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Cosmic Living tele-classes are live, spiritually empowering telephone conferences with Joel Bruce WallachHe shares inspiring and transformational step-by-step methods to help you release negativity, access your potential, align with your inner cosmic source, and safely integrate your body, heart, mind, and soul. To participate with Joel in Cosmic Living transformational teleclasses, please visit the marketplace.

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Phone conference classes are on hiatus at the moment, as I develop new Powerforms healing tools,

new healing music,

and new methods for the private consultations

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To be announced…

(date to be announced) DNA part 1 – Cosmic Realignment

(date to be announced) Stability – Elements part 1 – Earth

(date to be announced) Freedom – Elements part 2 – Air

(date to be announced) Invincibility – Elements part 3 – Fire

(date to be announced) Flexibility – Elements part 4 – Water

(date to be announced) Identity Repatterning 1 – Media Influence

(date to be announced) Identity Repatterning 2 – Family Influence

(date to be announced) Identity Repatterning 3 – Spiritual/Religious Influence

(date to be announced) Living Light Nutrition – Can you receive divine and transformational energies from the sun? Learn a subtle energy way of  healing all levels of self, and discover how to raise your vibration into alignment with the finer energies of the universe. Learn how ancient people digested a special form of this Light, and how you can practice this anywhere and any time. Discover what is meant by Light, and explore the connection of Light to the center of the galaxy. Find out how the recent solar flares are connected to your evolution, and how their energy can be a source of empowerment for you in the emerging age of spiritual activation.

(date to be announced) Inner Teen Re-Parenting – Is your inner teen self stuck in automatic rebellion, self-judgment, or arrogance? Learn to heal the stuck levels of your inner teen self safely into adulthood. Discover how to share healthier communication between your wise adult self, your higher soul, and your inner teen. Learn how to provide healthy boundaries and skills for the inner teen, in a way that is empowering and respectful.

(date to be announced) Heal Your Birth – Were you born in a perfectly harmonious and pleasant environment? If not, your cellular memory, and your soul’s initial experience in this life, may hold negative patterns that affect you every day. Learn ways to re-pattern your birth experience, so that you can create a birth experience that is unhurried, gentle and loving, free of toxins, and peaceful. Includes clearing c-section births. Birth re-patterning creates a smoother path through the birth canal, cleanses lower astral chaos, and softens the effects of noises and harsh lights from this early life experience. Utilizes the Cosmic Healing Chart (download it from Session Resources in menu).

(date to be announced) Re-Design Your Conception –  Were you conceived in a loving and relaxed environment? Were your parents happy people, free of toxins, and free of all diseases? Discover ways of re-patterning your own conception, so that you can clear the imprints left by negative energies, parental and ancestral emotional patterns, and toxins. Learn to cultivate positive energies in your original cells. This creates a clearer cellular blueprint for every cell in your body, which allows your divine self to express your higher potential in this life more easily.

(date to be announced) House and Office Clearing – Have you noticed that some rooms feel good, while others feel bad? Learn to cleanse and balance the negative energies that affect you every day in your immediate environment. Discover ways of safely releasing bad vibes, entities, and leftover energies from previous tenants. This makes it easier for you to activate positive life-supporting energies in your home and office, utilizing simple step-by-step methods that you can practice anywhere and any time. Utilizes the Cosmic Healing Chart (download it from Session Resources in menu).

(date to be announced) Doing and Being – Why do spiritual teachers advise you to just be? And why do coaches advise you to keep moving forward? How could these contradictions both be true? You can learn to bring balance to the part of the self that becomes tense from over-doing. And you can bring healing to the part of the self that escapes from over-doing into over-being, also called spacing out or vegetating. Discover how to adjust your awareness. Find the healthy balance between doing and being, and utilize both aspects of the doing-being spectrum in a healthy enjoyable way.

(date to be announced) Your Planets In Harmony – Are you a victim of your astrology chart, or is there a way out of the patterns you were born with? Discover how you can use your intention to smooth and balance planetary influences so your soul is less limited during your earthly incarnation. Everything has consciousness, and you can learn to do energy healing on the astrological patterns of your chart. Note: You do not have to have your astrology chart to do this. You can apply the methods in a general way, and if you are interested, you can take the time later to do the methods with your chart in hand to get even more specific results. Disclosure: I am not an astrologer, and am accessing this energy technique via my own intuition.

(date to be announced) Your Soul Purpose – Have you wondered about your soul purpose, and are you waiting for someone to give you the definitive answer? Learn to free yourself from the nagging thought that you need to find one specific purpose in life. Clear misconceptions about this topic, cleanse false and limiting beliefs about soul purpose, and learn to align with the unique vibrational purpose you alone have been given. And no, soul purpose is not a specific activity or job. Find out why.

(date to be announced) Cosmic Gaze – How is your 3rd eye a key to being focused and aware? Learn how to utilize your 3rd eye to release stress, dissolve fear, and enhance manifestation. Discover how you can cultivate relaxed, clear attention for mind and soul, by bringing your attention into your third eye in a balanced and mindful way. Discover how inner and outer gaze are connected. Find the hidden connection between seeing, listening, and sensing. This helps you develop a relaxed, yet present-time focus that includes mental clarity, and spiritual knowing, so that you have a deeper sense of perspective and wisdom when you consider any situation.

(date to be announced) This teleseminar doesn’t have a name yet… – Are there any aspects of metaphysics and spiritual empowerment that you would like me to teach? Let me know, and if it fits with what I’m able to share, I may consider including it in a teleseminar. I’m particularly interested in creating events that do not replicate what others are doing, and so, for example, I am not likely to offer weight-loss seminars, get-rich-quick seminars, or other typical topics. Contact me here with your idea.

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