Is marijuana OK from a spiritual point of view?

No, it’s not the magical doorway to cosmic consciousness that many hope for.

Now it’s possible that you didn’t want to hear that brief and definite answer. However, this negative response is not a vague bias. There are specific adverse effects that marijuana has on your aura and on your soul, and this affects your spiritual development. You won’t generally hear about these insights, because the people speaking about this topic, whether in favor or against, generally lack the subtle energy sensitivity to describe what happens to your energy field when you put marijuana in your body.

Of course, it is possible that you agree with these conclusions about the inadvisability of smoking this substance, but it’s important to clarify exactly why marijuana is a problem, because otherwise, the argument about it can get sidetracked. For example…

One of the superficial reasons often given for avoiding marijuana is the argument that because it is illegal in many locales — at least at the time of this writing — it “must” therefore be a bad substance. However, there are actually other historical reasons for marijuana’s illegality, having mostly to do with the economics of hemp.

As is well known, hemp is an inexpensive replacement for paper, for oil, and for many other products. In other words, legal hemp would be an economic competitor in various industries. It is for that reason that various large industries seek to demonize marijuana, so that public opinion will continue to believe that marijuana and hemp must be kept illegal.

Yet another reason claimed by those who hold negative views about marijuana is that it is not as safe as alcohol. The spiritual problems with alcohol can be detected through subtle energy sensing, and there are unfortunate similarities between alcohol and marijuana, especially in how they both adversely affect the aura and the soul. In spite of the obvious differences in how people drinking and smoking behave, the basic issue remains the same…

Marijuana and alcohol interfere with the connection between the body and the soul, and both substances, in their own way, create a dissociated condition that interferes with spiritual growth and well-being.

There are various arguments that marijuana proponents make to support their choice, and they are all based upon beliefs that seem, at first, to be acceptable. However, the essential problem with marijuana is that it creates a split between the body and the soul. This is something that can be detected with subtle sensing, and so those who have not developed this sensing ability will probably entertain doubt about these assertions. I am not the only energy-sensitive person who detects these issues, and so I am going to describe them as I sense them, and you can reach your own conclusions.

Marijuana proponents say that smokers tend to be peaceful, in contrast to alcohol drinkers. Though this can be observed easily enough, it still doesn’t validate the use of a substance that creates an energetically fragmented condition in the aura. I observe that the fragmented aura condition of marijuana smokers keeps them seemingly peaceful, but at a price. The fuzzy aura condition of smokers keeps them from fully feeling their emotions, and when you understand this, it reveals a different, and somewhat less happy explanation regarding their preferred emotional suppression method.

When people have emotions or thoughts that are troubling, they tend to want to leave their body so that they won’t have to feel their discomforts. People wanting to not feel their feelings have some popular choices: They can drink alcohol, they can eat devitalized junk food, they can space out in front of the television — which is known to induce a quasi-meditative alpha state — or they can smoke marijuana. All of these choices can create a fragmented energy field, in which the clarity of the aura is compromised. But the spiritual problems from marijuana use seem to last longer than the side effects from the other methods.

The alleged peacefulness of smokers is their convenient excuse. They may feel more peaceful than they would if they weren’t smoking, but unfortunately, they are not transcending their pain in any useful way. Their escape from emotional discomfort is temporary. This means that they can’t really address the pain, and that leads to a problem. If you can’t address something, because you don’t feel it anymore, then you have to keep pushing the denied emotions down, so that they are out of your conscious awareness.

This may explain the notion that marijuana is not physically addictive, but is psychologically addictive. After all, if you need to keep smoking in order to not feel what you don’t want to feel, then that may well be a psychological addiction.

The popular expression with marijuana smokers that smoking helps them “take the edge off” is a euphemism that hides the emotional pain they seek to avoid. And to be fair, it is reasonable to acknowledge that emotional pain can be frightening, and that confronting it takes a great deal of courage and determination. However, smoking isn’t going to build courage and determination.

This is because the focus required for determination is associated with a strongly linked soul and personality within a coherent aura — and marijuana interferes with that.

Ideally, the body, the emotions, the mind, and the soul are all united in a coherent energy field — your healthy aura. Uniting these aspects within yourself is key to being aligned with your true self, so that you can do the things that you came to this lifetime to do. Anything that muddies the clarity of your aura is slowing your progress on all levels. It is better to be clear in your perception– even if this involves challenging realizations — so that you can confront your emerging feelings and thoughts, rather than hide in a fragmented, diffused understanding of yourself.

You could imagine your soul as the eternal divine essence of your being. Your soul carries the spark of the creator, and so your soul is your connection to higher spiritual awareness. Ideally, your body, heart, mind, personality, and soul link as one, with the soul being your cosmic cohering energy presence — the divine glue that holds you together.

When your divine soul is integrated with your body, you become more conscious about how you treat your body. When your soul is able to shine into your emotions and mind, you can achieve a unified level of consciousness that lets you confront issues. You can move in a positive direction in your life. Marijuana disrupts this unity, and creates a muddy aura that short-circuits your spiritual empowerment.

Another concern with this substance is that it mimics spiritual experiences, but actually interferes with spiritual realization. To understand how that happens, imagine the spectrum of consciousness as a range of vibrations. At the lowest part of the awareness scale, there is low, unaware consciousness. At the highest level of the awareness scale, there is cosmic consciousness, or divine consciousness.

Now suppose that a person is stuck in a narrow, exclusively earth-bound level of perception. Such a person might find that marijuana helps them feel and see beyond their narrow material range of perceptions. And that seems impressive, at first. It even seems to suggest that marijuana might be a consciousness expanding substance.

The problem, however, is that marijuana can, in a limited way, seem to help those who are stuck in a narrow materialistic perspective. It seems, at first, to give them a more expanded view of the universe. However, this benefit is limited by marijuana’s intrinsically lesser quality of vibration. When a substance keeps you at an intermediate level of consciousness, then try as you might, you will be chemically limited from attaining higher states of spiritual realization.

The so-called consciousness-expanding benefits of marijuana are only somewhat broader than the narrow materialistic worldview of the uptight, tense person. This means that when a person who feels rigid or stuck smokes, they get a temporarily expanded sense of things, and this impresses them. They believe they have a found a solution that frees them from limitation.

Unfortunately, marijuana has only raised their consciousness somewhat. Especially troubling is that the marijuana, though seeming to raise the consciousness a bit, keeps the smoker at a level of awareness that is only somewhat expanded beyond the lower materialistic range. To understand this, imagine that there is a range of consciousness between one and ten. One represents limited, stuck consciousness. Ten represents cosmic consciousness.

A person stuck at level one or two could go to level three or four with the help of marijuana. They might be impressed by this shift. As they would argue, their consciousness has been expanded, they feel more creative, and they have a broader sense of reality.

It seems like a convincing validation, until you realize that the marijuana is keeping them from going above level four. And this is the problem with marijuana that smokers would rather not consider.

In addition, the marijuana inhibits their ability to heal their own problems — their level one and two problems, so to speak. These are the energy blocks that they were trying to escape. However, unaddressed problems stay stuck. Your ability to honestly sense your own energy blocks is a vital element in your self healing.

You are a spiritual being. Your soul is made from the eternal cosmic essence of the creator.

You incarnated to bring your eternal soul into the experience of this lifetime. To receive the light of your soul, you need to create a fit physical vehicle that can be in harmony with your soul. In spite of the claims of marijuana proponents, marijuana cannot provide you with assistance if you want to progress spiritually.

The popular claim that marijuana generates peacefulness is based on a limited definition of what peace is — peace is not merely the absence of strife or violence. This limited definition of peace leads people to pay a spiritual price that isn’t worth the alleged benefits — your soul alignment is worth more than any temporary peace. And when you realize that this so-called peace is just a dissociated condition that ultimately inhibits your well-being, you may be empowered to re-examine this topic with a deeper understanding

If there were no other options for attaining inner peace, or for dealing with your emotions, then the beliefs of marijuana proponents might be convincing, but there are, in fact, many options:

– Learning to feel your feelings is a powerful teaching that builds strength in many levels of your being. It’s not always easy, and often not fun, but when you gently breathe through your feelings you discover that you are stronger than your fears.

– Learning to question your automatic self-talk lets you get out of the mental and emotional loops that can trap you in negativity. Learning to talk to yourself in an empowering way puts you, metaphorically, in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than in the back seat with your subconscious patterns in control of the steering wheel.

– Learning to move and exercise, by whatever means you choose, gives you an option to raise your vibration every day, so that your feelings and thoughts don’t sink down to the lowest levels of your problems.

– Learning to meditate, visualize, concentrate, and create a coherent aura helps you discover your true spiritual identity as a multidimensional being. Spiritual practices empower you to live in alignment with your true divine identity, so that you are less affected by the negative influences from the media, from other people, and from the world in general. You observe the world with a deeper wisdom that expresses your true self.

One spiritual concern with marijuana use is that it causes users to get stuck in an intermediate spiritual dimension known as the astral plane. These intermediate dimensions of consciousness, though not bad in themselves, are the levels of illusion. Ideally, the astral dimension is a state of consciousness in which you can invent and create. However, the astral dimension is only safe for you if you are also aligned with higher levels of divine consciousness, and safely grounded within your own physical body. Without this higher divine alignment, and without your grounded physical presence, the astral plane is merely the plane of illusion and fantasy, taking you further from your true center.

This is important to you if spiritual awareness is your goal. I don’t pretend that this article will change the minds of those who are committed to using marijuana, although I do hope that any user will consider the options to using a spiritually negative substance.

But what if you are undecided about this topic, and spiritual awakening is important to you? Have you let yourself be impressed with the glamorous images presented in the media, in which creative people or celebrities are associated with marijuana use? It is to you that this article is specifically written, because glamorous images are only superficial descriptions of a false reality — that is, they are not real.

False images are reflections of the astral plane — the dimension of illusion. And when millions of people hold false images, the effect can be powerful. Fortunately, even powerful false images can be seen for what they are — fake realities that only interfere with spiritual awareness. When you have real spiritual experiences that integrate you, uniting your body, heart, mind, and soul with your spiritual potential, then you build clarity in your consciousness. You learn to recognize fake realities as superficial images with no spiritual core.

Spiritual realization is something that you develop over time. It is not something you can put on like a coat, or take like a pill, and for this reason, you want to develop your spiritual awareness as a daily practice. In the same way that you can build physical muscles through exercise, you can build spiritual strength through cultivating your awareness. One of the benefits of a regular spiritual practice is that your alignment with your soul wisdom grows. And this lets you see illusions as the deceptions that they really are.

When you don’t have a spiritual means of connecting with your soul, you can be easily influenced by the powerful distorted energy fields of millions of people who are trapped in fake illusions. And marijuana doesn’t help you grow or evolve beyond that, because it gives the illusion of expanded consciousness, while trapping you at a merely intermediate level of consciousness. It claims to take you beyond the average state of human consciousness, and then leaves you at a muddy, intermediate level.

And the energy at that intermediate level, I notice, is sticky. That might sound a bit strange, but the aura quality of marijuana smokers is sticky, fuzzy, and open to entities. That is the opposite of the brightness and clarity associated with those who are in alignment with their divine soul.

But no matter where you are in your spiritual development, whether you are smoking or not, you can always make the choice to move in a healthier direction each day. In the same way that the public is moving towards the realization that healthy food is better than junk food, and in the same way that the public is moving towards the understanding that exercise makes you feel more alive, so too are people becoming aware that anything that interferes with their soul development is to be avoided.

If you’re already moving in the direction of seeking healthy food choices and exploring exercise, then you are able to appreciate how negative substances can interfere with your vibration. When you consider how a seemingly popular substance, marijuana, can lower your spiritual vibration, it invites you to make some new healthy choices. Anything that disrupts your body-soul unity is worth avoiding. It’s time to tune in to your true divine essence, and make some healthy decisions for yourself.

Your essence is made of divine substance. If you want to feel your aliveness, then realize that your emotions, your thoughts, and your body all need to be aligned with your soul — so that you can be truly alive on all levels. And that may mean, at times, that you will feel emotions or thoughts that you don’t enjoy. However, you can learn to breathe through your challenges. You can learn to stabilize and integrate your mind-body-spirit energy. You can learn to bring the divine light of your soul — and the cosmic intelligence of the universe — into your life.

And when you align in this way, you get a sense of what it means to be in tune with the cosmos. You can feel in alignment with the eternal vibration of the creator, humming within you. You are in alignment with the truth of your being, which is a spiritual vibration that is alive in the deepest sense of the word. It is the higher consciousness that is capable of knowing its true infinite nature.

And you want to be aligned with that infinite universal consciousness, because it is who you are — you are one with the source of all reality. Breathe it into your being. It is the true elixir that you can partake of every day. Let every breath unite you with the aliveness that wants to vibrate joyously within your every cell. Welcome to this moment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living – transformational home-study mp3’s, and private consultations


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Resource: This site looks useful – their approach seems to be similar to the 12 Step programs:


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How can you transcend being labeled — when you live in a physical body?

You live in a physical body, and that is a fact. People will see you in a particular way, based on your gender, race, height and weight, age, and many other aspects that seem to describe your physical self. It’s easy enough to make proclamations about how people should respect each other, and how they should seek to understand each other. Yet, people often seem to see each other according to stereotypes.

Could there be a way to shift this perceptual process? If there were, you would have to explore the question of what is really happening when people perceive you. And that brings you to an exploration of energy…

What about your aura? It has a broader spectrum of energy than the body, and it radiates thoughts and feelings. So there must be something in your aura that would affect how people perceive you. What if your aura presence was another way to describe your soul radiance?

Your soul has existed for an eternity, and your soul radiates your divine, cosmic essence. These soul energies have a much broader frequency range than your body and personality. Consider your soul presence as an important aspect of how you are perceived. Realize that the vibrations people experience when they are in your presence are a reflection of how your body and soul are interacting together.

Are you ready to access your soul resonance? What would happen if you did? Is it possible that this might affect how people perceive you?

Suppose that you chose to identify more deeply with your soul essence energy? What would happen to your identity as the physical earthly self that you have cultivated for so many years? And how might your becoming soul-identified affect your identity as a tribal member, so to speak, of a family, a group, a race, a religion, a nationality, or a believer of this or that doctrine?

