With humanity going through so many challenges…

… what can you really do to make a difference?

Are you concerned about the state of the world? Do you wonder what you can do to help humanity? Or does the prospect of making a difference seem overwhelming? Let’s take a moment to explore a fresh approach…

When you sense the accumulated energy of humanity, does it seem chaotic, confused, or just plain negative? Of course it does, at least on the surface. And without denying any of the problems, let’s look at some solutions — vibrational solutions — choices in consciousness which you can make, if you let yourself.

Everything has a spectrum of vibrations — a broad range of energies. The negative range sometimes seems to be the most noticeable, and finding the serenity can seem impossible, as if it wasn’t there at all. In fact, the inner peace is there, but seemingly hidden. But what benefit could there be, even if you could detect the hidden inner peace vibrations? Let’s explore this possibility…

Here is the key to making a difference for people, and for yourself. When you scan the energies of humanity, you will notice, at first, the broader and seemingly chaotic part of humanity’s frequency spectrum. However, know that this chaos is actually a smaller part of humanity’s energy spectrum. Use your imagination to let yourself sense below the surface of reality. Let yourself tune into the clearer, brighter part of humanity’s vibrational spectrum. You then realize that the brighter energies had been there all the time. But why would your noticing this happier vibration actually make a difference?

A secret of consciousness is that when you bring your attention to something, it becomes stronger. It is reinforced through the natural power that consciousness has, and through your coming into relationship with what you’re bringing your attention to. And in terms of yourself, when you bring your attention to the healthier and brighter parts of humanity’s vibrational spectrum, you strengthen those positive aspects of yourself as well. And you are allowed and encouraged to do just that.

But does this mean that you must deny the real problems? Not at all… This technique invites you to participate in a simple expansion of your consciousness. You are now choosing to include the positive range of the spectrum in your awareness, and that means that you can feel a resonance with the solutions to problems. And you are sensing your relationship or resonance with those positive possibilities. At first it will seem that it is fleeting, or that perhaps you are imagining it. This is ok.

This simple, yet profound perceptual shift lets you look at a problem, and discover a solution, even if you hadn’t seen one before. This is because sometimes the way to start finding solutions is to get a sense, even if it seems that you’re making it up, that a solution can exist. And when you tap into that possibility, you are opening up an energy doorway that resonates with that possibility.

Just take a moment, here and there throughout the day, to find the positive range in the spectrum of humanity. And feel your relationship with that positive energy. You just raised your vibration — made a subtle shift in your reality, and you did a good thing for the planet as well. Yes, it’s subtle. But deeply meaningful, because you gently reinforced a positive trend that uplifts everyone, and you have brought yourself into alignment with the world of positive possibilities.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teleclasses and mp3’s

About Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder of Soul Healing Energy Work consultations, Founder of Transformational Fine Art: www.joelbrucewallach.com, Inventor of Powerforms subtle energy tools: https://tinyurl.com/y7x2d3jv
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