Why have you been feeling distracted lately…

…and what does that have to do with the planetary activations?

Could there be a connection between the spiritual planetary activations and a feeling of being distracted? Have you been noticing that it can seem more difficult to focus, more challenging to feel connected or motivated, or have you simply been aware of a generalized feeling of mild confusion, disconnection, or disinterest? When you look at the deeper energy shift that is happening, and recognize how it can affect your consciousness, the reasons for these symptoms become clearer.

When you clairvoyantly explore the trends in the planet’s energy, the underlying planetary vibration can seem to have a dream-like or fantasy quality. The swirling, shifting energies make everything seem less dense, and there is much more space within everything and everyone. Now this doesn’t mean that everyone will see their world this way, and in fact, many people won’t. However, the consciousness shifts can certainly make everything feel very different, even if you don’t quite have the words to explain it.

Consciousness activation sounds wonderful at first, until you realize that you are acclimated to the familiar, slower paced, more stable feeling of the past. When everything was slower and denser, there was less confusion and more certainty. Whether the things everyone was so certain about were actually grounded in deeper truth is debatable, but it was certainly easier to feel more secure about your identity, and about the stability of the reality around you.

So what happens when your consciousness, and the energy that forms your world, expands into an energetic reality that is less dense? What does it feel like when you notice the moment-by-moment subtle shifting that is characteristic of consciousness itself?

Consciousness shifts instantaneously, and that can be a wonderful thing, if you’re ready for it. However, there are many levels of your consciousness that are still living in the world that you remember from the past, because even in the relatively recent past, everything was slower and denser. And that begins to explain the feeling of being distracted…

When the denser world was more stable, you could take the time you needed to comprehend it. Now the feeling is as if the world beneath your feet is shifting. Even the space between your thoughts is shifting. But how do you address this? Do you have to learn entirely new skills of awareness?

You don’t have to learn entirely new skills, but you do need to make greater use of the consciousness skills that you have begun to develop. You especially benefit when you cultivate your focus, your patience, your centering, and your ability to shift and release energy. Not that the universe is subjecting you to a test. The universe is not trying to test you, to harass you, or to make you do anything in particular.

The universe is awakening spiritually, and you, being an important element of that very same universe, are awakening spiritually as well. So if you’re becoming more aware in your consciousness, and if that is something that you have co-created, why would you be distracted? Shouldn’t increased awareness make you more focused and centered?

Why is your need to practice mindfulness in each moment greater than ever before? Remember, it’s not because you’re being tested, but the challenges result from your being in a world that is now responding to the subtle shifts of consciousness much more quickly. This means that there is a feeling that everything, even your own body and mind, are shifting in each moment.

This feeling is real, because the shifts are actually happening. But just because there are ever present subtle shifts, this doesn’t have to lead to the distracted state. And yet, until you recognize that the shifts are happening, and become familiar with them, your logical mind will attempt to track reality at the speed of the past. This is what leads to the distracted feeling.

Your logical mind is trying to make sense of an expanding spectrum of vibrations that is manifesting within all levels of this world. This expansion can more easily be understood with the higher functions of your intuitive heart and your intuitive mind. However, your logical mind can not string together the parts of the shifting energies. It would be like your trying to understand a jig-saw puzzle, if those puzzle pieces were strewn on the floor.

Only the higher aspects of the self can comprehend what the jig-saw puzzle is really about. And as you listen to the wisdom within, you find that at that deep inner level, the jig-saw puzzle has already been put together, though perhaps in a new creative way.

If the world is not going to stand still in the slow and dense way that it did before, how can you remain centered amidst this shift? Even though the shifts are escalating, bringing about changes within you, and all around you, there is a timeless stable reality available for you as well. It has always been there. This is the inner world of your divine timeless soul.

This is a bit of a mystery for many people, because they are very referenced to their logical mind’s overwhelmed state. This makes them forget their timeless inner soul’s presence. Or perhaps they have only rarely accessed their soul’s deeper wisdom. This puts them at a disadvantage in making sense of the shifting energies.

Even in the midst of planetary expansion and awakening, you can always choose to sense your world through the lens of your cosmic soul presence. And when you do that, you start to realize how much everything has energetically shifted.

And yet, this realization that the world — and everyone in it — has already significantly shifted energetically, may be too confronting for many people. And so they feel distracted and overwhelmed, but they are not yet able or willing to recognize what is happening to the underlying energetic structure of their body, mind, and soul.

Here are some ways that you can approach the consciousness shifts with ease and grace…

When you feel distracted, disconnected, bored, dull, or overwhelmed, you are probably reacting to the world around you. The world around you was never really the ultimate source of interest and enjoyment for you, though you may have been taught that it was. That is what you thought in the past, because you had not cultivated your deep soul reference point. You didn’t realize that the fascination and focus is within you.

