How can you maintain your personal space…

… and find your true self?

Your personal space is an amazing multi-dimensional domain, as miraculous as the universe itself. You are a universe within this greater universe. Within your personal space, you experience the living sensations of your physical body. You explore the infinite realm of your divinely created mind, with its capacity to think, to intuit, to create, and to know. You are nourished by your feelings and emotions, flowing as they do between your body, your mind, and your soul, giving you an experience in each moment of your living multi-dimensional self.

Your personal space is sacred — it is a living temple, a true sacred space in which creation on every level takes place. And yet, when you search within for your own truth, you find layers of beliefs and experiences from which you are making your decisions. Many of these notions have been acquired from other people, from the media, and from the generalized tendencies that have built up within the consciousness of the public. Of course, it is perfectly fine to learn from people, from books, and in any way that you can. The issue is that people and their beliefs are mingled in your space in a way that interferes with your ability to know your own truth.

And then, there is the complex web of beliefs and experiences that you created yourself. Though they may seem to belong to you, many of these patterns are from your own infinitely long history, intricately layered within you. When you examine these thoughts and remembered experiences, and compare them with the light of your own divine truth, you can make new decisions about whether to retain or release these patterns that live within you.

Your personal space truly belongs to you, because your soul was created with its own unique soul imprint. You are the caretaker of that personal space — the space of your body, heart, mind, and soul. When you appreciate that you were created to be a unique being, you become more motivated to discover your true passions, your uniquely true beliefs, because these insights live within your essence.

Your desire to know your true self has evolved within your soul, and the yearning has strengthened throughout lifetime after lifetime, as you were gradually learning and discovering about your divine identity. By contrast, when a soul is younger, it seeks not to express its own truth, but to simply find patterns that are considered by authorities to be true. The younger soul assumes that by parroting these beliefs, one is doing the right thing. Now this may actually be true for the younger soul, because such a soul cannot yet access their own inner cosmic truth.

Your situation is different from the younger soul, simply on the basis that you are choosing to read this, because these concepts are intended for the older soul. And so, I welcome you to this moment in which you honor your deeper nature, and the vast potential within you. Let’s explore how the principle of resonance affects your personal space and your true identity.

Every time you communicate with anyone, or even when you look at someone, whether that person is in front of you, on the phone, or even when you see them on a billboard, you are resonating with that person. Perhaps, not entirely. After all, you know who you are, and you know that you are not that person. So what happens that lets some of that person’s energy resonate within you inappropriately?

When you understand how a tuning fork works, you understand how one person can activate the energy in another person. You hold a tuning fork tuned, for example, to the note C, near a piano. What happens seems magical, but it is just simple physics, because the C note on the piano starts to hum on its own. This is because the C piano string somehow knows that the C tuning fork is the same frequency. But surely, you aren’t just exactly like other people, are you?

What if there were many subtle levels of your own body and mind, and what if within these infinite layers of your complex self there were parts of you that are uncertain of your true identity? This is part of the process of a soul awakening to its own truth — a process all souls go through. Although you know who you are in a general way, there are many levels of self that are not so certain. Why would this be?

The parts of you that have let inappropriate energies into your space are your subconscious aspects that are still holding patterns experienced when you were a younger soul. Don’t judge yourself for this, because although you are generally an older soul, you, like all souls, have aspects of soul that are still learning and awakening. In some cases, past life memories have become stuck in a loop, endlessly repeating the limiting understandings of a negative situation.

When you were a child, you learned in the way that children learn. You copied what was happening around you. When you were younger, you were more impressionable. You let yourself copy patterns, simply because they were compelling, rather than because they were true.

And then there are the powerfully influences of the mass consciousness. This is the collective awareness — or unawareness — of humanity. It is an energy field composed of billions of souls, which, for better or worse, are resonating with you. The mass consciousness is informed generally by its own biases, and by the mass media, which has its own points of view. Your task, as a conscious soul, is to notice when you are in alignment with your truth, and when you have opened to inappropriate resonances from the group mind.

As a sovereign and entirely unique soul, you are free to examine any thought, feeling, or memory. You can look at any influence, either within yourself, or outside of yourself, with the eyes of your divine essence. This may be easier than you suppose. Let yourself imagine that you are seeing with the eyes of your deeper soul essence. Pretend, if you like. Imagine putting on the hat of your higher self, so that for a moment you can let yourself sense your patterns in a fresh way, from a higher perspective. If your logical mind steps in to question the process, tell it that you are just pretending.

When you let yourself pretend with your awareness, you are free to access depths that your logical mind would ordinarily deny. You can see the patterns within yourself with a clearer awareness. And you can see some of the patterns that are from other people. But how do you discern which are from other people, and which ones are truly yours?