When you discover that you have a deeper soul identity than what you seem to be on the physical plane, you might be inclined to wonder whether you are, in fact, the strictly physical identity that you are familiar with — or whether you are something else entirely. To set your mind at ease, know that there are no contradictions here. You are, indeed, the being that you have known throughout your life.

However, your physical self, with its particular traits, is only a small aspect of the broader spectrum of self that you truly are.

Some people, upon studying about their soul, seek to express idealized lofty beliefs about what spirituality is supposed to be. Sometimes this expresses itself in interesting behavior shifts, such as feeling that it is necessary to change one’s name to something expressing a distinctly spiritual quality. Though there is nothing wrong with changing your name, your given name is perfectly suitable for you as you evolve, and your given body is a perfectly suitable vehicle for you in this lifetime, as well.

So here you are, in the earthly body you have been given, and you are exploring higher consciousness. And as you explore, you are discovering, through your deeper perception, that everything is basically energy. You are accessing your inner levels of self, and communicating with the energies there. You notice that some of these inner energies, as you delve deeper within yourself, seem to be different in many ways from your outer familiar identity.

Your task, as you evolve spiritually, is to integrate your physical earthly self with your infinite soul self. One is not superior to the other, for both express the multifaceted aspects of the true you.

What happens, though, when people perceive you? Why is it that some people seem to be continually perceived in stereotypical ways, and other people are recognized more readily as the individuals that they are?

It seems that some people, within any given group, have learned, or have the skill naturally, to identify with their own soul.

By contrast, there are other people in that same group who do not define themselves by their soul. This means that their self-definition comes from their body,  their genetics, and their community group mind. What effect does this have?

It creates a feedback loop between these limiting self perceptions, and the beliefs that the world has about their group. Those people who are not yet ready, or able to become soul-identified, will always find themselves stuck in these feedback loops, where the unconscious patterns of their group, and the unconscious patterns of other people, circulate like a merry-go-round of unconscious patterns and perceptions.

Of course, people are not generally aware of your soul. Why is it, then, that your being aware of your own soul affects their perception of you?

It must be that people are sensing your fuller spectrum of self, whether they are conscious of it or not. You can assume that people are not generally scanning you at the soul level, at least with their conscious mind. This means that they are sensing you as both a physical being and as a soul, but they are only conscious of their perceptions of your physical self.

But, and this explains a lot, though they are not conscious of seeing your soul and your aura, they are affected by their perceptions of these subtle realms. Though they haven’t generally developed the language to explain it, they are putting their perceptions of your soul into the words and concepts that they know — they describe you as the earthly being that they see you as, with their physical eyes. But that doesn’t yet explain why some people are perceived as unique individuals more than other people are.

The difference is this… It is a matter of the degree to which you have learned to identify with your deeper soul energy, and merge your body energy with it. But why would your merging your physical body with your soul affect how people see you? Remember that people are seeing your soul, but they lack the conceptual means to understand what they are sensing.

When you merge your identity with your soul, and so do consciously and as a regular practice, it becomes harder for people to see you as merely a member of a particular earthly description — such as only seeing you as a particular age, race, religion, or other distinction. But does this mean that people would not see those distinctions at all?

Actually, there will always be a recognition that you are a particular member of this or that group. But, the perception will become less highlighted as they perceive you. It is as if your soul identity becomes stronger in their awareness, and so there is less of your spectrum filled with the old identities of race, religion, nationality, and so on. So it is a matter of proportion — instead of seeing you as 100 percent “this race,” or “this nationality,” they see you as, for example, “50 percent this race, and 50 percent cosmic soul.”

And what is the good of that? Well, it’s rather significant if you shift the proportions, even a bit, so that people perceive you more fully as a soul. To the extent that they do so, they are actually engaging more fully with the essential you. And, they are less likely to place you in the category of whatever stereotype they would otherwise be inclined to place you in.

This opens up the possibility that you can be perceived as the uniquely created being that you actually are. And most wonderfully, it allows you to perceive yourself more accurately, as well. That is, when you, yourself, are able to increase the percentage of your soul identity, you become relatively free of the stereotypes that you may have been influenced by.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that you would no longer have any racial, national, or religious identities of any kind. You would be more free, however, to consciously choose the traits of those groups that you choose to identify with. And that freedom means that you are less under the control of the group mind

The group mind, at the most general level, is the combined identity of everyone on the planet. Their collective consciousness, for better or worse, is the group mind. Though the highest levels of the planetary group mind reflect love and light, there are many levels that express limitation, fear, and narrow understandings of practically everything.

Every group on the planet, whether of a family, a city, a nation, a race, a religion, a business, or any particular group of any kind, has its own group mind. And like the planetary group mind, there is a range of energies that these group minds express. It is your goal, as an evolving soul, so resonate with the energies that you choose to resonate with. And it is your right, as a conscious being, to disentangle your energies from those vibrations, associated with any group, that are not equal to the vibrations of your divine soul.

Remember that there is a range of energies within all groups. So it is not a matter of becoming entirely dissociated from a group of people. However, if you have perceived any group in a stereotypical way, you might suppose that it is an all or nothing situation — actually, it is a matter of degrees of resonance. When you see everything as a spectrum of vibrations, from which you can choose what you shall resonate with, you can perceive people and groups in a more empowered way.

As you resonate ever more with your soul, you will be perceived less as a stereotype, and more as the unique being that you are. And you will begin to see, more clearly, how those people who seem locked into stereotypes that define their reality are under a spell, so to speak, from the group mind of those groups with which they are associated.

It is not your job to free people from this spell, at least until they are ready to consider the possibility. In fact, many people are at a stage in their soul development where they get much value from fully identifying with the groups that they are associated with. It is not until they become older souls that they yearn to free themselves from these narrow boundaries. So the boundaries have their purpose, for a time in your soul development, and the boundaries become hindrances as you evolve.

The decision to become more identified as the unique soul that you are is not lightly made, and you have been moving in that direction for lifetimes. You would not seek such a step in your evolution were you not ready, and the notion of this shift would be odd or unpleasant to a younger soul. Although becoming more soul-identified is freeing in many ways, and grounding and empowering to the older soul, it is not without difficulties.

As you become more soul identified, you are less under the spell of the various groups with which you had been influenced. Though freeing, it brings up an interesting challenge. If you are not getting your thoughts, attitudes, and lifestyle injected into you by the group mind, then who are you? What are you? What is true for you?

These questions take some time to answer, and in fact the answers are continually evolving. This is because as you become more soul identified, you realize that you actually resonate with the teachings of many groups. You may find yourself in alignment with at least some of the principles of many religions, many nations, and many teachings. This is not random, however.

You are finding the resonances that harmonize with your soul. Though your soul is a unique expression of the divine, it is not so different that it is outside of all the teachings on the planet. More likely, you are actually in harmony with many groups, and with many of their teachings.

There is a tendency that many people have, when they observe your participation in a group or teaching, to assume that you are entirely in harmony with all aspects of that group. And this leads to an interesting situation, because as you individuate to follow your own higher truth, you find yourself resonating with only certain aspects of any particular teaching that you are studying.

People often passively fall into the harmony of a particular group that they resonate with, and they naturally assume that you are also completely in step with them, and with their practices. So it is the task of the older soul to often have to differentiate between what you resonate with, and what you don’t resonate with. And with practice, you learn to do this without making yourself wrong, and without making others wrong.

As your soul evolves, you learn that no matter what you learn, you have to run it through the filter of your own inner truth. There is no other way. The younger soul way of falling in step with the group no longer works, because your soul has become attuned to what resonates as correct for you, and what doesn’t. This means that the older soul has to scrutinize things more often, but it also means that when you find something that has the right vibration, you can really appreciate it.

Where the younger soul feels comfortable with something because outer authority deems it acceptable, the older soul feels comfortable with something because it resonates with deeper divine truth. The feel of that deeper alignment is more satisfactory, because it resonates through your body, heart, mind, and soul. You can even feel it resonating with the universe, itself.

By the way, rebellious attitudes are in a particular category. The rebelliously motivated soul is like a teenager who is exploring being different for its own sake, but is not aligning with deeper soul truth. However, the older soul practicing truth resonance is not being rebellious. Alignment with truth is actually the opposite of rebellion, because rebellion is motivated by opposition to something. Truth alignment is not in polarity to anything — it is its own path, resonating with deeper harmony.

When you recognize that as your soul evolves, you are coming into deeper alignment with a universal reality, it can really help you in those moments where your personality despairs that you are too different, or that people are too different from you. Your deeper essence is the healing resource for your personality.

Gently feel your inner alignment each day, as you invite your personality to breathe in the divine ocean of your inner infinite soul. This helps your personality become more the expression of your soul, rather than an expression of the unconscious patterns learned from the various levels of the group mind.

However, many people, not yet recognizing that they were created with the divine intention of expressing their divinely distinct soul signature, are clinging to group identity. But don’t get stuck in feeling polarized to them — find your true inner resonance, and let yourself notice the subtle positive soul resonances that you have with people at the level of their higher self, whether they recognize it consciously or not.

This is not to say that being of the path of self discovery always feels like harmony. Often, it feels like the opposite, especially when you’re discovering all the unconscious patterns that live in your body and soul memory. So the more you can look at your patterns as they surface without judgment, the easier it will be to feel the friendly resonance between your body and your soul.

Whether people you meet have the conscious understanding of your inner soul alignment, or not, they will somehow sense that you have a light, or a power, or a special radiant something that marks you as you. And as they perceive that quality, they are sensing your individual self, and communicating with you in a deeper way, because they are able to recognize you more as an expression of your true self. They are less likely to see you as just a member of a group, a family, a tribe, or a stereotype…

And that is how you can transcend being labeled, even though you are living in a physical body.

If the idea of merging your body and soul is a new concept, and if you feel that there is something in the idea that seems appropriate for you, you are likely curious about the ways that bring that unity to manifestation. The easiest way to start is to know that your body and soul are located in the same place. When you understand that your body and soul are part of the continuum of You, then you can sense that your body and soul are really best understood as a range of frequencies, or a spectrum of energy.

Body represents the slower vibrations, expressing the earth qualities, and soul represents the quicker or lighter vibrations, expressing universal timeless principles. They are both aspects of you, and neither is better than the other. In fact, in many ways, these two aspects of your self serve each other — one providing stability and grounding, and the other providing expansive infinite perspectives.

Play with sensing into the textures of your body and soul, so that you can become more familiar with their differences and similarities. And let the body and soul interact, as the two aspects of your own self that they truly are. Whether you think of them as the yin and the yang, or the earth and the stars, or the earthly and the divine, they are you, and they are One.

May you know, in each moment, that you were never a stereotype, because you were only using the patterns of group mind to discover the deeper truth that lives within you. And may your ever-evolving and integrated self brighten the world, expressing the truth, as you know it, through the presence of your distinctive presence. May your presence awaken people to their own distinctive truth, so that the earth plane can experience the divine condition called heaven on earth.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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If your positive intention determines your well-being, then why do you need healthy food?

Have you ever wondered why positive intention doesn’t replace the need for healthy food? There are those who insist that they do not wish to be restricted by health food beliefs and practices. They say that it is only necessary to intend and picture health. Well, there is something to that, because aligning with a positive outcome sets the vibration for where you’re headed, but it brings up an intriguing question…

If everything is only the result of intention, this suggests that there is no difference between organic food compared to non-organic, artificial junk food. Is the only difference between these types of food your beliefs about them?

Like many popular metaphysical ideas, the principle that intention is everything has some validity, and like many metaphysical ideas, it can become overly simplified so as to become unbalanced. What is the origin of this idea that intention is everything?

The concept that everything is Mind is an ancient, worldwide understanding. At first, the idea that everything is mind seems straightforward and obvious. But when you examine this notion, it could mean a number of things… Is everything an expression of Divine Mind, or does it mean that everything is caused by your personal thoughts? And though there is certainly a relationship between your thoughts and your reality, it brings up a question…

Did you, personally, create everything in the universe? Let’s assume here that you did not create everything. That means that someone, or something did. Or if you have something to do with the creation of the universe, you are a co-creator. In other words, you are not entirely responsible for the creation of the universe. Now what is the connection between recognizing this, and making healthy food choices?

If you assume that the universe was created with divine intelligence, and that everything can potentially be an expression of that divine intelligence, then there must be principles that are in alignment with that sacred universe. And that means that there are principles in our lives — choices that we make —  that bring us into alignment with this divine intelligence that permeates the universe. And this is where the healthy food connection comes in…

Natural food is in alignment with the intelligence that created this universe, because the divine mind that conceived the universe, and everything in it, is a living intelligence. It is involved with every aspect of the universe that it created. In other words, positive intention is not merely what you think, but also how you live in each moment. Your lifestyle choices, including your food choices, can put you in deeper alignment with divine mind.

That means that those who claim that they have transcended the need for healthy choices, because they can simply intend good health, are making a rather big claim. They are suggesting that they can override divine mind with their own intentions. And they are suggesting, as well, that they are separate from this divine creation, and separate from divine mind. After all, if you don’t need to be in alignment with this creation, then you are making the grandiose claim that you have transcended being part of this universe.

Mind, it would seem, includes your thoughts, but also includes much more. And this brings up the fascinating notion that if this universe were created by a cosmic mind of vast proportion, there must be some of that universal mind within everything it created. And that would include your body as an element of the universal mind. It would include your emotions, your mind — everything that exists.

How, then, could you ever think yourself into a space beyond universal laws? Remember that thoughts alone cannot put you above and beyond the universe. Thoughts can be a means, though, to discover your deep alignment with the universe.

This is because your body, like your mind and your emotions, are all expressions of divine consciousness. And your body, emotions, and mind are all in harmony, like a musical chord, or like a rainbow of colors — in resonance with themselves, and with the universe as well.

This is why claiming to override body requirements for healthy food with so-called mind power is absurd. It would merely create a non-harmonious condition in which body and mind are in conflict.

But what about those sincere health enthusiasts who are only preoccupied with getting the right nutrients? How is their situation related to issues of harmony between body, emotions, and mind?

Look at what happens when you are preoccupied with having the right nutrients, at the expense of being in touch with your emotions, and aware of your thoughts. Isn’t this curiously similar to those who are heedless in their food choices, and yet preoccupy themselves with holding positive thoughts?

Both these imbalanced attitudes are based on the belief that they have found the one special way of being in control of reality — in one case nutritious food is all you need, and in the other case, positive thoughts are all you need.

