How Do You Contact Your Soul?

There is a reason why you yearn to contact your soul. To understand why, you need to explore what happened when you were born.

When you incarnated in this lifetime at birth, your soul stepped into your body. At least, that’s how it generally happens — the soul unites with the body at birth, as best as it can. Although your soul was nearby as your baby body grew in the womb, birth was the defining moment when your soul embodied, and you became a human being. At that moment, your soul, whatever it may have expected or imagined about this lifetime, started to experience your life from the real world point of view — life in a physical body, in this material plane.

It was likely a real shock.

Something happened to your soul connection from the disruption that often happens at birth. It affects you on many levels. And of course, there are many events on the earth plane that affect your ability to be with your soul. Whatever the causes may be, there is some temporary interference.

Fortunately, you can learn meditations that reunite your awareness with your soul. 

Your soul is your deeper divine essence. And just what is that true you? What does it consist of? Understanding this will help you to contact your soul, because you know what you are aiming for.

It is surprising that so many people, especially in a religious context, worry about the state of their souls, without knowing how to contact their soul directly. And many people might have an idea that their soul is important, but they have only the vague notion that their soul is a generalized cloud of energy floating somewhere. Your soul is much more than that.

If your soul is the eternal part of you, this suggests that your soul is a vibration. OK, but everything in the universe is a vibration, so what type of vibration is a soul? Well, it’s not something that you can pin down as looking a certain way. And it’s not something that has a name. That’s because your soul is vaster than all that. It has a vibration that you can sense and experience, but at any given time you’re only tapping into a fraction of what your soul really is.

This is a key understanding — that you can only access part of your soul at any time. This gives you a sense of what it means to be vast, or even infinite. Though you can’t entirely know your soul with your rational mind, you can sense it with your heart, with your intuition, and with your sensitivity. And so you can experience your soul, communicate with it, learn from it, and even experience enlightening inspirations from your soul.

Here’s a way to appreciate your soul as it really is — recognize that it transcends the limits of the material plane. And yet, your soul exists in this world, too.

Quite simply, if you can pin something down, and name it, then it likely exists in a particular dimension. If you can measure something, then is has limits — it has a size, and a color, and a name. Your multidimensional cosmic soul is not limited in this way.

When you start to tap into your inner self, and you go deeper and deeper, you find your soul as an unlimited presence. You might have some fascinating experiences where you experience your soul as textures, colors, sounds, lights, and various sensations. These will all be real experiences, but they are not the complete understanding of your soul.

Your real soul can be experienced through your multi-sensory knowing. But the knowing requires that you open to a deeper way of sensing. This is important, because if your logical, measuring mind tries to examine your soul with a mental microscope, you will miss the depth and meaning of the whole experience. That is because your soul, in its vastness, can only be comprehended when you tune in with the right attitude — a deeper state of awareness.

You don’t have to go anywhere to contact your soul. Your soul can be sensed here and now. That is because your soul, though infinite, also exists as a coherent field of energy — the soul body. And your soul body is located where your physical body is located. Of course, your soul body is a higher, non-physical vibration — but your soul body is here, where you are.

Now that you’re getting more comfortable with the idea that your soul is here, you realize that even though your soul extends beyond this material dimension, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to disappear or float away when you look for your soul. There is a wonderful dynamic interaction between the local soul body within you, and the universal soul aspect that is everywhere. In fact, they both give each other meaning. Here’s how:

Your soul body within you gives your universal soul an avenue to express itself, and test its ideas. And what does the inner soul body get from the infinite soul? The soul body receives the inspiring possibilities that the infinite soul lovingly shares.

The infinite part of your soul seems to be vast and universal for a good reason — at the deepest level, your soul is an individual expression of the universe itself — a spark of God, as some metaphysicians have expressed it.

Now how can your soul somehow express the universe itself, and also have its own unique soul signature? It’s easiest to understand it by thinking of water. Not that your soul is water, but you can play with the metaphor. There is a lake of fresh water, and you take a little bit of water from that lake, and you put it into an ice-cube tray. And now you have a specific ice-cube, and you can examine it. But only an hour ago, that ice-cube was generalized water from the lake. And now it’s in a specific form.