When you consider a particular thought or feeling within you, check how it resonates with your soul. Imagine putting on the hat, so to speak, of your deeper soul wisdom. Does the thought or feeling you’re examining feel like the real you? Does it have the ring of deeper truth? Here is what you can do. Imagine that you are letting the suspect thought or feeling waft away like a mist or cloud. Don’t worry about losing something from your true self, because that can’t happen. Let yourself notice the feeling of clarity and refreshing aliveness that happens when you let something go that isn’t really you.

Perhaps the feeling is rather like letting go of some cluttered old stuff around the house. You let it go, and realize that you haven’t lost anything of value. Actually, you have regained your clarity. You can breathe more easily. But what do you do if you find a pattern within that seems to be stuck there?

You can talk to your patterns, thoughts, and energies. You can tell them that they aren’t you. You can tell them that they don’t belong. This isn’t done with judgment or fear. It is just a way of stating the facts or rules of your domain, just as a grounds keeper would  inform visitors in a kind, but firm way, “Don’t walk on the flowers.” There is amazing power in simply stating a rule. It invokes your true power to define your reality. It frees you to state rules, rather than assuming that the energies in your space are in command. They are not in command — they are there through habit, and through your not having noticed them before.

When you realize that you have choice, you have awakened to an important element in maintaining the well-being of your personal sacred space. Your domain is yours. Though you still have much to learn about its nature, and its potential, you certainly have the right to make decisions about your personal space. You can freely release what doesn’t need to be there, just as you have the right to make your own decisions about which paintings to hang on the walls of your home.

The decisions you make about your sacred personal space also involve making decisions about which positive states you choose to cultivate. And you might have assumed that you automatically prefer the happier states, but until you choose them, your subconscious may be stuck in other limited patterns. It takes some practice, as anything does, but you can certainly learn to make choices about your inner state, even if you have been stuck in negative patterns. Let yourself develop this skill gradually. Be kind to yourself, and let it all be a game of discovery.

If you try to clear yourself of cluttered thoughts too quickly, your ego will get involved. This is a tricky thing, because one of the new age traps affecting many awakening souls is their self-judgment of their progress. So even as you are releasing inappropriate influences, don’t make it a preoccupation that becomes obsessive. And likewise, as you choose happier or more peaceful states, don’t make it such a preoccupation that you are judging yourself on how happy you have become. For when you judge these matters, you’re becoming your own troublesome critic, and you risk losing the art of living each day with ease and grace.

The paradox of awareness is that being in grace means forgiving yourself, and treating yourself in a kind and gentle way. Your goal is mindfulness in each moment, and yet your goal is also being kind with yourself. When your mindfulness sours into an overly self-critical exercise, the grace fizzles, and the goals of happiness and ease seem ever distant.

These curious paradoxes in developing your consciousness help you realize that cultivating your consciousness is an art, rather than a strict set of rules. This is a way of life that you rediscover in each moment, every day, as you evolve through this life. There are no set rules, but rather, there are friendly guidelines. For now, notice your breathing, and let your breath gently massage through your body. Let yourself practice making some gentle choices about what you’d like to release, and what you’d like to strengthen within yourself.

These processes can help you rediscover and maintain your sacred personal space. And it is truly a process, since there is no definitive state of perfect clarity, or perfect anything, for that matter. Although there is no perfection, no one-hundred-percent state of enlightenment, you are always free to enjoy exploring these ways of owning your personal space each day.

And when you make some nice discoveries, you can quietly smile. You can breathe into the delightful feeling that your experience has brought to you, knowing that your vibrations bring a subtle uplift to everyone in your world, and even make this universe a better place for everyone. Perhaps their higher selves are sharing a friendly thought with you as you read these words… “Welcome to the sacred space of this moment.”

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment


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2 Responses to How can you maintain your personal space…

  1. The true self, existing within, is always found at a depth that is deeper than any outer influences. Refer always to that deeper voice or presence that is the true you.

    Please ask people on the forum about this issue, and they will share refreshing ideas.


  2. OPB says:

    when examining the specifics of my true souls imprint, i seem to question my clarity, though i can look back and see how I have evolved to know my soul clearer, i feel clouded by the progress that i think should be taking place now. I feel as though since i can recognize the specific issue of evolution, it should automatically be exemplified, when that does not happen fast enough, i begin to question my ability or my clarity.
    Usually this comes up when it involves the participation of loved ones that i have attracted into my space for what would seem like the lifetime.
    Your clarity is appreciated.

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