Is it worthwhile to imagine your preferred future…

… given all the challenges in the world?

This week, I have noticed increasing fragmentation, and a somewhat stunned or overwhelmed vibration in many people’s auras. This seems to result from reading too much news, and taking it in too deeply. Some so-called realists insist that their emotional and mental condition must be defined by the news. However, the news is a collection of pictures, words, and feelings that have been packaged to tell a powerful story. You might prefer to tell the story in a different way. When you let the newsmaker’s typically narrow and gloomy story into the interior world of your own heart, mind, and soul, you are giving your power away. When you begin to choose your own thoughts about yourself and your reality, you take your power back.

But why choose your own reality, amidst a world that seems to be presenting only problems and offering many limitations? You can think of your consciously made choices as vibrations. Why vibrations? Because everything in the universe follows the laws of resonance. You’re familiar with how a struck tuning fork, held near a piano, causes the corresponding string that has the same note as the tuning fork to spontaneously make a sound. That’s resonance, and it is the basic principle that affects everything in the universe. And that includes you, your thoughts, and your reality.

Why should the nay-sayers define your future, when they have no understanding of resonance? If they believe that the outside world is forcing them into a limited future, they are entitled to believe that. Maybe it’s ok for them to be stuck in a narrow world, but you have the right to align with the energy of your preferred vibration. When you understand resonance, you realize that it is not naïve at all to choose your thoughts, to choose your future, and to choose your state of consciousness. But wouldn’t making such choices be a denial of reality?

It may look naïve when you actively choose to align with a reality, and you move towards that reality, at least from the point of view of others who lack an understanding of resonance. They assume, from what they believe is a reasonable point of view, that everything outside of them is making them be a certain way. They see you making new choices, and they assume that you just don’t understand, or that you are denying reality, or that you are hopelessly naïve. And in a curious way, you are all these things, but not in the way that they suppose.

When you choose your state of consciousness, and choose where to focus your attention, you are following a higher principle. Not higher in the sense of better, but higher in the sense of following the essential method utilized by the creator of the universe. When you are guided by your intuitive mind and by your soul, you are using a more divinely aligned form of resonance. This is because your intuitive mind and your soul essence are living expressions of the creative force that actually created the universe. And so your willingness to create and choose your reality expresses a cosmic principle that is closer to universal truth.

But then, if you are using the example of the creator and the creation, wouldn’t it be just as natural to let yourself be brought into a lower condition by world conditions and beliefs? Wouldn’t that be a natural example of resonance, too? Perhaps it would be, if you were a pebble on the side of the road, because a pebble is not capable of the creative thought that you are capable of. Pebbles have been given a lesser capacity than you, and so you don’t have to be guided by their example. Unless, of course, you are learning about stillness, and this is a perfect example of when it actually would be wise to be inspired by the example of a pebble.

The person who does not make conscious choices, but who meekly accepts that the outer world must define their reality, is not guided by their higher divine aspects of self. They are stuck in a lower quality expression of resonance, because they passively fall into resonance with the narrow options presented by news and by well-meaning, but similarly limited friends. Though otherwise intelligent, many well-intentioned people are afraid to create their own state of consciousness. They have been led to believe that it would be uncompassionate to do so, or they may fear that if they let the media’s version of reality go, they will find themselves adrift, as if floating outside of the comforting solidity of the well-accepted, victim-oriented world view.

So what can you do about a feeling of fragmentation or confusion? Isn’t that a natural response to modern situations of this modern world? Fragmentation and confusion represent instinctive responses to overwhelming stimuli. So don’t blame yourself if you find yourself in these unpleasant states. Do know, however, that you do have choice about whether you get stuck there, because you can choose to use your consciousness in a more effective way. This higher way is the conscious choice response. Examine how this works, because this is something you can do…

When you took the news into your heart and mind, did you realize that you could release it from your heart and mind as well? Did you think that you had to keep the energy of that news story in your personal space? When you release the energy, you are simply releasing the emotions and pictures from your body and aura that have been holding you in a helpless condition. This sounds strange at first, because the idea that you can release the energy of something that influenced you sounds either mystical or silly, but here’s how to do it…

Understand that everything is basically energy. This is the key to understanding much of metaphysics and spiritual healing. Look at the news stories, and the popular beliefs that you allowed into your personal space. You allowed their energy into your body, heart, mind, and soul. This practice of observing what you’ve let in helps you separate the content of the news, the story, from its basic existence as energy. When you know that you let some energy into your personal space, you can more easily choose to let it out again. Here’s how to do this…

Imagine — just pretend — that the energy of the news that you allowed into your heart and mind is now wafting out of you like a wispy cloud. Why a wispy cloud? You know that clouds are light, and they change their shape easily. You’ve seen how clouds flow gracefully across the sky, and eventually dissolve into nothingness. And that is what you want, because you want to be able to change the shape of something that you let into yourself. You want to be able to let it shift easily, and dissolve easily.

Ah, but the realists say, just because you dissolved that energy from yourself, that doesn’t make it vanish from the world. Quite true. But you’ve released the lower vibration influence from one person, and that person happens to be you. And here you see how the law of resonance comes into this, because when you have released a bit of negativity, or the so-called news that is no longer in your personal space, you have created a clearer personal environment from which you more easily create the world that you prefer. Why are these distinctions so important?

The world that you choose to manifest is likely a better world than the gloomy one that you had let into yourself. However, even this idea of releasing vibrations perturbs some people, because they still insist that by releasing the energy of disturbing news, you are failing to have compassion for the world, and are failing to recognize problems. Here is where they are misguided…

When you are able to access the vibration of your preferred reality, you are creating a better world, starting with the level of pure vibrations. And when you do this, you are no longer a victim, but an empowered being who is making a difference — for yourself, and for everyone. Because when you clear your heart and mind of external chaos, you are holding positive resonance for the kind of balanced and healthy world that you seek. And whether people who regard themselves as realists understand this or not, you are truly making a difference through that higher quality resonance, and through the good that such higher quality vibrations tend to cultivate.

This inner energy shift may look like a subtle shift. And it is. But subtle is still real. And real shifts accumulate. So it’s ok for you to release energy, and to consciously choose where your attention is focused. Whatever anyone else may think about it, you are utilizing higher principles of resonance for a positive purpose that creates good for yourself and others. And in spite of whatever the news presents as “what is happening,” your positive resonance may be one of the more healthy things that you can do to lift the world into a better condition. You won’t lose your mind, and you won’t lose your connection with reality, but your higher resonance will make it easier for everyone to function more easily and effectively. Know that your choice in these matters is helping to co-create heaven on earth, by resonating it into being in this very moment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

P.S. You can explore these concepts described here more thoroughly here, and here. For more articles, see here.


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