Suppose that you did something to that ice-cube that gave it a different flavor? Now it has become its own distinct identity. Instead of being just a regular ice-cube of water, it is jasmine tea. So it is getting its own unique identity. And so now it’s getting easier for you to distinguish this former bit of lake as a distinct flavor.

And yet, this jasmine tea is still water, essentially. But it has taken on a new identity. So you no longer call it lake water. You honor its new character, by identifying it by a more distinct name of jasmine tea.

Your soul is more amazing than a cup of tea, of course, and it has something that a cup of tea will never have, which is a soul signature. When your soul was created, timeless ages ago, it was given a personal soul signature, as unique in the world of souls as a thumbprint is in the world of hands. And this soul signature signifies that your soul, though made of universal substance, is distinctly you. Not you the personality, but you the soul. And that’s what you’re going to tap into now — the signature of you.

For something as expansive as the soul, you have to approach it from a deeper state of awareness. Otherwise, your rational mind steps in, and starts to measure the experience from an ordinary state of mind. That creates a little problem.

Would you walk into a library, loudly calling out for everyone to remember to be quiet? Of course, you wouldn’t do that, because that would be contradictory. And would you try to wash a garment with muddy hands? That is silly as well. These ridiculous examples give you a hint of what happens when your rational mind tries to help you find your soul.

Maybe you’ve been trying to access your soul with your logical mind, and it’s no wonder that you couldn’t easily find it.

When you first explore your soul, you need to play some little games with your awareness so that your rational mind doesn’t step into your soul’s library with its muddy boots on. Never mind the mixed metaphors — they’re just preparing you to explore a topic that transcends ordinary explanations. So maybe some multidimensional metaphors are just the thing for preparing yourself. And if the logical mind is just a bit confused by this discussion, all well and good — you can ask your logical mind to observe, but to keep its clever observations and opinions to itself.

Soul Contact Meditation

In this little exercise, you are going to experience what you are — the soul, and what you are not — the ego…

1. Bring your attention to your body. Notice your breathing, and track your awareness over the course of several breaths.

2. Begin to notice the space within your body — just imagine it. Notice that space, without trying to label it. Be with it.

3. Start to sense into that space. Sense it as a vibration, rather than as a muscle, nerve, or bone.

4. Relax into that reverie — you are sensing the vibration within the space of your body, without labeling it as physical.

5. As you are sensing the vibration within, you are still noticing your breathing.

6. You imagine that the space within you, where you sense the vibrations, is comfortably expanding. Pretend that you’re easily expanding that inner space. Let the space open up.

7. As the space opens up, you notice the center of that space. And as the space continues to expand, you keep gently noticing the center of that space. This keeps you grounded in the present moment.

8. You let your attention flow to that center space within you, and you let the energy of that space flow back to your awareness. You are now in silent communication with your deeper essence — the subtle realm of your soul.

9. As the communion between your awareness and your expansive inner essence continues, you maintain gentle awareness of your breathing. This keeps you grounded in your body, even as you are touching your deeper essence.

10. Ask your soul to share a blessing or healing with you. Let the experience be what it is. It may be subtle, but allow yourself to notice it — even if it seems that you’re just imagining it. And, keep gently breathing.

11. Let yourself look around the room to reorient yourself. And then, look again within the inner space within you. Gently let your attention shift back and forth — from the room — to the inner space. This helps you realize how natural soul contact can be.

12. Conclude your exploration by bringing your attention to your body, to the room, and to the details in the room. Look about, tap your body lightly with your fingertips, and start to move about.

Welcome back to this world. But, of course, you didn’t go anywhere — at least, not in the usual sense of travel. You didn’t go to a place, but you expanded your sense of what was possible. You went to a deeper state of consciousness. Your spectrum of self-knowing is now broader, and you’ve touched the vast nature that is your essence — your soul.

As you continue to explore your soul, you discover that your soul is here, now. You realize that your soul is not mysterious. And yet, your soul is so deep and multidimensional that you could explore it forever. And in a way, you shall, because your infinite path of spiritual evolution is just that — an ever-meaningful, eternal journey of cosmic discovery.