So now, with the consciousness shifts, you begin to sense that the world is what it is; the outer world can not make you interested, and it can not make you fascinated or focused. But there is hope, because if you, yourself, could be more spiritually integrated, the world would be so much more fascinating and meaningful to you. A paradox, but what are you to do?

Bring your attention within.

Now this brings up the two aspects of your self that are vital for your success in this adventure. There is that part of you that is actively participating in this process as you read these words, and that part is the conscious mind. Then there is the deeper level of awareness deep within you, and that part has been known as the sub-conscious self, the super-conscious self, the soul, and at the deepest levels, the higher self. And all these deeper parts of you need to be united with your conscious mind, because there is a wonderful symbiotic relationship between the conscious and the deeper aspects of your self.

Your deeper cosmic aspects have the brilliant capacities that allow you to unite all the shifting realities in a centered way, because the deeper levels of self contain all the potentials of the universe within you. A bit astounding to consider, but please let yourself indulge in this possibility for a moment. When the conscious mind is unaware of the inner potentials of the deep self, the conscious mind can become overly influenced by the shifting energies all around you, without understanding the deeper meaning of everything that is happening in your world. And although the deeper soul wisdom within you understands much, there is little that the deeper self can do without the conscious mind to co-create with it. What is the solution?

The spiritual relationship between your conscious mind and your deeper soul essence helps you access what you need, in each moment, so that you can negotiate the planetary shifts with ease and grace.

Begin to notice your inner self as an energy presence.

Let yourself see and feel it however you choose to — just use your imagination. Sense the flow between your conscious self and the inner soul presence. It’s ok if at first you believe that you’re just making it up. That’s how you learn. But what do you do if you sense within yourself, and you notice only distraction, confusion, or dullness?

These layers of distraction will shift and release when you bring them to your awareness, in a non-judgmental way. Feel the flow between your conscious mind and your inner self. As you do this, the unconscious energies that have been trapped will start to shift, to move, and eventually to release from your body and aura. As you continue to explore, you will find that you can access the deeper layers of your radiant soul within. You can activate this process by imagining the light of your soul shining forth from deep within you, so that your soul lights your aura and your environment. And this experience may lead to a realization…

When you begin to reference your inner soul energy, you begin to recognize that the planetary shifts are less confusing, and actually make sense. This is because any structure that has not been centered in a deeper truth is shifting, so that it can rebuild itself based on a deeper cosmic core of truth. For example, certain aspects of the banking industry have been based upon deception, and thus have been disconnected from a deeper reality.

This is not to say that banks are bad, but that they have been generally ungrounded, being disconnected from a deeper spiritual core or truth. And so, as the consciousness shifts happen, banks will evolve and change in a healthy direction. And this means that the world is not disintegrating, because it is actually shifting into alignment with a deeper cosmic reality. The empowering message here is that the deeper reality is easily accessed within your very own self, and it is always there for you in each moment.

– When you want to know what is real, go within to your soul essence.

– When you want to know where the fascination and delight is, go within.

– When you want to know where you can be comforted, assisted, guided, and given the deep sense of alignment that you know you need, go within.

– When you look around you, and find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or bored, quietly go within, integrate with the presence there, and look at your world again with a deeper knowing.

Feel the flow between your conscious self and your inner cosmic light. This is your primary relationship. It will always be there for you, amidst all shifting realities. And when you look at the world, and you recognize that much of it is not grounded in a deeper reality, you will not be dismayed. You will not be distracted or confused. You will just see it, without judgment, and you will recognize what it is.

In the same moment that you recognize what is happening in much of the outer world, you will also recognize, by its contrast, that the deeper level of soul essence, which is known when you engage with your inner cosmic self, is quietly providing you with the inner voice of truth. This is the voice that frees you from confusion, and lets you make empowering choices, and supports you in following those choices as you move forward, guided by your inner cosmic soul, each day.

This inner knowing may be a voice, a feeling, a light, or a generalized, yet quite meaningful sense that you just somehow know that you know. It is real. It is there for you, within. These aspects of you, in conversation together, can co-create the world you seek, in ways great and small, each moment of every day. And your co-creative resonance within naturally harmonizes with other appropriate people, who appear in your reality to further co-create this awakening world.

I thank you for incarnating as the self that you are, so that you could experience these realizations in this moment. And I thank you for igniting the deeper radiance within your self, because even as you read these words, your divine integrated presence is uplifting the world in a wondrously subtle, and yet quite tangible way.

Many Blessings

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment

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Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art: www.joelbrucewallach.com, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools: https://tinyurl.com/y7x2d3jv
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