People experiencing these two extremes — mind over body, versus body over mind — tend to look at each other as being miles apart, when in fact they are uniquely similar. What is the remedy for this division? You can look at everything as an expression of divine mind, since it was originally created by divine mind. But whoops, this brings up a question worth exploring…

If everything is an expression of divine mind, how does that explain a sugar-coated devitalized piece of junk food? That wasn’t created by divine mind, was it? Well no, junk food wasn’t created by divine mind. And how is such a lower vibration non-food to be understood?

Junk food is out of alignment with the original pattern for food. And so, it is out of alignment with divine mind. When you participate with junk food, you are resonating with something that is out of alignment with the universe. Now there is an interesting argument here, that many positive thinkers will bring up, and it is this. They will suggest that even if junk food is out of alignment, their positive thoughts can bring harmony to the junk food. Could that be true?

Like many metaphysical beliefs, there is some truth to this. You can, in fact, to some degree, raise the vibration of junk food. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are eating food that does not express the highest vibrations that you might prefer, then it is certainly to your advantage to do some energy healing practices on that food. But even better, it is in your highest good if you start with healthy food in the first place.

This is because when food is in closer alignment with the universal order, it is carrying the pattern of divine mind more fully. And so your choice to participate with healthy foods is a form of positive thinking — grounded positive thinking — expressed through your physical body, on this earth plane. And this is why the notion that you could eat whatever you wish, and simply compensate with positive affirmations or prayers, is an unbalanced notion about reality.

But does this mean, as some claim, that your beliefs and choices for a healthy lifestyle are creating unnecessary restrictions for you?

A concern arises in many people’s minds that if they become interested in healthy food, or healthy lifestyles, then they will become limited. Well, if choosing to be in alignment with the universe leads to making some choices, you could, I suppose, call that a limitation.

But where does the idea come from that freedom means having no alignments or principles? Again, it comes from the idea that mind is somehow separate from the universe, as if the lofty mind is floating above reality like a cloud and looking down on the limited world.

When you make healthy choices, you are coming into alignment with the universe. How does that work? You are made of universal substance, and your soul was created by divine mind. So you are an expression of that divine mind, and your healthy choices are a reflection of this recognition.

But you were also created with an entirely unique pattern, called your soul signature. Yet, unique though you are, you are still an expression of this universe, and this intelligently divine universe is made of positive patterns — higher truth, you could call it. Alignment with this higher truth requires you to discover healthy principles of living. And these healthy principles call for you to make distinctions between things — making choices.

When you practice making healthy choices, you are limiting yourself, it is true, but that is not a bad thing in itself. Every time you bring yourself into alignment with your deeper truth, though you are limiting yourself in a way, you are also creating freedom for your self as well. You are liberating your body, mind, and soul to express your divine truth. It is like tuning a musical instrument, or cleansing a window so the light can shine through.

Healthy choices are not a limitation. The idea that freedom, in and of itself, is an entirely good thing, is based on a lofty mental view of reality. The mind, at that higher abstract level, can think of anything. And that is its job. It thinks, it conceives, it creates, it discovers, and it experiments. And this is good. However, the lofty mind is tempered with the common sense that comes from aligning these thoughts with the grounded common-sense of the body, and the eternal wisdom of the soul.

Your mind is a divine creation, but so is your body, and so is your soul. That is why the arrogant viewpoint that positive thinking can over-ride bad lifestyle choices is not in alignment. Your body, your mind, and your soul are working together, because they are actually expressions of the same thing — your Self.

Your true self is a multidimensional creation, and all its parts affect each other. You can no more pretend that junk food affecting the body is OK, than you can pretend that mind-altering drugs affecting the clarity of your perception are somehow acceptable.

If junk food lowers your body vibration, then it is going to affect your thinking. That is because your mind is not an abstract thingy floating around somewhere. Your mind is a coherent field of energy located in the same space of your physical body. Your mental body is on a finer frequency than your physical body, but body and mind are located in the same place, resonating with each other.

Junk food is going to affect the quality and clarity of your emotions, as well. Your emotional body is a higher frequency than your physical body, but it too is located where your physical body is located. So if you eat junk food, while claiming that you are a positive person, you are expressing a contradiction. This is why many holistic practitioners carefully explore the link between your emotional states and your food choices.

Of course, there are those who have been so fragmented for so many years that they claim that they have no trouble functioning on a diet of junk food and recreational drugs. Perhaps they have somehow learned to compensate for these divisions within themselves, but they are working at a disadvantage, and are fooling themselves. They have compartmentalized themselves by disassociating their awareness from their painful emotions, and by disconnecting from the imbalances in their body. They are holding these fragments together with a clever mind that floats above it all, proclaiming itself to be beyond the need for a healthy lifestyle.

How do you respond when you encounter people who insist that they can exclusively create well-being through diet and exercise only? How do you respond when you encounter people who laugh at the idea of being concerned with alignment and well-being? And how do you respond when you encounter positive thinkers who address everything by putting a positive thinking spin on it?

Observe people, and let them educate you. Look at how, at least in certain ways, they have accessed some of the truth. And sense, as well, how they may have created a division or limitation within themselves. This can lead you to make your own inner inquiry — ask yourself how you can come into deeper alignment with your own universal truth, through an honest exploration of your own body, your emotions, your thoughts, and your soul.

Your unique soul essence was created from a universal creator, and that creator is, itself, continually evolving — it is not in a state of final perfection. What does this suggest about you? You, too, must be in a condition of continual evolution, because you are made of that ever-evolving consciousness.

And that is one reason why there is no simple solution of merely repeating positive affirmations or prayers, or merely finding the one perfect combination of nutrients. Continual evolution suggests self-inquiry, at every level of your being, and it invites you to discover your way through life through continual exploration. And this seems like work, and it may well be. But though it takes persistence, it is not a dreary thing.

This is because your daily evolution, as it unfolds to reveal its splendor, is a continual field of opportunities where your higher potential grows and manifests. And to do this, you are seeking the ways that you can be in alignment with the universe. Wouldn’t it be easy if you could find the simple laws of life, and just follow them? Many experts, whether religious teachers or nutritional specialists, claim that they have the simple laws for you to follow, but their suggestions tend to be overly simplistic, and to follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Why can’t it be that easy? To understand why life is a continual discovery that requires your daily inquiry, and not a convenient set of automatic affirmations or magic nutrients, recall how you are an entirely unique expression of the divine creator. Even though your choice to eat healthfully, for example, can bring you into greater divine alignment, everyone has a different biochemistry, and so there is no one healthy diet that fits everyone.

In metaphysics, there is no one religion, teaching, or method that is suited to everyone. And that is why it is always amusing, and somewhat sad, when idealistically religious folks insist that they have the one perfect spiritual solution. And their health-minded brethren, who religiously insist that everybody should follow their favorite dietary practice, are expressing the same narrow understanding. But if there is no one rule to follow, does that mean that anything goes, or that everything is expressing a valid understanding?

It seems contradictory… First, you notice that everyone has their own unique dietary requirements. But, at the same time, you recognize that there are basic health principles to follow. Well, which is it?

Is everyone free to create their own diet as they choose, or are they limited by higher healthy principles? There is no contradiction, because both of these understandings work together. And that is why the choices that some individuals might prefer to make, such as a sugar-coated doughnut diet, for example, are not likely to be in higher alignment for anyone at all.

A book that teaches the sensible concept that you require a unique diet, based on your distinctive biochemistry, is The Metabolic Typing Diet. This is one of the few agenda-free dietary practices you will encounter. Though it shows you how to discover your own uniquely appropriate diet, you can be certain that the amazing sugar-coated doughnut diet will not be included.

This is true freedom… You realize that your dietary requirements are unique. And you can bring yourself into greater universal alignment through your healthy choices. The delightful freedom to be yourself, while also discovering your unity with the greater cosmos, gives you the wonderful feeling that you are being true to yourself.

You are entirely unique, and yet you are entirely one with the universe. That’s a vital understanding, because everything in the world tends to pull you towards agreeing with something or someone else. And the world does that because that makes things simpler for everyone. But simpler isn’t better. It’s just easier for everyone else because then they won’t have to confront the unique example that you provide.

There is always some dynamic tension between any two different things, be they people, groups, ideas, styles, or anything else. Dynamic tension need not be bad or uncomfortable. It could even create interesting chemistry. So what do you think is going to happen when you discover, through your inquiries within, how to live your truth?

The deepest truth for you — such as your ideal food choices that serve your highest good — are never going to be in perfect alignment with everyone else. And this is not a problem, because your truth is your special contribution to this earth experience. The same is true for your spiritual life — it is an expression of you that contributes to the world. Your soul, your mind, your very presence shares your own particular vibration. You are not supposed to be in full agreement with everyone, because your contribution to the highest good is to be your own unique self.

When you realize that you can never fit into anyone’s perfect diet, perfect lifestyle, and perfect spiritual teaching, because no one can fit into such patterns, then you can be free. But, free to do what? There is higher alignment available for you, and it is not a random thing, because your higher alignment is in resonance with your true self. It is not freedom for freedom’s sake, nor is it a set of restrictive laws. Your truth transcends these extremes…

Your truth follows the highest understandings, and you will find these from many sources. Your ideal diet is actually a combination of various diets — validated by your own experiences in daily life. And just as your dietary understandings may shift and evolve over time, your ideal spiritual practice may evolve over time, and it may be comprised of various teachings.

What about those sincere people who warn you that eclectic, multifaceted spiritual practices aren’t real? The fear about your diversified spiritual practice comes from those who have the overly-simplistic perception that you should be defined by one category — that you must be of This or That specific religion or teaching. There is no such thing — you are not a This or a That category — except in the narrow world of their linear mind. You are you, the eternal, the unique, and the ever-evolving being.

You are not your mind, but through the window of your mind you can create, invent, and examine deeper realities. All these are available when you utilize the powers of your mind.

You are not your emotions, but through the doorway of your emotions you can know yourself on many amazing levels and feel connected with yourself, with people, and with the universe. All these are available when you utilize the powers of your emotions.

You are not your body, but through the vehicle of your body you can experience your emotions, your thoughts, and even your soul and the universe. All these are available when you utilize the powers of your body.

You are not even your soul, though you do, of course, have an eternal soul, and that soul is, even now, shining forth from within your body. Through the presence and consciousness of your soul, you can know what you are…

Well then — what are you?

You are the eternal divine universe — and you are a particular and distinctive expression of that ultimate reality, unlike anyone else. As your understandings evolve, you will uncover, each day, more about your appropriate diet, about your spiritual practice, and about how you can move into deeper alignment with your highest truth, so that you can make a difference for others through your aligned presence.

Although there are no simplistic solutions, when you do discover something that is in alignment with your deeper truth, it will have a simple quality to it. Your truth can feel as if the still small voice within you is whispering the truth to you, and you are quietly smiling and nodding in agreement. It’s not something you can force, and it’s not going to happen when you try to fit into anyone else’s program.

Your truth is a sacred experience between you and the universe. Keep exploring, because it is an ever-evolving understanding, like a river that is never exactly the same from moment to moment. Don’t grab onto it. Let your body, your emotions, your thoughts, and your soul find truth by letting yourself resonate with it, layer by layer.

Feel your way forward — think your way forward — move forward with each breath. Enter into the consciousness of your body, and find your way to yourself — and to the universe. In this moment… let yourself breathe gently into your body, and settle into the living multisensory, multidimensional sensations you discover there.

Sense that where you are, in this moment, is the center of the universe. Feel the dynamic interaction between you, in the truth of this moment, and the universe all around you, as it shares its gifts with you and embraces you. Know that at the same time, your conscious attention creates a sacred space that enhances the universe, radiating forth the truth of your being with your every breath, with your every thought, and with every spinning particle of your sacred being.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowermenttele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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Who are you talking to — when you talk with yourself?

Well naturally, you’re talking to yourself when you talk with yourself, right? Yes, of course, but who exactly is speaking, and who exactly is listening? There must be different aspects of the self that are inquiring, informing, discovering, sharing, and co-creating together. But whomever is involved in this conversation, there is a matter of concern that may arise in your mind…

For some reason, everybody is having their own inner conversations, and yet there is the curious fear of being known as one who talks to yourself. After all, those persons muttering to themselves should be subject to ridicule, shouldn’t they? But if so, why? How did society come to have this suspicion about self-talk?

Let’s make it clear that there is, in fact, a reason that people have a concern about self-talk. When you look at the repetitive style of conversation that the unfortunate people living on the street engage in, you begin to understand how self-talk developed this stigma. The wandering street people who are lost in the maze of their own inner conversation are not utilizing their self-talk ability to find solutions to their problems. They are not participating in a liberating conversation with their soul, or receiving the wisdom of their heart.

The kind of self-talk that has led to fears about inner conversations is the unconscious, repetitive, negatively-oriented conversation that leaves the soul out of the process. It is like a broken record that endless repeats, and never reaches a conclusion. When people observe this stuck process, they intuitively recognize that something is wrong. And that is one of the reasons that people have come to judge inner conversations.

Of course, you aren’t a wandering deluded street person stuck in mindless babble, and yet there is another reason that you need to know about that explains the judgments that society has about the practice of self-talk…

Society has a collective consciousness, and it generally likes to keep everything in its place — that is, people have an underlying suspicion of those who are thinking about reality, because such people may be inclined to change reality. Now, you might wonder whether the mass consciousness would want to limit you. Even though many people generally want the best for you, the unconscious patterns deep within society want you to keep maintaining the same level you’ve always had.

In other words, don’t change, because if you do, that shows us that we might have to change too, and that is too confronting for us. And here you begin to see how self-talk fits into this situation, because when you use self-talk to address your limitations, and to find your way into a higher level of functioning, you change your vibration. And this changes your reality when you act upon your evolving understandings.

What happens when the collective consciousness senses your shifts? This collective awareness could consist of your family, your community, your friends, your co-workers, and society in general. And they may react, on one level or another, with dismay, resistance, denial, or confusion.

So if your inner conversation lets you discover who you are, so that you can move forward in the expression of your higher potential, then what do you do when certain aspects of the collective consciousness become uncomfortable with your transformational shifts? Again, self-talk helps you move forward. But to understand why, you need to know exactly who is involved in your self-talk…

You’re reading these words now, but who exactly is the You who is reading? The consciousness reading this and reflecting upon it is your conscious self. Let’s put your conscious self at the hub of a wheel. The hub remains at the center of the wheel, even when the wheel is moving. No matter how many spokes the wheel has, all the spokes are stabilized by the hub at the center.

