Are some people truly evil? Part 1

This should be a simple question to answer, because it seems to be a yes or no question. However, it’s not simple at all, because people aren’t material objects that you can put in a simple category. People are richly multidimensional patterns of energy.

You can have an opinion about people, and an opinion about their behavior. But to say that certain people are all good energy, or that certain people are all bad energy is inaccurate.

Everyone is expressing their unique vibration patterns in each moment. You could measure their vibrations on a frequency scale — a spectrum of consciousness. You might be inclined to define the low range of the spectrum as the evil range, and the high range of the spectrum as the good range. This sounds simple enough, at first.

However, people are not just one vibration — they express a range of energies, and they are not fixed at one point on the consciousness scale. This is the problem with simple categories like good and bad. There is more to the story of humanity than just naming certain people as intrinsically good, and naming other people as intrinsically bad.

But certain things about humanity should be obvious, shouldn’t they? After all, you can certainly recognize the difference between saintly Mother Teresa and brutal Attila the Hun. But just because Attila represents evil to you doesn’t mean that his soul is one hundred percent evil. So admit that you really don’t approve of his behavior, and leave it at that.

Obviously, you can define the actions and behaviors of people as generally good, or generally bad. And you might be inclined to describe people who consistently perform very bad actions as evil people. However, this is not quite accurate, because when you look at the hidden scenario in the soul of so-called evil people, you begin to see them through the spiritual perspective of their many lifetimes. An amazingly deeper story emerges.

To understand what is happening with any behavior, you need to know that everyone has a soul, and that their soul is made of divine substance. Over the countless lifetimes of a soul’s incarnations, the soul makes many bad decisions. It is their way of learning, and it would be too easy to describe a soul, in a particular lifetime where they are doing very bad things, as an evil person. But what is really happening in these situations?

Souls learn by doing. You learned in the same way. You made mistakes, and when your soul looked back at that lifetime, you vowed that you would never make that mistake again. But why would a soul, made of divine substance, need to learn in that crude way?

You would think that if the core of all people is divine, they should have access to their inner soul wisdom. It is obvious that there are degrees of divine alignment — from barely aligned at all at one end of the scale, to expressing strong alignment with divine source at the opposite end of the scale. But why is it so often true that the soul needs to learn crudely, and slowly refine itself? It seems like a rather pathetic situation.

Actually, your soul is on a path of learning that starts from its ancient roots, as a fresh young soul. In its innocent, naïve state, the soul fresh from the divine source is made of divine substance. You would suppose that if the soul is made of divine essence, it would be exceedingly wise. However, it has been given free will, and that explains why the soul has to learn in the laborious way that it does.

Free will is given to each individuated soul so that the soul can multiply the intelligence of the universe. Each soul does this by adding its own unique soul consciousness to the universe. Get a sense of how your soul was given free will so that you could radiate your unique soul vibration — your love, wisdom, creativity, and all that you are — as a gift to the universe, moment by moment. Your presence is a contribution that adds value to the universe.

But how does the process of being created with free will relate to those who are named as evil?

When a soul is a new soul, it is still learning about free will. That is, it doesn’t really appreciate that free will is a sacred gift to be used wisely. And the soul learns spiritually in what you might call baby steps. Just as a baby hasn’t learned to walk with skill, and just as a baby falls down in the process of learning how to walk, so too does a baby soul learn how to work with their free will — in a rather clumsy way.

Of course, if you have read this far, you are a relatively older soul, and so you are more adept than a baby soul in utilizing your free will. Your style is much more smooth. For example, you know that even though you might, as an exercise in free will, drive your car on the sidewalk, you instinctively know not to do that. It’s obvious to you that the consequences would be awful, and so you would never do such a thing. And you can’t imagine anyone behaving in such a thoughtless way.

Ah, but how does a soul that is still learning about free will deal with this same situation? What seems obvious to you is less obvious to a very young soul. They don’t appreciate what the consequences of their action will be. They haven’t developed the refinement of heart and mind to comprehend how their actions will affect people. And so, when you observe their bad behavior, you call them evil people.

No — their actions are quite bad, but they are not intrinsically evil people. They are more properly called confused, naïve, ignorant souls. But what is the value of your knowing this? If evil actions are taking place, does understanding the deeper story of their soul’s development really matter?

