that you were in, back when you were still learning about the basics of free will. That was a long time ago, but from a universal perspective, it was just yesterday.

Anyway, you’ve learned a lot over the long path of your many lifetimes, and here you are today. And you may be wondering what you can do with this information that you have now. Just set the information aside for a while, and let yourself digest it over time.

Here is what you can do right now:

– Tune into your breathing.

– Feel the light of your soul in your body.

– Thank your soul for all the hard work over the lifetimes that led to your spiritual discoveries along the way.

– And thank the cosmic consciousness of this divine universe for everything.

And thank all the souls who are showing you the mirrors that help you learn. And while you’re at it, send their souls a blessing. It might not make a huge difference, but who knows? A little blessing could help them just a bit, and that might make the universe a more pleasant place.

Thank you for incarnating as the unique self that you are. Your contribution is making a positive difference in the universe. May you walk in grace each day.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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7 Responses to Are some people truly evil? Part 2

  1. Tim says:

    2 years ago I evangelized a 60 year old woman I worked for as a tutor. She was/is a daily pot smoker with 4 divorces. Intelligent, charming, articulate, high IQ etc. Immediately after she was Confirmed into the Catholic church she walked away from me like she didn’t even know me, saying we had nothing in common.
    I read “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout and “People of the Lie” from M. Scott Peck and tried to identify what I had encountered in this woman. 2 years have gone by and I’m still having trouble re-directing myself after this experience. Any thoughts?

    • Tim,

      You intended to help this woman, and you opened an emotional conduit, in a sense, between the two of you. Because she discontinued the association abruptly, you didn’t have a chance to release the energetic connection.

      At this point, since she is a being with free will, and has the right to discontinue the association, it’s necessary for you acknowledge that this has happened, and for you to release the connection.

      Visualization: Imagine your aura rebuilding itself, so that you are entirely in your own personal space, and she is at a distance, in her own personal space. Imagine any lines of energy between the two of you dissolving. That will let you move forward in your life, able to bring all your energies to matters that are now more important to you.

  2. So what about Iran whatkins from lostprothets? Isn’t he an evil soul? Or does he just rape baby’s because he’s young and stupid?

    • Paul, you’re describing someone who is lost, and who is doing truly evil things. However, it’s important to recognize that the essence of every soul is divine energy. Of course, it may be many lifetimes before the soul doing evil is able to spiritually wake up so they can shift their karma.

  3. This is an interesting planet, what with all the mirrors available to us. So many heavenly opportunities, so to speak!



  4. ruthread says:

    Wow, This is very nice. I see that mirror every day and I know what to do, thanks to you Joel.

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