You have an eternal aspect of your soul, known as the higher self. Some people would suggest that the higher self should be at the hub of the wheel. No, it is you, the conscious self, that needs to make conscious decisions. You have a higher self, and you can have a conversation with your higher self — but you, the conscious self, are at the hub of the wheel. And in that position, you can organize conversations with your higher self, with your sub-conscious aspects, and with your child-like aspects.

Your subconscious aspects and your child aspects are spokes of the wheel. They are connected to the hub, but they cannot make decisions. Ah, but they seem to be making some of the decisions at times, and that is a problem. When a child aspect is at the hub of the wheel, it may seem sensible to have candy instead of a nutrition meal. Or it may seem reasonable to avoid some important task that is just seemingly too bothersome.

The subconscious aspects are those levels of self that may have fragmented into their own little world, as a result of stressful or fearful experiences you have experienced. When you become more aware of the inner conversations, you begin to recognize that some of the inner voices are from these unconscious aspects. But what makes them unconscious?

When your conscious self has not yet recognized an unconscious aspect within you, the unconscious parts stays in the shadows. And so it takes some deliberate effort to bring these subconscious aspects to the surface. And when you listen to them, it will seem that they are stuck in a limited little loop of awareness. And where have you seen that kind of pattern?

The street people who are stuck in their little repetitive loop are under the control of their subconscious aspects. They seem unable to get out of that stuck place because they aren’t utilizing their conscious self at the hub of their wheel. It is as if the subconscious aspects are entirely controlling where the wheel goes.

So when you recognize your inner loops and stuck places, that doesn’t mean that you’re crazy or bad. It only means that you, like everyone else, has inner aspects that are stuck. And this may explain, in another way, why society has a fear of inner conversations.

People recognize that they, themselves, have these inner stuck loops that reflect their inner shadows, and they fear these troubled inner patterns. But it’s nothing to fear, because it is only stuck temporarily. It is languishing in its limited little shadowy place in the subconscious.

A shadowy room is only that way when light is missing, and so you turn on the light in that shadowy inner room, so to speak, by having a conversation with the stuck, sad, fearful, angry, or confused inner part of the self. And remember, it is you, the conscious self, who is leading the conversation. But how will you know what to do when you talk with an upset aspect of yourself?

Well, go back to the situation in the dark room, and see that anyone who turns on the light immediately transforms that room. It doesn’t take genius, but just the willingness to turn on the light. And this you can do by having a conversation with the stuck aspect of the self.

When you listen to the repetitive complaints of the troubled inner self, listen with kindness, but with the intention that you can bring new light, or new awareness to that aspect of the self. Simple though it sounds, you can have a conversation with the troubled aspect, and you can share some simple solutions. Its not difficult, but it does require some patience.

And remember, this troubled aspect within is only a spoke of the wheel, and not the hub of the wheel. And so the fact that this troubled part exists doesn’t mean that you are a troubled person. No, you are a conscious bright being, and you are choosing to have a conversation with a part of yourself that has become fragmented. And this conversation brings about change and healing…

The challenged aspects of the self have their own voice, but their opinions are informed from their limited and negative past experiences. And when you recognize this, you can listen to these aspects non-judgmentally. There is nothing to fear from these aspects, because you recognize that they are speaking in their characteristic way, resulting from their limited understanding.

Please understand that these aspects from your inner shadows may not recognize you at first. That is OK, and it may take some patience, some kindness, and some repetition for your supportive words to get through.

So what do you say to your troubled aspects? How do you start the conversation? Think about what you might have said when you got together with a friend. You might have asked your friend, “What’s happening?” because you know that whatever is happening will become a place for the conversation to start. And the same is true when you talk with yourself. What is happening? And the response you receive may well be a complaint. And that’s not a bad place to start the conversation.

But what if the inner aspects are just feeling stuck, sad, angry, and uncommunicative? That can lead to a conversation, too. But you might have to make some remarks yourself to get the conversation started. You could comment on how that inner part of yourself seems to be sad, angry, or whatever it seems to be. And this is not a negative thing to do. It is a conversation starter with your inner aspects. You aren’t going to get stuck there. You are just being real. You are observing something, and commenting on it.

But why would sharing your honest observations with your inner parts lead to a productive conversation? Shouldn’t you be giving your inner self only positive affirmations? Well, you could do that if your goal is to produce confusion or resistance. How would you like it if you were upset with something, and feeling frustrated and stuck, and people only responded to you by smiling and giving you positive affirmations? You would feel unacknowledged, misunderstood, and would not feel that you were being helped.

And so, your inner conversation, though eventually leading in a positive direction, may likely start in a seemingly negative place. If you’re patient, nonjudgmental, and have a positive intention for the conversation, you can listen sympathetically, and express your love and your concern with your inner parts. And that’s an excellent place to start the healing. Gradually, your inner parts that have been stuck in the shadows become able to listen to you and to participate with you — that’s with you, the conscious self.

But how does the higher self fit into this? You might suppose that this healing work would be better suited to the higher self, and in fact, the higher self will be called upon in this process. However, it is important that you respect that you, the conscious self, are a vital central component of this process. You are the central hub that unites the spokes of the wheel — not because you are somehow better, but because you are the aspect of the soul that is learning how to be conscious in this lifetime. And speaking of the wheel, how does the higher self fit on the wheel?

You could see the higher self as the outer rim of the wheel — it unites all the spokes, and it embraces every part of the wheel. And so your conscious self, located at the center of the wheel, is surrounded by the higher self. And all the spokes —  the aspects of the self — are surrounded by the higher self as well. But there are still some people who will insist that the higher self should be at the hub of the wheel. That leads us to a brief exploration of this lifetime and it’s purpose…

Your higher self extends aspects of itself into each lifetime. The individual consciousness that emerges in each lifetime, though it is an expression of the higher self, is an individual aspect in its own right — it exists in that lifetime to learn about being conscious. And at the same time, what you experience and learn in each lifetime actually enlivens and evolves the higher self.

This is because the higher self, though seemingly infinitely wise, is in a continual state of learning and growing. So when you assume that your higher self knows it all, you are assuming that it is fully enlightened. And there is no such thing.

Enlightenment is a continual process, and your higher self continually learns through its experiences. Although you would do well to activate the light and presence of your higher self within you, you can also honor that you are here to learn, discover, grow, and experience each moment here in this lifetime. Though you can receive excellent guidance from the higher self, you are not to mindless ask its advice in a passive way.

You are learning how to utilize your awareness, so that you have your own intrinsic higher self awareness, expressed as a natural aspect of your being. You have free will to think, to act, and to place your attention where you choose to place it. This is because you, the conscious self, are cultivating your abilities to mindfully function at the highest cosmic level in this lifetime, grounded within your body in each moment.

As you develop the practice of being aware in each moment, your integrated consciousness becomes more refined, and yet stronger, so that your presence radiantly expresses your highest divine truth. Your cosmic presence unfolds, so that you express the original spark of the divine creator, but in the entirely unique way that your distinct soul was created to express.

When you, the conscious self, talk with your inner aspects, you become the kind and loving self that your inner aspects need. If your higher self sent its higher vibrations of light into your fragmented inner troubled parts, they would recoil with confusion and fear. And yet, you may recognize that your troubled aspects need the healing of the higher self. Yes, they do — but you, the conscious self need to mediate this process.

In the conversation you have with your inner parts, you help them know that they are loved, and that they are part of the entire wheel of self. And you gently and gradually introduce the light of your higher self to these inner aspects. This is sometimes referred to as holding something in light, and it is easy to do…

You imagine the light of your higher self, and you create love and safety for your inner aspects. In other words, you don’t send your inner troubles a shining thunderbolt.

Imagine holding the light of your higher self as a safe sacred space between the palms of your hands, and invite your inner troubled aspects to experience this light. And here is where your rapport with your inner parts will help the process. Your troubled parts may have fear, confusion, and resistance, and so you want to mediate the process gently and gradually.

You converse with your parts throughout the process. Yes, you are deliberately mediating the process, but you do it with a friendly, sympathetic, supportive attitude. You don’t have to be an expert to talk with yourself. Just listen, share, and keep the inner conversation going. This is a conversation with a purpose. It is not aimless, repetitive, or negative. It is a way of listening in a friendly way, and gradually introducing fresh ideas.

Your inner conversations between your conscious self and various aspects of yourself reflect your willingness to improve yourself. And that is a good thing. Your inner conversations have purpose, and they are leading in a fruitful direction. This is why it is safe and appropriate that you participate in your own inner conversations. And do remind yourself that this is ok, and it doesn’t put you in the category of the odd person who mindlessly mutters to him or her self.

Whatever society may imagine about those who have their own inner conversations, recognize that your own inner conversations with yourself have meaning and value. What do you think happens when the media projects images in movies about the heroic person who knows it all, who is ever cool and collected, and who feels no fear? The viewers watching these images get the impression that to have doubts, to have issues, and to have inner conversations is somehow the practice of troubled people.

The cleverly packaged images projected in films are created to build images of false heroism in the public’s mind, as a compensation for the inner weakness that many people feel. The quiet inner work that takes place when you have an inner conversation is a deeper, genuine kind of heroism. It is the true inner work required of those who genuinely want to create real transformation. The mass media cannot easily depict the subtle inner world of thoughts, and so popular films tend to project images of outer flawless, smoothly confident activity.

Images of super-smooth confidence may seem normal in the media, but your inner work may be bumpy, may evolve more slowly, and may lack the confidence of film images. That is because your inner reality is real, deep, mysterious, and many-layered. Your richly layered and subtle inner life cannot look like a flawless image, because the flawless image is fake. You need to recognize this in order to honor that you are doing something bold, important, and valuable when you talk with yourself.

When you talk with yourself, you are reconstructing reality. You are building a new world. It may not look like the material for a flawless story, but it’s not supposed to be anything like that. The inner work you do with your inner conversations is the true reality. The shifts you are able to make in your consciousness are the real story. Never mind how it looks to others on the outside. They have their own fears and limitations, and this filters their perceptions of you, and of everything else.

Stay with your inner conversations. You are doing the real work. You are having the genuine juicy experience, co-creating with the essential aspects of your own self. You incarnated here in this lifetime to have those inner conversations. But what of those who don’t let themselves participate in the inner conversation? What of those who really believe that self-talk is for the silly, the uncool, or the delusional?

When the hub of your wheel reflects the voice of everyone else, then you’re channeling the mass consciousness. Don’t get lost there, because that is the unfortunate reality of those who fear self-talk — they’re passively waiting for fictional media-created heroes to save them — while at the same time desperately recognizing that there is no such thing. Even if you suspect that some of what you think and feel is not entirely from your own self, keep participating in your own inner conversations between your conscious self, your subconscious self, and your higher self. You’ll gradually sort things out.

Your conversations with your self will move you forward as your deeper potential reveals itself each day. Though the process may not be as easy as you’d like, it’s a wonderfully exciting and meaningful experience. Let yourself breathe in the invigorating scent of your amazing reality as your self-talk unfolds, even if it seems to be frustrating or mystifying at times.

Life offers you a refreshing sip of your fresh-brewed cosmic reality every day, but only when you talk with yourself, for this frees you to uncover the rich taste of your delectable spiritual gifts, emerging magically from the depths of your self. And that percolating sound you sense within you is the bubbling of your creative thoughts, arranging and re-arranging themselves within your consciousness.

This splendidly fascinating reality is only available to you if — and when — you are willing to talk with yourself. And when you are ready to experience your daily self-talk, you will inhale the transforming scent of your deep inner reality each day. Let yourself breathe it in so that you can savor the experience, for the life of your true self depends upon it.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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How do you find your true spiritual identity?

Amidst layers of illusions, how do you discover your spiritual identity?

You might be inclined to embark upon the search for your true identity by exploring your ancestry. You may have some defining characteristics that have come through your lineage. You came from their bloodline, so you assume that you might uncover your true identity through the family tree…

But then, the deeper spiritual truth emerges in your mind, as a bright light dissolves the shadows in a darkened room — you realize that your soul is just borrowing your family lineage for this one lifetime. Your identity does not originate in your family tree, and so you will have to look beyond the family tree for your true identity.

Then your attention moves to your past lives, for perhaps they could be considered as pathways to your true identity. Naturally, you are influenced by all your past experiences, and so that seems to be the next likely place to search. But which lifetime shall define your identity? Is it possible that any one of your lifetimes holds the key to your true identity?

Of course, you have had many thousands of experiences through your lifetimes. If you pick one lifetime to define you, why would you pick that one? If it was a preferred lifetime, does that mean that the other lifetimes that were not quite so interesting had no value? Not likely — every lifetime has learning opportunities that have made you what you are today — they contributed to your identity.

Why is it that some people are so thoroughly assured that they were a famous person in their past life? But even supposing that they are correct in their belief, just because you were, for example, Cleopatra, or Napoleon, that is only one lifetime out of thousands. And so, even for the would-be incarnated descendant of Joan of Arc, why focus on that one lifetime as an identity defining lifetime? Are not all your lifetimes defining you, from your soul’s perspective?

Those who are preoccupied with getting their true identity from one particularly notable past life are doing so as a way of compensating for their lack of a clear identity in this current lifetime. But would there even be a need for compensating if you recognized your true essential nature? After all, if you are made of the essence of the infinite divine creator, why would that splendid cosmic substance need to be compensated for?

If you need to compensate for something, and if it is not your spiritual essence that you are compensating for, then what is happening here? Could it be that your spiritual essence is something you know about as an idea, rather than a reality? This is a typical situation, because you are generally given ideas about spiritual reality, rather than methods for attaining states of direct knowing.

Ideas can inspire, but they are rather like a painting — you can look at a painting and get grand ideas as you let it inspire you, but you recognize that you are not living in the painting. A beautiful painting is merely suggesting noble possibilities for you. And this is likely what has happened with your sense of self. You have a grand idea — a painting, so to speak — that you are a divine being, but then your attention is brought back to the realities of your daily life.

Your reality includes your body and its challenges, your many feelings and thoughts that you experience moment to moment, and your life circumstances, in all their imperfections. Well, if that is what you are referring to when you consider your true identity, then it is no wonder that some people are driven to see their true identity as a famous past-life notable. Or the new age counterpart to that, in which you are actually a fabulously wise, beautiful, or powerful divine being in another dimension, or on an amazing space ship.