Actually, there is a deeper lesson here, beyond the obvious one that you can have compassion for ignorant souls, rather than hatred of those younger souls who are slowly learning their soul lessons. The deeper lesson is that everyone is a mirror for you. And that recognition explains something about this question of whether some people are truly evil.

When you want to name certain people as evil, it is for the sake of convenience. If you can put someone in a convenient category, then you don’t have to attempt any understanding about their motivations, and you don’t have to examine yourself either. It’s simple really, because the bad people are categorized as bad, and that means that you are in the good category. This is very convenient and tidy. You’re good, they’re bad, and that’s that.

Well, if their example is a mirror for you, then what are they mirroring? This is too difficult for many people to think about, and so their response to this question is this: Bad people are doing bad things, and so they are completely different from the good people. If only everything were as simple as that.

Yes, certain people are doing worse things on the scale of consciousness, but here is the revealing recognition — they are on the same scale of consciousness that you are on. We are all on the scale, and we are shifting our position on the scale all the time, according to our thoughts and actions. Perhaps that continually shifting state of things is one reason not to name people as intrinsically good or bad.

When you assume that you are all good, you might become arrogantly unaware of the subtle ways in which you are moving out of balance. Remember that everyone is on the same scale of consciousness — and that includes you.

This means that at times you can move up the scale, towards higher consciousness. However, in a mild bout of ignorance, you might at times move down the scale. And so, when you are too quick to name others as being evil, you might, at the same time, be assuming that you are all good. And that could be the seed for self-deceiving assumptions about your own perfection.

The people doing very bad things are learning their lessons, from the slow level of consciousness that they are at. And they are showing you, by their example, what you have likely done in your own long legacy of past lives, in which you learned your own difficult lessons. But how is their crude example a mirror to the more refined stage of development that you have attained?

You aren’t, after all, driving your car on the sidewalk. But what are you doing that is not as safe as it could be? How do you mistreat yourself, or others, although in a much less crude way than driving on the sidewalk?

You aren’t, after all, leading murderous campaigns against innocent populations, as evil leaders have done, but in what way are you treating yourself and others in a somewhat callous manner? Maybe it is on a very subtle level. But that is the subtle way of learning that your soul is experiencing now. Your lessons are gentler, at least most of the time, because you have moved through most of the cruder lessons in your earlier lifetimes …

… This article continues in part 2. You will learn about the hidden aspects of so-called evil behavior, including important connections between challenged soul patterns, trauma, and entity possession. And you will discover the ways of cultivating your deeper understanding and compassion that can help you in your spiritual development.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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3 Responses to Are some people truly evil? Part 1

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Joel

    I’ve been in a state of confusion for some time

    I met a guy who was a pretty big drug addict

    When i met him, i literally loved that guy as he was a complete mirror image of myself

    He use to give me weed to smoke up and that’s when i just begun smoking as i wanted to try and experience it. I smoked up a few times and i felt more creative and less worried.

    I got into a few problems previously as i was quite impulsive with my thoughts and what i said and he tried helping me by telling me that i need to expand my consciousness and gave me a lot of good advice or words of wisdom which helped me. He talked about dimensions, changing dna and energy stuff which i have a vague understanding of.

    However, one point of time while i was bursting with energy and felt really good, he touched me and i felt out of sorts like a lot of pity and sympathy for him like he was hurting inside and i thought of making a choice to help him.

    He has a reputation of being a pathological/compulsive liar and i find him to be a hypocrite sometimes to what he says.

    I decided after the experience that its best i stay away

    After a month, during my alone time by myself, i started to get random continous thoughts of him looking into my eyes which he did one time.

    And then for some reason after a month or so i met him randomly at a bar. He claimed that he knew that my perception of him had changed and he wanted to rectify it. He started to praise me of being an intelligent person and said he wanted to be friends with me as he could see that i was going to be really successful person when i was being very cold to him, to the point of not looking at him.

    I bumped into him recently and to be honest i havent been feeling good lately and he seems to be doing really well and i thought of meeting up with him to ask for some help.

    I’ve also had few strange experiences as a couple of people have come up to me and told me that i don’t know how powerful i am by supposedly seeing my aura.

    Hence, this leaves me confused.

    Please guide me

    Thank you


    • Nick,

      When people are unbalanced, release them from your personal space.
      Imagine your aura as light, and imagine that you are removing the influences of unbalanced people from your personal space, sweeping their vibrations from your aura.

      As to people praising your aura, just let people say what they say.
      Focus on being the best person you can be, and focus on being centered and balanced yourself.

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