Where does your soul live…

… and why does it matter?

How can you spare even a moment to explore your own soul, amidst the busyness of day-to-day life? After all, the details of making a living, taking care of loved ones, and dealing with all the matters of daily life seem to take up so much attention. Just what, briefly, are the vital basics about your soul that you really need to know?

Your soul is so vast that its infinite nature seems a bit much to grasp. After all, what can you say about a cosmic being — your soul — that exists as a multi-dimensional energy field within you, and exists as well throughout the universe? The aspect of your soul that lives within you has always been there, and recognizing that fact might prompt you stop for a moment and consider…

If your soul has always been there for you, that suggests that it has been there throughout all time. And when you consider this, you recognize an open expanse of cosmic time that you now have access to. Certainly, it is vaster than this present moment. Your soul has existed, and is forever experiencing, learning, and developing over that vast stretch of time.

How could your soul also exist throughout the universe? Let’s have a look at the universe. I understand that this is easy to say, and more challenging to do. Let’s just say that as far as you can gaze into the night sky, and way beyond that, is an infinite universe of incalculable size. Could the subtle presence of your individual soul truly exist throughout such vastness?

Your soul is linked with your body in this time-space, and yet your soul also exists as an infinite presence. And this seems to be contradictory, so just let yourself relax with this realization. Your individual soul knows the universe well, because your soul is actually a unique expression of the universe. And you can be humble with this understanding about yourself, because everyone else is a unique expression of the universe as well…

And so we all exist as distinct beings, and we all also exist as the entire universe. If your logical mind finds that a bit much, that’s ok. When you access these deeper matters of your soul through meditation and contemplation, the understandings manifest for you as a subtle felt sense that transcends words.

If your soul exists as the universe, does that make you somehow the same as everyone else? Not at all, because even the universal aspect of your soul is still a completely unique expression of the entire universe, and every other person is also a unique expression of the entire universe. And so, paradoxically, we are all different individuals, and yet we are all united as co-creators of the one creation.

How could your soul express through your body, while also existing throughout the universe? Your soul has a special resonance with your body, and here is the wondrous paradox: To understand the vast universe, you bring your awareness deep into your own physical body. The deeper you bring your consciousness within your body, the more a cosmic mystery is revealed…

Your discovery is that the deeper you go within, the more deeply you experience your soul. How could your soul, vast as the universe, be realized within your body? And how could the experience and feeling of timelessness, characteristic of the infinite universe, be discovered within the time-bound linear world of your physical body? Are you ready for the answers? They are to be found within your multi-dimensional sensing self…

Meditate – contemplate – relax into it – breathe into it… Don’t try to seize the understanding with your logical mind — just let yourself sense who and what you are. And let yourself discover, within these next few precious seconds of time, something about your soul. And let your soul share its timeless, yet simple presence with you. Your soul knows all about you — it is you, in fact — and knowing all about you, your soul loves you all the more.

Know that your soul is your best friend, and much more, and so you can invite your soul to share with you. Your infinite soul shares gifts that are beyond price, and sweeter to your heart than anything you have ever tasted. May the delights and cosmic embraces you share with your soul inspire you in these seemingly brief, and yet infinitely meaningful moments.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment

About Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art: www.joelbrucewallach.com, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools: https://tinyurl.com/y7x2d3jv
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4 Responses to Where does your soul live…

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Joel,

    I just found your website today and am loving reading and learning from all your articles!

    This is a fascinating topic.


  2. Steven says:

    There are locales in the cosmos where matter, antimatter and nonmatter do not
    exist- the three voids. I wonder if something heretofore unimaginable resides there?

    • Good question, Steven.

      The void is a place where anything is possible, because the infinite void is that undefined pure place from where any and all possibilities may emerge. That which you may imagine, and that which you have not yet imagined, can emerge from these voids.

      A curious thing is that your soul, at its most essential cosmic level, exists within these voids as well. Choose the highest, most divinely inspired realities for yourself and others, because the energy of the void – matter, antimatter, and nonmatter – is the raw material from which our universe springs forth, ever created from moment to moment.

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