Of course, for some reason, the people who are actually amazing beings in another dimension seem to have regrettably little access to their other-dimensional splendor, which must greatly perturb them when they look at the endless petty annoyances of their life. And this suggests that this other-dimensional secret identity is yet another way to compensate for a deeper sense of true identity that has gone missing.

Now it may be that there is a limitation in language when you explore the topic of identity, and that is always an issue with making sense of metaphysical matters. After all, if identity suggests something that can be shown in a picture, or described in words, then that could be a source of your confusion. For example…

If you are not defined by your family or ancestors,

If you are not defined by your past lives,

And if you are not defined by your existence in any other dimension,

Well then, perhaps you could you be defined by a specific uniquely personal characteristic. But which characteristic will you pick? And why? Once you are so defined, will you be trapped within a narrow definition? You are much more than a word in the dictionary, and you deserve more than a simple verbal definition.

Would you choose a particular trait to describe your true identity that seems to define your main focus or interest? This might be a worthwhile exploration, at least in defining your values in life, and such things can be useful to know. However, even when you have a list of your highest values, your true identity still remains hidden. This is because traits, values, beliefs, preferences, and any other qualities that may seem to describe you only refer to you, but even with an extensive list, you still haven’t touched your true spiritual identity.

What if you knew that your soul had a special mystical name? You could get a psychic reading revealing your spiritual name, or you could get an aura painting of your soul. These types of readings may well show you something about how a psychic perceives your energy, and these interpretations may help you tune into your essence more easily…

Or not, because if you take them too literally, you are just getting stuck in the same trap that comes from thinking that you are only one trait, one family, one lifetime, or one anything. It seems, then, that psychic interpretations of your soul, though perhaps helping to reveal aspects of your inner nature, are not really showing you your true identity.

So why bother to name the ways that won’t help you uncover your true identity? When you look at what doesn’t lead you there, you can examine how you have unconsciously defined yourself in false and limiting ways. Throughout your whole life, you have been defining yourself through the these influences: your family, your peers, society in general, the mass media, and all the situations in your life.

You have been building your own internal identity file, with thousands of decisions about your identity, year after year. You have been accumulating decisions about your identity every day, and many of these early decisions were made when you were young. Your internal file also includes assessments that other people have made about you and your unique inner values. You never had a chance to question whether you wished to be included in their definitions of reality. For example:

Television commercials that define happy people as those who use particular products,

Movies that define successful people as living or behaving in a particular way,

Friends and family who can’t help questioning you when your thoughts or beliefs go outside the limits of their understanding,

Co-workers, employers, and employees who have their own culture, and who see you in a particular way, compared to their understanding of reality.

All these influences affect your ability to tune into your true identity, because your true identity is more subtle than anything that can be described in words — by you, or by anyone else. And that gives you a clue about why you have been seeking your identity along the wrong paths. You were looking for something that fit into a word, a concept, or something tangible. When you can name it, and see it, such as a family influence, or such as a trait, or a particular lifetime, it is not your true identity.

All these influences are simply that — influences, but not identities. And while you shouldn’t entirely discount influences, they are not your identity. This is because your true spiritual identity cannot be named, and so any attempts to define it, as if your identity were a word in the dictionary, puts you on a path that doesn’t lead to your identity.

And this is the problem with metaphysical studies that use ideas to instruct you. When you are told that you are a soul, and that your soul is divine, then you think that you have information about your true self. Unfortunately, as valid as these spiritual concepts may be — as ideas — they are only referring to truths that can really be known when you access them as inwardly felt states.

This is because without an inwardly felt state of awareness, you are only referring to dictionary definitions of reality. And just as the painting is different from the landscape that it depicts, so too are the spiritual definitions and concepts different from the inwardly-known reality they attempt to describe.

And that means that any attempt to find your identity by describing it leads you into a kind of spiritual confusion. And it creates real problems, too. When you are defined as a soul, and you know that your soul is made from divine substance by the divine creator, then how do you interpret your real life, with your real body, your real thoughts, and your real situations? To make sense of that, you would have to compartmentalize yourself, creating fragments where one fragment is the spiritual one, and other fragments are dealing with the bothersome realities of daily life.

And where are you going to find your true identity amidst these fragments, groping for understanding through words and concepts?

So your true identity is accessed through a felt state. But what is that? Wouldn’t it be easier to just define it, in words, so that you can have the definition, and know, finally, just what your identity is? Well, it doesn’t work that way, because any such definition doesn’t refer to the real you. And if such definitions don’t really refer to your real self, in your real life, what do you do?

You will have to bring your attention to something that will give you a hint of your true identity — a felt sense within you that can not be defined in words, or depicted in a picture.

Now of course, your felt state changes from moment to moment, and that may seem to be a problem when you are looking to define your true spiritual identity. Actually, if you are shifting from moment to moment, then your identity must be shifting too. And there is nothing wrong with that. And yet, it seems rather troublesome, at least for some people, when they recognize that they are shifting, because they suppose that they are going to melt away. But they won’t…

When you recognize that you are shifting from moment to moment, you start to play with that, and you realize, to your delight, that there is something consistent throughout your shifting experiences. And that means that you are not melting away, and it means that you are not wildly fluctuating. These subtle shifts are rather like the gentle changes that take place from moment to moment within a natural setting, such as a forest.

The wind blowing through the trees causes the trees to gently sway, but the trees are not being uprooted by the breeze. And the pine needles are swaying in the breeze, and all the pine needles are swaying at their own pace. And yet, though the thousands of pine needles are each moving in their own way, there is a deeper harmony in their movement. And this deeper order gives you a hint about your own identity.

You are more like the forest, and less like the pine needle. Of course, at times, you may feel like a pine needle drifting amidst the forest of the universe, and at those times you can bring your attention to the forest that you are. And no, this is not to say that your true identity is a forest, so don’t get stuck there. Remember, you aren’t a simple definition. You are an experience, comprising many aspects, all referenced to, and expressing, a deep universal order.

Ah, that is important — you are an experience. Even better —  you are the the one who experiences each moment. Let yourself follow the path of that realization. But what are you experiencing? You are experiencing this moment as it evolves into the next moment. And that movement, as it evolves, tells you something about your identity. But when you try to label it, or fix it in amber, or put it in words, it all becomes nonsense.

That is because you can’t define your true identity. That’s the trap, because any attempt to define it pulls you ever farther from your spiritual identity. And so if you can’t define it, how can you ever know your true identity?

How does the forest know that it is the forest? It experiences its forest-like qualities from moment to moment. And that means that it is present, having its forest experience as it ever evolves. It has all the experiences that comprise being a forest, without having to name any particular one as defining the true forest identity.

And of course, you aren’t a forest, but you can learn from a forest. You are having experiences from moment to moment. But can you let the words describing these experiences release from your consciousness? Probably not, at least not entirely. So the words and concepts will be there, but they aren’t your true identity.

And the ideas about what you are will be there too, but the ideas aren’t your true identity. Not that your ideas are invalid, because they are likely interesting and perhaps even useful ideas that you could use in a number of ways. So you note the ideas, but you do not become immersed in them as sources for discovering your spiritual identity.

This leaves you with your non-verbal experience, in its ever-evolving flow from moment to moment. And what you experience there, leaving out the words, the ideas, and the definitions, reveals your true identity. I can’t tell you what that really is, because it isn’t really anything specific that can be defined. And I can’t tell you how you should interpret your experience, because once I do so, it becomes something that isn’t your true identity.

So you can be present with your true identity, from moment to moment, but there is nothing much else that you can say about it. And if you try, you may well create some wonderful poetry or beautiful paintings, and you may inspire people with your insights and visions, and this would be wonderful. But it wouldn’t reveal your true spiritual identity.

If you want to experience your true identity, you’ll just have to be present and notice what is happening within you. And once you think you have it, it evolves again. And yet again. That is all your true identity knows how to do.

So be present with it. And breathe it into your body and heart and mind — because this moment will never come again. And now, the moment is slipping away. But look, here is another one…

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment – tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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Are the solar flares boosting your cosmic awareness?

Or, are the solar flares just bringing your old stuff to the surface?

An ordinary explosion creates a sheer energetic force of chaotic power. The shock wave from an explosion can overwhelm the senses because the body and aura become temporarily disoriented. We now have explosively shocking phenomena in our solar system, called solar flares, and they seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity lately.

The media says that the flares can affect satellites and other electrical systems. True, but what about the effect upon the living bio-electricity of your own body? In what ways are you like a satellite? And could the solar flares affect your mind, or even your soul?

Our sun’s flares are activated by intensity originating from the center of our galaxy, at the galactic core. It’s not something you think about generally, what with all the details of daily life, but we’re becoming galactic citizens whether we realize it or not. Though our sun and our little solar system is at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, our sun is receiving activation from the galactic core. And when you understand what is happening to our world, and know how to flow along with it, you will understand what is happening to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When I tune into the consciousness of the sun, I sense that it is a vast, living being. It has a soul, and like all living beings, it gets its primary energy from the universe itself, and especially from the galactic core. And you can learn something from this, because the sun is teaching you how to connect directly with the universe, as if you were  plugging into an electrical socket. But if you were just receiving fresh life energy from these solar flares, that would be easy. There is much more to these cosmic events, however…

The solar flares are transmitting a vibrantly activating higher consciousness directly from the galactic core, in the form of living plasma energy. Plasma is mysterious stuff, and it has been called the fourth state of matter — the first three being solid, liquid, and gas. So plasma is not solid, liquid, or gas, and yet it may appear to mimic these at times. Now this plasma is fascinating because when you tune into it, it communicates with you on many levels, as if it were alive. Which it evidently is, as there is consciousness within everything in the universe — but the intelligence of plasma is a higher level of consciousness, with special qualities…

Plasma is super-alive, or perhaps super-conscious, I’ll call it, because it is capable of activating your consciousness in ways that may transcend the benefits that the solid, liquid, and gas elements can offer you. If you’ve spent any time with quartz crystals, and if you experienced their amazing abilities to activate your cosmic awareness, you know that crystals are definitely conscious. So multiply that, and you get a sense of how plasma can awaken your inner spiritual capacities. The sun is activated by the deep plasma life intelligence at the galactic core, and so the sun is releasing vast amounts of spiritually activating plasma into this solar system, which is having a catalyzing effect upon you.

The plasma being activated by our sun is awakening your own plasma within you, and this is changing consciousness whether people are ready for it or not. This is because plasma is one of the essential forms that your living soul has within your body. When you let yourself feel into it, you can sense how plasma may well be the life-energy body of your soul. Plasma is a flowing, vibrating, living substance, and the stronger recent solar flares are vibrating your soul body into a new level of presence and functioning. And this can feel overwhelming, because you have been acclimated to a lower level of spiritual aliveness.

The emerging super-capacities in humanity will come from their activated plasma soul-bodies. And if it were that simple, then we would all turn into super beings, and that would be that. However the challenge is that at every level of your being, your ego has hardened itself into rigid patterns, and these patterns may not ready for your emerging spiritual power. In fact, unless you understand what is happening, you might assume that your body and mind are going backwards in their development, and that’s not the case at all…

When your spiritual plasma bodies activate, the vibrations shake the old patterns to the surface, and that can mean that toxins come to the surface. It can also mean that old disease patterns can surface, and this can be uncomfortable. Your practical response to surfacing toxins is to clear them out. This is important even if your lifestyle is seemingly healthy. The solar energy activations are bringing up patterns that could come from childhood diseases, family patterns, and past life patterns. So clearing toxins, releasing patterns, and embracing your spiritual awakening are keys to flowing with the changes as pleasantly as possible.

Your emotional body is also being activated by the solar flares, and as with the physical body, emotional patterns are surfacing. Many people are finding old patterns that they thought they had already released making their moody presence known. If you judge it or deny it, that won’t make the old patterns go away, no matter how much you wish it would. As your plasma bodies activate, they shake the old patterns loose, just like a dog shaking water off its fur. But typically, the old patterns don’t fling out of your reality quite so easily. So you’ll be spending time experiencing these old emotions, and you’ll have a choice to make…

Do you judge and deny the surfacing emotions, or do you befriend them, so that you can help them? Befriending them doesn’t mean submitting to them or agreeing with them. You listen to them, so that the surfacing emotions know that you accept them. This makes it easier to educate them, and to gently release them. When you learn to do this layer-by-layer, you can heal your patterns more easily, because the layer-by-layer approach lets you move through the patterns gently, yet deliberately.

Your awakening soul energy is igniting the living cosmic plasma in your mental body, and this is bringing provoking thoughts to the surface. Old limiting perceptions and beliefs are up for review, and they have a characteristic tight and limiting quality to them. This distinguishes the old thoughts from the new, expansive and liberating thoughts that are attempting to emerge within your mental body. The contrast is stronger than ever, and it can be rather crazy-making to feel simultaneously that anything is possible, while also experiencing limiting childlike fears that seem to hold the ancient resonance of humanity’s accumulated fears.

As your plasma energy bodies awaken, they want to express their infinite nature. And they are trying to vibrate at the higher radiant level, but it might not feel wonderful to you just yet, because the hardened patterns in your personality and ego are still resisting. And when you are only noticing the old patterns uncomfortably surfacing, you find yourself wondering when the challenges will end, and when the smoother good times will finally arrive. Here are some essential realizations that will serve you well during your spiritual awakening…

You don’t have to wait until all your limiting patterns are released in order to feel the good aspects of your spiritual awakening. Just knowing that you can tap into the good vibrations now gives you the hint that you can access some enlivening spiritual realities in any given moment. If it is that simple, what exactly can you do to touch that potential? Since you are exploring the sun at the moment, just let yourself imagine this: Tune into the sun, and in your mind, go beneath the surface, and tune into its center point. Sense the sun as a living energy that you can talk with and share energy with.

Are you ready to acknowledge that whatever that vast cosmic energy within the sun is, you yourself have something very much like it within your own self? It’s simple to do, but challenging for some to consider, because it helps you move beyond centuries of limited concepts. Not that recognizing your galactic essence is bad or scary — quite the opposite — it is a joyous recognition of your divine nature. But to the extent that your little ego feels unready, this cosmic recognition could be overwhelming for some people.