You may choose to imagine your soul as a friend, as a parent, as a coach, or simply as one who loves you more than you can imagine. Your soul is all these — and more. In fact, the personality and the physical body that you have identified as you are actually windows that your multidimensional soul shines its cosmic light through.

When people speak of higher potential, they are referring to your willingness to be inspired by your soul. They are hinting that you are capable of expressing the infinite soul gifts that you incarnated here to share. You now have the tools to contact your soul, and this connection brings you into harmony with a wellspring of amazing possibilities. Let each breath unite you with that deeper soul contact, so that the light of your soul becomes the light that shines forth from every particle of your being.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – spiritual instruction – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

About Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art:, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools:
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19 Responses to How Do You Contact Your Soul?

  1. Arun says:

    This is a subject easily said than done which I have been trying to understand for implementation for a long time…maybe ,the sincerity and tenacity is lacking …but you have explained in an earthly manner now better understood .. will continue trying and will be back to you will actual positive experiences as they start.

    • Arun

      Thank you — your patience will be rewarded. Remember that each person has a unique experience. Often your results will be subtle. Take it one day at a time so that you can discover your soul gradually.

  2. Jayesh says:

    I am lost I’m unable to find my inner self is there any easy way to communicate with my own soul?

    • Jayesh,

      In the article above, you can explore the “Soul Contact Meditation” so that you can use your imagination to communicate with your own soul. It will seem that you’re imagining this at first. Be patient, and you can do it. Your soul is within you.

  3. Anne says:

    What happens if a good person has a bad soul? does that person’s soul acually improve?

    • Anne,

      All people have a good soul.

      However, there are negative experiences that make a soul feel upset, sad, angry, fearful, or confused. A soul that is affected in this way may misbehave. This does not mean that the soul is bad. It is a temporary situation.

      We can all learn to release negativity, and when those layers of negativity are released, we will realize that every soul has a good essence. The releasing may take a long time, even many lifetimes. If we take the long view of things, and recognize that every soul is in the process of learning, it becomes evident that this good essence is the true nature of all souls.

  4. Akuma says:

    It’s my second day into meditation. I sat and watched my thoughts and memories while meditating. As I stopped I lied down for sleep. Then something happened. My memories consumed me. I tried embracing the light but it seemed distant. I was cold and shaking. All the wrongdoings people have done to me consumed my head. What was this? I’m still shaken up by this.

  5. Akuma says:

    I am experiencing soul loss. As in I can’t find it. I’ve ran into many outer “pushy” voices. Often asking me to do things to compromise my earnings. How do I combat them so I can find my soul?

    • Akuma,

      The voice of the self that wrote what you wrote is a good place to start — that is the conscious self, and it is an important aspect of your soul.

      Talk back to the voices. Command them into the divine light. Strongly push them into the light.

      Imagine your own inner soul light within you. It’s ok if it seems that you’re imagining this at first. Imagine this light becoming stronger. Imagine the rays of this inner light shining outwards, dissolving negativity.

      Take it day by day, and keep moving forward as you recover your soul light. You can do it.

  6. R A B B I A says:

    How to recognize the inner voice/voice of the soul?

    • Rabbia,

      It may be thought of as a vibration, more than a normal voice.

      The voice of the soul is different for everyone, because each person has their own experience.

      In general, though, the soul voice is quiet and subtle – it has been referred to as the “still small voice.”

      It is not pushy or noisy. It may seem, at first, to be the voice of your own self. In time, you will recognize the subtle vibration difference between your regular mind’s voice and the quiet universal voice of the soul.

  7. La obra esta basada en hechos de la vida real, los nombres de
    los personajes son ficticios y muchos de los acontecimientos son fantasía acompañados por bastante imaginación.