And so, recognizing your cosmic nature is up to you. And if you sense that you’re probably ready, then you probably are. And if it seems like it would be too much, then relax and wait until you feel ready.

What will you find within the sun? First of all, you have been educated to perceive the sun as a ball of fiery gas. Whatever scientists will eventually prove the sun to be remains to be seen.

So be clear in your understanding that the essence you are tuning into right now is the energetic quality, or the soul of the sun. And when you tune into that divine solar essence, you discover an energy — a living plasma energy of pure universal spirit. And, if you allow yourself to, you can start to notice a similar energy within yourself.

The solar flares are jump-starting your own internal cosmic engine, so that you can truly sense your cosmic nature. When you recognize the connection, as a real, felt sense within you, you will no longer think of yourself as a material being with an external soul. You will come to know that all your bodies, from the physical body to the soul body, are all expressions of your one integrated self, and that they express the living spark that is your divine, or higher self.

And when you let the sun, and ultimately the galactic core, energetically inform your own self of your essential cosmic nature, you will be learning from the living teacher that is within you, and that lives all around you — your solar system, your galaxy, and ultimately the universe itself.

This frees you from the idea that this physical universe is separate from the world of spirit, or consciousness. That division was promoted for years by particular branches of science, organized religion, and the mass media, and it served their purpose of dividing and conquering humanity. When you define yourself as being a divided person, in a divided universe, you are easily manipulated.

By contrast, when you acknowledge the spiritual activation taking place with the help of the solar flares, and you own your unified living consciousness, you accept that you are one unified being, integrated with one unified universe. This lets you know yourself and your universe with a new level of empowerment, as exemplified by the film, Thrive, which presents the possibilities that life on the planet can be much more empowering and enlivening than many had supposed was possible.

The emerging energy within you is dynamically alive. It is not a static pretty picture, like a Hallmark card of spiritual niceness. It is much more amazing than that, because, being dynamic, it is a thinking, breathing, vibrating reality that is ever creating — it is your multidimensional self. And so, the idea that you would just quietly become enlightened and float away in a cloud of bliss is unrealistic.

Your dynamic emerging consciousness doesn’t want to deny the world, although as you become more conscious, your thoughts may seek to move beyond limiting energies and away from unhealthy situations. But this doesn’t mean that you are denying the world — very much the opposite — you are releasing from limited patterns so that you can bring your creative powers to the world in even more effective ways.

This is very much what happened to me when I shifted from doing private sessions. There was a new level of possibilities to shift into, and though my ego had resisted such a shift for years, my higher self reveled in the exciting possibilities of sharing an entire lifetime’s worth of cosmic teachings with a broader audience. The awakenings are not always easy, and for most they present challenges. But understanding what is happening is key to navigating through the challenges as they surface, because the deeper meaning of all these changes is that you are looking for a deeper truth, and it is emerging within you and your life.

The good news is that the spiritual activation you’ve been awaiting for centuries is being brought directly to you, through the catalyzing influence of the solar flares, so that you can experience the shifts within the living landscape of your own body and soul.

From now on, when you hear about solar flares, you will have the understanding to picture it in a new empowering way. You will be able to feel into what the sun, and the solar flares are sharing with your body and soul. The emerging feelings and thoughts will be seen for what they are — shifting energies amidst a transformational process. You may have to confront some heavy old patterns, and you may feel at times that you have lost your way. But the activated energies in your emerging plasma bodies hold the wondrous potential that you have been seeking, if you let yourself learn from them.

What you had wanted from spiritual masters, from experts and authorities, and from the universe itself — those spiritual gifts that you had hoped for — are now emerging within you. Breathe into your awakening vibrations within, and feel the dynamism. This is really happening, and you can choose to benefit from it. You are really being awakened at every level.

Feel into this vibrant truth that is living within the sun, within the galactic core, and within your own self. Let yourself smile as you look back with understanding at your long history of spiritual studies through the centuries. Feel into the depth of your cosmic consciousness within, and recognize that you, in this moment, are the multidimensional being that you have been waiting for — that splendid divine being who is here to bring your unique gifts into your own life, and into the lives of humanity.

Many Blessings, 

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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If you are made of universal consciousness, then how could you have a unique identity?

Spiritual teachings emphasize that your essence is made from divine substance — universal consciousness. And this divine substance is the energy found within everything, everywhere.

But how do you explain that everything seems to have its own unique identity? You are not your dog, and you are not the tree in your yard, either. You intuitively know this, and you are secure in the knowledge that you are not someone or something else. It seems rather obvious, doesn’t it?

But why, then, are you always told that we are all one, and that we are all made from the same universal substance? There must be some factor, other than your egotistical insistence that it is so, that validates that you are a unique being.

The cosmic power that created your soul essence has also created that uniquely special identifier: your thoroughly individual soul signature. Even though everyone writes their name with the same basic letters, everyone also has their own unique stamp of individuality within their expression of those basic letters, and this unique pattern of expression is their handwritten signature.

Your soul signature, then, must be a unique arrangement of those basic universal elements, just as your written signature uniquely expresses the basic alphabet in your own special way. And so this brings up the possibility that although your soul is made of the same substance from which all souls were made, you have a solitary distinction that will always stand in contrast to all other souls. This realization may bring you some relief, because now you know that however deep your spiritual explorations may go, you will not evaporate into a vague void of cosmic nothingness as you progress spiritually.

There are, however, spiritual teachings that emphasize that your spiritual evolution will bring you to the place where you are one with the divine source, and you will lose your unique identity. That may seem plausible, at first, considering that all knowledge of the universe is within you. So it does seem likely that as your consciousness expands, your realization of the entire universe within you would shift your perspective. This may be a valid point to consider, because your limited egocentric concerns likely come from a narrow, overly personal perspective.

But does this mean that as you expand in consciousness, your unique soul signature disappears?

This is definitely not so, because your entirely unique soul signature was created for an important reason. Though you are made from universal substance, your unique soul signature serves a higher function for the universe. Your distinctive soul signature is your unique contribution that betters the universe, and that is why you were created as the particular soul that you are.

If your spiritual progress were to merely reduce you down to your essential universal substance, with no soul signature to individuate you, that would lessen the quality and richness available within the universe. And the universe is in a state of ever evolving consciousness — that is its nature — and so the universe benefits from, and even enjoys the creative contributions from your unique soul signature.

This means that you will eternally grow in consciousness, because that is the highest good. Of course, it is not as simple as some might prefer, because the universe has a dual delight in simplicity and complexity. To the consternation of  those who seek to reduce everything to the overly simple, these contradictory qualities are forever intertwined in every aspect of the universe.

Your spiritual growth expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites these two paradoxical expansions in your consciousness:

1. As you evolve, your ego releases limiting self-definitions, becoming more expansive, all-inclusive, and at one with the universe.

2. And, as you evolve, your soul opens to its greater definition of self. And that greater understanding includes your soul’s uniqueness — a deeper appreciation of your distinct soul signature.

So even as your ego is releasing limiting delusions of separation, your soul, at the very same time, becomes ever more aware of its distinct identity.

The interplay between these seemingly contrasting realizations may explain why there are so many spiritual and philosophical paths. These two elements seem to be opposed to each other, and it has been easier to bypass the contradictions by focusing on one or the other of these seeming opposites. This simplified, though incomplete, approach is certainly easier to teach.

Of course, many teachings bypass the paradox entirely, by reducing their teachings to a set of beliefs. Chief among these is that followers of that teaching will get their essential identity simply by being members of a religious group. Well, that’s simple, isn’t it? No worries there — just do what you’re told, fit in, and your identity is taken care of.

And for younger souls, this is fine, because deeper concerns about cosmic identity and long-term spiritual evolution are more appropriate matters for the older soul. And that is why the older souls gradually diverge from organized spiritual practice, because they seek an individual oriented, dogma-free approach that honors their actual spiritual perception, with no substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated identity.

What about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution leads you to a generalized void or infinite space of divine light? Like many teachings, they correctly express one part of the paradox. The aspect of your evolution that involves your ego letting go of narrow limiting self-definitions is explained by such teachings.

Your ego, becoming free of narrow definitions, does truly open to a greater universal identity. But this is only part of the process, because even while your ego is releasing its limited identity, your soul is becoming more self-aware. And that is the missing piece in many spiritual teachings…

If your soul is building its unique strength and focus as it comes into an ever-deeper realization of its own soul signature, then it is going to evolve spiritually into higher consciousness through its own distinct pathway. And so your soul signature, created to be unlike any other, is truly carving its own path, through its own individual character, and this inevitably leads to its unique contribution to the universe. And this is what the universal creative power that created your soul has always wanted.

The divine wants your uniqueness to be a catalyst for the universe, through your presence and sharing of your own special vibration.

Now it is possible that the realization of your soul signature’s uniqueness may bring up a disquieting concern deep within you, because the hidden fear of standing out, or being different, will surface sooner or later. This concern will be stronger for those who crave being like others, and who feel most comfortable when their identity is submerged into a family, group, tribe, company, or other collective identity. And people who have that deep concern are not likely reading this. You were drawn to these topics through your realization that you are evolving, and your growing recognition that your soul has its own individual character.

But there is still a fear of standing out, because in so many cases uniqueness in this world is not rewarded, but instead is judged. And so, even when you are on a path of following your soul’s inner promptings, there is the worry that the deeper you follow your truth, the more you would diverge from the mass consciousness. And that thought, though worthy of a cheer from the more confident aspects of your soul, brings up concerns worth exploring.

First of all, you are not disappearing down a bizarre path that diverges entirely from human evolution, because of a simple fact: You recall that your spiritual evolution is following the paradoxical path of your ego dissolving into universal consciousness, while your soul is, at the same time, expanding into its uniqueness. And that means that as you utilize these two paths, you will not disappear into your individuality in an unbalanced way. Here is why this is so…

Your uniqueness is not different just for the sake of being different, but rather so that you can contribute your insights, energies, and actions to the transformation of this world. As your soul becomes more unique in its identity and its capacities, your ego shifts into a universal awareness that gives you deeper compassion and understanding for others, and this is the key to balancing your evolving soul:

Even as you become more individuated, your understanding of how to utilize that uniqueness in the highest service to humanity helps you understand yourself in a new way. You are an entirely unique agent of change and healing for this world. So your soul signature has a higher purpose that helps you sense what you can do to contribute to the planetary evolution.

But what, then, about the younger souls who are not ready to understand your contribution? Give them time, because in this lifetime, or the next, they will be ready for what you have to share. Fortunately, there are a broad range of souls incarnated on the planet, of various soul ages, and you are not here to assist everyone.

Helping absolutely everyone sounds lofty, and it may have noble intent, but it’s not realistic. You’re here on the planet to make a difference for those who are ready for you. And out of billions of souls on the planet, that could well be only hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of people. So your unique soul path is here to share with, possibly, millions of people. So why might your being different make you, at times, feel apart or stuck?

You’ve been taught contradictory teachings, and this brings up confusion in different levels of your being. While you were being told that your spiritual evolution would lead to your being a vague universal energy with no unique identity, you were also being told by the secular world that you are a merely material being, with no link to the universal consciousness at all.

Actually, your inner spiritual work is helping you to become more comfortable with your unique soul identity, and you are coming to realize how important that distinct identity is for the planet’s evolution. And this is something that you learn through your own contemplation. And yet, inner spiritual progress is something that the secular material world laughs at, because that world seeks to make you believe that you have no unique soul identity.

But here is another curious paradox about this world:

1. The material secular world teaches you that you have no unique soul identity, and that you have no universal identity either. In the material world, these understandings are distorted, so that you can only develop your unique identity by buying the correct products, participating in the correct lifestyle, and adopting the correct belief systems.

2. But, wait a minute — in many of the spiritual teachings, your soul identity is claimed to be a vague undifferentiated universal energy, rather than the unique identity that it really is. And wait another minute — you can supposedly only develop your spiritual identity by participating in a lifestyle that appears to be correctly spiritual, and by buying into the correctly sounding spiritual terminology and beliefs.

And so the difference between giving your power away to the material society, or to the spiritual teachings is… what, exactly? Well, if you give your power away, it doesn’t matter where or to whom you’ve given it. You take your power back by understanding your essential nature. This requires your realization that your essential nature is a seeming contradiction:

– First, you recognize that you are one with the universe, because the vastness and complexity of the universe is within you. It is the divine substance from which you were made.

– Second, you recognize that you are an entirely different expression of that universal substance than anyone else.

Your choice to resolve this seeming contradiction will free you from so many concerns and limitations, because it frees you to discover your path — as a universal being — and as an individual: the way of the multidimensional self, known as You.

Your path, though unique, fulfills the universe’s desire that you contribute to the universe. Now, many people and many organizations are only too happy to tell you how you should contribute to the universe. And they are certain that they are right, and in certain aspects, they may be. However, you do have free will, and that is what lets you follow your own path. That unique path of yours may, at times, merge with other individuals and organizations, and your path will also, through its unique necessity, diverge at times.

When the universe gave you your unique soul signature, it gave you free will, and this was essential for the fulfillment of your purpose. Without free will, you wouldn’t really be a unique contributor to the universe, because you would simply be an automaton, acting out someone else’s plan. And some teachings are happy to make you believe that you need only follow someone else’s program. This is why taking ownership of your free will may be a daunting notion for some people, because they would rather give the responsibility away to another person or group.

What is your moment of empowerment? You honor that you have been given free will for a reason, because this suggests that you have individual choices to make, and that no one can make them for you.

As an older soul, you are coming into the recognition that you have access to universal wisdom within you. And yet, this universal wisdom is being expressed through your own soul signature, and so it takes the power of free will to make the choice to do those things that you came here to do. While the secular material society pretends to champion free will, it really fears it. The material world wishes you to believe that buying the right product is an expression of your free will. Meanwhile, the spiritual teachings often fear free will for their own reasons, because then you wouldn’t follow along with their dogmatic teachings and beliefs.

And as an older soul, you are finding that free will, guided by your own inner universal consciousness, is really a deeper topic, and much more than what many assume it to be. Genuine spiritually attuned free will is not random at all, because it is, in fact, an expression of perfect harmony. Why has harmony developed such a limiting image, with no room for individuality? It is because we imagine harmony in an overly simplified, restricted way.

Actually, universal harmony has more than enough room for your uniqueness. In fact, the highest quality of universal harmony requires your uniqueness, because harmony formed of rich complexity is stronger, more flexible, and more effective in every way.

This is why it is vital that you develop your individual consciousness. If you want peace, harmony, wellness, and spiritual consciousness on the planet, it comes from your uniqueness. And if you had assumed that you had to give up your uniqueness to live in a world of bland spiritual sameness, that was entirely the limiting delusion of certain spiritual teachings.

Notice how the limiting beliefs of many spiritual teachings conveniently converge with the limiting beliefs of the material world. Whether they intended it or not, they both keep you limited by hiding the paradox about your unique, yet universal self. Consider this…

– As you become more unique as a soul, your ego becomes more universal.

– As your ego becomes more universal, you become more unique as a soul.

Either way you say it, you are made of the same cosmic substance that everyone is made of, and at the same time, you are unlike anyone else. That is your truth. You are a universal being — one with the source. But a universal being is one who contributes to the universe as an entirely unique co-creator participant.

And because your contribution must be of the highest quality, you were created to have your own soul signature, unlike any other. And that is the way the universe wants it to be.

Thank you for expressing this synergistic combination of universal uniqueness. Thank you for being, O sacred you.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowermenttele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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If You Are Guided By Your Higher Self, Then Why Are There So Many Difficulties?

You do have a higher self, and its purpose is to provide a healing, yet instructive cosmic perspective, provided that you are ready and willing to receive it. And you do have many aspects of self that could definitely benefit from higher self assistance: Your body, your emotions, and your thoughts all express their own understanding — or misunderstanding — of reality, and each of these aspects would certainly benefit from the endearing light of your higher self’s deep compassion and cosmic guidance.

Your soul exists on many levels, ranging from the eternal higher self, to those troubled aspects of the soul that have become stuck in negative patterns acquired throughout many challenging lifetimes of experiences. It can seem a bit messy when you realize that at any given moment, you are getting signals from this unlikely combination of your multidimensional self:

– Patterns from your past-life troubles and triumphs,

– Combined with your sub-conscious patterns, resulting from your experiences in childhood and adulthood,

– And infused with the cosmically spiritual perspective of your higher self,

– Then mixed with all the signals you receive from your environment, and

– All filtering through and mediated by your conscious thoughts in the present moment…

This is the mind-boggling mixture of your consciousness at any given time, but it all adds up to your uniquely splendid Self, and it leads to your understanding of the higher self and its purpose, so let’s keep exploring…

Now about the nature of your higher self — does your higher self sit like an owl upon a lofty perch high in its cosmic pine tree, quietly observing everything? Well, perhaps it does seem that way at times, because the ordinary self becomes embroiled so easily in difficult matters of the moment that it seems to forget the higher self amidst the daily excitements. This is not the fault of the higher self, however. It would be convenient indeed if the higher self would magically whisk away all your problems. But it can’t, and it won’t do that, but not because of spite or neglect.

Your higher self is available when you come to it, and when you let yourself raise your awareness to its level. Is it rude, though, that your higher self expects you to enter its domain, as if it were a doorman at an exclusive club? Or is your higher self, perhaps, trying to help you, in its own gentle way? But if so, and for what purpose, does your higher self seem to maintain such curious exclusivity? And besides, if your higher self has the wisdom, shouldn’t it just give you the wisdom automatically, in the spirit of compassionate love and caring?

You are not a naive and helpless child, and your higher self is not an all-powerful parent. But to understand who you are, and who your higher self is, requires asking what you are doing here on this earthly plane. When you know that, you will appreciate how your higher self has ways to help you that, though subtle, may well exist for a higher purpose.

Your higher self is your eternal essence. It has always been, and will always be. It is made from the cosmic essence of the universe, and so you could say that it is made, as religious teachings might express it, out of the body of the creator. And your higher self seeks to grow. That sounds paradoxical at first, because you would imagine that being made of universal substance, your higher self is just about as advanced as can be. Everything’s relative, though…

Your higher self grows in the same way that families grow — they produce children, who have their own free will. They grow and evolve, benefiting from the family guidance, and also bringing in their own unique soul wisdom. Ideally, they are able to express the best from their ancestors, from their upbringing, and from their own creative mixture of all these influences blended with their own soul’s history and possibilities.

So, what then, are you?

Your selves that express through each lifetime are, in a way, the children of your higher self. But not quite that, because you have another identity as well — you are also choosing to utilize your higher self’s wisdom. And that makes you somewhat like the president of a company who utilizes experts to assist in running the company. And that leads to the intriguing question…

Are you a growing child learning from your parental higher self, or are you the president of a company utilizing the knowledge and guidance of your higher self’s expertise? Since these are both metaphors, and since you’re a multidimensional being anyway, let’s just say that you are both of these — you are the child of your higher self, and you are a competent adult in charge of a company — let’s call it Divine Self, Unlimited — and for both these aspects your higher self stands ready to assist you — when you are ready to access the wisdom.

Consider the child aspect — when you understand why parents let their children go hiking, even though it might be possible that the children could wander off and lose their way, you can understand why your higher self doesn’t prevent you from having learning experiences. If you never learned, the younger aspects of the soul would remain naive. And this suggests that your younger aspects are maturing, through their daily learning experiences, and through their learning from the higher self.

The higher self does not avoid giving you appropriate cautions, when needed. However, it is not in the style of the higher self to step in and issue stern warnings. This is because the higher self prefers to give hints, rather than warnings. Now a hint is a rather subtle thing, so shouldn’t the higher self be issuing strict warnings, instead? It depends whether you see the higher self’s purpose as a rigid taskmaster, or as a friendly coach. When you look back on situations, you may see that you did, in fact, have a subtle sense of what was to come, but perhaps you didn’t notice that insight or subtle feeling.

It is not your higher self’s job to force you to notice subtle hints. That would be a function of your spiritual maturity, evolving over many lifetimes. Now if you’re reading this, you’ve no doubt been told, at some time or another, that you are an old soul, and that you have spiritual wisdom exceeding that of many younger souls. All well and good, but if you’re assuming that being an older soul means that you’re entirely free of younger soul limitations, realize that learning is eternal. It takes place each day.

Yes, you have some deeper insights and attitudes that reflect your spiritual maturity. And yes, as well, you are still working on some seemingly-silly younger soul concerns. These are not contradictory, because they are the human condition.

What did it take for you to listen to your higher self so that you could evolve into an older soul? Could it be that when you are expressing your older soul wisdom perspectives, you had enough challenges from lifetime after lifetime that you finally realized what your higher self was talking about? But this doesn’t mean that your higher self was communicating in mysterious abstract terms, because your higher self can speak as simply as you require. However, if you choose not to notice or listen, then that is the likely reason for your situations. You’re learning, and there’s no one to blame — not even yourself.

To shift out of blame of self or others, just quietly tune into your higher self, and ask what is the best way to proceed for any given situation. If you demand a pathway, and the higher self seems not to give it, that doesn’t mean that it is withholding vital information from you. Rather, the higher self is offering you something more subtle than an action plan. It is sharing a non-verbal offer for you to access its pure presence, and in that presence you can cultivate the subtle knowing that can lead you in an effective direction.

Then, there are those situations that, from the deeper perspective of the higher self, require your participation through active engagement in a situation. In other words, the guidance seems not to be given because this is a learning experience for you. Not that your higher self will be absent, because it is always there. This seems to be a rather mysterious way to be helpful, but it has its own wise purpose to it.

When you aren’t getting specific guidance from your higher self, you can still tune into the vibration of your higher self, at any stage of any activity. Although that helpful vibration isn’t specifically verbal, it is a vibration of spiritual alignment that does bring balance and blessings to every situation.

When you realize that the higher self is helping, but not in the way that your ego prefers, then you become free to release blame, of self and others, and to proceed with a new plan: You can choose to attune with your higher self, as often as possible. But would this mean that you are quietly closing your eyes and chanting Om all through the day? Only do this if you want to express an amusing spiritual cliche, because shared presence with your higher self really involves practicing something subtle, yet profound…

Being present with your higher self involves staying grounded in your body, being aware of your surroundings, and gently including the subtle presence of your higher self. However, this description — the higher self — may make it seem that the higher self is somehow lofty or above you. Not so, for it is ever-present, within you and around you.

It has no form, and so it is not located specifically anywhere. Your higher self is not superior to you, nor inferior either. It is what it is, and you can utilize it. And it wants you to do that, because it evolves along with you.

Words make it seem that you are different than your higher self. And paradoxically, your higher self is an aspect of you, but at the same time, you are an aspect of your higher self. Don’t try to figure this with your rational mind, because it can’t be done. But you can let yourself be present with these paradoxes, and this helps you bypass the limited understanding of the rational mind.

In fact, holding this curiously contradictory realization, that you are an aspect of the higher self, and that it is an aspect of you, lets you access a marvelous state of cosmic unity.

At all times, your higher self is present with you, and so you can choose to let yourself include its subtle presence in your consciousness. You aren’t bowing down to it, and you aren’t issuing it orders, either. You are participating with your higher self in a subtle conversation, and this conversation may include words. However, being a special kind of spiritual conversation, it may be free of words. It may have pictures, feelings, or just shared presence.

How do you know when you are contacting your higher self? If it seems to be making demands, or making vaguely pompous mystical pronouncements, you are likely opening your attention to a discarnate entity, instead. This is because the higher self doesn’t need to make demands, as that is not its way of working. The higher self doesn’t feel grand, because it is too humble for that. Nonetheless, there is a general sense of vastness when you encounter your higher self, but vast is rather different than grand or ornate. Consider the vastness of a forest or an ocean, because they are deep and majestic, but in a natural way, and not at all affected or fancy.

And when you most need your higher self, it is there. You may not be listening, though, because the noise of your ego or your lower mind may be making its own noisy complaints that draw your attention. It takes much practice to notice your noisy mind without becoming drawn into its arguments and issues. When you recognize the characteristic quality of the inner ego noise, and you compare that with the distinctly different quality of vastness and calm within the higher self, then you learn the secret of the higher self. It is so quiet that you had almost missed it, but it shares a healing presence with you, as deep as the forest or the ocean.

Vast though it is, it is not something to get lost in. Rather, you include it in your daily activities, whenever possible. Don’t judge yourself when you forget. Just quietly bring your attention back to gently including your higher self. Your higher self never judges you, and doesn’t demand anything. But it is there for you, and infinitely patient with you. Simply look about you, right now, and know that within this experience of the moment, you can choose to include your higher self.

So the problems of life aren’t going to go away, but there is hope nonetheless, because your ability to navigate through each daily situation become easier when you include your higher self. And the blessings you receive from your higher self truly help you bring balancing vibrations to each situation you encounter. This doesn’t promise a life free of difficulties, but does offer the possibility that each situation can be relatively more smooth than it would have otherwise been.

You’ve encountered too many naive platitudes in your spiritual journey over the years, and now you’re ready for the refreshing reality of your higher self. It won’t lie to you, and it won’t live your life for you. Your higher self won’t control you, and it won’t leave you adrift. For now, please take a slow and gentle breath, and quietly inhale the divine and peaceful presence of your higher self, as you uncover the subtle gifts that your eternal self shares with you within this sacred moment.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment tele-classes and home-study mp3’s

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How can you have a real spiritual experience?

And why do some mystics claim that everything is spiritual,

…and others claim that nothing is real?

You would like to have a real spiritual experience, and you have a sense of what this would be, having read accounts of mystics, psychics, dreamers, metaphysical experts, and spiritual specialists of all kinds. It would seem that a proper spiritual experience makes contact with a subtle level of awareness, or a deeper level of reality. But you have recognized that it is not enough to simply read about such things. This becomes especially clear when you begin to have your own explorations, because it brings up the wonderfully mysterious issue that will beguile you as you delve ever-deeper into matters metaphysical…

The deeper you probe into the real world around you, the more you see and feel the mysteriously multidimensional presence of this seemingly solid reality in which we live. And when you let yourself sense into the energy of the people and objects of this world, made of the spinning patterns of energy we call atoms, you are amazed to find that they are only waves of energy, possessing little stability to speak of. And this might seem to prove the metaphysical claim that this is all a dream.

But then, what can you say about the vivid multisensory clarity with which your own body experiences this physical world? After all, the airy metaphysical masters who claim that this world is a dream would be upset if you were to literally step on their toes, because they would suddenly proclaim that you had brought discomfort to the body that they had, only a moment before, proclaimed as unreal.

So maybe this world is not merely a dream. Nor is it a dull brick of solidity. What if your experiences in this world were all opportunities for you to examine this world through the super microscope of your own consciousness — a psychic lens that reveals an infinitely deep metaphysical experience?  And, what if that lens into your deeper reality was most deeply perceived when you became deeply aware of this physical world? This would mean that to have a spiritual experience, you must become exceedingly aware of the physical world, so as to bring your consciousness into alignment with it. For when you do that, the mystery of this world, and of spiritual experience, reveals itself…

If your world is made of atoms that are only non-physical patterns of energy, this doesn’t mean that the world is not real. Rather, it reveals that the world is entirely real — but not in the solid physical way that people have supposed. Your experiences in this physical world do not limit you from having spiritual experiences. This world is actually the gateway to your spiritual experiences.

The paradox is that the more deeply you bring yourself into this physical world, the more you can sense the non-physical level of reality. So attempting to escape from the so-called mundane world into the so-called spiritual world is a misunderstanding.

The secret to solving this mystery is to include two seemingly contradictory realities in your awareness. Let yourself sense your way through the following little experiment. Feel it in your body, breathe it in, and let your heart and mind include these two possibilities…

First, let your consciousness sweep through any object in your environment. Use your imagination, and let your mind move through it, as if it were made of waves of energy. You can sweep your mind through your own physical body as well, or you can let your awareness sweep through anyone else’s physical body. When you let yourself sense through objects, you find that there is a non-physical space within everything and everyone.

But don’t reach any conclusions yet, because there is more to discover here…

Next, you let yourself sense the surface of the objects around you. Let yourself sense the surface of your skin, and the surface of people — notice their appearance: their texture, shape, color, and size. When you sense these surface characteristics, you find yourself immersed in the physical plane, and it all feels quite real. This is because reality is not defined by physical solidity and surface appearances only.

But what about the the non-physical energy space that you detected when your awareness was sweeping through things a moment ago? Is that the real reality? No, that’s not the one true reality, either.