  8. Arca says:

    Hi. This is Arca

    Nice to meet you Joel

    You speak only the truth. And I can’t be happier to have read this. The soul as you say it is an infinite thing without bounds. I do not know why but back when I was a kid I always did bad things. And after that did more bad things. But as my years passed I settled (fastly of course) and my senses (meybe) started to act up as I began exploring the soul. And the more free I felt the better I felt. The more strange I felt while my mind wasn’t working the greater dreams I had. And at some point I had mind destroying dreams and mind perplexing dreams. Well, I didn’t try to understand them with my mind or as I call it my human self thinking.

    So here is a dream I had. One night I did all the requirements for contacting my soul as I fell asleap. After that I astral plained myself to a vocano which was filled with water. This vocano had from old times staires with 5 stories. The whole thing was about 60 to 150 meters high and about 40 to 70 meters round. Now the interesting part is this. As I slept I was awake and asleap at the same time, but in my soul and three hours before I woke up I felt a shivver of dark energy crossing into my dream. It was my mom, dad and brother. That is because they have been a bad influence on me since the begining of my life as this human. Then my soul world which I was in forcibly or more like a self-defence mechanism threw me out. And then my soul or meybe unconscious mind found a incarnation of myself at another time.

    I then went in my incarnation befre 600 or more years before the 21st sentuary and he acsepted this agreenment. The thing is I didn’t know if I was soul traveling or dream traveling as my soul. He then wen’t to a city. He was acctually in bad condition and needed money, cloaths and he looked like a homeless man. That isn’t the point. He went into town and thre he met a man, his friends I sensed. And he helped him get on his feet literally. And then he my incarnation went to his own house with a borrowed car or some sort of transportation. I’m not sure but I though it was a car. The trip was quick and when he went home he immediately went on his bed and started to meditate. In three days he was able to help me get in my world again. And for my surprise the water was boiling and almost the the level of where my parents, were and brother.

    I removed my parents from my world then but I though that my brother had stopped me from removing him from my world, but I’m not so sure. Then after I returned into my incarnation’s body and then he meditated for a day, then he ate one bowl of yoghurt. He went another day meditating and I rached my world again. And then I removed my brother from there. I forgot to mention but when I removed my parents the water level had dropped for one day’s time and the temperrature a litle and the stairs for the fifth floor weren’t blocked. And in the end I layed there thinking of nothing and feeling nothing and yet that was inside my soul but outside where my soul was awake in my travel, or dream (call it dream), I felt wind and that I was wind. And I think that is because I’m a libra. And libra is a wind element zodiac sign. Thanks for listening.


    • Arca,

      Keep discovering your inner divine potential. Forgive yourself for childhood mistakes, and forgive your family for any mistakes they have made. As you meditate with your deeper soul self, and will find new levels of inner peace and harmony.

  9. Mufriec says:

    I hope have left my soul and request that,will you please help me.Its pretty nice of having known you to have my immadiate intimate soul back into stay luckful of my life.wishing all the best from you.thankyou and happy Merry Christmas 2014 & happy new year 2015.With confident regards!

  10. benedict s leto says:

    Thanks for this Joel. Why is it that if our soul has taken so many journeys from where it comes to here and back again, that we all do not have more access to our souls and the knowledge it holds. Why is our contact so limited and the exchange of information so negligible? Why does our soul not guide us in this life in a more direct and dramatic way? Why is it that we must go into meditations to imagine such a vast and important part of ourselves, our very essence? And of the many voices, loud and silent, that speak to us continuously, why do we not hear from our soul? Does it not also have a voice? I have more questions and I am always seeking these answers. Often it leaves me very sad when I try so hard but fail to make meaningful contact with my soul. Let’s begin a conversation. Thanks, Ben.

    • Benedict,

      Good questions. The traumatic experiences from many lifetimes accumulate in your soul and aura, creating confusion. This blocks your perceptions of the deeper essential reality of the divine and of the soul.

      The guided meditation described in this article can help you quiet your mind a little bit, so that you can become aware of your deeper nature. It would be nice if it were easier to do this, but it does take some attentive practice over time.

      The soul doesn’t demand; it only states the truth, and in a very quiet way. You must be quiet, respectful, and attentive to get the message. This is called mindfulness.

      Recommended resource to quiet the mind, so that you can hear your soul:

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