Reality actually includes all of these elements — the physical and the non-physical together, because they form a continuum. And contradictory though these two elements may seem to be, the Reality they comprise is not a single thing, or a single place. This is because Reality is a complex interaction between your awareness and your multi-dimensional environment — you sense it, while it senses you.

You sense your world at many levels, and in sensing everything, you experience the interaction between your body, your mind, your soul, and the deep world around you. This complex interaction becomes a rich energetic harmony that is a conversation between all these elements — that conversation is Reality.

Just because atoms have a non-physical essence doesn’t make them unreal. Your experiences are quite real, and your experiences are the elements from which your spiritual experiences are made. And this begins to show you what a spiritual experience is.

When you are working with your consciousness, and feeling the interaction between your body, your mind, your energy, and your soul, exploring your environment, you are exploring consciousness itself. You are discovering how your thoughts and feelings arise, shift, and release. In other words, you are having a real spiritual experience that you can feel, know, understand, hear, see, and experience — throughout the many levels of your being.

When you realize that this world is a splendid place to explore reality, as deeply as you would like to go into it, then you may wonder about the familiar descriptions you’ve heard of what a spiritual experience is supposed to be. The charming symbolic descriptions, such as people describing conversations with their ancestors, or with celestial beings, though interesting and perhaps of value, are revealed as quaint sentimental descriptions of spiritual experience. The juicy reality of your own consciousness, interacting with the rich world within you and around you, is the way to a life filled with useful spiritual experiences.

Now these old ideas in your head of what a spiritual experience is supposed to be won’t readily go away, because you have read about them and heard about them for years. And so it is only through your own experiences that you will take ownership of your own spiritual life, and create your own definitions of what your own spiritual experiences truly are. When you realize that your divine soul incarnated here to make these discoveries, and when you acknowledge that your soul is its own uniquely distinct soul vibration, then you can begin to honor your own subtle perceptions, moment by moment, as legitimate spiritual experiences.

You will free yourself from the old idea that this physical world is of little account, because you will find that the interaction between your body, your consciousness, and this world is a harmony of possibilities that await your awareness. You need not wait about to have a symbolic spiritual experience where you can chat with a celestial being, and you need not wait to meet the Creator at the gates of heaven. Such experiences, though common in the popular mind as to what a spiritual experience would be, are only popular over-simplified symbolic expressions — they only give only a hint of your own personal spiritual discoveries.

Popular beliefs about the spiritual life seem to reflect symbols and appearances, and these are rarely questioned, as it is considered improper to doubt them. Presenting the right spiritual symbols, such as manner of dress, style of behavior, talking in a way considered as spiritual, or cultivating an environment that has the proper look and conveys the correct spiritual associations — these are all considered as evidence of spirituality. But can these symbols ever be a substitute for your own real spiritual experience?

Are you ready to acknowledge that a real spiritual experience comes from your willingness to sense deeply within? It is your own spiritual experience, and it cannot be defined by another person. Your real spiritual experiences emerge from the realizations that you uncover within each moment, in which you choose to examine yourself, your world, and everything in it. You come to realize that meeting so-called spiritual experts, though at times instructive and inspiring, can not substitute for the genuine spiritual experience that takes place within your own deep reflections and perceptions.

Symbolic spiritual experiences, such as being in a building considered to be a spiritual building, or listening to a person considered to be a spiritual person, are not in themselves necessarily spiritual, because these symbolic elements to not confer automatic spirituality. In fact, there is no automatic spiritual experience. The real spiritual experience is one in which you are utilizing your consciousness. And it doesn’t matter whether anyone believes you. And it doesn’t matter whether your experience fits anybody’s definition of spirituality.

Each moment is entirely real, and each moment provides the ingredients for you to have a spiritual experience. And so the conditions for a spiritual experience are simply this… you are conscious that you are using your consciousness. A legitimate spiritual experience is only that interaction of consciousness with consciousness — you might call it a cosmic intelligent feedback loop.

Spiritual experiences are conscious ones, and consciousness is a deep well of infinite depth. You will become more aware tomorrow than you are today. There is no final place of complete enlightenment, and there is no such thing as an entirely enlightened being. The more you explore the depth of your self and this world, the more you realize that this world is neither a spiritual place, nor a non-spiritual place. It is the lens through which you experience the deeper reality. And yet, that deeper reality paradoxically includes this very world in which you live.

The divine essence — the deeper cosmic reality — is not a different place from your current environment. The deeper reality can be found within this place where you are, here and now. Here is the cosmic paradox:

1. This world in which you live always refers to the deeper non-physical reality.

2. The non-physical subtle world always refers back to this physical world.

And that is why any claim that this world is unreal reflects an incomplete understanding of the mystery. Likewise, any claim that this world is real, and that everything else is unreal, is similarly wrong. So what will happen when you go about claiming that this physical world is a reflection of a deeper subtle non-physical world? And to further confuse everyone, you also claim that the subtle world is only a reflection of our own physical world?

You will be revealed to all who listen to you as a hopeless mystic, incapable of making sense. You will be seen for what you really are — a being who has transcended ordinary common sense, whether the tidy mundane perceptions of the materialist, or the comfortably sentimental musings of the metaphysical experts. You will have ever-deeper understandings, but your subtle revelations will not fit into the comfortable categories of experience that people want to hear from you. And so you will be free to have your spiritual experiences, unbounded by the limitations and conventions of the materialists and the spiritualists.

So is everything a spiritual experience? Maybe that is the wrong question. Although this world is a lens through which you can experience the deeper reality, the depth of your spiritual experience comes from the depth of your perception. So when you question whether everything is spiritual, or whether nothing is spiritual, just bring yourself back to your breathing. And notice what is happening now — on the many levels of reality.

Look and feel as deeply as you like into yourself, into anyone, or into any situation. Everything you examine contains the universal essence, but that is not the end of the story. The universal gets its definition from those seemingly mundane details in your immediate environment. So everything may be potentially spiritual, because everything is a worthy vehicle for your consciousness exploration. And that is the secret to how you can have a real spiritual experience within this curiously wonderfully multidimensional world.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living for spiritual empowerment teleclasses and home-study mp3’s

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Why are you still affected by your old emotions…

…if the planet is entering an era of higher spiritual awareness?

The emerging higher consciousness on the planet is supposed to be freeing you from lower consciousness, isn’t it? You’re supposed to be feeling free of the stuck old emotions, more attuned to your higher self, and comfortably aligned with the deeper love and wisdom of your heart and soul. As an advocate of spiritual awareness, this is supposed to be your time to shine in your own divine light, so that you can enjoy a smooth, creative, loving and fulfilling flow, and so that you can inspire and uplift others. At least, that is the happy picture that many have been led to expect.

When you explore the claims of new age beliefs, you can see that they are often sincere expressions of the highest goals, while actually being naïve about life and how it functions. But how could higher consciousness be so unaware? Here is the confusion — higher consciousness is the practice of awareness. And awareness can only exist when it is allowed to be aware. So your emerging emotions and thoughts, challenging though they can be at times, may really have a higher purpose, after all…

If you claim that you are not interested in your stuck old emotions, and that you have risen above them, that is just another case of sweeping the dust under a rug to hide it. But isn’t the awakening consciousness on the planet supposed to help you rise above the old emotions? Yes, it certainly is, but not by your avoiding your deeper emotions and thoughts. In fact, when you understand how consciousness awakens within you, then you see how the rosy metaphysical pictures of automatic easy enlightenment are overly simplified.

The notion that we are in a new age, where everyone magically opens to higher consciousness, is an overly simplified belief. It is a fantasy-based belief that deeper awareness just magically happens, with no effort on your part. These happy pictures do not reflect how higher consciousness works. Higher consciousness, as the name implies, involves being conscious. And so the new age of higher consciousness means that you are invited to be more aware. And your awareness can help you address the old emotions surfacing, if you understand how the healing process of consciousness really works.

But first, do you wonder why the emotions are surfacing? After all, the old emotions are not going to disappear on their own. Your soul is wise, and in its wisdom it seeks to bring the parts of you that need healing and balance to your attention. So this means that as the planet awakens spiritually, you become more aware — a good thing. Your awakening consciousness is not a stereotypical floating-on-a-cloud pseudo-spiritual awareness. Your awakening is real. This means that you feel more, you sense more, and you become capable of knowing more than you have ever known before.

And here is the paradox — the old emotions will release, but only when you bring them into contact with the spiritually elevating presence of the higher consciousness in your soul. And if you had assumed that higher consciousness was a floating mystical cloud, then you might be missing the splendid clarity and depth that consciousness really is. It is not a pretty picture, but it is not an ugly one, either.

Consciousness is a beautiful richness of experience that is much more vivid and multi-faceted than any simple picture could express. And so you practice being with the depth of your emerging consciousness. You learn to navigate its swirling waters, so that you can find the peace within.

But why not just experience the peace, and let the stuck emotions go? That would be simpler, wouldn’t it? It’s time to explore another paradox… Yes, you can let the stuck old emotions release, but if you are too resistant to them, then your efforts to release them will only embroil you in judgment and fear about your inner patterns.

The challenge here is that if you wish, too strongly, to release what you do not like, then you will have difficulty releasing it. And your consciousness wants to help you, by helping you to become more aware of these patterns. So this emerging spiritual awareness on the planet is a special kind of awareness, distinct from the ordinary kind of divided consciousness.

Your emerging spiritual awareness helps you look and feel deeply within yourself, without denying what you find. And yet, whatever you discover there, you learn to look and feel under the surface with kindness, because you learn not to judge what you find within yourself. And that might sound contradictory — after all, how can you look within yourself with kindness, while at the same time you notice heavy old emotions that you don’t care for?

It’s not a contradiction for you when you learn to work with your higher consciousness, because your awareness can learn to notice old emotions without getting stuck in them. Your consciousness is pure awareness, and it is so pure that it can examine the heaviest inner troubles, without judging them. This is the real emergence of higher consciousness on the planet.

When you realize that you have levels of self that hold old stuck emotional patterns, and other levels of self that are capable of deep non-judgmental loving perception, you realize the multi-dimensional nature of your self. And you realize how simplistic notions of the “good spiritual person,” or the “bad un-spiritual person,” are limiting stereotypes that prevent your being truly conscious.

You realize how the new age stereotype of completely living on a higher spiritual plane is limited. This stereotype is based upon denial and fantasy. That is, it lacks the awareness to recognize, to accept, and to heal the inner stuck patterns.

When you examine your spiritually awakened aspects, and you let yourself also examine your less conscious aspects, you realize that they seem to be in two separate universes. Until you unite them, the healthy aspects cannot help the limited aspects. And this is why the stuck aspects are surfacing as the planet awakens spiritually. The old emotions are surfacing so that they can be integrated. But why would you want to include a collection of old emotional patterns in your consciousness?

Actually, when you integrate your inner emotional pains with your inner enlightened parts, you create a new healthy unity. It looks nothing like what you might have expected. Did you suppose that combining them would produce a patch-work quilt of various parts, all sewn together? It is something altogether different than that…

Actually, your inner unity is a balanced, integrated, higher state of consciousness. This is because when the old emotions meet and share consciousness with your enlightened essence, a change happens. And it is rather like a fairy tale of magical transformations, because the old emotional patterns are not what they seem.

Old emotional energy has been stuck, it is true, but that is not its original state. It got stuck because in particular challenging situations, the energy became disconnected with the divine flow of life. It lost contact with the connection to your essence, and with the universe, and it became wrapped up in its own little world of fear and woe.

You could think of such fragmented energy as hypnotized by fear, and stuck in a bad trance. It has forgotten its essential divine nature, and is endlessly living out its limited little pattern that it has become stuck in.

It is time to shift the energies that have become stuck, but to do this requires noticing them, and that is why your expanding consciousness is helping you to feel your old emotions. There are thousands of layers of emotions and thoughts within you, and your spiritual awakening requires your being aware. And as the awareness grows and expands on the planet, you are feeling the surfacing old patterns more and more. And you can begin to help those energies integrate with your soul, so that the old patterns can release from their ancient trance of fear.

You start the integration and self-healing by realizing that the stuck energy patterns within you are locked in a tight little world of limited perception. You connect this tight stuck place with the divine flow. This means that you connect the tight place with the energy flow of your own body, mind, and soul. This is the simple, yet profound place to start. The natural living intelligence of your body, mind, and soul is the higher reality that the stuck emotional patterns can connect with, and be healed by. But wouldn’t uniting your inner fear parts just make you feel bad?

Actually, when you let the energies of the old stuck patterns integrate with your body, mind, and soul, the old energies lighten. And the restorative powers of your consciousness go to work, smoothing the roughness, soothing the hurt places, and letting the trapped energies become free to live and flow as the higher consciousness energies that they actually are. But there is a challenge in doing this…

When you feel the energies of fear and tension integrating with the light of your soul, you will definitely feel the energies and sensations shifting within. So doing this with grace means learning to relax into the shifting feelings. It doesn’t feel like floating on a cloud. It doesn’t feel like anything other than what it is. Awareness only becomes comfortable when you embrace the shifting sensations within you as your parts surface and integrate. And when you are present and accepting of that experience, it can become delightful, or at least interesting, as you feel the changes.

But if you start judging your process, or if you demand that all the sensations should just go away, then you create a problem. And this tendency is common, because you have developed some patterns of denial over your many lifetimes, and so it is easy for the ego to complain when you feel your patterns shifting. This is because your ego will insist that it wants the uncomfortable feelings to immediately go away. And it will attempt to convince you that denial is better, or that being fragmented or dissociated is easier. Your ego wants you to believe that the actual feeling of your energies integrating is too scary or overwhelming for you to handle.

Your task, as a cosmic being awakening to your higher potential, is to recognize that you are capable of being conscious. And when you recognize that being conscious feels richer and more vivid than you might have imagined, then you are able to experience the real spiritual awakening. It is not a floaty stereotype, and it is not whatever false happiness your ego would like to imagine. It is the truth of your body, mind, and soul as they meet each other, recognize their oneness, and join in the co-creation of your spiritual evolution.

When you experience your aliveness in this way, you sense your unity with the universal aliveness, and you touch the grace of cosmic consciousness. You know, deep within yourself, that the divinity of the universe lives within you, within everyone, and within every experience. May your every breath bring you into this sacred truth of your wondrous, infinite, and uniquely universal self.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic Living teleclasses and mp3’s

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